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Nehemiahs Needed Now

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan



  • July 23, 2016
    11:30 AM
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Father in heaven. Today. Maybe recognize that we are in Earth's final moments of history and we recognize today that more than ever. Jesus as the song. Our special music said needs to be the ruler of our hearts. We recognize today more than ever that we need faith like never before we need to be men and women of prayer like never before. We need to be men and women of perseverance like never before. Men and women of obedience like never before. And Lord May we understand that these times in which we live are serious. We're living in the final closing scenes of The Book of Revelation and may we know what it means to walk with our God Now we know what it means to put every idol away but we know what it means to stand firmly for the truth and this day in age to be shining lights to be clear channels for the Spirit of God to use us to reach the world for Christ before he returns. And Lord today may we be Nehemias standing in the midst of the people standing in the midst of this world crying out that Jesus is coming soon and may the Lord the desire of our hearts the decision of our hearts today to be ready for Jesus when He comes and we put away all nonsense all foolishness and Mayor I be single to day to the glory of God May our faces Lord be set like a lens to know Jesus to walk with him and to know personally in our lives. The power of his resurrect. And we ask Lord today that you would focus our eyes upon your word and we come in Jesus' name. But all God's people say amen. Much could be said about Nehemiah a man of gone a reformer of his day a man who took faith. Seriously who took the work of God by the horns and he wrestled with God until he wrestled with the work and he was victorious and doing a task that to the rest of the world seemed impossible by then and fact not only did the rest of the world the Nehemiah's day say and believe that their work. God had given him to be impossible. But they ridiculed him and they attacked him and they set themselves against that work. We have a similar work today because Jesus is called Every one of us to be disciples of him and they carry the gospel and to all the world and then and we are a people who believe that the through the power of God It is possible to preach the gospel to all the world and then it is a work that God has called us to do to rebuild those places that have been laid waste through the ages because of spiritual apostasy and compromise and God is called his people and these days to rise up and build the wall and Isaiah Chapter fifty eight God calls us to be repairs of the breach on the good say men because as people in the last days to not compromise to stand for truth and to rebuild those places that have been torn down. How have you believe today that God has called you personally so that sounds Let me see your hands this morning. God is not just simply called others. He's called you. He's called me. Thank you for that this morning in the OF MY a chapter one. I'm not going to read from here but I was going to summarize but Nehemiah begins to hear the words that Jerusalem was laying in ruins and it was in captivity and Nehemiah and Chapter one into he begins to we over the condition of the city of Jerusalem and today friends we ought to be weeping over the condition of God's church what do you think this morning we ought to be weeping that God's Church lays in a state of Laodicea but I believe today it's not going to lay there for a long in fact I believe today it's beginning to awaken and you know where the church is beginning to awaken right here in Michigan a men with grown Michigan and the revival Reformation has been taking place all across the conference. It's beginning to spread to other places and the Lord is doing powerful things he's beginning to wake up his people. He's beginning to say to his people. Now's the time to rise and build. The in my chapter two verse seventeen. He calls the people together. He calls the nobles together and a verse seventeen it says then I said to them. You see the distress that we are in how the Rousseau I'm lies in waste and its gates are burned with fire. Come let us build the wall of Jerusalem that we may have no longer be a reproach the a Maya says the gates are burned with fire the city is laid in ruins and I would propose to you. The day that this world's gates are burned with fire this world's gates and this world's walls are laying in waste and the people of the earth are desperate to hear a message of hope and rebuilding and let me tell. Something today they are not going to hear it from Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. They're going to hear it from the Word of God and from your lips and my lips Amen. The only way to make America great again disappoint Jesus as the Lord of our lives say then. And God is calling us to recognize that this world is at its end it's at its end the gates are laying in ruin and he says. Come let us build the wall of Jerusalem that we may no longer be every pro's do you understand today that the Christian church as a whole to the world is a reproach. Yes or no it is full of hypocrisy. It is full of compromise. It is full of weakness because people have not stood for truth. People have not. Ronsard with the God of heaven through prayer people have not stood for what is right they have been hypocrites and we are all guilty of the world stands the church stands before the world and reproach. But in the last days God is looking for me that Nehemiah us. And as the tide of the message is called Nehemiah's are needed. Now God is calling and looking for Nehemiah's to stand up in Isaiah fifty eight and rebuild that wall so that the God's church the Seventh Day Adventist Church may not be in reproach of the world but when the world looks to God's Church. It sees a church will look purity full of power full of hope full of peace and full of truth and then God is calling for his people to rise up and build verse eighteen I told them the hand of my God which had been good upon me and also the king's words that have been spoken to me. So they said Let us rise up and once let us rise up and build if you notice something their friends