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Juggling Work, Home, Family, and Ministry: Finding the Balance

Don Mackintosh Angeline D. Brauer DrPHMHSRDN Allen Lloyd Debbie Young Debbie Baker Donna McNeilus
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  • August 4, 2016
    3:30 PM
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Good afternoon everyone. Don't mind the Jomon scanning your tag he's going to go ahead and do that we didn't have a scanner at the beginning when you first came in. So we want to make sure we keep count and we'd like to go ahead and start if you would mind about your heads for a word of prayer Father in heaven. We invite you to be here this afternoon to guide our thoughts and to direct us. We each come from different circumstances and yet have similar struggles. So we ask that here amongst us. We have fathers and mothers daughters sons wives husbands all of us from different stages in life. Lord we just seek you. We ask that you be with our panelists today that you help them to find balance as we talk about these struggles in our lives that we might be able to serve you better in all areas. So in our hearts and help us to hear with our hearts as not just our ears and we just thank you for an extra measure of grace just now Lord in Jesus' name we pray you men come on and have a seat like to take a moment this seminar is called juggling work family home and ministry finding the balance and I bust confess it is a topic that I struggle with and have truly very few answers. And so have a great group of panelists today they're going to help us navigate through this question that all of us struggle with in one way or another. Before we get started out I want to say that I had an opportunity to really think about what this word balance means and the idea that it is an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something. Main upright or steady how many of us want to remain upright steady in our life a condition in which different elements are equal or in correct proportion may not always be equal as we think of equal so today as we start discussing this topic. You know I pray that my heart will be open to hearing maybe things will differently than the norm the way the world's paradigm sees things and helps me to see the way God say things. So we're going to turn our time over to our panelists this themselves and to share a little bit about their experience and their paradigm from where they are so we'll start this and good afternoon. Good afternoon. My name is Angeline David I am the new health ministry director for the North American division. And I'm very happy to be here with you and really I came here because I wanted to learn how to balance work and family and home and everything else but certainly the Lord has given I think each of one of us some experiences where we can believe in those lessons and I think one of the important things is to remember that the Lord wants us to serve in all of these various capacities not for our Simply her own selves in the sense for our own accomplishment or sense of wellbeing. Certainly those things I think are bright products but because he wants to find in him the perfect source of valance. As we gauge in various activities of course it's important to first pray and ask the Lord is this what you really want me to do. Because if he's calling us to do something he's calling us to be a parent. He's. It's to serve in a very is in a certain ministry thing he will equip us to carry out each and every one of those tasks. And also as we do that to make sure that we keep him primary not per se King our personal devotion time with him. I found that that. Is one that is that if ever left out everything else begins to crumble. So making sure we have our personal devotional time with him. On a regular daily basis. And really with another key I think is also recognizing the fact that I myself am not the end search to every question and. That I am one piece of a larger puzzle a larger framework and in finding others to join together on that journey the work. The ministry. Even in the family. Making sure that we're all working together walking together. Thank you Neil medley and work with all four of these aspects and trying to balance it all. One piece of advice I would like to get it is marry someone who works harder than you do and that balance becomes easier that way. Privilege she's not here to actually she's somewhere she's probably attending another seminar where her husband isn't presenting courses or Romania. Girl that doesn't know what rest is until she is sleeping. And one of our mottos then if the Lord give it you something to do if your hand find something to do do it how with all of your might and so really we have to put all of our might into these four aspects of life. And it wasn't but Ward's original plan that these four things be competing against each other. You know I think the world views them as a competition in who's going to win. Is it going to be work or is it going to be family or is occurring to be your marriage. You know and are you going to you know have to sacrifice one for the other you know the original plan in the agricultural world with the children to be working right alongside their parents and we've been mentoring while we are working and that we would be doing things together as a family unit even ministry and not having that be separate. But since not all of us are prevalent so work in an agricultural society or an agricultural background which was more of the ideal in regards to doing all four of these things you know I have actually be mown the fact that I can't have with me in the examining room and I'm doing. People and doing physical exams and doing procedures but for obvious reasons. You know we don't allow those types of situations to occur. And so in some respects as a result of that it can be seen as a competition and there are times when I am working and doing consultations with patients that I can't be you know with my family at the time and doing things with it. So in reality it requires. Structure and one of the things