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How to Use Tracing the Footsteps of Jesus Evangelistically

Tony Moore
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“Tracing the Footsteps of Jesus” is enjoyed around the world on television. Did you know it was designed as an evangelistic tool with beautiful printed study guides? Imagine inviting your community to your church to explore the life of Jesus and have biblical teachings like the Sabbath and death come into focus! In this seminar you will discover proven advertising materials that will bring guests to your church and see how to use it evangelistically.


Tony Moore has served as a Bible Instructor, church planter, pastor, and evangelism director for It Is Written. He was converted at a Rolling Stones concert in 1972 and has a passion for sharing Jesus. From this rich background he launched the Biblical World in 2004, dedicated to creating seminars designed to reach people living in the western world. His wife, Helen, is integrally involved in their ministry.




  • August 4, 2016
    3:30 PM
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Tracing the footsteps of Jesus is something you can really invite your neighbors to and your community. It's also wonderful for small groups I'm going to talk about how you can use in a small group as well as a public meeting. So here is a lady Patti. Volunteering in our booth right now this is her home in Daytona Beach she lives part of the year here in Arizona and she has small groups regularly with her neighbors. And so as a matter of fact last night before they ran out last night Tuesday night before driving over here. She had a small group with two Roman Catholics. Husband wife she met them walking and the incoming and they do it twice a week because she's only here for a short time in Arizona and this it happens to be there in Daytona Beach whenever I'm in Daytona Beach for conferences. I'll often go in kind of through or class in the afternoon or evening and so it's wonderful for small groups. Here's something I like to work on and it comes from a scholar in Jerusalem. He said there are five gospels that tell the story of Jesus. So when you think about that five gospel so what's the Fifth Gospel X. maybe revelation of the tablets of this revelation. I like what he says here for you will find in books and one you'll find in the land they call holy understand the Fifth Gospel in the world of the four gospels open before you. So I love the idea that this Gospel is really the Holy Land. It's understanding about the life of Jesus. We're going to explore some of that and it's just there's a richness that we can use this evangelist tickly and share with our neighbors or friends and and it opens up the Bible a very special way. Well. When I first became a Christian as you mentioned at a Rolling Stones concert in one thousand nine hundred eighty two in Charlotte North Carolina. But that's a different story. I had zero interest in going to the Holy Land is when if I don't think there's very much. Holy about it right but it is the Bible lands. It's where the story of the Bible took place. I am pretty excited about that. And so I had very low interest in going there and and then I had a simple. I had a archaeology class from Larry Geraghty we had a little simple slideshow one projector and he was showing pictures from Vanderveer Shiva. I don't know if something captured my imagination about that. And so it's kind of you can kind of see a little modern map that we were working on using and I'll never forget going and I had the privilege of going with Bill Shea some of you know who Dr William she is a great scholar of the having us. Church. And I spent five weeks with Bill and we were when up to this place and there were three of the first time going there you see the cave. This cave was the primary source of the Jordan River in ancient times. So you can imagine the Canaanites going up there you know what they did they were sure they'll. Alexander the Great came through and the gods change from bale to hand and. And here we can see the niches in the walls and then Herod the Great receded as a gift from Augusta Caesar and his son built a temple to Caesar there is son Philip and we know what has Caesar Philip by now it's fascinating that Jesus took his disciples to this high place where Beilin worship where Pan was being worship and where Caesar was being worshiped and he asked them the question members who do men say that I am right. You want peace that you are the Messiah the son of the Living God. First time Jesus reveals his messiahship to his disciples as at this Canaanite high place for bail in worship and were Caesar and Pam was being worshipped. I saw and I thought. Of the hundreds of villages. He came here to do this kind of credible. He's saying I'm above bail and above and above Caesar and by the way. The first time he accepts the worship of his disciples Messiah. And so what how great that would be well. I got interested I was in the one nine hundred eighty eight probably eighty seven I was going from Athens to Damascus on a solo trip and I came by this way never seen a picture of this that I recall whole side of the mountain with these these calcium carbonate. White. Minerals here. All these hot pools coming down in the hot water was channeled down into the valley and guess what. You got down in the valley and it wasn't hot or cold anymore it was what I had and so there you see the whole side of the mountain. I'm walking in there to see and I thought wow there's a relationship between these stories in the physical places that we're at Coney so excited about the biblical world because there's something to share so I developed a series on archaeology and we started using this in those days we were drawing about fifteen people per thousand mailed Now those of you who have done some outreach in your church as you know that's about fifteen times more than you get the things we do today. But fifteen thousand million album The push was always well they come to hear about Egypt and they come to hear about that and not about Revelation which is true. So we were on a tour of doing a tour for pastors in Southern California. And one of the people on the tour was my youth pastor who was getting in the video and he said you know Tony you don't have to use lies on those days we had eight hundred slides on the Egypt. You know that was pretty good program you know we had a lot of the Egyptian people that would come in to be proud. We can make movies of this and I thought that's why you're the youth pastor and I'm the senior pastor because you're very naive we can't make movies of this. We came back and he made a two minute demo with Indian and you Jones music in the background and planes in math and boom I was teaching in Tarsus I thought we could make movies of that that's the way the footsteps of all developed. And just a little this is our little crew sign in the