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Race For the Crown

John Chung
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What is the goal of our business? Is it compatible with God’s mission? At the end of our lives, we want to say, “I have glorified You on Earth, I have finished the work which You have given me to do,” and “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”  Finally, “There is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will give me on that day.”  John 17:4 and 2 Timothy 4:7-8.


John Chung

Dermatologist in Dalton, GA




  • August 5, 2016
    10:45 AM
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Persons Heavenly Father thank you so much for this opportunity to come and get together and talk about doing your work and you know I pray that you be with us this morning and help us and. For this place with the Holy Spirit and eyes that you forgive me for my sense and with a pure heart. I pray that you will speak through me. Praying Jesus' name amen. The California coast was shrouded in fog that Fourth of July morning and nineteen fifty to twenty one miles to the west on Catalina Island a thirty four year old woman waded into the water and began swimming toward California determined to be the first woman to do so. Her name was Florence Chadwick. And she had been the first woman to swim the English Channel in both directions. The water was numbing cold that July morning and the fog was so thick she could hardly see the boats in her own party. Millions were watching on national television several times. Sharks which had gotten too close had to be driven away would rifles to protect the lone figure in the water as the hours tick off. She swam on for tea had never been her big problem in these worms. It was the bone chilling cold of the water. More than fifteen hours later fifteen hours. Numbed with cold. She asked to be taken out she couldn't go on. Her mother and her trainer alongside on the boat told her that they were that they were near land there early there and not to quit but when she looked at the California coast. All she could see was dense fog. She had been pulled out of She'd been pulled out of water only a half a mile from the California coast. Later sheer fact she was to reflect that she had been defeated not by for tea or even the cold the fog had defeated her because you have sick obscured her goal. She said if I could only see the land. I could have made it was the only time. Florence Chadwick ever quit. Two months later. She slammed the same channel with the same conditions again fog obscuring her view. But this time she swam with her faith intact somewhere beyond behind the fog was land. This time she kept saying to herself. There is land out there. There is a land out. Now. She was the first woman to some of the cattle and I channel but she beat the men's record by almost two hours. If you look at Hebrews twelve one to two. It says where for seeing we are come pursed compassed. About was so great a cloud of witnesses. Let us lay aside every weight and this sandwich does so easily be set us. And let us run with patience the race that is set before us looking on to Jesus the author and finisher of our feet for the joy that was set before him endured across despising the shame and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God you know life is in India. As race or race or you sometimes when I give up life in general is hard as true. There's fog obscure or does an Asian. Is only by faith they we may endure and see through the fog and in Hebrews chapter eleven. Is the fifth chapter as you know what Abraham. By faith Abraham is from verses eight to ten by faith. Abraham when he was called to go out into a place. When he should after received for an inheritance obeyed. He went out not knowing where he went by faith he saw a journey in the land the promise as in a strange country. Darling in Tabernacles with Isaac and Jacob the heirs with him of the same promise for he looked for a city which has foundations whose builder or maker is God. Those are three of my favorite versus you know so. Abraham them in the even though it was going he let he went purely by faith because God told him to do God called him to do this. You know in St Lawrence River there was a boat. It was going at a very high speed. You know all the passengers were very very worried and and they were getting upset and they were saying. The captain is so reckless because there was such dense fog when the passengers looked out they can see anything except for and they knew this boat can hit something. Any time you know but when they were looking at the ship's crew they were just just fine. They had they were just acting told in the normal ie And they had absolute they were they had absolutely no fear no worries. And so one of the passengers asked one of the crew members. Why are you guys so calm as well where we are we only see if only see four. But we're the captain sits is high above. He's above the fog. So he can see everything. The people the passengers were shabbily through their own own eyes right there only making it the fog but the crew. They're passing they were travelling through what the eyes of the captain. You know when I was done with. Dermatology I got accepted to Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation a lot of California for most of my graphic surgery and that is a is a special i search we