I would just like to point out and she pointed it out as well but when we're structuring our day the Lord actually told us in Genesis how the days were eight. It's the what and what made the first day the evening in the morning and so the best way to set up your day is to have a right. Evening. And that evening should have devotional and it should be another thing that I would highly recommend if at all possible early to better all Iraq ice. If you want to be working with all of your might and working well you need out quick rest and the biggest reason for lack of adequate rest is to late nights and in the end burning that midnight oil and often people get into burning the midnight oil because they are entertaining themselves in the evening and instead of actually working and in that's the way the world the entertainment television and Internet and all those things are being run in the evening and they actually adversely affect our sleeping out personal effects or devotional life. And so one of the ways in which I've been able to be to the degree of success I've been in these four areas was as a result of my father making sure that we did not have entertainment television in the home. And I was unhappy whether I'm sure my mother was happy with me there but that was that was what happened in our home and I have thanked him many times since in regards to how my brain and body developed in ways that it would have never had that had I gravitated to those screens. And that's one of the things and family we need to limit our screen time in families significantly and among our children and have it just be useful and practical the other aspect things is not only the evening devote. In all but the morning devotional and how I like to do my devotion also is actually the way Christ recommended where we go into our closet. And we pray out loud. The reason why I wanted us in our closet is so we can stay focused in prayer and I read the word as I'm praying and when I see a promise I claim it to God out loud and when I see a command I ask the Lord if I'm in compliance with that command and he can answer me and the prayer life goes effortless that way and it gives a great start to the day in fact that even in the morning I can guarantee anyone who's actually follow this recommendation of mine has told me that they actually feel far better at the end of that session than they did watching their most favorite movie and you know people will watch a movie to relax and try to quote gets balance but that's not the type of balance of the Lord wanted us to have the type of balance where we would balance effortful work with the reflection was actually in time with prayer and time with him in the Word of God And so those are a few essential so that we've had in balancing these four things when I've been able to speak and take my family with me. I've been I've done that a lot in fact I've made it mandatory. Even on International speaking tours that my wife go along with me as well. We do work far better as a team and so staying close together. The other thing is meal time should be a family event. Don't just have meal times at any time make it a family event make your worship's in the evening if there's a time for the closet the devotional but before that there should be a family worship may come short but what I've noticed is the ten or fifteen minute worship that I have planned usually turns into an hour an hour because Mike. Always are asking questions they're asking clarifying thing and it becomes a very engaging event with a lot of dialogue and a lot of learning and we're told that teach by precept an example says one thing I learned from my father when things would go wrong in the church or some other place and it became public key allies to as part of a family worship what went wrong. What do you think how could this have been done differently. And as a way instead of just accepting bad that happens out there. Let's learn from the bad and when there are good things. Let's point that out as well. And these things that are happening in the news or public events can be great teaching moments for our kids to give them and how assists of things as we go forward. So those are a few essential so that I have found and balancing these four things I know I'll have a chance to speak more. As well if you've got your own microphone there them. Hi My name is Debbie young and my husband and I live in. If so and to Michigan. We have a media ministry quiet moment ministries. And I guess. And I guess that I would call myself one of the sandwich generation you know you have kids on one end and parents on the other and they're interesting challenges that present for the generation in the middle. Except that I don't have children so I guess you can call me an open faced sandwich. I have parents or I have one parent left and that has I think one of the for me as I've grown to this point is that the way you achieve balance is so different as you enter and exit these different areas of your. Your relationship with the children and your parents. And so that's been I guess I wish I had a whole lot of things to share but I think we'll share all the suggestion to do that and some of the challenges of the things that have been. Have given me pause for thought. And reflection. So I think one of the things I've learned about myself is sight struggle to achieve balance with all of these things in all of these areas is that my personality has a lot to do with it. I tend to be kind of outgoing friendly and comfortable up front and in public and doing things. If anybody asked me to do anything. Yes is a very automatic kind of reply because I feel that in uncomfortable doing things well that is a recipe for failure if you don't step back and think about all the other things that are on your plate. And it's not about necessarily discomfort ability and capacity. Well it is about capacity but I guess I'd like to think of it too as where is it that I could express the character of Christ the best and if I'm going to place myself in a situation where it increases my struggle to do that then that might