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The goal of TMI is “Each One, Reach One. Lose None, Disciple All.” Gain practical strategies and proven resources that can be easily implemented at your local church. Whether you’re a lay member or a church leader, this session will provide relevant information that will lead to total member involvement.




  • August 5, 2016
    2:00 PM
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We want to welcome you to nursery one of you here to our total member involvement session. We're thankful that you chose to be here this afternoon and we wanted to begin with a word of prayer knowing that it's his Holy Spirit that will truly make this session impactful long term. So if you'll join us with prayer. Father in heaven. LURD we come before you and we're thankful for everything that you've done in our lives personally and we long to share that with others. Lord we want to thank you for this session and we pray for your Holy Spirit to be here in our midst. As we talk about total member involvement. Lloyd you know our desire. All of those who are sharing all throughout the seminar the Lord is really just to see you come soon in our lifetime. And so we're asking God as we're all here talking about your work talking about spiritual things that your Holy Spirit would be here in do a miracle in helping us to discern spiritual things Lord we ask for the Spirit of God to follow here that we would be excited in revived again and ready to go back to our churches to make a difference. Thank you so much for blessing us with your presence and you need my prayer in my human. We're so thankful that every one of you have been able to join us this afternoon for a total member involvement session. We praise God for what he is doing all over the world and we are excited about what will also continue and grow it here in the North American division. Why no question that some people have asked is Why are we having this meeting. It's a special session at A.S.I. it's not during the sessions where there's breakouts and seminars. Why are we having this session and we have to answer the question why a total member involvement. Just to give you a short thirty second history. There was a brain storm that was planned where young people that are involved in ministry on the front lines of ministry got together because of our dear friend Norm. And he said why don't we sit and talk about ways that we can really get evangelism happening here in the North American division just a brainstorm session of what can happen. And as we were sitting there we came up with the idea of getting leaders all in one room people who have influence in churches people who have a desire to see others become active in ministry and it was our idea to pull them all into one room. We initially began thinking about just inviting Bible workers or those who had gone to Mission colleges to be trained in evangelism. And we started thinking of medical missionary workers who were involved in doing frontlines work in those areas and then we began to think outside of that and think you know there's other people who have a definite desire to see Jesus come in their generation those people who are leaders in their churches and we wanted to pull everyone into one room to talk about this concept not just doing the work but getting the work done. And as we think about that as we think about total member involvement. There's many different reasons for why total number involvement is important but it all began just from that little session and and we started praying about it. I ended up asking elder Steve Dyckman if it would be possible to have a session at A.S.I. and Kyle Allen helped us kindly with getting this beautiful room so that we could have a meeting and talk about these things and we of course invited elder doing the Key who is in charge of total member involvement for the world church and he decided to gladly come and help us and share some of the amazing things that are happening around the world. I don't know how it all happened but Elder Wilson decided to join us too. And we're really thankful that he's here and we praise God because we know that this is a passion. Not just of one person or two but of all of us right. It's a passion of all of us. And so that is why we are here today as you think about total member involvement. And you may ask yourself the question why. Why does everyone need to be involved. Why isn't this work going to be finished simply through pastors and trained workers. Why does it have to be everyone. And it's very interesting when you read and in Acts. It's clear that many thousands were being added to the church daily. When I hear that word thousands and daily put together in one verse I get really excited. I don't know about you but I get really excited because I long to see that day when each one is reaching one. And so as we think about this right here check out this verse I write or this quote right here it says in the apostles Christ has given the church a sacred charge every member should be a channel of light through which God can communicate to the world the treasures of his Grace how many members. Every write it says every member there is nothing about the world needs so much as the manifestation through humanity of the Saviour's love all heaven is waiting for men and women through whom God can reveal the power of Christianity. It's interesting Christian service goes on to share. Why is he a mile wide total member involvement and this is one of the biggest reasons why I'm excited about helping others to be involved in ministry. It's because I longed for Jesus to come and I long to see the lottery income I long to see a church that's activated by the you know the lottery and the Holy Spirit's power coming down on his church. That's something that I cannot wait to see. And if you look at Christian service page two fifty three. It says the great outpouring of the Spirit of God which lightens the whole earth with His glory will not come until we have an. People that know by experience what it means to be labors together with God. It says when we have entire whole hearted consecration to the service of Christ. God will recognize the fact by an outpouring of his spirit without what we have thought measure but this will not be while the largest portion of the church are not labors together with God and that quote hit me in the heart when I thought about it and a last one here it says when the church has become living working churches the Holy Spirit will be given in answer to their sincere request then the windows of heaven will be open for the showers of the lottery. I long for that and I know there there is a lot of this happening around the world. I know that you see it happening in your churches and my question is how can it happen everywhere. How can hop in every church and that's why we're here today. So I'd like to invite up elder McKee and elder Wilson they're going to share with us right now the big picture vision of total member involvement things that are happening around the world. I hear they just go back for a long time and they're excited about what God is doing there. But I'm going to invite them up and share big picture vision and then we will come up and share how can this happen in the North American division I know that's happening in Rwanda. But how can it happen here so please if you'll join me. So we're going to a video in just second you guys can you. All right. You know what we're. Good good. Those are T.M.I. bold that we're going to tell you about he's really excited about those and if anyone else wants a T.M.I. ball. There's some by the door before you leave but as we're going through this session if you have questions about total number involvement how to make this work in your church. I'm putting this number on the screen right now this is the number that you can text your questions. We are having a Q. and A panel afterwards. So if there are questions that come up take this number down really quick. So if there are questions that come up please. Text this number. OK I will say it is six one nine two zero three six one zero eight. Again not six one nine two zero three six one zero eight. I have here with us also Adam and she asked me what you stand up please. Andy. Here's Weather Center. One day and he just put an article on the online review just right now right. This came up. So if you want to look at that later not what we're talking about later. And now we have a video right in the very heart of Africa lies the nation. Despite a dark past a new life speaking to dawn over this land of a Thousand Hills bold new initiative of the Seventh Day Adventist Church is being implemented in unprecedented