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The Prophetic Present Truth for the End Times

P. Gerard Damsteegt Dr.Theol. MPH


P. Gerard Damsteegt Dr.Theol. MPH

Associate Professor of Church History (ret.) at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Andrews University



  • September 3, 2016
    2:00 PM
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I hope you enjoyed your meal. I hope you did eat only a little bit and not overeat. Savva the meals. We have been counted should be simple and not as eleven it was during the week. I am not quite sure who would agree with that. But you know you want to you to present truth and this is depression truth. I have also asked to speak on the prophetic present truth. And that's great and subject. I have you wrestling with cutting down the slights from eighty eight to seventy two for fifty to forty. And I got stuck and so but my custom is that if I know it's true. Why be just stop. Anyway let disaster Lord to give me the wisdom. How to deal with this presentation Heavenly Father. He need to restore. And the understanding or how to present the truth. This is in Jesus right to decide for his hour in Jesus' day. Amen. And take begin then with the raising of the second death and movement. Although my already still presentation of us with the early church and in the Middle Ages and in the defamation of whatever. I decided to raise or to separate a movement. Because there you find to read the rice well of the press and truth. You know last days. And we have been looking at the Revelation Chapter ten which is the prophetic foundation of the history of our movement here which is the angel Christ Himself came down from heaven. And stimulators through his presence of a world white movement graced is the leader of the movement and you know that is good to know because sometimes if you look at the leadership. Or the church itself. You may sometimes be disappointed or it may not you know live up to your expectations but if you realize that Jesus still in control. That gives me the strength and the courage to go in then in chapter seven. Or to chapter ten for seventy revelation. You find it is movement will finish the mystery of God during the beginning of the seventh trumpet it is the beginning in fact it says in the days when the seventeen Joe. Shall be given to sound. Dizzy. He begins to sound though. In the days you know as a little period. He reads the Gospel proclamation will be finished. And that's what we have there we are involved it. Revelation. Then the first eight or ten deals them with the experience or that remnant prophetic movement the experience of the Adventist it is a sweet and joyous and a bit to be the disappointing experience. It's sweet in the proclamation. And in the invites writings you find it. The happiest year of her life was the year eighteen forty three to put the fore. Because after that her personal experience of men go to that moment was not a pleasant effect at times she was completely neglected and through the back. To her but the brotherly and sisterly sweetness of the at the movement. Well she constantly that city for best as he would like us to leave the planet the to live to see and experience and get back to the Philadelphia experience. Which was an open door experience and then we get the Revelation ten first eleven to twelve. Denver's eleven to eleven first one and there we find. It's world wide mission is to present the prophetic present truth with the end time. And it is very interesting that this deal specifically with God Stamboul the sanctuary and God's people. Now let us look here at the Geo historicity of you all of the twenty three year period because we were not the only ones notable as a whole movement throughout the world. And it is moving throughout the world. This was the picture. The twenty three hundred years was the focal of the answer because in seventeen ideate Daniel seven was fulfilled and now the attention was to twenty three unit years were days were years in chapter eight and Hundred known at reduced mill militate interpreters started to Spirit in four fifty seven two fifty four fifty three B.C. and therefore ninety in eighty cities three to eight hundred thirty seven. And and of the twenty three units years in eighty one thousand nine hundred eighty four the whole spectrum. Over dates and things and have that goes by everyone. You have to keep in mind that about ninety five percent or of the people here in the United States were his store a cyst. And if you shared a mess. Is there a message that Billy Miller Valse prosper Miliard and accept some of the interpretation and the areas and so what did now. All the other churches believe about this if you. He had a problem fuse on the cleanse you have to sing to eighty some expose that are set at the beginning of the millennium on earth is done in eighteen forty four eighty forty three another set. It's the fall or destruction of the Mohammedanism or just loan. So it was Palestine will be cleaned and then the Islamic forces the Turks will be expelled and usual to return. Other said hey it is a cleansing of you to swim. The destination of through worship in Jerusalem. Another said hey it is the steadily spent or to conversion of the Jews in Palestine. And that route starting nativities three hundred forty four others. You deserve it. At the electic cleansing of the church from all anti-Christian Albo but Nations because you have the church of all impurities that through religion would be established birching of the church from all people influence us the establishment of the through worship of grout. Or the beginning of millennium. But the result of all the expectations. What was that. Which one possible field. None of those. So in a diverse all exposed. Presbyterians