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Part 2: Finding the Will of God Through Prayer

Pavel Goia
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Pavel Goia

Pastor of the Lexington, KY Seventh-day Adventist Church




  • August 5, 2016
    10:45 AM
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Father again we come in your presence and thank you so much for the privilege of being able to pray and open the ward and be filled with your presence today Father we pray that you will be the one to speak and to touch and to transform and we pray that we focus so much on you to the point that we allow you to warp into us for Your glory in Jesus' name amen. So I give you about ten minutes for questions and answers from yesterday we talked a lot about prayer and about how to. Have a close relationship with Christ there to not be one day alone but to be an on going lifestyle or a process. I want to remind you. Prayer is not an event in a crisis. Praise the breath of the sort you don't brief crisis you brief twenty four seven prayer should be a lifestyle or any way the questions from yesterday. OK day. Yes I think the same thing over and over that he said there we. Let me repeat the question for everybody. I said that we should not repeat again and again and again and again and again the same once but she says in the same time Jesus gave the example of the widow that because of her persistence got justice is it clear. So how do you do. I want you to realize that when Jesus says pray we thought. Jesus doesn't say that he. Beat the same request wait don't seizing but he's referring to having a relationship of connection with God That should be twenty four seven. Based on John fifteen Jesus says I am the vine you are the branches. For me. You can do nothing. Based on that we should be going to God all the time but that doesn't mean Lord. I want my son you know Malinda would you please do it. Lord I want my son you know body into and then you fast and you do whatever to convience got to answer your prayers. Government have a different plan. And you may want to say like Jesus in the garden. Lord I would like my son to be a low volume that wonderful school. However mate your own will be done I will accept you follow me. You may want to accept God's plan that is better than your plan and that if you knew the end from the beginning you would choose the same path and therefore let God be God. So many times in prayer. We go to God and try to convince him to do our will is that of going to God and ask him to make us available to his will listen carefully to what they say next is going to be difficult. Pray for us to pray before you pay for what you pray. I know you didn't get it. I'm going to say it slow know. Pray for what to pray. Before you pray for what you pray. Basically accord your prayer with God's will. So when you say maybe you will be done means don't use it as a formula but mean it and give God a chance to do His will and use those spending time to seek. An answer that is a specific answer. And you've got doesn't seem to answer. What is an answer. If you don't get what you want you get the Scottish to loose faith you would rather seek God's presence to the point that you know that you are with God and what they would he. Answers. You may not understand but you have peace. You'll never be great if you go that route. Therefore going out to your own question when Jesus gives an example talking about how we don't. Jesus refers to a judge that was how did. Unjust. Thank you so much I appreciate that evil no shame for people. No fear of God You remember what I want to see judge we think it's that king of all God No God is not that way that Judge was a corrupt judge and uses even in that situation because she was persistent she got the National Mall over your father knows if you remember the context. Your father knows your needs. He takes care of the flowers he take you to any muscular take it off you. So he says I tell you that you'll do just is how. Speedily quickly. And then Jesus says Do not repeat the same order. Do not bother the Lord. They're the same ones look. Before Jesus doesn't say do like the we don't but it's a lesson by contrast in that bets you do Asian shoe on in GOT situation no need God is not going up. Did he want to answer before you want to play. Therefore you don't need to repeat the same order to present you to Lord if you would take it off you. So pray without ceasing doesn't refer to question got to do with until you get what you want. It means have a connection with God we dose using a different question. Yes this prevailing prayer. What. Yes. But assistant prevailing prayer prayer. Again I don't know we got so used to pray for our needs. I am not saying that he's wrong. We should cast our needs upon him. The problem we have is that we just want to talk to God about needs and the more you talk about needs and the more you focus on needs and scenes and problems. The more desperate you get. I don't see a place in the Bible where you should. It says that we should focus on problems but he in fact we should focus on Christ feet upon Jesus. Therefore in prayer don't spend time being prevailing talking about needs but after you present your needs and give them to God Give them to God you know what that means. Lead them there and then be prevailing in a way that you seek His will you seek to know him through Genesis from Genesis to Revelation all Bible people old beat characters they have known God you need to have a relationship with God that you should be prevailing to the point that you allow God to transform you that you fill in that so God could use you and you always are open to his reading for instance. I am going to a church I had a board meeting. I prayed and I said Lord I don't want to be so focused with my board that I am blind to people around me. Therefore I want you to please impress me my mind open my eyes open my ears that I could sort of I could be a blessing. I want to be used. So as I was praying that way. My wife course and the wife says the puppy has that idea. Excuse my expression but that's what happens. We have a beautiful beautiful beauty. I mean just gorgeous King Charles Spaniel. It's a little dog very smart he loves me a lot. He sleeps around my head like a crown. When I go. To Sleep. He put a pall on my head I