not be the place for me to always praying and asking God to show me where is it that you want me to participate or to contribute. It's you know sometimes we hear and sometimes we don't hear. Well you know we may not be listening and so then you don't necessarily hear clearly what the Lord may be directing you to do so you get yourself into trouble and HAVE TO HER me. Often have to step back and wait and think through what will this challenge present for me not just in the moment of that interaction. But the planning up to. And the follow up there after what does all of that mean for everything that's on my plate. So whether it's me being at home where my father lives with us and is struggling with early terminal illness and I'm caring for him and trying to you know manage a marriage and that family and then the part of the other part of the family with my father included. And then working full time as a clinical research nurse in a hospital and being the minister of music at my church and doing things with A.S.I. all of those things give back to me but do I have enough to give adequately to them in the spirit of Christ. So those are some of the things that I feel if I continue to reflect on and pray about so that as I'm a living and working as servant Heise I'm doing in the spirit in which he intended to help. Hello I'm Donna McNeil us and I guess you don't see me too often up front in fact when I was asked to do this. I really put out the fleece and I asked God is this really what you want me to do and my first reaction was OK I really feel God wants me to do this is everything that I do I want it to be God's will and my life no matter what it is. And so I put out the police and you know the answer came back. You need to do this and so I have learned so much by just listening to the three that I've already presented because it's always in life. We're trying to balance and that is what I try and do daily but I. I asked God to help me do that because it's impossible with him to find a balance. Now I'm a wife have been married for thirty five years to the love of my life I met him when he was an eighth grader. We went to academy together at little creek academy and then I went on to Southern he did too. I took nursing I became a nurse. And then I wanted to be a that's what I wanted to be to be more than anything was to be a mother and I had the privilege to have three wonderful children and probably some of you know my fun Justin he was at one time that she was the president he's still very involved with the he also is wonderful loving husband and has three children they just have their third baby six weeks ago so I'm also a mom to two girls and Christina and her husband are here with their two little boys. And people been asking me where I've been they haven't seen me out and about well that's because I haven't the least thing and I baby thing my grandchildren and then we have our last one. Kimberly is then in China is really learning her language that she was born with her Mandarin and anyway she graduated from college and wanted this opportunity and we really wanted this opportunity for her to is that she would be able to experience her culture and to learn to appreciate all the things that she was born with that she didn't have the opportunity to have while she was in China because we took her away from China and she's been living with us. But she's here today actually. So she can if I if you think that maybe I'm not telling the truth. You can ask her and she'll tell you know that I'm telling you the truth. Anyway I have like us that. And children four little boys and one darling precious little girl. And they are the light of my life and they're my mission field right now. I haven't been traveling outside of the U.S. because I feel compelled to be there. Grammy. And they are precious and you want to spend as much time as you can with those children because they grow up so fast and yet I can use my nursing and I can still be involved in God's work right here in my own home. I'm also the health leader in our church. I take that job very seriously. I have a team because I don't believe that anybody can do everything by themselves. I think that we need to have a team that works with us. And I have a wonderful team. I've had a lot of people that have come to our community who are very very involved in our small community but we have a church that is growing you now can't even find us. If you don't get in there early enough. I can't because it's the beginner Sabbath school class. And I do that. Maybe because I want to be with my grandchildren but I also want to be an influence on all the other little ones that are coming. We have people that come to our little Sabbath school class that aren't even members of our church. Because I really feel that this is a mission field and God has given us a great opportunity to be in this little town of Dodson or Minnesota. Balance. Look for it every single day when I get up and I have my first thoughts and prayers to Jesus asking him to help me but I learned one thing when I was in an academy one of our teachers the founder of our school was the straw that you need to time. Everything you do and I thought time everything we do and I thought at first what is she talking about then as I have my own home. I realize what she's talking about so it's like a. Game that I have with myself I have a routine that I do every single day except for Sabbath Sabbath is a different routine. But I do things well I'm very time oriented I really am and but maybe because I married a husband that works harder than I do I can assure you that definitely he comes from a family that is hard working and they believed in that work ethic. But I tie myself making my bit actress and improve. How many minutes. That is taking me out want to make it so it's less each day even in my house work I do that. I do that when I'm cooking. I do that when ever I'm doing I'm always timing myself to try and prove that I'm not stressed about it. I'm not rushed about it I just want to balance and have more time for things that really really matter. But