verse and take those and Danny Chan is a senior. After Eagle Rock today. Simon's a senior pastor at the place in Thousand Oaks and a young Tony. And we woke up here and. And you might notice that that's a Norwalk production and you see it on three B. and hope channel because it was filmed in the back room of the Norwalk church. When I was a senior pastor. So it was just a little bit of how this developed. Well after doing that we can have a desire to do something on the life of Jesus. Something that would be more in-depth on the life of Jesus. So I fact. This movie star. Mel Gibson was just coming out about that time with The Passion of the Christ. And I thought. Could we do something that would be historically accurate archaeologically accurate and scripturally accurate. That would touch people's hearts so began working on the series. Today we have twenty eight episodes on that we have four volumes and the first volume is the early years and ministry of Jesus in Galilee. Teachings and controversies and in Jerusalem and beyond. Now each of these has seven episodes in it and so when we look at this we these are actually the study guys that go with it. I want to show you how it works. So here's Volume one you can see the seven episodes. In Volume One same thing a volume two Volume three volume four. So you go where the story happened so again the whole purpose is just imagine it right now with your neighbors. And you sharing it with your neighbors they get plugged in to the stories happen. For instance in that beautiful Colorado. Oregon. That's Mount her moan. We say Herman. They say her moan. This is the primary source of the Jordan River. From the melting snow of Mt her moan. That's what makes life livable and tolerable. In those places. And so here we're down to actually fill apply and we look up and we see a ski resort up on Mount her moan. That's captured from Israel. Now this is. Springtime so we had to go there in the winter to get that picture. This is spring time like what Southern California. This is March and not even. Solomon in all of its glory like the flowers that are here today gone tomorrow. Now most people go to Israel and drew in May and you'll never see that. You'll see that in January February March and it's done. So we tried to get that this is a very interesting picture. He's trying to give a little bit of background before you actually launch and how to do it. This is the what he kilt. Now what's interesting about this is this is where the Roman road went from Jerusalem to Jericho. Now Jerusalem is two thousand five hundred feet above sea level. Jericho's a thousand feet below sea level. It's fifteen miles. So what did Jesus say a man went down from Jerusalem to Jericho right. And as you go down through this water. This is where the road when you can imagine robbers. It was actually called The Way of blood. And so he tells the story of the Good Samaritan that happened in this location right makes all the sense in the world. So again we're trying to to set the table and bring these stories to life. And so we do a lot of filming there. And actually see the trail running down through here. The road ran up here and and then we did some filming here in the Sea of Galilee now. I love this. And I want to pause and and let you think about this for a moment. I was actually in my brother's a Presbyterian and they were doing this in his Presbyterian Church in North Carolina. So I spoke there one week and the pastor's son got so excited about this story because you see this hillside. It's a natural ampitheater. For instance you see my wife in our sound way up there and saying if you can hear me. Raise your hands. I'm not shouting I'm just talking. It's a natural ampitheater we're ten thousand people can gather and hear someone speaking without amplification. Now it might have been there if I get. Heaven and finance a miracle of voice projection that Jesus did when he spoke of the to the crown the you know the five thousand. I want to ask for my money back. Right. It's Hallelujah. Right but probably he went to this place because ten thousand people could hear somebody speaking and teaching. So it makes it a reasonable story and this is kind of the baptismal sight. This is what most people see when they go to Israel. The problem with this is that very commercial and really a sea of Galilee and this is kind of pristine for the Jordan river so we went to film there the problem was getting there because you have this. Mind you have a electric fence a minefield another fence and this little road here the Israeli soldiers drag every day. So we kind of climbed up on a little spot and said in Arabic English and Hebrew Be ware of mines and I'm thinking all those are old signs but later on. It's cover their work and so we went up and we filmed there to have this beautiful background behind us to tell the story of the baptism of Jesus because again we will draw your neighbors and the people in your community into the story. So they're they're learning new things and they were able to share some things that they might not have thought about learning right. And so while we're up there filming here they come the soldiers and so I've got to climb down will Fortunately my camera man. Put the camera over there. My microphones under my shirt but hear what they were saying kind of interesting. So here we are you can see right here is the chain they're dragging my wife's in the car down here praying on the hard road and let's see if our sound that she says that this is the Jordan River is that what you're doing or we're talking about the back to the Jews though what. She carries on for quite a bit. I said we're almost done. We're almost done and they said you can't be here. It's a military zone us of what we're almost done. And so then they talked. Headquarters OK well we'll wait for you to finish what course are radios going in the diesel engine. I said well what was have to leave because we can't stay here with all this and so ultimately they got permission for us to remain there since we were almost done. I won't tell you how long we were there. But anyway that's kind of what the background of the series is we're trying to draw people into the story by using things they may not have thought about they may not have heard about. And showing them beautiful footage and then we tell the story of Jesus. Now what everyone wonders is what's the purpose of it right. You know the purpose really is to tell the story of Jesus. The tell the story of Jesus but you know when you tell the story of Jesus certain things develop. For instance Jesus celebrated right. And so we celebrate sure that we share that story but it's in a whole different context and we're used to. So I want to get into some of those things this afternoon and tell you. So you can see how we use those things. Also how we would use it. Evangelists tickly. But you know something we haven't seen and here's a little clip just of