Baptist Church of God knows arena Episcopalians all. All experience disappointment in the history books. The only group that is singled out for that event are the Adventist who speculated and you know was a fanatical movement. But friends all of us experience a disappointment. Keep in mind. Now where does the minister now shine in this climate. Grok now launched his first he just message. The rise of the first ages message in the eight hundred thirty thousand eight hundred forty S. the Great the days of the great second it would movement under William Miller and he was a very unique person early writings the vision there you'll find that in a time when there was a great confusion all kind of prophetic interpretations. You know went haywire. Grot sent his in all. To William Miller. Now why he was Million Miller Joseph. He seemed to be the right man at the right time. At the right place. He was an honest man. Even if his ideas were not of course act. But when he saw the light. He had the power to follow it and God gave him. The servant of the Lord's us inside it into areas will revelation that have been for ever dark to God's people. And so here it is like to keep it now going to God to be a person angel because it was not the scholars of Princeton jail were Harvard that were selected all willy nilly and what did God. To hear he received strong support from the eighty three C. falling stars phenomena. He will start in eighteen thirty one two years after this. This phenomena and everyone was looking now to Christ coming in regard to the prophecies present truth. At the end of the twenty three of the prophetic Days of Daniel eight fourteen. Jesus will cleanse what. The sanctuary and now what William Miller did with delighted to receive from heaven here so she did this video eight fourteen with the final judgment at the start of the millennium. Now what is the significance of that one eight hundred fourteen. Daniel eight fourteen became to judgment our message not the new millennium not the beautification not the DO is going back to the holder No it isn't judgment our message the George Smith Bill begin there is no second chance. Now that comes of does anybody because all the other Christians were basically post-millennial. First of all let him then. Things happen to the Jews have then. And Christ Kingdom is established on Earth then Jesus will come and BILLION millibars called politically off that record. You know we frequently say oh here's us here you have the second thing to be going to be on a part of it. Now you can say that but we had so much different views so many different views. It is a judgment our message. Jesus will come and then he comes. There is no second chance. So you can see here that this was a very shocking message to most people. Because if you don't jump on board of the first angels message you being lost. You get the message. So you. And so that is the unique contribution of William Miller. It has the everlasting gospel. The good the good news. It calls first of all repentance like just like he's mission everybody went. Repent for the kingdom of heaven is and who the MILLIKAN So repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. If you got him we know better but Bessie's a city where you don't need to fear because perfect fear God out perfect of course not fear but this is a fear that a big Christ in everything you can well first to teen. Genesis twenty two first twelfth second could inches seven version one and Proverbs eight thirteen and Proverbs sixteen six fear God means I fear to do my own evil ways and steal away from God so you me from evil. So it is not that if you got the you fear to do evil and a friend got. Because you want to love God and you see the difference friends and so that was the message it's obeying Him through sin obey him in everything then give glory to Him first good inches six nineteen and twenty and it means to glorify Him in all our physical mental and spiritual faculties It is an holistic holistic message. And then he just broke late with a great urgency because according to do you get King James to inflation. The out of his judgment is come. So when Million Miller preached his message this message was in the near future. Very Pretty soon the art of just when you come Ben eighty forty four and he was right but he didn't have the full understanding of this. So this was depression truth message that was lost by William Miller. Contrary to many who were working in the second great awakening to all kind of post-millennial thinking it was a revival of pre-millennial isn't of the reformers and the effect was electrifying. Of all the great religious movements since the days of the Apostles. None had been more free from human imperfections and that Wiles of Satan. Then was death of the author of eight hundred forty four great call diversity page four hundred forty one. Here you see the slight program to Delia Miller had. So you the background the chart that throws the ball to meet you at the time. And and the charts. I can add can tell you a lot about it but they don't. So what was the reaction now to this glorious message where many people were converted. I read this report the preaching of definite time call for great opposition from all classes from the minister to the pulpit down to the most reckless heaven daring scene or really writing to thirty's to get to thirty four. That was the response but didn't Jesus have a similar response to his message. And the apostles. And so he had a problem churches nobody ject a defers dangerous message and in newspapers there is the great ascension of the mill Rose Garden I go to heaven and all this whole are just friends. There are plenty of cartoons there. That certainly would not aspire you to become a. And that's when just the probes and