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An urgent call demands an urgent response. With Earth’s final hours fast approaching, God looks for a people willing to rise to meet history’s greatest challenge.


John Bradshaw

President of It Is Written




  • August 6, 2016
    10:45 AM


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Good morning everyone. I know it's not morning. But I've learned long ago never begin by saying. Good afternoon because you lost him already. So. Good morning everyone. It's a blessing to be here at I.S.I. isn't it. That was tepid. That was kind of tip it is a blessing to be here to assign it a man. It is and I trust you have been inspired and motivated and encouraged and moved. And blessed even beyond that which you were expecting God is good. What do you say. God is good we are privileged to be here. I just want to point out something somebody contacted me and was concerned that I was embracing polygamy. Because the biography in the little bio in the program said that John is married to Melissa and the father of two children. You know how do we know what to say I'm just grateful that God's people are open minded. I'm also a little one. I'm also a little bothered that that evidently many other people read that and simply thought OK. I'm a little worried about you today. Anyway we're here to pray and open up God's word. Let's do that in that order. Would you Bell your head with me as we pray. Father and our God We come to you in the name of Jesus. We are grateful we are blessed five beyond our deserving this. And we are thankful today that you have a little time for us together he had to get the. And look towards your face and you look into your wood and we pray that we would encounter your spirit and be moved. Lord we gather together. Wat's and all as your people. Thank you for visiting us. And tabernacling with us this day. That the limitations of fall and humanity would not prevent your spirit from doing a great work over these next few minutes. Speak and be good. We pray in Jesus' name please say with me. Amen. They had come. Many years before. From Easton Polynesia. Peace had become the cornerstone of their culture. In the sixteenth century a tribal leader named Nuku heard the sound of young men fighting. He went to that place and urged them to stop. He appealed to the young man and the old man the young women and he not so young women to fight no more he said that we must not be all warring people from then on if there was conflict between the man that conflict could only be settled at high shifts by using what was known as a to put out a long stick no thicker than a man's thumb they could use that as a weapon. At the first sight of blood the conflict ended. He who drew the blood was declared the victor and they went right on. That was as bad as a god in an era of war and into tribal conflict. These people would not fight they were committed to new coups law. But in eight hundred thirty five Everything changed for the peaceful morning already of. Recall who Chatham Island. Nine hundred Madi from the Nazi and not the Mouton the tribes. Arrived aboard a British sailing ship. They came from the mainland five hundred miles away. They arrived sea sick time they arrived hungry worn out. And so the kind hearted locals fed them and nursed them and invited them to stay and share their provisions if they would lie. But they courtesy was not to be kindly replay. These were not visit is they were invaded is the peaceful more you already had a decision to make. What would they do to not fight back. Would be to sign their own death warrant they would be killed or they would be enslaved and the practice of the Invaders was to cannibalize their victim is. This was a crisis and there was no way it could end well. The young men urged that they fight two thousand locals against nine hundred invaders this could be done. But the older men looked at it from a different perspective. They advised that people should stay true to who they were these were people who at their core you might say in their D.N.A. were committed to. Island. Yes. They decided they would not fight back because of who they were it's one thing to jeopardize your existence to save the life of another person to advance your people to achieve independence to throw off tyranny but well the more you already really prepared to done I for an ideal. But wait. This was more than an ideal nonviolence was bound up with their identity. In extreme they had to be true to their core values true to their principles true to who they were why because they committed so much so that within about two decades. That entire people group had been wiped out. They were massacred. The question that guided them was quite simply Who are we. What do we stand for as a people. To answer that question would lead them to both greatness and oblivion and hindsight suggests. That the two cannot be separated. That question Who are we. What are we made of what do we stand for as a people and so that question and it will define you. That question and you have found your sign of sure you have found your Polaris the theme of this year's gathering in size peaks to that question who owe it. What do we made of what do we stand for as a people called chosen committed. We have been called the Bible tells us that first Corinthians one in verse nine. God is faithful by whom you were