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Furnace of Affliction: Miracle in Cuba 4

Alexis Abrahantes Carralero


Alexis decided to be baptized as a Christian and to tell his dad about his decision, even though it meant that he would be persecuted and be forever separated from his mother. However, just hours before he had the chance to make known his intentions, he suffered a terrible accident that nearly cost him his life. Hovering between life and death, it seemed that all was lost.


Alexis Abrahantes Carralero was born in Havana, Cuba, during the height of the Cold War, to a father who was a communist diplomat and member of the military class. He witnessed the religious struggle of underground Christians who still worshipped in spite of severe oppression and persecution. He soon joined those believers. In the midst of Alexis' conversion he suffered a severe accident, which led to a series of miraculous events that eventually brought him and his mother to the United States. 




  • August 5, 2016
    4:00 PM


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There and the father. As we explore your love today. Lord. We ask you what you mean over our minds and that you may open our eyes to the marigolds are hoping every day around us the miracles are building our salvation. Lord let there be the greatest miracle the miracle of our conversion to you. So that we may fall in love with your character. And that the miracle of your character. Will change us forever and presently name with us as things. All right so I have a Bible verse today. And like all the other times I would like for somebody to come up and read it. Also I mean volunteers. I would like to go. My next door neighbor right here. And the hotel. Hebrews eleven and he was eleven from one to three. You know faces substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen for by it. The olders obtained a good report through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the Word of God so that things were are which are seen were not made of things not were not made of things which do appear. So faith that such an elusive thing. What is faith. Like can we touch faith can we paint it is it something that we can smell or hear. I think that sometimes you can hear it. But it is things hoped for. So you have a hope. You know you have. That you are going to graduate from college. You have a hope that you're going to find that special person. And hope for the evidence of things are not seen. So you don't know if you're going to be able to graduate or not but you're hoping and then and there you walking down and you're all proud. It happened but it could have been very distant before. So what is faith. We're going to a little bit of what face faith. Today. So last night I left you hanging. And I believe you're hanging today but you're going to hear more. Today. When I woke up that morning and I thought well I better rehearse my speech from my father. Because this is going to be a huge blow a blow to his ego a blow to our relationship. I was extremely close with my father. And so I got up. And neither of my parents were home. And they had told me the night before my father had to be at the airport to meet the prime minister Nigeria. And my mom was a trial that she had to testify and that's a whole nother interesting story that I can are going to. Because of time however. I sat in my bedroom. While my dad gets home. I'm going to sit down with him and tell him that I have been visiting the church in secret. And I don't want to lie to him anymore. And he's going to be very angry with me but I need to come clean and tell him what's going on. And I want to become a Christian. And so I was sitting there thinking about all this and I started getting hungry. So I thought. I have never cooked a meal in my life. I was nine. I never practically walked into the kitchen of my house and I thought well. I have seen how they turn on the kitchen. I'm going to make my own breakfast some night and I should be learning how to do those things. So at that time when I was falling apart. They requested people. Or they took from many people away. And they gave them instead. Kitchen Cubans are here and from that time period. Well know what that is. And the kitchen works with. A container high on top. That you fill with kerosene and this goes down like a hose and it goes into this cylinder with all the Scots and then you warm up that cylinder where the a small device full of. Cooking. So I had seen this done many times from a distance. And I thought OK you know I don't do it. I thought well if I do it and it doesn't go well I have to hide all my tracks because then I have my father to deal with because the religion and my mom to deal with because I was playing with fire. So I have parents. And so I went to the furnace room. I grabbed a large container of the cooking oil. The container was like those. Gasoline containers that they have in the back of the for the military. And it was made up this very thick. Commercial plastic. So I went into the kitchen. I put the container on the floor. I filled up the device with the alcohol. And I tried to turn the kitchen on. However the kitchen was not really turning on. I thought I don't know what I'm doing wrong. So I lit a match. And. I put it on the alcohol so that it would warm up. And I that time. There was not even matches