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Jesus’ last plea reveals the astonishing desire of his own heart and portrays our incredible destiny. – You are chosen to see Jesus. So, stay focused.


Martin Proebstle

Dean of the Theology Department and professor of Old Testament at Seminar Schloss Bogenhofen in Austria. 




  • August 5, 2016
    7:00 AM
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They have a library and that library is kind of down in the basement of the girls' strong seems to be that the place where a library needs to be right. And if you're down in that basement and you look out basically Theon nothing because the windows are so high. So this is not the real good place to study it to Rick. And I was at that time the hat librarian at that sounds good but. The head librarian was a person who was in charge over about ten thousand books at that time. And people are coming in the students and they learned. Basically one room. Twenty years or so plus ago run room and my office. If you call it office was just separated by a. Board sheet is that the right term wooden board sheets. So if you go in there and the people talk in the reading room. I could hear everything in my office. Of course. Why is the verse so to so there was this one day and by the way it's still the same in book and hopefully. Nothing has changed from that time for the library. So at that time I came in I opened the door to the reading room and before me it was the reading room nobody was in there but then I heard two people talking to each other in my office behind these wooden boards which should be a wall and I heard them loud and clearly and the things they're saying to each other very definitely not pleasant to my ears. Talking about me. I mean I I didn't know what to do I was there still standing in the door frame of live in the reading room and I thought well maybe I should just leave because if I go in now. This will be most embarrassing for them so I close the door and I went off and because I still remember today I can tell you the story today you see what kind of impression that left on me right now was not good. I tell you. So if two people talk to each other about you and you're not there. What do they say. Second instance also a few years ago. I got a call from somebody from the General Conference. And never got a call from him I didn't even know that he has my number. So he called then I was on the phone and he invited me to do something and I was so per play that I did not even ask him why and he hung up and that's it. I thought to myself How in the world does it come that he called me. Well have a year later we had a student. If Academy students we go to the east coast we do a kind of a fun two are but also an Adventist tour going to the General Conference for example. Looking at the place so that they can see a little bit more of the Adventist world. So we were having the tour through the General Conference and. Here you go. That same person who called me it was coming down the alley. I recognized him said This is my chance. So I said to the two I. Please continue. I will catch up down there. The Elam I researched and I have to ask him something. So I went to him and after very little small talk. I asked him the question why did you call me at that time and you know what he said. Well two people talk to me about you and then I thought I can call him and that was a pleasant experience for me. So if two people talk about you would you like to be there to listen in a little bit. To see what they're thinking what they're really thinking about you. What would happen if Jesus and the father talked with each other and not knowing you could be there. Listen to them have a kind of eavesdrop on them and they would not know that you were there. I mean of course theology students please hold. It's not possible. It's not possible. Let me assure you it's not possible. But just for the sake of imagination. What would they say to each other about you wouldn't that be interesting to see what God really things about you. There's a place in the Bible which comes very close to that situation very close. Jesus and the father are talking if each other and in fact. They're really talking about you you're interested. Let's turn to the Gospel of John. John. Just seventeen. I probably does not need. I do not need to tell you that Truong also is a master narrator not only Dr Luke is is somebody who kind of plays the feel logical threats through his gospel. John is doing the same thing. And then Song comes to Chapter seventeen there is something very interesting happening here. If you have a red letter or a Bible if you will see it immediately. Because usually in his farewell speech she says farewell speech John is interspersing some kind of narrative commence. He has a narrator can say well and Thomas I asked Him And Jesus said these are all things which are not in dialogue. But in chip to seventy in the interesting thing is that after John introduce this. The prayer of Jesus. There are no more black letter of verses in chapter seventeen. It's all read in my Bible at least. So when he says after Jesus said this he looked toward heaven and prayed. It's like the nursery to Tron steps back and says to us as our as his audience. Watch what happens I will not interrupt in any way. It's Jesus personal prayer of if the father. Who am I that I just interrupt. Anytime. He continues in chapter eighteen for us. One with when he had finished praying. So this makes it the various special in two minute prayers season. Of Jesus with his father and. It is this prayers season which we can overhear and we can listen in. We can eavesdrop on Cheesus and the father talking about us and startin for us to sit still for his one its first run. With Father and the birth father Chris six times in Sean seventeen. Which gives us