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Martin Proebstle


Jesus lasts. This core conviction propels the life and mission of the called and chosen ones and produces   tamid loyalty. – So, be committed to Jesus.


Martin Proebstle

Dean of the Theology Department and professor of Old Testament at Seminar Schloss Bogenhofen in Austria. 




  • August 5, 2016
    7:00 AM
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The Heavenly Father Our hearts are grateful. Especially today on the set of day. It's wonderful. To worship you. It's wonderful to wake up to a new life to know that this day is in your hand and if everything we do. We say we think we can glorify your name. We want to do that. Lord. And this morning we want to delve into the truth. The living truth. Your virtue and Jesus because you are the living truth yourself. We want to be hold you in your word. Because we know by beholding. You can change us. So please Lord. Change us into your image this morning as we focus on our Lord and Master Jesus Christ and now this devotional is dedicated. I have to do that dedication in the beginning I dedicated to all those who get up early on Sabbath morning. And I dedicated to all those who are in exile. Young people. Women man who are in exile from their homeland. I dedicated to you. And I have just only one wish have a safe travel home. We are called we are chosen. We are committed. Now when we looked at the Sakya story I heard I should pronounce it. Zacchaeus said right. And the Greek gets the keyless. Doug. Don't worry. When we looked at that we saw that to be a call means that you give everything to Jesus in the place where you are you give your first your last and your best for Cheesus there's nothing in between Also chambres. One of the offers of a devotional book I like very much. Said Put God first put God Second put God through it. In your life. I think this is important. Seculars is the one who sews us what it means to be called Jesus called him. And in this divine encounter and. Thank you as well as saved and he followed him. And in the marketplace. He shared the gospel. And he spread the news together with his gifts. Chosen. Yesterday we looked at. Why we are chosen. We have chosen to see Cheesus. Probably called chosen and committed theme has something to do with our Adventist message. But today I like to focus in the committed. Also on the same like we are chosen chosen to see Jesus. There is no higher destiny. There is nothing more important than that. We want to see him. And we never should forget in our daily life. What Jesus has chosen us for. And his desire is not yet fulfilled. Today I didn't have time to mention that in the desire of age and invite describes this wonderful scene and she says comes to heaven. We had the privilege to translate that into a new and when they came to that pass it just ripped my heart. Let me read a few sentences there all heaven was waiting to welcome the savior to the celestial cords as he ascended. He led the way in the move to cute of captive set free at his resurrection followed the heavenly host. If so would send a clear Mason of praise and celestial song. Attend the choicest train. And then they drew near to the City of God. And you probably remember what happens then. Lift up your head. It's over your gates. And be you ye lift up be everlasting doors. The King of Glory shall come in. Joyfully. Just notice how often joy is mentioned joyfully the very eating the sentinels respond extra just imagine them standing at the door of the new tourism. They say Who is the King of Glory. Of course they know who it is. But they do that to hear a thing as a mind that responds because that brings gladness to their heart. The low are strong and mighty the lot my D. in battle. So lift up your head see Gates and then again is heard the challenge. Who is the king of the glory for the angel is never weary of hearing his name exalted and there is calling a lie of the lot of host he is the King of Glory. When the doors open. And I like her by describe describes it here when she says. We have a burst of rapturous music. She says is moving into the city then it's interesting he goes straight to about the throne of God. All his people he brings in if the first fruits from Earth and then he is there at the heart of the heavenly sanctuary. In front of the Father. And he hushed us then gently crowd and he has one question. You know what that question is he says to the Father. You know father. I will that they also whom God has given me be with me where I am. Is justice be done. You know that assures me that his last clear and strong seventeen twenty four is still on Jesus hard when he comes to heaven. That's the first thing he presents to the Father his this I are that his followers will be there and the ones who follow him because of the verge of his first followers. Jesus desire is not yet met. We're still here. So he still has that has chosen a US to be with him. Which Springs us to the committed part. And I want to focus in a moment on what that means for. Yes. But first we need to say that she IS US is committed to his cause. He is committed to the justify and celebration. He is not finished with his task. When he died on the cross. He goes up there. He he gives his father