in Cuba. That's how horrible situation was. So. My mother would save what was left of the other match when she lit it. She left from that match to light the other part of the furnace with that. From the first one. So she had a whole bunch of little match half matches to the side. And when I snuffed out the match. I forgot that I needed to place it on the little group. And I threw it down on the ground. Without realizing that I had fit perfectly well and side of the open container. Of alcohol. Now right. As I did that I immediately knelt down and I closed. And I put it underneath my arm without realising. That does war magic was not lit. Already snuffed out was inside a container put on the my arm. And I started walking back to the furnace room because you know I was having to clean my tracks up to this the kitchen did not turn on God forbid my mother finds out. And so I'm walking back towards the dining room. And as I'm crossing the dining room. Suddenly I felt this and it was like all the air and the room got sucked up. And right next after that I felt this. And the walls begin to shake. The water right behind me wish was made of bricks began to crumble and what that I think the junkies are invading after all since I was a little boy tiny little boy they have been telling us someday the junkies are going to come. And so I have been taught the bomb raids you know how to act when the walls were going beginning to crumble down and I thought of course they're going to bomb our house first because of my father is so this is the invasion of the junkies. And so I am down and I that time I had a long straight hair. And to this day I have the custom of going like this because there is to get in my face. No more hair but the memory of it is interesting and so. I began to feel that my hair was like in the middle of here again. So I lifted up my arms to touch my head and when I lifted up my arms. I didn't have my right arm anymore. And when I looked down my arm was twitching to the side. And it was hanging by one of the tendons. Hook at the back of the arm to your to your buck. And I realized that I was being consumed and fire. But something very odd happened right at that moment. Aside from the fact that I was being burned so intensely my entire nervous system shut down. So you could have smacked me from here to the next entry and I would have felt anything. And so I am kneeling down. And I began to see in the floor a growing blood. Because all the arteries. Of my shoulder had been exposed the blast had ripped open all of my rib cage. And so I am bleeding to death. And being consumed with fire at the same time. And I realized right at that moment that this was not an accident. Satan was doing this. At the moment when my mom and I had decided to risk everything to come to God. Satan was going to do something to derail that and he will. And I began to pray. And my prayer was a very simple prayer. I began to pray Lord if I die. Please allow my mother to stay strong and true to the path that we have chosen. Allow her not to turn her heart cold once and for all because of this. That she may stay strong. And Lord if I live. I only want to live so I can glorify your name and that's why I'm here today with you. And after I finished my prayer. And I say amen. I could no longer see very well from my right eye. And I said a man and I opened up my eyes. And I was not sitting in a pool of blood any more. And the dining room. I was in the other extreme part of the house. Right in front of the bathroom. Now thinking logically that I had fainted lost consciousness or something. And that somebody had brought me there. I began to scream for help. But there was nobody nothing at all. There was a trail of blood from the dining room to the bathroom. And when I opened it with my left arm the bathroom door I saw on the mare. This shadow that kept on going in front of my eyes and it was. The tongues of the flames that were in circling me because the shirt I was wearing was made of police. And this plastic from this container. Had blasted on to me and it was searing me from one side to the other. So the plaster was burning my body right through. And I saw in horror this terrible scene. And the first thing that comes to my mind was I'm going to get a really bad spanking it's going to be historic when she sees this and when I turned to the water faucet of the bathroom. The water was already turned on. And I still thought who could have turned the water on who has brought me here who what is fate but those things hope for the evidence of things unseen. And I remembered incredibly at that incredible moment. I was so scared and petrified. From what I was seen. I remember a story from my father's many troubles. My father had fought in many African wars and had travelled also said The throughout Europe and he had the most fascinating stories in kind of stuff. And I was always spellbound you know by his travels in Africa and. You know. Distant tribes. And also in Europe. And one day he told me a story about his friend who was traveling with him in Siberia very. Imagined to tropical creatures from Cuba finding themselves in the extreme cold of Siberia without proper gear. And his friends lost a finger and frostbite. But he told his story that they had put some guards with warm water and put the finger back there to keep the circulation going and they saved