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Furnace of Affliction: Miracle in Cuba 6

Alexis Abrahantes Carralero


Even after being being released from the hospital, Alexis started to experience other complications. It wasn't clear if a new obstacle would arise to end his life prematurely. However, little did he or his parents know, God still had great plans for him.


Alexis Abrahantes Carralero was born in Havana, Cuba, during the height of the Cold War, to a father who was a communist diplomat and member of the military class. He witnessed the religious struggle of underground Christians who still worshipped in spite of severe oppression and persecution. He soon joined those believers. In the midst of Alexis' conversion he suffered a severe accident, which led to a series of miraculous events that eventually brought him and his mother to the United States. 




  • August 6, 2016
    5:00 PM


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You haven't a father. You're an awesome God. I say so humbled. I see before you lord to see your awesomeness your throne of mercy is ever radiating love for us we're so privileged to have a God like you and we come before you today. As your children as your servants offering our little grain of sand for your glory. Knowing that you will make out of that a great edifice wherever we may be. Heal our hearts prepare our minds ready our bodies. For this time the time of the end and Christ loving me yes things. All right. So get out of and here and they can help me all they can read for me first. Peter four twelve to fourteen and he is. Thank you. And I miss Madison. Thank you. Madison twelve fourteen beloved think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you as some strange thing happened and you but rejoice in as much as you are partakers of Christ's suffering and when his that when his glory. You may be glad also with exceeding joy. If you are the name of Christ happy and God rested upon you. And on their part their part. He is evil spoken of but on your part. He is glorified. Thank you. So think it not strange when bad things are going to happen to you. And why I always thought I was going to use those things. How good was God. To use this little boy who is pieces and and a bed. How was he going to use that I was going to use that person. But yet God made a way. For this child that couldn't speak couldn't move to be a silent testimony of his existence because the doctors they couldn't really explain why I was a life. I left this morning at the moment when I was gone and to the cardiopulmonary ward. The cardiopulmonary Ward was known and the William solar hospital. As the. Seal that I'm what. The highway of death and I'll tell you why. And the early ninety's Cuba undertook a huge propaganda campaign. And to show that they were a medical powerhouse. And to show the world the accomplishments of the revolution. They picked a certain group of people. For this propaganda campaign. And those people were the children of sure noble. Now many of you. I guess the vast majority do not know who the children are sure noble are but in one thousand Ninety nine hundred eighty nine. Nuclear Plant and sure noble Ukraine exploded. And the cloud of poison nuclear material went over all this town's raining down death. And what happened was that all the woman they were pregnant at that time. Gave birth to this deformed children. The children that were in those towns began to suffer from this exotic really rare kinds of cancers. And the entire population of. Area had to be moved out this town had to be evacuated people had no time. Not even to grab their most precious possessions and so this children were brought into Cuba by the thousands and Cuba begin to experiment them like any pigs. And what happened was that if maybe one out of one hundred or maybe one out of a false and. Survived. Then they would take that child across the world to all the medical symposiums and the famous gatherings for science to say that Cuba was this great medical powerhouse and here was the proof of it. So they brought this children by the thousands. And many of were being housed in the complex outside of Havana. But then they were spread out throughout all the hospitals and every hospital had wanted to wards dedicated to the children of Chernobyl. Now I knew from the late night gossip that you hear the nurses I knew that this specific ward was a death sentence if you were sent there. It meant that you had absolutely no hope whatsoever because those warts will be filled and emptied and a matter of months with no survivors or maybe one or two most and when the doctor. That day came up and said to me. Alexis. You have this problem in your airways. The scars they were growing outside of my body. Were filling up with blood. And then the blood would stay there. And this was happening on side of my airways and it was a wedding of my airways and that was the reason why my breathing was so loud. And the doctors. You know right now we don't have the technology to go in there and cut all those websites off. We can't like really see past the wedding because they tried to put a camera and to see where all the Web's where and. And they couldn't go past because it was so much of them going on. And they said we're going to have to put you and intensive care unit of the cardiopulmonary wart. And when he said the cardiopulmonary ward. I began to plead with him. Well can I just go