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Experience Driving Faith

David Wright


When we build our faith on emotions and experience instead of God's Word.


David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • April 14, 2012
    11:30 AM
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And there was an article published in the AM just review some time ago maybe twenty five years ago or so. And it told a story about a woman who had been in a car accident. And as a result of that car accident had some severe issues with her back and some significant back pain. And as time went on as you can imagine she tried just about everything she went to every physician every specialist that she knew of yet day after day after day long night after a long night after a long night she continued to experience significant back pain. Well some twenty years of this went by and it was in a conversation with one of her neighbors that her neighbor invited her to one of her camp meaning she said she was a Pentecostal she says come to the can mean there's going to be a healing service. At our Cammy Well I don't know. No you really need to go. And so after some coaxing and some talking and so on. She decided she would go and sure enough she found herself there in the midst of this service and the invitation was sent forth if anybody has an issue that they'd like to be relieved from and be healed from and so on and her her neighbor just really started nudging her this is your chance. Go ahead go forward. So with some reluctance. This woman went forward and they went through their little routine and I don't know exactly what what happened but as a result of the whole be healed process. Sure enough the back. Felt better than it ever felt. In fact for twenty years she hasn't felt this good. And that night for the first night she steps Lown Lee All through the night didn't get up once. Praise the Lord praise the Lord. She said. While a bit more time went on and that that following week. The pastor made a visit to her house and they were conversing and she was telling about her experience. And in that conversation. The pastor simply asked Are you sure that this healing. Is from the Lord. And so they continued to talk about that a little bit and that night. This woman got down by her bed on her knees and prayed what she described was the hardest prayer she ever prayed and at the core of her prayer was this idea Lord. I want to believe that you healed me. But if this was not you if you were not in this. I don't want anything to do with it. So she got up off her knee she got into bed and she fell asleep. And just a few hours later. The all too familiar back pain returned. So this morning and. I simply want to ask you Can God perform miracles. Of course again. Can the devil also perform miracles. Yes he can turn me in your Bible to a well known verse in a fees INS officials chapter six. Ephesians Chapter six beginning verse ten. As we're going to seek to answer three questions this morning but I want to begin right here. If each chapter six versed in. My Bible reads for. Anneli my brother and be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. But on the whole armor of God that you may be able to stand against the wiles of who the devil. For you not wrestle against flesh and blood but against principalities against powers against the rulers of the darkness of this age against spiritual host of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore take up the whole armor of God that you may be able to withstand in the evil day having done all to stand in the verse goes on to talk about this armor of God but there is this spiritual battle like it or not we are in it. And so this morning. I want to do my best to simply look at three different questions answering three different questions the first what is the purpose of miracles have you ever asked yourself that question what's the purpose what's the point. How come. Secondly how they'll use miracles to deceive people at in time and thirdly how can we tell the difference between true and false Americal genuine or counterfeit. So those are the three questions I seek to to look at this morning. But let's begin with the first one. What is the purpose. Americans what's the point. Well if we were to take the Gospels for instance some would simply say Jesus often performed a great miracles to reward people's faith. Have you heard that one before but the question is Did Jesus only hear. On the basis of faith and if eight is the sole criteria for healing. Then what is the reverse or inverse of that. If I am not healed of my cancer is it because I don't have enough faith. Some people believe that. So suppose you're battling with cancer. And you pray for the Lord to take it away and nothing seems to happen and your friend comes along side of you and says You know Dave what your problem is you don't have enough faith. So now I have two problems I have cancer. I don't have enough faith. And so I'm trying to work on my faith and everything else but still nothing changes and then I have another friend that comes along and says You know Dave what your problem is is that you have a known sin in your life that you haven't dealt with yet. Very helpful. Now I have three problems. I have cancer. I don't have faith. And now there's a