where you take you you examine all. All the margins of the tumor hundred percent of the marginal tumor and by the time you're done with with the surgery you we know the cancer is gone the cancer cure rate is almost hundred percent with this with that is skin cancer Curie and so when I went there after I was done. They offered me a an incredible position that the Greenway who's who was a chief he said I like to retire. And I want somebody to take over my position. So would you take over this my position go. Are you kidding me. He goes. He gave me five million dollars a year. But there are you this is ridiculous. And so I said you know I need to think about all this. And every single person said it is it would be stupid for you not to take this position because of very prestigious position and also you know you are set for life and you see all these people who come there and they're. That's how I got in the Tiger Woods. I can't talk about his problem because this has happened by lation he was one of our one of our patients and I got to know several other golfers and tennis pros and I even worked on the commissioner of the National Football League. I won't tell you his name but anyway a great place. They have invented law in California. You know where that is is right above San Diego maybe twenty minutes west of San Diego by the coast. Probably the most expensive place to live but you know I would have taken the position except for one reason Sabbath. Seven because that place is known for conferences. They had conferences like two or three times every month and it's always Friday Sabbath Sunday and now to be in charge of that I said I can't. Doesn't matter if you gave me a billion dollars a year. I will not I cannot compromise the Sabbath. So we prayed came to. You know and before then you know everybody was telling even some of my family members they said. He should just take the job and then you can always change to compensate you go from like you know once a Thursday Friday or something like that. So you can keep the Sabbath. You know usually when you don't include the Sabbath for conferences a lot of people don't come here because they don't want to miss. You know the week. You know so they just give me all this pressure and at that time. I was reading about Iraq. If you look at the pitch are some profits if you brought your paycheck in profits with you turned to pay. Eighty seven or you have it great. Randy is always prepares. We have this this is the man of that generation had mocked the folly of him who sought not to gather gold or silver or to build the possessions here. But you know it's hard was upon eternal treasures here looked upon the Celestial City. He has seen the king is glory in the midst of Zion his mind his heart his conversations were in heaven. The greater the existing iniquity the more earnest was his longing for the home of God. Was still on earth. It was by faith and the realms of light listed on the pure and the hope and heart. For they shall see God. Matthew five eight. Four three hundred years. You know it had been seeking purity of so that he might be in harmony with heaven for three centuries he had walked with God day by day here long pro closer union nearer and nearer had grown the communion until God took him to Himself has stood at the threshold of eternal world. Only a step between him and the land of the blast and now the portals opened the walk with God so long pursued on earth continued and as he passed through the gates of the holy city. The first. From among men to enter their so you know we should not make decisions based on worldly wealth but rather make our decisions on the Word of God. Well my wife and I we prayed which we go and you know every say you have in order to you are so specialized in order for you to succeed you need to go to a place where there's a least million people. As a million people who it's a lot of people but you know I remember you know the spirit prophecy says get out of there. What your other cities right. I said was right. Go to a city and then get out. I should just go to the country first and just stay there. So you know we decided to come to the water at that time also enjoy the population. Of for a few thousand forty thousand people. You but I needed when I was in God's world. And you know. And so when I want I got there I asked God you know I calculated. You know fortunately I had know that when I came out of medical school and residency I had I don't know how I don't know why are so many people have so much that when they come out of school. That's why I didn't have that much pressure to really make a lot of money so I said well I'm going to. I'm going to go there and I started calculating how much I need in order for me to survive just live. And so I said I mean for surgery patients today and I calculated that and then I said I would said OK if I do that I can you know pay the pay the mortgage and I there are these things you know calculate everything and I said for it was amazing. I had patients scheduled for five one won't show up. I have scheduled for three one extra personal. It did that every single day. I should have asked for seven. But I was for. Very much as you know slowly started growing you know. At first. I remember a very first patient who came to my office had a skin big cancer on the tip of the nose. It was up the whole nose. And the way that we do the surgery we could