to the burn ward you know where all my friends are my buddies. You know and you guys can do the treatment there now. You have to go to the cop cardiopulmonary ward. And so I started screaming and crying because I knew that if I want in there. I wasn't coming out. And my father. Had been crying because he knew that I was not stupid and that I was going to figure it out as soon as they said that the title of the ward where I was gone. So they had to tranquilize me. To put me in that ward. And that evening. They had to tie me up because I was trying to escape to make it out to burn ward because I don't want to be in there with all those children that were dying because I was scared of the children because I was so many stories at been circulating that you almost felt as if you were going to catch whatever terrible disease they were suffering from so. Late and I My father stayed with me. And the next that night I began to you know hear the children in the ward. The children crying talking to their mothers and Russian and. In the morning I went into a gathering. We're a room full of children. And there was a little boy in the corner of the room and. He was very blond like Christian. Here is this beautiful blonde Ukranian little boy with this piercing blue eyes. But his skin was not pale because he was extremely white it was that deathly pale. And I went up to him. And I said My name is Alexis and Spanish. And he said to me in Russian because he recognized what I was trying to say to him that his name was Ivan and then. When I said like say he was like well that's a Russian name. Are you. Russian and you know of course I wasn't Russian even though I had a Russian name. And I began to explain to him. No I'm not Russian My father was in Russia before I was born and he was impressed by the story of start average Russian so he named me like says oh no but you are Russian you're very Russian Look your name is Alexis. So he began to try to convince me that I was Russian. And I do you know somehow I have forgotten all my Russian roots and so he said next to me and he started playing with me. And weaving in to be very close friends and we got so close so quickly. That in about two weeks they moved and to my room and we became roommates. And after that I just I began to learn all the traditions of the children that were there with us. Now the doctor came and one day they had been doing several tests to see if they could help me. And one day the doctor came in and he was extremely frank I now think back out and I mire his courage to tell that to a child. And the way that he did and so I looked at him and I said dark. What's going to happen so that I can prepare mentally for what's coming because I was beginning to get symptoms that I had never experienced before. And he said OK Alexis. I'm going to tell you precisely what's going to happen to you. You need to have an operation to reconstruct your airways and only two countries in the world have done that so far. If you don't get that operation. The first thing that's going to happen is that your breathing is going to get so difficult that you are not going to be able to sleep at night because you're going to go into respiratory arrest. Then after that. Your body is going to begin to swell. You're not going to be able to walk anymore. And after you stop walking you're going to stop talking because you are not going to have enough air to talk. And after that happens you're going to die. And so I sat there and I thought OK. I'm not going to die. I'm going to make it because the Lord has made me this far. And I still felt very strong. So. I said OK no problem. We're going to fight this. And the days began to pass and the children had a tradition and the wart some of them would improve to a certain point and off to be released outside of the hospital for a weekend. And we were stuck in this rooms and this Cuban hospital. None of our rooms had televisions. So many of the rooms were facing the wall. Walt of another part of the hospital. So we couldn't even look out to see the world really. And so we had to rely on our own invention and imagination for our fun. So to go outside of. Those walls was like breaking free from prison and it was a dream of every child. To go out. So we had seen two children that were allowed to go out for a week and come back and those children would go to every single room and with pen and paper. Or pencil because that time there was not even thinking Cuba. And they would write down a wish for every child and they would fulfill that wish when they were outside. So I wanted to have some ice cream and I wanted to like spill over my hand so it will be all sticky because I've been so sanitized for so long that I have forgotten what that felt like. And so they would write that and another child wanted for that child to go to a playground and go on the swing really high. And another child just want to him to sit down in the grass and look up at the sky. And look at the clouds and make out the different shapes and all this pages were filled with the most simple. Of requests the the things that you cannot buy there was no ambition and those words there was only hope. The hope of living. And so every day was a new Triumph. And so the children that were stronger would go to the to the rooms of the weaker children to play with them to encourage them to keep on living. And when that child that was strong was no longer strong then the next