churches persecuted yet and just. Religious leaders rejected the first angels message. And persecuted US interests. They objected to members attending the act and teachings. They just fellowship those believing that the teachings. Like the white family. They were just fellowships. Because their views were not in harmony with the myth of the stitches. And they were disfellowshipped without having a hearing. Solely to deceive the news they were probably more part of the church just friends. They are ridiculed they mocked and taunted at the dist false which were circulated through injury influence. And at times saying we must try to kill the Exodus preachers including Will humility but it won't kill him. Right because he says he's starring has not yet come now is that a good message. If you witness. Don't be afraid they'll be free to all the opposition or you knock on doors or whatever. Don't be afraid because if your time has not yet come nobody can touch it. And that has been a great encouragement for me because my message is yes his message has not always been popular. But this is the disks and the truth shall make you free. This is fantastic. It's all here fast now with what you have and I grew up in babbling on you know I mean bad when all that was all the new. All this passed for good because Christ. Is there is a fantastic. And so. Because of the first angels reject it. Do you tense you know of the ultimate test how to. Ethically we're to the next message. The follow babble. See. So does is not just actually decent. And looking at the Bible and the text no dish is not in a vacuum. But this isn't in a global setting where people all Christians reject God's truth for the last days because your Jesus had the mind to create a group of people that would be witnesses for what. For his great strength zisha in heaven big greatest event between GO got them and the Second Advent is what is the transition of one phrase to the final phase of Christ High Priest ministry. He was never a whole group of people that were rejoicing in go to and looking at it. And what you see here the opposite opposition opposition opposition and so the message of the second angel call of bearing on this fallen it was. Joel's fiche. Who in eighty forty three proclaimed his message and it was just going off like a wild fires through the activist. Yes this is a fulfillment because our message is now completely shut out and we are ridicules the rejection of the first angels message directed the attention to the second angels message and this presence through thick brush and truth. Lead to further light or Babylon eighty four the scene eighteen forty four. What was the concept of Babylon in eighteen forty three with us and all the other problems. The promise of a different by belong with the Roman Catholic Church. It was clearly doing that affirmation with that of May She was completely and that the most and I rejected in due to the formation in the sixteenth century and the Council of Trent the cover. Council rejected the whole the formation and everything was cursed enough the most. I may say yes but that the sport of years ago. You know to threaten to indorse all the decisions of etiquette and at the conference will think it's changed and accept the names or face. But the teachings have to say and we are becoming D.C. ft. Even so much interest. They have been doing to produce the forty four Babilonia expands to include also the Protestant churches there that rejected the first dangerousness so badly wrong isn't a dynamic constant and people rejected to become a part of it and so what's happened now in eight hundred forty four. That Protestantism basically became a part of Babylon and that everyone is just part of the city of three parts and the final unity will be spiritualism which is the law and all the other churches and they will be united against that end but it is progressive progressive a moral for us but for us to fall very needy would a poor moral fall to serve the Lord says the second angel's message of Revelation fourteen was first preached in December of eighty forty four and it then had the more the direct application to the churches of the now the States were to warning of the judgment had been most widely proclaimed and most generally rejected and worded declensions in the churches had be most of that but the message of the second day Angel did know that each its complete fulfillment in eight hundred forty four the church is dead but. Experience what a moral fall in consequence of that the fuse will of the light to it. Of the message but that's Falwell's not complete great called the verses three eighty nine. Now everyone's situation get worse and worse as they have continued to reject the special truths for this time to follow lower and lower not yet however can it be said that they were going to spoil him because he made all nations drink of the vine of that out there for a geisha she has not yet made all nations do this. So here since eighty four before the fall has been progress and worst worst worst. And if you think that that is good news to better longer that we have to learn from Babylon. You can agree to English. Go read English. Where is your faith. You see because here you clearly says it. Now I'm not talking here about the signs of mathematics. The science of chemistry. No it is the spiritual benefit. In the last days. The city has messages and the message of pushing through worship and we need not to go to bed. We long in order to experience to worship. So we should be to worship leaders we should be to hurt and know the to the people of the universe we still come to the artist and teach us and the benchmarks today are University of Chicago Princeton Yale Harvard. Where our schools. And so great goal diversity clearly spells it out. The