cut the cancer out. We take it to the lab which was in the in the office and we cut it in a certain way and then we tie the tissue and we look at we cut it in a special way. So we can look at all the margins side and deep margins. So we can look at hundred percent of the margins. When you just do regular surgery and just cut it out and just send it to the lab they want to look at one one thousandth of the other margins. So that's why most mark a graphic surgery is a best surgery to do for skin cancers. And so I remember this lady there lying there. I cut out the first lair and I took it to the lab. Dyed it and put it in that we call Cross that it freezes a tissue. So you can cut it. Well we put we mounted on the. On the cross that and soon as we turned were the tissue was knotted it broke. He said what in the world and this was a brand new machine is a machine that was all run by computers and I didn't know what to do. We do not use this at Scripps Clinic. We did not use this special this cross that is a script and so I had no idea what it is so I started praying. There's this lady with a huge hole in the nose. And I have to figure out the cancer is gone or not. What do I do as they're praying and as soon as I prayed those knock on our on our on the lab Thor and I go to help you. She goes he said I heard the you do special cancer surgery called the most microgravity surgery. Nobody else does. Around here. Do you mind if I watch what you do and I said. Well you came in the wrong they are cross that the head of it. It broke he goes oh let me look at it. He looks out he goes of we have ten of these machines in our office in our in our lab. He happened to be the head. Hister technician at Memorial Hospital. Which was which is about thirty minutes from our office. He came just at that time exactly what I needed him and he said. This happens all the time I can fix it. And he's stayed there for three hours cutting tissue for us first patient. Then I said God I know I'm in the right place. Anyway I mean do you think there was a coincidence. No god. You know God probably broke you hear a lot more of the angels. Go ahead and break that. So I can show him the miracle that I'm with him. Anyway. No because he was the head of a pathology department. Anyway so. You know. Afterwards we started growing we do about twenty to thirty skin cancer surgeries every day now. And we have expanded to ten offices and it's not because of my doing. It's not that you know I am. It's motivated by something totally different than everybody thinks you know I have reached out to so many patients for bible studies because of all these offices and you know I never came to thought I won I never wanted Alton to make money. Otherwise I just I will stay there in La Jolla you know we should never go after money. The money come after you as his trust card and do His will. If it comes it comes if he doesn't. You're still should be satisfied and happy. So you know. So what do you what is the purpose of our work. Of any work not just in medicine but any any type of business or any work purpose. Of or the core of success. What constitutes success in any type of business or anything that we do for that matter or to money is to win souls for Christ signs of times June sixth eight hundred ninety two. He said there will be no one saved in heaven. How many no one saved in heaven with the Stars crown. If you enter there will be some so in the course of glory that is found entrance there through your instrument already now in volume seven testimony for the church page ten he says this the same intensity of desire to save sinners that mark the life of Jesus marks the life of his true followers the one this is the this is the same intensity of desire the cry set. That's pretty heavy intensity isn't it is the same intensity that marks the true his true followers. You know my father's a minute. And he always told me ever since I was a little boy always share what you know the other people share God to other people because you never know. You may never see them again you know when I was a young boy I didn't know anything. Read the Bible or read sphere of prophecy. My father would not let me read any thing that is non spiritual when I was growing up I didn't have any T.V.. Nothing. And so and he instilled in me to the love of the spear a prophecy and I was always studying and reading. But I was still very young in Christian growth. I remember my first attempt was my best friend at that time he and I was about in my early teens and his name was Ty Cumbie he and I would spray together all the time and we lived in the same apartment complex and there's this complex. There were separated by this creek is very easily you can easily traverse it. You know and then you go the other side and we used to go have go to ice cream who have some ice cream and this day we decided let's go have some ice cream. So tired I went went to the other side and they were having ice cream together then it started raining. It rained so hard I mean we had to stay there for about two hours. I don't know how many ice cream that we had but we were just we were there for logging time and finding the rain stop and we were coming back and. Well once it came to the creek. It was overflowing that there is no way either. We have to swim across or with to go around the creek which is very very far. And so I told her I said hi. I know that God part of the