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Part 1: The Real Prayer that Gets Results

Pavel Goia
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Pavel Goia

Pastor of the Lexington, KY Seventh-day Adventist Church




  • August 4, 2016
    10:45 AM
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Father in heaven. Thank you so much for the privilege of opening your world. Thank you for the privilege of prayer to come before the God of the universe and have a relationship with your father. We pray now that you come here and we prayed that you open the ward and you touch the hearts the team I understand your desire your plan for our life and for this place. We pray in Jesus precious name Amen. I don't know how much I will manage to go through the presentation. I don't even intend to finish the presentation. Tomorrow is going to be very very extremely crucial or something that our people talk about but they really I'm not sure if they know they struggle and they were mentioning it in a few seconds before we start a couple of things to housekeeping items. Number one I have a tendency to speak fast. Really go fast. I get excited and they go so fast that you need a gift of tongues to understand me. So if I do that. Please do me a big favor. Waive that to deem I need to slow down. Because there is no benefit if I go so fast that you give nothing so wave. You don't offend me. I do You cannot offend me. I have no feelings just wave and you are slow me down. Second this two things. If you have a question please. Interrupt me. Because what I say is not as important as to answer your questions. Those are more relevant for you than the same enough. So interrupt me as the questions our do my best to answer them. Don't ask me about. OK ask questions related to prayer evangelist. OK. OK so you. God or two point OK. Let's start. I'm going to challenge you with NO YOU intention to offend anybody. I don't know you except a few I don't know you old problems your church. So I don't talk about anybody specifically but I want you to sing deep and be honest. So let's start. What what is church what is really what what is really give me an example Cup a couple of answers quick. The way to each god another answer. What is religion. Jesus another and those are good answers don't you don't get to be whatever you say you still get any another answer different loose OK. Fellowship. OK So listen. Those are good answers. I'm going to ask you a few questions with no intention to change your mind about our principles I believe in our principles many times have been recycled reading my freedom for our principles I deeply believe in them but let me ask Is it good to keep Sabbath. Yes or No absolutely. Yes I agree with you and should be a blessing. About going to Savior. OK good answers even good to do evangelism. Is evangelism going to save you. Is it awful. Yes yes yes healthy let's broccoli broccoli good green beans I love. I could live on green beans. I put so much. I put fifty bushes of green beans in my garden. So you know how much I love green beans. Is it good to eat green beans. If you're going to save it. OK OK sometimes it depends what to save you from you know. OK. So so listen listen. Think about it. Can you be sure you don't have to answer to don't have to agree. In fact at the end of the say not just state whatever the Holy Spirit to use by you to take. Is it possible that we have become so used with what do you do we keep about to go to church we teach Sabbath in the choir we go to can meeting we healthy. We know the two thousand three hundred days of nightly I could go on and on. To be so used with what we do that. Why. And we know that we should go. We still feel we are OK better than the ward and we are not there. We are not there and we are not there. You follow me and we never reach that point that God would use us the way he used the disciples operated AAPL room after Can it be possible that we never get there. The ten bridges they were vigilant got church. Nevertheless they are sleeping. Can it be that we are asleep I know Laodicea the Bible says so. The Bible says that We Are you remember Revelation Chapter three but the tragedy is that we don't know how we are because people when they do mislead they don't know that they sleep. If you are awake. Then you don't sleep in your sleep when people don't know they sleep. So what you need to let me give you an example before you start. Let me give you an example. You may have heard of a. I was raised in an experience in many conservative church where if you didn't have a tie and the suit and you went to a church. You would be disfellowshipped I know you think I'm joking but I'm not joking. If you lived twenty three kilometers that's what I was sixteen miles more or less away as my God my God. Lived and you had a car you would not take your car if your donkey should rest on some but you would walk. So he would leave a three am to walk the twenty three kilometers. So he would not break the Sabbath. Now give me a break. He walked so much that you are a lot more than his car would have walked. But you are not a donkey so he could walk along and we had the apple tree in front of the church every Sabbath by the rule of the media's of Persia's every Sabbath all adults had to fast. The whole Sabbath from sunset to sunset kids would fast from sunset to Saturday noon. Now I eat. I eat I eat ten times a day and I am still hungry. I never gain a pound. I know it's not fair. I don't care I eat. My metabolism Kimbo no time for me to fast from Friday night to start a new one that was a punishment. I deemed food. So after Sabbath school I would go outside. Nobody sees me there was a big apple or three year old wonderful golden delicious. I would pick up an apple grab it and had in the bathroom. And I felt heaven. And he called me and they said you were go straight to hell. You broke up but I said I'm hungry. Well you harvest to pick up an apple it's harvesting you all times. How about you were born. I want but God is good. He understands I am hungry know is that it is the fourth commandment. Oh I was really struggling and then I pray for forgiveness and cried. I thought I would go to hell for breaking up almost up until I found the Bible as their gifts I first got the grain I said they go to hell took. And the pastor said no they are Jews or disciples. Then I I need to be Jesus' disciples so I could keep on Savatage. Brother Abraham who cleaned the church. He was the guy fixing cleaning. I don't know cost study and how you are in English but what they were it was the church the pastor's house and brother Abraham's house next to the pastor house son Daniel. I called him B.C. he was my best friend when you don't look crazy stuff together and his son was the oldest among kids he was the donkey among sheep you know he was the biggest all dust and brother Abraham called human and said Dan Young. If kids break up about because you are the oldest you get punished. You need to watch over them. So none of them break Sabbath. Now I did take up. And I didn't care. They sent me to hell because I made a decision to become what you said by so I could you don't. So rather I'm called P.C. and I heard him in the house playing Penn and and beauty which is Don't punish me I would not only never let them touch. Oh man I got my stomach upside down I went and knocked on the door. If you Malone he didn't break. I did rather Abraham opened a door grabbed me pulled me inside inside there was a different picture between my friend was on the couch smiling and screaming. You know rather Abraham had a bit. He was heating the door. Would you take up again or would you let the kids take us and pizza from the couch. So what once. What's wrong with this picture and he says keep quiet jump on the couch start screening. OK I jumped on him alone. If you Malone. After about five minutes of that type of session. He says don't get anybody what happened here. OK We go outside kids. What happened. It. We can all tell you. Isn't that what you say about