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Praying the Radical Prayer

Derek Morris
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Jesus invites us to join Him in His harvest work. The harvest is great, but too many laborers have become distracted by things of lesser importance. If we give Him permission, the Lord of the harvest will throw us out into His harvest, putting us in the place where we will be most be effective in His work. 


Derek Morris

President of HOPE Channel, Inc. and host of Hope Sabbath School. 




  • August 4, 2016
    9:00 AM


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Well it was April eleventh two thousand and sixteen I was standing in the back of the General Conference auditorium about to find my seat for worship. And as I was about to move toward the seat one of the vice presidents of the General Conference tapped me on the shoulder and said I'd like to talk to you on the third floor. Well I didn't know if I was in trouble but I found out when I got to the third floor. That I was to be asked if I would consider serving as president of the hope channel. Now they knew my heart. They knew that I was a passionate volunteer with hope Sabbath school for the last eight years. With more than a million people now participating in the interactive Bible study. So they knew my heart. And even in ministerial where we had started a program called ministry in motion to train pastors and elders. So they knew I was committed to the mission of hope channel into the mission of the Seventh Day Adventist Church but what they didn't know is I was very happy in my work in the General Conference Ministerial Association. But when you pray the radical prayer you give God permission to throw you out into his harvest where he knows you will be most effective in men. It's not about us. It's not about how we feel how talented or strong we are. It's about God The Lord of the harvest knowing will be we will be most effective. So I had my first reaction was resistance because they said Take your time we need to know by three o'clock this afternoon. My wife and I prayed I called one of my mentors. Some of you may know Dr Jacques Blanco. I love him as a spiritual mentor and father I said Jack. Please pray for me my wife and I were praying seeking counsel listening Lord what do you want to do. And I was walking into the Hope channel studio where I would be filming again not as an employee but as part of ministerial all day and as I was walking in I saw all the media screens from Hope channel Africa from Hope channel India from Hope channel international all around the world and on one of those screens Craig I was teaching hopes to have a school and on another screen. One of my favorite preachers Dwight Nelson was talking to someone and then the camera switched and it was me. And the Lord in that moment said Derek I have been preparing you for the last ten years for what I'm asking you to do. You see when you pray that radical prayer you give God permission to do what he knows is best. I hope you get a copy of the D.V.D. from our booth we've got a thousand. I don't know if there's a thousand here yet but there will be this weekend. So make sure you get a copy. Well that afternoon I've been filming most of the day and Jack Blanco called me he said Derek I was just praying to be honest I had no idea what you should do and as I was praying the Spirit of God said to me call there Rick. And tell him to take the assignment. Well you say so. Did you take it. Well I'd already felt some conviction but let me tell you when a person who walks with God and hears about you calls you like that it leaves a bit of an impression on you and then I'm walking through the building and a vice president came up to me with tears in his eyes No I know this man he walks with. God I respect him deeply. He said to me. Dirac I have been praying for you today. I want to tell you the committee is not calling you. God is calling you. You see when you pray the radical prayer. It's not based on how strong you are Jesus said I send you out as lambs in the midst of war. But God in His wisdom. Knows that you will be more effective where he throws you than where you go by yourself. Amen. And so after praying through the day I went to the board meeting for hope channel that night and I knew something was up when I walked in I said when does the assignment start they said it just started. I'm so glad that God put me there because otherwise I would feel overwhelmed. In fact God led me to a passage of Scripture that I'm going to share with you today some lessons. Maybe you need to learn to God said Derrick because I have Ecco bellowed you thrown you out into this position. There are some lessons you need to remember and those are the lessons I will share with you this morning after we pray. Our Father in heaven. Thank you that your word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path. Thank you that when we pray the radical prayer when we give you permission to throw us out into your harvest that you will put us where we will be most effective in your work. That's our desire to be faithful fruitful harvest workers. We believe you've called us to be involved all of us total member of volved to do what you want us to do where you