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ASI Members share how they are using their God-given talents to witness to others. Come and listen to professionals and business members who have committed their lives to the Master and who are using their jobs, businesses, hobbies, vacations, and travel opportunities to reach those who come their way. Get ready to be inspired as your heart is touched. Gain a vision for what Christ can accomplish in and through you!




  • August 4, 2016
    7:00 PM


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Hello everyone. We are continuing this evening with one of our favorite parts of our A.S.I. convention and that is our members in action segment and right now I have with me. Luke Keith. Perhaps you could tell us just a little bit about yourself there maybe someone here who does not know you and perhaps. Would like to know a few things about you have you always been a Christian. Well not always I was use a heavy drinker drunk. I was criminal. I was as far from God as man could be I met my wife she was a new a spiritualist she read my poem did my straw legit chart rode a motorcycle and this is how we met and she got pregnant took a while with hospital missed seventy Evanescence and that's how I came to know God. OK And so in a nutshell. You told us how you became a Christian. Tell us now where you are well I'm out to be in God's hands. Tonight but. I went to while would join the staff pastor at would study with me he endured the Bible study baptized as my wife and me and I went a while wood and there I developed an orientation toward using natural remedies for you know health challenges. And while would we purchased the land in our City Tennessee. They sent us there and my wife and I we had the thinking the mindset that we would just take gifts and use the natural remedies to help them. And as it turned out our first guest nobody knew we were there we had no money. We had no farmhouse. Nobody knew we were there we had no furniture. We just prayed and you know I've noticed it when you pray from an earnest heart. God always hears and he answers but not always in the way you think so. We prayed. The Lord sent us our first guest. He was a crack addict from New York City. Second guessed came out of jail in Silverdale jail and he was a dope dealer from Chattanooga. And in the third guest in the fourth guest in the fifth guest and they were all problems with dictions. Alcohol depression mental disorders and everything else and so we're using natural methods you know I found out they were just fine whatever the problem one size fits what fits all right so we use that and it really worked and by the way that's a growing problem the war on drugs back in the sixty's just say no it didn't work. That's a growing problem outside and inside the church. So as the ministry developed that was what we started doing. And of course I'm ministering to the same kind of the to the people I was somebody like that. So it's very easy to sympathize and have some compassion and by the way in the Bible you see you know Mary has seven devils the woman at the well John four had five husbands working on number six and Mark five the demonic had a legion of devils between his ears those people when they get turned around make the very best missionaries can anybody say man. So I'm just going to give us a short couple of stories about what God has done and this is recent like yesterday before you do that we have one Mike. And I wound him up and now he's going Lou to tell us the name of the organization you have told us about it but tell us where your and your and the name you said it were in a western part of Tennessee bowler Creek health education center. So we we have a health center small health center we have an educational program one year health of Angeles and training school in organic farm we grow the food food to feed our guests in the feeder or patience but you know this morning I got a phone call this morning from a good friend them travesty came to our program five weeks ago. Crystal meth everybody had told him You're a five time loser I see what price you're a one time winner. You're a new creature God can make a difference. God can change things in our program you know of these these these new start things the most important is number number last which is what trusting God. You know it. Romans eight twenty four were saved by was. And to give people hope become hopeless and helpless and to give them hope this is the best medicine we can give them Would you agree proper seven hundred twenty two a merry heart with good like a what medicine and hope brings a merry heart. So I got a call this morning he came through a program God change a man's heart he went back to Chattanooga got a call from him this morning had a baby. He didn't have it. His his friend had the baby eight pounds three ounces the baby's healthy. This Friend Of Mine is now healthy as hard as health expect be going to a first American in a baptism very soon. Now they before yesterday we had a lady Jerry Leiber program I have their permission to use their names until their story. She came with debilitating depression completely pessimistic completely negative saying she had no hope and she had no help and I knew she came to the right place. Not because of what we do but what God can do. And God took that woman and changed her life completely. She walked out of here yesterday of our program filled with hope filled with a positive attitude rejoicing in the Lord when Always And again I say what rejoice in she found something to rejoice about she found a savior in spite of the weak human agents she found the Savior. Them out when I met my wife she was also a buddhist we had a lady call and she said you have a morning and evening devotional in your program. She said I'm a Buddhist and I don't want to come as well as fine. We all for it but it's optional. So she came and as we did the first morning devotional she standing on a four year but I can tell she's listening. You know the message we have reaches past the outside because Buddhist Hindu atheist Janus whatever you are you have a body and you have health issues. So when we say things like Proverbs twenty six two the curse doesn't come without a cause that woman's ears perked up. You can't prevent breast cancer lation know the cause. So we get her reason from cause and effect and she was drawn. On into the to the to the worship. She came to all our worship services in which she left that woman was baptized away from the Buddhist in that a seventy Evans church and just over and over and over. We were in our facility from time to time we've run our facility from people that came in and got an experience with god. Now I think there's a stigma attached to you know people that during smoke and take drugs not the eyes of God You're not the eyes of God. When God sees a person with those kind of issues he said that is a missionary in the making. And when I turn that soul around he will do things for me because he which is forgiven much of