the boat. Or let me tell you just getting stuff when he moved on that econ one thousand years ago. After Saddam. We went to end it was summer classes. It was hot it was about ninety six degree. Well not hot. According to our news or not but hot. According to Michigan. And said about afternoon. My wife and I and the kids. We went to one and use the machine. Do you know what and us how many of you is beautiful and Michigan. And Utah is hot and I said I need to cool down I am I am I am hot I am with so I got into the lake into the water and a classmate and that guy was not wrong with me and that was American. He comes to me and says bother. It breaks about your stream or someone. I didn't see them buying you than two of was the problem and he says quote You don't want that goes over to beneath you and get a payment. Don't do your pleasure on the Sabbath and I know I had then that's what I said. Do you love cake. Oh I love cake. I knew because I saw him eating a cake in the well you know about why because he said don't do your pleasure. Because you like it is not healthy. It is no no no because I don't mean the Bible not just remarks about social folks can you be we feel like we are not that way. Yes we are gay need be. That we got so used with what we do that before to get what you need you really ease. Let me break it to you listen carefully. You don't have to you if you pray because that's the With thing to do. But you don't count of Jesus you get prayer stop praying you lose your time. If you study you don't want to get information on do your duty and don't seek to know God. Stop reading the Bible is not going to help. It's not going to save you. Remember John remember five. It says use or just give just because you think in them. You have you got a life but the testify of me remember John seventeen to know Christ IS LIFE YOU terror. If we do all these good stuff that we should do. And we don't get to know Christ are we better than the forty says. Can we actually fool ourselves because of what we do think about and not saying we should not do this things emagine when you have Christ. You don't break the commandments. When you have Christ. You keep still about you go to church but if you do the doctrines weed out the God of the doctrines. Then we are in trouble. So let's start. I I have two long introductions I never get to start. Let's read the Bible verse and then and then we go from there. But what seems. What are again To me this thing is that there again I have counted them last for this time for Christ. Indeed I count all the things. How many how many all that you think with your job. Your house. Your family. All things on. A last second time the water loss for the excellence to know Christ excellence all knowing Christ. For whom I suffered the loss of or things first time the world lost and counted him as rubbish. The ward scribble on that means animal excrement that I may gain Christ. He said folks what they will you keep you lose and what they will lose you safe. Because who doesn't give up mother and father and mother in law does the easiest and brother and sister and children her own house and job and title and religion and good stuff. Not only bad stuff. Our good stuff doesn't save us who doesn't give up including self. It's not worth it to be my disciple unless Let's go to your story and then he stuffed it. I'll get it. About the heart I'll get it that when he starts. I'll get it. Thank you so I'm going to give you a story I will universe you remain yet to be accepted. You do go and register you had to pass the exam eight hours a day for a day it was mathematics eight hours two hours argue about two hours two hours. John if you two hours three going on. A three second day it was eight hours physics make any physics two hours electron you thief two hours that if you do up nuclear physics thirty two which is two hours of grammar to our spending two hours composition and two hours. I forgot what they were anyway eight hours a day and then there were ten feet or openings are located for the university for instance University of struction for the construction department. Ten seats and they were many times thousands between five hundred and two thousand students competing for those ten seats. So basically only the top ten would be admitted in the university. So it doesn't matter if you had a three point eight. If the top ten had a three point nine you would lose you have to be among the first ten when I was accepted as the fourth among the first ten among one hundred seventy six students. I got into school. After about three months four months what they have out of school they called me and they said you are an Adventist I said I know. But but you believe in God I said yes but they don't I said that's your business. But you don't come to score on Saturday I said no why because I believe Jesus said give to God What you don't know God and to Caesar what you don't see them and they said what do you mean. Well so that he belongs to God the rest of the he belongs to Caesar and I said south of the I go to church and they said those out of the you come to school I said No south of there you go to know each other to come to school I said don't waste your time you are not going to change my mind. Well they got angry and they told me. Long story short in this country. Nobody argues with the government we have the power to kill you to put you in prison. There is no court that would ever do anything for you. Basically we can finish your freedom we can get in nature and they said you have only two options you come to school or you lose and I didn't go to school but I started to pray and now let's start when you pray what do you pray for be honest. Think about it if you want to be honest he called yourself one prayer and then listen to yourself I did that. Shame on me. Fifty prayers of my church members. We told them knowing it and then I used them. I did and made them public eye. You raised them but I listened to all fifty prayers all of the same Blaise me me my children my marriage my job my family help me with this and then you would get and for uni and save me all these ME ME ME ME ME. Listen. Prayer is not to get answers Platys not to give blessings but it is not to solve problems playing with God with. To meet and you say Lord help me to know you will help me to know your will. We pray that God may fulfill our will instead of praying that we know God's will. We should not as God to force you our will. But you does that he helps me know his will do you follow me don't you seek God's approval for your will to God Will you follow me prayer should not be focused on self in God's presence. I should decline decrease and he should increase in his presence my cancer and my foreclosure and voice and my. And my whatever. When you see him has to him. There has to be so real that your cancer disappears fades away doesn't exist. That's real prayer. I was in one Terry. I'll get back to the story. The school story. I was in Monterey about four or five years ago speaking of the NICE TO convention and my phone starts be. Busy busy and I just got the phone the day before and I didn't know how to turn it off. I did it right but it did go in vibrate you cannot turn off and like this they cannot focus. So what I did I took the form to the better yout. Put it on a stage for get it when I finished my summer after I finished my strawman take there for twenty five messages text messages and sixteen voice just from the same song. For the message passed I need to talk to you. Second message back to why don't you answer for message passed on you bastard never care for the message. All you are always about yourself never call back fifth message mania got really bad. I didn't even bother to respond or because I could not imagine how was the. Last one. So what I did I call him. I said OK what's wrong. Why don't you answer. I was preaching. Oh I give him no. If I don't answer he means I can download you back I want you to do so was the problem. Pastor you know my wife a disorderly