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Furnace of Affliction: Miracle in Cuba 5

Alexis Abrahantes Carralero


Alexis shares the painful and dreadful experience as a near-death burn victim in a hospital in Cuba. He was in such critical condition that he was coded multiple times, experienced cardiac arrest, and was thought dead. But it was clear that God was not through with him yet.


Alexis Abrahantes Carralero was born in Havana, Cuba, during the height of the Cold War, to a father who was a communist diplomat and member of the military class. He witnessed the religious struggle of underground Christians who still worshipped in spite of severe oppression and persecution. He soon joined those believers. In the midst of Alexis' conversion he suffered a severe accident, which led to a series of miraculous events that eventually brought him and his mother to the United States. 




  • August 6, 2016
    10:00 AM


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There how many father. Thank you so much for this beautiful Sabbath day. And the privilege that so many thousands don't have to gather freely like we are and a country were liberties are still protected Lord what a privilege. I want to Joy this is for all of us to be gathered from all over the world to hear. We thank you for this privilege Lord this morning as we talk about you wonders and what miracles help us remember Lord that you are the center of your life that you are the axis of everything that is imbalance. And we ask you Father to continue to be that balance in our life in Christ looking. All right so this morning. I would like to volunteers because we're going to be reading. The entire psalm one hundred and thirty. So I need a volunteer to read the first four verses. Thank you and I volunteered to read the last four verses this. Out of the depths have I cried unto the Lord Lord hear my voice and ears be attentive to the voice of my supplications if the Lord should. Mark. O. Lord who shall stand. But there is forgiveness with the. Be feared. I wait for the Lord. I wait for the Lord my soul to Thwaite and in His Word. Do I hope my soul waited for the Lord more than they that watch for the morning. I say more than they that watch for the morning. But Israel hope in the Lord for what the Lord. There is mercy and with him as plenty as redemption and he show redeem Israel from all his iniquities thank you both so I don't the toughest. Have I cried on to the own Lord. By the second month that I was hyper very bad. I couldn't really move very much. They would allow. Me to move because just any movement. I could rip whatever skin graphs they could they were trying to do. Now skin graphs. Your body can reject your own skin. And so the doctors were really afraid that I wasn't going to accept my own skin. There was a young lady next to me. Who had gotten burned just as badly. But didn't have anywhere to take to. To put skin grafts on her. So her father donated. A great deal of his own skin to save her and she rejected his father her father scan she died and he died also from the infection that it cost him. So every day. My mother was crying out the song. Out of the toughs I cried on to the Oh Lord Lord hear my voice. Let the New Years be attentive to the voice of my supply cations. And so began this months of stay at the hospital. When they started doing. The operations in cold blood. That I began to cry and I thought well this is going to be really terrible. A doctor passed by. And. She looked at me and she you know. I went up to my stretcher and she said why are you crying. I don't don't you hear that man in there screaming as long as off next. So she said OK. Let me take you to my office real quick. So she took me to her office. And she was doing a series of experimental procedures with hypnosis. And so she had been advised me. And not all people can be humanized you have to be willing to do so and. When she did. Me Under have noticed they brought me into the O.R.. And I didn't feel any pain. And they did this for forty different operations before the end to read the commentaries over and you white on hypnosis and I decided not to have any more have no says Done. So for the next five surgeries. After that it was all. And life high definition. And my dad. Went with me to surgery. Every single surgery. His hair turned completely white and the space of a week. And he would often tell me. I am suffering this as much as you are now if you like right. You are. And all my dad was an incredibly strong man. And as they were doing the operations he would like tried to tell me stories of his travels and Africa because he had like really interesting travels. And he was sort of like this mix of double zero seven and Indiana Jones kind of a thing a swallow of like Explorer kind of fellow and. He would tell me all the stories about his travels and Africa which is the ones that really fascinated me the most. And right as the doctors were doing surgery and then that he would say to me this is going to hurt a lot. But you can Are cry. You cannot tense because if you move. They're going to miss the spot and you going to start bleeding even worse. So odd that time they were taking skin grafts from this part of my legs with a a saw that went very fast. But the saw blade was messed up and so sometimes they were cut deeper than it should. So I was. My daughter was going to have to task to have this child. Stay still. While they did this human torture. And Tuesday sometimes when I'm late at night thinking about that. It feels so distant and so. Incredible. I actually don't