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Now or Never. The Beginning of Business

Kelley Coffin
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What is the business of eternity? Can it be modeled in our world today? Can we expect to engage in the business of eternity without engaging in business here and now? Can mission be the focus of our business rather than an appendage? If so, what does it look like and how can we begin? This seminar will focus on an often underutilized and misunderstood gift  in mission circles. The gift of business.


Kelley Coffin

Founder/CEO of several companies including, WayFare Inc.




  • August 4, 2016
    10:45 AM
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Heavenly Father we thank you for this morning we thank you that you have placed it in our hearts to be here today and to learn of you father. We will be talking about a bit about eternity to day and we know that eternity. Lord will be spent many things including learning more expanding our horizons our thoughts and perceptions of everything in this world and the space around us a father I want to submit to you that that starts here today and that we are incapable of taking hold of this. If you would not consent to send your angels and pour your spirit out upon this place and pray that you would send them and that you would come personally and speak to us and guide us Lord so that we could be about your business. We pray these things we thank you. In Jesus name Amen. So this morning. I have to tell you in advance. I had my ideas of putting together a nice powerpoint presentation and pointing to things on the screen and what not but I was not raised in an environment that would foster those kinds of things I was raised around big machines and bulldozers and trucks and tractors and all kinds of things. So I was tell people if they could figure out power point and maybe painting green or yellow or even international red or something and make it burn diesel fuel. I'd probably have no problem with that if I could put a wrench on it but unfortunately that's not the case of never. Found anyone do that. So this is going to be hard point for the day but I also want to I want to say I don't intend to spend all of this time. How much time do we have incidentally and what it was like an hour and a half or something wasn't til noon. Oh OK OK So we'll try to speed through because I want to I want to make sure that we take any time that is necessary that you'd like to ask questions I want to spend time on your questions. Additionally if we don't get through this today I will be here through the end of tomorrow I believe and I'd be happy to meet if anyone would like a little extra time afterward I mean more than happy to do that and give you any time that I have so I'm going to start this morning with giving just a little bit of background about a little bit about myself and my history. What's behind it but I do that only so you'll understand where I'm coming from and I want to look at this from a very practical perspective in fact as we begin I want to make note that I don't know if everyone received one of these but there's a number of questions that were asked here in the in the intro and those questions were pretty simple about business and and particularly what is the business of eternity this this whole program or this whole event here at A.S.I. this year I really appreciate it. Called chosen and committed and I thought of this this morning. I thought you know this is really strikes at the heart of. What we're going to be talking about today. But will reiterate these questions and talk a little bit more about them in a minute but I also want to I want to say that I realize there's a lot of people or most of the people probably in this room understand much of my perspective on this I would assume and we share a very unique perspective in our faith but there will be many many people I know that are that are already asking about this that I have no idea no ideas concerning this that have never had any exposure like myself to these concepts that we're going to be talking about. So I I will be speaking in fairly general terms and my intent is to answer the questions and if we go over some ground that's a little redundant for all of you and you'll just have to pardon me for that but I come from a very unique belief structure that we're going to talk a little bit more about today. And as a Seventh Day Adventist and we're all learning that it can be a little dangerous these days to share one's unique belief structure in this world and we're certainly see that in seeing that play out in the political arena. So I was raised in the state of Vermont. I was raised in a town called cab but Cabot is very famous and if anyone has ever been to Cabot they will know of the name Cabot for a certain type of cheese it's the best to tell people it was to me the best cheddar cheese in the world my my family owned a farm up on Cabot plains in Vermont and in our in our heyday if you will we. We got up to milking two hundred fifty head of Holsteins with the exception of. Short stint of fifty two jerseys in the mid one nine hundred eighty S. But that was where I was raised. I had really no religious convictions whatsoever went to church few times with my uncle but I really had no religious structure under me knew very little about it. Each day was spent on that farm and I can tell you that the work was very hard and there was very little rest and dairy farming is anyone anyone here ever been around dairy farm. OK. Twenty four hours a day seven days a week and the rule that I was raised with was very simple if you're going to die you get your work done. First there's no excuse whatsoever and I remember times where it was twenty thirty below zero and I'm in the pit milking cows when I am nine ten years old and there were a few days where dying probably would have seemed like a pleasure to me you know but there was