the introduction in this wonderful series tracing the footsteps of Jesus. We shall explore the historical context in the cultural setting of the world in which we will track. I mean the Jordan River is the I'm so sorry that. Round stone is an olive press. You don't get seventy means. It's right place in these press press. So we say Have you had a get similarly experience in office while it is to have my oil pressed What do you mean. Jesus goes in. So we look at how oil presses work in episode twenty two. If you've seen the Jesus series you know this is a powerful episode because we take people in understanding that and then all of a sudden Jesus is being crushed so when you see. Stone turning that's what it's about in this wonderful series tracing the footsteps of Jesus. We shall explore the historical context in the cultural setting of the world in which he lived there were. We will travel to Bethlehem where he was born and a natural thing where he grew up we will visit the Jordan River where he was baptized by John in the Holy Spirit came down upon him in the form of a day and a voice was heard from heaven saying this is my Son in whom I am well pleased we will then return to Galilee where he performed his first recorded miracle and came out when he turned the water into wine from Canaan. We will go down to the shore of Galilee and the town left Capernaum for over one third of Jesus' recorded miracles took place then we will travel to Jerusalem where Jesus taught in the temple prayed in the garden was crucified and ultimately rose from the dead in this fascinating series The Life and Times of Jesus will come to life in a vivid way on the screen in your syllabus as we walk many of the roads that he walked in climbing the of the mountains that he climbed you will become familiar with the world that Jesus knew as you take this journey tracing the footsteps of Jesus. You will be able to A dinna find the places where he talked and performed miracles and your reading of the Gospel story will never be the same as the introduction to episode one. Yes it will be Jordan these things are going to keep rolling on me. In episode one we're giving the background of the world of Jesus and then we talk about the birth of Jesus. We deal with the baptism of Jesus and that's what you show you one more little clip here before you go into the house and use it and so on. When we do the baptism of Jesus. We try and do what we call I can't be right because again you want and your neighbors to get interested in you right. Coming to your studies and here's a little scene on the traces the Jordan River. The Jordan River is the source of life for much of the region and is formed from the melting snow of MT or Mon Jordan means the sending from Dan the northern capital of the Kingdom of Israel. This is where the water literally springs from the ground enjoys the water flowing from the cave it ban us to form the headwaters of the Jordan after tumbling over a fabulous waterfall The river flows through a swampy area known as the hollow lake region before emptying into the Sea of Galilee the Sea of Galilee is not really a sea but a freshwater lake also known as the lake. JANESSA Ridge or the Kinneret it's seven hundred feet below sea level this lake is the lowest freshwater lake on earth when the river leaves the lake it twists and turns through the valley until it drains into the deepest fish or in the earth's surface the Dead Sea while it is only sixty five miles by air the river actually snakes nearly two hundred miles on the ground making it one of the most crooked rivers on earth today there is a very popular spot near the olive of the Sea of Galilee where pilgrims come to be baptized. But this was not the spot where John was baptising that spot is identified as Bethany on the other side of the Jordan probably near the area where the Jordan River employees into the Dead Sea the King's highway would have passed just to the east of this site and people traveling to Jerusalem would have passed by and heard John teaching and preaching they would have taken the news of John's ministry to the holy city where it stirred the people at that time Jesus. Came from Nazareth Galilee and was baptized by John in the Jordan and Luke chapter three reveals that this took place when he was about thirty years of age. Yes the whole country. So again when we talk about the baptism of Jesus. We're talking about baptism then we're not twisting arms for people to get out ties. We're actually taking there so it's very disarming because we're actually going and seeing these places and then teaching about it now by the way when Jesus was baptized What does the voice from heaven say this is my Son in whom I'm well please. Well there's one other phrase is my son whom I love and whom I am well pleased. Now I was a pastor for twenty five years. I've been a pastor for longer than that now that I'm old and gray. Older and gray there's something called stringing pearls you hear that rabbis have something called stringing pearls. So this I sound like you're my son whom I love with you. I'm well pleased and he would expect his pupils his disciples to know where those references were from actually and that phrase there are three references one to the two the Torah the law the writings of Moses one of the prophets and one to the saw to the writings and you say well what does that mean. Well it's very interesting that that in our study guide in the Bible study section. We put them into that you are my son today I've gotten used to verse seven a messianic prophecy take your son whom you love and offer him on the Torah. You see and Isaiah forty two. So in the study guide actually takes you into That's what I'm trying to say is there's his wonderful rich. Even in these things after We're going to skip over a couple of these things. We try and we've been doctored so after deuces baptized. And what I'll do is I'll just let this play without any sound and. See they may play this way. So this is actually them out of the monastery the forty days where Jesus traditionally was tempted by the devil was baptized he was tempted by the devil. What does that lead us to what would be the natural question Where the devil come from and said I saw Satan like lightning fall from heaven you see. So people say what's the goal and purpose with the goal of the purpose isn't to do twenty eight fundamentals or twenty nine. If that's what happens in a few years. It's to do the life of Jesus but when Bible teachings can naturally be tied into that they come powerfully So after doing this. It allows us to talk about the origin of evil. How did Satan develop. Now is Seventh Day Adventist we've got that down pretty Pat I want to tell you others don't understand that at all. They don't understand this teaching at all and I want to tell you a story in a few minutes about doing the series in England and something that happens is remind me to tell you the story about