that that that respond. Yes came from who it came from where it came from the people the people said Let us rise up and what and Bill they were not looking to a preacher to tell them what to do they were not looking to in the year my at to do the work but the people said Let who. Let us rise up and build let me tell you the only lasting movements. That's going to take place in the last days that's going to be lasting and fulfilling as when it's coming. The call to rise up the bill is coming not from always the leadership not from the pastor not from the conference President or Bless his heart who is here with us today. The person minister is director of a conference. It's not going to come from those people. It's going to have to come from the bottom up. Amen. It's going to have to be a stirring of the Spirit of God in the hearts of God's people to rise up and build and then. Whether it's hot or whether it's cold. Whether it's raining or whether it's shining God's people have to be stirred by his Spirit Amen. We have to be praying that God will store our hearts. Let us rise up and build then they set their hands to this good work but when Sun ballot. They were night to buy the M. and I official and guess from the Arab heard of it. They laughed at us and despised us and said What is this thing that you're doing well. You re bell against the king. Do you think today friends that when we commit ourselves to doing the work of God The world's going to respond with joy. Yes You know they're going to laugh aren't they. They're going to despise you. They're going to hate you because when God's light is shining through you. It's going to expose their darkness and it's going to make them angry and there's going to be opposition like there's never been before. Let me tell you something. Those of you who have ever done something for God in your life know that when you start. To do that something state and start to do his Something yes or no he starts to work against you to counter the work that God But let me ask you a question who is greater. Is the God of heaven greater or is he greater sometimes people begin that work and Satan is working and he starts to attack them in various ways and people say well you know what since I've done this thing for God since I've made my decision to follow God or since I started to do a work for God problems have arisen my life. Therefore it's better to watch it to turn back. God promises armor for The Christian but do you understand that he does not provide armor for the backside. He provides a shield. He provides a breastplate he provides a helmets but there is no armor for your back because if you turn back. You're going to be done end if you turn back. He's going to know you in the back. And it's going to be all over because God doesn't call us to go back. He calls us to go how friends he calls us to go forward so verse twenty I answered them and said to them. The God of heaven himself will prosper us God sometimes uses the work of angels and he sends a spirit. But here. Nehemiah says the God of heaven himself will prosper us and God Himself personally has an interest in the work that he's given his people to do on this earth have you believe that today. He has a personal interest and the affairs of your life in mind he has a personal interest to see that this work is succeeded and he will take a personal interest to give the power to see that it's done. Amen. Now if you'll jump over with me to chapter four chapter four and verse one it says here it so happened when so. And bowed her that we were rebuilding the wall that he was furious and very indignant and he mocked the Jews and he spoke before his brother in the army and Samarian said What are these feeble Jews doing when they fortify themselves with the offer sacrifices with a complete it in one day. Will they revive the stones from the heats of rubbish stones that are burned. Now to buy the Ammonite was beside him and he said whatever they build even if a fox goes up on it he will break down their stone wall but people of God as they begin to rise and build began to endure ridicule. Yes or no. What do they endure they endured ready CULE and the leaders of the other nations came and they began to ridicule them when you engage in the work of God are you going to experience ridicule yes or no should that stop you. Yes or No it ought to encourage you. Because when the enemy begins to ridicule you know that God is about to do something great. Yes And so there was multiple things that they endured and one of them was ridicule you know God's people today in his church almost always tend to shrink back when someone ridicules don't they. And when you think about witnessing to someone or or asking someone to take Bible says or doing something that God's called to do you say oh I don't know if I can do that but what if they say no. What if they. What if they. What if they make fun of me or what if they ridicule me or if they attack me and ridicule Satan has used for centuries to cause God's people to shrink back from the work that he's calling them to move forward in what he thinks today. So if in your heart when God lays something on your heart and you begin to sense that fear that I'm going to be ridiculed. Do you suppose that's probably an indicator of exactly what God wants you to do. Yes or no. That's probably an indicator isn't it because the Bible says that perfect love casts out all what and if you have. The perfect love of Christ dwelling in your hearts you think he can help you overcome that fear yes or no he can help you overcome that fear and notice what real Nehemias response was to the ridicule that was heaped upon the verse for Hero our God for we are despised turn their reproach on their own heads and give them as plunder to a land of captivity do not cover their iniquity and their not let their sin be blotted out before you for they have provoked you to anger before the builders and so what did he do. Friends. He appealed to whom he appealed to the appeal to God and notice what they did in verse six. It says so we did what we built the wall of the entire wall was joined together after its height for the people had a mind so work that in stock it in shrink back and they didn't hold back. But in the midst of ridicule they pressed forward. In fact they prayed that God would turn the work of the