said Good you put your body here. He put it here as soon as I keep quiet for ten seconds he moves it back on my head my wife called me and says the body has that area. And he's going out of blood. I'm scared. So I put my head there that I said I would be a little late Go ahead. Don't know down in the poppy go to give it to drop the poppy and go to the board. My wife would not leave because her father had a stroke and she just got him back from hospital. So she had to stay with him we were afraid the puppy would die. I do the poppy trade of it get Guess what I paid for it for the poppy. Guess what does say you know my mind I heard you stopping for the Bobbie. And got put a fuck. That was a strange thought. Didn't you pray in the morning my presence with you. Yes and no must update all things work together. So I say Lord. I love this Poppy. But if all things go together for good. Would you do something good out of this. So you settle for what you want a problem. I focused on God I get rid of it. Guess what. Oh the AIDS on the needy the next are a long story short. He'll be OK we give you disputed Sundays whatever I'm not going to go into that area. I don't even know what to say much about that. What I'm going to say this. The vet says Oh you are dressed nice Mr boy I want to go. Well I have a board meeting. What type of meeting. What type of business. I'm a pastor was where you were negotiating here what happened to people when they die. Do you have an answer for us. I said oh my. Do I have an answer for you my answer may take a little longer than you want to listen you know so I said listen. That is good news. You know when people die. They don't suffer. And you said the fact you see I like to come on point but you know say that they go straight to heaven or they go straight to hell. You know. And he says and then I say Listen To be continued to all. I left. Pray the whole night when next they finished a Bible study. They said we have more questions. How is going to be the second coming up here or how is it OK next day for the next two weeks every day. The whole of it. Office three doctors five nurses and do ladies from The Office or listening and then I gave them the Ten Commandments D.V.D.'s and then I gave them. The prayers D.V.D.'s and then I gave them the revival D.V.D.'s and then I gave them my book and they all listened read watched and they all passed the D.V.D.'s from family to family and when he had evaluated they came to evangelism. Do you understand why the puppy was sick. So my point is very simple and very clear be put to use then you have to make yourself available. We are still. So focused on our life. That we forget that this life is short and you're not worth. And we need to be so corn a key to God to the point that he has more things or big things God can use us but it is about making yourself available through ending and getting to walk with God is not about all your problems. Let me say this is better to live got focused on you then you to focus on you and God promises that if you seek Him first. If you take it all together things give you the Troy you'll never be sorry. Another question. No more great when people have no questions. They either got everything or they got nothing but yes. No no we talk about you for a story. You said should I play continue for my children one time and that there are eight types of plants reading the Bible you will find it in my prayers to me not to go to Lexington is that. And your seat. One of them. I thought before about Beatty should play it now you talk about intercessory prayer. That's different story. You'll pray as long as you takes because as long as you pray it gives God opportunity to keep working. Therefore. You keep praying for them. So God would keep working with them but you don't pay for them that they get them great house you pray for their salvation that's intercessory prayer different story. OK one more question. I'm done with questions. I don't see any hand as good. Oh they're OK. So I don't know what to talk about. I've never seen so that's about you guys not about me and asking so. Listen surrendering is not the fighting to you. Fighting in your power. Struggling to get yourself a victory over a scene. When I was a kid I was not one hundred percent home. I I will. I just did pranks all the time. And one of them. I. No It's funny but I would catch freeze from my dog. And put a freeze in the tab. Would you take a shower and watch them trying to escape. And they would jump so high. Trust me I've been watching many freeze jumping and a double or so taller and all of them eventually gave up and died. Later I talk to my dad and I said I've been praying because I have too much energy and I get ideas. But although I get angry fast. I've been brave for patience and the more I pray for patience. The more I lose my patience. And I said I am relabeling in prayer and I am trying hard and I am fighting in prayer and my father said to me Who do you think you are to get over see Christ God on the cross. You don't fight darkness fighting darkness. You fight darkness. On the light called Jesus into your heart. That's the single hope you have as long as Jesus did say that he's out. They never leave together. I give them forty get what my father said so I said What do you mean and my father said Do you remember the phrase I said yep. How many of them escaped know on how hard they try really hard. That you fighting Satan. Do you get the picture instead of trying desperately to gain. We should hate seen. Under should fight scene but this is things we hate on the love scene in the same time and we want to change but we don't want to change. I don't know if you follow me. Therefore why you should hate sin and never desire to see you and fight against you don't spend your time fighting against seen or rather spend your time to pray study the Bible study dispute of prophecy. By God Every second in your life because the more of God You get the less of Satan you get. OK that's the last question. Let's start our subject. No for another reason but today a two o'clock my plane leaves. So imagine when we finish out the rapture. If OK. Before I start I always like to give stories. I'm going to give you an example of. Because many people come and talk to me about what can they do to get a church he vite I'm going to give you an