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Holiness and Purity

Doug Batchelor


Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts



  • July 30, 2016
    10:00 AM
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You know I knew I had a limited time and I thought what can I talk about. It's been a while since I've been here and I wanted to talk about something relevant and the thing that weighs on my heart is one of the most important issues that we must understand today is holiness holiness. In fact before I I preach. I'm just going to bow in prayer. Would that be OK and if you join. Father in heaven. Lord we are on holy ground now. And as we come in your presence during the Sabbath and I just pray that your spirit will be here speak to our hearts Lord we know that Jesus is coming soon. There is such a great work left to do and we know that there is no limit to what you can do in and through us except our own full surrender. I pray that your word will come alive today and they will teach us how to apply it to our lives be with me. Forgive my sins that it's ultimately your voice that is heard. We pray in Jesus' name amen. Now just. My mother in law is here. She's always tell me but your jacket but they've got to fill packs on me today. So I can't do it. That's my story and I'm stickin to it so. I remember reading years ago about someone named Simon stalemate. He was young man living in Syria. The border of Turkey and when he was fourteen years old father was a shepherd very poor he he heard the sermon on the Mount and he had a very pious mother and it's so deeply affected him he thought nothing could be more important than being pure of heart but he realized there was so much sin in the world. How could he do that and so he thought maybe if I go out into the wilderness and join a monastery. And if I afflicted my soul that was sort of popular back then and he joined the monastery and. And he was so rigorous in his devotions the monastery keep him out because he would go days without eating at one point he went. They say he went the entire length without eating or drinking. And then he said that was a miracle he was in a cave where it was cool and moist. But it's hard to imagine but they said you're taking it too far. You're going to kill yourself and then he would go off in the desert and he stayed in the cave and he would try to be alone with God People realizing he was a holy man they kept coming to him for advice and when he couldn't find time alone with God horizontally he decided to try and do it vertically. So you found the pillar and there were plenty of broken pillars there in that part of the old Roman Empire and he made a platform on top of this pillar they called him. Simon style light because style light is a Greek word a style of pillar in Greek and he sat on this pillar and he would just fast and pray and eat very little for days and the more he did that the more people came to him. They thought this is a holy man he is so close they haven't. So he kept getting taller pillars. And you know at first he was just on like a six foot pillar and then he eventually worked his way up to one that was sixty feet high. And he spent thirty seven years living on about a five by five platform exposed to the elements I think he had to coat he were roughed Harry garment because he thought you know if it's too comfortable. I'll be too worldly So it was coarse and people would bring him bread and milk and they climb up a ladder and they'd ask him questions and they will haul things up and lower it down by a rope and he lived up on the pillar trying to get close to heaven thirty. Seven years. Simon style and there were many that followed after him and they call them the style lights. One man name in a totally in France. He decided he wanted to be closer to God he didn't have any local pillars so he put a chair on his kitchen table in his house. And decided on put on a hairy garment and he would try to be close to God But the other people in the home the cook and the other family didn't appreciate the sublime thing he was doing. And they made his life so miserable. He finally came down off his chair off the kitchen table. And he said I discovered it's very hard to be a saint in your own home. And that's why Jerome went out into the desert. When he was trying to find holiness holiness is certainly important if you forget all the verses today don't forget this one Hebrews twelve fourteen pursue peace with all people and holiness without which no one will see the Lord pursue peace and among the things you're pursuing pursue holiness and he goes on to say without holiness not just a few you will not be limited but no one will see the lower. Now I don't know about you but that gets my attention. Jesus said blessed are the pure in heart they will see God I want to see him face to face some day. Don't you friends. Christians are kidding themselves if they think that the only holiness that God is calling for from us is that which we receive through justification. There is a holding this of sanctification that we receive where we walk with the Lord in a new life. We become a new creature with new hearts and we are being called to holy lines the word holy now in Hebrew. It's cut up in Greek us and it means to be separate. It's called the Holy Bible it's separate and distinct from other books and we treat it with reverence in the Bachelor home. We don't set anything on the Bible you will have Bibles on the shelf but. I've been in Bible study before where I saw somebody likes at the coffee cup on the Bible and said Do you mind if I can move that I said that's the Holy Bible. This