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Jesus Mingled with People

Natasha Dysinger
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Sabbath School Adult Quarterly Lesson Study.


Natasha Dysinger

Former President of GYC




  • August 6, 2016
    9:00 AM


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Heavenly Father. You know was always I'm just a little child but you a lord are my father. I am the clay and you are my father and I am the work of your hands. Lord I pray this morning that you would set me aside and lay me low and. That you alone would be exalted and that your ways would be beautiful before our eyes. And that you would be with those listening to hear live and those listening. Via three B.N.. Over the Internet father that just every hear would not hear me. But that they would hear the words of Jesus to them whatever our individual needs are this morning that you would Minister should them through your word. You are God and we exalt you. We love you. We praise you. We thank you. Thank you. Most of all for Jesus. It's his name. We ask him and so if you looked in your program it said the Sabbath school lesson study is for this morning. What I'm giving you and it's too bad really that we can't actually have a Sabbath school discussion because I was just so touched and moved by the the lesson the study this week. This whole Quarterly has been just wonderful. And if any of you did not study the lesson site this week. That's certainly no condemnation because it's easy to there's so much out there to to read so much to pack into our devotions that maybe some of you didn't get a chance to study it. If you didn't I would appeal to you to just go back and study it just to receive the blessing yourself because it is just beautiful. But it is too bad that we are not in our own little local churches that we could just or here just break up and have discussion because there are so many practical things since we can't do that. And since. You're just going to have to listen to a monologue from me. I'm just going to share with you some of the things that I learned from this week's status quo. Well God has impressed my heart with and I'll just appeal to you as you listen to it to just think about the truth of the Word of God as were brought out in this week's lesson study and how he may want to apply that to your life even if he has challenged me to apply it to my life so to start out let's let's turn to the Gospel of John in your Bibles John chapter one. I really go to verse fourteen this is a very familiar verse to all of us but it is so incredibly rich and deep and profound that seek to listen to it and to read it with new ears and eyes and the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us and we behold says glory the glory as of the only begotten of the Father full of grace and truth. That sentence touches me so much or that phrase full of grace and truth so the main idea behind redemption is this drawing close you think about the very beginning when iniquity entered our universe. Here we have Lucifer who is the closest to God of any created being God created him specifically to be the closest of any other created being to God the annoying to cherub who covered the one who walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire the one who beheld the ceaseless glory pouring off from God the one that knew him better than anyone else knew as we read in the Bible and desire it is only describes very poignantly how Lucifer left when he is cherishing these I. He has of his own importance which are you cherish ideas of your own importance in front of God iniquity is a mystery. But these cherishing these ideas of his own importance and he is disgruntled that Christ has gotten you know this guy and exalted now and all these things that happened he says he's frustrated about this. So he leaves the presence the immediate presence of God and he goes out and he starts spreading dissension among the angels and think about the power of his arguments because the Angels have a never been lied to in all of their existence. They don't even understand the concept of a lie. So here comes Lucifer the one being in the universe who is closest to God the one being who stands in his presence the star saying things about the character of God and how our freedom is over in this and then the other and the angels who have never been watching the light lose the virtues of first closer to God than any of them anybody else. How can you discredit what Lucifer has to say and his his his lies took a tremendous amount of power there in heaven then he comes down to earth and Adam who was also created close to God not as close as Lucifer was obviously he was created. He was here on Earth but yet he would have the blessing of the privilege of visits of God and of the angels he starts out not as close as Lucifer but closer than we are starts are closer and then this he makes he makes the same choices sensually that Lucifer made certainly at a different level because Lucifer had a different amount of knowledge but he also chooses to turn away to leave the presence of God and then six thousand years later you fast forward to us and we start out far away from him. But then the idea of redemption as clarified through the Bible is that God says we're going to draw close again we started close and that separation occurred. Now we're stuck now we're starting with a separation and we're. Going to draw close again to see that