I do not like a disorganized disorganized house. I'm very fanatical Kimberly is shaking her head back there even when she's home right now. I've always saying you know the Angels are going to be in your room today Kimberly and we want to have our room looking at that I don't know I've said that but I have always to my children and he Anyway back to that and the balance house and home and business you see I go into our office at the corporate level every Wednesday. Everybody knows that I'm in the office on Wednesday. And and different people come and tell me what's going on. Am I involved with the day to day operation absolutely not. But I do have to know what's going on because I do sign papers every year that I am knowing what's happening in our business. And I like it like that. I like to be a part of it. I do I do give advice. I do but I also think that when God has given you. A business in a position that you have to really be. Oh so careful because not only are you wanting to be balanced with your business you want them to know that you care truly about them as an employee that you want them to know Jesus as your personal savior and you want them to know that you truly care about them. So we have a ploy ease we have children. We have grandchildren we have our church family. We have our A.S.I. family. We have a lot of traveling that we do like us they around the world a little is more of that this year than me but finding that balance. Well I just think that you just have to ask God to show you what is important to accomplish that day when he will show you what you do lots of nuggets mixed in all and personal testimonies don't you think someone to ask the panel a question read this link then a lot of us are members of linked then and I've heard this passion. I've been struggling under the pressure of wanting and attempting to do it all which leaves me wondering do I know my limits what would you say to that young lady she's a professional who's struggling wanting and attempting to do it all. What would you say course I would ask them clarifying questions. What's all you know the typical young person. It's going to be Facebook Instagram and it's going to be going to the movies and keeping up with the latest sporting events. Plus trying to be successful and academic environment and maybe working so that they can pay for some of that and the answer of course says no you can't do it all you're going to have to actually give up something and in the course the Lord never asks. To give up anything that isn't purpose could give up and so then we would go into an educational format where we help them to see the priorities and what they really do need to give up in order to live a balanced life but Kember they actually juggle work family and all those things and still do it the Lord's way. Absolutely. They can if we leave out all of the peripheral cultural elements that are threatening. OK we bring up a good point there. The cultural and diverse elements and having I think you share with me a little bit of that paradigm you share a little bit more about that if I can remember. I think that about the store in the pot. You know how do we make a lot rests I there's a stories called the pot roast story and it's about a a woman in preparing a pot roast some of you may have heard this as she prepares a pot roast she cuts off each end of the pot roast puts it in her pots. And then puts it in the oven. And in having a conversation with her mother. Why is it that we do this. Why do you do this. She says Oh I don't know that's the way my my mother taught me how to do it she says home. That's interesting. Well her mother had an opportunity to talk with her mother and said mom my daughter asked me why do I prepare a roast this way cutting off the ends of both and putting it in the pot and then putting it in the oven and the grandmother said a hole that's easy. Dear. Because at the time when I was preparing the pot roast I only had a pot that was small. That was so small that I had to cut off the ends of the pot roast in order to fit it in the pot. So there wasn't any rocket science behind it. It was really situational that made that happen as someone was watching and learning just took on that same way of doing method of doing that but it didn't really it didn't apply because of course by then they were making larger pots. She probably could've put two roasts in a pot. So I just was tossing the question back something to consider is that our culture our environment where we were raised and how we were mentored and information that's given to us. Sometimes we have to sit back and question and ask why there are a commercial actually that I've seen on television where it had something to do with investments and the father was giving was telling his son that he was doing really well and his son said well and he said well maybe I could introduce you to my broker in the sense that how right and how much does he see charge. His Well you know that's not really. That's not really important. He says Well suppose you don't get what sure what you're asking for a nice. He says Will you get money back. He says well it doesn't really work that way and the son says why not you know why would you pay someone to do a service for you and if you didn't deliver that you don't get a return the investment or the fee that you paid. So again that young person asking questions to understand the motivation. So to the question to the young lady saying well how is it that I can do all of these things I might post some questions back to them. What is it that you intend to contribute and personally. What is it that you might into. And to receive to uplift yourself or to educate your SO to make yourself better and do any of these things allow you to experience both can you contribute something positively or receive something positively and ask those questions. I think appropriately as well here's two generations are perpetuating the same perhaps misunderstanding right where a few questions of the way over for maybe doing something different kind of the ends often take very long but metaphorically