the impression it's really personal intimate here father the hour has come glorify your son. No son likes to explain things in a in a double way it's kind of like the feel of that see you have a service level what what happens in the Gospel and if you look through the birds he uses Sometimes you dig down a little deeper. For example here when it says the hour has come. OK What kind of hour is that all right. I mean every know that afterwards Jesus goes probably into the god enough to say many and the final twenty four hours take place. His life on Earth before his crucifixion. But the term hour in the Gospel of John. Already appears in Chapter two my hour has not come. When she is this kind of reprimands Mary his mother to say you know my hour has not come yet. And the hour in the Gospel of John appears again and again and again. Let's just take two verses chip to seven first thirty. What is the hour of Jesus. This is they try to seize him but not one laid a hand on him because his hour has not come yet. And then the. Verse which we usually read. At the foot washing it was just before the Passover festival Jesus knew that the hour had come which hour. It says here the hour for him to leave this world and go to the Father in the Gospel of John your could have the hour. And the hour. Obvious refers to the crucifixion events of the resurrection morning and the going of a of Jesus to the Father. That's the hour. So when he prays the hour has come. Jesus is fully aware of these last hours literal hours because that's the hour. Glorify your son. It's another term you would use in the lexicon Gospel of John in English. What is the calorific Asian or the glory or to glorify the son. That's interesting. It has two meanings in the Gospel of John. The one is clearly of the cross the cross is Christ's throne of glorification. He gets chlorine fired on the grass to be glorified on a cross. That's kind of a thought it was so absurd. For the people of that time on a cross nobody could be glorified. But John is very clear that the hour of glory. But there is another glory. Of Jesus and we will see that in chapter seventeen for us five. And now Father glorify me in your presence. With the glory. I had with you before the world began. Jesus persists the glory. A glory He had already before the creation of this world. That's a glory we will think about a little more later on. And then he. In his prayer addresses. God concerning his twelve disciples eleven at that time and once he is through. With the disciples. Praying for them praying for unity from love. He comes in first to N.T. and he there includes US My prayer is not for them alone. That's the first generation of followers but I also pray for those who will believe in me. Frue their message and I believe that includes us are you a believer. Because of the message of the first disciples. I mean this is the way how it works right. How do you come to believe in it. Just ask you and you raise your hand I probably see it from up here. If you think about a person who was made sure in your life to bring your two cheeses to introduce you to Jesus Christ. If you think now about a person whom you could thank for you. Becoming a follower of Jesus is there somebody in your life you might think about. Let me see your hands good. Let's let's turn it around there was no person involved in you finding and following Jesus who can raise his hand there. Let me see your hands. Yes and that was in the first or second row please to. Around look. I see in nobody doesn't that say something about how we come to Jesus. We need other people. The disciples continue in the next generation of the first again. The second is the first and the third is the first again and they have to preach they have to go out they have to be committed tomorrow. Wait. They have to be committed to proceed with the message to other people that they can come to know the Lord. It's it's a miracle the Almighty Lord of the universe uses human beings frail as we are. To reach other human beings. That's why we're here for after you have come to Jesus. That's the sole reason you're here for to glorify your Father and the Son and the spirit. And tell the people of what you have experienced. So when the other generation comes also to faith. Jesus already prayed for that generation. I pray for those who will believe in me if through their message. And then he has to. To wishes to please. So to speak the first one is that all of them maybe one. Well there's a whole story about that and I won't go into this plea of Jesus. I want to focus on the last plea of Jesus in the Gospel of John. Yesterday we focused on the last call of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke. Today it will be his final plea. After that there's no more lot. Please. It's his final wish your office to go out to his father and he find that in first twenty four. It starts again the father father. I want. Actually that's not a good translation probably you have a Bible verse in which this I will. Jesus whole will is behind that I want something I so desperately I will father. I will that those you have given me are with me where I am that she is his final wish. Remember John fourteen for us as one and three. That's how he started his farewell speech but it is see there. Just a few minutes ago so to speak. He said to his disciples you know I am going to heaven to my father and I will build drilling places for you and because I do that you would know that I will come back and. Receive you to where. To myself and bring you where. To the place where I am. To the place where I am Jesus wish from the start is that he will print on us to his home. To his place and here again at the end of his farewell speech which goes through from Chapter fourteen to seventeen right to this final plea here. Here again it is I want those you have given