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How to Distribute 1,000,000 Tracts in 7 Days

Nelson Ernst
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GLOW mission trip participants distributed 1,000,000 tracts during Pope Francis’ recent visit to Philadelphia.  They then traveled to San Francisco and shared an additional 1,000,000 tracts during super Bowl 50.  The next destination is Salt Lake City and other mission trips are being planned to various locations around the globe.  Hear stories


Nelson Ernst

Literature evangelist with GLOW




  • August 5, 2016
    10:45 AM
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Father in heaven. Thank you so much that we can come together on this beautiful day in Arizona. We pray Lord that you would send your spirit to be here and Lord that as a ripple effect of our time together this morning. That thousands of people tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people would hear about the three Angels' messages through small literature. Lord we pray for those who are here those who are coming. We pray for those who will hear this presentation. Later through audio verse Lord that you would speak to them and that your work might be uplifted and. We ask for these things in your son's name Amen. OK great. Well glad that you are all ready to make it today. I don't know if you're staying in the local hotel here but. We are at a a air B. and B. house that we rented that's about three miles away and the rain was so heavy this morning that it was we had to drive slow on some of the streets so that the tires wouldn't kick the water up into our engine and we'd have problems. I was hoping that you know we would make it here this morning. But you all probably just walked over from the hotel right no problem. So. Well my name's Nelson for those of you who haven't looked at the seminar presenter and I work for the Pacific Union as a director of a ministry called glow and I'm assuming that most of you who are here have already passed out some kind of literature before perhaps glow tracks and maybe some of you hear of heard about the mission trips that we've been doing recently with glow and that's what I'm going to spend the majority of our time talking about this morning is is some of the awesome stories that come out of the mission ships that we've been doing and also how we all can get involved in not just doing joining the mission ships but also putting together mission trips too because it's a relatively easy thing to do. So but to start with. I wanted to show you something. This is a picture of the world churches map. You could say and how they divide up the world church into the thirteen divisions and you can see the different colors there and even on the bottom and it breaks down the names of the different divisions so. Just a quick update on some progress Glo is a is a program that started literally in a renovated garage in two thousand and seven and God has just been pushing and pushing and pushing it forward and opening up doors and we're just trying to keep pace with what God's doing. And now. Now we're to the point where we're going in and the various divisions of the world church are interested in starting the program. So we've been flying to a lot of the different divisions and talking with the administration including my brother here. Vincent some a something. Vincent. Coming from the West African division all the way to day's flight to get here and we've been enjoying working with them and the divisions are signing contracts to work using glow tracks and we're also working with the General Conference on doing an initiative that hopefully will be kicking off in two thousand and seventeen to encourage the world church to distribute one billion tracks one billion with a B. So that's something to pray for. Because a billion is a big number but really if you think about it. Number wise it's actually quite easy. If only half of the church membership passes out just one packet of glow. We almost have a billion tracks just with that. And so you know the hard thing is just going to be spreading the message and talking to people about it and getting people into it and we're also going to be developing an app to go along with it. So when you pass out the tracks you can report your numbers and you can see a global tally. Of all the people across the globe who are passing out literature and it's just something we're really excited about and you guys can I just keep an eye out for that. I also want to just point your direction over here to my friend. Camille Metz raise your hand. This is Camille. If you folks here have any questions in regards to international work with Glo maybe you want some tracks in different languages. Maybe you're traveling to a different country and you need some tracks in a different language. Camille Metz is the man to talk to. He is our international coordinator for glow and he's based out of the office over there in Lansing Michigan and we're just excited to have him working with us. He's going to take off in a few minutes here. Yes to head back but he's been doing a powerful work in God's been using him. So just keep on going here. We're working with the various divisions and I want to tell you before I move on from this picture. I want to tell you one story about how God is working with these divisions OK. So recently the enter American division which is Mexico down to just above Brazil that orange section on the map. We were invited to go and present glow for two hours at their personal ministries advisory meetings just a couple months ago. And so we had the personal ministries directors for all the unions there and after we got done giving our presentation and I'm happy that we had two hours because we had to be translated into Spanish so we needed all the time we could get. After we were done with our presentation they were very excited about getting their church members involved in passing out literature but God wasn't satisfied I suppose so. After the presentation was done I was sitting in the back of this meeting room and I get a call on my cell phone from a person that it doesn't tell who it is it's just the number and I'm telling you I never answer those phone calls. If I don't know who it is. I just let them leave a message but for some reason my finger moved over and I pressed the answer but and and I answer the phone and and and this man is talking to me on the phone and he says Yes I I received some of your literature blah blah blah blah blah and he keeps on going and all the sun it dawns on me that something something. Some fluke. Happened in the routing system for our globe tracks and this is an actual non advantage to got one of our glow tracks and he's calling my cell phone number and he's telling me. What happened and you know we have a one eight hundred number for the North American division tracks where people punch in the state that they are from when they get a tract when they call in for bible studies they punch in the state and then it routes them to the appropriate conference office to help them with Bible studies. Well for some reason there's a fluke in this guy's calling me and and you know the last time I answered one of those calls was when I first started this program like years ago and I'm thinking man I don't know how to do this you know so. So anyway I just listen to what he says and come to find out this man he told me the three tracks that he received he told me in titles. He had just ordered a garage door opener from Amazon and when the package came through Amazon. He opened up the package and there were these three glow tracks somebody stuck them into an Amazon package when they shipped out their garage door opener. Either that or the Amazon delivery guy or whatever you know U.P.S. stuck it in there who knows the point is he wasn't upset about it all. He was actually calling because he really liked it and this was a man who is a he was a chaplain. In an evangelical church and he oversees a group of men. That he studies with and he was calling in to order twelve Bible studies. Separate Bible studies so that he could begin giving Bible studies to these men's to these men with that. You know free offer that we have in the back of the tracks and so you know I was blown away with this and I was like Yeah sure we can help you with that and then I even told him I said you know what this is actually not supposed to come to me I didn't tell him that I was a director of the program or anything but I said you know this is my cell phone and and this is funny that this happened right now. And anyway we kind of laughed about it and then we prayed together and he signed up for twelve Bible studies and as soon as I was off of that call you know what I did I went right back into that meeting. Room where all the intermarriage can division personal ministries directors were and I was able to share with them a few read testimony right out of the oven. You know what I mean and I'm telling you it just brought up the interest level that much more so that's just one example of what God is doing you know in these various divisions it's very obvious that he wants his people to get into the habit of putting literature in their pockets and carrying it with them wherever they go people in all these different divisions can get involved in something this simple. So I want to share with you a few quotes OK just to two quotes these are some of my favorites from Ellen White on this topic. This is one where she says Let every seventh day adventist ask himself what can I do to proclaim the third angel's message. It is to be proclaimed every nation kindred tongue and people how are we to get it she answers