again his last plea and the father says it is OK. They will be there. We have you with us. There is still work for him to be done. What's that work. I Turn to Romans Chapter five for us nine and ten. I think this is a powerful message here. Since we have now being justified by his blood and we are justified by his blood. How much more on this is something Paul likes to do. It's a Jewish thing to do if this is true then how much more that is true. So first he says it's true that we were saved by His blood. But how much more of then and then comes something else which is still future. How much more shall we be safed from God's wrath through him. And then and typical Hebrew parallelism. He says the same thing again with different words for ten. For if while we were God's enemies we where Rican silent of to him through the death of his son. So that is in the past recurrence five for the death of Jesus Christ. How much more having been recurrence science. Shall we be saved. Through his life. Now let me ask you what kind of. Life is meant here. This is a powerful message about the high priest ministry of Jesus Christ. Because the past is the cross and now we will be safe through what through his life. Jesus life committed to us as a High Priest will save us in the end. This has nothing to do with deteriorating the cross the cross is the high act of salvation. But of course it needs to be administered so to speak. By the minister of the heavenly century. So that we will be safed. We are safe and we are not yet safe we are safety in Jesus Christ we have that assurance of salvation and we believe it. We trust in it because he is committed to it. But we are still here. We are not yet there with him. We are not yet home. We are all in exile in a strange land under enemies. And we want to be there. So his life of commitment as a heavenly High Priest that will make us sure that we will be there and the result was me. The result in Romans five eleven is said not only is this so but we also both in God. This brings us to boasting it's glorifying off God because He will save us we are committed to be thing for we are committed to glorify him but his high please leave ministry is attacked and I think you know that. And now we go to the Book of Daniel which is a book I think in the end from just world is close to our heart. Daniel Chapter eight we go to that chapter and it's the high priest Lee ministry. In the history of that front is true. To become. Is probably the most important verse. Daniel eight fourteen. And by it said all right in the great controversy. Chapter twenty three first sentence. The one biblical passage. Which is the pillar and the foundation of the Adventist message is Daniel eight fourteen. So we go there and I just want to read. One or two verses. So that we recognize again that we are speaking here of the heavenly high priest. Verses. Eleven and twelve. Chapter eight and I read from my translation. He that is the one magnify US itself. Is that nice. Thank you. Angel. He's the real angel. Magnifiers itself up unto. The prince or the general of the host. The commander of the Army of the Lord. It says here and he that took away the towel meet in Hebrew you have to learn one word this morning in Hebrew that I meet. I will eclipse plane in a moment. OK just hold on. You will take away the to meet from. The heavenly commander. No the heavenly commander obviously has something which is called to meet. And then this. Power is throwing down the foundation of his sanctuary literally from the Hebrew. So this one is attacking the heavenly commander the heavenly priest. All of this is in a cultic context we read about a sanctuary we read about the RAM and the Go read about even in mornings reminding us of maybe creation and the Day of Atonement which. They starting in the even ng. So in this cultic context. The term to meet a curse Christ the heavenly commander has a tell me what is it. If you study the one hundred and four passages of to meet in the Old Testament which we will not do today. But you will come to one result a very clear result in eighty passages made. The verdict Kurz in a cultic context which means somehow in the context of the sanctuary the temple of worship and it always describes something which is done on a daily. That's why it says here daily and then sacrifices on a daily or regular on. Cond to new all or permanent basis. In the version system of ancient Israel. And most often almost always we could say what is done is done by the high priests of Israel. This is so clear that at the time of Jesus the word to me. Became a short synonym just use the name tell me it for everything which is done at the temple the choose would say that's the to meet service and rethink the whole virtue of system of the temple is to meet. So if we see that Jesus Christ is taken away the to meet by that other power that means that something is taken away which belongs to the High Priest to do what is Jesus doing in the heavenly century serving ministering for us. Now it is clear that no power in the whole world can do anything to achieve as high priestly ministry right. I mean come on if he could do that if we could effect that we would kind of on the Cross or Salvation. We cannot do anything so why does it say in Daniel eight