Red Sea and so you know anger I will going to pray. And I'm going to you're going to see this creek part. So I started praying because I know what you did. For the Israelites and I started praying I was very very earnest and I firmly believed it was going to part. Yes What happened. It's. Nothing happened. But I still pray for him and I'm sure. And his time you know God will reach his heart. Hopefully right. But you know that's where I started it was a a miserable failure in my mind but at least I tried. You know what I want to medical school. I decided to be a youth pastor for the Olympic Korean Church in Los Angeles. So every Sabbath. That every So with that most of the Sabbath. I would drive from Loma Linda to Los Angeles. And. He preached to the kids and then we did with the things in the afternoon so that I did that for four years. Then when I started my residency. Also I I volunteered to be the youth pastor for Lando floor the Korean church. And when I was in fellowship and San Diego lawyer area. I was also youth pastor. You know what we need to cause work what happens. What happens is you your faith grows you are the one who grow the most an inch or so we should be doing God's work all the time when you do God's work you will have time to send anyway. I'm supposed to speak for seventy minutes but I don't know if. So for the last twenty years we have been I mean by was that is our home. Everyone's a night. And through the pipers that we have anywhere from twenty to forty people there and it's been I create experience. I want to share with You've just a few experiences that I had. One time we were having study about prayer study about what for right. All these people who are there. They don't really pray much. They just come and there are. Most of. Most of them are not Adventists and couple of them are not even Christians they came because I as patient of mine I told them either. I kick take the cancer out and let you live or you come to Bible study. I say if you come to power said I get your cancer out if you don't I'll just leave it. No I didn't say that. But them to come but they have they come anyway we're setting about prayer and at that time we're building our house and my architect he usually comes every single was everything was a night he comes this time he was a little bit late. You know what we're building. I kind of this is a kind of a side note. You know any opportunity you get you should try to get them to some type of a Bible study anybody. OK so when I was when I was getting bits for different jobs for building the house. One of the conditions was. Are you willing to come to ones that I publish that you think that's really true actually. The painter became it out of interest and my architect became an out of interest. And there are other people who all started going to church and so anyway that's just a side. We're having this study about prayer and market tech. You know uncharacteristically he came late and he said Here is the I me some revision for the for the house and here it is and but I need to go said what I have to go. This while we just lost our dog when looking for this dog for ever and this dog is like our child and. They have been looking for for like seven or eight hours all day and said The problem is this dog is old is blind and deaf can't find his dog. It's OK I tell you what we're studying about prayer. Why don't we pray for this dog to be found. So we had several people pray because I want you know for it to be practical and I knew somehow God to answer this prayer. So he I said I thought I'm OK this when you go as soon as you find a dog. I want you can call me right away. So he left. We were sitting more and there was a there's a person who was very faithful member. He always said it's not left to me. Suddenly his are having a vision. I've never had that experience before and he said I see trees. You see trees OK and the wind is blowing. These are tall trees the wind is blowing. OK And he said the dog is found. OK. And so at that time soon afterwards. Mark at the cost. He said My wife just called me because OK Well what happened. The dog is found. So what time was it. It was the exact time that this why this person was having this vision exact time I said By the way with any toiletries or Windows. You know when I went there. It was the tall trees and you know my wife said the wind was blowing everywhere you go whoa. Guess what happened to the faith of all these people do you think they believe in prayer. This is all right there in action for action. I mean you could have he you know this could have happened what we're saying about the Sabbath or could have happened with talking about State of the dead but God reserved his experience for all these people for the time for studying about what prayer. God is good isn't any. And you know we had to have another another experience was a patient of mine also. He came to Bible study and he was a pharmacist and he is a pharmacist and he's still alive and you know he. Was being convicted he was. You know he really wanted the live according to the conviction. But the thing is he had his own pharmacy. He said the busiest day for him was Saturdays. I said you know what I think about if you just first cut and just close your pharmacy on on Sabbath. I'm sure God will bless you. But he was going on. I don't know I mean his he was going back and forth and he closed some time and then