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Together- Part 1

Daniel Ferraz


The deadly wound is almost healed.  The world is wondering after the beast as multitudes gather at the National Mall in Washington D.C for an epic Ecumenical movement called "Together 2016".  Catholics and Evangelicals alike are called to come together for a supernatural change. 


Daniel Ferraz

Pastor of the Holly and Grand Blanc Churches in Michigan.


  • July 16, 2016
    11:00 AM
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And today the sermon is intitled together. Jesus prayed for unity didn't he. He prayed for unity he pled with God his Father for unity that his disciples would be united. And it's so happens that today is also a great gathering. Use event. The biggest youth of vent that of our generation that has been put together for this very day in Washington D.C. at the model and they've called it together July sixteen sixteen twenty sixteen at the National Mall who's been behind this who has been the brains behind this gathering of Christian young people to make a difference. You know when I look at our young people in the church I think wow there's so much potential. And you know as well as I do that. There have been so many young people that have been in the church for a little while and then shortly afterwards they're gone. And friends. The young people are what we need to share the truth on our church with the truth of the Word of God and keep them close to Jesus. Amen. So this is Nicole and he's an evangelist and he's calling for one million Americans to unite for change change can be a good thing. Counted it can be a good thing but it's not always a good thing. Let me just tell you a little bit about him. He's an international force a what kind of voice international voice What does that tell you about this personality for the cause of evangelism. He's quite high up there in ranking and people listen to him he's the founder of. Two movements one is called a pulse movement which is kind of a grassroots student led movement on campuses like we have in Michigan and also he's the founder of the reset twenty sixteen dot com and he's been on Fox News and that thing about the reset is is you know when you hit the reset button on a phone or a clock or computer what does it do it clears out the old information and gives the device a fresh start. Now I really hope that you're catching the keywords that I'm emphasizing here because this has a lot to do with the false kind of unity that is prevalent today and we're going to compare that with the real unity that Jesus wants for you to have with him. So he is thirty three years old Nicole years of age. Nicole. He is also on the leadership board of the National Association of Evangelicals. Quite a big repertoire here quite an important individual and he is student advisor on the student advisory team so advise is in regard to how to reach students for the Billy Graham Evangelistic organization the B.G. A He is also called the Billy Graham of the next generation that puts him quite high up there in ranking as a religious leader he has spoken to over three million young people in the last few years. What is this event together. That is begun already since nine o'clock this morning on in Washington D.C. at the mall there feeling that place with one million young people. What's the purpose. What is about the caption there says the evangelist calls. For one million Americans to unite. For Change unite for change in the church is their goal and so they are calling for a historic change that requires there for a historic gathering he is also calling for resetting the Christian message. Did you catch that resetting the Christian message we can still unite notice this key phrase regard lists all of our messages as different Christian denominations. There is a call here being made friends to unite. Regardless of respect. Is that something good or not we look into that this morning. His spirit that is the Holy Spirit. He claims Nick hole claims can empower us to be the generation. We're supposed to be. Now that's actually a true statement. So in this movement of unity. There is a lot of truth. A lot of truth but friends I'm here to warn you and let you know that there is a lot of era in this movement of unity because it is not based on the Word of God It is based on people coming together and forgetting their theological differences did you catch that. Also we are to pray to to unite and to pray and to worship and call for a Cata catalytic change. We are saying this is a quote from Nicole. We are saying God we won't a supernatural reset to take place. Very interesting. I have it on good authority that the Word of God is teaching that there will be a spiritual revival Have you heard of the outpouring of the Latter Rain the Holy Spirit. Well I've also got it on good authority in a book called great controversy written by a dear old lady of about a century ago in chapter twenty seven where she in titles that chapter revivals. And she says that there will be a powerful force revival before the true revival comes along friends this is time for us to realize that prophecy is being fulfilled. We must have our eyes opened the reason I'm sharing this with you is because it looks so good it looks so appealing. It sounds so convincing to come together for these things but friends the Bible warns us and tells us what kind of unity the Word of God and the Holy Spirit will give us. So Nick whole I got an A lot of this information from Secrets unsealed if you want to go and look at that little caption that video warning the