those what commandos would love as much. And in one more I got my forty seconds. We had a lady that came to our program a year ago heavy drinking problem. She she came had an a beautiful experience went back home started drinking came back beautiful experience went back home started drinking came back for two programs had a beautiful experience went back home started drinking came back to our program had a beautiful experience and people began to say it's never going to work. They do not know who Christ is because if God is for you. Romans eight thirty one way who can be a gives you that woman went home and kept the experience. She was married and in baptize a seventy have an assist and her close friends of her ministry I say praise the Lord. Thank you Lou. Before you leave. Time's up. Yes. Tell us if someone wants to help or someone wants to contact you. How can they do that. I say number one pray force. Number two come by our booth and talk to us. God has a plan and a place where everybody including someone like me. Yes thank you so much Lou. Two forty something. It's amazing that God can use all of us no matter and he has quite a unique ministry. Well joining me now is a man that actually needs no introduction you've just introduced yourself but for those who perhaps maybe one or two came in late. Maybe you can say who you are and where you're from. OK My name is Steven Rattner I'm president of O.C.I. outpost centers international currently coming from Tennessee just a little bit about O.C.I. and what we're doing right now. Sure. O.C.I. is a family of supporting ministries of about one hundred twenty four in forty four different countries all around the world. It's exciting to see what lay people are doing in a variety of situations and in very difficult to circumstances but it's a privilege to be working with them. Now I'll post centers is involved with something that is brand new will always involved in things that are brand new but a specific project that has caught my attention and yours to tell us about it. Sure about six or seven years ago the field president from the Israeli field contacted O.C.I. and some of its members asking if we could come help try to do something in the country of Israel. You know in the early one thousand hundreds Ellen White had addressed a general conference session encouraging the church to do a specific work for Jewish people found all around the world. In fact in the early one nine hundred church bought a building outside the city of outside the Old City of Jerusalem and so we went. Some people from here to Leah in Romania and from H E R here in Tennessee and from Novi of you've already a lifestyle center in Ukraine and combined together to start doing some healthy work in the country of Israel. We have some pictures. Perhaps Are they pictures of the facility they are just let me give a sort background before I get to pictures that OK count. And so for the past six years we've been looking for the right place. To start a lifestyle center in Israel to minister to the secular Israelis and after six years of looking and looking and looking we finally found a beautiful place. Maybe we can get a couple those pictures up. It's in a little town called Mick dollar and it's really where Mary Magdalene was from you can see beyond that hill little bit is Nazareth the area is you know very kind of rural next line please. This is a picture of the house. It's got five guest rooms attached to it. Plus four bedrooms in the main house next room things here in the inside where we'll be doing some health lectures. This is one of the suites that guests will be staying in nice place outside for lectures and Health talks. And it's right near the Sea of Galilee on a very clear day you can see Mt Ramallah in the distance. It's a beautiful facility. Most of the land in Israel is actually owned by the government and somehow leased to the different individuals only about six percent is privately owned this land is privately owned. Every other property we looked at had some kind of legal issues to it. Oh maybe a building wasn't built properly or it was built on the neighbor's property or something like that but this property is really perfectly situated for the work that we want to do. There must be some miracles that have been associated with your acquiring this property finding this property. I'm sure that you probably like to tell us. I don't know how much time we could go into all of that but is there maybe something that you could tell us as far as how you were able to get this type of property. It's been the result of a lot of prayer and a lot of work again the situation there in Israel is very unique in terms of property little home that I own in Tennessee. Were probably worth much more than a million dollars in Israel land is very expensive. Very hard to come across anything. So for years. I guess I said a little team there that even working in leadership positions in the local church I've been scouring the countryside from north toward the Lebanese border toward Nord closer toward Jerusalem and again. Finally Lord directed us through a series of providences where it was a friend of a friend who heard of the place told one of our church members there. She went to see it and instantly felt this is the right place and what's really exciting when I went to visit Dr Dan when to visit. We all had that sense know this is the right location. The only problem was that it cost about a million and a half. It was very expensive but the Lord's really a blessed a number of people have come together. We've raised all the funds we've purchased the property and we take possession of the end of this month. There are some unique challenges in working in this particular type and Barbara very secular environment. How do you think that you will be able to reach people that have the secular mindset. That's a great question and really there's two classes of people we could say among the Israelis particularly there are the Orthodox Jews who are very devout and consecrated to their faith and then there's the secular Israelis as you mentioned which is the vast majority of the population our target is the secular Israeli a target me is the wrong word the people we want to serve are the secular Israelis and so that's going to be our focus. We're going to have invite people to come. It's going to be kind of like a bed and breakfast to start we have permission to have people come we can give them health talks we can feed them breakfast we can feed them we cannot feed them lunch. Unless we do a cooking class together. And then if we do a cooking class together they can eat what they cooked and then we can do the same thing for supper and so we can have them come we can do massage health lectures and. Introduced into a healthy lifestyle that way. But again it will be a very gentle drawing and winning of the people's hearts. Seems remember a quotation in some book someplace about Christ method alone will give us true success. How Jesus mingled with people won their confidence and then