he'll write opened it up and I mean he just saw a lot of the you know a lot of the you know clients patients they didn't know when there was open when it was close and you know it was going back and forth and all that. So anyway so they kept it. He kept it open. And the one day he goes he asked me and John do you mine coming and praying for one of my clients is an entire family his entire family come to this pharmacy so and the father is dying from lung cancer and if you don't mind going and praying with him I said All right. I go. So he and I went it was Friday night went there about eight o'clock and here was this man sitting on a chair he was in about he was about sixty something sitting there with hundred percent oxygen. Just reading very very your labor breathing. He was in the last stage of his lung cancer. It has spread all over his body and he had two grapefruit size a grapefruit size cancerous on his lungs. He had and so doctors talked they did radiation they did chemo everything. Nothing nothing worked. And they said go home and you just it's become double. So I I want over there thinking I just pray and just leave because some more heart went out to him. So we started studying the Bible and I mean I went through pretty much from Genesis to Revelation all the promises and all kind of things and and I asked him what he likes to eat and he says he said he loves to eat every single day he has have ice cream and pork. And I said you know that's not really heavily diet. And so I was talking more to his wife than him because I knew he was going to die soon after he was going to die right there or this part you know he was like I would even one hundred percent oxygen. So here you know he never moved out of the chair. I was with him for eight hours from eight o'clock at night to four o'clock in the morning. Prayed I'm fraid and prayed and kind of promises of God and and you know here is my pharmacy friend promises to friend who was with me throughout the whole. Time. And so I left thinking that there's a problem last time however seem again. So I get a call from the pharmacy friend the pharmacist he says it was Tuesday. John guess what happened because. Did he die because no he went to his doctor today has no cancer right now none. I go. And he goes do you know what is the Right now what is more his lawn. Can you imagine that and you know what the pharmacist said Sister told me he goes pretty chummy how to keep the Sabbath. Incredible isn't it. Who did perform be God perform the bureau go for the pharmacist. I'm convinced of it. I think God reaches people in so many different ways. And. You know we have to always see you know see God's world. What is your world God how can I do things to win more souls to Christ a lady thirty years old she came to my office with this big skin cancer basis of course I'm on her left floor I laid and did a surgery. You know with most micro graphic surgery trying to do little bit as small as possible so you go a little bit later time and. So you've finally reached the point where you have the smallest defect and at the same time the cancer is gone. So I was doing this. And we finally finished it finished or it took several hours and you know there was a an agreement between myself and a plastic surgeon that women was he was send me the patient to me I cleared the cancer patient goes back to him and he does the plastic surgery closure. And so I said to her Your cancer is all gone and you can go back to your present surgeon now. And she said. Dr Chan can you do the closure for me and I said no not really because he already have a has a spot for you. You know and or to close you. And I said and she said but I can't afford seven thousand dollars as he's going to charge me seven thousand dollars to close close that up because yes but other and I don't have any insurance I don't have anything and she just came out of where is it hairdressing care cutting cosmetology school and she was just starting. She had after you know money. There's no way she could pay that seven thousand dollars and I started praying to God what am I going to do this plastic surgeon has been sending me these patients for years. This is going to ruin this relationship. If I do this. So what about going to do so. I have first I said you need to just go. Back I mean he already has scheduled he. He said I just cannot go back. I cannot afford seven thousand dollars. I said OK God what a minute and God made it very clear to me close that won't close it closer the effect. So you know when I was a script twenty one of the things was we also had to learn plastic surgery. So we close it was very you know it went very well. And now it was time for him to leave. I had already ruined my relationship with this plastic surgeon and you know and I was right because after this happened. The plastic surgeon never sent me another patient again even till now. Never. And so I said there was all the and I we spent about seven hours or they're doing this whole thing. I said OK how much am I going to charge so I charge the full price which is about a couple thousand dollars. I said you know it she doesn't have money so why don't I just charge or have the Holy Spirit was talking to me said Don't charge or anything so what. OK let's see I have nurses to pay sutures all the time and this broken relationship. OK so what am I going to OK how about just. Now how about a third. Nope. How