called into the fellowship of His Son Jesus Christ's every person alive has been called by God Jesus died for. Whosoever Paul told Timothy God has saved us and called us with a holy calling there is no denying that you have been called cold by God when you are not so sure of your place in this world. Not sure of your worth in the big picture. Not sure of the direction of your life where it should go where it might lead you remember you have been called by God God has a plan for you. God has it work for you. God has a purpose for you you have been called would you say men today. We have been chosen. According to Peter. We are a chosen generation. Jesus said in John fifteen. I have chosen you. So that is settled. Not chosen to represent your country at the Olympics not chosen for elected office. Chosen handpicked by God to be his and everything that entails. It is no accident that you are here today. God wants you to be confident that he has chosen you. There's nothing more certain cold you selected you call for sure. Chosen. Undoubtedly. Committed. Now there's a question are we committed we could answer that by saying Of course we are we're all committed to something. There's no down. But to what are we committed God calls us to commitment. Jesus told one man that the greatest commandment was to love God with your whole hot soul mind and strength cultural Christianity is not Christianity at all. It is too late in the history of this world for God's people to be playing again. There are myriad places in the Bible we could see commitment demonstrated but I would like to lead you down a road less traveled. Today Please join with me in your Bible to Jeremiah Chapter thirty five. We will. Gallop through a short passage in Jeremiah Chapter thirty five would start in verse one two and there. Jeremiah thirty five Verse one the Bible says the word which came to Jeremiah from the Lord in the days of joy it came the son of Josiah king of Juda saying listen. Go to the house of the Rica bytes speak to them and bring them into the house of the Lord into one of the chambers and give them wine to drink. Now this was God speaking through his prophet bring them into a room in the temple and have them drink one. So Jeremiah says later in the passage. I brought them into the house of the Lord into the chamber of the sons of Hanan the son of it. Dolly. When I said before the sons of the house of the reek of I suppose full of wine and cups and I said to them drink wine. Now it's true he did not say God commands you to drink wine but still this was the prophet and they knew that that was so let me just take a time out here and speak to something. We know full well that there are voices loud voices some of them and not all on the periphery who love to denigrate the prophetic message given by God to a speech or friend of God We are closing in on the return of Christ. We cannot afford to be soft on the gift of prophecy What do you say. We cannot. This is no time to be undermining even passively something that was only God's idea anyway cabling and cynicism about what we believe should be entertained like you would entertain cancer. The truth is too precious for us to surrender it no amen. And so the recombined they said we will drink. No one no wine for Jonadab the son of rehab our father commanded us saying you shall drink no wine nor your sons for ever. They went on to say. Thus we have obeyed the voice of Jonadab the son of rehab our Father in all that he challenged us to drink no wine in all of our days. Jeremiah We hear you. We understand you. We get. But we are not going to do what you say we might seem contrary we might come off as uncooperative. But what we want you to know. Jeremiah is that we are committed and committed they were Jeremiah spoke up again and he said that since the law of hosts the God of Israel. Go and tell them and of Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem will you not receive instruction to obey my words if you read on you find out that God had a problem here was his people he had labored with them. He had pleaded with them. He had chastise them. He had turned them. He had demonstrated his long suffering to them again and again and again and still they couldn't find it within themselves to be faithful to the Creator God and here come the RICO bites Jeremiah says I am the prophet of God and I am telling you to drink wine and they look him in the face and they say we're just not going to do with God wanted Israel to understand what. Commitment looked like and I wonder if he wants us to know the same thing they were dedicated they were committed interesting Lee They didn't show up in the Bible until that time and they don't show up again explicitly after that time. That's the only place in the Bible you read about these folks and they showed up on time to give us a demonstration of commitment. What is it we really stand for today as God's people. We stand for the gospel especially as it's as it is expressed in the three angels in Revelation Chapter fourteen. We stand for Christ and what he stands for. We are on this earth so that God's work can be done. We stand for reflecting Christ full letting God did have his way they tried to trap Jesus in his words he pointed them to God always. His whole life spoke of commitment and he said if you've seen me you've seen the Father. Now God has given us a mandate friending a mandate