ways this is the story of total number in a country ravaged by pain a few years ago seventy AD is bringing home. This is one of the most exciting events that I've attended. It's tough to come out saying to the boat crew run what we're witnessing something this other person didn't have a history in this come to people feel that girl is out to something. This is total member involvement. Two thousand years ago. Jesus not a program actually is the great commission and we all know it. Matthew twenty eight go and preach and teach and baptize and disciple and because of that great commission we're all excited and interested here in Rwanda about total member involvement. We have seen church members take off with this incredible idea of total member involvement they have gotten so involved themselves they have given cows away they've given goats away they given sheep away literature distribution Bible studies health outreach community services they made banners scarves T. shirts all kinds of things to promote Am I the people who are members here take the time to invite their friends the church leaders follow up with the people to make sure they're ready to be baptized. So it's really a team effort. Not only all the runs involved in doing T.M.I. but it's on a conference staff is excited and interested to be involved here and model but we are talking about back consumers brains male and the Lord wants to use everyone pastors lay people everyone in this great effort have church members have been energized as they are taking A.S.I. beginning sermons and preaching and they're excited about reaching friends and neighbors for Jesus and bringing them to some of the T.M.I. meetings for a long time the work has been in the hands of the past us and the lay people are inspected thing by and large know every role to play. Everybody has somebody they can reach every church members now has understood that he would be trying to reach one and bring the run. There are over two thousand two hundred evangelistic sites here in this beautiful but small country of Rwanda and we're only two of those two thousand plus sites a few of those sites have young people from the United States people from Europe. I am truckers old and I bridge here who wonders. I was so excited when that was me my first goal and hundreds of people came forward. It was very exciting. This is my first time preaching and doing anything like this is the most fulfilling experience that I have ever had I will Ryan Babel here he really like the Bryan guide to speak through you to use you in any way possible and it's limitless what he can do with a willing saw before I came on this mission trip. I was feeling very cold spiritually like OK is this arctic wristy HANNITY But the first night I saw that God had a purpose on why I was there. God has really shown his A love to me I have seen that he is real because you see him moving in the hearts of other people and when you see the changes that are happening in their life. You can doubt that he can do the same for you every night. Thousands of people are making decisions for Christ these wonderful people are ready to be baptized and to join this great movement. What we're witnessing right here on the shores of Lake Kivu is representative of what is happening oh across this country are hundred thousand fair. This is the most has ever happened to history ever the church and the exciting thing is this is only the beginning of this program is going to continue until the Jews us would come again this is. So exciting. What has happened here want to but this is a model for the world church. We want to in here. It's up to you to make it happen and your local church your local community your local conference. You don't have to do some green thing to be involved in mind it should be part of your everyday life. All of us have been given opportunities and we need to do what God has called us to to to fulfill the mission that he has given to each one of us right at a time to be alive rather time to be part of total member involvement. God bless each one of you as you engage with heaven and the power that the Lord will give you carry this message to the ferry and some of the service. Probably the most important thing we all can do is pray and many of us are here because of prayer and I want to come up and share with us. I think your better half. This is the first time and she would always pray for you wouldn't she. She never thought she could do this come up and share with us. Nancy preacher first evangelistic meeting and it's not going to be her last what a what a joy it is to see so many of you here this afternoon. I want to take as we lift up. Christ and His righteousness and understand justifying and sanctifying power given to each of us through His grace as we are thankful to God and to his word and everything that comes along with that it will naturally translate into a burning desire to tell someone else about this relationship and that is total member involved. I just came from another meeting that was taking place the Amen meeting the admin to this medical evangelism network. And what a powerful organization that is let me start out because I have a number of things to say about it. One Minutes. And they say what a joy it is to be with vibrant young people like Heidi. And Ron era and others who are several excited about Jesus. You can't contain them. You saw that already and you're going to hear more. But I want to explain that total member involvement is not just public evangelistic meetings understand that from the beginning. Now that's a funny way to stoke in a negative way to remember and badmouth is not just public evangelism public evangelism is part total member involvement. It's one of many things to be able to touch the lives of people. I want to draw your attention to scripture in John Chapter nine. Jesus said in verse four. I must work the works of Him who sent me while it is day the night is coming when no one can work. Now if this. Was Jesus' experience. And his direction. Should it be ours also to understand that all of us need to have an urgency about what God wants us to do the seventh eleven his church has been preaching the second coming of Christ for decades. The Bible even references. Is that some people will scoff at the end of time where is the coming of the Lord. If we're in that time right now. When people have kind of gotten second coming. Fatigue But I want to tell you where some of the lab and this may be getting tired of it you dressed ask the average person on the street anywhere in the world and they will tell you something's going to happen. Everybody knows the world is disintegrating. As we face God's last appeal to this world. He is lambing for seven of the eleventh this to take the lead and it is not just pastors paying the workers and a few supporting the many people who might stand in the background and pray and wish everything. Well for the pastors in a praying is absolutely important and we are grateful for the prayer ministry of so many but it is not just what the little people are to do they are to be actively involved in everything. And you read to her attention from. Volume nine pages one sixteen to one seventeen those who have the spiritual oversight of the church should devise ways and means by which an opportunity may be given to every member of the church to act some part in God's work every person to MUFON in the past. This has not been done plans have not been clear in the need in full and carried out whereby the talents of it might be employed in active service but there are but few replies How much has been lost because of this. Then she goes on to say the leaders of Dad's cause as wise generals are laid plans for advancements any man remind him of planning to give special instead to rock to the. That can be done better than a minute for their friends and neighbors. Now here's the last sentence and this is the punch of the work of God in this earth similar to a quote that Id read the work of God in this earth can never be finished until remember him and comprising our church membership roll into the work and unite the efforts with veterans of ministers and church officers. Total member involvement. It involves all of us working in an absolutely united way with Christ at the center. What does it involve. Everything from literature distribution comprehensive health ministry. Bible studies community service working with Agra I see our ad to president. Jonathan where well we welcome you here. We're glad you're here with us. In fact the SAF the new we have a number of division presidents with us. Division presidents a dry cue to stand where you are right now just stand where you are these individuals are here to