the finger. And I remember that story right. As I was being burnt. Because I realized that I wanted to save my arm so. I grabbed a towel. And first I began to rip away the pieces of plastic. What you see here is the product of one hundred twenty five surgeries. After that I was a monster. Because I ripped literally my face off. As that plastic was melting and to my face so I lost my right eyelid. My right ear. All of the front part of my neck. And the upper part of my shots which I'd really literally ripped off with the plastic that I was desperately trying to take off my skin. So that I would go right through me. And as I did that. I just took the bloody towel and I sunk it in the water and with my teeth and with my left arm. I grabbed first of all my left of my arm I pulled it up. And then I put the towel around my neck around. What was left of my opera shoulder. And with my teeth. I was able to pull or not to hold it together. And then I began to run outside. To ask for help. God works in very mysterious way. And she says the most unlikely of people. To come to his children's aid. And next to her house lived a gentleman who hated my father with a passion. And this gentleman was taken out very hot and the majority of the houses at that time didn't have air conditioning. So here's this man. And his bedroom with his open window. And he's in his underwear having his afternoon up. And they hears the blast. He goes to the window to see if he sees me coming out and he says. Somebody else will find him. And as he goes back to continue his nap. He hears a voice in the room that tells him. Help your neighbor. Now this was an atheist. He was so frightened by the experience. That he went over to the balcony. Jumped down into our garden and ran like a good obedient child right into my arms. And when he ran into my arms and he hugged me. He started screaming with excruciating pain. My body temperature was so hot. That his chest melted into my shafts and we couldn't be separated. And after that it was just a continuous embrace he was screaming and I wasn't feeling any pain but I was screaming from the fright. I see there is a grown man screaming right into my face and he's in and panic is running up and down the street. The people are all came out to see what was going on. Nobody wanted to touch us. Because they were so frightened that woman were. Painting because I was covered in blood and he was being covered in blood. And so finally they get a car. And I'm very grateful that I never lost consciousness through all of this because I was very popular the whole time about my mother. Because I thought oh she is really going to get me the house was on fire. There's blood everywhere. And I have all this going on with this woman is really going to go crazy when she catches up with me. So maybe I should die on my own before she makes it happen. And where and this car and the car is taking every single red light is not ambulance. So there is no sirens. The cars going through every single light and stopping of traffic and I said to the driver you know if I just dial that we're certainly all going to die from the car accident and he was really shocked that I could you know I could have the presence of mind and the sense of humor. And so we get to the hospital and here's this man hugging me. And the burn ward was in the last floor of the hospital which was like the ninth floor or something to that effect. And guess what. The elevator was pro can fold. So this man. Started going up the stairs reciting by memory. The revised dictionary of all guarantees. From the very first floor until the here again reached the sixth floor when everybody was waiting for this you know catastrophe that was coming up the stairs. So they get us in there. They couldn't suppress that they had to like layers both hugging and to a stretcher and you know I'm not in this man though I don't want to you go and they take us into the O.R. and they surgically removed him from me. So I had a good time. He's twenty. Episode there and I left or I was surgically removed from him. They put me of course a special bed and intensive care unit. And they immediately sent out. A radio announcement to my father. To rush to the hospital because I had suffered. Accident. Now my father told as he's receiving this thing that Terry's from Nigeria. And he started to go to the hospital with his driver. But my mother had been in a trial that chip and justifying it. And she was on her way home. And the bus and she sitting in the bus and by that time of the late morning. The bus was kind of empty. And as she begins to get closer to front and out where we lived. Everybody knew my mother because she was a minister of commerce and so you know and Cuba everything was Russian and so my mother was one of the people that would do a lot of favors to get people what they needed shoes. The pressure cooker. You know pots and pans and all these things are Russian so everybody knew my mom and. As she got closer to find out her people in the bus started looking at her. And she thought they know that we've been going to church since. We have been reporting. They're going to come and get us. What to do. What has been told and she said closer to the people and everybody left or they said about the bus. And they looked at her and people were murmuring you know and I thought Oh my goodness. When I get home. What's