go there for and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. We have eight trends for missional message one that offers to the world hope and wholeness. There is a world to win all around us people going down to Christ. Les graves and as they do so. Listen carefully the clock still ticks. We cannot go on inventing ways of distracting ourselves from the mission of God's Church. If ever there was a time for a full court press that time is now we are not unaware of the. Challenges and we understand that when the Bible spoke of the ten virgins. It said they were all asleep. We read the message to the church of Laodicea and you cannot say that applies to the faction of the church that I'm not a part of it applies to you maybe the liberals on the left the cranky conservatives way out on the right. We are all involved in this thing but it's not possible to be committed to Christ and not be committed to the church he loves it is not possible to be committed to Christ and not be committed to the souls for which he died. And Hasn't God encouraged us again and again that it pays off to be about his business. How many were baptized and I wonder recently tell me the better part of a hundred thousand. There is only one question to us when are we doing it again. How many were baptized the last time your church got involved in so winning. What are you waiting for how many lives were touched during the last outreach effort. Either by a gospel tract or a hand on the shoulder either by a smile or a kind deed lives were touched and they are waiting to be touched. Again. Who knew eventually it was so truly effective the work of God evangelism in all of its forms. Can we not agree. Once and for all that we as God's people are committed to evangelism. We believe in evangelism. We'll stop whispering beside the watercooler about how evangelism doesn't work we believe in this because God believes in this and will not only believe in it. We will be involved in sharing Christ with as many as we can the critics may cop and become. But still we hear Niedermeyer saying. I am doing a great work. So that I cannot come down. Why should the work cease while I leave it and come down to you. There was never been a better time to be committed to the work of the church than now. Jesus said two thousand years ago the fields are white and they are ready to harvest we stand on the verge of the greatest in gathering of Souls this universe has ever witnessed. If you look at the glass half empty. You might say what about those big cities where we barely have a presence but if you have a look at the glass half full. You will say wait there is a great work just waiting to be done and we have it on the authority of the Bible God will get it done before Jesus comes back. The question is will you be part of getting it done. God votes for you or not against you. Ah now you will remember from high school the Periodic Table of Elements and being the good student that you were you remember that the first element of the table was one hydrogen around a filmy a science student. Then. Then. Hydrogen helium then one. Lithium then then there really. I'm no Google now. Hydrogen helium lithium really I'm Boron carbon nitrogen oxygen fluorine Neon is biggest on Afghanistan. If you look down to about number fifty something you find something on that table called cesium. And cesium is a fascinating little beast for a number of reasons. One of the reasons is because it has one atom on its valence shell lets out a show and then I'm spends its time it is vigilant it spends its time looking for. What would you call the molecules molecules. Oh I don't know. You know I don't I don't I don't trust atoms Anyway they make up everything. Someone will explain it to you. But it gets around this. This is the cesium Allah kewl with an extra atom on its violent shell. It looks for molecules and I hope I'm using the right terminology. That a lack the complete complement of electrons. And so if you put cesium near oxygen and oxygen is looking for another electron that extra cesium atom or that one on the violin shelf will leap and and if you put in your iodine fluorine you're going to get the same reaction. Now it's not that cesium is a trouble maker but wherever it goes excitement is going to follow because you're going to have this reaction. Why. Again it's not looking for trouble. Cesium just does what cesium does it does what it does because it is what it is that's all. When God calls you to be his. You'll be a lot like that cesium molecule. You will do what you do because you are what you are God calls us to ministry. It must be our focus in whatever form God brings to you. We cannot let the devil draw us away from what God wants. We've been commissioned we got a mandate to go there for go make disciples wear of all nations do what baptize them teach them all things I have commanded you when we become Christ we are looking for that opportunity. You don't see a lost person and turn and walk away something stirs in your heart you cry out to God Lord can your use me here. And when God says yes I can then you are used by God it. You are familiar with the quote it's the opening stands of the book of Acts of the Apostles listen I believe these words and I know you do too. The church is God's appointed agency for the salvation of men. It was organized a service and its mission is to carry the gospel to the