is a communication from God To me it's separate marriage. It's called Holy Matrimony made Val's with Karen I have no other girlfriends but care. Doesn't mean I don't know of any other girls out there but I've got a lot of boyfriends don't misunderstand. But I only have you know what I mean I've got the beard now because I've been on a couple camping trips and I found it was easier. To save time. Bible says here conserve redeem the time because the days are evil. So it just takes half his time much time to save Now that's my story and I'm sticking to it. But it's a holy relationship. It's set apart. And we're being called to be set apart to be distinct be unique. We belong to God You're not your own you've been bought with a price. You know I like him. I like finding beautiful places in the world but you probably discovered the most beautiful places are hard to get to the reason I ended up in the Kieve up in the mountains is because when I was fifteen years old and I was hitchhiking through Palm Springs camping in the base of the valley with all these hippies and they were partying and there was junk and cans and this guy and his girlfriend went hiking bias of where do you come from. So we live up there. So if you live up there. How far is it all just back a ways up in the hills. We live in a cave. How long you been there. God been there for eleven years. And it is his wife had been there about four years and they had a baby. As well that just so impressed me. And so I'd love to see that they said well we're getting our groceries and when we leave town you can follow us up or by the time they came back to our campsite were all these hippies were partying scented gone down and said you still want to go and I said sure my friend at that point gave up. He was from Brooklyn and he decided to stay. But I thought that looks I could be beautiful up there and so I began to follow and I could not keep up with this girl with the baby on her back in here I was fifteen years old. And he had me like forty pounds of supplies and he was leading the way and I'm huffing and puffing and panting and sayin how far he's a customer down the hill. Well you know in New York I'm thinkin you got one block or something then I'd had no idea what he meant by that but just an hour and a half later home with father's dying and the sun went down it was completely dark and all I could see I remember all I could see was the famed glow of her socks that stuck out above her boots that were just a little white socks and I'm following these two things that are going up good because I'm on my hands and knees just about it's very steep. And I'm just going like this and I'm stumbling along bumping into Choi a bush and getting all scratched up and then they get me to a cave in and hear the water running and I went I remember going crashing through some brush where there was a creek and it was all dark and then they told me they said there's a sleeping bag here. We're going up to R R O summer cave and you can stay here. So if you're leaving so tired I don't really care. And I call in this damp sleeping bag and tried to fall asleep when I heard all these things rustling I later learned they were just like rats but they sound very big in the leaves at night and I thought they were like bears and I woke up in the morning though. And it was so beautiful. There is these waterfalls coming through granite walks and skate. His firm and Guy and his wife were sunbathing naked on the rock up to far away from me. But this was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen it was a beautiful so it was an oasis up there in the hills. It was pristine and there was no jumping no garbage and the reason it was so pretty is cuz it was off the path and hard to get to. You want to have an exciting Christian life there's nothing more exciting than trying to find what holiness is if you want to know how to sin I don't need to talk to you because you all are probably just fine at that we're all pretty good naturally but to try to be like Jesus. To little holy life it gives you an experience you will see and experience things that are wonderful people think about holiness and it scares and they think about it as prohibitions it's most wondrous thing to be able to have a relationship like that. I don't claim that I've achieved it but I've tasted it and that's what I want and that's what I mean and that's what you need because without holiness nobody will see the Lord. You have to take that up with Jesus. Those are my words. C.S. Lewis said I don't agree with everything he said but he said some profound things how little people know who think that holiness is dull when one meets the real thing. It is irresistible. Oswald Chambers' put it this way the destined end of man is not happiness nor health but holiness God's one aim in the production of saints he's not an eternal blessing machine for man he did not come to save us out of pity he came to save men because he created them to be holy God made man in his own image and God is holy and he's calling us to that holiness. Jesus is holy. Luke one thirty five and the angel answered and said to her to marry. The Holy Spirit will come upon you. And the power of the highest will overshadow you therefore that Holy One who is to be born will be called the son of a God Holy Spirit the Holy One even demon possessed people that identify Jesus they came raging after him and said we know who you are the Holy One of God. And you and I are asked to imitate Jesus. Peter preaching. Acts Chapter three. You said in verse fourteen. But you denied the Holy One in the just and you asked for a murder to be granted