very little rest. You know and working with cows is really interesting particularly in the summer months. I mean you really have to care for them they become your family. I see that that's changed largely today. But these were our family every one of them almost everyone had a name usually Everyone did you knew everyone Personally it took extra care and attention of certain ones and you'd go out into the field in the summer months every day and you would have to gather them in and you'd have to work with them. You'd have to milk them and what not and if you didn't do these things then then you could have animals that would die and I can tell you from experience that some of them are really dear to my heart even to this day and we lost a number of them and these things really paved the way for my thought process that I entered into years down the road. You know today we have horses. I live in Montana and we have horses and if you allowed my children to they would doubt they would dote on those horses every single day and they would ride every day but I've learned a lot of the same characteristics I learned a lot about animals and business from that farm and even from our farm that we have today which is very different but I learned that they responded to love. They responded to love and devotion and I didn't really appreciate these things until later. And we're going to be touching on that as we go. I left the farm. We actually sold it in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine. And I immediately put my clothes I had in my truck and my chainsaw. And I headed out west and struck it out on my own in the West and became fairly successful and I became very selfish I lost a lot of those those ideals that I had grown up with with the farm and I tell people I became very successful in selfishness and that became problematic to me later down the road because all that changed. And we're going to be talking about that change today we're going to be talking about some of these personal beliefs that really change to me to the core and they drive me today and everything that I do I won't bore you with the details but I will tell you that I went to work when I was in Montana. I ended up working with some Seventh Day Adventist businessmen and it had a profound impact on my life and changed me. Chain. Me and caused me to diverge from the Course that I was on but it was through business and through that interaction. That I came to that I had a para shift in the paradigm in the very structure of my thoughts because of the interaction in business and that's going to become important to us as we talk so I stand here today I am a Seventh Day Adventist I I don't I make no qualms about that. I'm very proud of that but as Seventh Day Adventists we have a very very unique belief structure and it really touched me to the core because I found it to be so practical and so logical. I spent a lot of time with many other folks in many other faiths studying these things out and when I came face to face with Adventists with the Seventh Day Adventists through business and they shared some of the principles that this faith represents I was shocked. I was more like stunned by what I learned and we've come to many people look at the Seventh Day Adventists faith more as a church and what not. I look at it as a set of fundamental beliefs that that can truly change the very fiber of a person's being and inspire them in a direction that I I found nothing else could. So with that we there's there's a lot of views regarding eternity today that I found but most of them in some way when you when you take them down to their really to their irreducible minimum to their very core. A foundation of selfishness within us and the reason the view that was shared with me was so interesting. And in fact the those faces they they talk a lot about eternity and what is beyond us and I appreciate many of the views that are there out there but what I find so interesting with ours is that it includes an eternity. Of work of rest and of learning and expansion of the mental faculties. That is really limitless. And I found that to be fascinating. I found it to be very logical and if anyone like to talk more about this. I'm more than happy to share on some of those details but suffice it to say what really intrigued me and what touched my heart is when I began to work with folks in this field particularly through business was I saw a I saw a structure for a business that was focused soley upon the blessing of others outside of myself and when I came face to face with that it really moved me to the core and caused me to follow a different course. And I'm going to suggest that this is the one of the primary things we're going to be talking today one of the rules for business as I've come to see it. It simply includes giving lifting engaging helping building other people outside of myself outside of myself not for myself to do that. There's a difference but really to our core to build people up to help and lift others and that is it's become very important. I read a statement years ago. Eking about angels in heaven and it was a description that really touched me and I found since in reading the Bible that angels in heaven spend their lives in tireless watch care seeking to bring others into a closer relationship with God Himself than they can ever even have and when I read that for the first time I thought wow I wish I could think like that. I wish my mind worked like that. So we're going to we have some number of questions that that we asked in you know when they wanted to know about this seminar and I'm just going to touch on those quickly. So what is the business of eternity. Can it be modeled in our world today. Can we expect to engage in the business of eternity without engaging in business here and now. Can mission be the focus of our business rather than an appendage. And if so what does it look like and how does it begin. Those are