about the nurse nursing cost. No. How about the just suture costs no. OK You know when the Holy Spirit speaks she is very clear. It's really big if you try to go against that your heart starts going you know you know how that feels right. The guilt that comes and I go. All right. I told her I met you you can be. You can go there is this whole surgery was free and she and her mom both started crying and I wasn't very happy. You know. But I knew that was the right thing. So she left and that is here forever which others here. Anyway. So one day one of my Bible students who are still struggling about. Faith and keeping the Sabbath and all those things has happened to go to Chattanooga to get a haircut and guess who was the one who's even they heard that it was. This lady and this person said Hey you should come to Dalton to talk to Charles but I was ready and he said Is it the same Dr Chung who does cancer surgeries skin cancer. Yeah that's the one here are going to tell you what happened. So she told him the whole story. What happened years ago with her eye and you know what. I take something if you want to be nice to somebody be nice to her dressers. OK. They are the best advertisement for you because they're carrying their hair that are talking to talking about everything. I think something. I found out later on she was my number one referral source from Chattanooga. I've probably got more patience for me ten times more patience from her than the plastic surgeon. Your imagine. This is a great. And the better thing about this is that this person who got a haircut came to me for this story and shared this in our Bible study and he said I'm going to get baptized. You get baptized with two other people that are poor. I tell you. Sometimes we only see fog. You know but when you do God's will. He knows what needs to be done yet you that one person who got who got baptized with two other people just one person. How much does. One How much is the worth of a saw how much. If there is no cause to write. There is no price. It's a price other Son of God the life his life. And in then your chapter twelve verse three says and they that be wise chart shows shine. As a brightness of the firmament and they that term many to righteousness as a Stars for ever and for a law for ever and ever. You know and of your life when I say. Like Paul and second time at the four seven eight. I fought a good fight. I finished my course I have kept the faith. Henceforth there is laid up or laid up for me a crown of righteousness which the Lord the righteous Judge shall give me at that day. Not to me on me but to put on to all that and love. His appearing. Well I want to and with this story we have our of our church our pastor is just a card. He is the best pastor. And also we have I And also she a pastor who came who joined us recently and his name is one two year and he gave us. Do you know do you know want to yes. He just or you know him he gave a sermon. I don't know about a month ago. And he told a story which really had in my heart and I like to tell you the story. You may know this story. If you are old enough because this happened in one thousand nine hundred one or you how many of you alive at that time and I was OK everybody so you should maybe not you but. Mars Twenty nine hundred ninety one a Cuban major Orest this Lorenza Perez defected Cuba in his make twenty three B.N. which is a Russian fighter jet he defected to the evil Air Station in Key West Florida before leaving Cuba. He told his beautiful wife and the love of his life. Vicki He was thirty four years she was thirty four years old and his two children right now eleven and a one hundred or six that he will be back to get them even if he had to son back here come and get them. He said I will come again. Arriving at Key West. Orest this May three passes over the runway all the time waggling the I don't know know much about planes but he was waggling the fighters wings and I with them to indicate his benign intent. He was trying to say I'm not here to fight. I just want to land here. There was a standard American pilot shouted. There isn't Russian made in the pattern. Anyway or USCIS landed about eleven twenty A.M. and he was eventually given a political asylum. He found for a friend for he found freedom invigorating at the living under stiff stifling and constricted constrictive socialist government yet his thoughts were constantly with his beloved Vicki and young sons. Orestes settled. And Oleksandr of Virginia but always thinking about his wife and two kids in Cuba. However Vicki. She received offers for a new home and a car. These are luxuries for the vast majority are vast reserves humans of fish just ordered a telephone. That another luxury to be installed and Vickie's home. There was just to you know to make sure that she was not communicating with him and they say they don't know they're going to give him all this new home car phone. All you do have to do. Vicki they told Vicky I had to do is denounce your husband as a traitor. She refused. I will not call him a traitor. Soon arrest this began giving speeches and mounted a protest protests abroad to corner support for the families to release publicity and U.S. pressures probe pressure were reported once for giving a speech in Miami President George H.W. Bush urged Castro to release. Orestes family even Coretta Scott King urged by their Castro to in a letter to release