to you. Hebrew seven twenty six for such a high priest it was fitting for us who is holy harmless undefiled separate from sinners and has become a higher than the heavens. Jesus is holy His law is holy Roman seven twelve. Therefore the law is holy and the commandment is holy and just and good and maybe you heard me say this before but you know if you talk right now about going on a tour to the Holy Land. What are you talking about. Going to Israel and if you're in Israel and you say you're going to the holy city what city you going to going to Drusilla and if you're in Jerusalem and you say I think I'm going to go visit the holy mount where you going. Now and Xi'an not Ryan where the Temple used to be and there in the temple and the Holy Temple they had two places they had the holy place and then inside the holy place technically it was the inner sanctum called the Holy of Holies and in the Holy of Holies you have the Holy Ark in the holy argue had the holy law. So if you were to sort of draw concentric circles on the planet and you were to look for the bull's eye. It would be the holiest place in the world would be the house of God in the law of God and just for adman it's not missis important point in the law of God you find the. At holy one time. It's in the come commandment the Sabbath commandment that defines this day something that is set aside and set apart to be treated with a special relationship. Amen. His law is holy second Peter two twenty one for it would been it would have been better for them not to have known in the way of righteousness then to have known it and turn from the holy commandments that was delivered to them. What a privilege when you think about that God spoke from a mountain on oblique to a nation and I know it had been expeditions of people going around the world and off we could find the Lost Ark of the covenant one of that be something to find the golden box. The important thing was the rocks in the box and even more important in the rocks in the box was the words on the rocks in the box. Which you have been to have in your Bible. It is not far away from you where you should say who will ascend into heaven and bring it down to us. It's not down into the ocean. You've got to get Jonah with scuba gear to bring it back up but it's very near unto you. The Word of God is right here. Holy learn message from God. His word is holy. His name is holy. Holiness is the most sparkling jewel of his crown Thomas Watson said it is the name by which God is known on the high priest he work around in the crown had one thing written in it. Holiness to the Lord and you and I are called to be a nation of kings and priests Holiness to the Lord should be our crown. God's called us to that Exodus and that's by the way in Exodus thirty nine thirty. Psalm one eleven nine. Holy and awesome is his name. Luke one forty nine for he is mighty who has done great things for me and the holy is is name. Now just a little pet peeve. I don't only way to say this without saying this but of course as Christians one of the Commandments also says Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain for the Lord will not hold him guiltless a take of his name in vain. And that of course reading compass you not to swear it occurs to speak with profanity Jesus said don't even make frivolous vowels Let your yes be yes and your no be no how much more we should be careful at the mention of God's name when I came to Christ. After reading the Bible in the cave I go down to town and one person I never forgot his name was brother Harold and he was a Jewish convert to Christianity when I knew him he was in is sixty years or seventy's and. Just one of the he just was like a pastor for all the street people godly fell the wake up three in the morning. Read the Bible in Greek in Hebrew. Learn how to say God loves you and all these different languages because all the visitors it came to Palm Springs he'd find out what language they spoke and said God loves you. News always giving out tracks and. But I remember you go to the hospital he quotes scripture to all the people in the hospital these eleven just come in and visit them on and he was a self-appointed chaplain in Palm Springs and he quote the word of God His voice with shake because he says Words of God and what every said in name of God His voice when he paused and he'd say it with reverence. You know the Jews when they were writing up the Scriptures and they got to the name of a young boy they would put down their regular pin not all but many of the old scribes the Orthodox scribes and they put down their regular pen they'd say a prayer. They picked up a special pen for writing the name of God and then they said another prayer and put it down and go on. The name of God was a holy they wouldn't even write it with the same pen because it was set apart. Now sometimes I hear people say and I don't think they realize it. Christians will you hear him say Guy. Well you think that comes from you ever do the IT Amala G. of that word. It's a derivative of God's name. Someone people say Gosh and to put another word with it. Sometimes people say gee or gee whiz. And that's really kids that wanted to curse but they didn't want to say it so they just sort of corrupted it a little bit and thought they'd get away with it. A lot of that goes on in our culture. I don't think that we should even get near the border. Of seeing God's name in vain. Holy is his name and then. Revelation fifteen for who shall not fear you will Lord and glorify your name for you alone are holy. Isaiah fifty seven fifteen for thus says the high in the lofty one who inhabits eternity