know how I lived through that. But he would tell me. It's going to be horrible. But tomorrow you'll be better. And you're getting one day closer to go home. So with each surgery he said it's going to hurt a lot but you're a little man and you have to take this. And tomorrow you'll get better and the day after that and with each surgery. We're climbing up the stairs so that you can go home. But I was dying to go home but I couldn't go home. And so. My dad took it upon himself to help me God me through all these surgeries and I began to meet. Very eccentric characters some of which I'm going to share with you today. I was roommates with a little girl from Guyana. Her name is Ruth and Ruth had a secret. Half of her body. It was melted away her arm was like a pencil that came to attempt. And. But Ruth had incredible spirit. And. She was everybody's best friend. Everybody's a confidant and as I got a little bit better. She really wanted me to take me out of my room. You know so I could enjoy a little bit of life. So I began to prove a little bit when my parents were not in the room late at night she would come to my bed and she would get me all ready to be put in a will share with all this. Cushions and pillows and then we. To play a trick. When you know that two hospitals or someplace separated by a hallway and every evening late at night all the term monitors which are not this fancy electric the monitors that we have here but the ones are made of glass they will be all sterilized and they will be put in a tray and they'll be walked by a nurse in the middle and I through this dark lonely hallway to the other part of the hospital. So imagine. Ruth how melted away. I was like a mixture of you know Frankenstein and a mummy and several other horror characters and so we wheeled me over to the corner of a pillar by the hallway and we would wait for the nurse to come. She was already scared of this on of her own steps and this you know lonely hallway and sure enough. As she would be approaching it. We will pull out of the pillar and there went all the to monitor and of course scurry back you know she would push me or wrong on the hallway back into my room and throw me on my bed. But she couldn't over me and of course the stories began to circulate about the ghosts of the hallway as so not long after that the nurses that I want to go by all way anymore because you know the children of time past would come and hunt it and it was just Ruth and I. But Ruth had a very sad story. Ruth never spoke about her parents and the only persons that would come and visit her aside from the doctors were the ambassador of Garda and some of the dignitaries from the embassy. And then one day my mom talking to Ruth. Heard the story of truth and Ruth lived in a very remote village in gonna. And it was. A group of Cuban doctors that were beginning a clinic nearby and Ruth began lived and tried to believed and cannibalism. And one morning the tribe to decided to meet with her parents because she was going to be sacrificed and attire and Gulf oil. And she was trapped coming back from school and she was drawn by her parents and side of this. Of this container of boiling oil. She was saved by those Cuban doctors and she was flown to Cuba for treatment where she remained for ten years. And that was the story of Ruth. Yet Ruth did not allow this terrible tragedy. To. To snuff out her spirit. And out of all the children there she was the happiest and most content to child. And so I began to learn that you have the choice whether you're going to be a victim or a survivor. I will. What are you going to be are you going to be a victim for the rest of your life. Are you going to be a survivor. You know what that experience strengthen you because you survived that which should have killed you. There was another young man that was with me. Who today travels around the world cycling. And his story is incredible. He was sitting and a park the park bench and iron. Stool. And the cable of the electricity fell four hundred something volts. On that stool. And lifted him in the air. It ripped out both his arms and both his legs. He was a torso. And he was in there with me. They put on Prissy says he learned how to walk and how to live again. Little by little. And when he came out of the hospital he came out much faster than me. And he would come and visit me and he learned how to play baseball and how to write bikes. And the prettiest girl in his neighborhood was his girlfriend and this guy had all just you know the persona the charisma to know that it was him. It was that ability to see past tragedy that was going to allow him to survive this and out in a good way. And today he goes around the world. Cycling. With a special bike and his for ceases. And he's there allow that to snuff him out. So you're all here with all your limbs. Most of your I don't see any scars. What is it in your life that that scar that inner scar that broken limb. Are you going to allow that to snuff your second to your excuse. Because God gave each one of those kids the ability to see past that. And during that time I coded five different locations. And one occasion. My mom was downstairs in the lobby and there was an intercom from the Bernie Ward. To the lobby and she was meeting there with a bunch of members of the family of my father and my grandmother who was in Cuba was there and they opened up the intercom to ask my mom to come upstairs and I was given large doses of Ben drill because I was itching all over. And in order for me not to touch myself I was held back with with restraints. Both my