world from the beginning it has been God's plan that through his church shall be reflected to the world his fullness and his sufficiency the members of the church those whom he is called Out of darkness into his marvelous like those he has told. On his show for his glory the church is the repository of the riches of the grace of Christ and through the church will eventually be made manifest even to the principalities and powers in the heavenly places the final and full display of the love of God we have been called God calls us to commitment. What does it look like. It looks like the more you already on recall who Chatham Island five hundred miles from the South Island of New Zealand. It looks like a woman breaking in alabaster box of point she gave Jesus the best she had it looks like a widow putting two months in the offering plate. She gave everything she had it looks like that little lady giving the laast measure of oil. She had to the prophet. It looks like you're saying here am I Send me it sounds like Jacob saying I will not let you go except you. Bless me it looks like Samson saying. A lot. Give me strength just one more time. It looks like David running towards Goliath. It looks like people letting God work in them that God's work is done and his mission is accomplished. No a bill to knock Elijah build an altar Moses built a sanctuary need to Maya build a wall. They were committed to God and so they stood up they stepped up and they lit up their corner of the universe with a manifestation of God's character a demonstration of what commitment to God looks like we are colder. We have been chosen the question is how we committed. We must be committed. Young missionary from New Zealand his name was went to papa a New Guinea. They said listen don't go down to those valleys the cannibals will eat you. He went anyway he carried his Bible in one hand a bag of medicine in the other the Spirit of God filled his HUD fifty sixty years later you can go back to those same villages. Beautiful villages filled with God speed will go to church on Sunday. It'll be empty but up front will be the offering plate still with the offering from yesterday the church has no windows and no doors. No one's going to steal. Because God has got into those hocks changed those lives. These people who are committed because one man's commitment drove him to jeopardize his own safety in his own life a Scots Protestant minister named John Patten determined to share Christ in what was then the New Hebrides in the South Pacific a Mr Dixon said the cannibals you will be eaten by the cannibals pattern said Mr Dixon you are now advanced in years you will soon be late in the grave and eaten by one. If I can live and die serving and honoring Jesus it will make no difference to me whether I'm eaten by cannibals. In the. Resurrection my body will rise as fair as yours in the likeness of our Ridhima we were filming for it is written recently in Scotland and I stood in the place where where the moderate George was shot was hanged and burned by the scoundrel Bishop a cardinal beaten. Here's what's interesting. Eighteen years before Patrick Hamilton had been burned two hundred fifty yards away. We shot knew that he knew the going back to Scotland preaching Protestantism would have been reduced to a pile of ashes. What did he do. He went anyway he could do no other Christ had him what drives a person to do that. Dr Martin Luther King was standing on the platform at Mason Temple. He knew about the threats on his life he knew that his playing the one in which he flew to Memphis had been guarded that night before. Otherwise somebody might have taken occasion to kill him and yet. Yet he stood and yet he spoke he said I just want to do God's will. He's allowed me to go up to the mountain and I've looked over and I've seen the Promised Land. I'm not fearing any man Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the law the next day the unthinkable happened in Room three o six of the rainbow children became part of the legend of this nation's history. What drives a person to make such a sacrifice. No wait wrong question. It's not a sacrifice. It's what you do when you believe with all of your heart. God says go you go. God say share you share. God says be there. You say Lord I am there because I am committed to Christ. But why we are faulty people here for we are flawed yes you are I'll tell you are inadequate broken. Always at the end that God can get his work done and the minute. Actually if you listen carefully. You might be saying all of this call to commitment. Sounds like a call to righteousness by works. It is the opposite a call to commitment can only be a call to righteousness by faith because understood correctly commitment is not something we can give to God commitment is something Christ performs in us when Jesus has our heart you know as well as I do from bitter experience that our promises are like ropes of sand. How can we be committed to this god you are weak. God says My strength is made perfect in weakness. You are battling temptation and God says I will make a way of escape. You are corrupt and God says a new heart will I put within you. God will do what needs to be done. We read in the Bible faithful is he that calls you who also will do it. God had a plan. Jonah ran God when after the prodigal son left home in the Spirit of God follow him to a pigsty three