bade them to follow him and that's really going to be our in is to simply make friends to serve the people there to show that we're real people and hopefully gently introduce them to their Messiah. So we're looking at a very unique sermon and shoes that will be reaching the people of Israel something that we should have done all along and certainly something that the Lord has blessed you with being able to acquire this property Now if someone wants to know more about this or wants to help in some way. How will they get in touch with you. Well you could for here you can come by the O.C.I. booth outpost Center's booth booth number six sixteen and when you hear about a health tour to Israel where you could come see Israel and as well. Come on a health vacation. Remember that's us by the way the name of the place is going to be called MIG De Leon MIG doll means fortress or tower. Lia of course ya a YA way is my tower my strange. Majorly a pray for us play for the work in Israel. Thank you thank you Steven. Beginning as I was not powerful God is truly moving around the world. To prepare for his soon return Well I have a question for you tonight. How many of you have heard of a ministry called your best pathway to health anybody. OK you can put your hands down now. Second question how many of you have volunteered your best pathway to health quite a few hands and a mad about. What if you haven't heard of it. Pathway to health is a mobile mega clinic that provides medical dental surgical at. I care to the uninsured and under insured populations and so far pathway has served six cities in North America in the last two years providing get this eighty six million dollars in free health care and servicing over twenty three thousand patients. And on top of that to get all that done. We've had over nine thousand volunteers that have made this possible and just recently just about a few weeks ago we were in Beckley West Virginia. In the mountains of West Virginia and we had over seven hundred volunteers at that event D. Hildebrand was one of our volunteers de first question for you. This was not the only pathway that you've been to tell us how many pathways you volunteered for this is my third when I started in Spokane did L.A. and then I did West Virginia when she start you can't stop them stop like the Pringles right. OK So the question for you how First what is your normal day job or you're not a medical person are you know I'm not medical Actually I've worked for. Three A.B.N. for the last twenty years behind the camera. OK so not out here we are glad to put you in front of the camera tonight. Praise the Lord for the ministry of free A.B.N. we're so thankful for that. And now you were invited to a pathway event or how did that happen. Well I heard about it. Of course through three A.B.N. and then when I heard all the stories I got very excited now we said Please can I go to Spokane early and volunteer and it was wonderful because it's life changing and. Now most recently you served in Los Angeles and in West Virginia West Virginia. Yes in the patient assistance department. Tell us how how did it impact you serving it's wonderful because you find out that you can change lives in a physical and spiritual way and I'm not a medical person so I never knew that that would be a joy I get to enjoy and it's wonderful that people that you meet the lives that you see change in them and changing your life and the people the patients and the people you get to meet and work with the other volunteers. Amen. Now now DIA one more question for you before we before. We move to melody. When you go on vacation. You probably like to go to Hawaii or stay at the beach right now what you do with your vacation time I save my vacations and use them for pathways or what do you say Merry Men do uses her vacation time to serve others that's the true A.S.I. spirit. Praise the Lord. D.. Thank you for being a volunteer. Well Melodie not only DE but we had a lot of other volunteers in Beckley tell us a little bit about the verity of people that came together and it's amazing we actually had people that came all the way from Bermuda from birth Zille we had somebody that drove from Mexico even from Hungary just from all over the place and we over the world. Yes all over the world and we even had people in the community the asked to volunteer. We had a full Bottomley student that came from the local college and she was only planning to be there for four hours and it was just so powerful. She had to stay the entire time she was admitting she was asking the team there who are you people who are Seventh Day Adventists she even came to the evening meetings. OK with that is powerful. Now Melody just a question. There's probably an age limit right like if you're over a certain age I don't think you can volunteer like maybe if you're over eighty or eighty five is that is that the cap. There's no age limit you know at this last pathway we had a lady volunteer that was ninety nine ninety nine years old. What do you. How many of your ninety nine. No hands went up maybe a few of you. OK Well you know what if you're ninety nine. Actually if you're one hundred over one hundred you can volunteer you attend smile and you have a heart beat you can find here. A man a man. Well it's truly a blessing. Now. Melodee How does this impact you personally to volunteer. This is powerful. You know I've been part of a lot of mission trips a lot of activities over the years and I would say that pathway to health is one of the most impactful events that you can ever be part of I mean that's awesome. But you know currently it doesn't just affect the volunteers. It affects the community that's right where those they have vent is being held every city we've gone to the mayor's office. Has been involved tell me a little bit about the mayor of Bakley. That's right. So the mayor of Beckley actually came to visit pathway on Thursday and did the tour here after I left and he walked around and he saw everything that was happening and you know I remember because I was following you guys around and even then his eyes were a little misty he was a little misty eyed seem to be very end as he as he saw the ministry that was taking place to the people of his city and he was so so impressed and just kept thanking us for what was happening and we actually invited him to come to the gratitude fashion and to come to a gratitude session just because we wanted to say thank you to the city for allowing us to come. So we said Mr Mayor. Please come at three o'clock on Saturday and we thought it was going to come. So he said he was going to come but we were there three o'clock on Sabbath and what do you think happened. The mayor didn't show up and we we were so sad because we wanted him to come but we thought well you know he's a busy guy he's he's you know he's the mayor of twenty thousand plus people so it was OK. Well the next day on Sunday we're packing up and pretty much everybody's gone the parking lot is empty empty empty all the equipment's in the trucks and I was