by saying the distribution of our literature is one means by which the message is to be proclaimed going on. She says Let every believer scatter broadcast tracts and leaflets and books containing the message for this time. None can estimate the influence that even a horn page containing the truth of the third angel's message may have upon the heart of some seeker after truth. Can you imagine that sometimes you see a tract on the ground and you think oh what a waste. Actually it's not a waste. We actually have we have people calling in on a regular basis who receive literature that they find on the ground and they read it. We had two stories that are similar to this that illustrate this quote she says that we can't estimate the influence of a even a torn page of our literature. We haven't had people calling in because they've gotten torn tracks and they've read it but we've had two stories come to us where the tracks have been on the ground or outside somewhere and the rain has come and they've gotten wet and the people have walked by They've picked it up and the only thing that they were able to discern on the tract was the contact information on the back. They didn't even read the content and they called the phone number on the back to us in California and they signed up for bible studies we had one when that was on that was. Placed by administering a drinking fountain I think it will mark. I mean you know you think that's a good place to put it but the problem is that we don't have waterproof tracks. So some water from the drinking fountain got on that track. It's soaked it. It was very hard to understand but upon another person came by they picked it up and they called the contact information on the back and signed up for bible studies anyway that ended up turning into a Bible study where one of our Bible workers was was interjected or inserted into a bible study that was already happening with a group of evangelicals and they were able to help lead that study with our Bible study information because they found a tract on a drinking fountain that was messed up from water by the way. This reminds me. We are in the process now of developing a waterproof glow tracks. I'm not joking. We're working with Pacific Crest right now to develop waterproof tracks when I first called specific press and I said hey this is what we want to do They were like they took it back to their to their department that deals with those kind of things and the department says they don't even make paper like that and I said yeah they do they have to because somebody just came into the office and they showed me a waterproof Bible. You know I know they do and so they did some more research and lo and behold Of course they do have such kind of paper and we're just hopefully a couple of weeks here they're going to be giving us a sample of a glow track that should be waterproof and if it if it turns out just right we're going to it was available for sale think of the possibilities. Now you can pass the glow tracks to those people you know when you go through the automatic car wash. You know in your cars when they're scrub and you're drawn you off at the end roll down your window you go track no problem. Next time you're snorkeling or surfing over in the Bahamas or Hawaii. You can still go tracks in your little you know if you're someone who has a pocket right. Hopefully be wearing a swimsuit that's really you know modest and has pockets all over. And then you can get a glow tracks there or even more a political Many people live in places where it snows a lot right. Well. We tell people that you need to put glow tracks on car doors when you go into the stores but the problem is if there's snow all over that car and then the snow melts a little bit. You're going to mess up your tracks. Well perfect get some good tracks that are waterproof so I'm waiting for the day when I'm totally going off on a tangent here but I'm waiting for the day when. When I'm going to hear a story from somebody who passed out a glow tracked while they were snorkeling or while they were scuba diving in fact I actually will be even better is when somebody calls in for bible studies because they said I was I was scuba diving and I came around the corner of this coral reef and this other snorkel or a scuba diver came up and gave me something. Would that be amazing. I'm just waiting for that day I mean we get we get we find that we hear stories of people find tracks all over the place we got a person who found who signed up for bible studies because they found a tract when they were in solitary confinement. We've had we've had a check come to the office for from the Jesuit society. For payments of tracks to go to a certain jail. We've had tracks. Be found in people's bathrooms their personal home bathrooms and they have no idea how we got there. We've had tracks end up in people's Bibles. I have two stories of tracks where people found them in either their own Bible and they have no idea how it got there or they found it in their evangelical pastors Bible when they were using when they were borrowing from him and they called him to sign up for bible studies in the literature so these things they just get all over the place you know. Fine I'm on the ground. Anyway we need to keep on going here but then they gave us a lot of time and we're going to be able to speak the whole time though I'm going to have to have you guys help a little bit. So when we get a just a couple slides more I'm a hopefully going to get some input from you. OK so. I'm going to break I'm going to just go for one second. We're going to back up and we're going to look at literature distribution or globe. From a eagle's perspective we're going to look at it from the big picture. OK. When it comes to literature distribution there's two ways of doing it. All right. This is what I call a glow pyramid on the bottom. You have a daily glow. Right that's sticking tracks in your pockets and passing them out every day life. This isn't asking people to go door to door. It's not asking people to go on a mission trip. It's not asking people to do anything formal or organized this is just getting church members to stick tracks in their pockets and go about daily life ready to give them away right now forms the foundation of global That's the most important thing that's what we emphasize the most because that's the thing that everybody can do. Everybody can do that. If you like to see if you have an opposable thumb. You can be a glow or because you can grab a piece of literature grab it and pass it out if you don't even have an opposable thumb. You can stick it in between the other fingers and give it out if you don't have fingers you can probably somehow palm it with two hands. If you don't have hands. I'm sure there's other ways of passing out literature. Did you know that the person in the world church was passed out the most amount of glow tracks is missing one arm. This guy is has through him ten over ten million tracks have gone. His name is Buster white or Leslie white but everybody calls him Buster. And he speaks lock this because he's Texas and he used to be a he wasn't an Adventist and he was part of an evangelical tract distribution ministry where they would go into large cities and they would distribute a million tracks at a time with seventeen seven man teams and he was in charge of that. Well anyway. For some reason he got thrown into jail. Eventually. And while he was there. I think of all it was while he was in jail he got converted to becoming and administers and even then it while he was as soon as he got out of jail. He was still into literature of Angelus and so when he found out that administers have lit. Richer. Guess what he would do he would come back and he would visit that jail that he got out of and he would stuff his his Bible with low tracks and smuggle them in because he wasn't supposed to take those in and when the guards would look at them and say what it what is all this he'd say they're bookmarks and they'd let him pass and he'd go any pass he'd start passing out track so that was the beginning of what Buster did this guy is sold personal property to fund his purchasing of glow tracks to pass them out and only has one arm. So he's armed and dangerous and let's keep on moving here so the glow pyramid daily glow that forms the basis and then moving on we have a mission trips. Well these graphics look a little bit different than how I put them together maybe it's because it's on this computer so to be interesting. I hope the rest of the graphics aren't much different than this. So so mission trips which should be a much smaller section on the pyramid. Recently we've been developing. The concept of actually going to large gatherings to pass out literature and putting together mission trips and we're going to get into that but let's first talk about the Daily Globe. Yeah that's definitely not my graphic. Well OK we'll try to work without the graphics actually have several different categories of daily literature distribution and this is kind of where I want your guys input a little bit of feedback from you. There's a category of literature distribution that you can do from home. Just when you're at home. Does anybody have any ideas about how you can do that. Maybe maybe raise your hand. Give me an idea or two. How can you the how can you pass out literature even while you're home not even leaving your house. Yeah OK when you pay your bills good you can put a piece of literature in there. How else. OK When people come to your house like U.P.S. or the mailman good. OK and then else I'm thinking about two or three more ways post it on social media. Yeah OK good. Good bye on your