enemy upside down and does God have a habit of doing that throughout Scripture yes or no he has a habit doesn't mean he knows how to do this and so notice they didn't stop but they moved forward they continued. And what God called them in verse seven. Now it happened when send ballot to by the Arabs in the Ammonites in the ass of it's heard that the walls of the Roussillon were being restored and that the gaps were beginning to be close. They became very angry and all of them conspired together to come and attack to resell them and create confusion and so the second thing that they dealt with was not just ridicule. But actually wide open attack. Open attack. Do you suppose that people my openly attack us when we decide to do the work of God What do you think as a church verse nine. Nevertheless we made our. It's a hoop to God and because of them. We set a watch against them. Day and night. Think about this for just a minute when the enemy begins to increase his attack on your life because you have set your heart like a flint to do the work of God God calls you to not stop the work that he's given you. Yes or No Some of you have had attacks in recent months and you said I don't know if I should keep doing what I'm doing in the church. What God calls us to what keep working a man. But and also what did they do they sent a what they said a watch both day and night and God any type of attack on the enemy any type of work that God calls us to is also a call to what to prayer every obstacle that we face from the enemy is a call to prayer it's an opportunity to pray and see God do something very powerful. Amen. And so they set a watch day and night and we think today friends that we ought to be doing the saying yes or no do you have that watch set in your house. Do you have that watch set in your family you have that watch set on your personal life your sons or daughters your children your grandchildren. Is that swatch of prayer that is both day and night is that there is god are you allowing God to give in God permission friends to wake you up in the middle of the night whether it's midnight two o'clock three o'clock four o'clock to set that watch and that call into prayer is God moving your heart is you moving your lie or are you flying during in your spiritual life. If you are floundering today. You need to set that watch. If you are prospering today. You need to set that. Watch. If you're somewhere in between. You need to set that watch because the God of heaven will not do any great work through his church until his people are on their knees until his people are sore and those people are turning over the idols in their life to him he cannot and will not do that work but let me tell you what friends we get serious with God He will get serious with us. A man his spirit is not limited there is nothing on this earth that is limited by the Spirit of God except our wills and our choice then look there in verse ten then Judas said the strength of the labors is failing. And there is so much rubbish that we are not able to build the wall. So not only friends the Nehemiah and his friends experience attacks from without They were also experience acts from attacks from where from the inside. Even the laborer said all others so much rubbish on the wall. We cannot build a wall so that as the the the heart of the people began to fail but what did me in my do again the third time. What did he do. Friends. Look there in verse seven it says in our adversaries said they will neither know or see anything till we come in their midst and kill them. So it was when the Jews who dwelt near came they told us ten times for whatever place you turn they will be upon us. So there was essentially panic going on with the a mile but notice what he does. Therefore I position. Men behind the lower parts of the wall of the openings and I set the people according to their families with their swords their spears and their boats. He began to refocus the people do you think that we need refocussing yes or no and look here and I looked and arose and said to the nobles to the leaders and to the rest of the people do not be afraid of them. Remember the lord great and awesome and fight. For your brethren and your sons and daughters and your wives and your houses and so Nehemiah once again appeals to the God of heaven. Every obstacle in your life whether it be personal a sin or whether it be some issue in the church every single time we need to appeal to who friends whether receiving ridicule whether we're receiving open attack whether there's an attack from the inside whether there's threats or whatever's happening. We need to have an appeal to who every single time on appeal to the God of heaven. You know what that's one of the churches failing is because we're not doing that. That's why you're some of your families might be failing because you're not doing that set the watch people set the watch or your family's regained the focus and remember the Lord your God and cry out to him. I don't wrestle with him until he blesses you don't get off your knees do not love your beds more than your knees do not love your face books more than your Face Book. You want to see in your life. I'm telling you set the watch. And you will see miracles like you've never seen before God will begin to do something in your heart you will begin to do something and the heart of your spouse you will begin to do something in the hearts of your children who sent the watch day and night and what not a moment go by but not a day go by when your heart is not calling out to him in your mind and in your hearts that God we will not go and to you. Bless us. We want to see your hand move you think the God of heaven and he looked dead is alive is just as alive as. Was in these days. Let me tell you something friends. The Book of Revelation Chapter seven says that God is holding back the winds of strife. On The View. Just last week and I told you there was this event together two thousand and sixteen where Protestants evangelicals and Catholics were coming together in Washington D.C. to pray for unity that God might put away everything that divide and salt together one million people they were calling to be there. I don't know how many actually came and Pope Francis was to deliver a video message to that group of people who were calling for unity and want to unity. Do