running late like usual and. Anyway the Lord had a reason for me being late that day. And I was pulling out of the parking lot. And guess who drives in there. It was three o'clock on Sunday and the mayor pulls in and I saw him get out of his car and he's got his suit on. He's got his speech right there. He's walking up and we're like oh shoot. We need to go to Mr Mayor. Mr Mayor. And he's like oh man I'm so sorry he was so apologetic. Like I say this is a parking lots empty Did I miss it. And we're like yeah. You missed it. You're it was it was yesterday and he was so sorry he was so sorry but then we went in and we met with him and we talked with him and he was just so thankful that we had come to his city and blessed the people of the of his town and you know what he said he said I have been he was. Only been the mayor for two weeks at that point. He's a new mayor but he's lived in that city his whole life and he said I was here when this building was built. And you know I have been to can't miss basketball games and of conferences and other events at this place. But never in my life not in this entire thirty years has every square inch of this building been put to better use than it was this week and I want to thank you for ministering to our city and you know we prayed for him and when we said Amen. I looked up and his tears were streaming down his face. And he was solved thankful for the ministry that had taken place and you know what he even said that he's coming to our evangelistic meetings starting this month. That's often called a soft sound so it impacts not only the community but it also impacts patients and Beckley was very special because you know people get their teeth fixed in their eyeglasses and even haircuts. But in Beckley something very special happened Dr you know not that we did it to me I ever event was very special but Bakaly was especially exciting and that was because we changed the focus of the evening meetings we made a patient focus so we invited the patients to come join us and they came we changed it to whole person care was very very exciting. So is there one particular story that impacted you the most yes you know I think of Tiffany and we look on our screen we have a picture of Tiffany Tiffany did provide us of a permission to share her story. You know how it was Friday afternoon and we were doing that thing that we have to have to do we don't like to do it the last dental patient has been seeing for the day and we know we've got to make the announcement to the crowds outside no more dental patients we convert them to other services then gas and they convert and this one particular particular lady named Tiffany I just felt a special drawing to her and I went up to I think I said to finance of course she introduced herself. You know I really want you to come to even me I know we can't do dental we have these other services but would you please come tonight and we have free tickets for our evening meal as well and she came she came so excited she came she didn't just come she brought her husband she brought her daughter and their baby. And they were so excited and her little daughter her little nine year old daughter Taylor came that night Friday night she stood up on the stage and she said I just want to tell you all I want to volunteer at your next event it was just so beautiful. Amen amen and she she was crying. Tiffany was crying. Tiffany was crying but she didn't just in Friday night she came to church the next morning she came to fab afternoon and when she came to the Sabbath afternoon meeting she looked out of the congregation and she said I just want to tell you all something you didn't just Minister to me physically you ministered to me emotionally but most importantly spiritually you know you are my family. You are my family I am an amen. My friends. God is calling us to see others as our family. God is calling us to impact the world for him. How many of you want to be him members in action tonight. Jesus is coming soon. And Jesus is calling each one of us to get up out of our seats and to share the love of Jesus with a hurting world. May God bless you. I tell you what I love members in action. How about you. It's always exciting I feel like we get a chance to pull back the screen and see behind what the Holy Spirit is doing and what he longs to do in a much greater way. I'm excited to be here this afternoon with Alan Knowles from Riverside Farm in Zambia. Ellen tell us a little bit about what Riverside Farm is Riverside is a dull training school in the country of Zambia. And we are privileged to have a farm that funds our education system and then tell us a little more about what's been happening there recently and how that works. We have some pictures for you here is side Farm get a picture up here we are have been privileged over the past few years to be funded by side with several projects here in the picture you can see in the foreground three houses these are one day project houses for our staff that have been built. Simply in the background. You see two center pivots for irrigation systems for our wheat and soy bean harvest. But in the center is what I want to talk about this this evening the banana crop. This is been funded for as recently. OK so now for the mathematicians among us. You should listen in. Check this out. In December two thousand and fourteen we received the funding and we started planting. Now. Now you only planted just a few bananas the right. To twenty thousand banana plants. If you lined those banana plants up in a single row would be twenty miles long. Wow All right. Our workers are proud of those bananas. They even say they have them named already each one of them. In a one year later December twenty fifth team. The first fruits came out. And from December twenty fifth teen till date the record that I just got from Jay is that we have harvested six hundred metric tons of bananas in the last six months now. How many of you like bananas for breakfast. OK. Get ready. Well I need to translate the six hundred metric tons for some of you I'm sure that's one point three million pounds of bananas this year so far. Or let's say it's four point five million bananas. You hungry. Well by the end of the year we project that that number will be a thousand metric tons or two point two million pounds or seven million bananas. And looks like there's about a thousand people out here Craig thanks. How many bananas is that for each of you now petitions your chants. Yeah that's a lot of bananas for each of you. About twenty a day for the whole year. You better be hungry for breakfast is all I can say. Now you do this because you like to grow bananas right. We do it because we need to grow bananas to sell. OK so we can run our training program. We have as I mentioned an adult training program where we train evangelists health educators we train in tailoring and in gardening. Very good. It's really exciting to see what you've given going to work and multiplying like that story of the talents and putting more and more