computer. OK yeah that's good. Like hollowing right when the little kids come. You know if you want to give Candy it's fine but you can get tracks that we typically try to make a track that actually matches with you know the hollowing theme in October two thousand and seventeen. Coming up. That's going to be the. Five hundred year anniversary of Martin Luther posting the ninety five theses and so we're going to be having a glow tract. That is on the topic of the Protestant Reformation. That's being worked on right now and hopefully how to have it out by the beginning of this next year. So that we can begin passing those out during two thousand and seventeen. And as we get closer to October we want to make that a special emphasis for people to pass that particular tract out and you know that will be a great one for hollowing In fact I think we're going to reference hollowing. So when you're at home you know when people come. You can do it that way. Also you can walk around your neighborhood. If you ever take walks around your house. You can leave literature people on the neighbors doors or on the steps or you know that kind of thing we actually had a family once an elderly couple. They like to take walks in their neighborhoods and they they were they were doing this in actually getting literature to the people who they would meet on the sidewalk the glow tracks and they bumped into this little child and they gave him a glow tract and the child saw the tracks and I guess he was he liked it and he said he hold on let me go talk to my mom and so they kind of paused and he went into his mom and and and in the mom comes out and she's on the phone and she calls them over and she's on the phone and looking at the track and she says Hand you to go let me let me call you back later she gets off the phone she looks at the track. She looks at them now what do you think she's going to say you know maybe maybe. Why did you give the piece of literature to my kid or all this kind of stuff. It's not what she said she said. So what's what's this all about is that this looks like it's you know Bible based or Christian and and I said Yeah it is and they explained to her you know it's Christian literature and we offer free Bible studies and on the back panel and everything and she said you know what's really interesting. Hold on a second and she she goes back into the house and she she makes she she makes a quick call. And she comes back and she says you know I was just on the phone with I work at a nursing home and I was actually just on the phone with an associate at the nursing home and our nursing home has actually been looking for somebody to come and to give Bible studies to the people at our nursing home because they're asking for bible studies and she says it's really interesting that you come right now and you actually offer Bible studies she says is there some way that we could work this out that you guys could maybe common and absolutely. So they ended up signing up with that and they went really couple and started getting Bible studies to this group of people at the nursing home. And I don't know the outcome. I just heard that was the beginning and I know they've last I heard at least had given several studies to them. Incredible the purty family P U R D Y I know them personally and pretty pretty cool story. So you can pass them out at home. Around the neighborhood that's one way of doing it another way of doing it or category is not just the House but also giving them to you can have these graphics are really really what I had put up here. I might even have a hard time understanding what this is like it was perfect. It was like a circle with like a little you know and the little circles around circles and it was just so nice and categorize this is amazing. OK so. So we talked about the hall and I've got four categories. Let's let's pick another one. Let's see what's next. That's what I get for switching over to using a macro Now you know they have a bit an apple for their logo. That should tell you something. All right. Home. Another category is. Giving it directly to people. Now you know this is one that people don't tend to like to do very much. I like doing chicken evangelism which is leaving tracks and not necessarily necessarily giving it directly to people but you know sometimes God wants us to give IT Director people I've been in an airport line once on a security check line and I had my tracks with me in my pockets and I felt this conviction from God because I had prayed earlier that day. Lord lead me to somebody you want to get these tracks to and when I was in the airport line. I felt like an addiction. God is telling me to give literature to the people who are around you and eyes like no I'm not going to do that. That's awkward. Well anyway so we go through the security scanner area where you have to take your jacket off and take all the things that your pockets in your belt and all this kind of stuff you know like you do America take your shoes off even and as I go through the security scanner. I come to the other side where you reclaim your items. So I grab my bucket. I pull my jacket out of the top and guess what falls out of my jacket all over the ground. Yeah. Tons of tracks and there were all these tracks that said a gift for you on the front cover. So the woman who was standing behind me in line previously she comes right through the scanner and she sees this whole mess of tracks on the ground and says a gift for you and she is a oh a gift for you. What's that. You know I mean is it couldn't get any easier. It was just so easy you know I was a coward and I didn't want to give any tracks out but God just totally turned it around and kind of rebuked me for not giving out literature. You know we're also reminded of a story of people who were speaking of people who were afraid of getting tracks directly to somebody there was a new convert to Adventism in Germany. I'm trying to remember his name. I've met him personally but. Anyway. So this brother is he's a new convert he's zealous he was. To spread the message but the problem is that he's terrified. He's terrified of speaking to people but he just feels man I got to do something so this guy what he does is he goes to he goes to some apartments in Germany and he's going and he's putting the globe tracks in the mail boxes which is legal to do you know it's legal to do in Germany. My wife is from Germany over there every year and I you know it's very easy and fun thing to do and then and he's also putting him you know on people's doors. Well anyway he's he's just on edge. You know because as he's doing this he's creeping around and he's thinking you know I'm going to somebody's going to see me write passing these tracks out with his little girl. She's about five years old is what I heard from him because he told me the story she comes out and she says. What are you doing. And he you know with fear tells this little girl. Oh I'm just a good man from the church and I have little pamphlets I'm giving to people and so the little girl asks for one and so he gives her a tract and they part ways. Half an hour later this young new administers German is walking in still doing this in the apartment complex and comes around the corner and he sees this same young girl. But this time she's standing out in the parking lot of the street. Close to the apartments and she's got a circle of friends sitting around her and she's standing there reading the German glow track to them and this man was completely like you know just like me in the airport completely reviewed. Look here you've got a little girl and she's standing up reclaiming this German globe track to all of her friends and reading it to them and you know here I am trying to sneak around the corner and not be seen and put them in mailboxes and all that kind of stuff so. So you know that's I think that all of us can resonate with that at one point or another. It's kind of hard to give a track directly to somebody but let's not talk about all the difficulties. Let's talk about how to do it so I'm going to ask you now once again for your input. How do you give tracks directly to people I know that you guys have given tracks directly to people what do you say when you do that. What's your what's your phrase would you like to do in terms of saying something. That. OK. Oh. OK. OK so you would give them the water and the track to be with it and so it was a nice easy in yeah it's great if you can have like a an all teary or reason sometimes to give it to people right because it makes a lot of sense in their minds. That's good that's good I like that. Another over here. Yeah yeah good. You know here's something to read when you're bored maybe yeah that's good. OK I like to I like to tell people you know I did Cole Porter in for several years and one thing that they teach you when you go door to door is to to to be in the affirmative. They teach you to put the book in the hand you know if you're going up to somebody at the house. You got to make sure that you get that get that book and you put it right there in their personal space and your phrase that you say is hi my name is Nelson we're students working on a scholarship project instead of junk food. We have something healthy. I'll let you take a look. So you're telling you're not asking them would you like to take a look. You say and I'll let you take a look and it's really good. It helps people increases the percentage of people that take it. What other and what other ways of you guys found before I tell you what my favorite method is what do you what do you say when you get somebody when you say we're. Your nurse. You give them health tracks. Wow. Wow. Amazing