two years ago and she never healed. Yes she had a surgery and for some reason he doesn't hear and she lost her job and she leaves and depraved and God doesn't ask. And you know that we lost our grandson one month and you know that I lost my job and I got sick and you know and he went on and on and have been praying for the last six months and God doesn't answer and I said to him. I know why why. So God doesn't like on the he goes you guys blond hair blue ice got to stand at. Me different unpaired different ice. I pray he does. He said I don't think. I said What do you mean God let's everybody he loves everybody as horse everybody have I said I say again what you said I got you. You know. Oh god i'm so save the prayer. Then why do you tell me that God doesn't actually. I don't know. So what. Let me ask you what you pray for for healing for my wife for healing for my grandson for a job. How much have you been praying for that for the last six months. Let me ask you a question and I want you to think I want you to think they've got here you first I want you prayed. Listen carefully. You got here you or he was asleep he was in vacation he was busy he got here. Yes. Does God know you have a problem. And then I said our prayers are not for me God He knows our problems before he had the problem. He knew all day. Before you were born and then she says if we knew the end. Listen carefully. She says to every honest. How many TO EVERY to every That means how many. To every honest prayer and asked will come but you'd be wrong to assume that God would answer the way we want in the time we want and then she says if we knew the end from the beginning. We'll choose the same path that means that we are extremely blind. If only blind think about Lord can I go. No OK I go. So focused will not do you want so focused on how to pray that we don't see what's happening. We don't see that they control we don't see heaven. We have lost focus of heaven. We are so focused on here and now that if we got there and then we had been used our focus should be there so I said to him back the story got heard you. Yes. God knows your problem. Yes. Do you think that his power to solve problems. Yes. So he has the means to say one word and solve your problems. Do you think he loves you. Yes there was the problem if he knows he can do it and he loves you. One the problem except he doesn't care or he's not able or he doesn't want to if he doesn't care that plain he doesn't care if he's not able he is a weak god. Stopping You cannot help you. He needs help. But if he is able and he loves you and he is only part and he has all the power in the universe. It means he doesn't want to have stop bragging. Oh it's easy for you. I said No I have my problems too. In fact I pray for others and God and source. I pray for me and he doesn't I said God I have back problems and God So you are fighting. So folks stop praying for you. Yes Jews are says Cast all your needs. Upon him but that already. After he comes first. Only after you feel then you die to self and you put him first his plan. And then you present your needs and then you say may your will be done and you mean if you allow his will to be done whatever that will may be. Faith is not to call means got to do what you ask. Faith is to convince you to allow what he wants. That we used to trust the Lord you allow his will to happen when Jesus said they the couple we got to know and just and never going to you'll be down because even God is in control and if the barber of us from almost up that way that says All things work together. If that's the real then nothing happens. We are God allowing it like job. God didn't send it but God did Eve God allowed it. You need it. Instead of solving it. Learn it even God allowed you that you may need to learn patience or you may need to learn humbleness or you may need to get up to handle that fighting because you are never go there are going to say Lord why do you allow this in my life would you help me grow. We never grow old. Because you always try to fight God If nothing happens by chance. So back to my friend I said I know and I feel for you but stop praying to solve problems you have been praying for six months and the more you focused on problems the more depressed you are to the point that you are losing it. Who told you that you need to focus on problems focused. Own Christ focused on his ward focus on his real law focus on his promise. He's focused on his sacrifice and I just focused on the last week of news a lot. You have plenty of focus on don't focus on the problems. I don't understand I said would you do me a favor. Would you do something for me if I asked you to come one more my guess would you. Yes OK I'm going to ask you something a lot easier than to drive to my house or mowed the grass. What do you want battle he know that I love being B.S. do ya need to get you some green beans for my guy said No I have green beans in my government. I want you to do some nice more for me what I want you to open the Bible and search for them. Bible promises. Would you do that. It's just great. You said you're doing anything for me. OK fine don't promise and then I want you to lie down on paper then times in your past when God like you hate it. I know he doesn't like you but when he like you when he answered a prayer. Well I don't remember any I said that's a big problem if you don't remember any because my Bible says Bless the Lord on my shoulder and do not forget. Me or his benefits. Moses says Dani right be feeling is that the Lord has done for you read them every morning and every evening to your children don't forget eliminate sister Lady that I have no faith and then I says God gave everyone a measure of faith and by the way Jesus says if that measure is more is a mustard seed it will be sufficient to move mountains. So go back and I said to her. God gave you faith but you focus on problems instead of focusing on promises and focus your life and then I says to the lady. Write down what God has done for you and every time you struggle nubile dear remember how God has made you in the past. And then later she says we have nothing to fear lest we should forget how God has led us in the past so I told my friends. I've got to remind you. And lie down on a paper thin and go to Anfield players. Just do it. Otherwise don't call me again for help if you go to the doctor and he give you the prescription and you don't take it. Why spend the money on the time to go to the doctor just do it. Then do it. OK I'm going to call you tomorrow. Make sure that you did it and I said three things number one find them Bible promises them aloud to God like he doesn't know. Oh God let me tell you something great. I Phones I mean the Bible you don't know anything and he promises to God he says doesn't make as I said just do it. Read loud. Pray and then promise to God to tell God Oh I remember what you have done for me that then things and three. Somebody until he what God has done for you. He's special what I said just don't bother me just a bit I prayed for him that night in the morning at six thirty. He called me and then six o'clock. You know. He called me a six thirty. After you not being what happened. I said your wife you know you got your job back. You won the lottery. So watch help and he says Well I started to read the Bible promises to God when I got to the fourth one I started to realize that I shamed God in front of my neighbors and like or going to in the universe. I forgot to trust in him and the more I read to them the more joy peace. I said in the last two years. I never had peace in my heart or to my family when I read to the tenth one already. I had. Yes and for some reason. While I still have the same problems idealized that God knows. And I can trust. And this is why I was focused on the war. Do you see what I see then look to this or you enter me from nothing. I cannot when I am my life I cannot unless I die my mind has to focus on something if I empty my brain that's he knows he's That's crazy. I'm focused