righteous together twenty sixteen with secrets unsealed so Nichol is saying the largest Jesus gathering is in history has begun and is going on right now as I speak in Washington D.C. he says. Just imagine a true movement of unity. Not just uniting people like you but the whole church rallying together when he says the whole church he means everybody every Christian denomination doesn't matter what he's calling for an ecumenical movement that we have been hearing about for decades to come together under a different name. He's saying on that one day and then imagine what that United Church can do. Going from this place. I really don't think that July sixteenth twenty sixteen is about starting a wave. It's about God and how he is already doing a wave. I think it's been happening in different corners but we've just been divided notice that key would we've got this movement here and that denomination there and this group over there and there they all. Great things but we don't even know each other because we don't have the same sign up on our church so July sixteen we're going to see all of these waves collide and then he lists all of these waves that are going to collide Catholics Lutherans evangelicals charismatics literally rallying across the nation saying you know what we may not say the same things. But we're on the same team friends can this kind of. Foundation be a strong and solid foundation for unity in the church. We may not say the same things but we're on the same team. And we continues to say and we are lifting up Jesus and we are going to saturate this nation and that could change the world. They have high aspirations for this together movement is a movement that is targeting the young generation. And they want this to be a generation defining movement now as I looked into this lo and behold. Guess who weighs in to give importance to this event. None other than Pope Francis is giving or has given invitation for the young people to come to this gathering now Pope Francis speaks Spanish and so I just like to translate for you what he was saying he says young people I know that you young people you off very active and you're educated you're looking for something and you don't really know what it is well let me tell you what you're looking for is Jesus and you can find Jesus. If you come to this together movement and so he says I invite you to a great gathering of youth in Washington D.C. Now that sounds pretty harmless and OK as it goes but look at how this religious leader considered as a world religious leader is coming in and. Weighing in on this event. This is highly significant for us who look at Bible prophecy. Especially when we look at the Bible and it speaks about the the beast power of Revelation thirteen where it says the whole world wonders off to the beast and the whole world will follow after the peace and worship the beast. We're talking about a worldwide movement. We're talking about something big friends. This isn't going to be on the level of our little Seventh Day Adventist Church. This is going to be much much of unity that will encompass all denominations. And so the important religious people and leaders are putting all they can into getting people to come to this event. I mean look at that. How cool is that the pope says put this T. shirt on and come and be changed by Jesus. He's telling you I invite you to wear this T. shirt in unison. He says you will not be frustrated young people and you know that young people are frustrated they are tired of false religion. They're tired of phony religion. They're tired of just the rules and gradually regulations you know young people are quite honest. What they really want is true religion religion that is powerful that will change your heart and make you new and let me tell you something that kind of religion friends is not boring. I believe in a God who is not boring. I have a religion that is not boring. I want to keep that faith don't you friends. This is a serious topic as you make out that by the effort I'm putting into it. Pope Francis said Jesus is waiting for you. His arms are all wide open for everyone. For every denomination every church leader. I don't know if you realize but next year is what twenty what twenty seventeen. How many years is it from the reformation of the prophet that the Protestant Reformation is five hundred years. That's right. Fifth fifteen seventeen. You know what's going to happen in Wittenberg I went to Wittenberg about three years ago and we were filming there with the Fountain View use and orchestra for the production the great controversy and when I went there to Wittenberg and looked at the costume door and saw all the renovations that were going on and that would go on. We're going to cost thirty four million euros The celebration was to commemorate the Reformation but guess what there is a document that the Lutherans and the Catholics have put together which is one intitled from conflict to communion. And what that means is friends if you hadn't noticed is that the whole world is coming back to Rome and so what's going to happen on October twenty thirty one twenty seventeen is that the Protestants and Catholics will get that together and they will do things like this they will pray and ask God for forgiveness for what Martin Luther did in dividing the church. So the the Reformation is over. You may have heard that phrase it's over the protest is over. Did you know friends that the Seventh Day Adventists are really the only ones left that conform to that description of partisan tism we are pro the Testament which means we are in favor of the