whose name is holy. John seventeen eleven. Jesus had a Holy Father keep through your name those who you have given me that they may be one as we are one. Now we are called to holiness. God has called us to holiness. We were see that holiness is a gift through justification on we come to Christ and he just like the prodigal son when he came home the father wraps him with his own robe and he declares us holy he gives us a fresh start. He cleans our role and gives us his robe. But then he asks us after we receive this gift of holiness to lose holy lives which you can't do without his grace people misunderstood. They often misunderstand Grace I think Greece is all about a cover up. Grace is a power. It is a virtue of God's goodness that he gives to do His will. You cannot live the Christian life without the grace of God the grace isn't just to forgive. It's to empower us to do his will by His grace. We are saved by His power and we are saved. It's a power of love Revelation fourteen one then I looked and behold the lamb standing on Mount Zion and with him one hundred forty four thousand having his father's name. What name is it the holy name. What's written in the foreheads of one hundred forty four thousand the holy name like the high priest. Written in their foreheads First Thessalonians four seven. For God did not call us to unclean business. If you've been called to follow Jesus he didn't call us then clean this but the holiness. Therefore he who rejects this does not reject man but God. Who has given us His Holy Spirit. There is no holiness without Christ and there is no wholeness without the holiness of Christ. Luke one seventy four. This is Zechariah speaking after John the Baptist was born and the Holy Spirit opened his mouth he speaks of prophecy and he says to grant us that we being delivered from the hand of our enemies might serve him without fear in the holiness and righteousness before him all the days of our lines. First Peter one fourteen through sixteen as obedient children not conforming yourselves to your former lusts this was our memory verse as in your ignorance but as he who is called you is holy. So also be holy in all your conduct. Because it is written quoting Leviticus be holy for I am only we're being called to be his children. He's not only our Savior He's our king. He's our Lord and him in. A fusions for twenty four and then you put on the new man which was created. According to God in true righteousness and holiness now friends I could go a long time and just give you verse after verse but I know I'd lose you. Even though it's the Word of God but I can give you all these proof texts that are very clear that God is calling us not. Just be forgiven of our passons but to live in the newness of life. This is what the new covenant vs. This is what it means to be born again old things are passed away all things are made new we become new creatures is a new drive a new mode of desire the things you once loved you hate the things you once he did you know love. That's the new covenant. He takes a stony harder way. We yearn for that which is noble and just and pure and good and when we're exposed to the other grieves us grieved by sin longing for purity of heart. Now I don't want you to be discouraged. Sanctification takes time in the book Acts of the Apostles page five sixty the author says sanctification is not the work of a moment an hour a day but of a lifetime and the word sanctification it means the process of becoming holy we grow in holiness and that means that saying yes to God sometimes means same no to the things that offend his holiness first US alone is for three and five. For this is the will of God your sanctification that you should abstain from sexual immorality that each of you should know how to possess his own vessel insame to vacation on or not in the passion of lust like the gentiles who do not know God the Christian life is a new walk Jesus said there are two rows. You got the why broad broad road to destruction you get the narrow street road to life. Isaiah describes that road in Chapter thirty five Verse eight a highway will be there in a road and it'll be called the Highway of holiness and the wicked will not pass over it. Jesus said I am the Way the Truth and the life walking after Christ is walking in a new life of holiness. Now to me this is an important message to. Because there's a lot of lost people out there. Jesus is coming soon and we have limited time and we need to reach as many as we can. While time remains. Holiness is the way to win souls holiness is redemptive the best of Vangelis that thing that can happen His Holiness. Let me give you some verses first Peter two nine. But you are the chosen generation you're all royal priesthood you are a holy nation is own special people that you may proclaim the praises we are to go out to clean the praises why because we are all holy people of he will call us out of darkness into his marvelous light white Moody said a holy life will produce the deepest impression of light houses blow no horns they only shine and so when we're letting the light of Christ sign to us it will affect others around us King David in his prayer of repentance Psalm fifty one. He said Do not cast me away from your presence and do not take your Holy Spirit from me restore him to me the joy of your salvation of hold me with your generous spirit. Mentions the spirit twice and then he says. Then I will teach transgressors your ways and sinners will be converted to you. Or the early church fathers St John Christendom said if only ten among us be righteous the ten will become twenty. If the twenty then fifty the fifty one