example of one thing that we did in Lexington. I gave you one story yesterday. I'm going to give you another story today. We had a meeting. And I told them. Listen we need to meet together. Pray for the vision pray that the church together would have a creative vision that would come from God And I said do not plan. Because you may plan something extremely good. That may never bear fruit. Do not plan or other Lisp and I mean prayer that God would give us the vision because if he's got a vision he has God's blessing. So let's spend time together in prayer and then God would say I got to be there for you do that. Four times a year I got that either. So my house God blessed us with fifty acres property forest beautiful place we start the big big big bonfire. I love board fires. I'll leave you Lux's me anyway and got it then I go in my garden. I could talk about gardening for ever. I could teach you how to plant a tornado that you get food like you can count fifty tornadoes forty fifty at any time I have pictures on the plant and it keeps going and going and going. I go to church and I've been told majors and cucumber support them dead and people help themselves. I just love government. Anyway. So yeah. Don't get me started on that so. I have tomatoes for them. I had cucumber. I had promised. I had a brown spread for them. We had Utah ready they brought food. We had a bonfire. We got together we sang a song or two and then we started to pray. After that I told them clearly going to the forest and take a long walk to walk around the property takes you one hour and fifteen one hour and twenty minutes. Take a long walk and do not come back before God gives you the vision. We don't want to do our thing here. We want all to die. Live God be alive if you want to see devival here. You need to get God's vision and God's vision is big because God is big. You cannot settle for small things they are from you. They are not from God And sometimes God will give us more things but you need to make sure that they are from God. So I said go back. Pray when you have God's vision come back and they said fast are we won because things we always want but is not possible. What you hear here is not possible lack of faith you Scottish man is not possible as folks as far as I learn from my Bible God is not in vacation and God didn't die. And God did not change. Nothing is impossible to God Do you agree with me. Yes Even God give you the vision. God gives you the means God bless you go pray don't talk negative come back when got Actually they went and they came back in five minutes. They don't even have time to get to the garden or back. And I said OK and I became kind of sneaky and I said the right on a piece of paper to most important things that God told you they wrote I do the papers and they read only from a few papers. We want to start a church and die when finished in time we want to feel the part of contracts we want to. I threw the papers. I put them in the fire. And they said Pass or that post that was all of this young. Why would you want to meet I said because it's your vision. I want God's vision. And I said Do you love me. Yes I do love God yes go back in the forest. Don't get offended. I don't give you my vision. I don't want your vision go back a good God vision. I said before you come. You may surely God talks to you. You've got doesn't don't come back. Spend the night in the forest. They smiled and they said You see the fire. That's what goes. They love me so they can afford to do that. I was minding I was not rude. They went back in the forest one hour and hover later they started to come awfully quiet heads down. I thought oh something happened here. And you could see on data expression that you moved that they really prayed and by no after seven years of being together they are people of prayer. So they come back and that happened. Actually I said by now that happened three years ago. OK. Then they came back and they started to write. We want to have television. We want to have our own radio tower. We want to do so many evangelist year we want to do so many sending us. We want to do this on this on that or. Come on slow down best do much. That's still being I said we don't have the money we don't have the people just take one of the time or two and they look to me and they said Vaillant you say that should be God's vision. We prayed to God God vision you then just say that if it comes from God God will enable us and provide the means. Yes I did OK I said well it's too much. Well they accepted me because they love me so much and he took only two simple things to do and that's it. And they left kind of the Scottish usually day when they talk to me they leave. How to say energised not this time next day I was supposed to speak for the main prayer convention for the N.A.V. and we made their rookie Jacob Some call me to speak so I go there I fly to God and I speak and after I speak I go to my hotel room and I usually when I get in the room I start praying I got in the room. And I cannot pray I said something wrong here. I said Lord what these don't walk is because I have no peace. And after I finished praying with no answer. I took a cup of water put it on the this. Put my son form besides and opened the laptop to check my e-mail and by mistake. I had the cup and the cup spilled over the telephone and burned my telephone now you need to know something about me I am big I am picky and you tapes. The way put things in the room in the closet. I'm big I care for small things I care for big things I care for the vision. I don't think in O's more air force. I know it's a little exaggerated. I am kind and gracious to people. But slowly with love and care. We don't want compromise. So I never lost a key in my life I never lost a foreigner in my life my wife gets a cell phone and I should drop it and break it don't know it all and then she gets another one I think how you know when you break two phones. You know if you never break anything knows not so far. She would forget it outside in domain. You go back you spec fish in the California No I'm making. I'm just. So no I broke the foreigner. Do I go to looky looky can I borrow your phone to call my wife. What happened to your phone. I burned it. You drive. I did you put your ice. I did it doesn't even all OK. I think my phone call my wife she