workers. In the field. And this also provides work for local people to about forty local people work in this banana farm and it gives them ability to send their children to Christian education. It's a very important thing to provide their family with adequate food and shelter. And to get adequate met medical care. Also So there's a lot of people that are affected outside of our school come in and work every day. So Riverside Farm has been a blessing. Not only to the students but to our community around hold very good Anything else you'd like to share. Well I'd just like to say thank you. For the support that you've given us throughout the years and we hope to be faithful that we can have students trained to go out into the field to bring the coming of Jesus sooner and we want to thank you for participating in that with us. Thank you so much Allan for that. Is not exciting and you imagine that's a lot of bananas me the next project we get to share with you is actually coming from Congo. We've got three folks here with us. We've got a past we have Carolyn and Richard Leonard and they're going to tell us a little bit about train them to fish and the work gods doing in Congo tell us a little bit about what train them to fish is as the stories that you have to train them to fish is to help humanitarian work as well as evangelism. And I have a little story that goes back to twenty twelve. When. There were a lot of Bible workers I had been trained and they had brought people to the Lord. And they always are there before the evangelistic series. Men so it helps but the interesting thing is that there were five pastors from different denominations. There were three Pentecostals there was one non denominational and the other one was a Baptist they became interested in this event of the stick series pre Adventists you know. And the three of them were sent to the administrators university and like Congo. And they're back now they've had six months of training. And they're working as late pastors or I workers and last but not least the retention rate with these newly baptized people is ninety five to ninety eight percent men and heard of and that's really a testament I believe to doing solid ground work with your evangelism project that's so exciting. We've got another story. Richard tell us what you have to share. There was a number of pastors who were meeting together one day and this woman came up to them. And this is she asked them Can you pray for me and they said Well tell us a little bit about your story and so they prayed for this lady. And what happened is her husband. He had left her and she hadn't seen him for three her for three years and wanted to just simply pray that he could she could find them three days later they came back she came back and just all glowing. Because she was able to find her husband and he was able to come back. She asked to give a testimony to the church and the pastors who were please tell us your story. So we can go ahead and have you do that. And as he told us she had been a prostitute simply because her husband had left she had no way to feed and clothe her children. And the fact is that the church helped to have an education. She knows has her own business and she is a faithful member of the church she wanted to be a Bamber of it because God was in that church you know God's in the in the business of changing some people's business. Praise the Lord Amen. Pastor and also tell us a little bit about your burning vision for the Congo. Yes they're burning reason ease to have a school of advantage and ease my four different speaking countries in the Congo. So it's already provided I learned a property that the for a cause. So we had twenty Bible week I was already late busses we won't include training program for may be called missionaries as well that's a real quick. Let me interrupt you. Now there's lots of schools like that in the French speaking part of Africa right now are there any now it's really a need for French speaking training there in that part of our vote was a GREAT me to fall in is meant to reach out to the French speaking countries even you know Africa because of the gospel you know let me give you an example where the school would be located at these are like a state off from my million the people that there were only there are only two seventy adamant these busses so. These projects along to do dug up and to train Bible work us leap Busters just blunt as well as let me be called missionaries so April we have we trained sixty eight people right now the visiting families over two thousand the bible studies going every week so God provided the theater for a gust property. So the project is already there and we are expecting that God will provide funds to build a school for evangelism and to reach out the French speaking countries. So tell me if people feel moved to get involved. How do they find all they can to be one hundred and twenty five and train them to ease there and we would be willing to talk to them and to share more about these ministry. Amen. Keeping your prayer the work going on in Congo. It is a field that really really needs more workers. Thank you so much for sharing with us today and we thank you very much. Thank you. You know it's really really exciting to see some really challenging fields being reached in different ways by the Gospel and I'm actually excited. Jason is here to share with us about the work of keep it in the farms in Tanzania. Tell us a little bit about what's going on there in Tanzania. I kid we do that we have a training center where we train Bible workers. To go out as. Missionaries throughout Tanzania and one of the places. That's particularly challenging is in the very south of Tanzania. It's almost all Muslim I don't know if you realize that Tanzania is almost half Muslim and so in the south where it's very Muslim. It's a particular. A challenging field there. So tell us you have some stories. Of the work that's going on there. Yes I just have the testimony of John he's a missionary who was trained and then sponsored by to work in a village in the south of Tanzania there and he left the village where he stays one day and he was in another village giving tracks and he happened to cross through the yard of a mosque and bunch of people from the mosque saw him cross that area they weren't sure who he was or exactly what he was doing but they quickly caught him. And without asking many questions. They pronounce sentence upon him that he would have to die for desecrating. The mosque or the ground around the mosque with his presence hand it just so happened that as they were waiting for some tools or whatever to accomplish the sentence that they had pronounced upon him someone happened to ask him. So who are you. What do you do and he was kind of thankful for that opportunity to say I am a Seventh Day Adventist and this is what we believe in. So they started asking a few questions of all what do Seventh Day Adventists believe and he pointed out that while we don't eat pork for one and it's a good start. You