law of God we are in favor of keeping all of the come on. Once we're in favor of this being the true inspired word of God and we live by it. We read it. We preach it and we obey it and are transformed by it. So this is this this did. Man represents an organization that has been predicted in Bible prophecy as will be the one that will be the head of the unifying movement of the churches of this world and so my question to you to friends is do you want to be together with that movement or do you want to be together with the movement of the Holy Spirit. Give it a try. He says. You have nothing to lose. I wish that our seventh day adventists were so insistent with our young people come on give Seventh Day Adventists I'm true Seventh Day Adventists I'm a try. Hey let's get real. We're not just another denomination. If we're going to believe like everybody else believes in the other churches and if we think it's cool to get together with all the other churches. Then you might as well. Close the doors and we're just here kind of wasting our time. What's the reason you're here in church today. What's the reason you're a Seventh Day Adventist. Do you know your Bible. Do you believe in the spirit of prophecy. Or is this just phony fake stuff for old people friends young people in particular I appeal to you. Those of you that kind of chilling out and you know when the preacher gets up it's too boring for you because your mind is too stimulated with other things we love you and we need you in God's Church. We need your energy. But let me tell you there is only one remnant church that the Bible speaks about in Revelation twelve seventeen and that's the one that keeps all of the commandments of God and has the testimony of Jesus. I don't see any other church on this globe. Except the Seventh Day Adventist Church that fulfills those biblical mandates. So we have her reason we have a calling a high calling. But what's happening. Yes been prophesied with snoring fruit through church will allow to say and we lukewarm. And so we sit back and we say well that's OK And we just sleep alone while the devil steals a march and is uniting his forces against God's people. We don't know how long we'll have this freedom for Jesus says Well while it is day because the night comes when no one can work. The Bible says there is a time of trouble coming such as never. It was doesn't really look like it just now does it. At least in our neck of the woods. But let me tell you. Alan Light writes and I still believe that she was inspired by God somebody say a man she says that very often danger is worse in and to put anticipation. But she writes that that we don't even imagine or cannot imagine the kind of trials that we will be facing. There will be peer pressure there will be world leaders there will be government leaders that will be bearing down on you and I to conform to this kind of unifying new unity. What does the Bible. Tell us friends second Thessalonians chapter two verse three. What will it look like before Jesus comes read your Bible read this verse with me up on the screen. Let no man be deceive you by any means for that day. What day. The second coming. That day shall not come. Except that come falling away first. What does fall in a way mean let's just let this a little bit. What does it mean for ling away. Does that mean our kind of trip up and fall over. What does it mean for ling away from what from Jesus what this is saying is before Jesus comes. They're going to be there's going to be a massive apostasy so massive the Bible records it and lets us know as a warning. So we can have our eyes open and then he says because there's a massive apostasy. And people all uniting together. It looks good. It sounds good but it's actually in a false unity that is not based upon the Word of God or Jesus Christ and then it says there will be an apostasy that will be a turning away from the commandments of turning away from the Word of God We don't believe in creation. We don't believe that the Word of God is infallible all those kinds of things and you still can go to church. You can still go to church and you can still believe that it's. OK for a man to marry a man. And you can still believe that these kinds of things that scriptures. Tell us are saying. There's an apostasy going on and we warn that that man of sin will be revealed at the time of the end which we're living in he is called the Son of Perdition. That man of sin be revealed. Now please please go in your memory banks as Seventh Day Adventists do you know that a Seventh Day Adventist you know more Bible than any other denomination. Even if you've just been sitting in the pews and listening to a few sermons. You don't realize how privileged you are you really don't. When I was younger I used to praise the Lord every day for the fact that I was born in a Seventh Day Adventist home. The funny thing was. And my parents are Godly parents but they had a little lapse and they had a fall and didn't go to church all the time but when I had my conversion experience when I was twenty one I said God. Praise the Lord for this truth that I have the privilege to know and learn about. You know more Bible. Than you realize. Those four goes on to say and this man of sin opposes and exalts himself above all that is cold God All that is worshiped so that he as God sits in the temple of God showing himself that he is God What is the what does the title of the carriers Philip de mean that is applied to the pope by the Roman Catholic believes what does it mean. It means vicar of the Son of God The carrier is fairly de It means that he is the