amazing you know on that point you just reminded me. We actually have had stories of people passing them out to you know in medical facilities and and that kind of thing. And we've had a lot of a lot of success with that people are very receptive. I don't know if you've noticed but the administers World magazine not to add this review but that it is World magazine. About three or four times a year they actually take a portion of one of their pages and they print one of the Glow tracks on the side for people to cut out and to fall for agonistic cut out to fold up and then to give out. And then they're supposed to give that out and then disposed to right back to gloat telling us their story about how they passed it out. Well one of these stories came back from a person who e-mailed me and they said they were in Africa. They're not an Adventist but somehow they got the administering magazine. They saw that tracked and he says he writes in the e-mail that I religiously cut this tract out and I gave it to one of my patients who was on his deathbed and the patient took it read it and he gave his life to Christ. Just before he died. So yeah people are totally receptive in the hospitals that were on that point there was another story that came and direct us of a seventy year old man in Brazil. He got that tract in Portuguese from administering magazine he cut it out and he wasn't happy with just giving out him self. So what he did is he went to a local print shop and he had that track copied two thousand times and then he gave the copies to the track to a bunch of local Brazilian churches administers as so they could pass them out to and. You know people do amazing things when they when they get old you know just a small resource sometimes that we just we don't really value because it's so common over here. So. Yeah. What I like to do when I give tracks directly to people is typically I like to try to have at least two or even three seconds worth of conversation before I give it to them because then it creates a step which is a little bit of a little bit of a connection that makes it just it just kind of you know makes it a little bit easier to give it to them. So if I can get away with that then I'll do it. You also can give a track directly to somebody without saying one word beforehand that's fine. It all depends on the situation and how much time you have with them. So there's really no set answer to it you just need to gauge really the biggest factor is how much time you have the person. If you're talking to a cashier you've got maybe two minutes and so you can you can talk to them very easily and say something like hey how's your day going are you kind of stressed. You know and most people when you say you look stressed. You know what they'll do say yeah that's been a stressful day and they just love telling somebody about how they're stressed and then and then and then guess what you just created you just help them realize a problem. And now you set yourself up to bring in the solution. And so you give them a track. If you're giving it to somebody if you're just walking past them. You know on a sidewalk. You have only literally a second. You know sometimes you don't even lock eyes with that person especially if you're in Germany right. They don't tend to look you in the eyes and that's and you know then you have to be a lot faster. Maybe just going to have to give a direct Sometimes I'll just I like to be very nebulous I say hair. Check this out. I just say here check this out when we were in downtown Philadelphia passing out tracks to one point five million Catholics. We didn't have time to say anything. You'd stand and be getting out tracks and just. All you could do is just it just put it in people's hands and it take it as they're passing by or you're passing by them and you know it didn't matter. You didn't have to say anything. So you know there's a lot. Different ways of doing it and in the back here. Yeah big smile helps that's true. OK good. All right let's go on to the next category and that is travel which I don't see up here on my slides which those of you just came in. Something's going on with these slides of my graphics are all messed up. So I'm trying to go off memory somewhat but when you're when you when you're traveling a lot of different ways you can distribute literature all just list them off. So if you're going on vacation. What's one of the main ways that you can do it you can put them in gas stations right every time you stop at a gas station consider that an evangelistic opportunity. I like to put the tracks in the pump that I'm at and then if there's any empty pumps. I'll go put the tracks there and if I'm really bold I'll go up to the people who are still pumping and you know all do. I'll do it. Chicken evangelism style. I won't give it directly to them but I'll come up to them and I'll say Excuse me sir do you mind if I leave this tract on the pump here for the person who comes after you know am I giving them a tractor rectally No but I'm giving it to the person who's coming after them and nine times out of ten you know what that person is going to do. They're going to want to track two but I'm not giving direct to them so they can't really reject me. And so you know that's one way of doing it. Another way of doing it is leaving it in the bathrooms when you're shopping or or when you're traveling and you stop at a rest stop and we've had people who've called in signing up for bible studies because they found tracks in bathrooms Wal-Mart bathroom in particular I'm remembering a woman who called in and she was laughing on the voicemail. This is so funny I went into the Walmart bathroom and I found her little tracks in there she said this is is a great way of doing this is a great way of spreading the word just as. I do with the bible studies but this is there are great. She hangs up two minutes later she calls back and leaves another message and she says you know what actually. I just changed my mind. Actually my grandchildren they're not being taken to church. So I'd like to sign up for bible studies for both of them because she found the tracks in the bathroom at Wal-Mart. You know. So a lot of different ways to do it when you're traveling you can leave them in hotels. I mean we're all staying at hotels right. A lot of us have Gideon Bibles in our hotels open those bibles up stick literature inside when you're flying back home after A.S.I. any time you fly. That's a perfect opportunity leave it in the magazines. You can give it to the person who's sitting next to you they're kind of locked in they're not going anywhere for the next little while so they can read it and you know that's that's a good way of doing it too. I was flying one time from Norway to to Holland and I was sitting next to this woman who was really educated she was a psychologist at a university and her husband was across the aisle he was a medical doctor they were going to some seminars where the he was going to the husband was going to be speaking and I opened up my Bible on purpose because I wanted to start a conversation with them about spiritual things and I open up my Bible on purpose and I started reading it for a few minutes and then I closed the Bible and I put it away and sure enough because I cast the lure I caught a fish and this lady after a few minutes. You know she's sitting there she's got her glasses she's educated she's she's secular European all this kind of thing and she she looks at me and she says What are you reading and the conversation begins to find out she knew very little about the Bible she thought the entire Bible was the Book of Proverbs because that's what I was reading and and she asked me what it what I do what church I go to all these kind of things and I said I'm a Seventh Day Adventist Christian and she said OK so. So what do you believe and I shared with her some things that we believe which are in common with the rest of Christianity but then she stopped me and she said No I actually what. What do you believe that's different. Why are you why are you and I had been as you know and I said in my mind this is really awkward people don't typically do that and I explained to her some of the reasons why you know seventh day sabbath than those things and then and then I gave her a tract and the tract was myths about hell showing the hell doesn't last forever and when she saw the cover and the title and she read it she said you know it's really interesting that you gave this to me because I have. An associate professor at the university that I teach at and he's in the middle of writing a book right now about hell and you know how it's false. And it's not real and it's fictitious and I said Oh well then you'll probably want another one for him. So I gave her a duplicate of that tract and she was very happy to take that to him now at the end of the conversation is very interesting. She said something to me that I won't forget for a long time she said you know you at least have something to believe in most of us out here looking for that you know we're still looking for that. So I don't know she didn't necessarily agree with me but she at least saw the advantages of having something to something to believe in so going to the people who are sitting next to you never know what's going to happen. A personality. Montel Williams You got to buy his right hand man he got two of our tracks. One of them. He found in a hotel room and then the second one that he got was the exact same title. It's a steps to health tract he got that one in the airplane the next day and this time it caught his attention he read it. He called Upper Columbia Conference director on the phone number on