me to be with me where I am in other gospels. We have chronologic. One more hour you will that's a god enough to say many. And you know that situation that scene I mean if you want to portray. A scene where you can see how Christ struggled for a celebration. How he was absolutely determined to save us. I would probably make a bronze sculpture of the garden of to see many the Cross of course is the high point. But in get the many it was decided there. He won. From the Garden on it's just like a one way street. She is will not turn left or ride look behind nothing. Jesus is focused after the garden more than ever. There. He Rod our salvation. But in the Gospel of John you if you look desperately for the garden of Kissimmee it's not there. Why does John who is so intense on the person of Jesus Christ not mention that garden scene. Why is he is keeping that oh why is it not here. All he says is in chapter eighteen for his one and two that they cross the Kidron welly on the other side there was a garden and he and his disciples went into it and Judas comes along. First to. He skips that most important seein in the salvation of man. Let me give you some holy speculation. I believe that has a narrative intention. He does not want us to be who don't distracted by the garden seeing. Distracted from what. From Jesus final prayer. He's the only one mentioning the prayer which we call the intercessory prayer the prayer of the of the high priest on earth so to speak he does not want us to focus on anything else but that prayer. That's why Jesus goes to the cross and his final wish his final plea in chapter seventeen first twenty four. This is on Jesus' mind as he continues. And Sean will not by any means. Interspersed with anything else that thought He wants us to be with him. That's why he goes to the cross. Well let's continue to read at that time. What does he really want. I will that those you have given me will be with me where I am. And there is a reason why he wants that and to see my glory the glory you have given me. Because you love me before the creation of the world. No that is not the chlorine on the grass. Jesus uses again the phrase which you love me before the creation of the world. That's the glory of first five the glory I had reviewed before the world began. That Jesus glory mean his full all the worldly supernatural glory His divine glory and she says Once us to see it. When will it happen that we will feel that kind of glory clear second coming. When Jesus comes back. You see Jesus final plea has not been fulfilled yet it's still open there. The father has not fulfilled Jesus' Vichy yet it's still there. He wants us to be with him. We are not at this moment. So Jesus looks forward to the second coming. He wants to come back so that his heart's desire will be fulfilled his longing finds finally its fulfillment. Why do you long for the second coming. Let's make this excursions a little bit here. There are many reasons why I long for the second coming. I call them the No More reasons. No more what no more sin no more sickness no more diabetes. No more I can serve no more heart ache. No more accidents. No more war. No more death. And you can turn continue their endless no more reasons why Cheesus needs to come back and by I look forward for him to come back no more all of this. Once I asked my students in the religion class they cared to me students. Do you look forward to Christ's coming and of course they. Say yes and yes and here. Yes. But I still remember that small almost like the Chios size girl there and she trusts almost turned eighteen and she isn't. I'm not and that's of course the moment when the religion teacher needs to ask right. Well tell me what is it that I. You know I'm just doing my driver's license. I would like to get that. And then she continued fully is serious. Well and I I I just like to find a companion of life and I'd like to have kids I like. And then then he can come to do you know these thoughts. I'd like to be at the is I meeting. I not. I don't know if that is a good reason for chooses not to come. Right. I'd like this I'd like that we have plans for a future. And unfortunately it seems the older we get the more we like Jesus to come. What's wrong with this world. What's wrong with me. Do you like Jesus to come when should he come yesterday right. Now why should he come let's do an imagination and experiment here church father Augustine in the fourth century and his son commentary. He lays out this kind of experiment and just follow along. Will you for a moment. He says. Magine God appeared to you and said let's do that a little off what he wrote there. Imagine he would come in right there through the exit back door comes in he sees you and he makes you an offer a deal. He says OK I give you something. Would you like to have that and you ask what do you give me. Well I give you eternal life. You'd like to have eternal life. Who goes for that deal. Something is wrong if you. Why you know why you're not raising your hand. You want it turn to life. Yes or no. Finally. Have our Of course. Not in this world which were of the new earth. OK you would like eternal life. OK. You like endless good pleasure. No. Are you depressed or what. Am I at the wrong place here right now. Of course we would like to that. Pleasure. We would like how does he continue freedom you like freedom power on earth wealth real heavenly wealth. Not the things of it deteriorates on earth which rotted away. No real wealth you like that. You like the treasure house of heaven good piece of my and a good conscience. Yes. So if Jesus comes in if the Lord comes in and says I can offer that yet. That to you right now. You take his hand and say deal. I think you know the experiment. What if Jesus would continue thing. There's just one thing in the small print you know there's one thing. You will