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A Man that Understands Depression

Peter Chung


Peter Chung

Gospel worker evangelist: Revelation of Hope Ministries.  History and Government teacher: San Gabriel Academy.



  • July 23, 2016
    11:30 AM
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It's a first in my life to be caught in a tropical storm. You see in Los Angeles. The wind doesn't shake it's the earth earthquakes. So it's a new phenomena for me but it's been a bit interesting but praise God we're here and then. Today's topic today is titled A man who understands depression a man who understands the pressure and before I began. Let's ask for God's presence at this time because I'm always Truman being. You know just want to let you know preacher on the wimpiest weakest people spiritually. That's why God has called us up here because it's for our own salvation. So when we're up here. I mean sometimes there is an impression that we're super heroes and everything like that we're weak man. And we need God's presence and at this time no one his presence here today to bless His Word spread Holy Father. Our Father God in heaven. It is by your mercies your lover news every morning greatest i faith in this. Father thank you for being faithful and stay in the storms in the flash flood so we can get here safely to church today Father we thank you for the opportunity for religious liberty to worship you in spirit and truth and father I am a weak man. You know my heart you know the weak in this in my poor being you know I am a sinner area prone to wander. And so Father. I asked that you use his broken vessel here today to be a healing instrument for your people may I be a blessing and not a curse your people and may Jesus be uplifted and may see Yulian restoration. The resulted in the hearts of your people here to do this we pray in Jesus' name amen. You know Pastor Kayla and I have been working for a good seven years and we work through various youth conferences and meetings in large scale meetings and often times when we attend these conferences everyone this looks nice. They have their Bibles they have their suits and ties happy Sabu and smiling. But we have discovered that as we proceeded in doing these meetings in past retailers been impressed to give and healing ministry to medical missionary work that begins in the mind in the heart a man. That our people are broken people people that even prefer we call present truth that know the prophecies backwards and forwards. That could tell you about the beast in the image and in the sea of the National son in law. When their homes are falling apart in the recesses their heart there is sadness and depression. So the pressure is not immune to teenagers Amen. Now the Mayo Clinic states that depression is a mood disorder that causes the persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. It affects how you feel think and behave and can lead to a variety of emotional and also physical problems. So the pressure is not only in the mind the facts. Also your physical health. You may have trouble doing normal day to day activities and depression may make you feel as if life isn't worth living. This is from the Mayo Clinic one the premier hospitals in the world. Now it's interesting. That depression is not immune to just teenagers. It's not just amusing to just regular people that are in. The bondage of drugs and alcohol addiction but depression has no social economic barriers. In fact some of the most the principal people are pastors and pastors family. There's a core of thought in their own that we want our premier. Depression physician. Physicians and dentists have are into those that depression. You know we think a physician that isn't within our church we admire their homes. We think their families are perfect. But we see the statistics tells us that depression. High incidence white collar high professional. In fact attorneys I praise God I failed our law school. Because I was depressed in law school. But God is calling me into our calling which is the humility of the high school teacher and I enjoyed it. But in law school. You were taught to be adversarial you're taught to be cutthroat but one of our torts professors. This is a direct quote he said the true meaning of the attorney is that you use the facts to your advantage which is the lie. And being some of them is Christian and being a law school Pepperdine University. I felt that I was being empty and I thought I might humanity was going away and you know as an Asian person you want to have the perfect number one class and when I came there with the light that is the first time in my life I was in the bottom twenty five percent. Praise God for that. God called me to something better. And so depression is all encompassing problem that affects anybody and everybody from teenagers to children to adults to pastors It is a weapon that Satan is using in the last days to try to cause many to be. Discouraged and to give up when the crisis comes. But what is God's intent for the mind also the Bible says this and second Timothy Chapter one for seven. You see God's will is not for us to be depressed. God's will is not for us to be sad. God's will is for to be the happiest joyous most glorious and smiling people not sad business but adding those that are happy. You know I used to be very solemn looking and you know had a Memphis isn't thinking that is the end of a typical day of atonement and I have to search my heart. So I looks at it. Shirts and song. There are people like that here today. But I discovered. There's something better