on God Lord. So he says while I was full of promise you there as short prayer started to come back and I wrote down then things that God has done for me when I told him for some reason I did not feel the need to ask for help. I knew that he cares. And I knew that if you take you out of the borders. He will take care of me I just knew that is a matter of time and I say Lord. You promised when I go to the waters. You will be with me. I know that you are here and I am not alone. And you will get me to you was that you thought I meant no you follow me. Yes I'm a little you just will never get. I'm depressed I'm discouraged. I don't come to judge. I don't know you and I don't know why no he says I know God is with me and then he says the bomb. I called the coworker who lost his son eighteen years old. You know got up to dance with you know months his life to cancer and your lost his job when I called him I said the battle told me to call the somebody and called them. I want to encourage. And he told the guy that them promise this and he told the guy that then as sort of prayer. And the guy started to cry and said Listen man you don't know what you did he says I called you know I had my gun loaded. I had it in my head and I was one second away from putting the. When the phone went off so I said I'm going to answer this phone and then kill myself because I have no reason to leave. I lost my wife I lost my son. I lost my job. Why would I need. And he said I also on the phone and you gave me hope. You saved my life force of forty discarded Christian. It's a forty useless Christian. You've got as many say times weapon when you pray to solve problems you focus on problems focus on Christ. After you present your problem to God you leave it to the God If you trust him. There is no we don't trust God because you don't focus on God because you don't know him. How could you trust a stranger. You need to spend time with got to know got to trust God Do you follow me or need somebody that you know you can trust. Now back to the school story. You remember or you dropped it. So I started to pray Lord save my education same education same I'd say my education and guess what God said nothing. He didn't answer my prayer Ole I prayed even harder and that won't ever fast. I cannot fast I am hungry all the time my wife can fast the week. She has no problem for me two hours of fasting is long enough so. You ever invite me to eat out our not turn you down. If you want to have a meeting with me bring some food and you got me. I'm exaggerating. No worries. So. And that was a good one. So I even had faith we use faith or money for a God and God didn't answer. So I called my dad and I said listen I'm losing my school and that serious and regime I had occasion and they just told me for ages reasons if you lose your indication you lose the right. To every day you study in your school for the rest of your life. I'm losing my dictation for ever and my dad said and. I'm with you. I took a shot of my desert and was the problem. So don't you hear what I say I did hear you very well what do you do about it. I prayed he said Why do you pray for the god to say my dictation really I said was the problem is that that's what you pray for and my father said many times I was losing my life. Never ocurred to me to pray for my life when I go to God and I see him. I forget my problems such it with my death. I said you don't use them. He said no son. You don't listen. And I said I am praying and God doesn't answer. And he said good luck. I said What do you mean if he doesn't does or doesn't make sense that you pray. That's part of business and I said that what should I pray then for he said that God knows your problems. Stop praying for the problems you already told him gave him permission to walk let he want you to you that whatever you lose is what you say I said think about Abraham already when he was going to lose his son he saves you and you just says who gives up mother and father and you remember your says that what they were even read on the what if you are getting back. We lose his life saved so who saved his life. You lose you remember and my father said Do you really love Jesus I said yes. How much I said with all my heart I even know how I love Jesus. Oh you know that's an easy one. If you need to. He said duty love the Lord I said yes. You seem so yes I do you should yes more than anything. Yes Then you have your. I said What do you mean. Well don't you. Didn't you say that you love the Lord more than anything. Yes. More than school. Yes What you got to make up your mind you loved a lot more Didn't school or you love school more than God Oh I love God more than school. You got your answer. I said What do you mean give up school so well that's not easy. So well if you don't give up school. You know give our job and you know give up health. You know give up life. In fact you made your choice here not there that your treasure that your choice that your heart is some folks did you hear what I said Are you willing to do your job for God Don't answer I don't want you to like we don't know before we go to Drs as soon as we go to drs we lose our mind on the struggle and the doubt. Wow So my father said if you're well. You got your answer. Stop praying for school to start focusing on God I said What should I pray for pray for God I said God doesn't need my prayer. Oh yes he does and you need to I said How should I pray for God and my father said focused so much on God that you don't care if you lose school or job or health or family or I do need a job. I do need a family. I do need health but God is more important when you just as who doesn't give a mother and father the word who doesn't hate translation the word is me show me show it means to love lives and then. Who doesn't love Jabal Is there a God who doesn't love family less than God who doesn't love serve less than God you're not worthy to be called an Adventist or a disciple. Well. So my father said to me you need to love God so much that you say Lord you know my problem. I'm going to give it to you live it with you and make a decision in my mind I don't feel it. I am this but but I'm going to make a decision. To trust you and they my ass off and put my eyes on you that there be God. Calling. OK I'm going to put my eyes on you Lord. And then you pray this way. My father said I don't want to pray for my education I want to show to you. Therefore this is what I insist I don't get if you say why do cation or my job or my life or my health or my family or out. I don't care. This is what I care. Would you please allow me to so would you please allow me to represent you properly. These people are called me so they want to experiment because I go to say about I go to church on Sabbath. Would you allow me to eat such a manner that they have a chance to be saved and they get to know that there is a God ever they say I do know that I should preach the gospel and I said forget it I said What do you mean. Oh that's all you say preach the gospel. You don't preach the gospel just telling people about how about and about what to eat and about the prophecies. You preach the Gospel by trusting in the Lord and having peace in drives you show that you have a God that is real powerful the way you leave you preach the gospel my father said. So I went back to prayer that night and I said Lord is very hard but I give up school would you help me for the two days left over of school Thursday and Friday because other day I was out. Would you have two days to do what I didn't do in four five six months. Such a man or the to me that I am an Adventist these people that are commonly used would have a chance to know you and be saved. When I prayed that prayer and I get that many instant. God answered my prayer and I don't believe in emotions I know emotions are good but they should not. But in that moment for some reason I say. I don't know how to explain it I says that God said OK I would take it off. It would sort of it is like I heard you can my mind. And I had