known sin in my life that is hindering that is impeding So if healing and miracles are grounded in faith alone and if I am not healed because there is a sin in my life. Then I have some real problems I have to wrestle with cancer being the minimal of all the moment you say and really that puts us right back. To this idea in the Bible that if the Lord blesses it's because you are right with God and if bad things happen it's because of your sinful lifestyle but if we study the three and a half years of Jesus' ministry in the New Testament. If you take all four gospels and weed out all the duplicate miracles are you with me as well as recognize that there's a few isolated instances where Jesus goes and. Heals the whole town. But if you take out those isolated instances. There are only twenty four separate marigolds in all four Gospel accounts twenty four separate miracles and I look at one of those with you turn with me if you will to Luke Chapter seven. Luke Chapter seven. This is the story of the widow of Nain son raised from the dead. Luke Chapter seven. And will begin in verse eleven. Luke seven verse eleven. Now it happened the day after that he went into the city called Nain and many of his disciples went with him and a large crowd and when he came near the gate of the city behold a dead man was being carried out. The only son of his mother and she was a widow. Those are significant details. That's all she has to provide for her not only is she losing her son. But she's losing her livelihood a place to stay everything. And a large crowd from the city was with her verse thirteen when the Lord saw her he had come passion on her and said to her Do not weep. Then he came and touched the open coffin and those who carried him stood still and he said Young man I say to you a rise. So he who is dead sat up and began to speak and he presented him to his mother when they had been amazing thing to witness. But my question to you is who in this. Story has tremendous faith. Perhaps an obvious question but it is Jesus heal in this instance because of the great faith of the dead son. No he's dead wasn't the mother's faith. We don't have any account of that. So to say if you have enough faith misses the point the criteria here is Jesus all rule will mean what you members that are compassion. So what's the purpose of miracles. That's the question we're seeking to answer. And I'd say number one the purpose of marriage is the root of marital is always God's love and compassion and secondly I would say the result of Americans is always larger then the individual but to give glory to God let's look at verse sixteen and seventeen of this passage. Verse sixteen then fear came upon all and they glorified who's God saying a great prophet has risen up among us and God has visited his people and the report about him went throughout all Judea and all the surrounding region. So the root of America was always God's love and compassion and the results of miracles is always larger than the individual but is about bringing glory to God Does that make sense blessed place yourself now in the time of Jesus when Jesus came claiming to be the Son of God. Where were his credentials. I mean really and could that have been part of the reason why Jesus healed at times entire villages. John five thirty sick. Jesus says this in his own words but I have a greater witness. But I have a greater witness than John's for the works which the Father has given me to finish the very work that I do bear witness of me that The Father has sent me. So the works that Jesus did bore witness. Of his divinity we touch the eyes of the blind and they were opened when he touched the ears of the death and they were unstopped we touched the weatherman's arm and it was healed. So the one thing we can never leave out is this the context of miracles in the New Testament where a divine testimony of who Jesus was to reveal that he was in fact the Son of God Gen John ten twenty five also says Jesus answered them I told you. And you do not believe the works that I do in mine father's name they bear witness again of me. So what's the purpose of Americans were chipping away at the root America was God's love and compassion and the result is always larger than the invaded individual but to bring glory to God. Thirdly to bear testimony that he was in fact who he claimed to be the Son of God But there's still a few more reasons you remember the times Jesus worked a miracle and after he said Your sins are forgiven. Go and sin no more and whether fair sees do they criticized him and he is what I ask which is more difficult to raise this man up or to say his sins are forgiven. So I believe Jesus often used physical marigolds to heal the body as a testimony that he could also heal the. Sol are you with me. He often used physical miracles of opening blind eyes as a testimony that he could open the eyes of the mind. He opened deaf ears to show that he could open the ears of the heart. So Jesus did not separate physical and spiritual healing the Christ they could heal a withered hand could also heal a withered heart. So the root of God's miracles is always God's love and compassion. Its always large the individual but to bring glory to God to bear testimony that he is who he claimed to be the Son of God that he could feel that he could heal