legs and my arms. So I was like watching on or I couldn't cross a thing. It was quite something. And they were giving me this large doses of Benadryl to calm me. But then they gave me a dosage of star beautiful. And that combination for me is deadly. So I immediately went into respiratory arrest. And as they. Called my mother through the intercom to ask her to come up they left the line open without realizing it. And my mom began to hear. How they were trying to revive me and they couldn't provide. And when she reached up stairs in a frenzy. And she burst into the room. Hardly with enough time to put on her her gear because you couldn't walk in there without all this special gear. So you wouldn't bring in bacteria and viruses etc. I was dead. And the doctors who had been with me for months and we have been so hands on we have become family. Every little progress that I made was huge triumph for them. And the doctors were. So sad and the nurses. And the doctor look to my mom he said to my mom. There's nothing more. He's dead. And my mother. And her despair and despair of this. Lord hear my voice. That does not speak attentive to my subluxations. She knelt down and with that faith that moved mountains that Tyler the little grain of faith. She began to plead with God. And when that woman said Amen. I took my first deep breath back into the world. When I opened my eyes I saw something very comical. Because there was a doctor there who was really heartbroken over this. And this doctor. Was hugging the nurse right next to her and he kissed her on the mouth and they were not married. As I was really shocked at this and my mom was crying. And she was like trying to hog me as best she could because I touch me. And my mom looked at me and she said son. The Lord the Lord has brought you back. And I know I knew at that moment as and many other moments. That look the Lord kept on sending messages. I am here I am with you you're not alone. Because we were surrounded by death and death every day claimed someone. And you of course wondered when it was going to be your turn. And so I began to get better and better. One night I was into bed it. And the machine. Of course I was tied down my brother. That's been staying with me because my brother's a twenty years older than me so by the time I was born our brothers were married and had their own families. So I had three fathers rather and I had four fathers rather than my father because my three brothers were like fathers to me. So one of my brothers was I had been staying with me. Because at the same time that this happened. My father began to suffer from prostate cancer. And my grandmother my mom's mother. Began to have an illness from which she eventually died. So my mother was going from my hospital. Changing clothes to go to my father's. Hospital which was across the street from us. And then from there to go to the another hospital across the city to my grandmother. So she didn't sleep at all during the day she would just take a look at night and got naps and the waiting rooms on some of these hospitals as she did this rounds continuously. And my brother was staying with me so that my mom could stay with my father who was having. Prostate surgery. And who literally he would sometimes cross over from his hospital to my hospital and his patient gown. So he could be present for my operations because I wouldn't go into the O.R. without my dad. And my dad wasn't there I was an operation. So. My mom was in this Rons my brother falso sleepy have been with me like up for twenty four hours. And the machine does respirator was next to me. It was. Having a fault. And every once in a while it would give the noise like the tank of oxygen was running out when in reality it wasn't so the nurses begin to ignore. The alarm from the respirator. And my brother it was like about one or two o'clock in the morning. My brother had fallen asleep at the end of the bed he put his head down near my my legs. A little ways off. And I began to hear the machine started going off consistently. And I looked over. And I realized that the oxygen tank really was almost completely empty. And the nurses and everybody was ignoring it because the machine was messed up from the entire day. So. I began to pray. Because I was intubated I couldn't move. So I couldn't alert. I couldn't scream. I couldn't alert anybody that I was going to run. Out of oxygen. And I was going to suffocate to death right there in front of everybody. And so I started praying. And sure enough the air just said it very slowly began to stop until there was no more air. And then it was really a race for minutes so I started praying more and more and I start asking Lord please help because how wake up my brother so that he realizes that I'm suffocating. And I started to see if I could move but the restraints are this double Goss or very tightly around my wrists and around my my ankles and I was trying to see if I could lift a leg or make a movement or something. And in the midst of my prayer. I felt a release on my right leg. And my immediate instinct was to kick. And of course I kicked the head of my brother who went to the side and you know got really startled. And when he opened his eyes he saw me almost turning purple. And he opened a little bit and that respirator had here so I could breathe and and I had almost completely suffocated to death. The doctor the intensive US runs and sight to see what's happening because my brothers are screaming for help. And in the midst of all that. The intense of us who was quite a devout atheist. Looked at costs and my