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Daniel Jackson

President, North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists




  • August 6, 2016
    7:00 PM


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Raise God for the young people. I was watching on the monitor and I actually started to laugh. I said the young lady should have all that talent. God has given special gifts to our young people and praise God We must do all that we can to help them dream to let them dream. And then to empower them and then get out of the way. I tell people I am never concerned about the church when I am around groups of our dedicated young people. I'm never concerned about the future of the church. Praise God for that I never start a message anymore without doing two things but I'm adding one thing tonight. I always do a confession and then a profession and tonight an affirmation the confession is simple. My name is Dan Jackson. I am a broken human being. I am not saying this to you to demonstrate any kind of humility. I am telling you what is the truth I am a broken human being with out the grace of a gracious God I would be on a never ending spiral downward spiritually. But because of his grace. I have hope. But I am a broken human being and guess what folks. He's not finished with me yet. And just in case you hadn't noticed you're just like me. The Professor. In the seventh Day Adventist Church. There is only one true north and his name is Jesus let Jesus be the center of all that we preach of all that we teach if we teach the Sabbath and Jesus is not in the center of the Sabbath. We are to quit preaching the Sabbath until we can put Jesus in the center. If we are preaching. The three angels messages we must put Jesus in the center. If we can't see that Jesus. These things I've written to you he said. It was Jesus is Jesus who is the center of the book. If you can preach the three angels messages without Jesus being in the center quit preaching the three angels messages until Jesus can be put in the center. If you are teaching the health message then please. You know he is the water of life. He is the Bread of Life. He is the center and the substance of our hope that's the confession. Thirdly the affirmation. I want to praise God for our lay people and I think. For what they have done this week. I have great appreciation for Steve McMahon and of course for Kyle who works around our office and he came to me and said I hope you don't mind that I called you. My boss today and out of Bryant was standing with us. He said What's wrong with that hears. Kyle as an Israeli and when there is no guile. And praise God. That we have young people who can assume responsibility. I want to go back to a sentence that I quoted the south after noon but that out of Bradshaw quoted this morning because I believe for Christians living in the last gasp of time that it is important that you and I glean a fundamental understanding from the Bible in the spirit of prophecy. As to how we are to be. How we are to witness how we are to have every member involved. You see if every member is involved and we don't have the ingredient that I want to share with you tonight. We could have every member involved for the next three hundred years. The church is the repository. And I'm going to botch this up a little bit. I've got it written down but I'll just do it but the church is the repository of the riches of the grace of Christ and through the church will eventually be made manifest even to Prince a palette and powers in the heavenly places. The final and the full display of the love of God I want to tell your friends. If you want to talk standards. This is the standard. Jesus said by this will all men know that you are my disciples in that you have love one for the other the final. And the full display of the love of God What is the loud cry. It is a demonstration in that not just in the words but in the lives. Now I want to ask you a question and I want you to respond. For those of you who understand the question you know I want to do this for you. Just before you fall asleep with all the ministers in this room please stand up all the ministers in this room please stand up and say all the pastors. That. You may be seated. And for those of you who have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior and you can stand up. You need to go back and read the Bible first Peter chapter two verses four through nine and recognize the reality that the superficial distinction that has been imposed on the scripture that is a den of fine clergy and laity does not exist in the Bible. Pastors have a specific role. I'm not demeaning pastors I was a pastor for twenty five years. Therefore I a pastor sized and became an administrator. The role of the pastor. Remind me folks from Paul's letter to the affiliations the role of the pastor is to train who the saints for the work of what ministry. When you accept Jesus as your personal savior. You just signed on to be a minister of the most high God. Paul says Don't you know that you yourselves are living stones being built together into a spiritual house to offer sacrifices acceptable and to God There is no such thing as a Christian who does not serve. I I did something unique one time as a pastor. I was having a baptism and I went to my head beacon and he had two beautiful wings chairs in his living room. And I said to him he would you bring your wind chairs to church on Sabbath with you. And he looked and we've said why I said because I want to interview the candidates for baptism and I want to sit in one chair and I want them to sit in the other chair and I want to ask them in front of the church. Why are you going to be baptized today. What made you make a life commitment to the church. I will never forget one young woman she I asked her the question why in the world are you