says hi Lucy. Oh is me is no duty. Why would you call me old would use phone. I burn my phone what I burn my phone are hot. Praise the Lord I said what she says. Finally you boast on me. So you would stop bothering me when I break something I thought OK OK OK Let's move on. Now let's not all of our lists talk about you I said you know let's was not talk about it. We talked a little I gave her the back of the phone. I go in my room and keep praying. Or cute to me it came into my mind you fight against me. You told them to pray for my vision. I gave them my vision and your post. I said a lot of this is would you please forgive me. And if you forgive me I will go back before the church and thus forgiveness because I neither should not be put out. You see politicians they never do anything wrong. They can only like that. I will go before the church and I will fix you. But I want you to forgive me and I want you to fix everything that I said no what they were came for me and I will post I want your help to fix it. As soon as I was reading to deepen my board and telephone started to ring and I mean it. It's up to you if you believe it or not I tell you the truth. It was the confidence and they said you know we thought about anyone. That got any kids to do canvassing every year in your church or no expense but because your church makes so much progress and is growing so fast we want them. What bit. It was one of the things that I hope we don't have the money we don't have so many people we know that are the. I got the canvassing done for free. I don't I finished ocular confidence and look to the telephone to say to call my wife hate you and that have almost off. So I look to the telephone and it's off and I try to turn it off and on and he's dead. There is no screen and while I look to the telephone. It's that is the meaning again. And he's the lady that I don't know she's not an Adventist and she says I am the director for the local cable T.V. charter over Lexington. There are two companies that cover Lexington. I am that you don't go to one of the two and she says we have three hours a week that we want to put spiritual programs to help them grow spiritually and she said. Every church that I tried. We don't like the programs I've been watching your programs online. For us we chatted between seven thousand and fourteen thousand on our war. It depends on the time of the day we offer you three hours a week for free. You heard it. What is the aim and coming hours a week for free. To reach over one hundred thirty thousand households. If that's not a venue and what is a venue. For free. And I'm like that's what I will post. And there was humbled and I got tears. And I look on the telephone. He's there. And he starts ringing again. And the guy says I am so and so in the next church close to Lexington. We have a small group they don't have the power or the vision but God put in my heart to start the radio. I'm going to donate the rule that utilities make a contract with your church and give you a big check if you're going to start the radio station. All of I cannot take it anymore. You still watch. Yes we're doing it he says you know it. I said. Absolutely. We'll do it. We've got the radio I talked to my church I said this is what happened. This is how much we got we need another twenty three twenty three thousand dollars. I give you three months to raise the raise the money. I told the church I said listen I had no I confessed I said I had no peace. I asked forgiveness and what they were you said folks. It was from God and God gave it back to us. Oh the church loves me one more after I call this. Anyway so I gave them three months to raise their money. Few weeks later we had fifty seven thousand six hundred wimpy Poor see the vision comes from God People have no problem to support it. Is not me. Convenes in them. It is the Holy Spirit working. That's what we need. So we got the money we got the room. We got so many things we send the papers to F.C.C. to get approved for a to have a radio station to have a frequency. So we got a letter back from F.C.C. that there are four frequencies available in Lexington sixteen different the situation competing for the hall. Now would you give it and they said it's a scale. The more you have the more chances you have from those sixteen institutions. We are the last one boy. We've got two points and everybody else had Phone five up so we lost and four out of the sixteen got the four frequencies. And the others had to drop. So my board says that we thought it was from God but it obviously we were wrong. I said no that's not the disciples said about Jesus way he died on the cross. We thought he was Messiah. When do you see it in the Bible that God says something and you don't face challenge when God says if. Say that he's going to fight it. Therefore you don't give up. You educate when you leave Egypt you get to the Red Sea. You don't scream you pray and you put your foot. You know what are so we are not going to give up or passed on this is the government is the law. You see the law says that if you want Egypt if you cannot apply again for ten years. Forget radio. So no no no no no no let's pray but but you know. We got so negative. I don't care. Let's pray my God is above the government. We should respect the government but he got said have radio. We have radio. So how do you propose. Let's pray on oh yeah we can pray but it says here that you need to would we do all your application take your application back. No leave you there. After we need to get the applications that you know leave you there. OK. That was June we keep praying July August September October. People started to kind of Scottish I said hey don't give up. Or how don't you pray. As long as you take the life long. And you said what fifteenth. We got the letter from the government. We apologize. Our machines could detect four frequencies in Lexington. But we discovered there are five. There are other people that had more points then you they would have got the feet but because all dopy cases are gone they would do it up to Keisha's you have the senior application here so by default you get the fifth place. Everything that they visioned everything we've got. Folks if you want to see something happening in the church. You don't criticize you know stuff I think you start praying. And