that even though there is an end. A typical day of atonement where God is examining our cases. Jesus seeking to friggin. And forget our sins. All we have to do with repent and depart from our sins and as the true core of the embassy of the judgment. And the Bible says a second coming. Be Chapter one Verse seven for God had not given us the spirit of what of power and of love and of a this is why God desires for each and every one of us because in order for us to present that there in time gospel message. This is what we need to experience. Because we have to show the people something better and if we preach that the way in those messages with such Dresher ie focusing on conspiracy theories. What the Masons are doing what secret societies are doing. Buffy out money or whatnot and those who know those have their place but that's our focus that it's not draw people to the truth. You see what will draw people to the truth and what what happened to me to mediate was a message of justification by faith in other words Jesus seeking to forgive ourselves and give us victory of ourselves. That will be the message that will draw people out about the way you see Babylon which is the papacy the papacy has a misinterpretation to forgiveness A says they believe that forgiveness comes from works meriting yourself to God's favor and also to confess your sins to a man for God is raising up a church to show true forgiveness through restoration in order for us to declare this law cry. We must learn that Jesus is seeking to forgive and forget our students that is the loud message. Come out of her my people. You are forgiven. Jesus paid it all love waking up love him because they will understand friggin is what do people in Babylon do that. Listen to the loud cry. They obey and they come out obedience comes when they receive forgiveness. But we want to do the opposite. We want to say obey first and then we forgive. And that's what God has done for us the experience. Now school the prophets. Many of you had great many of you experience healing. But the reality the matter is that once you come out of these doors the enemy will see you again. And oftentimes the enemy may wounds you. But there is also a constant hospital open for us to healed. Even though we are not in a beautiful setting like this. And so our desire is that even though you are not in this beautiful city that you are an individual Spears that you can go to Jesus and get healing and risk restoration day by day moment by moment we knew all every day. Now Dr Neil nearly has these various hits of depression. Dr Neil nearly is from Wiemar and sees the president of we more college and he has. These anti-depression programs and he listed all these hits of depression why we are depressed and one his genetic family history of mental disorders. I'm not sure at developmental. What you're going on to have you've suffered sexual abuse. Have you suffered some traumatic experience while you were a child. Another is a lifestyle not having a regular exercise program. School the profits. We had manual training after every class in which it is important and vital for us to remain physically active because that helps them I. Spiritually physically emotionally holistically. So maintain a routine of physical activity after you leave this. Sorry Kadian rhythm not having enough sleep. I'm sure with that nutrition diet higher cholesterol saturated fat and sugar. We had some good food here today in studio bed thank you so much for the food I felt the bio power of that food. I thought clearly are processed more and I feel good. Maintaining a healthy diet. Toxicity talk sickness arsenic. Even in fish you can get toxicity nowadays and addiction now all tobacco caffeine illicit drug use those are hits of depression social apps and the social support negative stressful life events immediate family member is an alcoholic or drug attic medical. Hepatitis C. recent head injury let me stop there. You know I know why is it that and I'm a sports and football is that correct. But nowadays you see more and more professional M.M.A. people that have retired football players rugby players that are in depression because of the blows the head of concussion. That they have to stay. And so head injuries and physical illness also contribute to depression. Now the last one is frontal lobe. Frontal lobe is where we make our reasoning decisions and these are some of the things that affect the follow on a low carbohydrate diet on high. I mean or high cheese diarrhea mean lots of rich food entertainment T.V. or movie addiction. Entertainment Internet or chat Internet addiction frequent social stimulation pornography having intimate relations outside a marriage regular exposure to single Patrick river music and videos conscious suppression of frontal lobe activity constant suppression the frontal lobe activity is simply this. You know it's wrong but you still do it. You know regular abstract thinking no regular Bible study and going against your conscience. But God is given a solution and a remedy because there is one that took all these hits of depression and R.B.F.. And we'll learn more about him today a man that understands the pressure. Now one thing that I want to underscore is this. When I was out we more for an emotional intelligence conference. This man Dr Michael Greger he's not a cent of the Admin this he lectured in this gathering. Now he's not an admin this and his lectures pretty much. Was recounting councils and diets and foods my jaw dropped. Here's is not something I've been is a medical doctor that has a website called attention Facts