both physically and spiritually and lastly faith is not the sole criteria for miracles because that times God honors a person's faith. But we see times where there is no faith and God heals. So to me there is a bigger picture here because all to mentally Faith is believing that God has my best interests at heart. Is a true story with me to Hebrews eleven. One of the things I love to do I attempt to exercise while I listen to sermons. And if a sermon is good. I don't get any exercise. I just take notes. Sometimes it takes me four hours to do a forty minute exercise. But I was I was listening to a sermon in work Finley's I He was pointing out Hebrews chapter eleven something I never seen before. Maybe you've seen it. Maybe you've haven't. But he reads Chapter eleven we see this is the the Hall of faith. If you will right. The great faith chapter begins verse one of the. Of a definition here now. Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen and then we begin with the first individual listed verse four by faith. Abel offered to God a more excellent sacrifice. Then came for which he had pain witness that he was a righteous God testified by his gifts and through it. He being still dead being dead still speaks so he being dead still speaks excuse me. My question to you is did. Abel have faith. Well he must have he's here in the faith chapter. Right. In fact Abel had such good faith in what God told him to do and how to do it. They got him killed in fact in a Will had not had good faith he would have lived Is that true but since Abel had faith he died. Some say if you have great faith you'll always be healed but the first illustration in the Bible is a man who had great faith. And died. Moving on to verse five. By faith. Enoch was taken away so that he did not see death and I'm getting really confused here. Abel had great faith and he died. Enoch had great faith and he lived. We go on verse seven by faith no I've been divinely warned of things not yet seen moved with godly fear prepared an ark. No I had faith and politics exactly what God said he stayed in the same place and then leave his hometown for one hundred twenty years. Verse eight. By faith Abraham obeyed when he was. Told to go out to the place which he would receive as an inheritance. And he went out not knowing where he was going so Noah had faith and he stayed Abraham had faith and he left Abel had faith and he die it had faith and he lived. Now we're going to keep going but I'm getting really confused here. Versa Levon says by faith they're also receive strength to conceive. Sarah had faith and she conceived did it take. Sarah faith to conceive. She was ninety years old when she had this child. If you don't think that's faith ask your great great grandmother. So Sarah had faith and receive a child but then in verse seventeen by faith Abraham when he was tested offered up. So I spent Sarah had faith and we see the child Abraham has faith and offers up the same child. Abel has faith and he dies you know has faith and he lives Noah had faith and he stays has faith and he goes and as we keep going in verse twenty two. Joseph has faith. And God since him in the Egypt to become a rich man and in verse twenty three most this has faith and God leads him out of Egypt to become a poor man. To whose faith is greater. Joseph or Moses know or Abraham Abel or even ik. And then in verse thirty four. It says that some people had faith and escape the edge of the sword verse thirty four and verse thirty seven in the same chapter talks about other people who had great faith and were slain with the sword. Wait a minute what is faith. I believe this is where he will. Eleven is coming from he was eleven gives us contrast pictures to teach us that faith has nothing to do with what is happening all around us but has everything to do with what is happening inside of you Biblical faith is trusting God as a friend. Well known that leads me to do whatever he asks me to do regardless of the consequences. So living or dying is not the issue. Trusting and glorifying God is the issue. Stain like Noah in your home town never traveling to a mission field but staying and building the Ark where you are is fake. But if God calls you like Abraham. You better not stay like no one. Are you with me. So the first question we were trying answer what is the purpose of marriage can remember the first one God's love and compassion. It's always large the individual what they bring glory to who God to bear testimony of who God was. That he could heal both physically and spiritually and lastly faith is not the sole criteria for miracles. I believe that gives us a foundation for the purpose of marriage calls. Even though we can study that and a much greater depth but the second question I want to look at this morning. How will the devil use miracles now and with greater intensity as we get closer to in times when I believe the devil will use counterfeit miracles in fact we see it throughout Revelation and I fear into getting into it too much for losing anybody but do your best to stay with me in. Even if you just get the big picture that's OK but why will the devil use counterfeit Americans. Why there's a couple reasons one. It's since ational Secondly it's Experion chill it plays off to my senses and it bears testimony to a super natural