hundred one hundred a thousand a thousand will become an entire city as when ten lamps are kindled the whole house might be easily filled with light. So it will be with the progress of spiritual things if but hand among us and lead to a holy life. We will kindle a fire which will in the light in Lightman entire city. God said he spare Sodom if he could find ten saints there. There was hope for revival one Jonah going to Nineveh brought revival. If God's people would really understand and appreciate in Embry's. And pursue holiness. You see you're an evangelist at revival. Let's face it a lot of the world loves to jeer and mock Christianity is why because of our inconsistency. We say one thing we live in one another but what if we really live to look at how the Gospel spread like fire in the first century is why because they've been baptized in the Holy Spirit and people could not deny how they loved each other. There was a holiness in their lives they were set aside for God. Some one thousand seven the law of the Lord is perfect converting the soul when we're walking in the light of His love and His law. There is a converting influence behind that you want to see or a viable. You know I'm an evangelist we're always exploring what new methods can we get better equipment what machines or is there a seminar in a work of program and we're wanting to use all the tools we can use but in reality I know the thing that's really going to make the biggest difference of into listlessly is the baptism of the Holy Spirit. When people fall in love with the Lord. We've trained a lot of evangelists and amazing facts over the years we have some of you here after graduates and. Many are in ministry now some in leadership but something I discovered you know when you first meet people to come for evangelism training. I've learned don't judge a book by its cover. Some were very eloquent and polished and educated but they didn't have that depth of sincerity where they were poor in spirit and hunger to rightists and then we met some that just looked like they were really rough they just fell off a tractor some. But they were sincere. And they would go out and do evangelists like medians we were in the world is that guy. He looks like Elvis and cowboy who. How is he getting all of these these baptisms the people who he was real. And then the others might be very polished but they're something superficial. People are looking for the real thing. And if you're hungering and thirsting after righteousness and you're going out to win others to the Lord. They'll want what you have. The reason I ultimately surrendered to the Lord is I met some real Christians and they were happy and they didn't have any drugs. I wanted to know what it was. And I found that they had a relationship with Jesus and they long for the purity of heart because they saw Sin separated them from Christ and they wanted to be closer to Christ so simple as the enemy. And they lived their lives to get everything out of the way that was separating them from Christ Jesus came to save us from our sins because he loves us. He wants to be with us and sin is a barrier. So he saves us from that which separates us because he wants to be at one with us. And that's what holiness is all about will be much more effective. Some of you remember reading in school. Literature about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and tennis and wrote about certain Galahad who said I have the strength of ten men because my heart is pure. I think the reason that David could bring down Goliath is because his heart was pure. He was sincere. It was a power that will have for evangelism now holy people doesn't mean they're not tempted anymore I'm not saying you need to go try to live on a pillar somewhere. Some a static and try to get closer to God through isolation. I lived in a cave by myself. And I go a long time without seen anybody and you know it's hard to be holy by yourself to. It's easier actually for me to be close to God If I'm in gauged in talking to others about God because we're all affected by our own words and I'm blessed as I open the Word with others God becomes He reveals Himself Your He fills those who are willing to be use. So we're not saying that you're not going to be tempted you're supposed to isolate yourself. Jesus was tempted Hebrews four fifteen for we don't have a high priest you can't sympathize with our weakness but he wasn't all points tempted as we are yet without sin and the Revelation Chapter two in three seven times Jesus says to him that overcomes. Why would Jesus say that it was impossible. I don't like to underestimate what God can do. G. Campbell Morgan said holiness is not freedom from temptation but it's a power to overcome temptation. Jesus was tempted in the wilderness but through the Holy Word and with the Holy Spirit he was able to reject the advances the devil in the holiness of Christ was a rebuke and Satan fled from him resist the devil and he will flee from you but it's only as you put on the holy armor of God you can do that. Now let's talk a little bit about the why and how we are we become like what we look at and that's especially important in our culture today. Second Kristine's three eighteen but we all with under veil face beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord our being transformed. How does a sanctification take place. We're being transform By be you holding the glory of the Lord into the same image from glory to glory as by the spirit of the Lord. You become like what you look at we are somewhat like photographic plates and as we gaze upon the Lord his images and. Rest on our souls. So