writer blessings. So here we have now seen that before up to eighteen forty four you have done the period. Historical period of the first angels message and. Then the second angels message. And now the new like that we have for received leaders in two D. thirteen Joe you know I will write frequent talks about thirteen just message. But see means then if you share the third angel. Hey don't forget the first in the second because you will never understand the third ings of us unless you understand first in the second. It's no packets of present truth and many people that are brought into the message don't even know the historical experience of our people. And that is spot Satan wants to have because then five years ago. Later the statistics shows that fifty percent of all new converts. Are there even with us. Because they don't have the foundation. But it was for me. I mean even if you hold your own covers apostatize us. I want to walk away. Because I you know my foundation. And my foundation is in the Word of God and Jesus is the leader. According to Daniel of Revelation ten. There is my hope my strength and above is now the light that the Lord has given and this light. Has not clearly see by our people. Jesus ladies and reveals now his final ministry in heaven the sanctuary as the end to typical fulfillment of the if we don't and we have discussed this already here for some but it isn't certain light then that I want to highlight and if you would notice explains immediately all our behavior. The light from the sanctuary defines the mission of the remnant that is a vital connection. Between Christ cleansing the have the sanctuary and the church. I have been involved in the discussion of the glacier of you with the hard tiles Oh and whatever and frequently you know in those called the verses that you're so what difference does it make if we know the geography in heaven. What is going on. What is the relevance today and the many people who are questioning this you know what is it what is it. That they missed a vital connection a mission is to prepare people for the Second Advent it prepares people to stand in the day of the Lord that is a special player predation needed to power speak to or usually suit a final conflict. The restoration of all truth to prepare the remnant to meet a lot in Acts chapter three verse nineteen to twenty one which is the Jesus Christ building made in heaven on to the rest. The reason of all things. So in other words written is new light. God gives us all light it is necessary. To stand to the deed Lord not the wrong of our fundamental teachings is necessary because each gives us a different perspective or how to be successful in the Final Crisis. And if we don't see disconnections friends. We have missed the boat. He draws here brother O. our level of growth here. The cleansing of the century in two dimensions. While Jesus cleanses the heavenly saying to Aerie the Holy Spirit cleansers God's people that spiritual temple is very interesting here. Crucial says that is a little in the spiritual temple. The little being the. Sanctuary in the new you do slam the little city and the spiritual the church the little walk by by Jesus Christ our king a priest John fourteen to Hebrews eight to Chapter nine verse eleven the spiritual temple by DO Holy Ghost first good inches three seventeen six nineteen to twenty two twenty two between these two there is a perfect concert off action. As Christ prepares to place the Spirit does the people when he came to his temple the sanctuary to cleanse it. The spirit commands to special cleansing of the people Melich I see the point to me you see the relevance to your Jesus doing and what goes on on Earth. Now you can see hate is the despair of special cleansing of God's people before the Second Advent what is Melich I see first of the three cents and the Lord told you will seek will certainly to come to a stumble he will be for behold he is coming but who can endure to day over scumming and who can stand when he appears. For he is like a refiner fire like a foreigner so he will see it is that he finer and purify of silver purifier silver he will cure if I do sons of Levi and purchased him as gold and silver that they may offer to the Lord and offering him of righteousness this cleansing out special significance after eighteen forty four now. Who is the Lord cleansing. Sones of Eva who are to sense of the very last days. God's people. Who. We will cleanse God's people. Jesus told the spirit saying. And so if you want to do some good reading. Please recordists great controversy pages for twenty four to forty six and before his day is over. You should have looked at this of course you have a little time because we will be go to six thirty tomorrow. Anyway read it and if that will not go of fifty she would convince you. I think or you know things are hopeless. But this is a key element friends a key element the cleansing on the T. levels. Why you must believe to be cleansed. Again this is the teaching of the saints you entered the saying to reveal it all to us new insight from the security doctrine. You know the Writings I saw that many do not realize what saved must be in order to live in the sight of the Lord. Without a High Priest in the sanctuary through the time of trouble. Those who receive the seed of the Living got Revelation seven. Are to be protected in time of trouble. They must be flicked the image of Jesus fully. I saw that none shared to be freshly which is the letter rain. ALLEZ the octane to victory over every what he set meant bright selfish his love of the world over every wrong word of action we should therefore be drawing nearer to nearer to the Lord and be earnestly seeking that deputation necessary to enable us to stand in the battle of the day of the Lord