eleven that this power took away the tummy. The logic is obvious in the eleven first sentence assess that this makes itself high up to that level of the Himly high priest it becomes high breeds. Itself. And by assuming the activities which she uses usually address only us by assuming to be in his place they take away the focus from the heavenly high priest and this is a problem. This is so much of a problem that in first thirteen an angel cries out how long. Oh Lord. You know these. It's how long a lot we ask how long. If something is not in order. If something is not how it should be we go through the whole Bible you will see always this how long. Question How long of Pharo will you not eat Let My People Go. How long. No Israel do you stumble on both sides is the Lord God follow him is Baal God follow him how long our Lord. Do you not do anything about this situation it's the cry of the Psalmist's. How long how long and here comes from a Heavenly angel to the Lord himself how long. Oh lord will you look and doing nothing because you're to meet. Is taken away. And the answer is well after two thousand three hundred even in morning. Something will happen. That will restore. Jesus Christ to the rightful place he has and where he is working so that other people will see. People usually miss that the verse to meet a curse. Two more times in the Hebrew Bible. Well if I say Hebrew Bible it might be a little bit wrong in the air and make Bible. I should say because the Book of Daniel is written in two languages Hebrew and Aramaic. You might know that in chapter two for us four it switches to Aramaic because there are Daniel right Stalin and the sorcerers otherwise man on certain epoch had an answer in our own make and then Daniel who knows these languages by heart. It just switches to Army and he does that until the end of Chapter. Seven until seven twenty eight he writes down in our make. Now in the Aramaic language the vert the Hebrew word to me it appears twice. It does not appear as To me it is a different word. But if you look through all our America translations we have for the Old Testament. We see that when ever to me it is used in the Hebrew Bible. And it is translated into an American Bible. It's always to the era. And vice versa when ever to deride appears in an aromatic Bible. It's always tell me it in the Hebrew. So we have a very rare one to one relationship between these two words in two different languages. OK That was the linguistic part for today which means. When we reiterate our M A in the raw. And you would know Ira manic and Hebrew by heart. You would think to meet you get that right. So now let's go to that two places where the road to me that appears in the heap in there and me and if you see that that it is in the Book of Daniel and if you see the context where that Piers. It makes perfect sense that these two to meet occurrences in their own make throw a lie it on what is happening in Daniel eight. I promise and the Bible. Hopefully fulfills. So let's look at Daniel Chapter six These two words appear in chapter six for his is sixteen and nineteen. And if I read it in English. Now. You him I'd raise your hand when you think. That there is a remand term for the Hebrew to me it appears OK. I think you know already enough to say which word it is. So the king gave the order and they brought Danielle and threw him into the Lion's Den McCain said to Daniel. May your god whom you serve continually rescue you. So where did you put up your hand. Ten yearly Yes there it is TELL ME IT'S IN THE EARLY. But you miss it because if you look in the Concordance under to me that verse will not show up because in it's in a different language but here it is what is the annual doing. He continually hit me. It serves God Same thing in first twenty one. Now in first twenty excuse me when he came near to the den that's again King Darius he called to Daniel in an anguished voice. Daniele servant of the Living God has your god whom you serve continually dummied being able to rescue you from the lions. Yes my king he did. Daniel service continually he vos committed to the Cause of God. And this is Daniel and Chapter six is a historical illustration for the Saints who experience the things described in chapter eight. Daniel becomes a role model. Of the future holy ones of the Almighty. Daniel becomes a road of the future wise ones of the righteous when. Yes Of the many ones. Of the holy people at the end of times we should never ever just read Daniel for the prophecies we should always look at the narrative as well. The narratives prepare us for understanding how the faithful need to live when the prophecies of Daniel will be fulfilled. And here we have Daniel what happened to him. I mean his about eighty about eighty three eighty five years old at this time. I mean you need to add to remember that. Yesterday I met somebody who is eighty three I thought he was maybe fifty five and our jet engine brother. Are you here. Wonderful. And here's Daniel it seems to be he is an energetic guy King Darius wants to make him first among the three highest offices in his kingdom incredible. But the other people have something against it and look at what happens in the first four and five the administrators' the Cedric's they tried to find