group that would come in will be told about this and then they would do that and tell the and so they would prepare each other for death. And they would encourage each other also to keep on fighting as much as possible. I have limited time. And I mean and I became very close and we would visit the other children and. Now there was a point of contention. Cuban and the Cuban mothers were always on the lookout for hygiene. And there was the rumor that the Russians were lacking in hygiene. And that in my mother's I was like next to murder. Because you know golly messes next that clean as is next to godliness so. My mom looked at Ivan's mom with a lot of suspicion. That she washed her hands. Is she cleaning it off. Is she. This is she that so and they moved and I was very suspicious. But as she began to see this battle with death. They got extremely close. Like sisters. I was suffering from a very rare case of cancer. And every day. The doctors will come in with a huge needle very thick up about this long that would be inserted to his Optimate all the way and to reach an organ and inject a special medication there. And this was done in cold blood. And I would be absolutely horrified petrified he would start crying like an hour ahead of time and try to see how he could flee how he could hide etc So by this time I had already stopped having my operations with his Gnosis and a happy and the operations in cold blood. And I had learned a whole series of techniques of relaxing relaxation to make it through those procedures. So I took it to coach him. So that he wouldn't be so scared and I began to use a lot of my father psychology. So I would sit next. When the doctor's come and and hold his hand and I would say you know you have to relax. You know the body automatically wants to cringe and that's the worst thing that you could do for pain because then all your nerves are flared. And so you have to work against your own mind and tell your body to relax entirely. So you feel the last the least amount of pain and so we got very very very close and. Through those days. Suddenly I began to suffer from sundown syndrome. And sundown syndrome as when a patient begins to get really really worse as soon as the sun comes down. And so as soon as I knew I saw the sunset. I would be good and to lose my breathing. And they would have to put man side of a mist and tent and the room and then many of the nights they would have to intubate me. It would take me almost a minute to take breath and and out. And so it was really a fight. I was covered in sweat by the morning from having to go into that battle of breathing. And that began to exhaust me where I was really almost asking to die. Because night after dark after night after night it was a horrible experience and soon enough I was unable to walk anymore. I began to swell up. And I began to remember what the doctor had said. You are going to have all the symptoms and then death. Now there was a point of contention. They wanted to do an operation to put in a tracheotomy. And however to put on that three chaos to me they had to find. And the place and my trachea where the largest Web was and because they couldn't go through with the camera. They couldn't see where that was that to remove that web so that once they opened three casting which is a hole in your neck so that you can breathe through your neck to your lungs so that the passage would be open for me to be able to breath. So nobody would touch me. No doctor. Because they knew that if I died at the operating table. That doctor would lose his license. Because they were guessing really where this blog it was. So dark a special doctor was sent for. I can't go into all the details because I won't be able to tell you the ON THE STORY. But the are OG ologist of the King of Spain was sent over from Spain to Cuba to study my case and he convened a panel of the most eminent Cuban doctors to discuss my case. And after he finished studying all of it. He arrived at a conclusion and the conclusion was that for a nine year old. To survive that sort of a blast. Was one out of a million. But for me to survive this problem with my airways without that life saving surgery. My percentage of life was Ciro zero zero one which is the size of the eye of a warm. And so this man begins to try to lobby acumen doctor to do the trick. He asked me. And all throughout this process dying in the meanwhile. So finally by this time I couldn't get out of bed. I was completely bed bound I've forgotten how to walk. And swelling and I started to lose my appetite. And I knew that once you lost your appetite. The next point was death. So Ivan had been steadily getting better and better and better and better and better. And that weekend. He was going to go for a free weekend and I was his roommate. So I got to have the very first wishes to be made through. So I had a privileged position I knew that whatever I was going to ask him to do. He was going to do first and you know we all lived in fantasized about I have been doing these things for us so we imagine. And then we knew that he was going to come back and describe everything exactly how he did it you know the sun was shining like this and the clouds were like that and the grass felt like this we were all fantasizing about this and so. By this time. Ivan was always playing in my bed because I couldn't get out of bed and he would bring over his toys and my toys and you know lay there next