see how best they can work with Lent members in a powerful way in total member involvement. Thank you. Leaders thank you for standing. And I should have included Reykjavik you better stand up to reckon is kind of it and I'm a very division president he's the president of the Middle East North Africa Union which covers about five thousand miles five hundred million people and three thousand five hundred Adventists you want to challenge there's a challenge. But many of these men have stood representing incredible areas of challenge. MEMBER INVESTMENT invades everything you can think of and for in terms of reaching out to people public evangelism evangelism is on the book once in a rabbit comes around when you actually are able to proclaim the word publicly. Now that may take place. It is in a small group in a home in a secluded place depending on the setting and depending upon the contemporary culture. There are places in this world where people say evangelism is bread and will not work here. Now it may be that traditional public evangelism will not work in that place but let me tell you. Evangelism will work everywhere. Until the end of time. Talking to people's hearts. With an urgency that Jesus Himself said I must work with their works of Him who sent me while it is day and the day time is quickly slipping away. Now total member involvement and we're going to get these wonderful ladies up here and they're going to be helping us and Kyle and others who are going to help us to understand this from a. Young perspective. You know doing the cameras are a special director for total member involvement for the entire world and also sadness good personal ministries director and it goes beautifully together. He is running a tour group member involvement shirt T.M.I. and even got me one which I didn't put on but I was one of these days. T.M.I.. You know Rhonda. The key to success in Rwanda has that been live people who got say we're excited you could not stop them. But her spirit just took over. And the little people felt this is ours. We're going to run with it it. They produced and this is what for a wonder this is something the brain has put together and I'm going to wear it with pride. T.M.I. they produced shirts busses ties I have a tie that says T.M.I. from Rwanda. Caps. I don't know or scarves all kinds of things. Let me tell you you can remove this shirt. You can wear a T.M.I. tie. You can run a T.M.I. hat. But you won't be doing. T.M.I. activity. In order to be totally involved you have to get out and do something. This is only to remind you of what you are to do. Total member involvement. I just have to tell you I am seeing around the world an interest on the part of our church members to do something extraordinary for the Lord. To do something that is going to. Take us into the latter rain and I believe that the Latter Rain is very close to falling. But you know revival and reformation learning to know our Savior understanding his righteousness which is the core of the three angels message is there with anybody tell you that the three angels message is a Revelation fourteen the Fourth Angel of Revelation eighteen is just a lot of kind of Luke to risk the gloom and doom at the very quick for a Revelation fourteen is the righteousness of Jesus Christ. And as we present Christ as well. Revived in reformed in him total member involvement takes off. Rwanda was an unusual experience that was one of the blips of the continuum of total member involvement in order to have public evangelism take place or. Any kind of evangelism depending on the setting. We have some places in the world that are extremely secular to call people to a public meeting doesn't work very well any longer. They have to be on line it may have to be in a small group were a group people in those areas but whatever it is. The tip of the work that not only late members but paid workers are doing to help form people's understanding that in looking to Jesus. They will find hope for the future and then those public events can help to solidify that the nature of what happened in Rwanda and you saw a little blips of it was extraordinary. And he McChesney who who is with us from the news editor of adding this review he was one of those who approached his site. My wife's site. Nancy. It was the first time she had ever preached an evangelist experiment. She's been with me in different places where we've held meetings you know and she smiles a lot. She's a great social people person. You know and she just loves people who and maybe she does a better job in bringing people in than I do preaching. But she was challenged to preach. She said to drain just find a little tiny place where there maybe one hundred people who are going to come out and doing told me ahead of time while they're preparing a place and don't tell her but they'll be quite a few more people you know so I would tell her and she didn't even find out that I knew ahead of time until just a few weeks ago after the fact she showed up at an outdoor setting where a lot of work had been done in advance evangelism will not work unless a lot of preparation takes place through three thousand people. I want to tell you though the most. Important thing she learned from that experience. She came away and I have to tell you this is probably the payoff for baptisms are fantastic and we give got all the glory for that but for you personally. Whenever you are involved whether it's in Bible studies and a person the person relationship whether it is in actually preaching the word something happens to you. Were preaching religious truth night after night and it makes sense because it comes together and you realize this is God's truth but I believe truth of what happened in Rwanda was something that was extraordinary and I don't want you to think that it was just evangelistic meetings Yes it was two thousand two hundred twenty seven sects and there are a few people here who had different sites and the included antsy and myself we were only a few others and most of them were lay people. This morning and I am so grateful that the division presidents accepted our appeal to come to A.S.I. we've had a marvelous experience and I hope that this experience will be helping all of us to work together in an even greater synergistic way through the power of the Holy Spirit but this morning one of the events that the A.S.I. officers offered to the division presidents was to take them through the exhibits before people in there that way they could get through the entire exhibit so about six thirty in the morning we met. And went through I was there about six thirty five. Anyway we got in and we were rubbing around and my friend but I see this really but I see a stand up. Every day you have to stand up straight and tall. Blass is just stand up. Yeah. Vasilis is a little bit shorter than some of us but the is taller than enthusiasm blast was thank you. Bless his blackness is the president of the East Central Africa division the division in which Rwanda is located the last he said I have never experienced and we were standing in the exhibit hall and the rest of the people were ahead and we were just standing there for about ten minutes because he just couldn't stop talking about what had happened. And he said Pastor It was the most exciting thing I have ever seen in my life and you know what he said the biggest one of the biggest elements in what happened was presenting a comprehensive health ministry. Ellen White tells us that she tells us it is the right arm to the Gospel. It is to go as the pioneer work. It is to go ahead of us and it is to be for us as well as health reform is not just for somebody else is for all of us and that represents one aspect of what you can do as a church member and you don't have to be a physician or dentist to do that but I'm getting a little longer than my ten minutes I'm going to have to sit down but this is so exciting in east central Africa division Blassie has told me this morning they are planning in about five more unions for next year they are going to have seventeen hours in the evangelistic sites in five unions unbelievable. Now Will sites and then are just the tip of everything else that happens in total member involvement but it means church officers pastors and little members working together in a dynamic way not through our own power. But through the. Hour of the Holy Spirit and in tense prayer. God will bless total member involvement. We see it's sweeping across the globe. Right now. I appeal to all of you to think clearly and seriously as we come to the very end of time and I'm going to challenge you at the very end. But I want you to be thinking as you have a panel as other presentations are made. What does