dot work that goes all around the world talking about a plant based diet and he was as we count the what we as a people possessed for one hundred years. We are a blessed people. And he said that eating foods the best promote emotional wellbeing among healthy young adults. And so what we fruits vegetables things that. Or organic will be a factor in affecting our mood Bible study personal devotion healthy lifestyle holistically all contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Now many of you know that I've kind of made a law illustrations of my own people throughout the week is that correct. Koreans is that correct. Now I know some of you like Korean drum. May like some Korean music keep up. Someone said Oh yeah I heard that. Air people have this false perception of what careers. Yes Korea has that high is fast is Internet speed in the world. Yes Korea has a highly educated workforce. Most of the population is college educated. Yes Korea that was sixty years ago was in the ashes of the Korean War now is one of the leading economies in all the world. Samsung L.G. Hyundai all of that comes from Korea but Korea also has the number one suicide incident in the world the pression is rampant. Why is that and here in Korea every on the corner there is like a coffee shop a donut shop sugar shot junk food shop. Candy shops they could get their fill us and communicate pop music they could have all these things and all these conveniences. Yet it is the number one suicide nation on earth. In fact most high school kids are susceptible depression even suicide why because one testifies their entire existence. They don't pass that one test and go to that university. If they don't have double eyelids with plastic surgery if they don't look a certain way and dress a certain way and have a job then they get depressed and they kill themselves are seen as legalism too. But the. Wants to give us something better. God wants the free us from the bondage of social expectations guy wants to show us something there is freedom and love because God wants to give us life and life more abundantly. And so there was one or there is one that took every head of depression in our behalf and those were the Bible says and as if the three person three and five the Bible says He is the sponsors and rejected the man a man of what can we do Tirpitz Charles's depression and equate it with his and reported depression and we had as it were faces from him he was the sponsors and we esteem them not surely have or are carried our Yet we did esteem and stricken smitten of God in the flight in other words Jesus is bearing our grief. Jesus is seeking the bear our depression is Jesus the trying to seek and bare our heart breaks here today when he was wanted for a trance questions. He was bruised our Nickleby's the chastisement of our peace was upon him and with is what we are. It was beautiful and I said this to my class earlier this week. You know what I hate the most is being blamed for something I did not do. How many of you. I enjoy being blamed for something even that do. I hate that. Absolutely worst feeling. But when Adam said. It is you God that made that woman. Jesus said I will make it my fault. Even though it's not my fault. And on top of that I will take the pain the depression and the sadness and the misery of sin. And place it upon me. Because by my stripes. You are here. So in. That Jesus is taking depression for us. How did Jesus come one instrumentality the Jesus used to come to take away our depression and sadness knows what the Bible says in Hebrew SHOPPER two verse sixteen the Bible says. Verily he took not him the nature of what. But he took on him. The seed of who Jesus came in flesh and blood. He came in the D.N.A. and the genetic material of Abraham. So when we see Jesus and we see when Jesus came to the earth he did not have the higher than if you were not he came as a mad. Why did he do that. Wherefore in all things the Bhuvan to be made like on to is what that he might be and merciful and faithful High Priest and things pertaining to God to make reconciliation for the sins of the people for him that he himself had suffered being tempted. He is able to sit core or help them that are tempted Jesus loves us so much that he took on a depressed. Mord body as in the natural genetic degradation of in the body so that he could save you and I. You know I can't swim very well. And I remember for setting foot in a hole why in two thousand and nine. With the evangelism team in there were several incidents where I would go in the water with my team mates because I wanted to fit in. And I would almost drown and Taylor would save me. So if it wasn't for Taylor I would not be here today. So finally I took swimming lessons and yet I'm still traumatized. But when I was younger. I was about eight years old I was in Oregon at that time you see in Oregon is now Hawaii sixty degrees is like seventy five degrees in Oregon. So when it's sixty degrees or shorts weather. So it's like sixty degrees in the spring time and we were out in the creek in the creek. Well a lot of current in the I thought it was hot. So I rolled up my pants and I was on the creek with my friends and I slipped and I fell and I was caught in the curve. And I was being swept away. My dad and his friend was taking a nap. So all my friends were like say. Peter Peter what's going on. It was me sweeping away and I was so traumatized I couldn't even scream. I figured I would be swept by the current. But my dad as soon as he woke up he had no hesitation and he dove to the water. He took on the liabilities of that