peace. I did not drugs or when I prayed for me I struggled. When I put or got. I had peace and I could not care less if I do school. I knew that he knows I knew that he can do it and I knew the humor do what is right. Whatever And they said they meant and I started to see for some reason I went to school an issues that ahd to discourse secular that he said go yeah. You need to come there is no god doesn't exist. Nobody can save you from a communist government. You need to come and you just come to school and you play in your mind. That's called pro life you compromise today you compromise to model soon enough. You are. It but not going to happen. I'm not going to bow down to tie my shoelaces. While they told me I'm going to stand straight. I don't believe in compromise and I said you'd explain to me. I don't care WHAT IF I CAN YOU screw and die in a car accident. Am I going to use my location if they kill me. I don't care I see Jesus when you die you don't know anything until resurrection. You see Jesus. I don't care or you are crazy. I said yes I'm supposed to be crazy because God's wisdom is for you. That's what people say hey give me a break. She said I don't get it I said sure you don't because you don't know God. Don't you get a real good occasion I said why don't you. God want. He's able to save it. If not I don't need it. She shook her head. I said you people you are crazy to take your mind away. I said I wish you saw what I saw last night when I prayed. Or did you see it when God she said you are crazy. Next day Friday morning. I go to school she comes to me she's Magdalenian flag yellow blue red I said Do you have the flu. She says no. Are you OK because you are just know what happened to you you had a car accident. You know what happened to you Do you know which I was just with the president of the country. I said yes you want T.V. you know do you know him privately are you friends. I said Are you crazy. I never met the guy is like you say you are an Obama eats buddy buddy every day together no I don't know him you don't know the prison know how do you find somebody in the government know what I know about government when I don't have money to buy flowers for my wife I go in front of the government building there are thousands over all these I think one and give it my wife. That's all the government. I know. And she stops so she looks up and she says then DE is a God I said yeah I told you wife. I said what I was just with upraised and gave a lot today he said on the T.V. to save the economy. He's going to close all schools you know whole country Saturdays. And no school to turn on the power or the heat and help only through the economy even next week he would have been out. God our notice those who honor him. And when you focus on him. We say that but he don't do that because you don't trust him. We feel more secure if we started it when you focus on him and forget that if he focuses on you. Anees but that if you take it off you then if you take you if you do follow me. I kind of go fast but if not you need to learn to think fast OK. Therefore my partner told me he said Son give up school. I said that's good. You told me that they should be heads and OK so you ask what is good but you know what is good for I said No squeeze got to be John I said why do I go to school and spend money and time so well got to be good for a compost. He said think about it you go to some god and you know nothing. Thank you for have school and you can be as you can use that don't you to use it for God So OK I don't get you. But then you know I give him a death I'm idea that folks to know Christ is not what you do but who you know you know that you go to church. What you should go back to is that you spend time in prayer and study of the ward. We lost in the wood hobby to study and to pray. We haven't heard there is no hurry in dispute your life comes from Satan. Unless you discipline yourself to wake up in the morning and spend time with God You are not a religious person. My father I eat. And he had a long partner in the comedy and that's why they gave you and you just kind of bathroom. My sister had to do my bit to my parents' bedroom and kitchen of the other end and you'd go from room to room to go to like you and I would go and eat up towards midnight and then I'll go and eat at two AM I was hungry. And when I would go to the room to eat. I would they do me to the doctor and others he is fine has a fast metabolism everything into all this when I when I would go to my parents' room. My dad was playing a lot of my dad was playing. My dad was playing at five am. And I said Why do you play so long so well and you know Christ. I said you play so long. You should know he isis on the road and I get the more idea that I don't know people does think the know him. They know nothing. Because when you get close to him you realize that you don't know him. Then you tell you how you help us. The Bible says Eve You seek me with all your heart. I will let myself be found or in James says drawing nearer to him and he will draw near to you. So this is how it was when you put your heart to know him. Not at all. Problems. You don't pray to your problems. You don't pray for blessings. You don't. Does then we never get a blessing. Because we pray for a blessing the blessing doesn't come we tell God God doesn't U.P.S. blessings blessings come when he comes with him here in the blessing. Therefore the more you seek him and forget your problems. The more here allows you to find him. When you get closer. You know him you see. Wow. And then you love him more and because you love you more you want him more. So you seek him more then he allows you to find more and then you get closer and you see more of him and you see more human. You say wow. When you really forget you and you love you more than you think you more and you never end until you want him become one and people don't see him. They see people don't see you. They see him. That's Christianity. Christ in you. The hope of glory when you die. We in other tips about the tides do evangelism. But not die to self that they came when you die and Christ lives you knew that. That's the reason we don't accomplish anything ever on the struggle. I got to Lexington and that's the best church and I mean I don't do parties they are not here. They don't hear me. They don't know they love me. Anyway and I almost think of them they still love me for some reason but I got to Lexington. When I got to Lexington. The conference Dormy seventy years with two. Average seven years to baptisms a year judging you by the group's extreme Riba don't exclaim conservative people who don't believe in the Holy Spirit. That the groups who are fighting each other now good people the people are in. The good people but never the less not much happening. No baptisms No you if not much hopping you go to church when you go home. Nothing happened. You follow me. I as they mean the fun of board meeting. What plans do you have to teach them and they said that's not possible. I did say that again. Well you don't know better but its a very often very rich city they don't need God I say yes they do. Yeah but they don't want to I said you know I'm sure you don't know because Jesus says harvest is plenty for the needy. There is no labor as God doesn't have a heart of this problem he has a labor of problem and I say I don't agree with you and they said no bastard you know we had so and so beginnings you devalued nobody got baptized. We had so and so Dave and you know by the way we spend forty seven thousand here in forty two there and thirty seven there. Nobody. We just don't believe in a value. So that's not just bigger problem enjoy the problem folks. Why I say well let's try to do it and you know we don't spend money and time with a venue. We tried we got you. Scottish we don't do you there was no point in me to fight them. You know when you fight in the church you know who saved them D.V.D. and guns from Satan not from quite unique. He comes from Christ I give them fights the