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Thriving Mentally: Assimilating the Mind of Christ

Dan Gabbert
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In this presentation Dan will highlight the vital importance of acquiring and maintaining a thriving mental health experience through the assimilation of the mind of Christ (Philippians 2:5) and the essential components of Christ’s experience that empowered Him, regardless of the character or intensity of the temptation, to remain faithful to God to the very end. 


Dan Gabbert

Mental/ Spiritual Wellness coach at Black Hills Health & Education Center




  • August 5, 2016
    3:30 PM
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Heavenly father were yours we're grateful for the moments that you've given us together to consider what I believe to be one of the most vital vital topics that any believer in Christ can actually address and personally assimilate to their own personal experience the mind of Christ. Please bless our minds with your spirit. We're trusting you to lead in these moments together in Jesus' name we pray. Amen. It kind of speaks for itself thriving mentally assimilating the mind of Christ. I'm a firm believer that this is where it sat. I can be the most wonderful evangelist I can go eventually to stick series I can know all the doctrines of the seventh they have been a stretch and still be hurting. This is where it's at this has got to be in place. I shared this simply because I want to be like Jesus. And I love this statement in the heart of Christ where reigned perfect harmony with God there was perfect peace. He was never a lated by applause nor dejected by sensor or disappointment. Isn't it amazing. Amid the greatest opposition in the most cruel treatment he was still good courage and I want that experience for myself. Patsy and I work at the Black Hills Health and Education Center we've been there now for fourteen years before that we were in Pastore ministry and when we first started working as mental and spiritual health coaches there. Wilma's skiffs the people who are coming for a program a wellness program to. Didn't really have any struggles they were Qana. You know they just wanted to kind of get buffet and improve their physical health and have a healthy bake ation It's now fourteen years later. Since that time we have seen a steady increase in mental and spiritual struggles to where now we are we are working with individuals who are actually physically ill because of what's going on here and Jesus has got the answer. So in this presentation. It is all centered around. Philippians two five Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus. What does it mean to let Christ's mind be in you. Well this is Dan's rendition. You can decide whether you want to accept this or not but to me. It simply means a person is earnestly. Pursuing an intelligent. Faith filled love relationship with Christ Jesus which includes the diligent practice of thinking Christ thoughts concerning every situation that he or she faces. How many situations. It's a practice. Testimony's the professed follower of Christ must not be led by the dictates of his own will his mind must be trained to think Christ flounce. And in light and to comprehend the will in the way of God such of believer will be a follower of Christ methods were very interesting. I love this combine character and personality. I want this to be my experience continually He Christ died for me that I might be blessed and that his. Joy might remain in me. Therefore I keep my mind in that channel. I educate I train it. I train my tongue. I train my sots I train all that there is of me that I may think. Yes And apologies Christ. It sure but here's what we're going to be considering today. Number one to fight a reasons for assimilating the mind of Christ to acquire and maintain us to rising mental and spiritual experience and mental health. Number to two key ingredients to this experience and then number three. Three spiritual components of Christ's experience that Jesus wants us to assimilate in order to actually thrive mentally and spiritually. Here's vital reason number one. No reason number one for assimilating the mind of Christ are sinking plays a major role in determining our destiny. Sure. Romas twelve to you've probably got most of it memorized verse one says. Obvious each You therefore brother by the mercy of God that you present your bodies of living sacrifice holy and acceptable under God which is your reasonable service and be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the what everyone. There with New England of your mind that you may prove what is that good an acceptable and perfect will of God the man. Proverbs twenty three seven as he thinks in his heart. So is he. You may not be what you think. But what you think you are signs of the times. As a man thinketh in his heart. So is he. The thoughts and feelings cherish to give direction to the conduct and thus determine the character. Never forget the thoughts workout actions repeated actions for a head it's in the habits form character and from education the harvest of life is character and it is this that determines destiny. Both for this life and the life to go in. I hope you are thinking and that's why the Lord tells us an education to twenty five that character building is the most important work ever trusted to human beings and never before was its diligent study so important. This no you know we spend a lot of time trying to