the questions we want to answer today and hopefully discuss them a bit amongst ourselves as well but tell you Ira. Asked these questions because these were questions that I began to ask when my mind began to change. I was so interested in answering these questions and you know I'm getting a lot of these today. I deal with a lot of people we own a manufacturing company in Montana and a technology company that we've recently acquired and I meet a lot of people I meet a lot of people from different walks of life and when we get to know each other. I find that these questions come up people really want to know what is life about why am I. Here what's my purpose and I hope today we can answer some of those so I had to reconcile one other statement that I want to share with you that was written in a book written in the eighteen hundreds and it was a simple statement. It said the work begun here will be carried on through all eternity. Now I have to tell you eternity really wasn't of much interest to me before I followed this court before I found this course it really wasn't that much interest to me because I had this stereotypical view of floating around in up there playing a harp on a cloud or something that really doesn't interest me had no interest whatsoever for me and I wasn't interested in faith because of that view but when this I had one employee that came to work for me that shared this perspective that we're talking about today. And when he did I began to see a different perspective of eternity that came to mean everything for me and it was something that I got really excited about. Because it included work and most of the people that know me especially my immediate family will tell you that I love to work a lot of what I do and we enjoy waking up in the mornings and going to work every day and if somebody could say to me what would you do if you could go anywhere you want to go on vacation go anywhere you wanted. I'd probably go right down to the plant and go to work or I go bail Hey I go do something but it would include working you know I could go to an island somewhere if there was work there. But if there's not. I'm just not interested in it. Just a little perspective there. So we're talking we're talking about business today. I want to look at first want to take a look at what I would consider to be true business you know particularly in Seventh Day Adventist circles we talk a lot about rest we talk about the day of rest we talk about the Sabbath and there is no more important concept in the Bible but I have found that I've thought about that and I thought well why would one need to rest logically why would somebody need to rest. They're going to need to rest. If you are doing something that includes work. You're going to need rest and if you look even in the very name Adventist it's interesting that word Advent is fascinating because it employs that something's going to happen. Somebody is going to come. There's an event that's about to take place and I don't know about you but I don't think I've ever seen a large event A.S.I. is a good example of that that there wasn't a preparation and a work that was necessary to prepare for that event. So even the name itself the Seventh Day Adventist implies work. So with this heaven as I've studied this throughout the Bible heaven gives a number Heaven gives various models that I found that are very practical very useful in my life. We talked about arrest has a model for the sanctuary for one's very being. There's a model of health. I work with I've been privileged to be able to work with the Wiemar Institute in Northern California and the thing that really impresses me the most as I see truly a picture. Heavenly picture of health care and health how health happens how it works. And that's been a blessing to me so heaven has a number of models. I was reading on my way down here. There's a book that was written by as anybody read the book written by Dr Ned Lee called The Lost Art of Thinking it's an amazing application in there on thought there's a heavenly model for thought in there that's that's that's very impressive to me so heaven has all of these models and it I thought about this. I thought well wouldn't it make sense that it has a model for business. And I want to take a bit of a broad look at that today business. I think it's safe to say that business generally employs some form of return for something that we expand and this is typically money. So we're going to do something and we're going to receive something in return I think that's safe to say it's the general general concept for business. It's about building growing and securing and protecting OK I've known in business. I spent a lot of time not only trying to generate wealth but I want to protect it is well it's very typical position that we take in the business world today we want to we want to ensure that we protect that even in the nonprofit world today. I have seen particularly within the marketing realm a lot of companies will use charitable giving. As a form of marketing you know to say look at what I'm doing and inspire others to me there's a lot of very very good. Things that are happening out there in the world as a result of this and a lot of people are inspired by that but that even that's a form of business. It's doing something. Oftentimes so you can receive is so you can receive from it but I want to look at business from a heavenly perspective and to do that we need to first define currency. Now in worldly terms I think that's we we all know what that is it can come in various forms but it goes without explanation but what about and in heaven. Zeiss what is currency look like in Heaven's eyes and what you know what the currency of heaven is OK go ahead and lation ships. OK here a number of answers I'll get answers. OK You know what I think it is I think it's people. I think heaven's currency is people you know in the book of the book of Isaiah it says that I