Vicky and the children but Castro said no. So rest is new. He had to take the matters into you know into his own hands. He thought about all different ways he was thinking about going to helicopter and all these things but there was how I got there was too expensive. But he was pilot after all. And so he was trying to purchase a pilot but he's never any money but he thought one person. A lady from Columbus Georgia bought a plane Cessna three ten. For an engine was only for thirty thousand dollars. And the seller asked Orest as if you wanted to know about the problems and problems of the plane. He replied No. To have known about the problem with only. My worries. So during the planning arrests as you call. Call upon all his mathematical and error aeronautical knowledge as a make pilot he was also intimately familiar with Cuban air defenses. He was also aware of cumin command and control procedures. And. He says I knew the no surface to air missiles could be launched without castors person personal permission. The reason for this was that Castro did not want to be shot down by mistake or I was flying in a plane. He also said I knew that if spotted by radar for a time I could duck into the area there was a line to ground radar. However I could not remain there for law because we would have to depart for the US The real threat was the mix. I hoped that they would not be scrambled well. Arrest this conclusion after all the calculations as the mission was at their rescue was not possible. Nevertheless he felt he said I felt deep inside that somehow everything will be OK even all this. Because of the love of his wife for the love of his wife and his should. So he made his plan. He made this little elaborate plan. He wrote a letter. And there was a a Mexican national lady who went to Cuba just happened to be going to Cuba. At that time. A exact instructions for this lady to give to his wife. He told her to meet. It at a certain place where aim right. Orange. At five forty five. Saturday night. This number nineteen thousand nine hundred ninety two at five o'clock. It would take about forty five minutes to get there even to began his flight and the Cessna and to avoid Cuba radar detection. He flew barely above the waves. Toward Cuba. Sometimes he was actually hitting the water as he was going about ninety miles. So he said it was a beautiful day was there was not a problem. Even the U.S. government didn't know he was in this because the government would have stopped it. But nothing. Was going to stop him from saving his family. Meanwhile Vicki and the boys departed to the staging area and she was very nervous she didn't know it was going to work. And she brought a Bible for comfort. At the reading and meditating on several verses she knew all would be well funny she set off by car to the pickup point or restless arrived over this in the road and spotted the three spotted the three on the left side of the highway in their orange at heart he landed this is how he learned this he landed miraculously ovoid in a car he actually went over a car he ovoid a rock a road sign and a truck that was coming right at him that truck stop about ten yards from the propellers. He said You should have seen that the face of the of the truck driver is Ivers. You just think about it you know what if they key wife and the kid said by forty five probably won't be that time like maybe six thirty. Orange orange there's a really good look good on me. I think there were something nice from my husband. Something like yellow or green. Oh how old up repeated that that God gave us instructions how to get ready for his coming. They follow the directions exactly exactly. As for us this has said the time how to dress or to go. He landed on the causal highway of El memory beach in fair there or his arrival was shortly after sunset. And quickly or S.S. collected the priceless and scared passengers as soon as the three or three were in the cabin or as a part for throttle and took off. He retracted the wheels immediately as a Cessna lifted to avoid a ditch. But the thing is that the thing was as runway was so short. He needed at least ninety mast for our speed but he could that the maximum you could have got he got was seventy mph. But miraculously the plane flew he said at that time he knew it was God who him. And they came they were in a better country. In a better land Christ has promised. John. Everybody in those is these passages Well John fourteen one two three. Let not your heart be troubled. You believe in God believe also in Me In My Father's house are many mansions. If you are not so out of Thought you. I go to prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare prepare a place for you I will come again. Amen. You will come again. I will come again and receive you unto myself that were I am there. You may be also let's pray there in father. Thank you so much for your the promise of your son coming with us to. While we were living on this earth. That we know that you will remind us of our purpose as one souls for your kingdom. Nothing else we can take except other people. I pray that you will always lead others through this in just this medium was produced by audience. Yes I have it is layman's services and industry and if you would like to learn more about the site ministry or if you would like this please visit W W W R U. verse.


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