build somebody else's character make them act like we want them to act. But this is talking about my character. And here's what a heavenly character building consists of in a nutshell. Twenty one. M.R. two thirty. It is by learning to happen it's Christ his meekness his loneliness the self becomes transformed is an amazing by taking Christ yoke upon you and then submitting to learn and what do you think we're here's a vital reason number two for assimilating the mind of Christ of vital reason be. Sober be vigilant because your adversary the devil is a roaring lion walks about seeking whom Amy devolve and he is busy very busy. Ever since. Satan was cast from heaven to this earth with the other fallen angels mankind has been and still is in a spiritual war with a very real. Yet physically invisible enemy. The Fusion six twelve we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities against powers against the rulers of the darkness of this world against spiritual wickedness in high places and I say yes it's true. First Timothy Chapter four. The reason I stuck this slide in is simply because I've I've visited with Christians even Seventh Day Adventists Christians say you know what. Nobody can take me away from Jesus. But look at this now the Spirit speaks expressly that in the letter times some shall depart from the faith. Listen in order to depart from something I've got to be a part of it. Everybody following. And what with what was happening. They were giving he decide to sing spirits and doctrines of devils. This is vital wonderful news. Now watch this close. Notice what God wants to do for us. And notice what man can do for us. Verse eleven. Give us help from trouble for vain is the help of man. Amen. Through God we shall do valiantly for he it is that Shell tread down our enemies. Wow love it. Deuteronomy twenty verse four talking to Israel and we're spiritual Israel a man. You approach this day and battle against your enemies Let not your heart's faint fear not and do not tremble neither be terrified. Because of them for the Lord your God is He that go with with you to fight for you against your enemies to what. To save you. God is at work. He's more than willing Nehemiah chapter four twenty when they were trying to build his Jerusalem then back up. Our God shall fight for us in that good. I love it knows what prophets and King says a six forty five about Nehemiah. And us how craft of the however craftily the plots of Satan and his agents may be. God can detect them and bring to not all their councils their response of face today he will be the response made by India my our God shall fight for us for God is in the work and no man can prevent its ultimate success. I want to stay in the work about you and. Well according to what we've just learned from those verses who makes the devil flee from us who fights for us who is so interesting to me. Because we've run into these precious treasures individuals who say you know I've got to do something I've got I've got to talk to the devil. I've gotta argue with than I've gotta I've gotta fight. Reality is God fights for us if we're willing to let him. Vital to understand the reason I stuck this in is because this is vital. Look at this but Satan must be rebute as in olden time in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth is this in faith we must ask who to do the Lord to do. Not us. You know why. And here's why. Bear in. Mind that it is none but God that can hold an argument with say today. The sentiments of the enemy are to be met with a plain thus see if the Lord human infirmity I am instructed will not be able to resist the devil. And someone says what about Jesus and nephew for well we're going to address that we are so what's our part in allowing God to fight for us. James Chapter four now watch close I've got some question to ask you about this text submit yourselves therefore to God resist the devil and he will flee from you sure notice a question. But look closely at the verse just look at it and think what's. According to this person order to resist the devil What must a person decide to do. Sure. Even in that. Sure. Now the next question about James four seven. What part of human anatomy. Does a person have to submit to God first. In order to give God the right to fight for us and cause the devil to flee. Bingo. Because that's where temptation happens it happens here. And what gives God the freedom to actually fight the devil pushing the to drive him away is my willingness to submit my thinking to get outta to. We're. I want you to see this now because this is how the enemy works according to the Bible. John thirteen to the Last Supper. Notice what the Bible says about Judas supper being. Ended the devil having now put into the heart of Judas Iscariot Simon son to betray Jesus. What the devil do put the idea into use head. Now listen close when the enemy puts an idea into the head. He doesn't say. Hello this is a devil just want to give you an idea. You know what he does is this. He puts it in the first person as if I'm thinking it. So when the idea comes in. Oh you're no good you blew it. Jesus doesn't love you you're in trouble now. Ah. It never be the say. That watch is close and I assess the fire. Watch this close because here's my question. Was Jesus tempted. In how many points Hebrews Chapter four fifteen in all points like as we are yet without it in other words the temptation came in but. The men watched this see if you can see where and then I ask got in trouble and