will make man more precious than fine gold even the golden wedge of over in the book a hag he said I mean there's that example after example he talks about refining us as fine silver refining us as gold fine gold in the book I have it says the silver is mine. The gold is mine. So if God or what is that it's people. That's Heaven's currency. What is the most important thing right now in Heaven's ice souls people right now all of heaven is interested in everything that is happening in every single life on this earth right now because Heaven is fully vested in this earth. OK but what did business I want to. Really go and look at what this looked like in eternity from eternity past. What was the business in heaven before this world even was according to the Bible. What was that business that that one would engage in in heaven and I think it was OK It's a service but what was that service just to put it in broad terms here what was that service that service was drawing the hearts of every individual that was in existence closer in closer to God drawing them each other into a closer relationship with God than even they themselves would have so the whole perspective of heaven in that time was focused upon others and drawing others closer to God bringing them for all eternity into full harmony and even a closer relationship with God can it will that go on for eternity. It will but what was the process. What did that process yield yielded security. Why because if you have a governmental structure which allows every being to to operate with a free will. Freedom of thought conscience. They can ask any question then what do you need you need something that is going to bind the fabric of that society to together and that's love selfless selfless work in Gage meant. In the lives of others. That's what's necessary for all eternity. And in so doing it you can secure eternity when everybody is following a course out of their own free will. Their own freedom of thought and choice then heaven would be secure forever. OK So with that in fact it's interesting in the book of Philippians it says there is counsel and there it says let nothing be done through strife or vanity but in the lowliness of mind let each esteem each other better than themselves look not every man on his own things but every man also on the things of others. You see that Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus who being in the form of God thought it not robbery to be equal with God but made himself of no reputation and the took upon Himself the form of a servant. OK and was made in the likeness of men and being found in the fashion of a man He humbled himself and became obedient unto death even the death of the cross. So this is interesting because here is the God of heaven himself and what does it say he did he engaged in this form of business and gauged in a business that was to its sole purpose and objective was living in helping others and we're told we know that there was a catastrophic event and selfishness interrupted the course of business. There is everybody with me. So did heaven want that course of business to be interrupted. No not at all. Was it Heaven's fall of the gods fall. No. And now it needs to be fixed and the question is how and I believe the answer is found in the same mechanism that is employed in eternity past and will be into a ploy to an eternity future and that's business the business of heaven so we want to look at how that works and how we can engage in that and we need to you know there's there's an additional issue now that has to be dealt with and have in size. There's an additional problem and that's the the issue of selfishness. So before that work can even be fully engaged in people need to be brought to a place where they understand this fundamental concept and understand how that is de railed that has even derailed the business cycle in heaven. They have to be brought back on to that foundation and be brought to a position so that they can begin the the business of eternity again and it is the demonstration I'm going to submit that it's the demonstration of this business of eternity here that will allow people to make that decision. So that they can engage in it for eternity now we can begin to answer those questions and ask what is the business that will continue for eternity and we just talked about it. This is a business in eternity. There is a business in which people will in Gage with Heaven's currency their soul lives will be focused their soul lives will be focused on drawing others into a closer relationship with God then they can even have. So everything that is engaged in there will be based on a selfless work for others and we have to ask in the business of eternity be modeled or you know actually I want to back up there for a second because I don't want to go past that point all of the commerce in heaven is focused upon others and leading them closer to that throne for how long forever. So if that is the work that is supposed to go on in heaven. What should be our work today. What you think it is it's the same thing and this is becoming really important. This is becoming really important to me because when I started out on this course before I really understood this concept. I looked at business as a way that I could generate wealth and then use it to help others do wonderful things. Bless them and give them the opportunity to go and give them the opportunity to see this and be unhappy. I look at is that from a different perspective. Now I look at it as every single thing I do every single day has to be gauged in this even in business. It's not business is not an appendage something to accomplish this. And the actual business that we engage in during the day can can be this business of heaven. Today we can work with people and we can engage if we are willing to give of ourselves we can engage every day I don't care if our business is cleaning toilets. It can be that it can be