inviting people you don't need to hold just being sure would love to have the whole church but if you wait for the whole church. It's not going to happen. You get people who are left pray in a plane. Not ducking praying and the more you pray. The more God people you and the more God could work with the church. That's how you win the battle. OK. OK enough with stories. Let's get right to go to the sort of one even not we never get home you know you ignore me. So. When we don't have time. OK OK. So I promised you yesterday to talk a little about how to prepare for the second coming. I would do my best. Listen folks you need to really put your seat belts because I will do my best to go quick and touch already been important points in the ceremony because you don't have time. It's a forty five minute ceremony and you have thirty minutes time. OK. So we were really go fast. OK. So the Bible says there go forth to the lost sheep of Israel. Why. Why would we have to prepare for the second coming. Going first to the church. If you remember in the battle were the very Jews who were all sleeping and how could you prepare the ward. If the church is not prepared. Why the church is ukes trimly good. We need to experience it. He viable is the greatest possible need. It's an imagined city we need to experience revival. Well. What do you preach when you want to wake up the church. You say the kingdom is at hand. You that he's governing you starting to wake up. Jesus is coming you starting to get busy praying under King OK so I'm going to start a discourse they should before we go into the subject by the sleeping disciple a. Sleeping church one the day of God visitation is not. If you style of clouds down is one to be found asleep is lost but it was second testimony to all five crises at the door. Man and women in the last hours of probation and yet get a lesson for you. That's a hard. Out far enough to just have no power to arouse them. They are asleep themselves sleeping when you start preaching to sleeping people but workers want to you. One that's it that's what they should know you may not love me anymore. That's good because you don't hold me back. So I wish they were home or my wife. Listen folks we are all in need of revival. Would you agree. This is not to be critical of anybody would you agree that we need a vibrant. How do we experience that just ducky much you're doing for I'm twenty five about that you structure of Jerusalem sign of the end and then he talks about favorite sort of and it a member and then he gives that then bridges the talents that are and then he talks about where he comes. He's going to say to the lights and he's going to say to the left calm because I was naked and I was poor and I was thirsty and I was hungry you remember and I was in prison. You remember the story. I will not spend time to tell those stories and Jesus. Beat various demo how to prepare for the second coming. Giving them the paragraphs and saying in all that our bus the doorway you prepare you pay and you watch and you sort of and you're sort of and you're sort of and you sort of and you're sort of and you don't prepare by sleeping or the nothing you prepare by working. When you get a nice picture in your business you prepare by working. Oh I am waiting. You don't wait wait. Can you wait by sort of thing and you know that you follow me. OK. Or three but I was told the do not sort of lost. So let's go JESUS you scanning how people praying. And sort of you. Now listen carefully. Are you ready. If not today then when. Let me give you a quick story. I was in second grade I would walk to school or. When I would walk to school there was a guy by I am sending your ice cream. I know you're not healthy. But if you invite me to start your ice cream. I come. It's extremely good. I mean easy extruding really good. I already have water in my mouth. And the guy would scream loud today. You pay to model for free. Or I was young and stupid. I believed him. I paid and I went next day I won my free ice cream. He said son to date you paid a lot only for free. I said but I came yesterday. Oh we don't talk yesterday yesterday's gun. I said but today should model. He said no today is today. Yes but you still owe for yesterday he said we don't talk yesterday. Today you pay. When he had a point I paid and I came next day determined to get my free ice cream. I said Can I have you know today you pay. Well when you tell all he said son tomorrow never comes. Why would do you think that if we don't get it ready today. We'll get ready tomorrow. Why would you want to play with the Holy Spirit and hear someone after sermon after the storm and after sermon and not give it to you today. And then the impression goes away and they become cooler and cooler less sensitive to the Holy Spirit. If we don't change today we are not going to change the model. When the Holy Spirit would embrace you then you need to get down and pray and say Lord I want you. I cannot do it. Do I care what he takes Would you please what you need. I give you permission. And then when tribes come don't go and I don't like to solve them because God is as good in your prayer. God is changing. You don't try to fix what God sent because they work is like a school they want to prepare you for what you pray to feel so what will you be doing in that day when Jesus comes. Do you know what I am going to I am a prophet. I'm getting I'm not but now I'm going to play the role of a prophet. I'm just kidding I hope you know that I'm going to tell you exactly what you'll be doing when Jesus comes you know what exactly what you do today. And that's going to do to model and you will be next day or next week and it becomes a hobby and you wake up and you say a quick prayer. Hopefully a longer prayer and you eat and you go to work and you come from north and get home and take a shower. And eat supper. And watching us and then say a quick prayer and go to sleep and that's what you know if I don't me and you becomes a hobby and you become you will. And if you don't change. Now after ten years of doing every day. That's what you think is a lot of money. And my saying quit your jobs. No. I am saying that if we don't make God a priority today. If we don't make prayer a priority today. If we don't make serving a priority queue today will not have time to a lot of you were never