waiting for me. So my mom gets out of the bus. Because she doesn't know what's happened. And she's afraid. It's because of other things. And if she steps out she sees guards around the house to have cordoned off the house or nobody goes and gets out because my father was a member of the Council of State and he was dealing with secrets. And even though he wouldn't take any of this arguments home there was a fear that perhaps he could have so they didn't want anybody going into the house and rummaging through his desk and his things. And so disorders to stop my mom from entering the house. Which is very good. So that she wouldn't have to see the carnage. And a neighbor comes up to my mom and she says. Alexis has suffered a few little bird. Knowing her fiery nature. They had to prepare a little by little. He has suffered a few little burns and you have to go to the hospital. So that you can go pick him up but the card for the blood donation. And my mom look at the card and look for the card. I'm going to have to donate blood for a Lexus I feel that burns. OK And I go into my house. No no you cannot go inside the house because. You know part of the kitchen a kind of fire and also part of the dining room. So don't go in the house if you need anything you know the guards will bring it out to you. Going to house later on. And so my mother grabs another bus to go. Pick me up at the hospital. By this time my father had arrived at the hospital already and was with me. But my mom had not. And taking the bus had taken her several hours to get to hospital. So it was now like late afternoon. By now the elevator was fixed. And she goes to the hospital is visiting hours. And she gets into the elevator with a group of nurses and doctors. They're all headed to the burn ward. And they look at my mom and they said. Citizeness are you coming to see that child that's dying. And she said No I'm coming to see my son who has a few little burns. And the doctors asked what's his name. And she said out on this got a letter and he looked at her and kept complete silence. And so when she arrived in the room. I was a nine year old to have a nine year old here now. I was a small. My body had swollen to such a size that I couldn't fit inside of the bed. So when my mom arrived in the room she fainted. Because she couldn't believe that dark creature. Was her son. So they had to run off with my mother to another part of the hospital. And then they began to bandage me up. Now I had lost my eyelid. So I couldn't close. Both my eyes. And of course they were trying to see how they could save my arm. They took me immediately into surgery where I remained. For the rest of the day. And then they brought me out. And when they brought me out I was a mummy a real mummy. All you could see of me was a space for my eyes from my nose and from my mouth. And. A night they had to put a special. Bandage on my eye because I couldn't playing and I couldn't close my eyes. And I had to hydrate my eyes and tried dry out. So that I could try to sleep. That night the doctors came to my parents and said he will die and less than twenty four hours. My vital organs had reached such a temperature. Because a very rare thing had occurred during the blast. Because the room that the blast occurred. Was hermetically closed. The fire that way but the expansion of the explosion and nowhere to go. And so thus that noise that I had felt. It sucked all the air right out of the room. And it acted like a pressure cooker. And what it did. Is that it began to cook my body from inside out. So this happened for several seconds and the wave of expansion. Broke through and pushed the windows out in the doors. And expansion was felt for a kilometer radius around the house. The windows with the window frames were found. Over one hundred meters away from the house. And the plastic went through the walls. And is this day. And the middle of the street in front of the house. Quite a distance away from the house. So what had happened was that my vital organs were cooking still and their own fluids. And I remained like that for over seventy two hours. So the doctor said he is going to go into failure for every single one of his organs one by one until he dies. And so that night. The doctor said the first that the first what's going to kill. The sign of it. Is that he won't be able to peek anymore. So my father sat that entire night. And they couldn't give me any water. If you give water to burn victim you'll kill him to drink if you get him to drink. And saw all the different I.V.'s and things. And my father spent the whole night. Alexis you have to be. A Lexus you have to pee you have to pee. And he spent the entire night trying to get me to be because if I didn't do that I would die by the morning. And sure enough in the middle of the night I did. And the doctor came and he said you know what it doesn't matter whether he goes into renal failure or not. His lungs are shot always Airways Ebron carbonized my larynx my pharynx by trachea my vocal cords and half of my right lung had been carbonized during that chemical reaction. And something incredible happens. Suddenly. From all those floors below you started hearing music. And the people that were there visiting patients. Went over to the balcony. Because it was an open BALKANY hallway and that the walls were metal glass and then you can you could