never see in my face. What would you do. If that is for a real Jesus office your eternal life. Everything good you can imagine off. And more. And he says there's just one thing you will not see my face. Would you do it right now. You could skip years of I don't know heart ache. Pain sickness maybe you could skip Death would you do that. I think for true follower of Jesus. Or are hard to be it would skip for a moment she would go down our spine to say not see Cheesus I can't imagine that give me everything I will not do it because that's the single reason we're looking forward to the second coming. Isn't it. Although no more reasons then not good in the end the single reason why we look forward to that time. Is to see the Savior. This is our Lord. We have. Be looking for. And now we look into his eyes. Never never never. You know it's almost like in a few days I celebrate my silver anniversary. Did I say I. We we my wife and I Marianna by the way if you listen to this. Anyway I love you. I hope she listens to it somehow. Few days actually thirteen days and I need to hold on thirteen days. Now I think back to my wedding day. Think back to yours or if you don't have one yet think ahead. And you have the wedding there you have the groom styled you have the congregation you have the vetting cake the priceless we need is ordered. The kids are all of their dinning OP everything is there. Except the bride is missing. What kind of waiting would that be. I mean could you celebrate. Could you dance of course we don't dance so much but would you dance for joy I WOULD YOU DO THIS. Would you do that if the bride is missing. No never. That's how it is if Christ's coming if Christ would come back with out Christ. It would not be a coming back. We want to see Jesus. We hope for she is this greatest himself that will be our greatest prize. Jesus given to humanity. For ever in our presence. We in his presence. It's Jesus' glory. It's the wish of Jesus himself. I would like them to see my glory. Why would he like us to see His glory. This Jesus love his glories so much that he wants to show it to us. Is he kind of self processed here a little bit can't be right doesn't fit to Jesus. Why does he want us to see His glory. Well there are other places in the New Testament where Jesus glory is seen and he explains it to us a little bit in the Gospel of John somebody else sees Jesus glory in John Chapter twelve forty one. Sean refers back to that moment when I say of the Prophet in Isaiah Chapter six it's recorded when he sees Jesus on the throne. He's talking about she is by the way that's one of the best reasons in the New Testament. Why Jesus is the Old Testament our way. Because they are and I say yes fix the person. Which is who I say I see this is way. And in John Chapter twelve. John says I say I saw Jesus and His saw him on the throne and he is of him. Seeing Jesus kind of trigger something in the people who see him they speak of him. Because if you see Christ's glory. You will go and talk about it. That's something we learn from Chan Chapter twelve first forty one. But there's something more if we turn to Paul in second Corinthians Chapter three you first eighteen. Read the following. And we all who live on wailed phases contemplate the Lord's glory. See. His Glory. Our being transformed into His image we have in ever increasing glory which comes from the Lord who is the spirit. If you behold the glory of the Lord. You become changed. I think that's one of the phrases and why it likes most she uses it in different contexts but most often she is applying it to Christ as our object of contemplation. I give you one example of just only and great controversy five five five easy to remember she says. It is a law both of the intellectual and the spiritual nature that by moving we become to changed. That's the phrase she likes by beholding we become changed. How do we behold. Grice when we can see him right. So what does it mean to behold. Christ right now. In that life we live here. I think the next sentence explains that the mind gradually adapts itself. To the subjects upon which. It is allowed to dwell. So if the subject is Jesus Christ if we do well on Jesus Christ in our thinking we become changed changed in his image says Paul now in the second occurrence in three. He says and this if in a mirror the. Nero's at that time they were not good marrows not like the marrows you looked in this morning. These mirrors are great. You can see everything which is not in order these mirror. Polished metal mirror. You can see yourself but it's not that clear. That's a good example of how Paul considers us to look at Jesus' face. We don't see His glory as he is we can behold it through studying the word singing songs about him reading talking with other people about him. We can do well on Cheesus in our minds if our soul but seeing him is in the real physical life would be even more. You probably remember when I had sought She says she didn't want to come back to this earth to see him once was enough for her to say I would like to stay there still by beholding we become changed. Now is this one of the reasons. That we will not thin any more because we see Cheesus as he really is. This is a kind of a speculation of me. So please forgive me if I am totally wrong. I might be. But for the sake of speculation and I like to speculate a lot. Let's go that way for just a moment. How does it come that we will be able to sin of course being know what happened because of sin on earth. So if we are if Jesus in heaven. We will be remembering what was. On earth and because we remember what there was we don't want to relive that again. We have been convinced that God is alive. We will not Finnegan. But maybe there is something more to it. Maybe there is a reason and Jesus' last clear on earth. I want them to see my glory as another