want to do it. And so as we come to scripture today. The. Passages that you brought to my heart to reflect upon for these past weeks. I pray that some lessons here would bless many lives of those present here today and those who will watch this recording and we will be quick to give you all of the praise in the name of Jesus. Amen. His name was hacker. Not as in computer hacker. But Hacker as someone who hacked things down. Now I have no idea why parents would name their little boy hacker. But God had amazing plans for this young man's life. Later in the story. He's given another name gyroball which means one who contends with Bale. But we know him by his first name. Gideon. The hacker. As I began to read the story of Gideon again as the Spirit of God said Dear it because the Lord of the harvest has thrown you out into his harvest into this new assignment with her channel. There are some lessons I want you to learn from the story of get in. And so I took my Bible and if you have your Bible with you were beginning in Judges chapter six. I took my Bible and as I began an initial reading of Gideon's story. There were two important insights that I learned. Firstly. Gideon. Was fearful. Gideon was what. Fearful when the angel came to him. To announce. The Lord was with him. Where did the angel find him. Did the angel find him standing boldly in the field of wheat with a sword strapped to his hip in the face of his many Midianite oppressors threshing the wheat answer. He was hiding in an abandoned wine press trying to thresh wheat with nobody seeing him. Gideon first glimpse was fearful when the angel of the Lord told Gideon that he needed to tear down the altar to bail at his family house and to cut down that's where the name hacker comes from to cut down the. Pull of Idol to Ashura the Canaanite goddess scripture records in verse twenty seven of judges six. He feared his father's household and the men of the city. So as I begin to read about this man hacker The first thing that impressed me was that he was fearful. I see that fear rise again in chapter seven of judges when the Lord said to him in verse nine. Arise go down against the camp for I have delivered it into your hand. But if you are afraid to go down. What is the Lord say to him if you are afraid do what. Go down to the camp with poor or your servant. And you shall hear what they say and afterward your hand shall be strengthened to go down against the camp. Notice the next part of the verse maybe you missed it before then he went down. What does it say with her. If you fearful the lawyer. Said Take poorer and you went down with poorer to the camp. The first thing I learned as I read the story of Gideon is that he was full of fear. I don't know about you. Have you ever had times when when interferes or outward anxiety held you back from being all that God wants you to be the woman of God the man of God He wants you to be maybe more concerned about what people think than what God thinks. If you've ever felt fear or sometime hold you back and you said oh Lord take away my fear that I can be strong and courageous. Gideon he understood he struggled with fear. There's a second inside I learned from an initial reading of the story of getting a say The Lord is trying to teach me a lesson here. Maybe a lesson for you too. When he calls you to do something extraordinary for him. Gideon was full of fear and secondly. His Faith. Was weak. His faith was weak. THE ANGEL OF THE LORD judges six verse twelve said to him The Lord is with you. Mighty Man of valor and Gideon said to him verse thirteen. Oh my lord if the Lord is with us. Why then has all this happen to us and where are all His miracles which our fathers told us about saying Did not the Lord bring us up from Egypt. But now the Lord has forsaken us the Lord has what for saken us. Gideon said and delivered us into the. Hands of the Midianites this sound like a man full of faith. Know he's full of fear and his faith is. Its wake. The Lord has for saken us. Well Gideon turns to the angel of the Lord. And says I need a sign that you are actually who you say you are the Lord the angel of the Lord says to him put an offering on a rock. And I want you to notice maybe you didn't see this before. Verse twenty one. THE ANGEL OF THE LORD chapter six of judges verse twenty one put out his staff that was in his hand touched the meat and the unleavened bread. I don't know what it says in your bible mine says and fire rose out of the rock. That sounds pretty dramatic doesn't it. And we know a lie just saw a fire coming down from heaven this fire is coming up out of the rock your faith is weak. Gideon. Let me show you I am who I say I am and fire comes out of the rock and consumes the sacrifice you say Well that ought to be enough but Gideon comes back again in chapter six verse thirty six. If you will save Israel by my hand as you have said that ought to be enough as you said but but if you save. I am going to put this fleece on the floor. And in the morning. Do you remember your member that story in the morning. I want the floor to be dry and the fleece to be wet. And the Lord does all argue with him and say well I've already shown you that I am the one and you will deliver Israel. In my hand getting it comes back the next