see into the I.C.U. unit. For the burn ward. And and the park had gathered hundreds of I think. Because from one person to another to another to another everybody in the church. Heard what had happened. And they all gathered in the park in front of the hospital and they began to sing hymns and their way into praying and they began to fast. And they fasted and they prayed for days without leaving the park. Every half an hour a nurse. Go outside and tell them if I was dead for life. And this became the first religious the ministration in Cuba since the triumph of the revolution. And suddenly you had all these pastors meeting up with all these generals and the same hallway the enemy. But nobody could do anything. Because by now the case had become so famous and have a no. That people from all walks of life. From all religions began to gather at the park. They wanted to know who those people were. All those people that didn't wear jewelry or makeup to had this long dresses that were so peculiar. Why were there so strange so aside from the general population. Why were they singing late into the night. Why were they not eating anything and praying all day long. People were curious who were these people. And so little by little. Everything in the hospital began to change people. The nurses the doctors they wanted to know and something very odd ocurred drone Castro which is the current dictator of Cuba. And he was then. The vice president of the Council of State. He came to the hospital because he was my father's immediate superior and he and known me since I was a small child. And he would come every other day for five or ten minutes to see my progress. By now I was intubated. Because I couldn't breathe on my own. And about two to three days after the accident. I began to feel. And boy that I regret that. Because when I began to feel it was the most horrendous pain that you can imagine. And there was nothing that could subsided. The pain was so intense that if you touch me very lightly. Just at the side of your finger. I could almost faint with the pain because I was completely wrong. My parents could see me eating because of the skin. And my neck was gone. So you could literally see me swallowing. Down my food. And so my mom was horrified. Now this is a woman that he hates the sight of blood and now she's sitting next to this bundle of muscles and tendons all gathered in a bed. You know a modern Frankenstein that they're trying to piece back together and you know shoot some electricity and see if you live. And as they grow Castro was looking at me one day he came in very late at night. And I couldn't sleep because the pain was so terrible that at night I couldn't sleep. I would sleep very seldomly late into the wee hours of the morning. And he sat next to me. And I have always been a talker. As you can notice. And I love to talk and I had as a child my father had a lot of friends and UNIVERSITY OF about us. So I would go into the lecture halls as title Frank. Now break this conversations with all this intellectuals and I loved it. Because I grew up in a house full of people. My parents you know are in their forty's already when they had me so by the time I was you know there were already almost and there they were not all but for me was a little. And they had this wonderful cultural and intellectual circle that surrounded them and parts around me. So I love to talk. About every topic because my father who fascinated me was a man who could talk about opera and history. And he could talk about politics and all of this with an incredible at your right. Knowledge. And so I love to mimic all that and I was sitting there with her next to me. And I thought what a shame I can't talk to him. Because you know I'm here and. And he was reading my medical history. He was passing the pages looking at me and passing a patient across this legs and. He said to me. He looked at me this monster. He said you know something. Alexis. I don't trust. Even my shadow. Because it moves too much. But the only thing that your case. Has shown is that there has to be a God This coming from the head of the Communist Party a thorough atheist. Now he must have figured that I was going to die and that I would take such a thing such a quote. With me to the grave. Button that God that we'll serve. He did a lot. So the long road begins a road in hell. I was there and I had prepared bed made of the special sound that was covered with a special cover and the sound was always bubbling and this was to keep my circulation going because I was completely wrong and I would have to go to surgery. Every other day continuously until they would finish the work on Frankenstein. And thankfully from my waist down. I didn't get burnt because I had this very thick. Pair of jeans shorts on. And the fire did not go below my waist which was very fortunate because I had been on a and a competition a running competition. And I had fallen and broken my leg and I had a cast on the entire leg. And if I had caught on fire. I would have lost my leg. That would have been at it would have been anyways but that would have made it a lot worse but that saved all the skin from my legs. So they took to the task to flame me a life. Because they had to remove all the skin from my legs all of it. To put it on my arm which was completely wrong on my show on my side. On my neck on my face to start