if human beings can get back close enough to God that they can see obviously not with our actual vision but through the eyes of faith. If we can see God and understand who he is that maybe will decide to ditch this sin thing. To draw close again but of course we can't get back to God So what does he do the Word Becomes Flesh and dwells among us. And he did it even before he came to earth practically Wright said when the Israelites were in the wilderness let them make me a sanctuary so that I can do what I do well among them so that I can be amongst them so that we can be near each other we can we can we can mingle with each other we can be around that there's this closeness not. Them down here and I up there and there's this great gulf and Between know so that we can be close. This concept of drawing close it's the bottom line idea of redemption. So then God becomes Emmanuel God with us. I mean he always was. But he does it in a way that we can understand he comes to live on this earth. He was in the world and the world was what. Made by him. And the world knew it. No. Phenomena. He was in the world in the world was made by him everything he could see made by him and the world knew it not. He came into his own and His own received him. This is where it's so profoundly beautiful to me that when he became flesh and dwelt among us. There's this parent that equals thought in that verse in verse fourteen when we read John one fourteen there is this current article thought that says we beheld his glory the glories of the only begotten of the Father and that parent article thought is so profound that I think it can sometimes distract us from the thought of the verse minus the parent article thought no you don't want to remove it entirely but the but if you read the sentence minus the period the TACL thought it says that the Word became flesh and dwelt among us full of grace and truth his dwelling amongst us was full and characterized. By this grace and truth. Grace and truth in every interaction in every word in every thought in everything that he did it was Grace in truth it was defined by it. I am profoundly blessed and this is what he desires us to now do right. He says at the very end of his life after he's washed the disciples feet he's like listen I have left you an example. And if washing to you to speak is not the appeared to me of grace and truth what is but after he finishes this he gets up to me is like listen I have left you an example so that you should do as I have done. Translation the way I have lived among you. The way I have served you. This is the way you are now we are now called to live amongst each other. Amongst the world amongst those that don't know his name just the way he lived amongst us and he says if you know these things happier you if you do them. Grace and truth I am blessed to be married to a wonderful wonderful man whose life has redefined grace and truth to his wife. Profoundly blessed and just a week ago Friday so week from yesterday has been an ordinary Friday. I was at home and I was it was after late afternoon now and I was cleaning the cleaning the house and we live in this absolutely adorable tiny house in Tennessee in the beautiful rolling hills of Middle Tennessee incredible life there anyway I love my tiny house with all my heart and so I was in there and I was cleaning and putting fresh flowers out and just. Delighting in my little home and my honey was outside somewhere working and so I was looking forward to when he got back and it was about forty five minutes before an hour or forty five minutes before we were going to have our son down worship and I was just wrapping up there. And I went over for summer is. And pick up my phone. It was on the kitchen counter and I picked up my phone and on my phone. There was a text from my mother was she had sent some time before but I hadn't seen it letting me know that one of the most important people in the world to me had died. Two words so and so she put the name died a little emoticon with tears coming down. I'm looking at my phone. And it was perfectly unreal to me I'm like. How can how can that be true. How can that be for real. Six months ago she was at my wedding she was in my wedding. I never got to write her a thank you note for the last most beautiful gift she had ever given to me. This is a person that is one of the most important people to me on earth and I never got to say goodbye to my at my wedding because of all the you know the business of trying to get out of the reception so many people there to say goodbye to you and trying to get out to take pictures before the sunset out in the snow and now so I never got to say goodbye to her my wedding and now she's gone. You mean to tell me I'm never going to see her again and I was just like perfectly know that's like how it was like one hundred percent unreal to me so I set the phone down and I started going back to just finished the last touches on my house but then I couldn't do that either. So I'm just sort of standing here in this state of perfect limbo and then I'm like. Well this is true I want to find out how so I pick up my phone to Face Time my mom and if if a sign I Face Time to my mom and when her face showed up on the screen of my i Phone her face was streaked with tears and the combination of seeing her face treated. Tears and at that moment my husband opened the door and walked in and between that combination of his presence and her face. I dissolved. For the