where we as human beings get in trouble. Watch this. But Peter said N N I. If you don't know the story of an honest by the way don't you. Sure. And I as a Safira saw some property and of course evidently with the decision that was all going to the work. That they decided to keep saying something back for themselves and Peter addresses and yes Peter said. N.. And I use Y. his seat and filled your heart to live to the Holy Ghost and keep that part of the price of the land. While it remained was it not your own and after it was sold. Was it not in your own power. Why if you can see this thing in your heart you have not lied and demanded a nigga know who put the idea in to keep that part of the price of the land Satan did but notice where did weird in N.I. a skid in trouble. Show me from the words in the verses show me where N N A S got in trouble. Show me from the verse where he got in trouble. Show me the words. Oh. Wait a minute. The devil filled his heart. The devil killed Jesus heart. But wait a minute. Where did an anonymous get in trouble. Look close. One handed attack raise your hand if you got the answer. OK. While it remained another or another. Conceived. Now notice that the devil put the idea in. But notice the terminology here. Why have. Why have you conceive. The devil could see idea. And if I start playing with it. You know that baby starts growing then he gets bigger and bigger and bigger until finally it's got to come out. Jesus was tempted in all points like as we are yet without sin Amen. According to X five four when did I N N N N I A says that temptation become see in. It's when he started playing with it. He started conceiving hey this is gonna need idea and you know if I don't tell anybody it was just between me and Safire you know problem I mean the church will never know but who knows. Bingo James one for fourteen. But every man is tempted when he's drawn away of his own lust and enticed and then when lust have to concede question. From what we've just learned how does this get conceived. Who makes a decision to start conceiving the way to Iraq and that's why I can trouble who review and herald their thoughts and feelings suggested and aroused by Satan that annoys even the best of men. But if they're not cherished if they are repulsed as hateful The soul is not contaminated with guilt and I should say false killed by the way it's one of the Devils great to us and no others defiled by their influence. Why is that because my responses to the temptation can have a great influence on other people what do you say we're a man and I want my response. To be a positive godly Christ like influence in lives how much you know. Yes. Jesus call Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus. OK. We're simple question whose mind is the only mind that has ever successfully repelled every one of the devil's attempts to lead up to disobey God. Well we're. We're to the very end of his earthly journey it was Christ and His way of thinking. That overcame every one of Satan's temptations everyone doesn't it makes sense. That anyone who truly desires to be thriving in a victorious mental in spiritual health. Must decidedly practice more and more of Christ mind his thinking. Choosing by face to think only his thoughts. A bell concerning the life circumstances including what. Makes sense. I think it's spiritual sense why you think we're to him that overcome us like ooh like rice. Will I grant to sit with me in my throne even as I also overcame these are big words. You have to look those up in the Spirit of Prophecy see what you come up with ears. There it is that's what this is what it's all about ears. I want the mind of the one who only the only one who's ever experienced victory over everyone of sequels to patients. How about you. Well I want us to city in a very famous temptations session that Jesus head with the enemy and this will learn some Let's learn some unique unique insights into this life of victory that Jesus actually wants every one of us to. Variants. Let's go here we go. Matthew Chapter four. Remember Jesus in the wilderness of temptation right. OK just two verses. I want you to call said it though. You got a close because I may ask you some questions. All right here goes. When the tempter came to him came to Jesus he the tempter said If thou be the Son of God command these stones to be made bread but he answered and said it is written that. Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God and everybody said. OK here comes the question. Cording to those verses in Christ's response what did he used to repel the enemy's suggestion. Very good. I got another question though. So hold on. That was an easy one. Jesus meant Satan with the words of Scripture. It is written in every temptation. How many temptations every one had in every temptation the weapon of his warfare was the Word of God. Sort of spirit. Yes interesting. Just the sort of spirit. You know in physical war we use a sword and somebody else spiritual or who uses sort of interesting. What's so unique. Here's the next question about Matthew four three and four. What was so you need. About the Bible text that Christ used to repel Satan's temptations. Here it is again. What was so unique. When the tempter came to him he said if you're the son of God command these stones to be made bread but Jesus answered and said it is written man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. Now what. Nique about the Bible texts that Jesus threw back in his face. Iraq