have time you need to make time when you want to do something you make time for it. Do follow. So that's what you would be doing then when the time comes when you hear the words he is on just let he who is beauty let him if you and so on. You know divorce. So there is a time before Jesus comes when the Globe or probation or close. When that day comes you'll do exactly what you do today. Today is that I'm with salvation. To day. If you hear his voice. Let me explain something here. We have and listen carefully. A tendency to think that we only see prophecies being fulfilled and we see the great cast refuse happening on the should those being miracles happening and we see the great awakening and we see this and that then we are change. No we are wrong for many reasons. Let me explain why things are like the birth labor birth labor doesn't come and you give birth it comes small. And then gradually increases and then gradually increases this same with catastrophic and science is not zero earthquakes and then two thousand a weeks a day. As you know tornadoes and then five hundred tornadoes a year. It is zero and then one and then and then twenty and you get used to gradually grows and you learn to live with bad economy and you learn to live with their bodies and you learn to live with get us trophies and you get so used that is no news for you. And so we don't see the signs happening because they happen gradually and Jesus says if they don't change because it is written. They are not changed even you base your mythical. I mean they so long as I was elected and they try to kill him. Therefore don't wait for big things or for me to change change today. Because it's a matter of hardening the heart getting insensitive to God's voice you follow me. OK so let's move on. Jesus is going to be like in no wise way. Unlike a lot of Sodom and Gomorrah. They don't do things how it would be. When Jesus comes. Like he no one. Unlike in laws they you know but. OK. How was it you know was they. How was if you know as they what the Bible you very clear. I'm not going to spend time here I'm going to jump over you. We don't have time date is it good or bad to eat is God. Call me when you have green beans. Is it good to get married. I am blessed to have one of the best families my wife is extremely supportive and loving is just as she gives me good advice and she prays with me and is good to be that you know OK. For those that have a good marriage. Hopefully hopefully all of us. It isn't that they want to be are doing they were the God of the was wrong to build the house. Nothing at all. There was the problem. They were too busy with that you get so much in bondage to walk and do what you do that you don't see things happening around because God should come first. So. Surely probation will come to a close on that they will be no more change. However no one will know that on that they would be business as usual or the thing you know now are the things you were doing then. How was it you know as they listened carefully. But here are some prophets ninety five. They were all bad people and that is the reason the last that's what he says no no not all. I don't want us there are many professed Christians worship us all God. Many of them she says help human being in the UK many of them went to church when you can meeting aid. Did no good stuff and sang in the choir and dots about scoring. Many of them but by cost them three. Procrustean aging for tomorrow too. A lot of time to play to morrow I'll have time to study Bastille next year I would accept to sort of buy cause found rejection they became blind they manufacture content for the warning of God by doing just as they have done the day before. They heard of them being hearts by but a sieve. But assistant. Now listen I want you to think about you for a second because it is in a way it is a little funny. It was crazy this pastor called Noah from that conference go to his church and says let's build an ark and they say what is an arc. Well it's a kind of a boat. OK what is a boat like a it's a construction that floats on the water. What water or it is going to rain. What is rain you follow me. Or way of God said it's going to rain and what is going to be flood where all over how much above mountains are you crazy. You get the point if you live in those days. And what should be dark on the top of the mountain when it doesn't want to go down. Why would he be dark up doesn't make any sense and he called a board and they say our pastor ate too much last night the sun issues they call the confidence when you pray for him. You don't. When you follow God sometimes not everybody would understand. Because you need a lot of connection of God to hear God's plan. And therefore know why you don't fight them but he kept building and there were people who were convicted and they kept building but this is what happened. I want you to think about it in the last moment. God praised the animals to come and enter the ark. If you were there and you see them coming alone lions and giraffes and all the animals two by two and seven by seven and so on and so forth. If you see them coming. Isn't that a bee. Miracle a big sign. Now they have been watching him between the ark for a day for a week for a month. They got used it. You didn't have any more. They got tired of the settlers. So when they see that the new most cunning They see why this is a miracle. Let's get into a dark day here. How many of them and that are dark. Let me ask you a different question. Eight. Isn't there for you no deed that God would do and say you are good. Gone. You are bad stay out. How many would have entered he sent carefully. Everybody would have entered the ark. Nobody would be lost because you are not so good. But because of the beauty is not that they didn't enter the are because your great seniors are nothing. We should be US is no that they didn't enter the ark because they didn't I don't know sort of want to. That is because they believe because they broke us in a few and they got used and when the ark when the new most came they said wow this is amazing. Wow we got the and let's pray. Should we enter let's pray about it. Want to play about. When God says Be it don't pray about you do it. Should be keeps about. Oh let's pray about it that God told you to keep sutta God says enter into oh. You