you know there are some things that we do that. Maybe we could do differently that would streamline the things that we do and you know we have to evaluate those things that you're talking about and investigate those. So I have another question. I just want to add you know sometimes it might be a young person who is very sincere asking that question who perhaps has been through several years of the row and has been to see every single year and you know they want to go on every single mission trip opportunity that's out there. Maybe they're questioning about career or for the future or you know maybe it's a spouse question there could be again asking more questions. What are you actually trying to figure out for yourself. And I think you know as we've all gone through that phase at some point in our life. It is encouraging young people to recognize that the decision that they make for say a career is not the final decision for the rest of their lives. Certainly we want them moving towards a particular direction but how many times have we ourselves changed direction a little bit. I know I have my career has gone in a path that I did not expect and I did not intend. But the Lord knew a better path. However I. All the experiences leading up to it certainly could tributed to to what he has me doing now. So encouraging the young people to perhaps pick one of the ideas they have and say why don't you just focus focus on that for a little while and see if that's what you really want to do this is that utilizing the strengths and the passions that. That you have that the Lord has given you do you feel called to to that role to that ministry and work with of mentor who can give them guidance. I think mentoring is a very important aspect. Too many of our young people don't have the mentorship that they should have and so we may be able to if not be there mentor them ourselves at least point them to someone else who could do that for them. So if it's a sincere young person I think to try it and see if that's really what they need to be doing and also letting them know that whatever lessons you learn in that experience. Make sure you hold on to it because it will benefit your future as well. I just want to add one teeny tiny little comment. I don't think in this life that we can have it all that I have come to the conclusion that here on this earth. We will never have it all we can pick and choose the things that God is gifted in our talents to use for him her family to use for business to use for ministry. But as far as having it all. I absolutely cannot do what the rest of these people are doing up here. But I think that you have to come to a conclusion that having it all is what God gives you in your time in your talent. And that you're using it to the best of your ability and be satisfied. Being satisfied is extremely challenging and especially for young people today. Because social media has their attention. And they are telling them it looks better. It is better. They're something that is even beyond your wildest dreams that you can get a hold up and you'll be happier and yet when we who have a lot that God has gifted us with. If we can just be satisfied and live that life I'm telling you a simple life is a great life. It really is and you can be very focused filled with be satisfied with my husband's sister passed away a couple of years ago with cancer. She was a young lady. And she had a home. And in that home she had kept her whole entire life of all the activities of things that she loved to do but when we asked her family had to go in and clean up her home. I began to realize you we have way too much stuff. And I wanted to simplify our stuff. And so this last winter. My husband and I did major cleanup in our house we went through every room every drawer every place that I could find anything that needed to be looked at and if it was not necessary or it wasn't going to to bring honor to God it was time to get rid of it and I'm not just talking about. Books or entertainment or videos or things like that. I'm just talking about anything and everything. And we were able to give away a lot of stuff in that was great their worst schools that actually benefited from the books that I decided I'd hung onto to any of the good to clean out our life. It really did and that's what we've been doing we're going through our life right now and we are cleaning it up in it feels great. It really really does and I can tell you having it all having it is it isn't going to happen here we are waiting for heaven and that's when we will have it all the men. So I'm hearing I think you are too deep cluttering not just our physical stuff but our day to day stuff prioritizing right asking the Lord at the beginning of the day everybody is consistent to say what the Lord first have him speak to you as to what he wants you to do cluster of this stuff in our head so we Your him and then we're able to move forward at least with peace knowing that that part of our day is planned by him. OK so I have a question and it's a little lengthy so bear with me for a moment a couple of references here. Ellen White pointed out that leaders often face and I think in this room the vast majority of you here are leaders and probably I would have to say Type A personalities. It's often the case that such critics have no real sense of the great weight of responsibility borne by those in such positions. Brother McGann you have a family. He should give your wife and children time and attention he should take time to rest by entreat you to do this do not ruin your health. Stop before you reach the breaking point. Tell your wife that the Lord has a tender care for her tell her that he desires her to be a good courage in the Lord. She must rely on him as a prominent leader. Meghann and. Received criticism like this for years that he never thought it would adversely affect his wife. I did was quite ill suddenly on the night of Monday June first one thousand nine hundred three making and wrote the doctors pronounced the malady to be acute mania brought on by over anxiety and worry and lack of