that in England and the origin of evil. So we go to authentic locations by the way. I don't know about you but I grew up reading the King James Bible the King James says he went up into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil and I got there and there's that as the wilderness I. I'm looking for big trees up in Oregon. Right. I'm looking for you know all that and you get there and it's a desert. Instead So it's kind of the wildness is a wild area. But but again the whole purpose is to draw the people in to the locations as we're talking about these things to get them interested and then to take you to talk to him about Bible teachings and this we're going to skip over this because we're going to talk about how that the origin. Develops. So you get the idea when we can talk about Bible doctrines and naturally they come powerfully and that makes them all the more powerful than just trying to line up different teachings and something that makes sense for us. OK so the doctrines are lead to stories as we go through the series and so here we are teaching the origin of evil and I thought what an incredible place in this desolate water kill to be able to teach the story because it is so desolate and so so interesting. So our purpose is to do the life of Jesus and is that what our message is about really Jesus is our message is am I right now some of you got volume two. And those of you who have come in since then we have some some kind of dog eared samples up here and there's a dog eared sample volume two. If you have a sample volume two to some of you have that. We have a very interesting episode called The Great episode fourteen. And I think this got returned to us the by the post I was having a broken box or something. So there's quite a few of these now that the great you know what's your Mommy's here hero Israel the Lord our God The Lord is one and love the Lord your God all your heart with all your soul and all your mind. That's the most important prayer in Judaism right. And so they came they said teacher was the greatest commandment right. He actually quotes the prayer the Jewish people at that time prayed three times a day. OK. Well can you hear me better than that right now and that is called means here hero Israel or I got the Lord as one he quotes that prayer. So we use this to understand the law. Now it's OK You know I have one here you can you hang on to it. So let me just develop this little bit for you. The fairest believe that God gave all to his people on the. He wrote some of it down. Right. And the other he told to the elders. Who told it to the elders who told the others to get the picture. They believe both are equally inspired. Now. Is probably come up later. But I was going tell you what's interesting about that is that that's the Oral Law you read about the traditions of the elders editions of the Potter's they think that's just as inspired as the written law in this they write it down in the third century into something called the missionary money per the mission they write the mission up for the write down this oral law. Now we can read what it is and they write commentaries called the Talmud so OK. So the commentaries was very interesting the mission of says if you eat food without doing the purification washing of your hands. It's like sleeping with a prostitute and you should be excommunicated from the synagogue and this is not hygiene right. It's not hygiene the whole idea is that if a gentile touched this apple let's say what happens to that apple. It's unclean and now if I come and I touch this unclean Apple what happens to me I'm unclean having to do with pork not new camels kangaroos. It has to do with the Gentile touching it. So they had to do a ritual purification washing to atone for that. Jewish people even today if you're religious you're baptized daily. In a mikvah you know we found almost two hundred these nipples around the temple whole different thing that what I've thought about before. Anyway. And so in in this. Jesus knows that you have to do this ritual washing it have it's got to go off your elbow to finger tips and all these different rituals Jesus goes into a house of a pharaoh see looks around. Starts what. Eating without washing his hands even though they believe that you should be excommunicated from the synagogue is like being with a prostitute and Jesus does honors the Oral Law but he doesn't dishonor the written law of the difference and so in Episode fourteen there's a power we explore that and. And then we explore the covenants from that as well and the Bible study and that one by the way Picture this up in a moment. The Bible study on that one is about clean and clean a mark seven. Now Mark seven is pretty challenging to talk to you about his friends about if you only have three or four minutes right because they're thinking you know is about he said All things are clean on porks OK to even camels OK to even being a ruse. It's a whole different thing when you understand the background. So we're trying to go through this series and it just lays the foundation for understanding of something much more. Involved in this Jesus story. So. The Oral Law versus the written law and number fourteen. And once we deal with that it leads us to number fifteen an hour and volume three now Volume three is called teachings and controversies. And so we open up a number three with Jesus Lord of the Sabbath. Now I'm praying about it. How how do we teach this Sabbath. On the life of Jesus. When you're in the land. Right. And so I'm praying about it and I'm thinking we should open up at the western wall on Friday afternoon. Right. Now the problem is from forty minutes before sunset. You can't use your cell phone. You can't use your camera and so my guys are actually three stories up shooting down of the crowd I've got my mike under my shirt. I'm trying to act nonchalant. It's actually the hardest teeth to take I've ever done because if this is a western wall everybody's going that way. I'm standing out here talking to God. They think I've lost my mind. You know I'm trying to be under the radar because I want to come and say hey what is that you know. So I got a microphone a lot of kick me out. So anyway I'll show you a little clip. This is how we open up on this episode fifteen. It's called Jesus Lord. It's a special joy to come to the Western Wall in Jerusalem on Friday afternoon. You see families dressed in their finest garments streaming down to this location. It's a scene that will not quickly leave your mind seeing and hearing the joyful expression of singing and dancing in celebration of the coming Sabbath throughout the week. There is often a somber MOTOS prayers are resigned to it and even written and placed into the cracks of the structural wall that held up the platform of Herod's Temple but now that was replaced with joy as can be seen upon the faces of the worshippers whether it's in the men's court or in the