really writing speech seventy one. Now when many have been shocked with this and have close to books sold it for second hand books and there's a disaster. It is me not to me but tell me can you and. Thing to have and if you have still cry to your house if you're selfish if you love the world. If you're wrong. I work through it. Can you then go into heaven. No So therefore this is nothing supernatural I mean this is this is a common thing we need to reflect these fully. And so if you have problems with this kind of thing but if you're going to have to do you a drug near a needed to do. Jesus is that of selling your books and the Bible you come closer to Jesus. And because you come to Jesus. The more you reflect this character. That stood the prescription and then you will stand in the day of the Lord know what the what are you with me. So and So that is if you believe in the center. Now if you have no believe in the sanctuary. This doesn't mean anything. And so that is the reason why many people outside of that which is in many other cases do look at this value and why others who careful with this it is of that eating and their Sabbath and whatever you know because you can't keep the law anyway. That's what they believe only Jesus can do it. Jesus a different you know Jesus did not use any power that is not accessible to us. There's the good news. The good news. So we have this problem it is the problem of the carnal nature. And you can only if you will have to the end of time but you don't need to be a victim. Or you can measure. Are you really. It's Christ in you. The hope of glory. And so then what is then the thirteen just message. Warning not to worship the beast and his image and all the teachings of the beast the first Beast of Revelation thirteen has a dual sport fell from sixty usually no doubt. It's five thirty eight to twelve seventy ninety eight and then the specific character. And claim of the beast is number six six six starts with victory is really day. You know we have in the church here a guard of and shocking thing that people scholars have set at forty executional to historians that this is a title the students use because it is not being used as that would be used. There is no historical evidence and it was distributed in the Sabbath school quarterly in two thousand and two thirty to be R R U S friends. This is said because disclaimed I've been and I. And I'm the figure of Christ. It's taking the prototype of God on Earth. No wonder that the Catholic Church believes that they will have control of the whole world in the future and what they do. Putting people in high places everywhere. And our whole legal system is controlled in the DOP brought up by Catholics the trade union presidents of Catholics the two vice presidents that I know for the running. I don't know Catholics. It's interesting to test it is just plan friends to put all these things vision of the City of God out where you have one pope one emperor over the people have got it is a concerted action because they believe in this and they can blame it if you believe that. But is a false false picture of prophecy and so does false Grover's you will dominate the whole world. Correct that is the exposure to the papacy the union of church and state system that forces his doctrines and worship or the whole world he was sure to be used. Never. Thirteen verse fourteen to fifteen. It's created by the second Beast of Revelation thirteen a Protestant image to the people beast. So it is a cross the image of church and state is all present with friends demons to be used to represent that form of apostate Protestantism which will be developed in the present churches shall C.D.A. two of the civil power forty a four spent all the doctrine. But in the very act of enforcing a religious duty by secular power the churches who didn't cells form an image to the beast. Hence because the beast comes to him for sore Sunday so hence the year for Smith of Sunday keeping in the United States would be an unfortunate of the worst of the biggest and his image great call diversity four four five four four nine. When will it be a forst before probation closes the Lord has shown me clearly the dmards of the beast will be for formed before probation closes for it is to be the great test of Sunday observance for the people have got by which their eternal destiny will be decided. So Lector messages point to page eighty one. And so what is now the mark of the beast its claim with authority. And as you may not claim it today but throughout history. It's everywhere there as a sign of the authority of the Catholic Church Bay priests writers throughout the centuries cite the very act of changing Saturday into Sunday which Protestants allow off because by keeping Sunday. They acknowledged a church a sparrow or two ordained feasting command them in their sin and the tube or feel a bleached. Abridgement of Christian doctrine page fifty eight. What then is the change of the Sabbath put aside no mark of the thought of the of the Roman Church the mark of the beast great controversy for forty eight and this will David discovered is that it over seventy Baptist. In the seventeenth century will have the same view of the mark of the beast. So this is not simply came about because of the A.G.H. they were pressing to so they locked in for the know for hundreds of years this you have been cherished by Sabbath keepers and so what we need friends today is the next of the thirteen just so you just messages. If you need it but without going back to the extremes of the parties you will never get it because they were that if you want to be a Christian you have to listen to the Gospels because they have the way the idea they have the witnesses. So to be a solace seven the other just the less you know how God works