know. There's a number of things so that they soon realize maybe we pronounce sentence too quickly here and they started you know with some more questions and finally they're like OK we're going to let you go this time and actually in the end they gave him freedom. To continue handing out tracks in their village and you know it was just a great testimony that. The Lord. Was able to save him at that moment. Amen I'm picturing this he's making I did wide berth around the grounds of the mosque but he has lots of tracks to give out now. That's right. So that was a close call. I want to hear another story from from this region that's being reached a very difficult region and you're sending multiple lay missionaries into this area. Tell us another story about what God is doing in the Muslim regions of Tanzania. OK I'm going to tell a little story about de dowdy seems OSHA he's older gentleman but he's there with his family has been there for a number of years has been raising. Church a group in also a very Muslim village and the daughter of one of the high ranking members of the village started attending the church and the father figured that out. He was happy. No he was quite angry actually and one evening he came to the church it was a Wednesday night prayer meeting the daughter was in the church. He was ready to. Anyway he gave some pretty strong threats at the Church of what would happen if his daughter continued to come and he took his daughter out of the church but the next Sabbath. He was the daughter was in church and then the man went back to the church this time he had a machete in his hand he held it covered in this coat he walked into the church you end up to the front where are Lay missionary was preaching and it was a cold morning and he took the machete out and he tried to kill the missionary there right in front of the church and. The missionary had. Have a coat on because it is called and he hit the coat and the machete dropped to the floor and he was powerless to take it again and. He ended up running out of the church. Afraid. Like what happened and to make a long story short in the end he gave his daughter full permission to attend this church and I just want to say today there is a thriving community of Adventists members in that village we have a God who still lets people out of the lion's jaws who still lets people out of fiery furnaces in this instance keep people from being killed when they're doing the work of God in places where it is extremely difficult. I hope you'll pray for each one of these projects as they work to share Christ around the world. Thank you so much. Thank you. Hello I asked why are you encouraged. Are you inspired. OK we all guess I'm going to be over here. OK I don't play the violin so that's a wrong place. OK so I have with me. Pastor Sam and Pastor Scott Griswold and they have a ministry that I think it's amazing. And that everyone in this auditorium can be a part of and so Pastor Sam you are from where I am from Burma. OK Now you came to America to be to go to the seminary. Yes I can just University. OK So you wanted to be a pastor put before that. What were you doing. I was a missionary before that and before that before that I was still in the business studies and filters so you are an A.S.I. member. I wish I was. Yes OK But you could have been a NATO member and like many of these people you had your own business and then you decided to go into God's work. Now at the seminary as you. Studying to be a minister. You saw a great need. What was that. I so multitudes of refugees coming from all over the world especially from countries like Iraq and Afghanistan and Somalia countries where it's very difficult or impossible to share the gospel. Yes And we want to send missionaries to those countries to reach them. And here the people are coming right into our back yards. And I felt a strong impression inside of me that there needs to be someone maybe I am the one that should be so finally I saw the need and I felt the Holy Spirit working inside of me to work with him you know a lot of people see the need. Yes but sometimes or many times that need goes unfulfilled because we don't know what to do. But you know what to do and what was that. To surrender everything to go OK And how did you fill this need. I spent time in fasting and prayer. And God impress upon my heart which group of people to work with. OK now fasting and prayer is what we all need to do to begin our ministry but sometimes when we started ministry we want to be a big grand ministry but how did you start. I start from scratch. I did not have a car and the refugees if I want to reach out to like to I was a tree. I was a drive away from where I was so many times I had to leave on Friday afternoon to Indianapolis or to Chicago and on Tuesday I would be for praying for a vehicle for God to provide me someone to take me give me a ride in the if there would be no transportation or vehicle that would be provided to me by Wednesday on Thursday I would fast and pray and then what would happen. Many almost all the time by Thursday afternoon and my fast. God will impress upon my head very strongly and said My son your right is taken care of and he would give me the peace of mind that no human being can take away from me. And so you would have a car and you would go to these people and what would you do once you reach them. Once I reach them. I help them apply for jobs this are refugees they like to work they enjoy working hard and they are good workers. So I help them with job applications I help them with shop interviews I even help them a job orientation. OK so now these people when they come they get government assistance but for how long. Most of the time it's three months and three months and the government expect them to find jobs and be able to stand on their own feet in three months time so after that they're on their own they're on their own but they don't know the language they don't know that. Yes OK and they don't know how the how the American workplace works. That's right. And also how the government works. Yes and as a result they are very stressful and they are always looking for genuine friends that would love them. There was support them they were in college them. That would let them feel that this is a country that welcomed them. OK so you use fill that need and then how does that translate into sharing your cost. When I show them when I help them with the needs. You know whether it be going to the doctor appointments What are you going to help them get a driver's license by showing them cries love and grace and compassion and helping them with their day to day challenges and needs. We begin to born today that there is this deep level of friendship and trust that they have and as a result they begin to ask me why and what I believe and why is it that as a full time student would be helping them. OK So Pastor Scott you are part of the asap. And what does that stand for is history stands for advocates for Southeast Asians in the persecuted and weird simply