remaking me. And so I was laying there I was going to surgery. Every other day and as this was happening. There was a little boy right next to me. And. This little boy was quite peculiar. And I noticed that his family would come to see him. And afternoons his mother was always there. But he he believes in God. And at that time in Cuba. That was quite an eccentricity. And he was for his house. Really the spiritual center. He was the dispersal priest of of his of his home. So this boy was my same age nine years old he had also gotten burnt with one of those kitchens in his case the kitchen had blown up on him rather than a container. And he was there with me and I would go to surgery on Mondays and he would go to surgery. On Tuesdays and so it will be like like that. And when I was coming out of the anesthetic he would help me he was not integrated he could speak. And he would help me to deal with the whole process. And then my father took to the incredible task to teach me how to write with my feet. Because of course I was going to have and use of my of my hands and my arms which were really badly burnt. So I began to learn with my feet. Little by little. How to write what I need you know the messages that I need to give my my parents. So I can speak and I got other actually rather good at it during the months that passed. I've since lost my skill but I'm sure that I can get it back if I tried. So I would write back to this little boy. First the very badly he would start guessing you know what I was trying to say and then I start you know to do figures. And so he began to learn my language. You know my new language. And then we started having conversations. You know he began to talk to me about god. And I wanted to time you know I I know that God I worship the God I was going to tell my father that was going to be baptized. I was full of all these conversations and I wanted to have with them to tell him you're not alone. And here I am with you but you know I could only write so much and little by little he started figuring out that I knew about God also and he was really surprised you know the son of a colonel. How does he know about God That's incredible. And he began to share with me and every evening he gathered his family around him. And he would do worship. And he was very very ill he was dying. But he would. Every evening with his mother and he would read the Bible. That they had been able to sneak in and. You know they would sing a little bit. He couldn't really sing very much. But he was so happy in radiant. But you know with each surgery succeeding surgery began to get worse and worse and worse. And to survive in the burn ward and the condition that we were. Very tough. To change my linen from my bed. They would have to pick me up from the four corners of the sheet and the air and then in a process of over an hour they would have to rip that sheet away from my body because the blood that seeped into it and I glued it to me. And they would have to rebel those scabs right out of me. And a process where I would sometimes faint several times and then very slowly. Get me into the new clean bed. And they would have to do to him also. And so I was extremely painful process. And we began to have this beautiful friendship. During this next week that we were both brought battling for life. And during that process. We got very close. And so he would coach me out of surgery because sometimes I would go into respiratory failure. And he became my best friend. And my inspiration. Because he could speak and I could not so he could be sort of my voice because and this conversation that we had he figured out. More than my parents. What I was trying to say all the time. With my little. And so on and so forth. And one day I came out of surgery and. Actually I had not come out of surgery I was going to go into surgery. And I would get really scared to go into surgery because you know it was getting really tough. And. We were two of the children that were still remaining many of the other children had died and we had to witness their deaths during the night. When the children were because we were all in this big room all together. That held about nine beds and this central I.C.U. which was like up like of. A refrigerator because the temperature was registering low so that they could lower our body temperature. And so. That morning I was going to go into surgery and. I fall asleep like about five or so in the morning. And already early in the morning. I was already awake. And neither my mom you know my daughter were there because they are going up downstairs to get their breakfast. Both my mom my dad didn't leave my side during the entire time they would take turns. My mom would be there twenty four hours and then my father would be there twenty four hours and then my older brothers would be there with me and so forth. But this little boy woke up in the early morning and he set up on his bed. And he got down and. He came and he sat next to my bed and he was trying to look for a spot where he could touch me where I was going to you know see all the stars of the universe. And know. So I felt his. Presence and I opened up my left eye and. You know he would like tug on that bandage so I could see him better. My right eye and. He said to me. Something very profound. He was nine and he said to me you know Alexis. Every single creature