nutrition. I just can dish and continue to deteriorate and she passed away on May nineteenth one thousand nine hundred four more than a year later. How does one maintain a healthy spiritual life under these kinds of circumstances is a little more of that story. The anxiety that she was having If you read about the story was actually due to Brother and in the church stating that her husband was not following Ellen White and that the white was diametrically opposed to his work which actually wasn't true. And yeah there were some issues I'm against side of things. It wasn't just that but there were some major issues going on in the church at that time and began was actually doing a very good work and where the attack was taking place was over our health message again. What Lord knows that medical missionary work and health reform is going to be the work that brings about his coming in fact we're told that the the medical missionary work will circle the globe as the waters cover the sea before it comes that hasn't happened yet and so anything that starts looking like it gets close to that the devil will attack and global and our brother and is now a star. And they oppose that tooth and nail and began without their sacrificing because very few others or to get this. And so and he couldn't see the brother him. Joining him and that on top of it when he started to get successful then they started lies and innuendoes that brought the wife sat down and it's a sad situation but we can also look at. Even Kellogg's failure. A lot of it was due to the fact that the brother in law aren't teaming up in regards to medical missionary work so I'm back to the question at hand. Yes as husbands. We need to take care of our wives and our children. We're not only the provider of them physically and we're not only out there to do ministry. But our ministry is also to our own family and the souls that we need to save our part of our own family and if we can't save their souls that maybe we need to back off on trying to save the rest of the world per se and make sure that our families are in our and proper order and having the proper care and emotional support that they also need. OK Yes I absolutely agree with Dr Natalie our families should be one of our number one priorities and when our children were young I can remember when the program Youth for Cheesus began my children my three children were some of the first three that were involved with that program and I realised that if if we want to see our children truly believe what we believe and know Jesus as their personal savior this religion this spiritual experience that we were experience as their parents needed to become their experience. It's. And they needed to be able to teach it and understand it easily. And so when you for Jesus began like us that my children were some of the very first ones that were involved with this experience and the reason why I bring up Why is Jay use for Jesus is because I have asked my children many many times. What made the biggest difference in your life as you were growing up that made you want to be involved in our church and nature but not didn't make you love Jesus but made you want to share what you knew about Jesus with others and they have said. Why if you for Cheesus it made such a huge difference in their life. Because they realized that they could be involved in Personal Evangelism they were able to knock on doors they were able to get health talks. They were able to get the sermons with the new beginning. It was the biggest blessing and our family's life. I will never be sorry for all the work that was put into this program. Because I as their mother got to be a cook at the program and so we would listen to the kids and they would be coming in and they would be going through their health talks and and their or their sermons and you know it was a great blessing to be able to work together as a family that being also got a half fun in life. If you don't have fun. You're not balanced. And we as a family. I'm married into a war family. And basically what my husband too was that you work and that's what you do for recreation and I said no we will not do that as a family these children need to have play in their life. And so we as a family would ever. Summer we would take a trip together and they would choose where we would go in fact we drove out here because our daughter Kimberly like us that is here for just a few weeks before she returns back to China. And she wanted to do a photography trip with her father and so we get to do this together as a family. I think it's important to encourage your children to have hobbies fun things that they enjoy and photography with my husband and my children have been absolutely fabulous experience. And so for us. I'm just telling you you have to have a balance in every thing you do and it's important that you have fun in our Christian walk with Jesus and He knows the things he's mentioning is not Fant not fun by yourself fun as a family you know when the Ellen White was speaking to him again. She was speaking from personal experience as well because we know that her husband's life was cut short. Because of that imbalance. Now unfortunately he was also facing many struggles with the brother and felt a burden for the work to go forward and so he sacrificed his own health and perhaps its family a little bit for the sake of the ministry but we wonder we have to ask the question that if his life had gone the full length that perhaps he had it originally intended. How much more could have been accomplished and so I think we have to also recognize that the work we are called to do is only a piece of what God wants us to do. And we do need to sacrifice sometimes the ministry for the sake of our family and certainly for the sake of our own health. Not because we. We don't value it but because we want to make sure that everything the Lord has given into our hands is done with all of our might and if we don't have strength then we can't do any of it so. So finding that balance. Sometimes means sacrificing even the good things to make sure that our