God want you to do not just for the church. Now don't get me wrong at all those of you who teach Sabbath school. Praise the Lord I love to teach Sabbath school and get involved in all kinds of things those of you who are involved in Pathfinders you're doing so winning work. Amen. There is a will and they have been community in activities that are within the church for mooching the church fellowship dinners and all that it's all good and it may help by God's grace to influence somebody to know Jesus better but I want to challenge you. In the church especially in total number involvement get involved in something out side the for the lives of the church. That's what total member involvement is neighbor connection. In your in your office and your work whatever it is keep in mind your total involvement in what God wants you to do. T M I. It's not just something that Duane has placed on a bed or is on a shirt or a tie. T M I. And you know some people say well you know T.M.I. that's too much information and then and then doing time. Just yesterday or so he said this is good. Somebody came up a millennial came up and said T.M.I. You couldn't have thought of a better thing to name it. Because people will never forget it too much information. I want to say Bring it on. Let's have but everyone working in total member involvement. Jesus is coming soon. And he expects all of us to be involved by God's grace. We will and we will see a fantastic ending to all of this when Jesus himself places that crown on our heads. What a moment that will be what a time it will be. And we will take off those crowns we're told and place them at Jesus' feet and say Heaven was cheap enough all the environment we were in nothing in comparison with what Jesus has done for us. May God bless us as we continue and so to take more time I got excited about this. Wow that was inspiring and I think of pride to them there and go home. That was such a blessing to have leadership you know as a young person what excites me is that I am of involved in a church that has leadership that is just as excited as I am about Jesus coming soon. And you know it was so exciting to see what what was happening with that video. How do you were blessed by that video. I mean I just wanted to shout Amen the whole time. It's such a blessing to see what God has been doing in other parts of the world but I don't know about you as someone that grew up in North America and there's a little part of me inside that kind of wondrous kid that really have been here I believe we are promised that it will happen here. It will happen and it's beginning to happen we want to share with you just another short video about how it is happening to remember involvement is happening here in the North American division and after that we want to show how it can continue to happen in a greater way. So on the energy of visor I specialize vising individuals with their solar needs as well as air conditioning any electric or gas questions they have my job is to make sure that their home is more energy efficient which helps environment which also helps the community helps the customers out save money. So it's a win win. It's a great way to provide for my family got his bus me with you when I first met this guy that my friend introduced me to he gave me all the answers straight from the Bible and that's what I respected about having his faith was answers came directly from the Bible and it wasn't man's opinion or man's understanding. So I was very blessed by that. Today my wife and I are seven even as we've been blessed by the church. More importantly blessed our Savior Jesus Christ is just absolutely awesome to have him in our lives. He saved our marriage. Today's boss us with good family two wonderful kids son and a daughter and just absolutely was so we're very appreciative of our friends and those who lead us to Christ and we feel that is our mission in our desire to lead others to Christ as well. Thing is in our in our community our neighborhood. There's not as many avenues. However there's a Adventists right below us. And since they move then they move in about three months ago we started thinking OK how can we eventually is our little area together and so we started writing our neighbors down numbers of friends not having is to come over and study. So it's been an absolute blessing. We've reached out some of our neighbors by just simply inviting them out Friday night sometimes an idea was challenging for them but the secret is keep being persistent and eventually come they may not come every night police the seeds are planted and it's just absolutely amazing to. See people who are hungering for the truth they want to study and they're anxious to study and here we have the truth and the only way to get out there is by making the effort taking action when I thought I wanted to study people so and I was really good to know that you know to know the Bible because if you want to know that you know the Bible people will bring people to you and this is I who have been to this county know Fonzo here. You know his daughter brought him to me and he's begun to say the Bible before you know it. The daughter says the Bible and before we get baptized the daughter does professional fades with her friend Greg is baptized and there are two brothers I believe about ties one is a deep in the church and I believe even the mom is now doing Bible studies right now. So it's absolutely amazing. And so is Alfonso you know he was a what I could tell. And you know I mean you know it's just amazing to see his whole family households come together in Christ. And you know there are just little beginnings just like Jesus and I believe that there are other people there are many other people in different churches around here in the NE D. that are just living their normal lives. But in the midst of their daily activities they're finding opportunities to actually share their faith and we want to share with you just right. We want to share with you about five different things that you can buy things now that you can do at this that you can do in your local church so that we can experience more of this here. One thing that we've thought of these are the five things the first one is revival and I'm going to talk about that revivals number one if you're taking notes. Number two is. Inspiration. Number three is training and a Vangelis to opportunities. Number four is synergize ing those evangelistic opportunities and number five is discipleship and the first one. The reason why we want to start off with revival is because honestly what we're trying to do here. I believe is completely and utterly impossible. Sorry about that wrong direction. There we go in review and Harold and Wright says a revival of true godliness among us is the way. The greatest and most urgent of all our needs to seek this should be our first work a revival need be expected. Only an answer to prayer. You know I believe that what was going on in our Wanda was a result of the prayers and the fasting and the seeking after God that was happening there. I think one of our problems some time here sometimes here in the North American division is that we don't want it enough. We don't seek for it enough. I hear stories of the largest church in the world in Seoul South Korea with over five hundred thousand people in membership and how they start their year with a twenty one day fast and other great huge churches here that start their year with huge fast and people that are earnestly seeking God they recognize that they need the power of God We understand that revival is what leads to total member involvement. What we're looking for is not just a you know at the end of a long day. You can have to push yourself to go out there and maybe give them a Bible study or how you know I got to do that how the afternoon outreach at two P.M. The By worker keeps telling me about you know what that's not what we want we want church members and I know we all want to experience this as church members who generally genuinely want to share our faith because we're so excited about what God has done for us and that begins with experiencing revival in our hearts I want to. You one story here about a again. About a student that we had in our literature about handles and programs and these two girls came and had an incredible experience during youth rush and they went back home and had a huge burden and passion for their families. Now this family grew up Seventh Day Adventists but they were a little bit I guess you could say nominal agonists they were out there avenues by culture and when these girls came back their parents saw these girls starting to have devotions and these girls started praying for their parents to