power we wrestle not against flesh and blood. But principalities powers rulers and so I believe one of the greatest deceptions of our time is placing our trust in our senses what we see what we hear what we touch what we feel there's a movement you may or may not be aware of it called the emerging church where they speak of moving into uncharted territory. There are several books one's a Baptist book called Faith and it's a real eye opener. Another one with an amnesty author the Omega rebellion but this on the Emerging Church describes itself this way they like Jesus but they don't really care for organized church and they claim that learning has shifted away from logic and rational rationale and doctrine and scripture to the realm of experience and the mystical where truth is found in the conversation between you and I It's more philosophical not so much. Thus saith the Lord but rather centers on a human hunger for an experience I want to experience the fullness of God I want to know that I worship with him. I want all of my senses to be tickled. One emerging church proponent writes this. A spiritual tsunami has hit post modern culture this way will build without breaking for decades to come. The wait is this people want to know God They want less to know about God Don't give me that doctrine stuff as if that's not helping us know God They want less to know about God or know about religion than to know God People want to experience to beyond in the within sound fishy. Faith is not a matter of doing or even being but an experience of becoming postmodern want to god they can feel taste touch hear and smell a full sensory immersion in the divine that sound dangerous centered on emotion and feeling claim the emerging church is that they can provide these kinds of experiences through things like contemplate a verse centering prayer prayer labyrinths non biblical spiritual discipline spiritual disciplines or methods of spiritual formation multisensory worship in since candles making the sign of the cross tasting the bread in the wine touching different icons and becoming anointed with oil thin places of oneness as they describe it and wish to repetition of a word even through Scripture and they pull out a word as they empty their mind. Flag right there. Empty their mind and just repeat this word over and over and over. They get this feeling of what they should do next. Folks I can get a feeling to do whatever I want who's to say that it's right well we don't really you know there is no Thus saith the Lord. It's whatever you feel whatever you experience. If I were to find the emerging church I'd probably. We define it this way. It's a form of experience a worship that incorporates non biblical mystical and New Age practices yet and this is the scariest part does it under the guise of Christian. If you want to do all that stuff. And call it what it is but if you're going to call it Christian as one source claims twenty million participants currently in the U.S. alone two thousand and five Time magazine called one of its popular leaders Brian McLaren one of the most influential evangelicals today. And if you think that we are exempt the emerging church is greatly affecting all faith of all the nominations all across the country including Adventist churches. Some are incorporating new things without a real understanding I believe of the subtle dangers. And the catastrophic implications and as always. The challenge with any counterfeit is that it always always always looks very similar doesn't it. Or is not a good counterfeit. We can have a prayer room that's wonderful. We can have a prayer room that's not so wonderful and the devil wants to get just as close as we can in the we that in. So under the guise of Christian THE DEVIL IS PLAYING ON PEOPLE senses and people are falling for it. Folks the devil is not stupid. He masterfully calculates and plans and surmises. As he patiently waits for the right time to spring is trap. So how all this heightened as we get closer to in time. I have far much more to cover than I have time for. Well we're just going to hit it as fast as we can here hang on Revelation we find a false Trinity just as there's a true Trinity there's a false Trinity there's a counterfeit Dell is a counterfeit for everything and so with me if you will Revelation Chapter thirteen where we find the dragon the beast in the false prophet beast being the beast from the sea the false prophet the beast from the earth and the dragon Satan is the counterfeit of God The Beast from the sea is a counterfeit of Christ also referred to this as the anti-Christ. And we know the beast from the sea to be the Papacy you claims to be God on Earth who claims to have the ability to forgive sin all of these as a counterfeit to Jesus Christ a genuine and we can notice who gives the C.B.C. its power in Revelation thirteen to it says the dragon Satan gave him his power throne and great authority. What did Jesus say when he was here on the earth. Matthew twenty eight eighteen all of that already in heaven and earth has been given to me. Looks like a good counterfeit so far so G.'s authority comes from God The C.B.S. authority comes from Dragon or the faith or saying. Yet another parable to fall through it is a counterfeit of the true. And Revelation thirteen three the beast