representative of God on Earth. This is not true. This is not biblical. He is not the representative of Jesus Christ on earth. Now I know that's not very popular in fact it's not very politically correct. In fact it could make me. A very unpopular preacher but friends. We're not here to be popular. We're here to be ready for Jesus to come and we need His Word and His guidance. So the Bible is telling us that this power and and this leadership will take the place of God. You know it was funny. I saw one president of the United States once on so the question when you look into the eyes of the pope who do you see you know the answer was I see God. Very interesting. That's even prophetic as well. The leader of the world's foremost Protestant nation. Let's read on for seven the mystery of iniquity. You know the devil is so astute he is so cunning he has devices and temptations and deceptions for every one of us. You heard right for me and for you. It is called the mystery of iniquity. It does already work. Only he who now let's will let until he be taken out of the way there was a time when the man of sin was kept from being relieved reveal to the world friends the healing of the wound is happening before our very eyes verse eight says and then that shall that we could be revealed. Whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth and shall destroy with the brightness off his coming then shall that wicked be revealed there will be an amazing miraculous impersonate. Of Jesus Christ on this planet Earth performed by the devil himself all these things friends are written for augmentation bus nine goes on and says even him. Whose coming is off to the working of Satan with what kind of power all power signs and lying wonders. You know what I fear for Christians today in every denomination I fear because you know what we go more often. What our feelings tell us and what our emotions to tell us with regard to religion then what the Word of God tells us and I know so many people that will say you know I don't get such a buzz when I go to this kind of church you know they just preach the word and they sing these old hymns you know and they just doesn't do anything for me. Religion now is about entertainment. Friends that won't get you anywhere. It won't get you saved and so the devil knows that and what is he doing. He's preparing miraculous events to trick you to convince you. Well maybe maybe the seven things at this church doesn't really have the truth. After all maybe you know I've been to you know it's amazing how people change their minds. It really is amazing how people change their minds. I know so many Seventh Day Adventists strong in the church you know leaders and Sabbath school teachers and and people that you look up to and come come a time and and you look around you do a double take and where are they that go friends the devil is working with all power and trying to unite under his miracle working deceptions. Signs and lying wonders verse ten seconds us alone and still goes on to say and with all deceive a bonus of unrighteousness in them that perish. Why do they perish because they received not the love of the truth that they might be saved. So question for you this morning friends. Do you love the truth. Do you love the truth and you know. I wonder about the truth. I believe I've been preaching the truth for these twenty six years twenty seven years of ministry and I kind of see the church in the same kind of static situation and I want to Lord I say Father what what is it. I mean we've got the doctrines down we we preach the Sabbath the state of the dead and then you know what I concluded after a while I said to myself you know what. Just because you know what day is the true Sabbath that won't save you. It won't save you. Just because you know the true truth of the doctrine of what happens when when somebody dies. I mean it might keep you from being deceived there but just that knowledge that that doctrine of those twenty eight that we have it will save you don't get me wrong. That's all truth but I kind of asking myself the question What is it that saves What is it that saves us is it when you've done those Bible studies and you agree to them or is that going to save you. We need a love of the truth and guesswork. The truth is not a list of doctrines somebody say amen. The truth is Jesus Christ. I am the way. THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE. No one comes to the Father except through me says Jesus and here we have these movements movements unifying saying let's stand for Jesus and we don't know the power of Jesus and we believe in a geezer's that will save you from your sins. We believe in a Jesus that we'll let you carry on living as you are friends. We have to have a love for the truth. The psalmist says it. Well when he says My my heart tense off to you like the did plans for the water. Are you panting are you out of breath. Are you thirsting for the. I've got friends. That's the only thing that will satisfy not a kind of a a buzz that you get when you go to some service that's very entertaining or with rock music or a drum set at the front or the electric guitars that will kind of reach into your body friends. We need to understand what it means to be saved because Jesus prayed for it. In John Chapter seventeen verse eleven. Look at this friends and for this cause God shall send them who those that don't love the truth. God shall send them strong delusion. Now it's not that God does it. Don't don't misinterpret this. It's not that God does it. God allows them to be exposed to the strong delusion that they are