Iraq Iraq though verse directly addressed the temptation that he was being tempted in does that make sense. You know he could have said well John three sixteen for got to love the world that he gave his own grandson that whoever believes in him shot perished have everlasting life. We're But you know I got another question. The Bible text directly addressed the circumstance that Jesus was facing directly countered the temptation that he was being confronted with earphones never question. Oh there we go we got that good job brother. One more question why in the world did the bible to come out of Christ. Mel. Where was it at your ears. Psalms one thousand nine hundred eleven were there who would have it is a lamp unto my feet right ear. No no no that's not someone nineteen what one o five right ear the I word of I hid in my heart that I might know it was hidden there. So I'm seventeen for concerning the works of men concerning everything is going on around the by the word of the names I have kept me from the paths of the destroyer ier was hidden in Christ's heart. Now I think I might have another door Iraq Iraq. I might take you back. You know I got to keep going. I noticed what the devil had to do when the only reaction he could get out of Christ by. Yes Temptations was a Bible text set directly addressed in culture the content of his temptation with the truth. You know what the devil funny had to do with our own yes that was a second temptation but what did the devil finally have to do. Then the devil left him and behold angels came and ministered to I like that idea don't you as it was with Jesus. So it is with his followers. If we are willing to respond to the circumstances that are tempting us to step outside of God's will. We are willing to respond according to what God says what Jesus says Iraq. Will I knew I had another question for you and those text here it is. According to what we've learned from James four seven. What was Jesus actually doing in his mind in his thinking that caused the devil to flee Iraq. He was submitting his thinking to God. And who was fighting for him. God the Father was. Wow. But but wait a minute wasn't Jesus talking to the devil ears was he argue with the devil was he saying well you know I just don't feel like making Roxanne grids go away. No no no. What was the only thing that was coming out of his mouth. And what was a sort of the Spirit doing. It was rebuking the enemy dividing he was for twelve absolutely sure. Like this. Just like he wants to do for you. Instead of dwelling upon the tempting idea Jesus immediately meant that idea in his thoughts with his father's thoughts God's word concerning that type of situation immediately no fooling around. I can and I a student starting conceiving an idea and saying Yeah I am a little bit hungry. You know that a bit of bread would hurt nobody immediately his thoughts went to the idea of God's Word that countered the truth. The lie excuse me counter the lie recording countered the lie. The reason those words of scripture came out of his mouth is because they were hidden Christ hard and he was exercising his mind to keep that state apart God how many of you know what Isaiah twenty six three says. I hear it will keep in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on the because he trusts the question how does a person keep his mind stated God. Ier how do we keep our mind focused on the throne of God. Prayer prayer what else. Meditation what else. Very good. Sure. Dwelling on the Christ. The plan of salvation. Jesus' life experience talking to him visiting with them. All you have to read steps to cry speech ninety nine. In that page there are so phenomenal Satan can overcome him whose mind is the state of God God is talking about prayer. All right. Going to move on because we've kind of hit on this but notice that a good man out of the good treasure is heart brings forth that which is good. And an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth that which is evil for out of the abundance of the heart as well. Speaks question who decides what we treasure in our heart. I'm the one that makes treasure. And when it comes to thinking. I'm talking about a treasure to racially of thoughts. And whatever I'm choosing to feed my mind on through my senses what I'm doing is I'm actually developing a beautiful treasure chest for us. That I'm going to go to when I'm tempted and either either is going to rescue you and keep you faithful and let God fight for you or it's going to get in trouble you get in trouble here it is again testimonies volume and into every temptation Christ presented the word of the Lord. It is written it is written was never his never feeling weapon. We as a representatives of Christ are to meet every thrust of the enemy with the word of the Living God Satan. Again advantage of the child of God who relies on the Word of God as his defense a man. In every temptation the weapon of his warfare was the Word of God Satan demanded of Christ a miracle is a sign of his divinity but that which is greater than all miracles get a load of this the reason I shared this is simply because what it says a firm reliance upon a thus saith the LORD was a sign that could not be controverted so long. Watch this close so long as Dan gathering. Held to his position. Put your name there so long as held to his or her position the tempter could gain no advantage. So long as we went over and over again. You keep your mind stayed on God. What about my feelings. I love