the back and he said this is the best write up I've read on health in a long time. Montel is just now getting into health. I'm going to show this to him I'm sure we're going to use these things he ended up buying one thousand tracks from George Anna who is our globe director at the time and me conference he ordered them on the spot and then he and he said I'm going to call back and order more so. Liam in the hotel in the airplane and it works. All right. OK We're going to keep on moving here. We're going to keep on moving through our slides which are exceedingly hard to decipher now. OK back to the glow pyramid. So moving on from the glow pyramid to the foundation which is just literature in everyday life. Having the tracks in your pockets right let's now talk about mission trips and this is what I'm excited about right now of course I'm excited about every day distribution to as you can tell because we get a lot of good stories from that in fact you know we're making a book that's going to be coming out very soon. That has it's a compilation of of. Lots of stories it's right now it's about a ninety six page book pretty small. Of people who've been passing out tracks all over the world. So keep an eye out for that we might have it in the A.B.C.'s maybe will be selling it through a different venue not quite sure yet but let's talk about mission trips. So recently. God has been impressing us that we need to get involved with distributing literature in a more proactive way. OK We found this quote The other day in Ellen whites writings that really left a deep impression on us and let's look at it it's letter two ninety six one thousand and four she says I was given instruction that as we approach the end there will be large gatherings in our cities and that preparations must be made to present the truth at these gatherings leaflets containing the light of present truth should be scattered among the people like the leaves of autumn so many who attend these gatherings these leaflets would be as the leaves of the Tree of Life which are for the healing of the nations the time is come when as never before Seventh Day Adventists are to rise and shine. Because their light has come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon them. Have you ever seen that quote before. I've never seen it before I mean it's from one of her letters letter to ninety six. So you know it's not like in paychecks and prophets or something like that it's not a very commonly read resource. But when I saw that that really really spoke to me and you know folks were having more and more of these kind of gatherings happening due to various reasons religious gathering so gatherings of people to protest. Gatherings especially in America you know regarding politics. And we're not supposed to sit back and just let those opportunities pass apparently apparently we're supposed to go out to these these areas and do this and now my impression of people who go and pass out literature at large gap. The rings has been such that I typically when I think about it. I typically think about people who are maybe on the fringe edges of Adventism you know maybe people who have kind of different views or something like that or whatever. But I think the time has come that ordinary regular. Mainstream admin is being courage to be encouraged to engage in even this kind of outreach and I think it should be well organized by the church not left to to just anybody to do it haphazardly I think that we should have some kind of a program that people can be plugged into which is well organized and well run and professionally done so that we can get out literature in the millions in these large gatherings and you know God is beginning to answer that vision. I think I think I think he's doing that. In a way that we don't understand yet. So here's what I mean let me back up. Several months ago before Pope Francis came and visited United States for the first time he came in September several months ago I knew that Pope Francis was going to come and visit and. There would been a church member who had been trying to pestering me. Trying to say glow needs to go do something there. You know blow needs to do something there and I was avoiding that church member because I thought to myself you know I already have so much stuff going on and that's just kind of not my thing you know I mean let's just get literature in pockets but let's not go do something aggressive like that. You know let's leave that to other people. Well my Friday evening came along. After I had had this woman pestering me and my wife happened to be gone. She was back in Germany. I was home by myself as a bachelor. You know eating my top ramen or whatever. And it was Friday night. Nothing was it was absolutely quiet we live in the hills. There's no distractions and God was really really hammering something into me. I kept getting this thought coming back and back and back and back and back again saying you need to pay attention to what this woman is telling you you need to do something about this and eventually after I had to cite me several times and I was sitting on my couch Friday evening it was dark outside. I remember it. Still I said I said in my mind I prayed to God I said God if this is you speaking to me what should this look like what you want me to do as soon as I ask that question in sincerity. It's almost like a flash drive was plugged into my ear and all the plans just they popped in are there you heard about how the Harry Potter books came to be you know J. whatever her name is who wrote those like she was on a train or something and all of a sudden everything the whole storyline everything all the characters in their names everything just appear in your head you know it was almost like that was the closest experience I've ever had to something like that. It just boom it was there and so I was I ran immediately to my computer I turned it on and I and I and I began writing down all this this plan that came to my head about what this would look like you know to do some kind of an outreach when Pope Francis comes and has a right and right I'm right in writing and jotting down details maybe people we could invite and all this kind of stuff. I get to a I get to a speed bump because the question comes to my mind next. Well how are we going to fund this if we're going to pass out a million tracks when Pope Francis comes. We've got to have a lot of money a million tracks costs a lot of money folks you know I mean you would think so. Right but they do and as soon as I as soon as that obstacle came to my mind immediately God put another. In and he said you know a guy who's a millionaire. You're not doing anything this next Sabbath tomorrow you're not preaching in a church. Back to him and then go down and visit him and so I made one phone call five minutes later I had secured a a a meeting with this millionaire and. I just was kind of still wondering what's going to happen. So I go to sleep. The next morning I wake up I drive two hours two and a half hours to get down to this church this particular church where he goes and all the time I'm questioning I'm questioning like Is this what God really is it's really God you know even the sermon that I heard that day in this church was speaking directly to encourage me that this is exactly what needed to be done and it was just amazing. You know how you hear sermons and they really speak there are certain like lines or portions of sentences that stand out to you and you're like there's no coincidence that that just got said you know like I should write that down kind of thing so. So this is happening anyway afternoon comes church is done I'm done with Pollock I sit down with this guy at a house and and this is so last minute thrown together. All I literally have is a printed out piece of paper from my home computer that has a chicken scratch is that I've added on with my own pen for example I'm even writing names of people I'm thinking about inviting on this mission trip. I'm going to call it a mission trip right because I help people understand it so I even write down this one guy who I don't know the name of but I know he likes to distribute literature and I know he has a big beard. So I call him the bearded guy. I'm like even that isn't chicken scratches on this piece of paper and I'm sitting this millionaire. I give him. I get in this piece of paper and it says stuff like the bearded guy you know this is so unprofessional. And I'm telling this guy. And here's the idea Pope Francis is coming. There's supposed to be one point five million Catholics in Philadelphia and we want to go pass out a million tracks and this is what I have on paper and he says so. How much do you need I said well you know at least twenty five thousand. Says OK let me know if you need more now inside in my mind I'm thinking how do I can't believe this is happening. This is amazing. Wow you know outside I'm like OK well do you know have a business card or no and let me give you mine my card and you know it. Anyway so I got to open up the door financially and by the way this just happened again last night just had one conversation just funded another million tracks for Romanian mission trip which I'm going to talk to you about a few minutes just happened again last night and you guys are here. Probably because God wants you to come on one of these trips. Yes now you're plugged into the divine appointment story. OK We're going to get to that. All right. So anyway. So this comes together and we're getting now. Now the weeks are passing by the program starting to come together. We're starting to spread the word we're starting to recruit we're starting to tell people about it. We're