trying to encourage and support work among Southeast Asians overseas but also here and also for those who come country from countries where there's war persecution. So Pastor Sam is a part of you part of your. OK now you have you shared a very interesting. Testimony where he and I would like you to share them with them. I've at the end of my studies at the seminary. I was going to show me where he wants me to work and I as I was fasting and praying on the Sunday. God impress upon the very strongly that I need to work with the refugees and I ask Him lot which refugees group that want to Chicago in Lansing a better cricket ground up. It's all in Indianapolis and God said Indianapolis. So my next question is OK I need to go and work in Indianapolis. But I don't have a car. And I need just money and I need to rent of apartment and I don't have money for apartment I there's no one no no organization that would be supporting me. But how would I go and reach out to them. As I was fasting and throwing as the sun was setting down gold impress upon my out and said my son. How many years. Were you at the sermon that I set for you is. Do you owe any money a single cent to enter a university or any one organization. I said lot. No one. And the law impressed upon my head and said as I have taken care of your needs for four years without any one sponsoring you I will take care of your needs go to Indianapolis. OK So now God did send you to Indianapolis and you had amazing experiences there and what is the result. What was the end result I understand you planted a church. Yes their end result is that at the beginning we set about seven or eight people. With that with God's blessing we have about sixty five baptized members in the church meant am than now a as I members. You can reach the refugee community in your city in in your community and how do they do that. Pastor Scott. There are a whole lot of ways he shared with you. Many of the ways that you can just care for people as they first arrive as the are trying to get used to things here. But to just summarize it in the time we have I would encourage people to go to the website reach the world Next Door dot com or stop by and pick up a kit that we have. Repaired ministries booth there and what number is your booth it's number four zero eight. OK four zero eight. You know we're looking to go into mission field sometimes we can't go to a lot of these countries but you have these people right in your backyard that you can work with. So thank you so much. OK Next we have a gentleman that has amazing ministry. And his name is Sean Dio brew. Now Sean I met him last year. Last year last year and as soon as I met him I knew he needed to be involved in the A.S.I. officer corps and so we twisted his arm and everything else and he is our mid America. A.S.I. vice president for membership in recruitment. So now I would like you to share just a very short testimony. God has been so good to me my very short testimony in this context and when I was seventeen years old I suffer a spinal cord injury Seven Day Adventists going to a not an Amish and school and there was a school shooting where I was and I was paralyzed. But God is so good as a sailor seven Day Adventist and so I understood the great controversy and just that God although he is ultimately control. He is loving and kind he protected me from further injury and he's given me the opportunity to witness and to serve Him So that's a brief. So as much as all of this the shooting you became a paraplegic but you didn't let that slow you down. No God is too good for that. And so he allowed me to go on and graduate from high school graduate from college go to graduate school. In the end to begin a professional life from there. Yes and your profession is a lobbyist and I've never actually met a real lobbyist before. So tell us what you were lobbying for I. Lobby for a few different community groups and not for profits and center around issues of health care community based services civil liberties variety of different other different other subjects as well. OK So in addition to your lobbying activity as part of your living. You have a ministry and what is that ministry is the Midwest center for civil and religious liberty. We are a not for profit organization that's dedicated to protecting and event seen the issues of religious liberty and civil liberties within our society at the local and state level or regional level. So as part of your ministry you monitor legislative activities in some states Missouri Iowa Nebraska and Kansas right now right. Yes but you would like to expand to where other areas within the Middle America Union and also the Midwest. If possible. We are headquartered in Missouri and so that's where the majority of our legislative advocacy takes place. OK Now you also train members in churches and how they can get involved and how do you do that that's really the thrust of our concern because there's a lot of information out there and so we don't suffer from a lack of information but we do need to be able to follow through on the knowledge that we've been blessed with seven Day Adventist and so our real burden is to help laypeople and others who may not be involved in religious liberty. Either they may be policymakers or attorneys to get involved to understand what the issues ought to be to communicate with legislators and policy makers and to form relationships really for the primary basis of a try to help people to understand at the range his message but also to influence power. See right now we want to influence policy because we know the great controversy and we know the Bible Prophecy. Yes And we know what's coming down the road. Yes And so why do you do this work there is so moral purpose to prophecy and so it's not just for us to know what's going to happen and discounted sit back passively and allow things to happen is for us to be able to get involved as the Lord leads us to perhaps help to hold back the winds a little longer. So the Gospel can be preached and lived in relative peace and so that's kind of our burden at the local and state level because many of the various things that threaten our civil liberties or religious liberties. They happen more at the state level more than at the federal level at the federal level there's a lot of gridlock at this point in time as you are maybe well aware. So there are a lot of things that pass through state legislatures that you know they sound good but you know they may not be very good. There's a very good example that you told me about that just passed through or almost passed through the Missouri state legislature can you share with us what that was sure it was called Senate Joint Resolution thirty nine and it was an amendment to the Missouri Constitution which would have a centrally established religion. Now it sounded good. It was very marketed very well in a manner that many conservative Christians would have agree with oftentimes we hear things like religious liberty. We oftentimes you know say young for that. However when