the business for eternity. And it's very interesting in the in the in the food world that I work in these days we get to meet so many people and there are so many opportunities out there to help and lift up and bless others but you know it rarely comes through just giving of our means to do that usually comes through that active service and I can tell you that this this for me has become very special because it's such a powerful platform that we can use to engage in their lives and accomplish two things one dispel the myths about heaven. You know undo some of the problems that exist in our world today and set the course in a right direction and and actually expose them and help them engage in this business of eternity because this is what God wants for their lives. So everybody with me so far. OK So can the business of eternity be modeled in our world today. It's a pretty tough world to work in we have so many rules and so many regulations I have to deal with with gov or government agencies I mean I can all kinds of things you know I've come to welcome it all of that I've come to welcome. Every bit of it because I look at it and I say what ever is put in my path. I have to apply this to this principle that we're talking about with business. I have to apply that. And if I can then I can use that no more as a problem but it can actually become a helper for me to help another person matter what it is OK so then we can say can we expect to engage in the business of. Eternity without engaging in business here and now is that possible. If I'm not willing to engage in this business today. And by the way I'm not suggesting that everybody has to go out and start a business that's not what I'm saying at all. There's many businesses out there that you can be a part of you can work for most everybody I know has to work for something these days but whatever it is and whatever position you're in you can be engaged in business. It's a very very powerful tool that can be used for benefiting others lives and today this this world that we're given today should be to us the training ground and the opportunity for us to practice if you will and to train for what we will be doing forever. I don't know about anybody else but but I was going through my life I was very happy. I thought I was happy with the Course that I was on I was doing so many things I was I was well convinced that I was happy and that course when I began to engage in this kind of business and when I began to study out the principles that govern heavenly commerce my whole world changed. And as I began to give myself to these and watch my family engage and then everything changed. And I realized I really wasn't that happy in what I was doing but I was finding such a tremendous joy in this and I see so many companies even within our ranks here that go out and they engage in businesses like I have to do this and this over here is an appendage here my ministry and these things. My mission field is a. Appendage. And I can tell for us we've come to a place where our mission field is everything we do every single day every company we form everything that we build every person we deal with is not an appendage. It's the whole OK and that is heaven. Heaven is not a boring place I love to trade I love to put deals to do gather I love to do all those things innovation we in our manufacturing in the food manufacturing we've we've developed a number of different machines and a number of different systems that have the don't exist in the world today that we get to do some amazing things and we get to benefit so many lives and we get to be a part of people's lives we get to touch people's lives. I love that it makes my life go round but that innovation and those things that we have I find that there is no end to that if we apply the right principles and move forward and we have a we have another company that we formed recently. And there's a young man that is running that that I've come to love and appreciate that. He's always worried about keeping ahead and and innovating and and building these new systems and protecting what he's got and I told him if you understand this concept and if you understand how heaven itself works and you plug yourself into that you don't have to worry about these things they will come. So naturally. They'll flow and I hope he's applying those and I'm pushing him every day too to be applying the laws within what we do but it. Our mission can be true. Ruly be our focus rather than an appendage. And it needs to become our focus our sole focus whatever we're doing. Wherever we are OK and it can fit it can fit into a wide variety of different forms. One of the questions we asked we saw what does that look like and how can we begin this process today. I think there's a million different ways and a thousand different arenas that we can engage in to do this but what I want to encourage encourage us to do today is to get started. Decide what there is where is the talent that God has given me and how can I employ that talent for these reasons to engage in this business model that I have read about I'm studying about that. I see that we're talking about here. How can I employ that what I want to stress is that is that the the the business model that existed from eternity and that will go throughout eternity is the business model that we can engage in today and that's why he gives us commerce. He gives us into this world we get the opportunity to actually engage and be a part of that a part of that here. The first is so. So what does it look like and how do we begin don't take questions on this after but I just want to touch here that the first step is to a den of five. What our businesses. What are the talents here that we've been given and how can I employ these talents to do what I'm required to do. It's my really it's a very reasonable service how can I. How can I do this. So for us particularly in this room. The rest. We can only expect