sending out e-mails through through these various ministry organizations and letting people know hey we want to put together a group of about thirty five people to go pass out a million tracks in Philadelphia. We're working with a local conference over in the Allegheny East to secure facilities to make sure that we have the food to make sure that you know we're we're working with them. So the wrong under standing what's happening in terms of the kind of tracks that we're using with the follow up contact information on the back we're getting the tracks printed over the press. We're getting everything put together all the logistics were referencing the people who are signing up as missionaries to make sure that you know they're legitimate and those kind of stuff and you know the background checks clear and all these things. And it all comes together and just literally like and plane tickets I get my plane ticket to go out and literally like a week before we go out a week before we go out in the evenings at home and my wife can attest to this in the evenings at home. Seaton didn't want this to happen. He did not want this trip to happen. And he started like it kind of like almost a pressing me it was really weird in the evenings when all the work. I was done at the office and everything I'd be back home in the sun would set. I would just kind of feel his gloom come over me and this foreboding feeling as I would think about this mission trip almost like an intimidation like you can't do this don't do this because something's bad is going to happen I mean you pass out a million tracks to you know one point five million Catholics downtown Philadelphia who knows what's going to happen I've never done that before you know maybe you're going to get burn a stake immediately or maybe some judge is going to come after you afterwards or you know who knows what's going to happen right. My mind is going wild. You know is this a good thing for my family you know I hope they don't know where I live. You know. And so this happens to me several nights and every night that this happens. I I just I just eventually I cave in and I pray as I just ask God Take it away and it goes away and then the last time that it happened. God God saw the problem like forever and he actually pointed out to me. This he brought my mom brought me to this this verse in Genesis. Where God is telling Jacob when Jacob is fleeing from Esau. And he's going over to find his wife and and he's out in the desert as he's traveling and he's sleeping with a rock under his head. You know and I read the description there of the promise that God gave Jacob when he saw the latter from Ellen White's writings. She quotes from the Bible the promise and God promises Jacob he says. I'm sending you into this land and I promise that I will bring you back safe. I'm totally paraphrasing but I things like Genesis twenty eight. Chapter twenty eight verse something and that verse spoke. Exactly. To me God God essentially told me I'm telling I want I told you to go out and to do this. I told you that I'm going to accomplish something through you and that I'm going to bring you back safely and literally that promise stood out so boldly to me that I wrote it down two times on three by five cards and I stuck it in my pocket I kept in my pocket. The whole time I was on the trip. Like whenever I felt a little bit like you. Wow this is crazy. What we're doing right now what we're trying to do you know I look at that promise. It would help. So anyway the day comes. We go out there all the missionaries show up. We have about thirty five people from Hawaii all the way to the east coast and people from all over and we get ready. We have we have a we get we get together on Friday we do some orienting we Sabbath calms we go to we go to the host church that we're staying at we go to a church service and then we do our first day of outreach and it's only half a day because we spent the first half a church half day we go out first day we train them how that how to use everything and by the way we make customized bags for this which people on audio verse who are listening to this can't can't see but we have customized glow bags for mission trips and you can use these in regular life too. It's fine but these are specially made for glow trips they go over your shoulder and the the bags have four pockets there's two on the outside and two on the inside and each one of these pockets is the perfect size to hold a hundred pack of glow tracks which is what they come in hundred packs. So while you're wearing this thing as you're on the move this one's been shortened to fit on the mannequin you literally can pull out four tracks at a time if you need to. For different titles and Cole eight the literature on the move. You can go up to a person and hand them one time four tracks up to four tracks and so that's what we're using we go out for a first half day of outreach our first half day. And amazing things are happening even in the first day a guy gets a tract on his car because we're working like a mall parking lot passing out tracks in different places one thousand was in a mall parking lot and and this guy comes up to one of our people. One of the missionaries and he says did you put this on my car and they're like No I didn't but actually my my partner did. You know because I did I guess they were in different parts of the. And she's like no I'll just be honest you know is over there and the guy goes and the guy goes up to her and he says did you put this online and she's like yeah I did in and I think it was the one promise of peace that tracked. Apparently this man was at a low point is life. He was just that day contemplating suicide and he got the tract in his car he read it and he was so affected by it that he he came to to thank the person who put it on his car and he tried to get our missionary one hundred dollars that was our first half day of outreach then we got into full days about Rich where we're going now for six to eight hours a day Sunday comes Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Pope Francis comes you know I'm sorry. Friday is our last regular DAY SATURDAY. Pope Francis comes to Philadelphia Sunday Pope Francis comes to his days in Philadelphia. So he's there for the last two days we were in Philadelphia blanketing filled Philadelphia with literature. Like all over Philadelphia for six days before he came and then we were in the crowds that came for the two days that he was there directly in the crowds getting them out so many amazing things happened out of this. It's incredible what I'll just share a couple with you one of our guys His name is Jericho missionary and he's here at A.S.I. I've talked to him. Jericho. He's he's actually now that he's done. Now that Jericho is done with that mission trip he was so lit up. He went back to Mountain View conference where he's from and he told the conference President about what happened the conference President Larry Bowa just said he said you're going to be our glow coordinator for the conference and now that's what he is they've ordered a hundred thousand tracks. They're passing him out. He's going to churches he's presenting it in churches and they're passing them out and doing similar things to what we're now doing in other conferences so it's exciting when away. So so Jericho is going. He's passing out tracks with the team and this guy's incredible man by the way we would put him in a parking lot so I put him in and another guy in a parking lot and he saw the. I was wearing a mission was wearing a flamboyant green shirt which is not a good idea. And and we're putting tracks on the on the car doors and of course the security coming to kick you out I mean that's just what you expect. OK. I mean that's their doing their job but we try to get as many tracks out before we get kicked out you know. And so and so when they were passing out tracks and the guy with the neon shirt. Of course he gets kicked out of mediately is named Paul Paul doesn't care because he likes doing that kind of stuff. And so I gave up in the car and put him somewhere else but you're still in there. So he's passing out tracks and he sees that the security driving around and he starts dodging and he goes and he sees the like ducking behind cars and those kind of thing eventually we had three security vehicles driving around trying to find him and he dodged them so many times he unloaded about two thousand tracks in that parking lot before he got out of there. It was a mall to three more tightly level apartment complexes and there was this is massive see the parking lot out there and he was just use you know almost like rolling under cars and. It was it was incredible to hear a story but that wasn't even the point of what I was going to tell you here's the story here's the actual story of Jericho so Jericho was walking down the road right in Philadelphia and he comes up to this guy and he gives this guy he does this guy was it two tracks and the guy says where's your partner and you're close like I don't have a partner what do you mean I'm not working with a partner right beside me and the guy says. You should have a partner and where the other tracks and then he names to Jericho three other tracks that he wanted to get he named the titles of the three different tracks that he wanted to get and Jericho at this point is kind of like what are you what's I don't have a partner what are you talking about and how do you know what kind of tracks that we have this guy ends up telling Jericho he says two months or two months before he'd had a dream and in the dream he saw Jericho with a really tall buff handsome looking. Partner. Coming up and giving