experience revival in their hearts and little by little these parents started to actively get involved and they started doing their own devotions they started going to pathways to health and Amen Clinics they started being involved in evangelism running depression recovery programs at their church and now you cannot stop them from doing evangelism they are just so on fire and it's because of that revival that was sparked in their hearts as they learned about God and as they recognized who he was for the first time through prayer and Bible study and that was the first thing that we wanted to share at the very beginning is that as we're talking about total member involvement realize that this is an impossibility. Without the Holy Spirit and realize that the Holy Spirit with the Holy Spirit is a great possibility. To happen here in the North American division. I want to encourage each one of us maybe we can go back home and start a prayer group at our church who ever said that only had to have one prayer meeting you know. There's a be multiple affair meetings and maybe your permitting is more like Ellen White reading which is great but maybe you want to start something at your church a Sabbath morning prayer meeting where you're actually getting together and having united prayer on that resource card that you have in your seat. We have a section there under revival there are lots of different books that you can read daring to ask for more by Melody Mason go to Rev revival Reformation dot org so many different resources that you can that will help you experience survive. In your own life and help bring that to your church as well Heidi is going to come up and share with us about the importance of inspiration and then we'll go through the last few. All right so revivals number one. But number two is inspiration home porn and it is to actually inspire others to be involved. How many of you are inspired and when you hear testimonies anybody. I get stoked I'm like I want to get out of this room into something right now and that's how I feel whenever I hear testimonies and so imagine just how much power a testimony can have let me go. Really quick. We're going to skip through all of this inspiration. Check this out. It says there are times when it's fitting for ministers to give and sound is in our churches short discourses full of the life and love of Christ but search winners are not to expect what. Assuming every thought seriously. Really nice in the circus or in every Sabbath. What should I then expect it says those who are united with the Lord in the covenant of service are under bond with him in the great groundwork of what of souls saving what church members during the week after part faithfully and on Sabbath to what really is their experience the meeting will then be as meet and do season bringing to all present new life and fresh vigor. I love that. So as you're thinking about. OK you know in my church. I want to see more people get involved. Number one. Are we experiencing that genuine power powerful life changing revival and then secondly are we sharing fresh testimonies every single week of what God is doing. There's there's a few practical things here that I just wrote down I I think it's amazing to have a testimony spotlight every Sabbath at church and not a testimony from two or three years ago but a testimony from last week of what God has been doing. That's a powerful thing. Money's a large gatherings on never forget going to So Cal can't meeting and hearing miracle roadways and hearing testimony after testimony after testimony and seeing what God is doing yesterday the day before. What God has been doing it has to be shared one on one testimonies with your friends obviously word of mouth is amazing. Right. And then last but not least as media testimonies. How many of you are blessed by seeing Jason which ripples just just here and a few seconds ago we watched a video. You could share those videos at your church and on that card you have all of our contact info if you need awesome testimonies and videos that you want to share your church. We will email them to you. We can send them to you. It's no problem but we want to be able to share those media testimonies as well. Front to get people engaged and excited. So inspiration is key but then next would be training an evangelist a copper toonies because you can have this experience survival love Jesus and you're inspired by you're just sitting there like what do I do and how do I help others get involved in training and evangelistic opportunities Ciriello is going to share that very. Awesome. But so with training and evangelism opportunities this one really excites me something that Heidi and I do during the year is we train church members how to share their faith and it's so incredible to see the results of this. There are a couple quotes here that show us why this is so important. The greatest help that can be given to our people is to teach them to do what. To work for God and to depend on him not the ministers the people have had too much sermonizing but have they been taught how to labor for those for whom Christ has died as a light of labor has been devised and placed before them in such a way that each has seen the necessity of taking part in the work. One more here. Many would be willing to work if they were what. Taught how to begin they need to be instructed and encouraged every Should should be a training school for Christian workers. Obviously as you can tell we are sharing with you as leaders of you. A church to go back and recognize the need for training we do something called fishers of men one o one and it's very basic simple training on how to give a Bible study. So we open up a Bible study guide and we teach people how to give a study straight from the Bible study guide just using what's there. They pick the three points they pick their clothes and then they practice on one another and I really like how it says here. They need to be instructed and encouraged. There was an experience that we had. After this is in Watsonville California there was a lady there named Emma and she went through our F M one A one as we call it training and part of the training is actually teaching people how to visit a great church members of the board. So we actually do this no joke. We practice during that training. We have people stand by the door and we do the training at the church and we pretend that one of the people are the visitor and the other students have to go up there and greet them and say Hi how are you are you visiting today. And so they go and they actually we teach that. Why do you teach that and it's not because we think that church members don't know how to do that but sometimes I think we're not in that mindset. So it's good to actually go through those motions and decided to put this into practice the very next Sabbath the leader the trainer was telling them your homework is this Sabbath. You need to be on the lookout for visitors. You need to always be like your Raiders are on you know you're not here just on Sather just to receive a blessing. You're here on the lookout making sure that there are visitors and so she was there she was on the look out and it's so great to see these church members are like all. Looking around and this lady walked in and no one recognized her and so Emma Mota beeline for her to the door right. And she goes and she greets her she makes her feel welcome. Oh you should stay for Pollock Why do you sit with me. So it's great things to say to visitors right. And so they brought her in and interestingly enough the story. Out that this girl had just walked in. Because she had her mom was a seven day Adventist but she had kind of fallen away wasn't really into it. One Sabbath morning just woke up and thought I should go to a seven day Adventist Church. So she asked her moment Alaska where can I find one and her mom said just Google it. So she Googled it and she walked into that church. This lady ended up getting Bible studies from Emma because Emma had just been trained and she got that ties afterwards and you know what she said she said I wanted to come to this church because I felt so warm and welcomed here. Isn't that incredible just one little interaction there that kept her coming back. That's the importance of training we had another experience with a lady named Bonnie. And this woman was seventy years young and she had been assembly Aves all seventy years and had never given a bible study in her life. So when she decided to come to F M one A one she was a little bit nervous but she went through the program and one of the homework for that week was to shadow the Bible worker and to go with them to knock on doors and to follow up