you look at the proposal or look at the bill itself actually a stablished a particular religious point of view within the Missouri Constitution. Now whether Now we agree with our ticket or policy a particular piece of theology is really not the point the point is we really believe in separation of church and state a man. And so therefore we want to avoid the situation where there is within constitutions within statutes particular Theola. Article viewpoints even if we agree with them that with them being forced by law because even on this one hand this may be something there. Some people would agree with what happens next. When there's something that we don't agree with whether that's a Sunday law or some of the aspect that would affect our religious liberty and so S.C. or thirty nine was look like it was a freight train. It went straight through the Senate elect it was not going to be stopped but God is good. We talked with legislators we did some public affairs work we did some other things in coordination with with other partners and if failed in community a committee by one vote just one vote. And so the way this is applicable to you you may now live in Missouri. But as I say proposals like this go through state legislatures all the time and so we have to be vigilant. Yes thank you so much and you know we're going to be praying for you and I think this is something that we all should be interested in. Thank you know thank you so much for sharing. OK Next we have someone that many of you already know Moses primo. He is the most is what are you on direct or broadcasting engineering or three A B N. Yes He's the director for broadcasting for three A.B.N. So we have how long have you been there almost twenty five years twenty five years. OK And so you're very involved with that very busy. But now you've started another ministry. Yes the Lord impressed I mean you know I was really privileged to be generational like this that goes from six eight Ford satellite dishes to a small internet connection on the way boxes and I saw other companies like and there are some other. Doing a lot of channels that are not good for your family. So the Lord impressed me to create something that would be seven Day Adventist content not only for the seven day but that the content would be only Seventh Day Adventist OK So because you weren't busy enough you decided to start another ministry. OK And what's the name of that ministry my ass the A.T.V. The reason is I want everybody to have this is my content. OK So this this network is strictly advocates programming. Yes it is strictly Adventists the programming by the not only for Adventist right and who provides us programming. They are all the channels seventy Adventist channels like. Three A.B. N I. We have eight channels for three B.N. and they are all high definition in the box. There is amazing discovery amazing facts. L B N And one other factor that I wanted to emphasize in this box is we have a lot of different languages. It is my go to be a. The center of all the seven day Adventist porno for many different languages to be able to connect into that and be blasted with the material that they will have a man. Now this is your wife add them up and she is on your staff. Yes So this is your ministry but she does all the work. And what do you do I am the treasurer and I help answer the phone. OK She prays with those some people especially elderly people that call and tell them that their lives have been changed and then there is a whole because they have their content available on the T.V. and with and all the messages that gives them hope for leaving now how do you. That contact from media people sources as long is with the twenty eight fundamental beliefs of the church. We just provided the ability is free for the networks all the channels and the only T.V. but the radio also and we want to invite all the organizations that have media content to be on the box. We have a three different boxes. OK We want to show and this is the smallest one. I was telling you we went from a ten foot satellite dishes to a smaller than the business card you just connected this little one to the Internet and you connected to your T.V. set and you can get the higher the finish and quality. And then not only that you put on your pocket and you can travel with the or you can we have a lot of people are using as a ministry to they buy in quantities to give out and the minister to other people. OK so you have you have three different sizes that people can use to play the content for any kind of venue is like a public event just like MIDI for home midis or all that and then you also have the part where people can send in content. Right there. We have also one very important factor that we made sure to have is the video on demand today nobody has time to watch one thing they want and the time that the networks and want. So we keep in the memory box thirty days of twenty four hours of programming so if you come into a side you see something you're like you. You go back home you can watch it again or share with your friends or families their box that has a U.S.B. on the on the back that you can put in your U.S.B. stick and then you can download. And share with friends. Now how do people send in their contents. I received that you are all from the ministries and we just propagate them that distribution to through the banks. OK We just have a few seconds left. Do you have a testimony that you can share with us. Of somebody that used the box in change. Thank you for asking that because we don't have a lot of time and I was worried about it but I'll make a quick testimony of one lady called I was actually I just talked to her she purchased a box and she was watching because she was enjoying she was on the inventors but she was worried about her son a teenager son that was out of the church and every night. There she turned off the box and went to bed and next morning the box was gone. So I was wondering by the one light that she got up and there she saw her son watching three and then watching The Bachelor. After a series of weeks. She came to talk to the Son and the son said Mom I surrender my lot of to Jesus and I wanted to go to Andrew has to do it. Hello G. program and I want to become a pastor. So how can they contact you. We're going to put up their website is a very using my daughter org And also we have a website that we have the three models and the how you can acquire There is a lot of instructions that we are upgrading the website. We wanted out of upside to be a portal for all of the media content and then Seventh Day Adventist. A.S.I. all that you've heard something tonight that you can take home and get involved in. Because that's why you're here right. Amen. So let's get to work. Thank you. Please bow your heads with me as we pray. Thank you for the plan that you have for every one of our lives. We may not know what that plan but we can trust your hands and trust your heart. And I pray for each one of us.


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