him literature and the man the really tall guy said. And when this young man comes to you you need to make sure that you get all what he has and he named the five titles that he was supposed to get that's how the guy knew the titles. If you think I'm lying if you think I'm exaggerating. Even if you think I'm exaggerating your calls right here you can talk to him and if you think that he's exaggerating because time has passed and he's forgotten some of the details you can watch the video every day we were filming the testimonies when we get back. We have worship which are testimonies from the previous day. It's on our it's on our website. We have an hour long documentary from the Philadelphia mission trip and that's one of the stories came out of it. Incredible stuff that happened. We're working in all kinds of areas in Philadelphia. We were in downtown Philadelphia a lot of the get you know more dangerous ghetto areas and it was perfect because the houses are close together and the cars are parked close and jammed. So you have a high concentration of people. So that's kind of where we would try to aim to be and you know we had the police. They would come up to us and they would pull our people aside and and they were like you know. Because our missionaries some of them especially the girls they were getting a little bit afraid and you know we as a leadership team were thinking well maybe we should put the some of the girls in a different place or or whatever but we know this is very difficult to move to a different place because of the logistics and all that and so we encourage the people who are concerned we said you know what let's pray about this. Let's pray about this. We know the guns are to protect us and we're just going to we're going to keep on going forward but we're going to pray about and keep our minds open to trying to change plans here move to a safer place which would have been very hard for us to navigate through and the houses spread for the part of the stuff I mean the day that they started expressing concerns the missionaries to us the day that that happened was the very day that when we went out into the fields that police started coming up to our people and saying hey we've seen you guys we know what you're doing and we just want to let you know that WE GOT YOUR BACK THE happen to one of our missionaries another one of our missionaries was walking path. A girl walking passing out literature this this this this big black guy comes up to her and he says hey hey you know way you know I'm pretty well known in this neighborhood and he says I see what you guys are doing what you guys are doing is good. He says anybody messes with you. You just just tell mining and all that and then this guy comes and starts helping her pass out tracks. One of our guys. One of our missionaries he was that he was a you know pretty pretty strong young African-American man. One of our missionaries in fact he's a he's a patent lawyer. Came on a mission trip and he's out there passing out tracks and he he sees he sees this this young man and this young woman fighting like verbal only going at it in the middle of the street. Apparently there were a couple or something. They were having a really bad time and began to even be some physical stuff that was beginning to happen there. And so are missionary. I don't know what he was think about anyway he steps in them in the middle of it and he breaks it up and this is a patent lawyer. You know and and I guess they cooled down the girl goes her way or whatever and the guy gives the young man some tracks and the young men really really likes what he sees and he asked hey can I help you pass the zero and the missionaries like sure. So he gives the guy a hundred pack and he says you go on that side of the street down the side and they went down together and kept on going down pat. And the guy was helping pass out literature. I'm telling you man. It was there was some bizarre stuff happening out there we when I went on the last two days Saturday and Sunday when Pope Francis was there and we were in the downtown crowds passing out the literature. We had we had we had people taking tracks from us and passing them out. We had a man who what we did is. Link to the bat in the back panel of the website on the back to this video that was up on the Internet called the bride beast and Babylon. So when anybody in Philadelphia got the tract they would visit the website. The first thing that they would see is sign up for bible studies or Option B. watch a video. So one of guy got a tract earlier that week he watched the he clicked it went there watched the video and he was so impressed that when he randomly bumped into me downtown Philadelphia on the last day or second to last day passing out literature to people in crowds. He just came up he was so friendly. He said I've seen your guy stuff and I watched it and everything and he asked for literature for me and he stood with me on the on the on the portion where I was at and started helping me pass out literature on that same place where I was at a little bit later that day because he had taken off this person walks by. I mean in the crowds of of all these people there was a lot of interesting people and this guy was probably the most interesting I have to say he he was full on dressed like Jesus he had the robe he had like a thing he had the full beard he had long hair. He looked like Jesus huge just walking around like that. And he wasn't joking and it was in the costume he was serious. I don't think he was trying to be Jesus I don't know I didn't talk to him but anyway I see him walking. He just walks past me and I looked in his hand and you know what he had to say and he had a hundred pack of glow. This goes motor up doesn't it go trucks and so you know. So. Anyway there's there's a lot more stories I could share with you but the point is that we ended up getting out a million tracks. In Philadelphia incredible stuff happened. We got pulled over by the Secret Service that we got the whole thing on video. We had like I said we have an hour long documentary on our website glow mission trips dot org where you can watch us getting pulled over by Secret Service even our videographer was sitting shotgun in the in the in the car and he filmed the whole thing. And at one point Secret Service guys like. Sir you film in me says yes he says why. For a documentary that kind of thing. Our videographer is very bold and very bold. I mean I want to tell you some of the I mean at one point a videographer stopped filming or had somebody else. You know film while he stood up in the midst of literally this sea of people waiting to go through security line downtown Philadelphia. He stood up on this on this table on this chair or something and he calls out to everybody everybody. I'm making a documentary and by the way you watch this video and you'll see it because the whole thing is filmed. I think you might maybe even have it on a shoulder I know how I did it with the whole thing on film. I need your help. So making a documentary and I need you guys to do a way do a wave. You know like at a Super Bowl state and do a wave. So so everybody's like OK so you've got a camera on film and they all do is this way and he hasn't do it OK a moment but that's not good enough do it again. So they do it like a second or third time and then at the end he says. You can see the documentary go to the Web site on the back of this track and he starts handing out hundred packs to people all around and they start passing them out all over the place great Sunday after the Catholic Mass was done thousands upon thousands literally tens of thousands of people. I mean one point five million people tens of thousands are coming out and our our our our people out there are so overwhelmed that they just can't reach everybody that was one of our people literally they they hold up their hands and they stop a whole crowd as they're just a mass of people they say Hey everybody. Stock up. They say did you all get to see the proof you know and they're like needs like OK OK He's like a Check this out. So a whole crowd stop and and when you're in a crowd and I tell you something right now this is something we've all discovered we all know if you get one person to take it. Everybody behind them will take it if the first person in law. It rejects it the next five or so people will reject it. But he had so so much success because he it. He had talked to them like that that literally people were taking They took seven thousand tracks from him in ten minutes he was just passing an Alp just like huge amounts. It was it was crazy. I really need to keep moving on. Because we have like ten minutes left. I can't believe that time flew by that fast. Let me just tell you quickly. Assuming our graphics are going to work there we go hey wow this is working so we did that first trip in Philadelphia God set it up and now I see why God wanted us to do that because all a lot of people have gotten excited and they're making their own mission trips now this thing is ballooning OK so we started in Philadelphia. There's a picture of one portion of the crowd right. And after that Southern California conference did a mission trip they passed out six hundred thousand tracks in four days. They covered the whole town of Whittier after that we did another mission trip were passed out a million tracks at the Super Bowl when it came to Santa Clara that was this last January we did another million tracks to tell you one story from that one of our guys. Is going down a street in the downtown section of San Francisco. Like really bad. I think was the Tenderloin district where it's so bad that you know they used