leg. And he asked my brother he said did you cut his restraints. And my brother said No no I you know he kicked me and the head and woke me up thing you know goodness. But you know I didn't release anything and then they looked at the cost which had been tied very tightly and the Goss was clearly cut right through. And the doctor began to look in the room to see if there. Any sensors or anything. And looked at me he said. Alexis. How do you cut. Because I was still tied down both arms. My like. And that man completely Shane from that day forward. Because of the cost that inexplicably got cut off. And so there was time off to time. America off to America. God it was manifesting so physically his power that there was absolutely no question that he was in control. On another occasion the head nurse who was another rabbit atheist. Told my mother that she didn't want to treat my case any more. And there in the course of a week she began to get almost to have a nervous breakdown. And so the head of security for the hospital because he was taking care of the entrance to my specific room that room that I was sharing with the children. He thought something was amiss. Well out of you know there was somebody that was trying to put information and are out or you know the government was always on the lookout for any leak of intelligence etc and so they began to question this woman. Why are you crying during the day. Why you don't want to work more and that you don't want to work anymore in that room. What's going on what's going on in that room and she told them I can't tell you what's going on in the room because if I tell you going to think I'm crazy. And then they got really serious. And then they brought on they brought in a psychiatrist and they sat her down and I said Why do you think that you're crazy. And with that psychiatrist two members of the Secret Service. And she said well something very strange is happening in that room. And they thought well go ahead tell us what it is. If you come clean. No we won't persecute she said I don't want to go in that room anymore. Because I don't believe in God. And every evening. I see angels coming in and out of the room. And this was what was driving this woman. To a nervous breakdown. She didn't believe in a God but she was seen with her own two eyes. And this is a series of Americans. Began to spread out throughout the population where people from every walk of life and every faith. Began to gather the house because they wanted to know about this little boy that was to national slee hanging on to life against all odds. Not because he had any strength but because God was with sustaining him. And so about a year after that. They told me that I could go home for a week. And I thought that that was the best thing since sliced bread. I was so excited to go home. You know all my friends were waiting for me the whole neighborhood had prepared this trial infant party for my comeback. And so I came back to to. And my parents through this incredible party. Everybody was there. But at the end of the party I began to notice something very strange. When I was breathing. You could hear my breathing outside of the house and my parents thought well we have to take him to hospital. So it took him to hospital and the doctor said Well. There's something going on but we have to do more study so take him back home. And the space of a few days My breathing got progressively louder and louder and louder. And then they took me to back to the hospital for further studies. My mom and my mom and she would walk me to the hospice. I was saying to my mom i can't breathe. She says you have to breathe. Don't you dare stop breathing. And you know growing up and out the door and household of hers. You better obey you brief kills you. So I was trying to obey my mother because she was giving me the fear of God in those green eyes of hers brave. And I came in to the doctor and the doctors are extremely frank with me. They have gone through all this operations with me. And we were like family quite literally. And he sat me down and he said to me. My dad was not there yet. He said we're going to do some studies Alexis and I will pray you wrote back and when I came back. The door was half open. And my dad was there and my dad had never cried. I never seen my dad cry. And when I walk into the office. My parents smiled at me but my father's eyes were full of tears. And the doctor sat me down and he set a Lexus. We have to tell you something. Although scars are growing outside of your face and they're growing inside of your airways. And they're going to begin to shock you to death. So we're going to take you to the respiratory ward to treat. This afternoon. We're going to finish the story. With what happens in that respiratory ward and then how I come back how I come here to United States for further treatments and how God You are literally takes us by the hands right out of Cuba almost in a sort of a red. Parting of the Seas. So well me this afternoon we'll be showing some pictures before and after and we'll be taking questions that. And we're going to continue the story of God's wondrous works America. So let's bar heads for prayer. They are Heavenly Father we thank you for all you have worked. And or lives. Lord May we have to faith to open up to you and to allow you to do your wonders in our lives. Father as we continue today. Basking in this beautiful. Here in Phoenix Arizona. May you light. Our hearts on fire so that we can be a city upon a hill. Not only for the way.


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