leads. Well there was this one lady that the Bible worker had been studying with and he said I want to give this this study over to Bonnie. I think she's ready. So he said Come on. Bonnie we're going to go and we're going to fall on this lead and they went and they met this lady that A.J. the buy worker was studying with and this lady happened to be the wife of a Pentecostal pastor and this. Bonnie was a little bit nervous to say the least. And when they walked away from that visit. Bonnie looked over it and she's like E.J. that woman is going to eat me for lunch. How like you to get bible studies to or. Well the nice thing is that A.J. just encouraged her as the quote says he instructed he encouraged her and he said I don't where you've been having this for a long time. You know your stuff. And so she ended up going back a long story short incredible this woman Bonnie took her through all the studies. She ended of this lady in of getting baptized brought her friend and got baptized. Bonnie cannot stop giving Bible studies now she is so excited she had to face her fears but she did it anyway. And now that she said well you know last year I was praying for two souls This year I'm praying for four and the way that I found out this story is that she was on her way to the Bible study guides about to pick up one really heavy Bible study that she was going to give and so it's incredible to see that the effect that training can have I want to give you a couple of. Practical tips on training is that you can do it your church you know we can trainings are nice. They're very nice but they're a little bit more inspirational if you want to do trainings that will last where people actually get up and do something afterwards they could they. I encourage you to do ones that are a little longer eight to ten weeks about one hour a week or so you can ask your pastor and church leaders about training in evangelism make the training simple practical and goal oriented. For example if you are going to do a health training try to work up to something try to do a Health Expo in a few weeks or something. Make it goal oriented. If you're having an evangelistic series in a couple months then you want to do F. I want to one or spiritual friends or some training that will help them implement it. Afterwards we want to have goals in our training and I could share with you that story a few more things here you can always hire someone from different colleges actually listed on this resource card. There's also lots of great materials. I firmly believe that the administration has resources coming out of their ears for anything we want to do in ministry fulfilling God's anti mission by Mark Finley incredible if you know nothing about evangelism want to do something tomorrow. Just pick up that book and start reading it. Discipleship Handbook by Mark and Jim Howard Christian Service and other things that are listed here these trainings are very important to help people feel confident enough. I think a lot of avenues really could do most of everything we do as Bible workers it just takes a little bit of courage and confidence that training brings Now after you do all the training you need evangelistic. Unities right. There are a couple of things that I want to share with you here on evangelist opportunities and on this resource card you can see so many different things I wanted to point out on the resource card there are a lot of different. You know like health Bible work literature evangelism different things like that but I really like what Wilson was talking about that that this is not just going out there and even just doing a bottle study or doing public evangelism. But it's in your everyday life. I want to read to you this quote here from Christ object lessons every year millions upon millions of human souls are passing into eternity unworn and unsaved Isn't that so crazy every year millions from hour to hour in our varied life opportunities to reach and save souls are open to us these opportunities are continually in that incredible she actually says continually coming and going God desires us to make the most of them days weeks and months are passing we have one day one week and one month less in which to do our work. It's not just about coming back from your nine to five job and thinking man. I'm so tired I saw have to make supper now I have to go and do evangelism evangelism happens all throughout that day. It happens as you're interacting with your coworkers the opportunities God gives he gives those opportunities we just have to be open right to the leading of His Holy Spirit. That's what we have to do and so you can find a lot of these resources here and a lot of the trainings another one quick way right here before and another way you can get your church to be more trained and have more of Angelus to opportunities is to actually send them somewhere and so on. Here you'll see something called Glow mission trips dot org. I don't know if you've heard of goal mission trips but they are incredible. You should go online and go sign up for the one in Chicago sign up for the one that's going to Romania soon they're going to pass on a million glow tracks Church members of all ages go and they get on fire for God They go into aggressive and. Ism and they come back ready to get your whole church aggressive for a on fire for God And another thing that you can send them to is you thresh a literature vandalism program there are lots of different literature vandalism programs these young people come back and they just want to share their faith. That's all they want to do. They're so excited and that's that's one of the things here that you can do. There are bible college there are other opportunities pathways to help sent people places and have them come back to your church and they'll be ready to take on even more responsibilities in of evangelism and actually get people involved. So those are the last few things here and the last thing that we want to share. And I want to share that story later probably but the last thing I want to share is about synergy in discipleship you can have a lot of training. You can have evangelism but they all need to work together for a common goal. Yes there is an awesome story something that happened on and on and southeastern California. There were four bible workers one pastor one of Angelus all working together preparing for an Amanda Lissac series. They were excited and at the end of their Angelus it Series forty people had made decisions for baptism. Praise God right now it's awesome forty people and as they were looking through all of these different people they recognize that only two of them had come from the four bible worker team. Kind of disappointing for that Bible worker. Who was wanting more. You know to come from their work but as they looked at the other thirty eight. They had all come through relationships that had been built through twelve different ministries of the church is not beautiful twelve different ministries of the church a time ministry that was reaching out to health ministry. You know every single ministry synergistically working together to see things happen and that's where we have seen a lot of power. I think right here we can learn a lot from the disciples because it says here one. Interest prevailed one objects one object swallowed up all others all hearts beat in harmony and they only had one invasion to reveal the likeness of Christ character and to do what labor for the enlargement of his kingdom. It says These scenes are going to be repeated and with even greater power than we're were shown there with the apostles and I believe it's because of that unity that they had the synergy that they had so as you think about uniting a whole church to do evangelism remember that success in any line demands a definite aim a definite focus and a definite goal we do know that our church was created as an agency for the salvation of man praise God That's what the church was developed for and as we think about that aim. What can we do these are a few concepts here developing synergy within your church because a lot of ministries can be going on but how can you experience synergy as you're working together and the first thing that I like to do is have an evangelist I'm focused leadership meeting and know this is not board meeting. At a separate meeting that is an evangelist tickly focused leadership meeting all of the ministry leaders getting together outside of a board meeting outside of administration to talk about that year of evangelism and having a full year cycle of what they're going to do together. So it's not like one one ministry is doing something on the same weekend as another ministry and so on and so forth. Coming