Saints. I went to my prayer room and declared three months prayer. And I prayed every morning from five to seven that God would you press the church would you praise me what to do to reach this because that's the reason we exist not to have a club or go to church feel good go home. We are a movement. We are called to be a light to be a kingdom of priests. We are called to save the lost. That's our mission and in my says churches the don't eat the last should be closed. Imagine how many would be so I prayed for three months and God you didn't answer. Obviously he answered but that was an answer by not answering because when God doesn't answer you mean that you are not the baby you got told Noah after the one minute prayer meetings are not of no I would not even have heard it and would have said Oh I ate too much. It was night build an ark when there was never rain that's crazy. It got told Abraham leave your country after five minutes of prayer he would have never left you need to pray enough to Durandal to be ready because when God does he does big if you does more talk about your brain when God does God is big and he does big and he is so big that it goes right that you are not willing to listen you don't even get it. Therefore you need to pray and to be surrender. So I pray for three months God even as I see a world that's big in need. I need to pray more if God doesn't have to and that's what I do. I don't give up. I learned never to give up so I prayed more I said Lord I'm going to double to three months six months and I'm going to double the two hours to four. So he said of praying from five to seven started to pray from four to eight and I said I would not give up like you like I'm going to pray until you answer can meeting came I was a meeting conducted in the conference and I said I'm going to do more than that. Monday night once a week I'm going to pray the whole night and not sleep until you tell me what you have in mind for the next. Oh Pastor it's ads a good question. Did you hear what are you doing in four hours. Listen when you pray. You don't have all to God be with the poor God be with the lost the other was born when your son has a car accident you say God knew the seek or you pray for your son and you label him pray when you pray for people you take them. Nane by name and you labor over each name. That's when you want a result you are going to is when you do your duty when you take a name by name and you label it as the or your family time goes fast. When I go in pain. The church I don't pray God. I go and pray over each chair and I go and pray in the parking and I go on the label of God for the church and for the city and I drive what I want to save the city out of people in this that it takes time. And I don't only talk about we need the Bible because many times God would enter through the study you follow me and I don't even need them pray over one do you. I need the holy plain it to me. I don't get it you follow me. So in not just generic. When you confess you are specific you have to name the scene when you praise you need to be specific. You need to pray to to mention the and. They say when you intercede. You need to be specific or get back to the story. So I prayed the whole night that God would give me the vision of what the church needs because they told me. OPI pretty Lexington you know in two thousand and eight battle and the economy dropped unemployment Chicago was I don't remember fourteen fifteen what they were one hundred fifty unemployment in Lexington was two point two point eight. How. We don't have a problem he said yes you do but I didn't say so you see past only have. We have a little that is there already saved. We nobody listens. Nobody comes they don't want to come. I said lord. There is something that you can do you listen then that they don't know and I don't know. Show me that and they prayed and I prayed and they hope for Monday night but that I don't I don't know turf one am I fell asleep by the bed in on my knees and I woke up with two to fifteen with a blonde your thoughts in my mind. Aloha. This is what you do. Number one number two number three number four. Number five. So much that I was like overwhelmed and you do so much. I was afraid I would lose you. Because if you have something when you study the Bible good idea and you don't like you don't. Next week it was a man that was great. I just don't remember. So I had only done four pages and they said this is crazy. This is two League. I cannot do it at this is too much and I said Lord how do you mean this is too big. I can all do it and got to be my mind. Didn't you pray for me. Yes but I can only do what if I send you out provided. Go ahead and do it but Lord. You need to give me confidence. This is not because I ate too late so I prayed between like between two fifteen until around four o'clock. I don't everything from four to seven. I prayed for confirmation at seven o'clock I had to stop these breakfast breakfast and so about. I never missed them. You know. So at seven am I stopped to go because it was breakfast time my telephone went off. It was Ajmi to doctors me through mangers. This bothers you remember a few months ago you called me to give us a meal on your church. Yeah I do remember and you said no don't ever call me to give up any to see me not in your school before you come in my church by his in a hearse no don't you call me and I said no I got one Sabbath available. You want me to come so sure I want you to come and I said What do you have in mind. He said We have a pilot project. We want to try to do you want to try it in your church and then he described the project. It was exactly what God told me of to him and I was like Oh he said Are you OK. I said yeah and they told him that I had been praying for four months already. And that God gave me that night. What to do and that I asked for confirmation and he called his wall. So I go to my board and I said to my Saints folks I've been praying for four months and got Dormy and that's work on the nation and and they said that I said. No that's why God said nope you fight there you are never to do it is crazy. I want you to go home and pray when I got going to you what he told me then it's all come on pastor I said I'm looking at it and I said in effect I want to get your attention. I want to I want you to know that I'm so I'm going to cancel the board meeting today. And next month and next month and he would have no board meeting and one of the board a guy that has been probably the longest. Pastor in Lexington he never counsel a board meeting. I said we just did. What if you are you know you go home I'm the pastor you don't like the confidence I'm moving you go home but I said. Just go. You have done business four hundred eighty S. and you never make a difference or change or progress. This time we go home and pray for a change. These mixed. Let's have a prayer. Eef you don't break. Next time I'm going to cancel again. That's OK if my wife likes me. That's good enough. I called him Sunday Monday and Tuesday. Each one of the seventeen board members. I said I'm not kidding. I remind you to pray and to pray with you if you don't break next month we don't have a board meeting in fact I am going to embarrass you in front of the church I am going to tell the judge that you don't pray they said this guy is crazy. Next time but I told the church they need to pay you need to pay if you don't pay you don't get paid. They said what I said you heard me. Well they prayed next month we had board meeting I had them holding you prayed. They all had their heads up. Hopefully or honest and then I said you got there do anything to all of them said Yep and they told me what God told me in short to veteran like in ten minutes they said but same thing and then I told him that's it. So I gave them the whole picture. We started to apply for Steere we had nine baptisms second year sixteen. Twenty three for T.. If I remember forty two between September last year and to be forty nine baptisms already. We