courage and pulled me out. Jesus had no hesitation and took on the current of the life in the existence of sin so that he could pull us out of sin. And that's what God is designed to do for you and that. So we have discovered that Jesus came in the seed of a where now one of the hits of depression is genetic kits. In other words what you he inherited from your parents your grandparents and your great grandparents the Bible says in Romans Chapter one Verse three that Jesus came also in the seed of David. So he had the D.N.A. of David and notice the limits of Jesus. Abraham Isaac and Jacob they were habitual liars that D.N.A. was and Jesus. Lydia was a deceiver. She was also Judah committed incest and fornication. Right. Have was a prostitute. Ruth was a heathen coming from the wall but I would resulted in incest. David was a womanizer adulterer a murderer and a liar solemn. I was a womanizer apostate I know we're super kings of Juda kill prophets on a worshippers condone child sacrifices all of that genetic it was in Jesus' name because Jesus took those hits in our behalf. We can also be healed from March and there to create this privilege. Desired It is forty paragraphs by Yet this was but the beginning of his wonderful compensation. It would have been an almost infinite humiliation for the Son of God to take man's nature even when Adam stood in innocence and eat it. That's pretty. But Jesus accepted humanity when the race had been weakened by four thousand years of sin. Like every child of Adam he accepted the result of the great workings of the great lover ready. What these results were is shown in the history of his earthly ancestors. He came with such a heredity to share our sorrows and temptations and to give us the example of a sinless life. By his stripes. We are here. Jesus also came from a bad neighborhood. He came from wine and none of that there are low. While I am not a cool brother Ted is my bodyguard every time I come there. Thank you for saving you as an example in the beach and those are for one verse forty six in the parable said unto him can there any good thing come out of Nazareth and more chapter six verse three is not this the carpenter the son of Mary the brother of James and horses and the Jude and Simon. In other words Jesus came from a blue collar neighborhood. Jesus came as a carpenter he had no degree he was not on the higher class. He was actually homeless in this ministry and. I wonder how often we would receive Jesus came in that form here today. If you even enter our churches. You know what else was hanging over Jesus. Now we know and we believe because thief comes from hearing the Word of God We believe that Mary rock is the through the power the Holy Spirit. Conceive Jesus is that correct. But in that society and crowds in this society if we hear that. Well we paid no way it's impossible. There is something that happened there some sort of scandal that went on. Have you been in the background where you come from a scandalous birth or scandals conception. Jesus went to the same thing desired ages page paragraph two. There were those who try to cast contempt upon him because of his birth and even the sound of he had to meet their scornful looks and evil whisperings. So if you came from a single parent household. If you came from the result of rape or incest no this Jesus took that hit for you. Jesus understands. Jesus also took. Sorry Kadian rhythm here in other words. Have you been in places where you were sleepless because of troubles and trials. Have you been so much anxiety in your mind while Jesus being led to the cross and he was in pilot's court. He was all stress. He could not sleep. Jesus took the circadian rhythm here for you when I was led to Calvary. Have you been. Paul to the addictions of nutrition and food not eating what you supposed to eat that is harmful for you. Jesus came victory over appetite. When Satan tempted in the after for the you may see it in our behalf. He took that. For you and I So if you have an addiction to food or alcohol or drugs to mask that pain. Jesus understands Jesus came the victory and he wants to give that victory to you if you ask him. Jesus also took a medical hit. We found the Matthew twenty seven twenty seven twenty nine. We know that Jesus was beaten and tortured. He suffered a head wound to the Roman soldiers B ten in the head slapped him in the years and placed the crown of thorns spikes upon his head he suffered a medical hit for depression for you and I He took a physical hit in our behalf. Are you so heartbroken. And so despondent. The only thing that you could find the scape is from that ice that crack cocaine that marijuana or the alcohol. To mask that pain it still gets worse and worse and worse. Jesus was tempted to mask that pain and now the poison was thirty four. They gave him been a go to drink and mingle with dog and with the attorneys and they're all he would not only Jesus understands Jesus face that temptation and because he overcame you can also overcome if you ask him. Jesus also took a frontal lobe hit frontal lobe is our reasoning the says what is right and what is wrong and get seventy. He was praying he had to make the right decision and he was struggling to do the right or wrong decision and here his humanity was crying out because he did not go want to go with this prophetic mission to die for us at the cross because his physicality was crying others through painful but yet he did the right thing he said. Nevertheless not my will but that I will be done. He took that. Frontal hit low for you and I he gained a victory. So now you want to