women's court or Shiva students often begin the celebration of dancing as they come down to the soon it breaks out spontaneously in different locations. Even people like me with two left feet can be swept up with the joy of acknowledging God by welcoming his south now after eight hundred years the joyous celebration is vibrant once again in the city of Jerusalem with the exception of a few years during the reign of Julian the apostate opens a celebration was forbidden here in the city of Jerusalem this changed in nineteen sixty seven when this area of Jerusalem was conquered by the Israelis today Sabah celebration. Riggins once again here in the city of to risk. The rhythm of the jeep and then exciting so again you know we're not you don't have to give twenty five proof text about Saturday being the Sabbath it's in the D.N.A. what's going on there. And then we talk a little bit about the theology the Sabbath and then we kind of approach in a different way because my my Baptist family and my father's side. They said Jesus was a Sabbath breaker right. A Sabbath breaker was he breaking the Sabbath Jewish said yes he was breaking what the Oral Law said about the Sabbath the oral law said if you have an earache it's OK for me to give you cotton to put in your ear but I can't put medicine on the cotton or that would be work right. Jesus is breaking what the Oral Law said about he's dissing the oral law but holding up the written law. OK And so we go into the south by the way there's a bible study that goes with each of them and this Bible study on this happens to be a more traditional Bible study about the Sabbath. So you see how I'm talking as we're doing the life of Jesus natural Bible teachings they can come powerfully in that context and we explore them and they have all the more powerful now. We're going to the study guide piece in just a moment. This is our episode on the destruction of Jerusalem and this is so powerful in my opinion and I wanted just to play a little a little short clip on this time of the destruction of Jerusalem and how prophecy was fulfilled. Vivid evidences of the destruction of the city can be seen at the burned house and the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem the actual layer here is clearly visible as are the broken pieces of furniture and dinnerware this is a mute testimony to the tremendous fire that raged in the upper part of the city skeletons were found in the drainage areas just as Josephus had written. In the F.X. of the destruction can also be witnessed in this priestly home in Jerusalem here were found numerous a mixed bag where the inhabitants could remain ritually pure the stoneware suggests that this was a priestly dwelling the mosaics in the floor testify to the luxury serious nature of this home as does this beautiful foot washing basin the fabulous capitals for the columns discovered in the ruins suggest that this might have been the palace of the has Monday increase kings who ruled Jerusalem. But the most vivid fulfillment of Jesus' prediction of the destruction of Jerusalem can be seen here on this Herodian street that ran through the Tyro paean Valley. On the western side of the Temple Mount. Over sixty feet of debris have been removed revealing what the Street was like in Jesus' day. According to Josephus Titus had ordered his soldiers not to destroy the temple in Jerusalem. The zealots and resistance fighters retreated into the temple since it was the strongest fortification in the city. They stubbornly fall out from this location. In frustration the Roman soldiers threw firebrands into smoke them out the cedar caught fire and soon there was a total conflagration. The gold melted and went down between the stones. So the stones were taken apart to retrieve the precious metal. When it was all over the great stones of the temple and its surrounding buildings were pushed off the platform down into the tire opium dalí where they remained under the debris for over night teen hundred years. When this area was excavated these stones were found. You can see the impact these stones made upon the street as they fell over eighty feet from the platform you can also see the fire marks on the stone a poignant reminder of Jesus' prophecy that not one stone will be left upon another and that's really. So again and the whole purpose is to draw them in their learning new things and here you can actually reach out and touch prophecy like that. Let me show you how easy it is to use a series. How is our message to the end. Jesus is our message and we try and and have our unique doctrines woven into the spiritual twist and for instance that was so nineteen dead man walking and so we go. And then we climb around the tomb of Lazarus and Bethany Now people say is that the tomb of Lazarus and I just say you know if it wasn't this see it was that one over there was one of these tombs right in here right because this was a cemetery of the earth and they from the first century and so it was one of those tunes so to me it doesn't matter if it's this one but this one's been honored and so we have the privilege of going down and seeing what tunes were like and it's there and so we go down and we're able of them talk about death and sleep and resurrection. He calls them out and so as we actually film there. And while we were filming something happened and this is what I want to encourage you about with the series is not just seeing pictures learning new things or even teaching Bible teachings doctrines which try to make spiritual applications and something happened to me as I was filming this and researching it after the resurrection of Lazarus It says so from that day on they plotted to take his life while I knew that you know they want to kill him right there for Jesus. No longer walk among publicly among the Jews. OK. Instead he was through to a region near the desert to a village called Where stay with this I will be and where is that right. And so today is called Tavy which means good and kind in Arabic. Would you believe. When you go through this village. It's the only one hundred percent Christian village and all the bible land surrounded by thirteen Muslim villages. Three Jewish settlements and it's a one hundred percent Christian village Jesus when any hung out there with his disciples until he goes back for the final battle in Jerusalem. And something happened the community was was infected you might say with Jesus' teachings. And they resisted the Muslim onslaught during that time is that incredible. I thought how cool. Well we talk about that and actually I got a wonderful teacher has spent some time with the Christian leaders there and. And so we make an appeal in that. Do you have an A for him that you go to do you have a spiritual retreat that you can get away from right. Maybe it's out in the woods. Maybe it's in your prayer closet maybe you know it's just in your mind but we all need to have an easy for him right. So we try