lusting after it. You know there's a religion. There's a kind of Christianity. There's a kind of church going that kind of satisfies the Connell nature. You know what I'm talking about. It's a kind of religion that doesn't require any change it just says Come as you all stay as you are Jesus loves you as you are and he's going to save everybody anyway there's going to be a millennium of peace. There's going to be tribulation for seven years and everybody's going to have a second chance. All of those things are not true to friends and for this cause God shall send in strong delusion that they should believe a lie. The father of lies has rigged his lies to sound and look so good and so appealing and we're forming like flies at this kind of movement of unity. I tell you there's a whole retinue of speakers that are going to this that out there right now. I mean big names big names and you made. Listen to them and it may sound pretty good then. And you know OK. Should we as Seventh Day Adventists join along in these movements of unity of other denominations. But you might be tempted to because it looks good. Hey who doesn't want to be a part of a big massive gathering kind of feels good doesn't it. Wow. We all stood for Jesus. But yet prophecy is being full fulfilled friends and this idea of believing a lie. Have you seen. Have you seen how people have left the church and the things they used to believe they don't believe anymore and the things that they didn't believe that they now believe you see what happens is if you turn away from the truth. What have you got left. That's all you've got left is the lies of the enemy. And so so many people are turning away from the truth from Jesus from the Word of God from His commandments from the seventh day Sabbath from the heavenly sanctuary doctrine from the investigative judgment. You know all these these doctrines that we have as a church they are only valid if you believe in the gospel that says you can have victory over sin. That is the key point in the Gospel and people believe now well you know we're born sinners. I say then I'm going to carry on sinning until Jesus comes but because Jesus loves me he has justified me I was saved way back in in January twenty seven one thousand nine hundred sixty two. So I'm saved doesn't matter what I do and so they they believe in a forensic justification that says that God pronounces you you're saved but now you can carry on. You still carry on in your sins. Where is the power. Where is the power of Jesus Christ to keep us from sin their friends. They believe a lie. That's the biggest lie in fact that lie is. Hold another gospel by Paul in Girl ations chapter one verse of six and seven. Do you think that the Bible is kind of inventing things when it when Paul writes about another gospel. What does it mean another gospel means something that is posing as a gospel something that people preach as a way of salvation but it is not another gospel. In fact if you read that. Let's go to it really quick in Galatians chapter one. Paul is very very clear on that he says I model verse six chapter one that you are so soon removed from him that cold you into the grace of Christ to another gospel which is not another but there are be some that trouble you and would prefer the gospel of Christ. But what he says verse eight. But though we or an angel from heaven an angel even even form an angel disguised as an angel of light but though we or an angel from heaven preach any other gospel unto you than which we have preached unto you let him be cursed. What do you think being cursed means your last that's what it means. And as we first nine he says as we said before so say I now again if any man preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have you have received let him be a cursed. There's another gospel out there friends and things and narrowing down on the majority have got this other gospel. There's only a few there's only a remnant. Are you are you brave enough to belong to the remnant. I ARE YOU Are you faithful to Jesus that you don't care about it when people will ridicule you. You know you may come to these meetings and you hit the truths that are being preached and you have this kind of cool it's nice and and there isn't. Wow great new stuff I've been learning but. When you get back into the old routine of things and what did you do with the new things that you learnt you know if we don't advance in the light if we don't accept it. And follow Jesus in the light that light will be taken away and then the truth that we once believe will say wow did I used to believe that and will let it go for ins. I need to move on. Quoting from great controversy five eighty eight paragraph one the Protestants of the United States of America will be foremost in stretching their hands across the Gulf to grasp the hand of what. Spiritualism. Did you get that the devil is producing a spiritualistic movement a revival right now in this world and the Protestants of the United States will be foremost in stretching their hands across the Gulf to costs across the the Gulf to grasp the hand of spiritual ism they will reach over the abyss to cost pounds with the Roman power and under this three fold Union and the influence of this three fold Union this country will follow in the steps of Rome in trampling on the rights of conscience liberty of conscience. Now it seems like my time has run out what did Jesus really say about togetherness. What did Jesus really say about who he was as the savior of the world you know what the name of Jesus means. Matthew one twenty one. His name shall be called