grounds for charges against Daniel and his conduct of government affairs. Daniel is a businessman. Daniel is a politician. Daniel is may I say that again he is an early as I remember then to kill this. He is right there he is not as a sible following Jesus literally day by day he follows him spiritually day by day in the office. He has what of wonderful testimony I mean do that. Be a politician. Do not have to tell you here. What that means. But they were unable to do so they did not find any little bit against him. How is that possible. If you look closely for a manufacturing glance at politicians today this is. This is an excellent blurrier high testimony they give to Daniel it might be even a testimony unique one no fault whatsoever. And they tried hard. But they find no corruption in him because he was trustworthy. Neither corrupts nor negligent finally these man said we will never find any basis for charges against this man. It's almost like the description. Which I don't buy it has for it's a key this is the one which fits him very well. Well you read it up and decide of ages five five five. It's easy to remember where it says well the Right says. The key is is the X. imply rip isness man in his time everything. What he did was. Mocked by the stamp holy to God it was the lead sure it was. It continued the check the credit card payment the selling of his business the gifts and everything was damned by holy to the Lord. And that was with Daniel as well they could not find anything except if it has something to do if the law of his. God this first fire. And then they twist that. And they make that trip. Which will bring a death sentence on to Daniel. And the Deaf Sentence is executed. Before a little delay. To this sound somehow. Familiar to us. There's a government giving in a good faith a new law. And this law will affect the only faithful person which is mentioned of this chapter. Through the way that he will be put to death. And the government goes through that it. Because even if the king does not want that he has to it's the law does this sound familiar. That's nothing in the past. Of course. That's the situation of the faithful ones in the future. So what is happening then Daniel to me. Serves his God continually. How does he do that really that infers this ten and eleven. Now when Daniel learned that the decree had been published. He went home to his upstairs room where the windows open to virtues of them three times a day he got down on his knees and prayed giving thanks to his God just as he had done before and of course the others reckon makes clear if that kind of. Thing David. Daniel would do they know the others know that he would do that the King knows that he is doing this because the king says later on you continually is of God the people and know that we have a Daniel here who is loyal to his God on a time need basis. It's Tommy it loyalty its version. He is doing votes. Well what the Israelites should do the temple is not there anymore he cannot go to the temple. He cannot sacrifice there but he can pray he does exactly what King Solomon prayed for in first kings eight. And is one of the longest prayers of the Bible at the end of first kings eight Solomon says if you will eat your people into exile because they say it but if they turn their heart and they I ask for forgiveness. They repent. They say we are sinners we are sinful The View you put your law aside and so on and so on and they ask that to watch your land to what this city to what the temple then you hear up there in the heavenly sanctuary and you please forgive them. Danielle knows that passage. Well it's his Bible. It's in there and he does exactly that three times a day probably the times when the daily sacrifices are given. Because in chapter nine we see Daniel again praying. And it's the evening sacrifice the time of that. Daniel substitutes the sacred fish will worship the prayer over ship. Prayer is a second if I was to God We do not need to say that to the choose because the Jews believe. If that the humble sacrifice the little ft sec refines that you can bring is rare. And in time of the exile you cannot bring anything else because you cannot go to the temple is there something in for us in that measure we can pray. Our prayers on Daley's sacrifices to God you worship in your god you pray you pray on a Tommy it basis regularly continually to that Christ say that. Please pray continually. I think you said something like this right. How do you do this if you sit there and do this all the time and pray. It's a life style lifestyle of prayer their ego issue it continue. Here. Radical prayer. What is Daniel praying. I find it interesting. Its not mentioned in Chapter six it just says he is giving fangs to God. And imaginable thangs he is giving They have things do you think he didn't see the others around there at the window. Maybe had his eyes closed in prayer he didn't see the others come on he knew exactly what was going on. Still he did it because he did not want to make another impression. If he would go behind the curtain and pray there or he would have been fine but he would have made the wrong impression. Even the impression was important for him. I do not want to make an impression that I am not plausible to my gods under any