to pay people extra money to be cops there and they could afford tenderloin that's why they called it Tenderloin District of San Francisco. So he goes by and he sees these women standing by these tents is I call them must be homeless right so he goes up and gives him tracks and they're like town and so they ask for more and they give them to the people who are inside it since the inside people said the tents and all that he's like OK whatever he was a few feet a few feet further he says big guy and he's talking to these two other guys and he goes up and gives them tracks and these big guys like who so and what are you doing. He says I'll just get out these tracks so he takes the tracks and he looks at it and he says. You know I've seen these and all this kind of thing is like so on. This is good. You see that door over there. He says that's my office. Go take some your tracks and put them in my office that man was a pimp. You know pimp is right. Anyway and the women who are at the tents. Amazing how powerful and he had no idea no idea until afterwards what he was doing people took it man. We had so good reception over in San Francisco. So we didn't other million there in San Francisco that spawned another mission trip where they passed out thirty thousand tracks and literally one afternoon in Palo Alto one of our missionaries was from that mission trip when he did his own mission trip. OK he let himself thirty thousand tracks in one afternoon they blanketed all. I think was East Palo Alto one of the other missionaries that came on that trip they led their own mission trip in Tennessee recently and they passed out. I think it was forty thousand tracks in an afternoon with a large crowd down there. That spawned a few other things we have a mission trip that's coming up in Chicago. That's going to be this fall the Michigan conference is putting on a mission trip to Chicago. They're going to be passing out a million tracks in Chicago and we also are planning with the Canadian Union publishing director to do a mission trip to the Northwestern territories which is above Canada. Up to a place called Yellowknife and it's so far north that the sun doesn't really set that well we're only able to accept eight people on this mission trip and I already have people that are that are telling me you better put me on that one. So we're going to go up there and we're going to pass out drive out to the little villages of one hundred two hundred what they call first nation people which are Native Americans we call in United States and these are isolated people very remote and we're going to go out there. We're going to pass out give them literature. So that's an exciting one coming up we just finished doing one in I think it was Minnesota. There was a large mom gathering there they passed out. I think about thirty or so thousand tracks in one day. There's one coming up the Salt Lake City the Mormons are going to be having the General Conference this next. And we're going to go out and do a million tract distribution mission trip immediately before that General Conference the last day of that mission trip is the first day of the general conference meetings. And there's one coming up being planned for Arizona to pass out literature in the reservations for the Native Americans. A Colombia conference is putting one together in a way I'm going to have to get through some of these Let me just tell you about Romania this is the one I need your help with the most Romania. General Conference is doing a twelve hundred or so simultaneous of Angelus to meetings in Romania what just happened in Rwanda with one hundred thousand baptisms there repeating that in Romania doing one large meeting each year and in Romania. We're working with the General Conference total member involvement and the Romanian Union to do a mission trip in the book in Bucharest the capital of Romania and we're going to pass out a million glow tracks we just got the funding for that last night and we've been recruiting people and so we're going to go in in the winter and pass out a million tracks and Romanian and every one of these tracks will be a tract in itself but will also be inviting people to come to those meetings. So we're doing a million invitations to come to the twelve hundred simultaneous evangelist meetings the last day of our mission trip is the first day of those meetings. So we're going to be it's going to be fresh in people's minds right when they're ready to do it going to try to reach some of the some of the gypsy villages out there and you don't have to speak Romanian but you do have to be able to walk a lot and you have to be able to bear the cold. OK And it's exciting. If any of you can come out. We're recruiting a lot of people there's a lot of interest. There's one coming up to Sweden. That's this fall as well they're going to pass out one hundred forty four thousand tracks when Pope Francis visits there and we're working on Russia to. That one's not posted up on our website but. On of course Japan. OK So this is the main web site. Here's the. Here's one of my main points of the whole time as we wrap up OK you want to visit this website glow mission trips dot org very easy to remember. OK. This is the website where we will be posting our Miss. Trip options right now we have about four of them that are a posted up there some of the ones I mentioned are not even up there yet because they're still in the planning stages but this is of the website where you can go and register for mission trips glow mission trips dot org pleural glow mission trips dot org And I have some cards too if you want to hard copy of that. Website to have in hand glow mission ships dot org If you cannot go on a mission trip. You still can support because this website also makes it available if you want to donate towards a mission trip. If you want to donate towards Romania or you want to donate towards Well we don't need any more funding for all mania but if you want to donate toward Salt Lake City or those kind of things you know encourage people to go and visit that website that even five dollars a month if everybody gave five dollars a month towards us we would have a fund large enough that we could we could help some of these students that want to do mission trips in different parts of the country and different parts of the world church that they don't have the funding for it. We can provide the funding for that. So they can put together the mission ship that's the largest obstacle is getting the million tracks or so. Funded and depending on the country. It costs more or less U.S.D. so. I encourage you gloat visit that website. This is a picture of the home page here on the top. You'll notice that while on the home page you'll notice that there's several mission trips that are emphasized but but this is not all the mission trips that are available the home page doesn't show all of them that are available. You have to go up here on the tablets as trips. OK And you can click on trips and it'll it'll let you register and see all the different trips and the timing their expenses and all those kind of things last thing I want to tell you. I want to encourage you and those who are listening to this presentation and audio verse to not just go on a mission sure but to create your own it doesn't have to be a million track distribution but you can go and blanket an entire city that's close by your hometown and you know what it's actually very easy to do we have explicit exhaustive. Step by step instructions on this website for how you can make your own mission trip happen in your own local area from who to talk to to get donations towards including your conference all the way down to securing facilities running the program even how to leave the program in in a neighborhood when you have the people in the vehicle with you. We have all of that information on this website. So where do you get it you once again when you're on Glo mission trips out org You click on trips as soon as you click on trips are going to have two options. You either click register or you click create if you click create that will lead you to a document that we have which we're hopefully going to be making into a video soon but the document will break down step by step how you can start your own mission trip and and we'll be here. Of course to support you and help you with that and give you advice and hopefully you know set up funding. Now this minute by the way this website glow mission ships dot org This website is set up for you to advertise your mission trip on you will have the ability when you fall the instructions to set up your own mission trip on the website so as an advertising piece so that when people want to learn about other all the mission ships that are available they can see your mission trip posted on this website too so we have instructions there as well. Very easy. People can register for your mission trip and everything. OK OK great. Well I hope that our time together has been productive and I hope that you've been inspired So if nothing else continue to carry tracks with you in your pocket. We have a booth here. Come and visit us and if you have any questions afterwards I'll be here for a few minutes. And let's have a word of prayer Father in heaven. Thank you so much that we could meet together today as I prayed at the beginning we want to read ask that as a ripple effect of our time together. Tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Thank you for the. This was produced by audio various avenues Lehmann's services and industries. If you would like to learn more about please visit or if you would like to visit.


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