and come back because we want our hearts to be changed and drawn closer to Jesus. So we have that as a spiritual spiritual people in that episode. Well here's our advertising now in the little packet we passed out. You have this this is actually a brochure we developed this brochure the first time it was used in Johnson City Tennessee and. And it's been drawing very very well inside you can kind of series a map and different things we advertise seven episodes and I think all of these you have these in your packet. There are seven episodes that we actually advertise and then we advertise the eight episode which is a first teaching of volume two. And so if you do this is a public outreach for your church. You and your materials it will tell you to contact color press. And you give them the dates and the print this out for you and they were very good. Here's one that was used and they supply and so it's just just down the street from here and they actually use this and they drew about six or seven per thousand mailed and what amazed me is the next year they did it again and they drew about six or seven avenues per thousand mail in the same community. Now it's a fairly big community here in Phoenix area but Terry Darnell in their church I came over and spoke to the group one night and it was great. So the two years in succession and so it was great. Now years ago I did the archaeology that we used to get fifteen thousand mailed in Johnson City and we got about six thousand mail from the community out to the church. We came back several years later to the same community and we got about six thousand mailed. And now we're we're not just talking about Egypt which is nice. We were now talking right in the beginning about Jesus and so on trying to say this is a very effective way of advertising. We also can provide you the P.D.F. so you can print them or you can have we can have them printed for you. Beautiful eighteen by twelve posters I forgot to bring them I have them here you can put up in different places for people to see. And of course. We have these beautiful banners and again I love the idea of the banner you know if you're doing it for a prayer meeting. Put that banner in front of your church so I can be up there for several months right. Just a dignified thing in the communities mind footsteps of Jesus that you're doing. And so I love that idea this is actually the Johnson City Church and. I love that idea. Now also some postcards some of you may not have a budget to do the brochures and there's pricing and all that in from color press and your and your materials there's a beautiful postcard that we have on the screen and it says coming to a generic coming to a church in your neighborhood but you can have it so it's saying coming to try and this happens to be in North Carolina and on the back it will give you the dates so I encourage people even if you're going to do it as a prayer meeting get some of the cards and send them out to your interest list maybe you'll get one or two people that you didn't have before. And so it's very very great to use for that people use this to follow up traditional evangelist meetings. They recently had a field school up in Yakima Washington and the pastor is now. Five times to order more materials because people keep coming and coming and coming and so I had a sense of just yesterday before I left for because they have more and more coming. So it's great to use because you're doing something spiritual is a follow up but it's also hitting on doctrinal teachings and so I said that's on the postcards and they use and so these are very inexpensive there's information about how you can order those and your and you material and here you can see on the back this is actually filled out what time it will be and so on. This one I like is coming to a home in your neighborhood patties are in the back row and she loves the back wall and she loves to do this now I first met Patti when I did the Florida can't meaning a long time ago we were both much younger. Ten years ago and she got the Paul series and she got it to show in her church. When she got home and they said we won't we don't want women to teach in the church you know that might be not so good. And so she said Tony simply some of those postcards coming to a home in your neighborhood. Well I didn't even have them printed so I had a pretty quick and see them off to her and she lives on the twentieth floor overlooking the ocean there in Daytona Beach and you invited your neighbors right. A few of them came. So come up that I went in just to see so. She does this and she invites people and she gets a whole house full of people non-statement they have ines living in her building there. Daytona Beach and and then of course since then she's done the Jesus series of this group and whenever I'm in Daytona I try and drop by and do a class four on Tuesday afternoon and and so it's been wonderful. Now She then married but. Over here in your green valley so she's back and forth between here in Florida. So what were you doing on Tuesday night. Not to speak this way to me. Well I was doing what I years ago and Wednesday night I was doing with the church members know their neighbors. They're Catholic both of them. So how do you how do you get people to come. Well I met her I was walking a dog last year and I told her the next summer when I came back we were trying to get past that and she got to Florida by the way she'll do another group here in Florida because they keep hearing about it and this is wonderful and so has it been pretty meaningful to do that. That is the lesson this week. I think that you would not have had any prouder I think I have more not had a series that was several years was that all of the way. So I had to do it and I'm twenty one people living with you know three different small groups every week to take so long to get to this rain. That so. Well as we all know is a challenge when you're working with people who. I don't have an avenue connection having this background and to get state people from your community that your neighbors and I like about this is designed to try and reach your neighbors. OK And and people from that fact this is your house and she had to buy a new T.V. because this came out and blew a high def and so she got a new T.V. so they could all enjoy it and here are some of her neighbors and friends and so on and so I get to go and teach when I'm there yet. So you think you could do that these folks who do that right. They could do that. Yeah. Well good. Thank you. Patti. Let me let me just show you how it works. This is this is a you doing this have to be a public meeting Patty does a small group public meeting you watch the video now this is interesting because this is in Southport England and in Southport England they have a special project to try and reach the indigenous people of England and you get my drift and sort of recording this I got to be careful about