becoming a Seventh Day Adventist. And she told this story. She had some background but she told this story. She said At first I would just bring my children to Sabbath school then I get lost and then at the end of Sabbath school I would come pick them up and take them home. But every single Sabbath. There was a man at the door who greeted me so warmly. Who was so kind and gracious to me that I decided to do that I needed what he had. And I join the church now let me tell you this. This brother never ever spoke publicly. Then your bible studies them preach. But he had an attitude of gratitude that just emanated from him he was the kind of Deacon that would clean under the carpet because there must not be dirt in the Lord's house. You see I believe that Jesus is coming soon. So do you. He's coming. I want to go home. The time has come for us for you and for me all Seventh Day Adventists to in tensor Phi our beliefs so that we can serve God and bring glory to Him and to his name in all that we do whether it is our family relationship a school marry a hospital where ever we are in the work place. We must consistently be bringing glory to God that has become your role. I want to look at this with you and I want to reference a Bible passage tonight for Libyan's chapter four verses six and seven. You might say well this is a rather odd passage but it reads like this be anxious for nothing. But in everything by your prayer and supplication with thanksgiving make let your requests be made known to God and the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. What do people see in you and me as they watch us. That's a telling question friends. What do they see in us is our silent life testimony so powerful and compelling that those watching us would make a lifetime commitment to Jesus because of what they saw you see we are preoccupied in the North American division with the dream of reaching every community in this land our homes our schools our business places. Our churches everything we have must be dedicated to the furtherance of God's cause on this planet. We have a dream that every single member of the church in North America will read the scriptures will be impressed by the Holy Spirit and will become involved. In God's great evangelistic thrust on this earth before Jesus comes. It is a splendid vision. However let me say that if we do not personally demonstrate our connection with Jesus. Then all other systems fail allow me to share our very powerful statement with you as a matter of fact for those of you who want to engage in soul winning activities. I have a key for you tonight a very powerful key and it comes from the book Christ object lessons pages two hundred ninety nine and three hundred and this is what it says we are to show the world. And all the heavenly intelligences that we appreciate the wonderful love of God for a fallen humanity. And that we are expecting a larger and yet larger blessing from his infinite fullness. Then she goes on far more than we do. We need to speak of the precious chapters of our experiences these exercises do three things she says number one drive back the power of Satan. Number two they expel the spirit of murmuring and complaint and the tempter loses ground. And number three. They cultivate those Act or abuse of characters of character which will fit the dwellers are earth for the heavenly mansions. Oh that's quite a say this season. They're rehearsing in our own mind the goodness and the grace of God as it relates not only to the world but to me. Listen to how she ends the statement. She says such a testimony will have an influence upon others. No. So more effective means can be employed for the winning of souls to Christ. No more effective means can be employed for winning souls to Christ. So here's the question tonight. How do I become like that. What Paul tells us in his powerful statement and flip in Chapter four is that lasting peace and happiness come to those who put their trust and faith in God That is they allow their lives to be preoccupied with God and then things begin to happen. Paul was attempting to tell the Philippians that they needed to be ever concerned with this. But what we're talking about here is successful trends and and daily spiritual living. That's where we need to be friends. The next time I am tempted to be angry. And you know I I I do have to tell you I've already told you I was broken but I do have to tell you I was a sinner. I am a sinner. I said this once at a camp meeting a lady came up to me and said you are president. You must never tell people that you are a sinner and I said to her. Thank you so much from now on I'll just lie. The next time we are tempted to be angry. We need to think about the goodness of God I want to suggest there are three things that can turn us into dynamos for Jesus Christ three ideas that emerge out of the scripture. Number one the recognition. That the love of God desires are only good for us we've got to settle that in our mind. He is not some kind of eternal ogre looking to pounce on us the love of God desires only good for us. I walked into his office. And if you heard me tell the story before and tell and again. I walked into his office. This man the president of the Royal London Union. He had left his home in the early ninety's. To go out and do our weekend of preaching and when he returned home one hundred twenty days later. He discovered that his wife three children and nine grandchildren had been slaughtered in the genocide. I walked into his office and I said to him Brother I'm on. I know that a person's pain is something very personal to them and for somebody to come walking into your life and say Tell me about it is not only can not only be rude but it's just inappropriate. I know that is like holy ground but I want to ask you. How did you survive that. And this was his answer. He said I