this. Feelings are often to see thing. Emotions are no sure safeguard. By the way just before we finish this we are in a society you know this being groomed to base our experience with God our experience of life and how we're feeling. Feelings are often deceiving emotions are no sure safeguard for they are variable and subject to external circumstances. Many are deluded by relying on sensational impressions. The test is what are you doing for Christ and here's the good news by steadfastly keeping the will on the Lord side every emotion How many emotions every emotion will be brought into captivity to the will of Jesus and I like that. I like the idea that my emotions are actually in captivity to a B.D.'s to Christ. What are you saying in how did Jesus have to contend with the devil. How long did he have to contend with the devil the angels all. Life. What about us. He that she'll endure to how long. Same she'll be see. Bless it is that man that endures what temptation for when he is tried he shall receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to them that love him. Amen. Endures to the want. In their four key ingredient number one necessary for victorious mental and spiritual health is like Jesus frack to submitting yourselves to God. Whereat everyone resisted devil and he will flee from you can anybody tell me how come if I am submitting my thinking to God who is fighting for me. God's fighting why he wants to fight for all of us next. Tex gives us a key ingredient number two necessary to obtain the best possible mental and spiritual health for our age and condition. Please tell me you love me after I share this. Here we go take heed to yourself and to the doctor and continue in them for so in doing this. Save yourself in that here the. Let me ask you. According to that text was my first responsibility my first duty before God to. What. But we do in this self is no problem. So what is this talking about. Councils and diets and foods. Our first duty toward God and our fellow beings is that of self development hence that time to spent a good. Which is used in the establishment and preservation of the. We are three dimensional beings brothers and sisters and sanctification is a three dimensional process not a one dimensional first Estonians five twenty three the very got a piece sanctify you holy W H O L L Y Right. And I pray God Your whole spirit soul and body be preserved blameless under the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. It's this this is the lifestyle the message this health message that God has given us is for a very specific purpose is to lead Christians. To realize that they've got to do something about their three dimensional health not just one. Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you whom you have from God your not your own for you were bought with a price. Therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit the spirit of your mind if you choose for twenty three which are God's my body is who's. Wow. And what a privilege it is like Jesus to be able to and I know there's all kinds of ideas in arguments and all that stuff but reality is I'm going to do this stuff I can't take care what I got in that about you because in this what's connected to my body to go. You have God's call there it is. Three dimensional sanctification and I just shared this with you know notice I correlated the colors. To the three dimensions. Since the mind and the soul find expression through the body both mental mind and spiritual soul by the way in the. Prophecy there is one statement that says that the soul the spiritual agent. So when it comes to this here and we understand that this soul talking about the whole being. But understand when it comes in the realm of mental health is talking the soul is the spiritual dimension the spiritual agent of the mind. Both mental and spiritual both mental and spiritual bigger are in a great degree dependent upon physical strength and activity. Whatever promotes physical health promotes the development of a strong mind mental and a well balanced character spiritual three dimensions. All three got it. There's a cycle of life. Everybody's in it. Christian non-Christian healthy unhealthy said glad mad happy makes no difference function health of the spiritual experience with God to fix the health of my mental perfect perceptions which then affects my responses to life including the care of my body which then directly affects the health of my brain function which then directly help affects the health of my spiritual experience affects this affects that you could put those arrows at all different directions but that's the cycle of life that every human being is in. The key is to being practicing the mind of Christ for Christian. And for non Christians to find in Jesus the one altogether the beginning of the journey of accepting Christ into their heart. Education without health no one can as distinctly understand or as completely fulfill his obligations to himself to his fellow beings or to his Creator. Therefore the health should be as faithfully guarded as what. Well there's something else now is necessary in order to thrive in a mental and spiritual health besides caring for our bodies not having a specific Bible verse memorized to wrap our mind around when a temptation arises in our thoughts. There something else and that is this a person must be willing to actively pursue and experience the vital elements of Christ's personal experience with god. That and Nabl him to not