give us the victory. Have you been hurt by church members. How they falsely accused you how their hurts you and damaged you. You've done everything you can you work so hard to be a blessing to God's people and some elder or song deacon or some church member would just overturn and say that's not worth anything and would criticize it. Have you suffered that hurt before Jesus took abuse in churches for you and that he was accused of partying with sinners. Luke Chapter five or thirty three to. It gets worse. He was accused of being demon possessed. Matthew twelve twenty four. He was forty accuser seeking overthrow the government. Remember that he was going to be overturning the woman authorities he knows how it feels when his own hometown rejected him when he came to minister is that who is this man from Nazareth who is here to tell us what to do. He knows how it feels to have his own church members heard in abuse and he preached a powerful sermon and they were about to kill him. And threw him out a cliff and drive him out of the church. Have you felt that way before Jesus understands. Jesus also understands how it feels to break up in a relationship. The Bible's as a germ a chapter three that Israel was considered God's Wife or God's woman and here Jesus provided the same sure you provide a man the provider profits. You probably every provision possible. He poured entire love to Israel but Israel ultimately rejected and divorced Jesus. Have you been a pain a divorce. Have you been the pain of a break. Jesus understands and he took that hit for you in the eye. At the cross. Have you been a situation where your friends let you down. You are in this moment where you are in great need of your friends and supports you and to help you and be with you you are in this crisis. They don't pick up the phone. They don't help you hears you. You've been always with them and their problems but they are not with you in your problems. Jesus went through that and your seventy one the three disciples slept when he needed prayer. Have you felt a trail from a friend. You see her comes closer and when the relationship comes closer to that correct. Have you felt hurt from a family member that you trust completely Jesus understands Judas a man that Jesus and this is entire love and to save him from his then. Betray Jesus and made him vulnerable to abuse and death. Jesus understands betrayal. He took that hit for you in the eye and Calvary. Have you been a situation where you feel all sold lonely that no one else is there for you. And yes somebody the Bible says all disciples for so come in flat. Have you felt lonely and you thought that No Frank I understand your situation. Jesus took that for you. How you'd be in a situation where you desperately needed a friend to stand up for you when you're being abused you need a friend to stand up for you when you're going through a thick situation. Jesus understands when that friend doesn't come through here Peter deny Jesus three times when he needed someone to advocate for in the most Jesus understand. Jesus endured bullying and abuse. Have you been in physical abuse before. Have you been sexually abused before. This is something we don't talk about our church but more and more rampant. This is a big problem within our church and we need to talk about it. We need to deal with. Have you felt shame because of our past sin that was advertised by your ex lover. Maybe be broadcast with all of social media have you been shame because of what happened. You were subjected to something against her will. The Bible says that Jesus was small and blindfold and struck in the face and he was stripped of his garments naked. If you were abused sexually. If you abuse against your will. Jesus suffered the shame the day we can and depression and RB have and by His stripes. We are here. Jesus took you for us at the cross. Why did Jesus go through all this abuse. Why the Jesus go through purposely to be in the most this is vanity situation that any human being possible can be N.. He did not come as a king in the universe with the support of a grand military army to support his movement. He came alone as a baby from a outcast family from the baggage wrapped her baggage at the baggage of scandal and degradation. He came in the most disadvantaged point. Why did he do that. He who shouted twelve years to looking into. Jesus the author and finisher of our faith who for the joy of our server for an indoor the cross. Despising the shame he endured of the cross because he wanted the joy of you and I be healed. From what Satan is doing to us. By his stripes. We are here. And that's why the Bible says in Hebrew SHOPPER four verses fifteen and sixteen. The Bible. SYRUS. Well we are not a high priest which cannot be touched with the feelings of our own families but was in all points tempted like as we are yet without sin let us therefore come boldly into the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of what. Jesus has no call waiting. Jesus is not going to keep you on hold. Like tech support. When you call upon Jesus you have direct access to them personally. You have a personal audience with the creator of the universe. Jesus knows what it feels to be shamed in abuse and he is there for the shame in the buz and those that are suffering from the bondage of addictions and shame because he knows how it feels like. So when you feel like you are both a low when society looks down upon guess what you are in vantage ground. Because those are in the lowest are those that don't know their true condition but when you know your true condition and when you know