person who saw Jesus glory. Peter. Peter mentions it in a second letter in chapter one that we saw His glory His Majesty and it was the glory of the beloved son and then there and the second Peter one after he says the glory of The Beloved Son He quotes the father's statement he heard on the Mount of Transfiguration so he things begged to Jesus glory on the Mount of Transfiguration what happened to Peter there you can read it in Matthew seventeen. When Peter drunk enough sleep so to speak opened his eyes and he thought she is in his glory. He had an idea. Great idea. On the Mount. And the idea was let's build houses hearts. How many hearts as he did he is a chest to build. I think he suggested to build six hot one. For Jesus. One for Elijah one for Moses and three for the disciples six great hearts to ever dwell on the mound of Glory Of course you know there are three too many. Just three hots why. You think Peter didn't want to stay on that man. Mean. Peter. Or the one who loves Lake Guinness the wrath the one who laughs. The water or the fisherman on a mountain. It's like a fish on land. But he wants to stay there. Why because of Jesus glory. He sees it and once he sees Jesus in His glory. He forgets all about himself just built three hearts. Let me build three hots for you. Jesus for Elijah and for Moses he's not thinking about himself anymore and that's what is happening if we see Jesus in His glory. We do not think about ourselves sin and our lives. Not that important anymore. We see Jesus and how he is or there was somebody else who wanted to see it. She is how he is remember to keep us once a key saw who chooses was it was nothing about himself anymore. It was all about other people and about Jesus. That's what made Jesus happy. That's what propelled him for his final days to see Jesus. That is our goal. John. Also recognized that when he starts in John one fourteen. THE SON The Word became flesh. And we saw his glory. I believe he refers back to the Mount of Transfiguration. And I believe we can do the same thing in the Valley of the sun. We should see the Mount of the sun. You should see. Jesus in His Glory a little bit. Through a dog. We can see it right this morning. Let me finish. On the shaman quoting from another sermon. It's a sermon from a Baptist minister Dr Jerry violence nine hundred seventy six. He held that sermon in Alabama. It's called the risen Lord. And at the end of that sermon he told a story about a special home in Kentucky. It's a home for mentally disabled children. It's run by Christians and the people who run that home they thought we could do. Maybe a mini series about basic gospel truths. So they came together fought a little bit. What can be priests then. Those children who probably cannot even understand what we say. Let's try. So they did their many serious and imagine you would be a reporter coming to their place and asking them. Well how did it go. And the smile at you and say it was good. But did they understand anything. And they smile again and say yes they did it. What do you know they understand. C.Z.. You know. Well but but what did they understand. And they say that she is this will come back for why. Tell us how do you know they understood that she is would come back for them so they need you up to the windows. And they show you the windows and you recognize something. A lot of window shield the glasses. Where all of filled with finger brains of those children. Stood there. Longingly longingly looking up to see Jesus come back and the workers say Eves even in we have to go around and clean the window glasses because of these avidly looking children. They understood. So I wish for you and for me today. That tonight. And we go to bed. Jesus has to come to clean the windows of our heart. Because they're full of fingerprints of us who are standing there longingly waiting for Jesus to come back so that we could finally see His glory see him as he really is charmed the beloved decidable not only wrote the gospel of John I think he thought Jesus in His Glory also because the Book of Revelation requires that and I think. Sean has she says decider in his own heart. In his first a pistol. Chapter three. First two. He says something very interesting there. First chunk chapter three. Let me start the first one we close if that verse. See what grade Love The Father has leveraged on us. That we should be called the Children of God and that is what we are we are children of God. The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him. So we know Jesus did have friends says John here. Now we are children of God and what we will be has not yet been made known but we know that when Christ appears we shall be like him. For. And this is the reason why we will be like him. For we shelve see him as he is by beholding we will be changed. It's right for prayer a lot thank you. That we can behold you. We know it's through a dog Nero. But what we can see in your word in the lives of your followers is already giving us a glimpse of your glory. And it is wonderful. We confess we have seen nothing like this so far. But we also know when we will see you when you come back and we will look into your face. We know that the things on this earth will grow strangely dim in the light of your glory. And your grace the births of a blind woman a blind songwriter. To your own your eyes upon Jesus. Look full in his wonderful face Lord make you wish make you a last plea has not yet been fulfilled our hearts to fire to day. We want to see you. So just appropriate to finish with the roots of joy and you said I will come to this media which produced my audio for having his name and services and industry. If you would like to learn more about. Please visit. Yes I missed or if you would like to this free line service. Please visit.


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