next. I don't even know how long the rest of the cleaning in my house did not get done. I was almost done anyway but it did not get done. And I was lying on my bed trying to wrap my mind around this reality that she was gone and I would never see her again with zero closure zero closure and as the evening wore on we had ours sundown worship but of course I'm totally like emotionally out of whack. Now and a couple other things happened that evening that were unrelated to the loss of this precious person but and unrelated frankly to my my husband and it was certainly not his fault but a couple things happened in my already very hyper emotional state really bothered me. And in that state of someone so was dead. I cannot believe this and I cannot handle this and this is too much for me I had no warning that she was going to die. And anyway. Needless to say. Long story short I ended up being quite difficult with my husband and allowing the the little things really that bothered me to just bother me and I was refusing to be comforted and I was just. Generally being difficult and my husband was so gracious and kind and you say well you know of course he was gracious and kind. If you just lost somebody that was super important to you but listen even if you lose someone that was incredibly important to you. That's no reason to be difficult with your spouse. And he was just so gentle and so kind that it really broke my heart in the next morning as I was praying about everything. I was really convicted I shouldn't have been difficult with him there was nothing he did wrong. There was no and it wasn't that I thought that there was something he did wrong was just. Hyper emotional that night before and so I went back to him and I was like No sweetheart I'm. I'm sorry I'm sorry for being difficult. And he smiled at me and he wrapped his arms around me and he said something to me I'll never forget he said honey don't even worry about it. Moments like that. I love to pray for you. Grace and truth and grace and truth are what enable us to impact another life. With blessing. Whether it's someone in our family. It's what impacts us and enables it's what impacts them enables us to lead them to Jesus Christ. It's what enables my husband to lead me to Jesus Christ the night that I've lost somebody that's one of the most precious people to me on earth grace and truth and that's the way we reach out to our family is the way we reach out to our church and it's the way we reach out to the public in a society from which grace and truth have seemingly evaporated. It is what God is calling us. To display to one another. So continuing on I think it was on Monday in the lesson there was this it presented three through the three parables of the lost sheep the last point in the last boy and Jews gave those parables as a response to the concept of the you know the ferrous is coming along or like what you eat with publicans and sinners this is a very negative thing they're upset about this and Jesus gives this as a response. He gives these three parables last point lost boy and when he gives these three parables at the end of each parable. He gives like this. Concluding synopsis statement of that parable and he moves into the next parable. And each synopsis A meant gets increasingly strong in its in its conclusion and then at the end of all the three parables he is basically like so yes I do eat with publicans and sinners. First first parable he gives lost sheep when he comes to the end of that parable he makes the statement that the one sinner who repents is more precious in heaven than the ninety nine who do not need repentance. Then he gives the next pair. Parable the one of the last coin you can find is in Matt. In Luke Chapter fifteen. He gives them the parable of the last coin he makes a stronger statement at the end of that parable and he says that there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repents and I would like you to wrap your mind with me for a moment around that concept that there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repents and we're so accustomed to that verse that we're like oh yes to Thankful For one some of the repents but I would like you to wrap your mind around this as I have as a god called me to do in a very practical and personal sense. Do you realize that in the moment. Look back over your life and in the moments when you gave your heart to Christ or you made a particular surrender or you let go of something that you had been holding on to or or or your batteries or anything like this just think back over your life as I have thought back over my life and realize that over those junctures these angels these Cherubim these Serafin Serafin his name means the burning one that are tremendous incredible creatures that are created for the glory of God they stand the presence of God and say Holy Holy Holy Six wins one covering their face. So they don't just directly gaze into the glory of God The ones like I mentioned with Lucifer the Bible says walk up and down amidst the stones of fire they re Joyce. When just one of us. When I. When you repent. They rejoice only has this profound you should go and read it and I don't remember now the reference I was reading it just yesterday morning my eyes just filled with tears. This profound statement where she says that and of course she says that each of us as as the children of God have an angel with us right. And then she said which we are all accustomed to that