don't have a. They say a the N.A.V. that Spanish Hispanic church is growing. We have an Anglo fifty four. Nine almost fifty baptisms that's more between September and today. Now let me tell you any do you said that about seventy eight percent of people who get baptized leave within three months and it will come back from forty nine one left forty eight in the church. More than that or forty eight you bible studies and work no more who we have noted in the parking noting that your two voted to start the second sort of yes we voted to plan the church. We have no people come drive out I'll never leave the church is crowded in the night. I am there I am preaching and the girl comes through the door. She has like blue being whatever color I don't know colors hair and she is dressed in black and has a chain here and remain here but being here. Here read here to mean she is heavy. She comes into the church late. And I say they men we started to see in the closing him she leaves you know why they come late and leave early. They don't want anybody that they are void if we made a commitment that nobody would come to the door. We told being greeted and talked with and prayed with you know a church. Everybody who comes is played with stains. Don't miss the song. So she was not played with so I left the scenes to sing the song and they are running after her. They may have thought that they cannot hold on to the bathroom you know I didn't care. I don't know after her. She goes in the car. I go to the car show opens the door. I told the door to her car. Just I want to go home I said you'll get there. I said let's talk a little I don't want to talk. I said what what I. I don't want to talk to mom but I don't want to talk I just didn't your name. She told me her name. What I need. I don't want to go over time how long time do we have it then forty five two. To do if we have only the left over. If it means we can. So not to someone. This is just the second this don't we we we do we do the start of this storm and this is just introduction to this so. So I said tell me your name and she told me her name and I told her my name and I spent about her she said I know I Googled you. So what they were that me so I said why did you come. I don't believe in God I said but this is not the movie theater why do you come. This is a church. If you don't believe in God What are you doing here. I don't believe in prayer is the word that for you. I do believe you prayer that doesn't answer my prayer. I just love the city the same sentence. I said yes. That doesn't like you but he likes me. Oh God must like anybody. I got her. I said then why do you say God doesn't count. I don't know I've been praying for fifty S. and God never asked and said you don't know how to pray. Oh I played all types of prayers. I said Why do you pray for oh I cannot tell you you are not a Catholic priest I cannot call face you tell you I said That's OK I want you to pray for you but I cannot you don't don't you want to pray for all just pray for me I said that's born I got to be specific. I've been trying for fifteen years fifteen one five feet. Fifteen years human bondage to drugs I've been trying to get up drugs and she said if you do all this I have to inject drugs. Otherwise I lose it. I start shaking and they drop down and. For fifteen years and says I prayed and I went to the hob and I went to jail. I just can not get addicted and they prayed the Spirit of God to take the drugs they do drugs they do drugs. And you focus on the drugs you focus on scene and you want to go away. Is that what you were on Christ Who taught you to be that way. So what do you mean I say listen to day each day. Do you want to give up drugs. Yes Do you did you. Yes. Do you want to get out. Yes OK This is what you do I want you to give a Bible study. She says that doesn't make any sense. I just do it you give a Bible study you give up drugs should be are not connected I said you don't know what do you use you have about us that says there is no connection I said oh it's a lot of connection between drugs and by our studies. She says I don't see it I said because you're lying. I said What do you lose. You'll need to go to jail. You're going to pay money you're going to go to rehab and you play fifteen years. Why do you not give a Bible study. So when I don't know how to do it I said this is the key. You don't talk. She says that how do you do I give I said You people are confused giving Bible study we teaching who needs meat. Nobody wants to be taught. Do you want me to convince you to change your life and your church and people dog one that they said this is what I and they told her what God told me that night how to give a Bible study we have another two hundred fifty Bible studies a year that our church gives every year every every every As I said it's a whole process you go to all the page and you learn about the process. So I said to her. This is a Bible study you go knock in the door when they can only say this is just not you got us. God bless you. By what you do want to talk to them. You ought to be gentle. Oh I can do that. I said I know. I suspect if. Time different story. Third time you enter the house but first time. Don't enter Don't duck and I get that you later. Why it's extremely important. Why it's extremely is vital. And they said don't talk. And give them a D.V.D. so they can watch it because people may argue with you but I have never seen anybody to argue with that you. People are addicted to T.V. and internet. They watch T.V. would go bad they don't turn it off live because you preach the gospel and she says OK I can do that gave her that I was like when you say that if I give a Bible study I get a bronze yes. Are you sure I said yes. How do you know I just do it in fact after she left she called me fifteen minutes later I HATE YOU I HATE the church I think that I was never told that I will never talk as it calmed down there knew what happened. Well the door was locked. If not part may be and you need to read. And somebody for me as I need to open the door and the door was locked. That's the reason you are angry. Yes God doesn't cause then you want you to go by was as it does but only did you pray that God would open the door. No I didn't think about it go in the cot pray that God would open the door. So you could give I was that if you could you have drugged. OK sure. And you know she prayed and she called me tonight as I thought I prayed God even does not appear I said when you pray. I didn't even have time to do what other. I did pray I did. That's why if he does no prayer. What do you mean. Prayer is when you really spend time with God and that with doubt about it is the opening of the heart to God to a friend when you talk to a friend you don't talk one minute that's a stranger. How do you how do you good going by bike. That's a bunch of lifes. I met the guy in. Be the party of the church. Good morning good morning. How did the great tell you the great how it's gonna be great. How you judge great good as you go on the first about wonderful weather by same day I love that he's in divorce. He just told me how your family great one morning. Does the Perry pray I say does no prayer. You talk to God about stuff. She's away how long do you want me to pray I said until the door opens and she has five minutes. I said you don't listen until the door opens and she said half an hour. I said until the door opens and she said to always I say lady you never listen on fear the door opens and if the door doesn't open guess what you do you keep praying and you the door doesn't open you don't go home tonight you pray and you the door doesn't open you get the five in the car and value the car and you don't go to the bathroom and you don't eat until the door open. I said what I cannot do that was going to stay in drugs. Says no but I want to give up drugs then pray what you got doesn't open that you don't know that you say Lord you can kill me here and nobody will before you open the door like Alija ally Joey he prayed for a