circumstances that is tell me that loyalty. Daniel is X. and Clarion that. Order of wonderful follower of Christ. And that's needed for today. He is our role model because we are living at that time when Jesus Christ as heavenly high priest is not that well known to the world anymore to the world of followers of Christ. After eight hundred forty four as the prophecy says this message needs to go out. And I'm very sure that Pastor Brett showing his sermon today will give us the call. For the end time people. To proclaim this end time message. So I'm not going now into that. Please forgive me and just focusing on the loyalty which is required the loyalty which comes naturally as Paul says we start this god we glorify him. We can do anything else there. That's Chapter six chapter six shows us that taking the to meet away in Chapter eight has also to do something with taking the verse ship away from Jesus Christ AS HIGH PRIEST. What's the verge of a High Priest. If there is no people who look toward him. He can do all what he wants the new universe. It will have no effect. Because if the people do not consider him to be their high priest. And this is kind of the missionary statement of Daniel eight. It's not only a prophecy about the end times it's a call for mission there needs to be people who show again that there is a Hamley high priest that he is at work. That he is committed to save us save us from judgment save us to eternal life before him at his place. I think that is what the world to me. It implies. And we see that in Daniel throughout his book. Daniel one seventeen year old or eighteen year old young guy coming to Babylon through that fit is which will soon become the virtual world heritage of the new nest go. And he is there and everything just to arms in through all senses of this. And he has to decide what to do is confronted with sin. If study with identity his name is changed. And if in the tradition. Sin. Is he being faithful. In his studies. Today university is. Might be very difficult for young absentees. Revery difficult to keep on with the faith. Was the same then. But Daniel did. Identity. Who am I. I'm in exile. Has God for given us forget this forgotten us story. We are there. And God is somewhere else in the tradition and you know how the story goes. Daniel it is science in a single decision. Not to commit anything. And you know what happens. This little decision had far reaching consequences. He's time need loyalty or. Idea at that time had short term had. Medium term and long term results short term like in ten days they look better than anybody else. You cannot tell me that in ten days we've hope that's correct. Their health brothers. Vegetarian or vegan diet in ten days makes such a clear difference. I have I believe that was a gift of God could Daniel know that did he have an idea that these ten days would be enough. And what about what he also got as a bonus gift. Look at this in chapter one as a bonus gift God gave him understanding of visions and dreams of all kinds for seventeen did. Daniel know that if he is loyal to God that he will get the gift of visions and dreams. Which we are by the way save him two years later and save the lives of all the other wisdom people there and by the way. Give us the Book of Daniel. Because if he had not that vision we would not have the Book of Daniel did he know that at the moment when he had to decide to eat from the king's food yes or no. Did he know that his name would appear in the book of his sea kill that he is seeking or under divine inspiration would say if there would be a Daniel in this land. If this righteous young person would be here. God uses him as an example for his people those who are still living there into the year did. Daniel know that when he had to decide sell or eat of that food. Yes. No I did then you'll know that eight hundred forty four a people with can study his book seeing what is in there and. Being a prophetic movement. Go ahead preparing a role for the second coming. Did Daniel know that. When he had to decide eating of the food of the King or not he didn't know. But imagine what God could do through that one single decision because of time need loyalty and he was loyal from age seventeen to age eighty three when everyone else here is hopefully somewhere in between. Or if you're over the place you're so we need to have this to meet loyalty for out the entitled Life. Why. Because she uses is committed to us he does everything to bring us there where he wants us to be. And really I think he does our to meet loyalty. More than ever. If I would have time but I have. I would have told you the story of Sarah stricken Michelle Bush. Does anybody here know that story. No which I do. I'm asking for permission. So I do. For you because that's an example of to me of loyalty in one thousand nine hundred nine. I have to bring that up my wife send it to me this morning because I didn't bring it along. Article I read in the union Herald Michigan. When I came to end one thousand nine hundred nine this story is struck my heart. It's a story of tell me loyalty. Samara streaker had a dream as she was in her freshman years at the University of Nebraska. And that dream. God told her that she will follow him short story. She was not a Christian