concept but then she says that when one of us. Become discouraged or we weep that that Angel flies quickly to heaven and tells that news there. And that the angels cease to sing when one of us becomes discouraged and weeps the highest principalities and powers of heaven cease to sing in sympathy. Profound profound and then she goes on to say that Christ will send another angel to come back and support and encourage and seek to lead us to Christ and if that soul then continues to refuse to turn their eyes to Jesus and continues down the wrong path that Inge will go back to heaven and will tell it in heaven and that the angels will look sad and then she says and they weep and then at the end of them weeping. They say amen. This is in Christ. This is incredible. They we put Then she says but if that person will turn around and they will turn and look to Jesus Christ and they will be brought into the narrow up into the narrow way again then that news gets carried to heaven and the angels sing Hallelujah. And they touch their hearts and heaven's arches ring with music is it profound or is not proof is it not profound can our hearts be touched that the fact when I picked up my phone and I saw the one the most important people on earth had died. And my heart was incredibly discouraged and I wept. Can it not be profound that in heaven in that moment there was silence that the angel ceased to sing because I was weeping. How does this happen. There is joy in Jesus. Knowing this because he had been having He says listen there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner one sinner that repents Yes I eat with publicans and sinners. This is what Jesus was giving this parable in response to write. Yes I am the publicans and sinners and if. Our hearts can even be a little bit in unison with heaven. We will know the value of a soul we will know the value of our own soul that we cannot be playing around with our own salvation we've been working it out with fear and trembling we need to be on our knees before God because the loss of was Soul is a tragedy. It's a tragedy beyond what we can compute. And if we feel the the feeling of the Heart of Heaven then the Soul that is walking down the street that looks like they don't care a hoot about God. Our hearts will care too because the principalities and powers of heaven will rejoice. If that one soul will repent. They are sad when that one soul is sad. They are glad when one soul is glad. What is the grace of God Sleeps me speechless and then Jesus proceeds from that already phenomenal statement and then he proceeds to give the parable of the Prodigal Son The Lost Boy at the end of that he's basically like Look the father is standing at a great way off looking to see what is he going to turn around. When is he going to come and runs and throws his arm around the Father himself loves you. The father himself rejoices over you with saying what must it be when Jehovah sings. Over the salvation of one of us. And if we can connect with the Heart of Heaven about this. Will we not care about the salvation of those around us. So as I was studying this quarterly which is about mingling with other people and desiring their good. I was sitting on my bed and because I said as I said we live in a tiny house and so every bit of space is precious. So our bed is up against the wall and I sleep. Right next to the part that's up against the wall and on that whole side of the wall on our bed is a really large window that my parents gifted us when we were were remodeling our tiny house and so like basically the entire side of my that basically that entire wall the length of our bed is just glass and it is beautiful because outside of that window there is this beautiful green field that slopes down then slopes back up and disappears into the woods and the deer love to come every morning and sometimes in the evening as well and they play in that field and eat and great so I love sitting there and just having my devotions looking out over this field. So I was thinking about the quarterly as I was sitting there in my bed just looking out over the peaceful green and I was thinking you know the concept of mingling is not a new concept right. I mean we all know that Jesus did it. We all know that he means with others as one who desire their good that you know he minister to needs one their confidence made them fall and we've all heard this is not a new concept and probably to one extent or another probably all of us have done it at. Some of us more. Maybe some of us less but all of us have done it to some one extent or another. So I was thinking what you were studying this. I'm studying this and I know it's important and I value it and I've done it but what is going to give this mingling the power that the mingling had when Christ did it because Christ was no ordinary humanitarian who was just amongst men as one that he wanted their good he wanted their benefit wasn't just Habitat for Humanity. You know as good as giving habitats for humanity is but it wasn't just that Jesus is not an ordinary humanitarian what's going to transform my mingling amongst people and especially those who don't know Christ into the powerful thing that was in the life of Christ. So I was pondering this time and I was praying and I was saying Lord. You know this is not a new concept and it's not going to be a new concept really to anybody that I share it with. Yes You know grace and truth and not love for one another and to