great. Do you remember what position he prayed he put his head between their knees and covered his hands. You know why. In the Hebrew tradition in the Hebrew culture when you lay down. I know seven when you pray with hands up means I'm ready for service when you put your head between the ears. That's what the slaves did when the conscience told them not to do what the Master did. Basically the message was You can kill me. You can do whatever I cannot do that because it's against my shares and I just a lot you can kill me. I'm not going to move from here before you give me rain. You told me to say there is no rain. You told me to say there would be rain now give me rain. So I told her you put your head between their knees and you put your hand on your head and you see a lot. I'm not moving. From here shows you mean it I said should I do that spray I make government with you. I'm going to pray with you until the door opens. So for me to see a sacrifice because I'm going to eat before the door opens. So basically if you pray ten hours and now it's like you prayed when you call me and tell me the door open. Then I go and eat shit. Would you do that. I said I will he got she got in the car. I got him off. You started to pray in the same time that was at two thirty P.M. Saturday afternoon long ago forty years ago at five she five five fifteen what they were she called me crying and screaming and hopping. Have you seen people crying because they are happy she's passed out. That's what you want to believe those are what happened. I said Just calm down and tell me what happened. She said you know I prayed and I prayed and I prayed and I prayed and God did not open the door and I got frustrated and I opened my eyes and I stopped playing and I started to argue I said why don't you open the door. I know I'm not Dorothy. Why don't you do it. I want to give a Bible study. I said lady just now you're stuck you to pray she said What do you mean you said you started to argue with God and open your heart pray in the opening of the heart when you just say to form a dozen Warney I said when you open your heart to God it's to a friend. That's prayer. You have an honest conversation where but I did for my feelings on him say he is able to handle your feelings. He knows your feelings even when you don't say them don't do it and he said listen this is what happens when I open my eyes and thank you too are you. Why don't you open the door just want the door open. There was a guy taking the garbage to the trash container. So she said I stopped talking to God I had long to you say can you let me in I need to deliver these Bible study to apartment for. The guy says no you are not home. I'm not supposed to. But I'm upset with you and she says you don't even know me. He says Well I asked for a Bible study and nobody came. We got two hundred seventy six request of Bible studies. You know see what they said oh people have no interest in the Bible. Yes people have and that is but they don't feel secure to come to your church but if you see you at home in their own environment two hundred seventy six and you don't have enough people to give so many bible studies and slowly grew into it so she says the guy says I ask you and nobody can and then he says oh no problem. I can give you this Bible study and then go back get another one and come to morrow and give the apartment fourteen. So the guy says OK coming. She has no I'm not supposed to come in. I'm sure both of you want to go. He has come you know I need help. I don't know how to study or should I don't know either. And she says I was kind of foolish and I entered and you know what he did I said what if it says he left and I was alone in his apartment. What he left and I you know should I leave or wait and he came back with eleven other guys. All of them lead their jackets skeletal head on the back ponytail one to cycle people. And she said I was scared. I started to pray for safety. And he's the one guy's fault. We have been praying that God would help us give up drugs. I prayed that God would send somebody God an angel and the sun to her going to teach you how to get up drugs and she said I started to cry. And I told them I'm not and I've been in drugs for the last fifteen years and a back door told me that if I stop. Long God's work. God doesn't need me God can use. God a donkey. But God called me to do what. So I focused on him and focused on others as long as I focused on me I was seen when I think of me off scene and focus on God and focus on others God to give me victory so the best are so need to do what I was starting to give up drugs. So I guess folks you need to give a Bible study to get up drugs and they said OK you don't just a Bible study. I said I'm not able to I have not been in church for fifteen years I cannot teach you but you have a T.V.. Yes this is the D.V.D. great they put that they put a D.V.D. and she said that. Crying big man they will cry. Again of the Bible study they said Would you please would you please come again this is the best thing we have seen our life. Would you please come again next week. And then she said this is the basis that this is it that I came to church attend forty five M. I need these five pm and they forgot about drugs and I didn't do drugs today and I am not shaking. In that something. Folks we lose our time. Focusing on forms. We told the God of the four. Good as long as you are feared with the God of the four. I do I say we lose our time and day for we have no power and the God we don't power has no God we have no power we have no peace. We don't make a difference. We should be a light we should be a blessing. We should make a difference. People should know when they come to order church in order to get the wood quiet order which aren't. But they find God Our time is up and milk comes and they cannot miss a meal. We did not go to the sort of morning I never meant to go to the show because I tell stories but these are your stories happening today. Not two thousand years ago. Listen. And then we need to make decisions. The three change our prayer life and stop focusing I am not ignoring your problems. I am not saying that your problems are not important. You don't hear me wrong but we have been focusing on them for too long we need to seek Christ people in the Bible who made a difference. They are seeking God seeking God's face seeking to know God. Show me who you are Moses they've Daniel Jeremiah all of them pulled all of them seeking God I want to know Christ. Paul when he told his last look before he died he says listen and to know him and to. We won with him before he died he still says I don't know him and the goal of my life is to know him. We too long have been focusing on things and self. Instead of focusing on him and that's the key. You feel that you lose when you give up praying for you and you start of what we see more him you feel that who was going to happen to my job was going to happen to my family to my children. Nothing. Safer for you to focus on God In fact let me say this when you focus on instead of God cannot endure when you give up self. They need to say forgot to give us power because we are using it properly said if you do follow it safer for God to give us power an answer and use us if we render a night of self and we need to trust that if we focus on him he will take care of us. He says Seek first the Kingdom of God and the other things where be provided we need to learn to focus on him and to trust in him anyway let's finish. It's time for us to finish. I intend to model not talk about prayer but rather have the first ten minutes questions and answers and then talk about how to prepare for the second coming. OK Let's pray together. Father in heaven her if we could grasp the previous age of prayer and the privilege of knowing you. We would be so overwhelmed that to have peace and trust you to gutless well to go to would focus so much on heaven that we would forget this place. And this is a growth.


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