morning. That is so wedge it says he could ring a bull full of water and all around. It's dry. Now I'm amazed that the Lord didn't get upset with him. The Lord got upset with Moses when he kept arguing didn't eat but Gideon says Well my faith is weak. But I'm going to ask for another saw and. Now I want the floor to be wet and the fleas to be are you not amazed that the patience of God. You know it is remarkable. My wife says Derek. Why do you always tell people that you're not that strong and not that smart because God uses weak fearful people to accomplish his work. If we will do what God asked us to do all of us do something. While getting says a need another sign so he comes the next morning the fleece is dry and the floor is wet. Now he didn't have the audacity to ask for another sign but the Lord actually gave him a sign that he didn't ask for you see God. Even when our faith this week. He will give us the evidence that we need to be strong and courageous for him a man. He's so good. Isn't hey. The Lord says arise. Go down into the Midianite camp verse thirteen of judges Chapter seven when given had come there was a man telling a. To his companion. He said I've had a dream to my surprise a loaf of barley bread tumbled into the camp of Midian it came to a tent and struck it so that it fell and overturned and the tent collapsed did that dream come from the Lord yes or no absolutely. The dream came from the Lord. But this man doesn't know what it meant a barley love rolling into the camp. What's that. But there's another part to the miracle verse fourteen judges seven then his companion answered and said this is nothing else but the sword of Gideon the son of Joe I show the man of Israel into his hand. God has delivered Midian and the whole camp. And from that additional super natural revelation. Gideon goes with courage. I am just so thankful today that God can take fearful weak faith people and empower them to do a mighty work for him. Aren't you. Thankful for that. Total member of Goldman is not saying well just have the strong do the work and will sit there and clap for them. God wants to use you to change the world. God wants to use you to do something that no one else can do no. And what impresses me about this fearful week faith man is in spite of his fear he does what God asked him to do. Amen. In spite of his weak they go not with thirty two thousand or with ten thousand. But with how many. Three hundred against one hundred twenty. Thousand that's outnumbered four hundred to one and they don't even take weapons at least no I don't know you've got a pot and a torch and a trumpet. I suppose you could hit someone with your trumpet. But I think the God is saying the battle is not yours. It's God's. But he wants to use you to join him in his harvest work getting goes. And the battle is won. And that's all I remember of the story of the trial I guess that's a nice place to end. But there are two ends insights at the end of the story which I want to draw your attention to. I think they come to me as warnings from the Lord. Perhaps not just for me but for all of us in Judges chapter eight. There is some good news. And some very bad news. At the end of Gideon story. Having. Trusted God and obeyed him and God working a great deliverance through him and the three hundred verse twenty two of judges eight. Then the men of Israel said to get Ian. Rule over us both you and your son and your grandson also for you have delivered us from the hand of Midian. What's wrong with that statement by the way. Why I want to I want to affirm Gideon least for responding. All I will not rule over you nor shall my son rule over you. The Lord shall rule over you. Amen. What he should also have said and by the way it wasn't May It wasn't me and the three hundred it was the Lord who work in spite of our frailty because we were willing to trust and obey. I learned that song when I was little did they don't sing it much anymore trust and what that was the key right there is just three words trust and what. He wasn't that strong but he decided to what trust then what. Yeah he he struggled with fears but he decided to what trust and. He should have said you know I'm not that strong. It was the Lord's victory but we decided to while. Trust and. And obey. He said I'm not going to rule over you. The Lord he is king over us. But then comes the bad news. Verse twenty four then Gideon said to them. The men of Israel. I would like to make a request of you be careful. I would I would like to make a request of you. What strangely missing from that comment. The Lord has this word for you. This is what the Lord wants us no no I would like to make a request of you. And what is the request that each of you would give me the earrings from his plunder for they had gold earrings. Because they that is their enemies were Ishmael lights this how they carried there they are. Bank accounts. They taken that having killed their enemies. They answered We will gladly give them they spread out a garment and each man threw into it the earrings from his plunder. Now the weight of the gold earrings that. He requested was one thousand seven hundred shekels of gold my bible says that's about forty three pounds by today's gold rate that's a little over a million dollars. You