receives a fatal wound. Now a fatal wound is one that kills you. Right. Now if you are dead and you are healed. What do you call that a resurrection. So the C.B.S. counterfeits the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ verse five the C.B.S. exercise authority for forty two months which is the equivalent of one thousand two hundred sixty days or three and a half years. Jesus' ministry lasted three and a half years all kinds of parallels playing into all of this now. So you have the dragon the counterfeit of God the Father you have the C.B.C. counterfeit of God the Son and the land beast which be the counterfeit of the Holy Spirit. If you know prophecy the land beast comes up out of this nation. So notice and. Lation thirteen got so excited I didn't find it myself. Revelation thirteen twelve and thirteen. Put some text in line notes another one so I don't. This is the beast from the earth the counterfeit of the Holy Spirit. You may have missed all the other stuff don't worry about it I'll come here with you later. The counterfeit of the Holy Spirit verse twelve of Chapter thirteen of Revelation in the exercise all the authority of the first piece in his presence and cause the Earth and those who dwell in it to worship the first piece and whose Deadly Wound was healed and he performs great signs in King James It says Merrick holes so that he even makes fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of man. One of the big things this false Holy Spirit does is perform signs and miracles even calling fire down from heaven. Now fire in Scripture represents the presence of God and there's plenty of examples of that it was the Holy Spirit who brought fire from heaven to earth to anoint the original disciples at Pentecost in Acts chapter two. And so what we have here is a counterfeit Holy Spirit bringing a counterfeit Pentecost and a great revival of sorts. And verse fourteen and he deceives those who dwell on the earth by those signs or miracles which he was granted to do in the sight of the beast. Telling those who dwell in the earth to make an image to the beast who was wounded by the sword and lived there is to be a great final world wide deception in which the counterfeit trinity will stand in the place of God and the trump card that is played. Miracles fire from heaven. That's the whole point. That's why we need to know the difference between the true and the fault. Why God works miracles in the first place and why would the devil try and counterfeit. Calling fire from heaven because I believe the day will come when people will say who cares about that little church over there who says and claims that they have the truth. We've got the power. We're going inside to the blind making the dumb speak. We're making the deaf hear. We're making the sick. Well we're calling fire down from heaven and we are united under one single day of worship and experience almost overnight supersedes doctrine text comes to mind. Lord Lord have we not prophesied in your name cast out demons in your name done many wonders in your name and then I would declare to them. I never knew you Depart from Me you who practice lawless ness. I never knew you I never knew you. He never knew them when they were casting out demons in his name he never knew them when they were doing many wonders and prophesied in his name. You never knew them apparently just doing mystical practices in the name of the Lord. Doesn't mean the Lord is in it. Apparently just doing prayer labyrinths in the name of the Lord doesn't mean the Lord is in it. Apparently just healing and calling down fire and prophesied in the name of the Lord doesn't mean the Lord is in it. Great controversy page four sixty four before the final visitation of God's judgment upon the earth. What is God's judgment upon the earth seven last plagues and this says before this is before the close of probation before the final visitation God's judgments upon the earth. There will be among the people of the Lord such a room. Bible of primitive godliness as has not been witnessed since Apostolate times. The spirit and power of God will be poured out upon his children as the latter range is talking about that will be poured out. Not all at once but gradually I believe is this Christian doe as we get closer to the end continuing in the quote the enemy of souls desires to hinder this work. What work. The latter rain that empowers God's church to give the loud cry. The enemy of soul desires to hinder this work and before the time for such a movement shall come he Satan will endeavor to prevent it by introducing a counterfeit. Just talked about a true revival counterfeit revival in those churches which he can bring under his deceptive power he will make it appear that God special blessing is being poured out there will be manifest what is thought to be a great religious interest multitude will exult that God is working marvelously for them when the work is that of another spirit. Under religious guys Satan will seek to extend his influence over the Christian world in quote does that get our attention just a little bit and we see this idea again and again. Revelation one nine hundred twenty talks about how. To win there. Revelation one nine hundred twenty. Then the beast was captured with him. The false prophet who works signs or Americans