know this is moving. Oh let's have a board meeting and talk about it. There have three songs and pray about it. We go home. We think about it on the end that tomorrow. There is no tomorrow. If you don't enter now you're. Not end of the model. Even if you see another doctor to model medical don't change hearts. So they saw the Imus coming and they still don't. And when the goat under rain comes when crises come then people pray don't rain crises pray all the time. You know that you should not bring in crisis. It is that you need to pray before. But Move On. You know what mountain This used to be. Oh you should know the mountain. Exactly. St Helen in what state. Now listen washing washing washing. Now Lisa. This is what happens may eighteen nineteen eighty and then look the mountain top of the mountain is missing the star cuts trying to run away from the get the fifty two people who are caught trying to run away. They want warnings and warnings and warn us and warnings and warnings and earthquakes and you. But if weeks. And first are we. We've got to move earthquakes. Oh we move tomorrow earth week after twenty earthquakes. They got years and then Harry Truman you remember here. This is the left over here you do man says boy. There is eleven miles between me and the mountain a lot of forest. I've been to this house. I am not going to move from here. Nothing will touch me. We have seen earthquakes before he secured a three hundred feet under the ground. If you wait for the end time events to change while going to hop on. Belanger you remember the story of ALA. They come in they say come and go to the people. And God told him that night do not go with them because I bless that beautiful you remember the story. You read it carefully. God told him that night. Why did you tell him. Let me pray about you. Do you see what we do we. Many times. Try to verify God we try to pray in no way don't we call means God to bless our plans and to let us do what we want and get his blessing in what we want instead of praying to seek not to seek God's approval for our plan but to seek His will. And to help to ask him to help us change our mind. OK So bailout said Oh Lord please let me go and got to know you go. They left they came back off what he more or let me pray about it many times we use bias towards me pray to actually hide our plans and desires. And he prayed again he prayed again he prayed again. Sure got to respect our choice. So got it. OK go Oh good lord. If you let me go. I promise I will be really. If you want me to obey why do you go you know invited you don't go. If you don't obey Now why do you think you are going to be tomorrow. So he goes. The donkey says that Injun that's strange people don't. Says that and the donkey stops he gets angry the donkey second time sees the end and gets his food between the donkey and the rock. He gets and you would have done. The donkeys used to enjoy for a time and go down. Over the past. Oh yes and he beats the donkey. Now listen carefully. This is the strangest part the donkey dogs. And he. He doesn't say Oh imagine if you see your dog talking to you even imagine. This is his donkey talking to him he does it praise the Lord. These are made up out on our own he argues little donkey. Can you believe it. When you insist when we insist you know all the ways we become blind. No need acknowledge impress us. He argues with the donkey. And the enter shows up and says leave the donkey yellow. The old you'll go to bed Edition new or die down around us all in you go all over you die you will not obey me now. Do you think I'm going to obey me then. Folks if we don't change today. No miracle to change us because we become list unless you give we become focused. You don't have to kill people and steal and cheat and we become so focused on you know same things job and these and that and we never have time for God Therefore he says today. Don't focus about how you get victory. Don't focus about how you get saved focus on prayer let God take you off your salvation. He is able to finish what he started and focus on prayer focus on study focus on service God's will finish what he started. God is able to say the least one does not of your business focus on prayer you do today. What God gave you to do today. You follow me. So but the other Listen. So let's move on. I'm trying to finish I'm trying to finish here. Paul and a group of you remember you almost persuaded me. That's how we view my oh I was almost there. Almost is not good enough or must you know and use not ever. This is then generous are legion you feel good that you go to church you feel good that you keep Sabbath you feel good that you go to county things you feel good that you don't fight you feel good. But you don't have if you don't have a prayer life is not there. So how was it your lot Stein the outcry so great that they've seen you know I'm going to go down and see God did they need to go down or. God knew exactly what was going on. God even you Abraham's been a mission to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. God wanted Abraham to intercede for their. I'm not going to go to the next ten minutes and backing about what happened there. They invest the judgment because we have no time. But I would talk about salvation there. Listen listen carefully lot gets the stranger into his house. The people the neighbors people that he worked with. Oh gee me my nickname but he's agreed guy he most of the grass for me. All matey. My neighbor in there. I say she is wonderful. She has two kids they play together with our kids people around. Well not all bad people. But when people come and say let us sleep with those strangers a lot says No those good people got angry. What do you think you are people that you don't expect they get against you. So then the N.G.O.'s hits them with blindness. Now if one of them are blind you say oh you help and bought one or fifty one hundred two and it skewed me all of them are blind. That's I mean after what they should if they were all this is God's hand the day deepens. Now they started. Let's find I don't know miracle would impress people that are set in certain ways. So the engine has them with blindness and there is a lot. Go get your family get out. I am going to destroy the city. A lot says in the Bible that he broke last few natives. And so lots talk