to me and talk to me. But he had gotten to know God during this time because the Bible worker but sayd that he was always coming to the hospital to spend the afternoons with us. And throughout this time he began to to listen and by this time he had learned a lot of Spanish. And he started to fall in love with God. And during one of those terrible sessions of pain that he had he asked for a little piece of paper which he inscribed in that beautiful Russian sea where like letters with a small little sentence. And when ever he was in a great deal of pain he would on top. That little piece of paper from the bottom side of his pillow. He would open it. And he would have a little prayer and all the sudden he was imbued with this incredible strength. And I wanted to know what the little piece of paper was but we were so close that I figured if yes I want to tell me what it is. He'll tell me. Eventually I won't you know not get out of him because it's good for friends to have a little bit of secrecy you know so that you know you don't completely figure out the other person. And so he had that little piece of paper and I always saw him you know taken it out and he loved to sing and Spanish thing also. And we got our song and was a huge thing go also goes so goes we were also caught us on the Monday and then I couldn't sing the whole thing anymore so I would like save up all my energy to scream Don't day and you know of course I love that in those so that they would sing the rest of the song in the world both coming and Dante and he loved. And so whenever Betty would come he would just immediately jump in my bed and then he was just and throttled with all the bible stories. And she would have some of the books from the United States with the Bible stories and the illustrations were beautiful. So I then had gotten to know God. And during this time period. He was just really fascinated that I knew about God because he knew who my father was. And coming from Russia from a communist country he knew what that all that entailed. So. Finally Friday comes and you know all the children are preparing their requests and of course I was preparing mine and I really loved before I was up and the hospital to go to go belly up which is an ice cream park and Cuba and I wanted him to go to PALEA. And have a special kind of ice cream. And so he came. And he almost didn't want to go because I had gotten very very very bad. And he had been sort of coaching me through the nights sometimes with my dad. And my mom. And you know when he ever he would hear that I was really beginning to lose the battle he would get up in the middle of the night and bring me a toy or something to try to get my mind off of what was happening. And he didn't want to go because he he saw that look that look of. Of acceptance. And you would see it with certain children there came a point where they have fought for so long and so hard that it was like their whole body just sort of asked to die. And I was exhausted. I really wanted to die by now because I didn't I couldn't see how I could go on through this. So he sat in my bed and he said to me Don't worry. I'll be here Monday. I just need you to hold on for two more days and I'll be here Monday. And when I come back on Monday. I have this ton of stories to tell you about what I have been able to do and we are going to be able to make the rest of the children really happy. And. He looked at me because I was looking at him very quiet. Because I really couldn't talk. He said I know you're tired. But you can't stop fighting now. And. To this day I remember that beautiful smile his beautiful blond hair leaving that room. And I. Stood there I sat there thinking and fantasizing about what he was going to do every minute of those two days. Because that was our life by proxy. And about twenty minutes later I began to hear this bundle of noise. All this doctors and nurses screaming. And I sighed up. Because it was very unusual when children would code and that ward they did in a very diligent way and you wouldn't hear all that noise and suddenly distress or burst right into my room. And I thought well maybe it was one of the children of the ward that was in the hallway that something happened. But it was I haven't. I haven't had suffered a respiratory arrest and the elevator on his way down to the lobby. Because our ward was near to the emergency room. The doctors brought him back really holding him up to our room to resuscitate him. And I had to sit there and watch. As they couldn't bring him back. And. All our hopes and aspirations were with Ivan. So far more all for Ivan to die. It was sort of like death telling us. You're not going to cheat me I am going to take you. But something amazing happened. As I sat there and disbelief. Something really incredible happened when they stopped working on him and they all left. A little piece of paper fell from his bed and was that little piece of paper that he. Right and his mother was distraught and they had pulled me out of the room and I went back and with my mom who told the nurses to leave. So that my mother and her and his mother could grief. And when I saw a little piece of paper I recognized it. And my mom picked it up gave it to his mom who started sobbing. But she wanted me to have the little piece of paper. And I don't know what it said. So my mom went outside to look for a nurse that knew Russian and she came in. And she opened up this crumbled