want you to know that God has been good to me from the very beginning. He went on to say I know the people who killed my family. They live not too far from here. I see them from time to time. But I pray for them every day. Let me tell you something friends that. That is not natural. That is supernatural. That is I gift from God through Jesus Christ His life went on because he knew in his heart that God was good eternally good and that the love of God only desires that which is best for us. David wrote it this way he said shout to the Lord all the earth serve the Lord with joy come before him with singing know that the Lord is God. He made us and we belong to him. We are the people the she pretends come into a city with songs of thanksgiving and into his courtyards with songs of praise thank him and praise his name and why does David say all this he winds up in verse five. Of some one hundred by saying The Lord is good. His LOVE is forever and his loyalty goes on and on. I walked into her hospital room. The very awkward situation for a man with a woman. This dear sister. That had a radical mastectomy. I do want to say just exactly how much does a man have to say to a woman at that point if it your wife. That's one thing. But in any other circumstance but you know I had a philosophy as a pastor and that is unless there was some very serious problem when I went into a hospital room and you're sleeping. I'm going to put my hand on your shoulder and so I did I gently touched her shoulder with my hand and this dear sister opened up her eyes and looked into my face beaming and said. Pastor God has been so good to me. The next part. I wasn't quite that you know quite that good she said Do you want to see what they did to me and she started to pull the sheets down I was halfway down the hall. Christianity is demonstrated in the crucible of life. If I want to be a part of the last day movement then I must become a part of the final and the full display of the love of God need to recognize the need to recognize that God is good and that His will for me. Is always good. Point number two. The wisdom of God always knows best. Jeremiah wrote quoting God for I know the plans I have for you. Declares the LORD plans to prosper you were not to harm you plans to give you a hope and a future. You know we so often question God I remember seeing a church member one time. I was sitting in the dark of the ocean and he came into the dock with his boat and he was angry at God because he had colony fish. Sometimes we don't understand how things can happen. But we do know that if we place our hand or rather our life in the hand of God the wisdom of God always knows best. Even when things look like they are ridiculous to us in one thousand A.D. I received a phone call late one night that says I have five minutes and twenty nine seconds left. Good luck. Every. Technician has said well good for you buddy. We're just turn a new off and five minutes and sixteen seconds. Go for it and I got a call from the general conference he said we would like you and your family to relocate to Sri Lanka first question Where in the world is Sri Lanka. When I was a kid it was the pearl of the Indian Ocean. I didn't know I said we'll pray about it had to do something in town went to town came back typed out a letter. You know anybody under forty five not a typewriter is anyway typed out a letter it said Dear brethren. Thank you so much for considering my name but I will not be able to go to Sri Lanka and I began to list a number of reasons. Then I again was interrupted I had to go when I came back. My dear wife wrote a letter for me it read like this. Dear brethren. I'm so sorry I can't go to Sri Lanka because there have motels over there or big green black garbage bags etc etc etc I went to her and I said Are you mocking the servant of the Lord. I did not want to go. I did not want to go to Sri Lanka. I was happy in Canada but I made the mistake of praying it wasn't a mistake but I began to pray and the more I prayed the more God worked in my mind and he told me two things you cannot draw a geographical circle around where you will serve God. Secondly you cannot or are not to draw a circle of convenience around where you will serve God I wrestled with that for two weeks then finally in conclusion I phoned the president. Now the voice who had called me and they surely had been happy of cheery but when I phoned them this time I said Hi this is. Dan Jackson calling. My family and I have prayed about this and we've decided to accept the invitation and the voice on the other end wasn't nearly so cheery the voice on the other end said we're story. We've already filled that call. Now one would think one would be sad but on my end of the phone I was doing this. Yes yes yes and I went and found my wife. I drove to the school that she was teaching at I found her and when I saw her I said to her these words it was a test it was only a test and we passed the test. And then I said these words that were almost fatal words I said to her now I can finish the basement. Of course every pastor that's the role right finish in basements. We had something to do that. I actually had a funeral to conduct went out conducted a few long came home. Healing supper the phone rang. There's a crazy woman from the General Conference. And she had her cheery voice on again she said Are you still willing to go to Sri Lanka. And I said the conditions that led me to say yes the first time are still there. We will go to Sri Lanka. And we tell you something friends. I did not want to go to swim Lanka. But what I have told people since. Is that it was not always pleasurable. But it was always beneficial. The wisdom of God Knows Best. If we put our lives into his hands he will bring us off more than conquerors. Finally the third point I'm skipping through this quickly as I can the third element