I would sing that song Turn your eyes upon Jesus. They knew the disciples had been with Jesus through constant exposure for three and a half years. They sort of took on his mold they became like him. What are you looking at what are you listening to how much are you looking and listening. I suspect that if you're like most people living in North America today are you going in the world. We are bombarded by so much media. It used to just be television but now it's just your smartphone everywhere. I pump gas at a gas station where they've got a commercial on the machine while I'm pumping my gas and to try to sell me something just messages everywhere can't even get your gas. So what are we to do go run and climb a pillar the Lord is telling us that he wants to fill us with a Holy Spirit and send us out into an unholy world to live a holy lives. It's a challenge. A lot of Christians are Christians on the outside but they're feeding on the wrong material. We were in South Africa about a year ago I guess earlier this year. That you were Yeah they've got a beautiful butterfly. It's a dainty blue delicate butterfly's wings are like jewels and flutes very gracefully around. Until you see it land for supper it it's done. It looks really pretty but it's going to scare us to an appetite. And a sort of describe some Christians they look really good but if you only saw what they ate. And we feed on things that no Christian would should ever feed on you know they say with computers garbage in garbage out. Some of us are trying to live the Chris. In life when we're struggling were sincere but we still haven't made the connection between you can't feed on the world and think holy thoughts. Sometimes one image you take in will stay with you for years and we've got to guard the avenues of our soul. It's kind of like the helmet of salvation except think more astronaut helmet. You get these are the holy avenues to your soul. You Can Be careful what you listen to and what you watch him. I will set no evil thing before my eyes God's called us to holiness job thirty one one I've made a covenant with my eyes wide and said I look upon you talk about less to a young woman. Someone said it's not enough that a gardener would love flowers you must hate we. Or it will choke the flowers Romans thirteen fourteen put on the Lord Jesus Christ make no provision for the flesh to fulfil its lusts we cannot gorge the carnal nature and then live by the Spirit. And you know I just I know and I'm in this battle with you because we are surrounded in the I can't even. I like to Poli. But the music they typically play is. The least the ones I go to is going to is. Awful. Using a bass the more than once of the police just turn it down a little bit. And. So we're surrounded with it and it's a struggle and so if you're going to if there's a certain amount of the world you're trying to little holy like you're still like a ship in the water you're going to get barnacles. You know how many you know what I'm talking about. And you've got to constantly compensate because the. So many other messages a blizzard of information is has there ever been a generation in the world like this generation being bombarded by more messages. No never. Not even close. You could you could live a hundred years a couple generations ago and not get as much information following and plow around on a farm as young people get in one week today. People used to go to listen to the preacher preach and they'd think well there's a new thought they'd think about it all week long because there's nothing else to think about. But now there's so much other information that just displaces an eclipse is the spiritual information so what do you do. You gotta fight a fight. So round yourself overcome evil with good what I try to do is I have good sermons. I listen to audio verse. I think of taping this one at all which one it is. I and my car I have preset several Christian stations and I've got some classical music. Carrie hates that. But I listen to I've got two or three Christian stations and. And I when one starts going to commercial I flipped one another one. I've got a little it's the drive in my car. I've got the whole spirit of prophecy and I'm copying different books and I'm listening to those things and sometimes I don't feel like it. I rather listen to something else I turn on the news and then they get into talking about politics and I'll get wrapped up in that one day you know you're you're a citizen of another kingdom. But this is a lot more interest than. Put on acts of the Apostles. Sometimes I do and I don't feel I could. I know I need. Sometimes Eventually I don't even enjoy because I know I needed my. And I'm glad in the long run. And so we've got to be careful what we're eating a man walked into an artist's parlor one day and he saw that next to the pilot and his candidacy had this basket of these beautiful colored walks that looked like gems but they were probably glass and rock and he said What do you have that and he said well you know as I'm painting he says I'm exposed to so many variants hues that I can lose my perception of what a true color is and so I reference my eyes back on the rocks because they don't change. And it read to me as my eyes. To real colors and we've got a rock that needs to be it needs to calibrates what is truth for us because I'll tell you what friends there are some kooky messages going around in the name of Christ in the world today some paint themselves up as very sophisticated but they don't match up with the Word of God. And we're all going to be influenced by environment and culture and trends and fads and