smudged little piece of paper. And she said it says God is love. What a statement. And that place. God is love. That was a strength. And when I saw that it was like as have the whole universe had exploded and just retracted back into that little piece of paper god it's love. And I thought you know one. I got to make it through the next two days. Because I got to make it for myself I got to make it for Ivan and I got to make it for the rest of the children this wart. Because I'm going to be the one to fulfill all those requests. And my father by now despairing went to the doctors. And said you better operate. Because he had been watching me die for months. It was bearable and he said if you don't operate there's going to be a problem and my father was one of those kind of serious people they're always patient and never lose. Temper but the day that they lose their temper. You know they light the fire the entire city kind of a thing. It's an atomic bomb. So this man has recognized that he meant business. And. If they didn't comply there was going to be blood. So. The doctor has certainly decided to take me to the you are. And everybody was praying. My mother said to my father. How is it that you're not on your knees. Praying for your son and my father turned to her and said Don't you think that I have tried everything. And so they take me to the O.R.. And. I'm running out of time here but I do have to tell you as part of my scan when I began to heal this part of my neck had wept to this part of my shoulder which was being reconstructed and this part of my arm had webbed here. So I was like in this sort of position all the time. So after the Frankenstein. I went into a quasi moto north today and you know I was working my way through literature. And you know going into character is a good thing you understand these people in a very intimate way. And. The doctors when you put somebody on there in a static sometimes they tie you up because you could do jerking movements. But they knew me so well. That. Yeah I haven't been out of stocks for a long time in order for the surgery to be done. They'd untimely up and so the doctor had to cut across and find the exact spot where that wedding was not knowing where it was. So he has this couple down in my neck about to cross. And right at that moment I did a jerky movement with my arm. I ripped all of that webbing exposed an outer ring and blood shot up into the ceiling. And right into the face of the assistant of the Dr who of course startled falls back in a hold still arm of the Dr who's already cutting. And that is the scar that goes down here and across. And once he cuts across by the jerky movement of her hand he opens up and finds that he has cut precisely. Where the major webbing was. The doctor told me after you come out of this operation. We're going to have to do some things in your vocal cords and you'll never speak again. But you'll be alive for a little bit while more. Until they can get you out of here and to some country that can do that operation. So after that they had to do a reconstruction of this area here which I I wish I could show you. Maybe another presentation we can show the part of of my arm and then went into my trick you asked me which saved my life a trick out of me that I had for thirteen years and during which time I sang for a professional choir and was able to sing of first a perfect first timer. My voice was ruined. Actually after they close my trick and two thousand and one. I have good days and I have bad days but some days I can sing very well so it's this Marigold is what saves me. And then we're going in for a race against time. To take me out of Cuba. And to another country. So my mom tries first Germany Germany was still a socialist country they were in the process of reunification it was eastern Germany and Western Europe me East Germany and West Germany. And so that was the best thing to do they told her no. By this time the Congress of the Communist Party had met during the time I was into and the hospital. So watch how it got works here. They had to open up religion in Cuba. Because they didn't investigation where it was released that the majority of the sons and daughters of the colonels and ministers and all these people were going to church in secret. Just like us and they were not going to arrest. Half of the Ku Klux of the governing body of the of Cuba. So this saved us from the persecution that was going to happen. After we were get out of the hospital. Got worse in so many mysterious ways. He just moved to earth and the heavens for children. And then after that after being refused Germany my mom tries England. They refused to go to England and then my mom said something really crazy. And I was like you know what I'm going to get in touch with my with my family. Yeah those traitors. The one that I belong to that family the family of traitors. I'm going to to contact them. And so she did. And. She contacted her family here. Which all united. And this incredible effort amongst with other people. To try to print me here but somebody in particular. Who is here today. Bottled against everything. To get a doctor to see me here in the United States to do this groundbreaking surgery. And the story of how we get out of Cuba is miraculous but I don't have any time to talk to you but I want to share this last American. Because all during my time of getting out. My family. All the church in Cuba was praying