say Oh no. You sound like a can you member a can in the story of Jericho. You sound like a Can told to give all of the glory to God not take the spoil and you're wanting the gold. I wish that's all it was though that would be serious enough but something even worse happens. He takes this gold scripture records verse twenty seven of judges eight then Gideon made it into an EASY for what my brothers and sisters isn't even Ford. Help me. What's the need for an evil ad was the garment that the priest wore right. Why did he make a golden garment of a priest. Had the Lord asked him to do that. Woah see think it done I mean do you remember how easy it was to take a symbol like the snake on the pole. They ended up calling it know who stand and worshiping the snake on the pole you remember that. Why did she make this golden Eve for I have no idea but the Bible says He set it up in the city of off and all Israel played the harlot with their they began to worship this golden symbol. It became a sneer to get Ian. And his house. I said Lord why do you want us to reflect on the story of getting what lessons do you have for me. What lessons do you have for us this morning. And I'm saying well this man was certainly full of fears and his faith. His wig. But in spite of all of that he decided to trust God and what he believed that God wanted to use him to make a difference for the kingdom of heaven. So he decided to trust and obey. Even when he was afraid. Even when the obstacles seem overwhelming. But I want to just bring you to the end of the story. Because when you decide what a wonderful thing. It is that we're being called to total member involvement. That we all have a work in in doing the harvest work. But I want to tell you the devil will be there to attack you. If you decide to be part of the three hundred the devil will try to distract you with temporal concerns with fame or fortune. I learn as I read the end of good story that we must determine to be faithful to God in every aspect of our lives. Amen. We're not talking about earning our way to heaven. We're not talking about salvation that victory has already been won through Jesus Christ our Lord. But we're talking about joining the Lord of the harvest in his work you think the enemy is going to sit around and admire us. When the Lord throws us out into his harvest. He says I throw you out as lambs in the midst of wolves. Determine that you will honor God in every aspect of your life determine that you will trust and obey Him even when you are tempted to be afraid. Determine that you will trust and obey him. Even when you are fearful and you feel that the enemy is too big for you. To determine that you will trust and obey Him even if your family by the way I know the father says well let Bale defend himself. But but he doesn't defend Gideon very much. Even if your family doesn't come to your aid trust God and obey him. And if we will do that. I believe that the great victory won back in the book of Judges where God can use a little bend you see I think the three hundred is a symbol of the Seventh Day Adventists movement hopelessly outnumbered limited resources. Not that strong. But if we will trust God and obey him implicitly in every aspect of our lives. He will use us to accomplish his great victory. Do you believe that. I want to appeal to you this morning. If you want to be part of that Gideon's band. I'm talking about those who will trust and obey. If you'll say Lord I want to I want to be involved in your work and I choose today to buy your grace and the power of your spirit on to you in every aspect of my life. I want to invite you as we pray to stand is this someone that say I want to be part of that band. Amen. God bless you. People are standing all over this congregation maybe you watching this recording you're standing in your living room wherever you are in your church. God is raising up a people who will trust and obey and be involved in his work and when St throws nears at us we will not compromise in any area of our lives we will honor him in all things. Let us pray our Father in heaven lessons from Gideon. We are amazed that you would look at someone who was so fearful and whose faith was so weak and you would still see in him. Someone you could use in supernatural ways. And oh Lord. We have courage to believe that you see us that way too that you have a plan for us not just to be saved as wonderful as that is. But you have a plan for us to join you in your harvest work. You have a plan for us to participate with you in the miracles that you will perform in these last days of Earth's history. We're standing Lord not because we feel we're stronger than others or that our faith is is somehow superior to others. We're standing because we're willing. And I pray Lord that you would throw us out into your harvest you put us where you want us to be. And when the miracles happen when the victories are won. We will be quick to give you all of the praise and day by day by your grace. We will honor you in every aspect of our lives we pray this and we think the wonder of Jesus this media was produced by audience. Yes it is layman's services and industry. If you would like to learn more like this are you verse.


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