recognize the value of a soul and are the preciousness of every single soul in the eyes of heaven. But what is going to unleash this mingling to have real power in the world around us and as I was sitting there this verse came to mind. So I can Corinthians eight verse nine. It's a familiar one. For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. The GO he was rich. Yet for your sakes. He became poor ye through his poverty might be made rich. My husband when he's speaking he often says this what proves love to be genuine. Let's say there's there's a man and he tells a woman that he loves her. How does she know that that is true. If you purchase or a bunch of stuff does that make it true. Can she know concretely if you purchase her a bunch of really expensive stuff he gives her flowers that he buys or perfume if he buys all the stuff. Can she know concretely that when he says he loves her that it is true. Not necessarily right. There's been plenty of people that have bought one a lot of other stuff or other people that did not have true unselfish love for them. What he wants are with him all the time. Does that prove that his love is true. Does it. Not necessarily if you just truly love very probable wanted you know with him but it could also mean these very control is that doesn't necessarily mean that His love is true. What if the tractor sexually does that mean that His love is true. Again not necessarily could be could be not right in this degenerate age. So how can love. Be proven true. One way sacrifice. And suffering. You know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ that for our sakes though he was rich. Yet he became poor they we through his poverty might be made rich first Peter two twenty one for even here on two were you called were we called because Christ also suffered for us leaving us an example they we should follow in his steps. Let me ask you a question because this is the exact question God asked me when I was sitting on my bed. Obviously through the still small voice of the Holy Spirit. How can you know that you love the world around you. Just because we give something monetary only for them. Does that prove that we love them just because we mingle amongst them. Does that prove that we love them. There is one way that our love for the souls for whom Christ died can be proven is the exact exact same way that the Christ himself proved his love and that is through sacrifice and suffering here unto were you. Called Christ suffered for us leaving us what an example that we should follow in his steps so my wonderful little beautiful tiny home tucked in the rolling hills and a beautiful rolling hills of Tennessee that I love so much when I step out of my tiny house or sister loping green lawn and then when I get down there is my garden let me tell you there is more organic produce in that garden than we can eat times I don't even know how many and so I go down and the average time between when I pick a pit produce the food that I eat out of my God. When and when I actually eat is probably maybe half an hour to forty five minutes it is so fresh. It is so good it is such an ideal life. I don't pay like my grocery bill is like this because I eat high quality organic produce on my garden I love it. I love the beauty around me. We live right near Pauls family I love my family I love my relatives I love seeing my family when I come to a place like this. I live a beautiful life I live an ideal life so how do I prove that I love the world around me let me tell you what God has been telling me. Child you need to be willing to suffer for someone not some kind of penance where we need to whip ourselves but that we need to be willing to give ourselves up enough to actually suffer so Christ it. Chris was not an ordinary humanitarian as I said the reason why his mingling amongst us was with such power is because he gave up so much to do it and when you're willing to suffer that much for someone else your love is not a lie and it is that love that gives your mingling. So much power. First John. Chapter four. Verse seven Beloved let us love one another for love is from where. It's of God and every one that loveth is born of God and no with God He that loveth not know with not God For God is love is a somewhat alarming statement if we are having issues amongst our church fellow church members and disagreeing with them and not loving them. He that loveth not know if not God Perhaps the conversion in our own souls needs to go a little bit deeper because God is love. But then he goes on to clarify what this love is like in this was manifested the love of God. Because God sent His only beyond son into the world that we might live through and then he repeats it here in his we here in His Love. Not that we love got but that he loved us and sent his Son to be a propitiation for our sins beloved. If God so loved us or if God loved us in this way. We ought also to love one another. Let's pray. For Jesus. I pray we would understand. What grace and truth are. I pray that we would understand how precious. One soul is in the eyes of God and I pray that you would enable us Father. To love as you love to walk as you walked. And to follow if you example like this medium was produced by audience for forty years on having just layman's services and industry if you would like to learn more about the aside talking about Cypress or if you would like to do this sermon visit.


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