for Americans and they were praying that God would heal me. Now the hospital here had received the all the information and all the evidence of all this wedding. All this terrible wedding that was inside of me. And they knew that they were going to have to do this very complex operation. And today we have here. Mrs Lillian Keyes. Who is my cousin and thank you. And who is a hero. She really is an angel that it was so that I would be and I want you. Lillian to share with this young people probably myself what happened in Boston Children's Hospital when I arrived and they opened me up for surgery. This is a pretty amazing story that you've all heard and I never heard this side of the story. So it's pretty touching to me as well as it is to you. My challenge was as a young mother with my husband and two little children is how do we get my cousin from Cuba who may die if we don't get in here and who do I talk to. Where do I turn. So we called the conference we called hospitals we called everywhere we could get hold of but my family all just kind of looked up to my husband and I as to where what we do to be able to help Alexa's we just knew that we were racing against time. And I remember calling the conference office and saying talking to the Treasurer and I said Do you know anyone who could help us with this cousin and she said well he said Well the there is a frank Paris who is that New England where a hospital is seventy out of this hospital in Boston and he just happens to be Cuban as well. Why don't you contact him. So I did I called him and explained to him about Alexis this little boy in Cuba who he needed Rico. Action of this trachea. And he said you know what let me contact Children's Hospital in Boston. So he contacted and found a pulmonologist who would be willing to offer her services and the hospital who was all willing to offer services as well and in the meantime my husband was just typing up letters. Requesting this this help that we needed because we would be responsible for Alexa's financially as well. Unless they were willing to step up. And we just also had to battle with the embassy because every time we sent paper say the embassy. They would get rid of the papers and we'd have to start all over again. But God be praised. We did find a doctor who was willing we did find the hospital and doing the Memorial Hospital who joined hand with the Children's Hospital in Boston and the day came when Alexis flew in and my husband stayed home and take care of our children all children while I flew to Boston to meet Alexis for the first time. And the newspapers were there and he was there. And his mom. And Frank Perez who is the president of this hospital and they took us to the hospital there. The Children's Hospital in Boston and there was little Alexis with his trachea. It's my fact today I was showing him pictures that I had and they went ahead and took him in digital Bronco Skippy. And when this doctor came back out. He says She said you know. I think I need to just pull this trade in this is all I need to do because everything that I see is pink. Has his vocal cords are healed and I don't see any need for tracheal to for a reconstruction of his trachea. So God I don't know when he did it. But he did it and he healed you. And so we praise God for that opportunity and my time is up. So if it weren't before I finish. I just want to. I want to ask a question. What are you. Are you a victim or are you going to be a survivor. A lot of people will say and sometimes when I visit like burn wards. Alexa's I run Hunt is the burn victim and I always correct them. I'm not a victim. I'm a survivor. I'm extremely proud of the scars that I half. Because they are a proof of so many miracles. I will never be able to take off those scars. Every day when I wake up no matter whether I like or not. What's going on in my life. God will remind me when I look in the mirror. I am with you. Until the very end. So carry your scars with pride. The scars of faith. Carried them with pride and allow that faith to build a new the character to prepare the world for the last days which are now are you prepared. This is your moment prepare or you like that beautiful group of glamorous young people who thought that their. Chic world would go on forever. Is that what's going on your life. This is the moment. I am telling you the bear the clouds have gathered and the storm is about to break. This bar had some prayer. They are having the father. We thank you. For how you work. We thank you Father for your character for your goodness for your mercy. We know Lord that Satan is going through every obstacle in my life and in the life of every single person here to derail us to demean us to humiliate us to make us think that we're nothing and that you cannot use us but we thank you father that you always have an answer. You always have a plan. You always have a rescue for your children. How every one of this people here today to understand. And realize that your plan of rescue for them is in action. And let them be angels to the world and to the people that surround them. So that they can help to rescue all those other ones that are lost lost out there. And even those who are lost. Amongst us. We thank you Father for sending your son. That great hero. So that we could all live with you and turn. Happy and a land where we won't never ever temptation hurt again.


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