men were out there on the plane and because they prayed the Holy Spirit locked their need joints and they were unable and unwilling to about it. Daniel knowing that his life was on the line prayed to God anyway. They threw him in the lion's den and God was there with him. Daniel understood he who has begun the good work in you is faithful to perform and until the day of Jesus Christ. There is no need for discouragement here. God takes responsibility for the work in you. And in the church. How do we reach the ten forty windows. How do you reach your patients or your clients. How can a small church minister effectively in its community. How do we share Jesus with the massive populations who barely have ever heard his. Let me tell you something. The Bible says. This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world. God is committed to his church he stands at the head of the work. Somebody spoke to Jesus. One day and see if you are willing you can make me clean Jesus said I am willing Jesus says to the church today I am willing Jesus says to the church today. I want to Jesus says to the church today I will get it done in your life if you will let me and in the mission and in the ministry of the church friend I believe in this church. I believe that weak and enfeebled though it is it is still the one object upon this earth upon which Christ in a special sent his supreme god this is no time for division. This is the time for unity we may still disagree about this that all the other but we must agree on that with on which we must agree. Christ is the head of this church and there is nothing more important than reaching the last doing our father's business and occupying until he come. And let me tell you something. If you think your little commitment might not make much difference. I want you to think back to my more you old friends they were massacred wiped out but somebody's name all wrong. All my learned of their commitment and led the village of party haka and non violent resistance against the white colonialists Now here's what you might find interesting a man named Mohandas Gandhi knew about ten fifty although my and his stand his nonviolent resistance take that one one step further. Dr Martin Luther King was inspired by the example of Gandhi. Now you will excuse me if you feel like I'm stretching a little bit but like. All I want because I have the microphone and listen. The more you order of people you've never heard of and yet it may well be that their example in standing for who they were and doing what they knew to be right. Profoundly influenced the civil rights movement in this country to that I say praise the Lord. The producers of Haxo Ridge the Desmond Doss movie they were why did you not do it accurately what you have Desmond Doss dragging people to safety. When he dragged the first two and carried the rest. They said Well that's right. But if we if we didn't like that no one would believe we were telling the truth. Desmond Doss dragon the first who carried the next seventy three and every time he lowered one down that cliff his prayer was Lord give me one more Lord give me one more Lord give me one more seventy four times the government actually believes ninety nine times. DA said fifty the government said one hundred so they split the difference. That's why you hear the number seventy five seventy four times he prayed that prayer Lord give me one more friends. We are out here in the heat of battle. There are other wounded out on the battlefield our prayer has to be low Give Me One More Lord give us one more Lord raise us up to preach again to prophesied again to proclaim again to witness again to testify again. Well give me one more even though commitment to mission might be unfashionable to back off is unthinkable destruction is unacceptable. Misplacing our priorities is unconscionable to see more people last would be unbearable arguments against mission are untenable ignoring the world's great need unacceptable. Now you might be uncomfortable led to places that are undesirable immersed in cultures that are unpalatable challenge by the unforeseeable prodded by the unpredictable but your experience with Christ will be. Gettable God's leading will be unmistakable. We must be undivided our faith unshakable our soul of unbendable believing that not one of God's people is unusable. The church will be unrecognizable God's people will be unstoppable because his spirit is content in a bow his power to do this work is an arguable. We will see God walk in us through us around us and we will say oh believe about. Jesus is coming back soon. There is time to win one. More this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness to all nations the end will come. Why because God is committed. Let's pray a father and God. We cannot tell you how much we love you. We want to love you more and you must use us. We cannot go from here on less effective than when we arrived at this convention. We cannot go for me a less committed than when we when we drove into town. We cannot be the same Our Lord it's time to raise up your people your church. It's time. We want to see Jesus comes to help us want to reach one more Jesus name this media was produced by audience. Yes it is layman's services and industry. If you would like to learn more or if you like this. This is not your verse.


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