you realize that when they came together last and about four hundred people within the crowd began to have heat stroke or something along those lines. The sun began to go and they were all getting sick and they actually called off the event right before Pope Francis was to give his video speech. He tell you something. The enemy is pressing at the gates and God is holding back the winds of strife. One other event Have you heard of secular or religious where that kind of thing has happened. Let me tell you that was God's hand moving because he says not yet I got hasta keep saying Not yet because he's saying My church is not ready. Not yet. It's time to set the watch this time to rise up and build the wall. It's time to look the enemy straight in the face and say no more its people will rise and build though they mean we may be threatened though we may be attack though you may stir up. Listeners on the inside. We are going to set the watch. Set the watch. We are going to remember the lord great an awesome and fight for our brother and and we fight on our knees don't we as Christians because remembering the Lord always leads to revival and reformation. Amen. It always leads to revive refs every time that I have fallen by the wayside I've either gone off to the left. And the Lord shakes me up a little bit and I remember the Lord and the great and mighty things he's done in my life every single time in my life. It has led to revival in my life as read from I look at this verse fifteen and it happened when our enemies heard that it was known to us that God had brought their what the nothing. So nothing but all of us return to the wall and so our work. I mean can say men. And Chapter six and they were going to close. Verse to San balloting guess from sent to me saying Come let's meet together. Among the villages in the plain of oh no but they thought to do me harm you know when Satan can't Congress to read a kewl. When he can't conquer us through open attack when he can't conquer us by stirring up his age within the church he will always try to conquer us through compromise and he called to Nehemiah and said hey come down here leave your post in Jerusalem and come down here into the villages of my place and let's meet together and let's talk about of rule. We'll come and help you build that wall. You know Satan walked in trying to get you to come down on. Wall through entertainment through all kinds of whatever I mean it's one of a million things it doesn't have to be bad it can be good. You know good to try to come down off the wall and notice what he says verse three. So I sent messengers to him. Notice he didn't even speak to him and self. He sent messengers and said I am doing on mediocre work. Though he said I'm doing sort of a good work up here. Was he say I'm doing a great. Work and I cannot come down. Why should the work cease because I would leave to come down to you. Who have proven yourself to be the enemy. Why should I believe the work that Almighty God has called me to do to come down and speak to you why. But they sent me this message. How many times you think Satan is going to give up easily. Sometimes we think when we get the victory over Satan once we just kind of like oh yeah that was awesome and we start to walk around in Pride and then right back again. But if we ignore him. If we refute him he's going to come back again as an E. and again and again four times but every single time he went back to God look at the end of verse nine he says now there are four old god strength and the work of my hands. And a verse sixteen our last verse and it happened when all of our enemies heard is. I'm sorry verse fifteen so the wall was finished on the twenty fifth of the day of evil in fifty two days. Fifty two worked it was impossible. And it happened when all of our enemies heard of it and all the nations around it. Saw these things but they were very disheartened in whose eyes their own eyes for they perceived that this work was done by our guy. Oh man how you can say then the enemy recognize that God had done a work among. Hum of you today want this world to know that the work which God will accomplish in the last days is not done by you but it's done by him and in no but there's a God in heaven and prayerfully hopefully they will give their hearts to him and they will join us on the wall repair reach and the final days of Earth's history. Nehemiah us standing on the wall. God's people uniting together to do a mighty work through his power and his strength young people old people red and yellow black and white. Standing together as one voice the voice of Christ to the world. God has given us the call. Are you going to respond. We. Had children's B.B.'s this week but here in about two months we've got to dull the B.S.. September eighth through seventeen. And manual Institute is coming to train this church on how to build the wall. You're going to need this training because when strong tower radio goes out when GRO Michigan and the Bible study Reformation launches you're going to need to know what to do and how to speak to the people who are going to be walking through this church. You're going to need to know how to speak to the people who come up to you in your workplace and say Tell me more about your God about your faith. I want to know. Can you give me bible studies. I think the time is coming when we're not in going to be asking people for Bible still going to be asking OS and I are you going to respond. How are you going to respond here I want to encourage you to pray about this you may need to take a week of vacation. You may need to take a week of vacation but hey what's more important eternal you think you got you think when you get there and I'm not I'm not so everybody needs a vacation and then. So if you've got two weeks you take a week go to the beach and you take weeks come no manual. So I'm not knocking your vacation and then let me ask you a question if you use all your vacation for laid on the beach in eternity. Are you going to be thinking about that time you laid on the beach or are you going to be thinking gone for that soul that he won through you. Which one's going to be more eternal if you retire you don't got no excuse. But if you're working. I'm giving you an excuse. God day answer the call. The COBOL man. 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