heresies and unless you decide I'm going to go by the Word of God you will be exposed to deception. God is calling us to holy His we're holiness his word is holy jesus is holy. You know I remember hearing a story about a man some guy named Fred old bachelor lived by himself and even after retirement he'd had a pretty predictable life. I lived in a frumpy little old house he'd been in for years and he'd walk once a day go up to the local coffee shop and he'd sit down with some of his friends and eat and they'd talk about the good old days and then go home. That was like the extent of his life. But one day this set in the empty store. And oh that was on the path to the coffee shop some the proprietor said I was beautiful glass porcelain Vos and it had some shapes and colors and knobs on it and the colors of light of the hummingbirds iridescent throat it was really beautiful. It kind of swirling around like a rainbow and Fred walked by one day he stopped and he looked at me just stood there in the stare. So I think that's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen and then he went on to eat lunch and he stopped on the way home had to pass it going and coming from the coffee shop stared at it again. This went on for a couple weeks everybody went by he stopped just there. It finally hit the quieter solve every day stopping and looking at the vase and came out to Fred you stop and you go get this thing every day. Why don't you buy it. I'll make you good. Did you seem to enjoy it. And I thought well I haven't bought anything a long time. How much agreed on the price and he probably took it home. One of the set where he could look at it so they are in his living room by his lazy boy chair he sat on the fireplace mantle his beautiful vase and he sat back and he looked at the top one that is beautiful but said it doesn't look as nice without bill like coming through. So we kind of pushed the curtains back all this dust came off the curtains and it was a boy I probably need the curtains I don't think I've replaced those in fifty years. And so he replaced the curtains. He set down a little more light came through and he saw I don't think a paint was peeling behind it. He said I think so pretty. But you know with that peeling paint it doesn't look quite right it realize how much of paint it faded. So he painted the walls in the house. You sat down in his chair in the spring popped out of the arm. So yeah she's effect probably up and sit in this old chair for thirty years it's I realise the stuffing was coming out and then next went the carpet and then he started playing in the front yard and then he looked at his word Rover. Instead new chair and he said I don't think I've bought any clothes and you know where this is going. Little by little his whole life his whole house is front yard his clothes everything was renovated by the introduction of something that was pure. That it's still the end condemnation of everything else around it and it transform. Everything else around it and this is what happens when you receive Christ into your life. It's a beautiful thing but it is a shining light and it will make every spot of the Filemon painfully distinct So you have to do one of two things you have to get rid of the vase or you have to transform the House and the Lord. This is sanctification he comes into our hearts and he says I want to make you new you can live a new life. That's what the new hundred tons. God is calling us to holiness friends and it's a big deal. There's nothing bigger. There's no more important thing I could talk to you about because Jesus said without holiness. No one will see God bless it or the pure in heart they will see God He wants us to be pure in our thinking a lot of us struggle with what Zig Ziglar called stink and think. And the only way you can change your thinking is they have a new heart only way you can change your thinking is by choosing what goes into your mind. Choosing what you look at and when the wrong thing tries to find an entrance you reject it. You rebuke it and through that then we can walk a new walk and live a new life. Jude one twenty four in closing. Now therefore to him who is able to keep you from falling and to present you faultless before his presence of His glory with exceeding joy. Philippians four thirteen says I can do all things who come through Christ who strengthens me living the holy life in this wicked world is as hard as walking on water and the only way Peter can do it. By keeping his eyes on Jesus. And if you keep your eyes on Jesus all things are possible friends if we would have a row flyable of a yearning for a Holiness you would see a revival of Christianity that would shake the world. I'd like that my life. How about you could I pray with you before we have our closing song. Your father. We want to just thank you again for your presence for the simple message that you call us to holiness and it's so exciting. Lord we yearn for this. It's it's so rare in this wicked world we're used to comparing ourselves among ourselves and by ourselves and. And Lord when we want to set Jesus up on the mantle in our hearts as the perfect standard. I pray that all we do will be measured by him and by his life. I pray that as we say spend our time looking at him and be holy in him that it will have a transforming influence. So will be transformed from glory to glory. Bless each person here there's different ways we need to apply this message but we know you've called us all to holiness for you are holy and it's in your holding we this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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