at that time but she was on the track and field team of the university and she was scheduled to go to Austin Texas for the national competition there in the track and field team. So she prayed that God will lead her while she looked through the program book. A line catched caught her eye. Was a line about Michelle Bush Michelle Bush was or is well at that time was a lady running the four hundred meters almost faster than anybody else. Excuse me the one thousand five hundred meters. And she was from U.C.L.A. coming to the same meeting. And there in that lion about the people competing there they all had a phrase or two about themselves that said if the finals will be scheduled on Sabbath. Michelle will probably not run. And you know the story behind that. So the meeting comes up. Sarah goes there. And she is on the floor by eight hundred relay team and they say they didn't make it to the finals. But she votes as the one thousand five hundred meter of final was scheduled on Friday afternoon and as. It happens. Sometimes like as I Things get a little bit longer and Sunday approached. And Michelle had to take a decision. The thing is that her team the team competition who team next day was the end. Lost by two points. The national championship. U.C.L.A. lost by two points that year. If she would run if she would run how she usually would run. She would easily. Make these two points. Later she said that was the hardest decision in her life. Not to run on the way home to California. On the airplane. The whole team felt that it was a little bit more icy or. And we shown you the team was very upset that she didn't run. Sarah noticed that she went home. Looked through her phone book to find where in her city there would be an Adventist Church. She found she found one next Sabbath she was there. And the last three Adventist churches. I think it's everywhere. The same I believe it is they well come strangers to their church worship and to their needle part like or whatever you call that after the church service and there was a couple there. Now the sermon was about El invite and. Prophecy first sermon ever she heard and Sarah had a lots of questions and these two bless their soul they explained to her what that means and. Here the man offered her well why don't we have Bible studies and you know Sarah got the test. She became a lawyer. She became a teacher. So let's amend risk. And brought a group of cowards I guess or pathfinders to the Oshkosh meeting ninety and ninety nine nineteen years after the national competition in Texas and you know what Michelle was a leader in her church and she brought her group to Oshkosh. And Sarah Stricker saw that name she said Well who is that. And she went up there and said Hi I am. Sarah. And because of you I am here. Nineteen years later and Michelle knew that her decision was not in vain. Not only for her life. Of course you knew then too but for eternity for eternal life isn't that something you never know in a decision you are what you are a loyal decision will have an effect how God will use these decisions to have this wonderful tapestry of his to bring people together so that other decisions will be made. Please stay loyal have Tammie loyalty and you know loyalty is a time thing. It's not something in an instant. It's not a second decision. It's a decision of life. Daniel did that. Effect on Daniel. And that's something very nice. I believe that that is our Lord. In Chapter twelve our Lord is telling Daniel that he will write. I mean. A personal promise of God of Jesus Christ that you will rise a personal promise that something that you know God. Because of his to me and loyalty. May his example inspire you and me today that we are committed to our committed Lord Jesus Christ so that we will experience one for that time. When he will come to our door. When we are home. Not in exile. And he will say hi. I am Cheesus and we smile and we say yes we know I know you are my lord and my savior. Please come visit me in my dwelling place which you have prepared for me as a surprise for prayer. Our Heavenly high priest. If you would not have been committed to us. We've would be a lost soul lost. But you are and that means everything in this universe. And we are here for you in our daily life to. Ever give you a glory for. You have done and you are doing and you will do for us. May the poem of your dorm or no. I have to. To read that to you and you know what he what he wrote down over the bitter shame and sorrow that a time could ever be. And I let the Saviour's P.D.P. lead in weighing and proudly on all of self and not of the yet he found me. I beheld him bleeding on the curse that story heard him pray Forgive them father and my wistful heart said faintly some of self. And some of the day by day his tender mercy healing helping full and free three it and strong and so play patient brought me while I whispered less of self and more of the higher than the highest heavens deeper than the deep sea. Lord I love lust have conquered ground me know my soul its petition. None of self. This media was produced my audience. Having just layman's services and industry. If you would like to learn more. If you like to this sermon. Please visit our universe.


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