together for United prayer to develop synergy praying together that's one of the best ways to develop sanity right there also having a relationship building focus. If every ministry whether it be an internal ministry or not reach Ministry of the church has a focus on building relationships with the community. You're going to start to see a lot happen because there's a lot of relationships being built through every single ministry that's going on and another big one is calendar driven events having you know I'll tell you over. Over again. I've worked with lots of churches that didn't have a focus or a goal points that they were working towards and it really struggled to get some momentum going something that they were working towards and I've seen you know one church. No decisions for them because there was no calendar driven event next year. Everyone's all the ministries are working towards that one calendar driven event and you see tons more people making decisions for baptism. And so there is power behind having those events in the calendar that are plugged in that everyone's working towards and last but not least just having a unified mission and vision. Each one reach one losing one disciple. So as we think about this think about synergy What can you do to help your church grow in their in their synergy not just doing things on their own but doing things together and last but not least I'm not going to cover much on this but I think that the overlooked aspect of T.M.I. is often discipleship because when you look at T.M.I. you hear. Maybe you've heard of vents and you've heard giving a Bible study and you've heard preaching in Angeles and series but discipleship takes it to that next level of thinking about am I willing to get into the mess of one person's life for ten to fifteen twenty years until they give their life to Jesus. And as you think about that each one reach one lose non disciple all as you think about disciple ing someone it can be as simple as one friend that you work with and it can be as simple as you know one friend of every church member in your congregation. Are they willing to get into the mass of that person's life for for a long period of time to see them come into a deeper relationship with Jesus. If you don't do any of the strategies but each one truly does reach one. How much what happened there. So as we think about that we don't want to overlook the key element of discipleship. What we want to do now I know that there is a short amount of time and a lot of information we have currently cut out at least fifty percent of our Prez. Ation which is OK And but we we wanted to have a time where we could. Dialogue and so if there are any questions that you do have I'd like to invite my panel to come up here and sit down. If you have any questions about total member involvement how to actually get your church involved in a deeper way. So we're going to start we have we have a a couple of questions that we can start with but as the questions come in and there's one that we think will be really beneficial to everyone here we would like to have those questions answered by our panel who is here today and we're very thankful that we have each one here. I think the only person that hasn't been introduced officially is Norman. But if you can just go quickly and say your name across the panel. I see Michael Thompson director of socialist. National to do list director of the wildwood College of Health of vandalism. Will a cookie thing you thresh let me go after Central California and keep that Wilson in my promoter. I love it. That's excellent. So we're going to begin we have a question here. I believe for Michelle Rinella whoever wants to jump at the mike first but this is a question that we we thought about and it's this simple. We're all busy. We live in a world that's very busy right. North American division I hear this over and over again I'm too busy. I'm sorry I just have so much going on. I'm so busy. How can I balance my personal time with doing more ministry. Especially if I have a full time job family etc. You know I get this question a lot and I mean the first thing I like to say and I. Do you believe in Matthew six thirty three where it says Seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added to you. So it is just putting in those priorities first and then the work works but the other thing is I think that's kind of a. Sorry Mike misunderstanding with this question and that is we build a separate evangelist a quake. Thank you. We build a separation between our work for God and then our personal work like they have to be balanced between the two like they're not one in the same. And that's that's the huge thing is I think the paradigm shift that evangelism is in everything that I do it's in my family. It's in my work. It's in my church and when that shifts you start to see evangelism everywhere and you start to see things that you can do for God everywhere and then it's not this time is for God and this time is for the rest of my life but it's like Lord how can you take all of my business and turn it into something the use for you. Praise God that's also another question that we have is what can I do if I want my church to become active but I don't sense support from my pastor or church leadership. We decided to do our direct that question to older will say because we were. Well that's a challenge. Of course you can always talk to the conference but I'll tell you the most important thing is probably start with prayer and if church members don't see things happening and they see resistance or dragging of feet or misunderstanding just get as many people together as you can and start praying. And one of the successes of Rwanda and what we hope next February will be in Romania and these are only. Not isolated but these are only specific cases of where we're going to be holding evangelistic meetings that are culminating much of total member involvement going on on a day to day by day basis. There are hundreds of these things happening all over the world. So it's not just where we're focused but these are just special areas. One of the things that really helped Rowe on the take off. Gerry and Janet Paige went to Rwanda and they held incredible powerful prayer ministry times of emphasis and the people of Rwanda started praying like never before. And Melody and others who are involved in prayer ministries these things can help to change situations that are apparently. Just very resistant. But probably another practical thing is just to sit down with the pastor and say you know Master we really want to do something is there anything that will prohibit us from accomplishing something and if the pastor doesn't kind of go along with it then of course just try and work with the local elder or with somebody once you start something. You know this is one of the biggest challenges and it was already mentioned here today. You may train you may do all kinds of things but if you don't actually set a date for something. If you don't actually say we're going to do something on a particular day or in a particular time. And you work towards that it probably won't happen. And so get those together who can actually help make something happen. And even if you see resistance in different places by God's grace. It will happen. Amen praise God. Here's another question that often people have is I want to be involved but I'm not an upfront person I am very shy What can I do and this may also mean I want to get others involved but I do. I don't feel like I can go up front and inspire them to be involved. What do I do. So you might not believe this but I said be a very shy person and I know you don't believe me but you can actually you know kind of when I first went canvassing You know when you do literature events and you have to talk to like one hundred people every day. My parents actually looked at themselves and they said they told me this later they're like she'll never make it. They said that the reason why is because I was very I didn't like being in large crowds of people if I went into a room with more than ten people like my hands would sweat and my heart would start beating and I'd be like I don't know how to carry on a conversation I don't really know what to say but thankfully there was a point that God help me to overcome that there was no easy way out of that I believe that God calls us all to be social people no matter what our personal like preferences or our personalities and sort of our excuse like I'm just a shy person. I believe God calls us to be social for the Gospel sake and he called me to do a prayer up front when I was about fourteen years old at church and I was like This is how nervous I was the night