my drift. I guess but you know the church is not reflective of the community in England so in the north of England conference they said oh it's not a lot of money to try and figure out how can we reach the wasp waspish Caucasian English people. And so they went to a place far away from all you have in a centers and. Southport England and so they did this. Well they asked me to come I will tell you that story. They asked me to come and to teach there. And I want to tell you that story this moment so you watch the video and then you can see the all how the study guides out right. So here is more of a public meeting in a town hall and they had to say guys out and you can be thrilled with the story just a moment. But we. Yeah. All right. All right very good. So and then you fill in the study guide Now this is inside the study guide you can kind of see this. And you can see there filling it in and and so here we can kind of see a question here evidence of a change of heart. He told people to be baptized with water and what's neat about it when you come to the in the study guide you say yes and then these pop up and so you kind of read that as an evidence of a change of heart used in the South that was in the study printed study guide. He told the people to be baptized with and you're going to say what water because you heard me say it and then you push the button and water pops and you see how it works. And they fill in their study guides so it makes it so simple you don't have to be afraid it's going to pop up on the screen in look if you pay to have it come to your church and do an outreach series we're going to watch the videos I'm going to go through and I'm going to tell a lot of interesting stories and so on. We're going to go right through a something you can do so your church or your or your home and and then as I said earlier there are application questions. Ezri episode ins with application questions because ultimately it's not about getting more knowledge although I love knowledge. I love the details and I love all these things all to me is about having our hearts changed and so here we have our application questions we in this episode with Mary and we contrast them so. RA is paid to be holy right. And when Gabriel comes and says Hey Zach. Good news. Your prayers have been heard every day had prayed for one thing right. What was that right. Gave him this is good news. Your prayers haven't heard and he says you're pulling my leg right. You're joking. What's happened. He's become cynical. Why because after a lifetime of praying his prayers have been answered and now when Gabriel comes from the throne of God He doesn't believe that. Give me a sign. OK. You can't talk for nine months and he's born don't call him Junior call him John right. How is your heart is my heart like Zacharias. You know the Archbishop of Canterbury said that one hundred percent of Christians will be disappointed with God That's not surprising he said ninety percent will never get over it. Is that right. And it's about right. Because we just don't trust quite as much as we used to anymore right. He's in that his heart. We contrast that with Mary when the same angel Gabriel came to Mary and said you're going to be the one to bear the Messiah. Even though it means you'll probably be killed in your community. You know she said may be until in the as you have said. I don't know of any sweeter words in all the Bible than that you may be into me as you have said. So we talk about her heart. How can I have a heart like Mary had. How can you develop a childlike faith like Mary had what lessons can we learn from that you know and again. So sharing with Don earlier I don't like SAT was cool questions like this. I'm teaching this I was going to last because I don't have any connection between them but we have a leader's manual in the series. And the leaders manual is based around the printed study guide and guess what I've actually written out how I would use the application. QUESTION That's part of the series. And so you have suggestions and I use it in little things to bring out and so on and so it just helps you in that area. To try and make it spiritual and apply to the heart. Here is one episode talks about Ruth and very interesting although a scripture banned from entering the camp to the tenth generation. Ruth becomes the great grandmother King David how can that bring comfort insurance to to us today and the Bible says mobilize can't come in for ten generations. Ruth marries Boaz and becomes the great grandmother King David you want to add is Grace. Even the law said you're out for ten generations Grace trumps that right. Brought right into the family. It doesn't matter who your mommy was your daddy is right. So we try and talk about Grace and all of these applications and. Here's the one we're talking about every episode has explore in the world on your own is on baptism here of these verses we talked about that stringing pearls that's right in there written it out. So there's something special. Even the most long term staid Seventh Day Adventists will learn something new when these things are right and so it can touch their hearts as well. This is the one that we talked about from the great By the way you can kind of see got the law written on its head here and it's in our little box is the villain and so they put the law in our mind we know that is you put the law in your mind. So you know what is right in your heart. So you love what is right and we make those applications in it. And so it's very very spiritual. There's this whole thing about what the issue was in Mark seven and so we try and deal with it that way there's a leaders may like I mentioned the leaders manual gives you basically background information on how I would answer the questions and use them and share with it that way now. So what's the whole purpose of it. I told you about going to south or to England and they said come to Southport Tony and. I said OK I'll come in for a week and I'll do the archaeology and I'll introduce the program That's what I often do and they said no no no we want you to come the whole time and do Paul and then the Jesus came out and they learn about the Jesus and they said can you come and do the Jesus series. You know that's twenty eight many meetings you know I don't want to go to England. I live in Southern California. All right. I'll be a rainy. Sorry I want to be a writer for six weeks seven weeks and so they prevailed upon me to go and and this is what I really learned. When I looked it up from the earth. I'll draw all men to myself Now here's Michael Simpson Michael is the church planter in the north when conference and he's the most cross cultural evangelist I've ever met in my life. They chose this place because it's far away. They had three agonist members to task force workers something or what is going to be like well they showed me this and they said we're going to rent the Birkdale