only survive but thrive in his mental and spiritual health regard list of the enemies relentless attempts to overwhelm him with the temptation is in something else here it is. What were the spiritual elements. What gave Christ the phenomenal mental and spiritual health experience that he had that empowered him to actually endure and overcome the enemy's temptations to the very end all the way to this death on the cross. What was it about his mental and spiritual health experience besides the fact that he had a lot of the word hidden his mind was the word. I watch close. Element number one. John ten fifteen says about Jesus Jesus says as a father knows me. Even so I know the father I laid all my life for the sheep element number one spiritual element of Christ six perience is vital. Jesus knew God our Father and God the Father knew him intimate intimate experience. They both knew each other. Jesus knew the father. Juice what. What do you suppose is important for us. You happen to know God John seventeen three and this is life eternal that they might know the the only true God and G.. Christ who was sent. It's all about and knowing him. Jeremiah nine twenty three twenty four Thus saith the Lord let not the wise man glory in his wisdom. Neither let the mighty man glory in his might lead not the rich man glory in his riches but let him their glories or both school already in this that he understands and what knows me that I am the Lord which exercise loving kindness judgment and righteousness in the earth for in V's things I delight say that the Lord is that need to know that the Lord delights in us knowing him. That so good. Libyan's three and I'm going to cut this one short but the Apostle Paul counted all things for loss for the excellent C. of them. Jesus Christ. What do you say amen was Paul on track. I think Saul than. Review in Harold our life must be hid with Christ in God we must know Christ personally. For this is eternal life to know God and Jesus Christ. Then only can we rightly represent him to the world then. Man I want to know him to. In order to have true abiding faith in Christ we must know him as he is represented in the word. And faith must be kept in constant exercise through the diligent study of the word. I've got this little statement I share all the time is in here it is time alone in the word to know God Nothing replaces it. With out it. Everything replaces it. If you get it. Time alone with. God know him. What Nothing replaces it. But without it. Everything replaces anybody relate. Element number to Jesus spiritual experience John fourteen thirty one. But that the world may know that I love the father and as the father gave me commandment even so I do her can pull Jesus love the Father and the father loved him. John three thirty five says the father in law of Christ Jesus love the Father in the father loved him in Iraq. And it moved to Christ to keep the Father's Commandments remember what second Corinthians five fourteen sis for the love of Christ constrains me the love of Christ compels me in the Greek love of Christ actually occupies me the love of Christ is just everything to me earlier. Compels me to longer live for myself but deliver him and we also must stay true to God by faith that works by love motivated to willingly and delightfully keep his word. What do you say when it be just be boring infected be unusually uncomfortable to spend the rest of eternity was someone you didn't love me or was someone that you didn't know the full for this is the love of God that we keep His commandments and His commandments are not grievous in if a man love me. He will keep my words and my Father will love and we will come on to him and make our abode with him. It sure the love of Christ in the heart is what is needed self is in need of being crucified. When self is submerged in Christ. True love spur. Rings forth. Spontaneously know this true love. It is not an emotion. Or and emboss. But a decision of what kind of will all end in Iraq. It consists not in what. But in the transformation of the whole heart soul and character which is dead to self and alive and to God. Lord I want your love. Element number three found in Hebrews Chapter two. And again. Christ will put my trust in Him God the Father. And again behold the children which God has given me. Notice what Jesus did. What did you do with this trust. Being all ears. Jesus trusted his father. It was a decision of his will to put his trust in God. If you want to do an interesting study look up the word trust in the Bible and in the book of Psalms and you'll discover something interesting facer trust is an incredible gift that God has given to every man we've all got a measure right Romans twelve three. But what we do with that trust with that faith who's decision is it. Some people trust money others trust other people some people trust their Welse some of trust their intelligence. People put their trust in all kinds of things but the the trust that we'll actually see is the same place that Jesus put his trust in God the Father. I love this one. The Lord saw. Us in a sad condition and sent to our world. The only messenger. That he could trust. With his great treasure of pardon and Grace Christ the only begotten Son of God was the delegated messenger. He alone could be trusted to do the work required for the redemption of the world and in This Gift The Father gave all heaven to the world. Jesus trust of the Father and the father did was trust him. I want that God experience with God out much. It's one thing for me to trust the father who would Amazing think that to even grasp the concept that he wants to trust me and you know what he's in trusting us with an incredible mess which you probably have. To know God to love God to trust God personally and experience fully. These are the components of Christ's mind that you a nice through cooperation with the Holy Spirit must diligently assimilate in order to have the mind of Christ that will remain faithful to God's will. Even in the face of physical death. Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus. I've got to know God. I've got to love you. I've got a trusting person and experience to a full well. Besides supplying godly mental and spiritual health the core bottom line reason for assimilating these wonderful elements of Christ's is found in understanding Matthew chapter seven. This is the remember Jesus. Told the parable of the man who built this one man built his house on the sand the other and built his house on the rock but notice the description here of those who are lost. Watch this school full of. Not everyone the system the Lord Lord chill enter into the kingdom of heaven but he that does the will of life father which is in heaven. Many will say to me and that they lowered Lord every night prophesied in any. And in the name cast out devils and in the name done many wonderful works. And then will I profess and do them. But Lord I've been so busy. I've been so busy about your work. I've been in the work for forty years a man that doesn't account for anything. Now here's a big question. According to these verses who is it that she will enter the kingdom of heaven. Now Evidently it must be God's will for us to know it. It must be God's will for us to actually for him to know us in because the workers of iniquity that were lost. Yet I How are the last who doing the could you describe God doesn't know. So here's my question here it is the question Who does God know want you to see this from God's Word who God knows full. But now after you have known God or rather are known of God How turn you again to the weak and beggarly elements where into your desire. To be in bondage. God knows those who. Pinko. I just close now first Corinthians eight three. But if any man love God The same is. God knows those who. Anybody getting it yet. Oh what's this name when seven The Lord is good a stronghold in the day of trouble and he knows them that trust him. God knows those who. It isn't that interesting. The identical elements of Christ experience his spiritual experience. Knowing good loving. Trusting here. That's who. God knows I want to know him. Other trust. I want to be known of God I want to love the God I want Preston say they are why we're What do you think. Important are or live in this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus. Well here's reason number one just going back over no reason number one for letting his mind be in the in order to develop the character of Christ his habitual ways of responding to life's challenges to glorify God we must experience more and more of his thinking. As he thinks in his heart. So is reason number two zero a couple of statements. I'm sorry for sharing. So many statements your opus OK These We are so richly list anyway mind character and personality. The glory of God The perfection of Christian character is to be the aim the purpose of our life. Christ followers must imitate cry. In disposition was disposition. Who. I think coming to look that one up a dictionary. Like crying East is the watchword not like your father or your mother but like Jesus Christ he had in Christ closed with Christ's righteousness imbued with the spirit of Christ the watchword like jesus us and then. Now here's reason number two in order to be in a position to allow God to fight our arch enemy for us and make him flu leave. We must be actively experiencing Christ Mind. The only mind that has successfully overcome every one of the devil's temptations. To have the have the mind of Christ. I need to have what his thoughts. You know how many circumstances of life. Wow. Reason number three. In order to do God's will and gain an interest into is eternal Kingdom. We must be earnestly assimilating every vital element of Christ victorious in my ear love him know him trust him like we've got to stop. My wife Patsy over there pass you know be here for the rest of the day and don't feel I hope were approachable. If you got a question you think that we might have you know something from the word of the Spirit of Prophecy that might be an answer please come approach us we'll do our best to. Stepaside. Happy to do that. I want to I want the mind of Christ about you. Should we pray about that. All right. Lord. We want your mind and we know that it's your thoughts. Please continue your special work for my art anybody else agree. And we are so determined through your grace through the faith that you parted to us to talk to you know you from your word to allow your spirit to do more for greater trust. And hence our love relationship with you that we could be just totally sold out and not even afraid at a death decree. Thank you for your model of victory. Thank you for fighting for us. Thank you for sacrificing yourself. For us thank you. Anybody else want to say. Give you the right to work in a stew with pleasure to meet you. My audio services and it is yours if you would like to learn more and you might.


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