before I stayed up for like an hour. Think about what I'm going to say for prayer for the next day and I had it all lined out and I think I even read it but I was very nervous but doing that. One thing. Help me and I took a little steps eventually when I was fifteen I preached an evangelist series in Africa and that helped me completely. But I would I would say to you is do not use that as an excuse to not do ministry for God you will get over your shyness. After about five or ten experiences where you will be nervous. You will soon start to love it. Feel more comfortable and God will actually use you in greater ways to reach people. So I want to encourage those of you that feel very shy not the up front. Type of person whether you're young or old God can start changing your comfort in front of people in front of a crowd and he can do that. Well for His glory and so that his work for it. He ran all right. It looks like we had some questions from the audience which one are going to do you. Kyle Cowan So I went on this. OK You ready. OK OK I'm going to take one my church has a lot of older people and very few very few youth. OK what can I do to get the members beyond hoping for a growing church and actually working to grow the church. All right. This is a free for all my anybody doing. Do you need the question repeated. Was our panel paying attention. You got a question Mike. So OK in my church basically a lot of older people very little youth What can I do to help get the members beyond just hoping to grow the church and actually working to grow the church. I think that's a common question we see that across North America in my union we are seeing some similar things Number one is as older Wilson was saying prayer. That's a big thing. It's also amazing to see what one person can do one person they do make a difference. Sometimes you're thinking what can I do. I'm just one person but there have been times when it's that one person that inspired me that you can make a difference. Also knowing that the results might help contacting the local conference trying to invent do something I brought my young people to a youth conference. I went to a church in southeastern California conference and at the time they told us that they were contemplating doing something with the church or closing it or turning into a Spanish church because literally all these two families that were keeping the structure alive were moving in they were a family of builders they were construction builders in the market turn to California to move to Nevada they weren't sure what to do. And God's timing is pretty amazing. My cousin went to that church at that time it was just a couple of us young people but we started playing we started take. People on I reach old and young and we started to tell our friends we started to go door to door so we did an evangelist series we did a revival and we started to do to train the church members and by God's grace the church churches grew in attendance and God just kept bringing people and what I realize is there's a quote evangelism I'm probably going to slaughter it but God will trust. Whatever the church is ready for God will trust basically So if God knows that this church will take care of people then God will bring people to this church. I've seen this over and over again. This church then we decided to call a conference to do a conference to do it to do eventually stick series. They went on faith in and said we're going to go out in and raise the money for it. So there's an element of bring it on faith raising money contacting the conference contacting other ministries and getting help and so that's what I've seen is that knowing that you're not your own island there is a conference there's a union. There's a division there's a general conference and there are resources. So that's number one is just understanding there's resources. Praying and of course actually doing something. I just want to add one thing I'm sorry I'm jumping in on the panel. But I don't please don't underestimate if you're an older person I want to ask you to raise your hand. But don't underestimate the power that you can have on a young adult. You can change someone's life and totally engage them and there are so many stories we could share but I just wanted to add that one point you may be in a dead church but you buy your one one loving example to a young person can change their life forever. Praise God. Right. We're going to move on. We have two more questions that will do you one question that I want to direct at Norman is how can I as I support me in doing local ministry and what resources can answer I support me with Well the answer the question is probably the same as has already prepared the New Beginnings materials fifteen years ago we developed a set of materials that is complete. Well a full message twenty six sermons including the last one is American prophecy that is very relevant to today translated originally into thirty three languages we have thirty seven languages and it's growing and in this room there are people who have asked us to do a Serbian we're working on that and this morning I was asked to do Japanese and we're going to support Swahili. So that's the mode we're in where we're really and a high volume new mode of language support for the World Church the individual level the materials online you can download it. It's FREE. There's no cost model at all for big meetings calendar driven meetings we have budgets for doing printing we supply twenty five hundred manuals for Rwanda. You know there were the sermon manuals that were used in the field. I'm choking on seventeen thousand manuals for Swahili. But if we get an offer in tomorrow we'll do it in May and each of you that came in should have received that I'm Dr that already has the new beginning series on it so I encourage you to go home tonight and start preaching. How does that sound. You know last question. Well interact and other mean key How do you disciple someone else to do a vandalism. If I'm just learning myself. How can I help get other people involved if I'm just learning myself I think she is thirty six years old she lived under a bridge in a cardboard box here in Phoenix twelve years ago and pastor's daughter her father died and she got discouraged and left home and her stepmother kept praying for Gerry and had a series of meetings here. Sean boots or she came to the meetings her life was changed a few months later the Camelback church center on a mission trip to preach a series of meetings in Tanzania and he's still very active witnessing for Jesus. Today I think one of the most important things. This is to take that T.M.I. prayer card. You can pick them up. Maybe you haven't already and write down a few names for a daily. Not hard for the hard part is to write on too many names. You're supposed to do something nice Want a week. For everyone. Your well that's all right we're all nice people are we. And then invite him to some special event of the church. Shawntel this is what made the difference I think in. In Rwanda you know one day is a miracle the people there has said they go for sixty thousand but people are praying for four hundred thousand I never thought would happen and. It's just a miracle absolute miracle. We have done lots of meetings in the area we lived ten years nearby in the Congo and there was nothing like this it's just it's a miracle of God. And Chantelle took her card. She wrote down eleven names. She pray daily for every name she went to visit them she encouraged them. She gave them things food and different things to help them all eleven people brought them to the meetings all eleven were bad and so I think. Mom the most important things any of us to do is write down names take you know to take a card take all these cards and and duplicate it and it is being used around the world that you know I parent hard and do something nice. I mean once a week and brain into some special event pray that's all except Jesus. Oh by the way one of the thing you have the she here. If you want to get involved and do meetings. You're welcome to come with us to model what you're trained to Georgia Romania and Bulgaria you have all I want to have choices in February and March next year. Amen. Praise the Lord. So we can start out by thinking of those two or three that we want to pray for and write them down start praying for them do something nice for them once a week and then invite them to something special. That's very simple right and not something every member of this medium was produced by audience or yes on this layman's services and industry. If you would like to learn more. If you like to this verse.


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