to enter into rest if we're actively working. Why would you need the rest if you're not working we teach so much about rest. But why would we need rest if we're not working and I can tell you. Eternity as I'm reading it. If I'm understanding it correctly. Eternity is a rest. It's a spiritual rest. It's an amazing. It's an amazing thing in an amazing place but without having work here without working here why would you need to rest there and even in eternity. You notice there's a cycle. Let's take the Sabbath. Does the Bible say the Sabbath will end with this world. No says the Sabbath here is just the beginning of eternity. So you're going to have a six day week in eternity and the Sabbath is the culmination of that it will be the bringing together of all of that there is a there's some statements here that and I want to be sensitive to our time because I want to make sure I give you plenty of time to ask questions here. But there's a statement here that I wanted to read it was written in the eighteen hundreds this is the purpose. It is the purpose of God to glorify himself in his people before the world he expects those who bear is named to represent him in thought word and deed the thoughts are to be pure the words noble uplifting drawing those around them nearer to the Savior. OK so. Think back back in time. Was it necessary for people for Souls to be drawn closer and closer to God back then. Million years ago. Will it be necessary a million years from today. I believe it will and our purpose is to engage in that process now so that we can enjoy it then I want to I want to share a so many examples of this that I'd like to share but one of them in particular comes to my mind there was a you may have read about this in the news in the last few months but there was a there was a man in the town that I live in that took the life of another person took the life of his his girlfriend she had been a strange from her husband and met a number of other people and eventually ended up getting involved with this man and as he put it to me as he spoke to me about it he said it was a toxic relationship and he came to a place now he had been raised in religious circles and he had come to a place where he felt that he was secure in his place to do this but he thought I'm just going to end her life and mine and get this thing over with and go on to whatever is next and is very very sad. So he did that very thing he ended her life and he was as he went to end his own his sister contacted him and he saw it come up on his phone he did determine that it was going to answer the phone and say good bye to her. So he answered the call and she ended up talking him out. The second half of the equation. And he went turned himself in and went through the channels and and was pleading not guilty to these charges and was going to chart a course that would have a better outcome for him but in the process of this we sat down. We had a conversation. One night there we we have a program we work and we work a lot with the number of detention centers and prerelease programs and even prisons and whatnot that we set up and it's been a better very interesting road for us in fact if you're if anybody is going to be here. I think it's at twelve thirty. There is an event that's that we're doing at twelve thirty. We're just launching a new foundation that is going to address these these needs that I'm talking about now and that is where is at twelve at the Curtis room in the second floor of the Hyatt It's called Celebrating prison ministries. Yeah so so with this we were in there was in there one night with him and he came in to meet with myself and several others that were in there with him and through the course of the conversation he saw something here and I'll tell you what he saw was this this understanding that we have of how heaven works and how the governance structure in heaven works how that business model works how it has always worked how it will always work and he came to understand that there had been a disruption within hat within that model and for the first time he saw himself. As being part of that disruption. But what Pete does interest was the concept of of going on and making things right and actually becoming part of that business model. If you will for eternity as we started talking about this. You can look it up. He went in the very next day he went in let go of his attorney and pleaded guilty to all the charges and laid himself down and said what ever I don't know how I can fix this thing but whatever I can do to fix it. I've got to get started and he says there's only one glimmer of light that I can see in this and he says even if it's in prison he says I know I can engage in this business forever. It starts right now and I'll tell you that was such a powerful powerful concept to him that he moved forward he came out of that pit of despair if you will and now he is engaged trying to fix this thing that he did and work with others. He's been given several life sentences without parole. He waived all his right Stephen contested and and even to the extent that said if they wanted to give the death penalty will Hill ask for you know. So so with this my the point being here. The very current of his thoughts was changed when he understood this business structure and this is what every person in this room has the opportunity engage in today. I made a decision in my life I was very happy with what I was doing I was in the land business as in the construction business. In several businesses and when I saw the opportunities that existed within this work. I looked at those and I said these are something that I really love but I don't feel that I can fully exploit and multiply the talents that God has given me in these fields. So I disengaged largely of that and I specifically targeted avenues that I felt could be the greatest blessing to others and to draw others into a closer relationship with God than I even