that God has created has a purpose. And he knew I didn't like snakes. He says you know the snakes have a purpose. The ants the crawl on the ground have a purpose. He knew very well how insignificant we felt. Locked up on this colossal bubble of a room. Away from the world. Sanitized to the last. Only seen people in this almost spacesuits that come in. Because any small germ would kill us. And his mom bacteria will kill us. And so he said everything that the Lord has created has a purpose. And the Lord will not let that creature die no matter how insignificant how small it is he won't let them die. Unless he has fulfilled their purpose. Looked into my eyes and he said. You have not fulfilled your purpose. Don't give up be brave. And I looked at him and I thought about that. And he said to me. I'm. Very tired. And I am going to go to sleep now. But don't forget you have not fulfilled your purpose fight. And he went into his bed got on the bed. And he was with all those cables I dragged with them some of these machines. And he got on the bed he lay down. And I sat there thinking of what he was saying to me. And my mom was coming in talking to his mom because they're both going downstairs to get breakfast. And all the sudden all the machines began to go off. And there was a single green light that just went right across the monitor. And as that happens all the doctors invaded the room. And they began to work on him. To resuscitate him. To bring him back to life. And as they were doing this. The doctor said. Two of morphine for him. And my mom remember that and they were working on him and working on him. And right is that was had it been happening right before it happened. His respiration and the monitors had done several things on the monitor. And my mom began to look at my monitor and I was doing the exact same things on my respirator. And my mom panicked. And when the doctor turned to my mom. My mom knew that he had not made it. The doctor turned to me because I was going to be next. And my mom said to her Don't you dare touch my child. Don't touch him. And the doctor backed up. And said Mother you are going to have to leave the ward. So you cannot be here anymore. This. Is too much for you. So they walked out my mom. And my mom was afraid I was going to go into a coat and so they walked her out and she began to pray to pray that I would make it through the night and I made it through the night and to the next night and to the next night and so the next night. And sure enough one day the doctor came into the hall into the room and he said Alexis. I have some news for you. The unaesthetic that we're using for your operations. It's a Soviet on a stick that is no longer coming into the country because the Soviet Union is the salt. The doctors are really really frank with me. All throughout this period of time. And so were my parents they would tell me you know this is what's happening so that I was psychologically prepared. And the doctor said. We're very sorry you have to continue to go to surgery every other day but we can no longer give you any more mistakes. Because the anesthetic has been building up in your body and any day now you're going to have a heart attack and I knew your aunt having a heart attack. So we're going to have to take you to surgery. And you're going to have to withhold. Withstand the surgery in cold blood. And I doubt point what they were doing is that they were reconstructing my shoulder and the upper part of my arm. They had taken parts of my ear. I lost his ear and they have been able to cultivate culture the. Cartilage. And so this is an ear made of my own cartilage. But a reconstruction. And they had taken from the cartilage to make up part of my shoulder so they were constantly having to break my shoulder to mold it like a sculpture. And unusual to. And so they would have to saw off my arm down here. To be able to manipulate all the tenants for this and the sculpture of the shoulder. So imagine they will me and to this. Oh oh are and I'm sitting there outside of the O.R. and inside. There is a burn survivor who is a man a grown man. And they're doing a cure on him and the screams were so ghastly that I began to cry out of time. I thought oh I'm going to die. I'm going to die and here how my going to live. I have already gone over my almost hour. And I want to tell you tomorrow to finish the story. How it is that I survived the next forty surgeries in cold blood. And what happens. And those wards were death lived. How many of these children began to learn about God and how this nurses and doctors began to see miracles that were indescribable that they couldn't really find them how they would happen. And so I was told that I would never be able to speak again. That I would never be able to walk again. I had to learn how to walk three times. And I walk everywhere. Just to make a point. And I am speaking here because my voice is a physical proof. That God exists and that he's here today. Amongst. As our word of prayer close. The Our Heavenly Father we thank you that you're such a mighty god. And Lord you know that the devil is going to throw incredible temptations. And he's going to try. It's going to problems. In our way but you have a plan for all of that. You have a plan to make tragedy. You are the one that makes our. Mayor hard.


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