through our power you need years and how God uses them you will never be grounded in the space. Many people come into our church because Revenge Of The Sith meetings they have the city twenty eight formative and the belief you say your name and be baptized and that is all they know about Atlantis no friends you know that it's true. But those years we had a prophetic movement. Providentially resurrected by God's revelation then is distorted evidence evolution twelve how to correct their sticks to keep going to grams of God and have the prophetic gift and Chapter fourteen the Veals the message. That prepares people to be a part of the victorious under forty four thousand and escape the final death penalty. By the states. So why do we need it. Many who embrace the thirteen joules message had not an experience into two former defers to the second angel messages see the understood this and here's what evil I rose upon them to overthrow them they don't have the foundation. But deferred Angel was pointing them to the most holy place and those who had an experience in the past messages were pointing them today way into the heavily sanctuary. They have it is very important to understand the historical development for the first second or third angels message. The protest against distortions of the present truth. Many sought the perfect chain of the truth in the angel's messages and glad to receive them in their order and I followed Jesus by faith into the heavily sanctuary. These messages were represented to me as an anger to the people of God Those who understand that he sees them Bill be kept from this being swept away by what. The many delusions of Satan earlier writings do fifty six. Here it is friends. If you want to be rebuked be be rooted in the present truth. You need to have this experience a person experience and if you have to person experience friends then you can share it with others instead of just giving them twenty eight. Loosely connected doctorates So there is good for systematic theology comparing displacement is British. But to make somebody a crude grounded idiot in space fans. We need to experience things and our leisure experience that for the explain is experience you will never have the solid foundation and resolve the three messages revelation forty percent of they have the patience. They have to keep the commanders have got and keep the faith of Jesus and the commanders of course this is over the whole their lecture but the commandments of God are pioneers discovered in God God is this is not all leave the Ten Commandments. But all God's laws in nature including our health laws and if you want to be prepared for the Final Crisis. You have to obey not only do more a lot but the physical laws and the mental lives because the only Spirit works through our form frontal lobes and anything more to eat or drink if that affects the frontal lobes friends then the throat wound was able to make a distinction between the secret into profane we did sacred and the common and we don't see why we should do certain things for instance is very very important and those who are not a part of this health reform movement will fail in the last crisis the last crisis will be so great that we need all the power of the frontal lobe to the Holy Spirit impressions as with everything he wants. And today friends. Do you know what the Lord has now in mind for the next ten years. You know. No you don't know. But do you want to know it. Yes. So therefore you need to be filled with the power growing spirit he would need you need to be baptized in. Only you believe that and then don't lower till tell you what to do tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Don't have your plan here. I says. Lord bless me. No Lord. What is your plan for my life. What do you say. That is what we need. And so as a result here. The five reports of the sieges messages in a special sense seven had to say he said to the world as watchman a light bearers to them has been thrust of the last warning for the parish the world all Demi shining a wonderful light from the word of got they have been given the work of the most solemn import the proclamation of what. The first second to thirty just message there is no other work of so great importance. They are to allow nothing else to absorb that attention testimony Beach ninety. This is friends this is a mission from now. How would you do that. Talk to the Lord. So you know I'm a baker I be cast register. I'm a clinical clinician the Lord will give you give you the idea how to do it but it needs to be a total surrender and the Lord is waiting for the people that are saying here Lord I really take control of my life my rusts years all my life will be on the a plane and all the decisions of the plan or no plan at all. It is. Nope it also has a plan for you. And so who wants to continue with us going to see you hands. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord and so friends this is the key watchman what is over the night may go brush. You with your experience in depression truth. As it is in Jesus. That's pretty heavily fatty you have seen the Hence reached up to heaven that they want to have a partnership with you from now until Jesus comes or until a breath Oh father made the last years of our lives from now on until eternity be filled with the spirit of Jesus. Maybe you realize that this Jesus is cleansing to have the sanctuary. That the Holy Spirit has become the cleansing. You know lives. It has started you forty four. And how far have we progress to. Knowledge that we have not much to give our mistakes and maybe a part of workers Paul says With comes this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons. Please Visit W W W audio verse or.


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