that can make your witness and mine more effective for Jesus is the power of God. The power of God that can bring about our requests. I before I went overseas. I sold I saw my how we had just bought a house and I sold the house you know this is sound like a dream but the house is a brand new home but it was about eleven hundred square feet bought it for fifty thousand dollars. And eleven months later I sold it for eighty thousand. We paid our ties. We did a number of other things we had twenty thousand dollars and my wife and I agreed. We'll take that money and we'll put it aside for our children's education because by the way kids cost a lot of money. And we went to Sri Lanka we invest I actually bought a five acre piece of land. We took off went to Sri Lanka from there we went to India about five years later you know we were not exactly the long term missionaries we were more like tourists but. Had a wonderful time it was a blessing from God When we came back couldn't sell the land couldn't sell the land. We prayed about it. We tried to sell it but that little investment of twenty thousand which of them was a pretty good chunk couldn't sell the land. Not at all but you know what happened. Clock went to zero. But what happened was this. After the last one of our children had finished. We got a phone call someone wants to buy your land. They've offered seven thousand dollars. I said send a check immediately. And we took it and we used it. But you see all along. God didn't meet meet my money. He didn't need my plan my children were provided for they got their education because of the power of God. Listen friends. I'm going to close. But I'm going to close by reading a statement. That is a wonderful statement from desire of ages. Page three hundred thirty one reads like this. Those who take Christ at His word and surrender their souls to his keeping their lives to his ordering. Will find peace and quiet to him perfect acquiescence. There is perfect rest our lives may seem to be a tangle. But as we commit ourselves to the wise master builder. He will bring out the pattern of life and character that will be to his own glory. The love of God the wisdom of God the power of God friends. We need to rehearse those moments in time where those elements have been experienced in our lives. And then we become master. Soul winners for Jesus. We are living in the final gasp of Earth's history. We are you know you used to be able to say well yeah but there's you can't say that. Yeah well anymore can you the events transpiring in our world are so tragic and so breathtaking that one says oh dear lord not another one. Not another shooting not another terrorist attack. Not another phony baloney politician whatever. By the way I'm not a Republican and I'm not a Democrat a man who ever said a man I'm a Canadian I don't vote. I do want to tell you that Canada. Not too long ago elected a sixteen year old prime minister but I better not say that. For all you can aliens you can take the word back. Here's how I want to conclude many years ago I built a house actually had an arrangement with the conference as I was transferring from one conference to another was the only way I could get into housing. I built a house. Smartest thing I did was to hire a contractor to put the foundation in under that house. By the time I arrived on the site. It was there it was good. It looked good. I put up sub floors and all the rest and put up the walls sounds really see there goes all the credits. I guess they're gone. But they probably heard the story before anyway. But. I put up the walls. Wasn't that big a deal. It was a prefab house the walls where she lived on the windows were in the walls. But nonetheless I put it up. One day I was framing the walls on the inside of the house when the building inspector showed up and you have to know. Friends that when a building inspector shows up at your building site and he gets out of his car and his arms are like this. He's either a Pentecostal who just got ecstatic utterances or something is really wrong. And he did he got out of his car threw his arms up like this and said you have built your house on the wrong a lot. I knew it could happen because a man who lived just across the street put himself in a swimming pool and when his new next door neighbor arrived from the Northwest Territories to occupy that lot. He went to the man who built the swimming pool and he said I have never received such a gracious welcoming gift as a swimming pool before you have built your swimming pool right on my lot. But I'm going to put a double fence around it and I mean I'm going to put a fence around it and a double gate on your side. So you can use my swimming pool. Anytime you want. So I knew it was possible but I looked at that building contractor. I mean that inspector and I did this I said I have not dealt my house on the wrong lot because John Hanks put the foundation in under this house and I have John Hanks put it on this lot. It's on the right. Lot. And he looked at me and he said well of John Hanks put the foundation in how do your house is on the right lot. And then he talked Here's proverbial tail between his legs got into his car and drove off into the sunset and then it was my turn. Praise the Lord. Here's the point we know. Who the builder is. We know who the foundation is. His name is Jesus friends. We must become engaged. We cannot live our lives believing that the pastor or the literature ministries person or the person who does whatever they do is going to finish the work. God Once you and he wants me. We build upon the foundation of Jesus and then he will take care of the result. And we will not only serve this produced by audience. It is laymen services and industry and if you would like to learn more about or if you would like to leave.


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