room in the town hall. Well I guess it was the resources behind it so they got a little bit encouraged and and so we developed. We didn't have we didn't have this nice brochure or anything like that we develop something we put in the newspaper and and then Michael Simeon owner says now Tony. We rent the Quaker church in the morning. So we're going to do a morning meeting and an evening meeting and I thought and you have lost. We're going to have three people in the morning and two in the evening you know got to task force workers three three members. This could be a disaster in England we put this into the newspaper and it was amazing. Over sixty indigenous people responded there in South warding and came out of the meetings. And it was remarkable. As we did this you know here you can kind of see the morning meetings evening meetings and you know what I did my brochure we had we had seven meetings listed. Oh we've got a list twenty eight meetings and going to be you know we're going to be locked into this. You know it's going to be terrible. And it was just amazing. Now this is the first time I use I've been working on this for four years filming this editing for four years. Now on the back page we put something about archaeology do you know we have more people registered for the Jesus series than for the archaeology in England and so all the sudden I realize we're hitting on a something that people are interested in. We brought our artifacts here and we did the archaeology and then we had the morning meetings here at the Quaker place in the evening meetings. This is the opening meeting one administering that group one in the whole picture. These are all non Adventists they got. The paper and came out it was a four page insert was put into the paper. And it was the first time I presented the entire series and it was just thrilling to see it now again as I told you we watch the video you know if you have become a church or soon to watch the video. And then we fill in the study guide there filling in. And this guy was so interesting. She was Swedish but she lived there for about thirty years and she would speak. You know you think everybody speaks B.B.C. English and some of the bribe in England but I tell you you know get around Liverpool and all that I can't understand half of what they're saying you know. And so they ask a question and it's like I just said that in English. You know I just can't understand it period. This gal was even worse because she had their accent and she was Swedish. And so I never forget and often say these kind of all up and say something like you know. Can you explain in a different way or something like that. So we do the meeting on deaf first time present at this meeting on death row. Probably there is no death. I knew she was a new ager first time she came and she talked about you know how seeing visions and dreams and all these things to my wife when she came in. It was like you know kind of kind of strange but a little bit of there is no definite thing. How do you say can you rephrase that question. Final. I realized that even though she was so bathed in the new way she had heard the teaching about Jesus and death that she said there is no death it's a sleep until the resurrection and and so we begin to have experiences Here's a final meeting one member. In the group. Now this guy is interesting because Steve came my wife's the best greeter I've ever seen anywhere else at meetings we've been evangelism for a long time I was in Avengers of for four or five years with Mark Finley when I was a young young guy. And she's the best. No she couldn't get this guy he came to the archaeology the hotel she couldn't get his name in and out in and out. Forth meeting. We're talking about the baptism of Jesus. The temptation by the devil and the origin of evil. He had brought his fiance that morning meeting and he came out and he said. What was the answer to this question my woman was distracting me he had never heard anything like the origin of evil before. Now he was a businessman in the community never heard anything like it. Things we take for granted like that it was a whole new window for Steve and all the sudden he started walking home with us. We'd walk home from the Michael I would walk home from the town hall to our hotel Steve lived beyond that a nice part of town and we'd walk home then we end up in the hotel lobby. Finally we end up upstairs in my room which is kind of a big room the three of us studying until twelve one o'clock in the morning every night because he was soaking this in and had never had any background you can just see how the people are relating and so on feeling their study got people say filling in the blanks and all that is a little juvenile. People love it because it reviews what they've seen it draws them in and it's so easy for us all to do this was this was Sabbath. Sabbath and so there is an avenue where is the evidence. This guy is a bible worker there and Adventist and this guy was a recent convert and that's Michael and these folks are converts and all the rest are not adding this you know. So it appeals to people and again what I love and and I want to say I'm a foolish person we send out a lot of different things from our churches. I don't know what the community think I don't know what your neighbors think you know if I'm getting this all the time you know it's kind of a I believe in that. I've been in public evangelism most of my life but let's put into the mix something about Jesus. I think is just nice to have in the whole mix of what we're doing and saying you're sure community you know we believe in Jesus and so here's a nice simple way of trying to do that. That's one of the new way just telling you you know this is a little testimony it happened and this lady did not believe ever existed. And so here she is giving a little testimony. On her resume her only minor detail of her you are now with her. Well you need to think you're thinking which is you're really the what you are so you are the C.E.O. We all see. Yes we can even believe he has ever existed. You know. And so it's just wonderful to hear Steve and his fiance were telling that story became of their a leader in the church and. So again you know as I look back on the experience what I learned was what it meant to me that people everywhere are hungry to know Jesus your neighbors are hungry. Maybe they're even good Christians but this is you know it takes him to a different level where you can just kind of draw them in the relate to the people that you relate to and your peers learn not only blesses others it blesses you when you do that. Well thank you for being with us. Let me have a prayer with you father. Thank you so much for this opportunity to share with this group I pray that you'll bless each of us in our journeys we want us here with our community. So if you would like to learn more.


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