who. Jesus. Why because he will save his people in their sins he will save his people in their sins he will save his people for all their sins. Let me ask you a straight question a Bible question here. If I'm drowning and I'm saying please save me help me and you have a life preserver. And you say you. You say well I've got a life preserver here but you know what Jesus loves you. Be blessed and be saved if I'm drowning is it. What do I need is it going to be OK for me to carry on drowning and say I'm saved is ridiculous and yet people are saying that's saved but still living in sin and believing that Jesus cannot save you from Sen. John seventeen Jesus spoke about unity. He said really the kind of unity that my people need is not the unity that the world wants or has or offers not the peace that the world gives but the peace that I give and so Jesus said. In John seventeen verse three and this is eternal life that they might know you. The only true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent to know Jesus to friends is what Jesus was praying for Jesus said in John seventeen. Verse nine. He says I pray not. For the world but for them which you have given me for they are yours and verse ten and all mine are yours and all and yours all mine and I am glorified in them and so in verse eleven he says. And now. I am no more in the world but these are in the world and I come to you. Holy Father keep through your name your own name those whom you have given me that they may be one as we are one friends. Don't miss that. That they may be one his the Unity his the togetherness that Jesus was praying for and indicating clearly as Jesus was united with the father. So we. To be united with Jesus. What did Jesus say he said I have myself can do nothing. I teach and I speak what the father tells me and we are filled in the Scriptures. We the scripture is is filled with verses that teach us that Jesus wants to save he wants to save us from sin he can give us victory over sin. That's the gospel. We can just look at a few verses if we look in in Romans chapter one poll says something about the gospel. He says I am not ashamed of the Gospel verses sixteen and seventeen. I'm not ashamed of the gospel of who of Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation is not an intellectual outside of you kind of pronouncing you justify it's the power of God you know it takes power to forgive sins. It takes power to convert it takes power to give us victory over same. It's the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believes to the Jew first and to the Greek for there in that is in the Gospel is the what the righteousness of God revealed from the righteousness of who the righteousness of God. Don't you want that Friends. Jesus wants to give that to you. The righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith. It's by faith from the beginning in the middle and at the end it's all by faith and it's by the faith of Jesus. No less for as it is written The just shall live by faith and then we could look at X. twenty six. What does it mean to have victory over sin. What does it mean to be converted. What does it mean to be saved. Well look what four wrote about his conversion. What was this man experiencing it says in Acts twenty six verse sixteen. When. Jesus said to him in his vision but arise stand on your feet for I have appeared on to you for this purpose to make you a minister and a witness both of these things which you have seen and of these those things in which I will appear unto you listen to verse seventeen and eighteen delivering you far from the people and from the gentiles unto whom. Now I send you to do aught to open to open their eyes and to turn them from what darkness to light. He's talking about his conversion experience what does it mean from darkness to light is there big difference between darkness and light. There's a powerful this difference from darkness to light and from the power of who Satan to the pall who. Is there a big difference between being under the power of Satan and the power of God That's what it means to be converted is to have the power of God in you to friends. That's nothing that I can do. It's nothing that you can do. It's only something that you can receive by faith that they may receive forgiveness of sins and inheritance among them that sanctified by faith that is in me. You see the Gospel is both justification and sanctification you receive that all at the same time. What about this gospel. What does it mean to be saved. It's everywhere. Paul writes in in the features chapter three for this cause I bow my knees unto the Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Of whom the whole family in heaven and is the Earth is named that he would grant you. According to the riches of His glory to be strengthened with might by His Spirit in the in a man no if your spirit strengthened by might. By His Spirit in the in a man that has got into Welling a man. At least three of you agree that Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith to friends. This is the. Gospel. This is what it means to be saved and I could go on but notice what it says here that Christ may do well in your hearts by faith that you being rooted and grounded in love. May be able to comprehend with all saints. What is the breadth the length the depth and the height to know the love of Christ. Which passes knowledge that you may be. Please don't miss this verse that you may be filled with all the food of God I mean how how full is it to be filled with all the fullness of God Can you see what the Bible is saying the Gospel is it's