to mom a lot mom a lot. What you do to hey honey we have we got from the last week to camels top of the line. I mean they have G.P.S. they have you know send out in the bomb but today we got two wonderful counters and we we have payments to those cameras and we got this wonderful house and we have payments and I got the good job. You got a good job and we have the kids. He was in hospital shores of the city hall. We only can I just need everything and go. Let's watch C.N.N. and see what's happening. They turn on C.N.N.. Nothing is just a regular business. Let's watch the Weather Channel. Oh nothing. How do you imagine is going to rain with fire. Are you crazy. I mean maybe a thunderstorm a tornado is not so bad. Let's listen honey less lets people and let's pray about it and you decide tomorrow. What to play when God told you get out so he goes to his daughter. Hey honey. Then just said so and so that we would pray about you and your doctor model. He goes to his other daughter. Oh my my husband is on call. He's at the hospital where he comes home. We'll talk about. None of them want you to leave he comes back and this is what gets me. This is what gets me. Listen a lot would have preserved his family. If he made his home outside the city. Listen a little distance away from this. Not an Abraham walk to the got yet you know leaving the city. Of violence and we got us as a venue seven. I'm not saying that we should all move outside. But I am saying that we should pray because you've got says move. Don't get too stuck with your house if you pray about it. God says Wolf that he's going to help you sell the house and he's going to get your house twenty miles outside where you can have to leave their piece and that if their gardener. All I cannot pass on I'm five minutes from the water to just the thing you haven't got has a time for everything you should not be connected. You should not be attached to things things are going to book you need to be attached to God and your family and to the church you fighting to the people not to believe you have the things will not go to heaven. You really need to be praying about things you should not go ahead of God but you will go behind God but you need to have that type of connection to here when God says out you follow me. Because if you don't get out when God says get out. You're basically in this brutal prophecy to give you exactly when he wanted the signs the economy and so on and the son they will you give you when to move from the big cities when to move from those more cities. How many of us talk about that anymore. Why because we got so used with our jobs and our homes and our cars and our emotes you follow me. So let's not go too much on this let's move on. I just gave you a little to think about. As long as God you power to speak. I shall call you to say leave the C.D.'s get into the country believe us who are now do you know if you were shown have to move to the county that they may save the children in the end just over them with blindness. They were so focused on the desire. Yes blinds and waste the day deed not change. Now what happened. And if we focus too much on here or no on the procrastinate. We're loose focus on there and there will harden our hearts and become sensitive to god school will become blind and then nothing will change us. Now listen to the Bible of us Genesis nineteen one sixteen. Why you. He named God what did he do. That's not the dog. About spiritual things about prayer about every stick in spiritual life. That's what do you do while he leaned on God you so gracious folks that is so gracious God is so good. Even you see something in us and God will walk with you. Do not wonder how will you overcome. How are you going to serve. How are you going to change how are you going to move do not ask questions. God will walk with you when you give him permission. Don't worry about the means warn you about going to him and. God needs commune that everything else you are taking of you while he leaned out of the men took hold of his head in God or you take you by the head and the hands of his two daughters and the Lord be modestly full to him to him. Oh what a god he has. If you've got the nation to work. He is going to take you by hand he's going to get your dad have a corn actually got those started to model start today. Don't look for me to look for the laces you need our clothes are great but if they don't come what are you going to do get discarded. So for your treasure to use there your heart to be. A lot looked back and said Honey. What's going to happen to our house and our cars and she lost whatever you try to save you lose and what they will do already to lose. That's what you say we need to learn to listen to seek God first and to trust in forty and you cannot trust a stranger. You need to spend enough time with got to know him in order to trust you. Unless you know him you will not trust him to be able to turn over back to the house and say no. God said move. I move you will wonder you will warty But if you have any later sheep and you have been walking with God where he says more you do like Abraham you don't wonder what was going to happen. You trust that God is able and he cares. And he will take it off you. Unless you have that type of relationship you don't have that type of trust you thought only God provided for and I judge he provided for you that I mean regardless he want to get your he spots your order he's enjoys to protect you. Why did him but it will be secure. You should not warning about these things when you already we say we have a small god or you say we have no delay ship with him. We need to have a peace that with a better human understanding what they will be go through and that comes from a relationship that he's dating later. Not from brain want to have a need but for the pain because we want to know him. So let's finish. Let not your heart be troubled. Believe me that's the key. OK. Oh Father in heaven. We have to cover a lot in very short a time but it is not what we cover that makes a difference. It is your spirit that makes all the difference. So we pray that your speech would feel our hearts. To the point. We stop. Needs with you and trust that you are produced by audio services and industry. If you would like to learn.


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