might have and that's the opportunity. That's the opportunity that exists today and that's the opportunity that will exist in eternity but like like the guy that I was working with we have to deal with additional issues that we've created because of this world that we live in we live in a world that has got a few problems and a lot of problems out there but it's given into our hands to deal with those issues so that we can get on to this business that we're talking about. So I hope this is clear and I wanted. I want to make sure that I take plenty of time here to answer any questions speak less ask more I have a few other things that I can share before we're done but I want to make sure we take some time here so I'd like to I'd like to open it up and ask if there's questions people an opportunity. Yes you have and it was so we want to really look at it practically The question is really how do I start how do I. How do I get started in this in particular when I don't have a lot of experience and knowledge. You know in building a business and you have to you know one of the first things I would say is that. Actually building a business might not be your strength. You know you can actually I mean I know people that own businesses and their strength is not in building them is nuts. OK So there's a number of ways we can look at that but the and I have to also say that I did not have experience in a lot of the business that I engage in today. I didn't have the education in it very little in fact the greatest education you're going to receive is when you get your hands dirty. And you really get down and engage in it but my recommendation on that would be this I would I would really I would number one I would pray and ask ask for inspiration and then I would do some searching within my own heart and I would review my life I would say What is it that I really enjoy what am I. What do I feel I'm good at what is my history and what does my experience look at a look like and I found that when you do that and you look at it objectively then you'll see patterns that immersion eulogy of people will usually know where their talents lie. OK And I say objectively because if you let emotion drive though be the determining factors in in your decision then you might find yourself on a course that isn't you know where your talents truly Leisel look at it objectively get some feedback from others get some input from others and then the second thing I'd say and A.S.I. is such a blessing in this regard. There's many many people here that have a wealth of experience in business. So a lot of people here that really know business that have been very very successful in business and don't be afraid to approach. Ask them you know I have people approach me all the time and I can tell you I have people that I approach. Some of my very closest friends in the world or some who I would consider some of the most successful people in business in this nation and in this world and and I have found across the boards that when I sit down and they say I need some advice and need some thoughts. What are your thoughts here. They love to engage because I'll tell you there's something within us and we know we're created with a desire to help and lift up and bless others that's what we're talking about. And but if we keep that thought at the very core of your process that I am everything that I do is going to be to bless others in every decision I make then I found you can't fail I'll give you an example of that right now we have we have been working within the the food world. If you will within the manufacturing world and there are structures that exist out there and man in in the food world that make it very very difficult. I can't describe to you. The tears and I mean all that we've been through trying to build markets and things like that and we have for a number of several months actually we've felt like we're we've been hitting our head against the wall and I surround myself with a lot of people that have a lot of experience that are good in this and we we have a very truly collective decision making process that we employ by the way that's another someday we need to talk about all the attributes of what heaven. Business looks like and but we have a collective thought process that we engage in and we've all been stumped here for for a few weeks wondering what in the world do we do. It's like this wall just keeps coming up everywhere we turn and you know I was yesterday. It hit me and I called I got our whole team together. I called him and I said you know it strikes me that we are allowing factors that exist in this world and in these market to drive even our decision process and that's where the problem starts because we just took our eye off from that heavenly business model. Our focus went to the product and distribution and all of these channels and we took our eye off from reaching the person and drawing them blessing them drawing them to a better related to a closer relationship to help the I mean everything and we we. It caused us to step back and and look at it again. So those were my though that's the you know to. To answer that question. I hope of answer that question the take take the right steps personally and then engage others inside and outside of these circles but never keep never let go of this perspective and it will guide you in the right direction. I'd be happy to help myself and in a way that I can I have one over here and now and the other questions. I'm happy to spend time I'll be here through tomorrow and I'm more than happy to spend time with with anyone. If they would like me to and unfortunately I have to go because this other vent as well. I really appreciate. Never. I hope this was produced by audio various avenues Lehmann's services and industries. If you would like to learn more about please visit or if you would like to free line sermons visit.


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