the power of God unto salvation. This is what we need to be preaching this is what we need to be living. This is what we need to be experiencing because otherwise we'll fall for the other gospel that seems to be more flowery and more glitzy and is being prepared for those that are lost and those that don't have a love of the truth and so we could go on and read in Romans Chapter six seven and eight but we seem to have this crazy idea that we're going to keep on sinning and still be saved then we're going to keep going to the confessional sinning and repenting sinning and repenting friends Jesus wants to save you. We could go to collections Chapter one Verse twenty six and twenty seven that says the Ministry of God is Christ in you you know it's Paul just you know pronouncing flowery statements when he says I no longer live but Christ lives in me and the life that I now live in the flesh. I live by the faith of the Son of God who loved me and died for me but the Bible is telling us is that you no longer live. Salvation is Jesus living in you. It's victory over sin in Jesus. Our in his name. Jude tells us. Summa time running out. Jude tells us beloved verse three when I gave all diligence to write unto you. Of the common salvation. It was needful for me to write unto you and exhort you that you should own mistily contend that means fight struggle to keep it contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the Saints why because there is a time of apostasy that we saw in second thoughts alone has been predicted and he writes it here in verse four for there are certain men crept in unawares who were before of old ordained to this condemnation ungodly men turning the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ into a last seriousness and denying the only Lord God and the Lord Jesus Christ if you deny the power of Jesus to save you deny Jesus. You're not standing for Jesus. What about if we went to first John Chapter three. And let the Bible speak for itself and I have to end with that there's so much more I would like to share but maybe it will be an encouragement for you to to study the scriptures in a new light. You know if we look at first. John Chapter two verse twenty nine. You see being a Christian means Jesus is in charge and he Jesus is in your life if you know. That he Jesus is righteous you know that everyone that does righteousness is born of him. So a follower of Jesus is going to be right. Just like Jesus says that's powerful and then if we look down in chapter three verse verse two but now we the sons of God and He does not yet appear what we shall be but we know that when we shall appear when he shall appear. We shall be like Him for we shall see him as he is verse three. And every man that has this hope in Him purifies himself even as he is pure first five. And you know that he was manifested Jesus was manifested in the flesh. He took full and sinful flesh. He was manifested in the flesh that we have to take away the sins of our flesh verse five and we know that he was manifested to take away our sins and in Him is no sin verse six Whoever abides in him sins not Hallelujah. Whoever sins has not seen him neither knows him. First seven little children. Let no man deceive you. He that does righteousness is righteous even as he Jesus is righteous and he come and he that commits sin is of the devil for the devil sins from the beginning for this purpose. The Son of God was manifested in the flesh the Word was made flesh that he might destroy the works of the devil first nine Whoever is born of God does not commit sin for he for his seed remains in him and he cannot sin because he is born of God in this the children of God are manifest and the children of the devil. Whoever does not righteousness is not of God neither he that loves not his neighbor or his brother friends have you heard it said. Oh but look at David look at David. There is a mother and after God's own heart. What did he do. You know the Bible is very clear that when David sinned. Friends when David sinned. He was not a man of to go to. Home. You see. So this gospel about let's just not worry about it. Let's just keep on sinning till Jesus comes is another gospel. It's a gospel that isn't easy gospel it's cheap grace. It's a deception of the devil that he is using to unite the whole world of around a false gospel. You know the Bible tells us. In First Kings Chapter fifteen verse five. It says that David did that which was right in the eyes of the Lord and turned not aside from anything that he commanded him all the days of his life except all the days of his life. To save only in the matter of your eyes. They had tight. So when he was with Bathsheba and he got your riot killed. He was not a man after God's own home. Read it in Patrick's and prophets and I believe that author is inspired page seven hundred and twenty three. She writes and says clearly David was not a man after God's own heart while he was in sin with Bathsheba he had he had a whole twelve months of thinking that his sin was OK until the prophet came to him and told him that parable. And he said that man should pay for full and you know the story of David is written there yesterday to show that any sin can be forgiven but all my friends sin has its consequences and what a suffering came into the people of God because of that sin. FRIEND So we have it. The unity that Jesus Christ prayed for or the unity that the world right now is clamoring for the whole point of communion is for you to acknowledge that you want to receive Jesus into you. You see the whole point of salvation and victory is that Jesus