family is taking care of. I just I am I'm not I am still single. So I don't have children or a husband to have to worry about right now but I do have family and I was just telling our Any president elder Jackson today. I'm not staying to hear his message Saturday night because my nephews are at home waiting for me. And so sometimes we do need to make our large sacrifices but knowing that there is still tomorrow to do the work that our family we have very precious little time with our family. But what our children will remember more than anything else is the time we spend with God in the memories you make when you're spending that time right. So you're saying that we we must make choices even if we're doing good things to sit down good things to have that balance. That's not an easy thing to do in ministry because there are so many things to do you feel that. There's so much to do so little time we really want Jesus to come and this has to get done. So what happens if I'm not doing it right. What do what do we do. How do we how do we address that because if I'm not doing it then it's not getting done. So what's going to happen. You know if we look at the ministry of Christ. He only worked for three and a half years on the year. And from a worldly perspective he wasn't very successful once there weren't very many people following after him at the end of his life on Earth. But what he did was he maximized his impact by making sure that there would be others to follow in the where. And not only that but he said I go so that I may send you the comforter. And so we need to recognize again that we are not the savior of the ministry. The work. Yes with everything we must work our best we must put as much effort as we can but if we are not. Eclipsing others to carry on that same work once we're gone. The Lord may just call us to another ministry. We don't know tomorrow. How many of us will be doing the same work that we were doing a week but day before we came here. So do we have someone who could pick up and carry it away the Lord would want to carry it. So we need to make sure that we are he quit being others to do the work to to teaching them how to think about ministry. What are the yes there are there's a right way in a wrong way to do things. So we clipping them training them helping them understand helping them also find the balance in their own lives. I think that's one of the important keys and then also of course understanding that it's the Holy Spirit who ultimately needs to give us our marching orders for each and every day. So what happens. I'm taking a break or maybe I am playing hooky on the little that day to go to my granddaughter. Program at school or what if I'm taking a break to go for a walk in the middle of the day with my husband and we're just stepping away and there are others that see me doing that and I'm not really working right mind I'm not doing what is is an expected of me how do we reconcile that. And what to others because you know we don't just live as an island unto ourselves. There are others around us that have expectations. So how do we juggle their expectations against our balance. I'm I'm thinking of the story of Daniel in Daniel chapter one where we know the story. Daniel had they were given the diet of the King and Daniel went to his supervisor and said I'm sorry but we can't do this. Now. So we don't know the time frame that Daniel had to build his relationship with his supervisor. But it had to have been long enough or at least Daniel's relationship with him had to have a strong enough an impact that he was even willing to entertain the question. And I think it goes to words are in true and who are we when we are working are we in our work. Are we. Efficient are we doing the job. Well when other people see our work. If if we're on the phone all the time or on Facebook at work then of course when they see it's taking a walk. They're going to just think well there they go again I have to do their work now but if they see us being diligent in our work in our time management then. I think they're going to be a lot more understanding if we were to take a little break and of course if you have a supervisor. You know making sure they understand what this is about but I think we have to have that kind of a reporter with our coworkers with our supervisors so that they understand who we are. And then they're going to be a lot more understanding of what we do. I hope that you've really enjoyed this panel I know that I've learned a lot and through the experience and the wisdom of others. We can glean a lot. So if I could ask for you to first on if you would have prayer before you do. Let me just ask you have a yellow piece of paper. This is a survey so we'd like some feedback as to how you benefited from this seminar and the changes or things you might like to see for the future. And I also have a little handle it so happy and folks on the panel of given us suggested for a further reading and things that you might find benefit in so they're up here for you for you to take so we're really do appreciate again your time for coming and spending it with us. So we all stand as we have prayer. Park gracious Heavenly Father. We are so thankful that we can be here. We know that you are with us and we just ask that you will help us each and every day to prioritize our lives in the way that you want this to do what you would have us to do. We're so thankful that we serve you. And we only want to be a humble servant for you. We ask that you will keep us faithful to you. And we also ask that you'll be with our families and our businesses our ministries and our whatever we have to. Do within our communities that it will be your will again we're thankful that we can be here with us. I think Emily and we ask that you will continue to bless this convention that we will be able to see you and will be able to be with you in our four ever home in Jesus name I pray this medium was my audience and happen to lean and if you would like to learn more about the lighting of the body of Earth.


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