in his presence by which important by which he deceive those who receive the mark of the beast and those who worship his image by. Which by what by the signs by the Americal and he deceives revelation sixteen verse thirteen. Like to hear the pages of your Bible turning sixteen verse thirteen. This is the infamous Armageddon passage found in the seven last plagues and what leads to the famous Last Battle of Armageddon while the world is falling apart there's political and economic crisis there's natural disasters. There's a move to bring religions together revelation sixteen verse thirteen and I saw three unclean spirits like frogs coming out of the mouth of the dragon out of the mouth of the beast of the mouth of the false prophet. Here again we have pictured this faults Trinity the dragon the beast in the false prophet and out of each of these comes a frog what is a frog. Well there's some strong parallels of the plagues of Revelation sixteen here in the plagues that fell on Egypt. So why frogs mention at this point I don't know for sure yet. You may recall when most an air went to Pharaoh and threw down his rod and it turned into a snake no problem we can counterfeit there and they did most an errand. Through God's power turned the Nile into blood no problem. We can counterfeit debt and they did but take note the play of the frogs was the last thing pharaohs magicians were able to duplicate and after that they said there's no way we can do it. This must be an act of God last great deception the frogs. Maybe that's why they're mentioned last great deception there is history verse thirteen through through sixteen will starve us fourteen for they are spirits of demons is false. Twenty performing signs and Americans which go out to the kings of the earth and of the. All world to gather them to the battle of the Great Day of God Almighty fifteen Behold I am coming as a thief blesses he watches and keeps his garments less he walk naked and they see a shame verse sixteen and they gather them together to the place called In Hebrew Armageddon. Now what is Armageddon scholars pretty much agree that this is probably a Hebrew Greek word mixture and a probably means mountain of McGeady Oh OK so where is the mountain of McGeady Oh well there isn't one. However there is a city called McGee and looming over the city of the ghetto is this huge mountain. It's Mount Carmel So Carmel is the mountain of McGee you know just like Mount Rainier is the Mount of what Seattle. Just like Table Mountain is the mountain of Cape Town. If you will and you may recall it was Mount Carmel that this great showdown took place between a lie. And the prophets of bail between the true God and true worship and false god and of faults worship and so this language here revelation sixteen seems to say that the Mount Carmel experience will be repeated. Once again there will be a showdown between the true God and the deceased or devious counterfeit but it will be different this time. Don't miss this how at the end we read earlier that fire would come down. Could it be it will come down on the wrong altar. Could it be on that day all the physical evidence all five senses will suggest that the counterfeit Trinity is the true God that this counterfeit worship is the true form of worship and we today were being set up for this to. And July's my sense is if I see it. I'll believe it. People say seeing is believing. And what will deceive seen intellectual people. Miracles our senses will tell us this is amazing. This is spectacular. This must be God. But don't be deceived. He who has ears hear what the Spirit says to the churches. But were calling fire down from heaven they might say this is a lie you did to prove which God was true were healing people just as Jesus did to prove his divinity were speaking in tongues just like the Apostles did to prove that they were filled with the Holy Spirit. What did Jesus say when he was here. I have told you these things before it happens so that when it happens. Volume two selective messages page fifty three Satan will work miracles. He will make people sick and they will and then will suddenly remove from them. His say tannic power they will then be regarded as healed. And this ought to stop us in our tracks these works of apparent healing will bring Seventh Day Adventists to the test. That's you and I I saw and I just know how sick they were this was legit this was for real. And now they are healed. It just must be. We look to the purpose of miracles. I have confused you probably on how the devil used Americans now and with greater intensity as we closer to in times. But we're going to move to number three. How can we know the difference because that's what it all comes down to doesn't it. Because while Jesus be working miracles in the last days. Yes he will. Well the devil be counterfeiting those miracles in the last days of course. So how can we know the difference. How can we not be wrapped up in this deception is there some construct that can be applied. So we can tell the difference. There is in genuine miracles the focus is always on the glory of God in counterfeit miracles the focus is always on the exalted self in genuine miracles what happens. For God's glory is more important than what happens for me. In counterfeit miracles what happens to me is more