must well within and so that's why we have communion. Jesus said You have to eat my body. You have to drink my blood. All I must be in you like I am in the Father. So should you be in me. That's the unity that God wants. It's not coming together with different theological beliefs and saying you know what it's OK let's just stand for Jesus because that's actually a movement of apostasy. That is uniting under the Man of Sin and the whole world is wondering after the beast. Do you want to stand and be a true Protestant a Bible believing Protestant that believes as it reads Do you want to stand for Jesus really stand for Jesus and be united to Jesus as he was with the father. Do you want to do that in taking communion this morning. Oh my friends. This is so serious. I cannot impress upon you the seriousness of this you know when I first was converted such a sweet experience. Jesus really came into my life he can do that for you. He can do that for me again. But we have to satisfied with a wimpy kind of religion. I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God and to salvation. Take this communion service friends realizing that it is your a knowledge meant that you and I can only be saved by the mighty power of the grace of Jesus Christ. This isn't boring. This isn't dull. This is the greatest experience that the human heart longs for oh how I long to be with Jesus on my knees in in my my closet at home and and study and have his presence with me. Don't you want that presence to difference. So we bow our heads there Father in heaven. Lord we'd love to spend more time with you. We'd love to spend more of these precious moments going from verse to verse and and seeing how the whole message of the Bible is Jesus saves the Book of Revelation is a revelation of Jesus Christ. It tells us in the first few chapters specially chapter three that two and three that He who overcomes I will grant to sit with me I will give a new name. I will give a crown will be a pillar in the temple of God He who overcomes as I overcame shall sit on my throne. Oh dear god your calling your people to be overcomers to Father bless every young person here every older person. Every Adventist that is the yearning in their heart for revival of their faith the faith that was once delivered to the saints. Of fathers we take this communion today. May we not just go through the motions. May we realize that this is serious. The devil is stealing a march on us we need you Jesus. Now more than ever before my Jesus I love the. Father made be the prayer of everyone in the hearing of my voice that we might all together. Knowledge. The power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to save us to love one another to put aside differences to come together in church true unity father the reason why we're still on this earth is quite apparent. I I remember a quote that is on good authority that says when the. The image of Christ the character of Christ is perfectly reflected in the church then Jesus will come to take his bride. But Father we've we've we can do gospel. We've lessened the standards we've lowered them. Oh father have mercy on us. Please forgive us. Please forgive me as a preacher of the gospel. To not be afraid to speak the truth in love or father. This world in this generation is all about being cool and popular and being liked the more likes you get the more important we think we are father. The only like I want is from you. I want you to look down on me on every one of us here today and say well done. Good and faithful servant or father how can you break us out of our left. How can you wake us up from our sleep from our lukewarmness it's only by the Spirit of Jesus or father reviving us send us a revival of the Holy spirit of true godliness that will only come as a result of prayer not for just one day but months. To Father bless us I pray and. Speak to us in a way that words cannot speak speak to us today in a way that only you can perform speak to us. Lord as we take these emblems of your broken body. Yes the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us. And as we drink this grape juice Lord symbol of your pure blood that was spilt for us. Help us realize that we were on the cross with you we hate no longer to live with the sinful man anymore but to let Jesus the new man to be resurrected in Christ. Oh Father give us a true experience of your love and of your power this faith is not a wimpy faith. It is the truth as it is in Jesus and Jesus will stand one day. And say it is finished and will leave the courtroom of the heavenly sanctuary. And will come over father. Please pour out your Holy Spirit upon us revive us afresh. Give us Jesus we pray for without him we perish. Oh Lord. You are so merciful and we thank you. That we know these truths but oh lord help us not just to say Lord Lord but help us to do the will. Of you. Our Heavenly Father. So we can be prepared for Jesus to come. Oh Lord. This is our prayer. What a day that will be when Jesus comes. May we be ready. May we be ready. But Jesus did say as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be the coming of the Son of man. Where were the majority. But where could they have been today. You call us for a special convocation to your table and we say oh lord transform us take us on cleanse us this is our plea because we can't do it. Lift us up and revive us we are and we pray these things in Jesus precious and holy powerful Amen. This media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more service to visit W W W audio verse or.


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