important than what happens. For God's glory. In genuine miracles. God knows best in counterfeit miracles. I know best in genuine miracles is God's will be done in counterfeit miracles. It's my will be done. This is the mountain. I want move. So when I see the exalted self when I see that I know best. When I see a faith healer saying if only you have enough faith you will be healed is that contrary to scripture you bet it is because in Scripture. Sometimes you have faith. Sometimes there is nothing. So it is not the faith that heals me it's the power of God that heals me it's trusting His glory. Trusting His sovereignty his omniscience putting my live in his hands not mine. So in the so called faith healing business. The will of the evangelist or the persons super imposes. Will of God It makes the basic assumption that if you are sick. You are outside of God's will. Which is a fault assumption. Paul said I prayed three times that this storm would be removed stored in the flesh probably bad eyesight but was it removed. And what was God's response. My grace is sufficient for you. Last passage and then will be done. James Chapter five. Verse fourteen. Where we find description of genuine healing. James five verse fourteen. And there we read as any among you sick. Let him call for the elders of the church who used to do the calling person that is sick. Call the elders and let them pray over him anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord. This is not speaking of a public service but a private service or always used if you recall to consecrate the temple to God. Our bodies are God's temple. The priests were annoying to with oil. To be consecrated for God's sake read service where was it on the toll or was on the hand. On the forehead the frontal lobe where reasoning takes place so to annoy it with oil on the forehead is a full surrender and consecration to God. In the name of the Lord which in Scripture is always associated with God's glory. So there is a willingness in my life. To make a change if need be in my lifestyle. There is a willingness to do anything they got asked me to do. That's the annoying teen or oil that's the genuine healing. Counterfeit healing says just have enough faith and don't worry about changing anything. Counterfeit. Healing never emphasize obedience the natural laws of hell. Does not emphasize the need for change. Neither does it emphasize repentance. Neither does emphasize a heartfelt on your knees crying out to God asking if there is anything in your life that is coming between your soul and your savior. So in counterfeit. It is praise God pray he'll work a miracle but don't worry about the change in your heart your bitterness your anger your resentment your jealousy for the person sitting next to you Don't worry about that. Just trust the miracle. Don't worry about change here die don't worry about changing your physical habits. But in genuine healing. I come before God The annoying thing or oil is placed on my forehead. I say God. My body is your temple. God whatever you want to do with it. If you want me to glorify you by being healed immediately. I praise you if you want me to glorify you by being healed gradually. I praise you. And if you want me to glorify you in the resurrection. I praise you. It saying God what do you want from me. What changes in the recesses of my mind. What changes in my heart my attitudes my affections. What changes in my lifestyle. Because Lord I want to be your temple. And if you see fit for your glory through your compassion. You're going to heal me immediately got I praise you for that. But Lord I know if there's not immediate healing. You're going to give me strength and courage and hope. So I can glorify you in every aspect of my life. That's the contrast between genuine and counterfeit healing. Between genuine and counterfeit miracles. And that's a hard purdah pray. Because it goes against our hardened human nature because it goes against self and self preservation. Because it goes against our insatiable desire to live for the here and now. But Jesus says let me in. Let me and let me change your heart your mind your attitude. Let me take away your selfishness your pride your bitterness your resentment your anger. And let me fill you with peace and with joy with love with hope with courage. With Strings. Learn to trust in me today. Jesus invites us. So in the whirlwind of false doctrine blows. By Jesus grace and the power of this word. You will be able to decipher between the genuine. And the counterfeit. Because a long time ago. You put his word above your five senses. Because a long time ago you learned to live for His glory and not for your glory. Because a long time ago. You learn to trust God and place his will over your own. Dear heavenly father we have. Dealt with some heavy issues today. And it's easy for us to become fearful and it is true that when we look at ourselves we can't see how we can be saved. But when we look at Christ. We can't see how we can be lost or hold us in the palm of your hand we can't do it ourselves. But by your spirit create within us. That surrender to you that in everything that happens to us will be willing to submit ever it is that brings this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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