you're depressed when you know that nothing's working and then when you feel like signs against you. Jesus understands and Jesus says Come. I'm here for you. Because I was here. When I came here on this earth to Calvary. What is the remedy. Desired it is Page forty three as we bring some final points through all our trials we have a never failing helper he does not leave us alone to struggle with temptation to battle with evil and be finally crushed what burdens and sorrow though now he is hidden from mortal side the year of fear came here is voice a fear not. I am with you I am here that little more and was then to be all I am alive forevermore. I have endured your sorrows experience your struggles encounter your temptations. I know your tears. I also have wept they grieved. Too deep to be breathed into any human ear. I know. They'd not that you are disciplined forsaken through your pain no responsive chord and they are not Earth Look unto me. And live now a mountain shall depart and then be removed by my kind of shall not depart from the need or shelter cover them. Ips me remove said the Lord that have mercy on the when we leave the school when Satan wants us know this Jesus understand. And jesus cult experience in school the prophets in your personal devotion. Experience in school the prophets and healing in your personal all by your one on one time with God because this Jesus desires a personal one on one relationship with you to heal you in the story and to bind up broken heart. And Jesus ass casting all your care part of for he care for you Do you really believe that Jesus care for you. Even though you don't feel like it. We learned that faith is a subset of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen even the miss the hopelessness believe that's a promise that Jesus cares for you and tells you to cast all your cares upon him and the Bible says of Matthew chapter eleven verse twenty or thirty. Come on to me all your labor and are heavy later I will give you take my yoke upon you and learn of me for I am meek and lowly and are any shall find rest in to your souls for my yoke is easy and my burden is light. Jesus took the burden on Calvary. He took every bit of depression for you and I at the cross and so if you are going through a situation of the various hits of depression be a genetic be a developmental be it social know this when Jesus begin. That is earthly ministry. He felt every chord of pain every chord of tears every heartbreak the feelings the loneliness and wretchedness and on worthiness Jesus felt Jesus even felt being rejected by his fallen even though his father did not reject him he won't be a valid himself to be separate from the father feeling the rejection that she was not good enough. So by His stripes we are healed. You know we are severed they have this know that Jesus soon to come the size of the Times tells us that the crisis is near this world is becoming more and more broken but soon very soon they'll be a new heavens and the new are and gosh a walk. Why are tears from our eyes and as we point to the near Inus of the crisis our There is a cross that heals. The burdens are lifted in Calvary. And as a righteous go to heaven having glorified bodies the Bible says that all tears will be wiped from their eyes. No more pay all the toils in the our place of our Earth or no longer ploy to haunt them but there is one person. That will carry the pain of depression forever. There is one person that will carry every heartbreak every pain scars deep as long as its self will forever be carried by Jesus. He takes the memory and and the heartbreak and all the disappointments. But he will carry that disappointment forever because he'll MOL will have the memory of seeing the Bible says and Zachariah thirteen versus And once all Saotome one what are these won't finance then is no answer the phone which I was in the house of my friends will be a permanent memorial Jesus alone will carry heartbreak pain. The feeling of separation of the death of a loved one. Jesus will carry that forever. He will makes in his fall so that we ourselves. No longer will hold be held bondage to that pain can a woman forget her son in child that she should not have compassion on the son of Rome yet they marry for a GED yet well I'm not forget the be all I have grave in be upon the palm of my hands the walls are continually before me by his ands and this fee in the side and as heard those wounds will be a permanent memorial that Jesus. Willingly took the blame of in our behalf and although we will be joyous and happy for the ceaseless is the eternity in the resources of God's secret heart. There will always be came there always be depression. There will always be sadness for the suffering that humanity incurred because Jesus took it on the cross. So that we do not have to suffer from burdens. Lifted Calvary. Are you held in bondage by one of the heads of the pressure here today. Do you feel guilty for something. Do you feel sadness in the recesses of your heart you know this Jesus know because he went through it and is seeking to stretch his hands wounded in our behalf to heal wounds that heal. We are wounded but God is calling us to heal. Let us start a movement of healing in God in time of the church when we leave the school share the goodness of God or gods healing power show the people that there is hope in the midst of hopelessness that God's will. Will prevail that there is healing and restoration that a broken heart can be healed and the store because Jesus took it all at the cross and when we look at the cross clearly unclear. We will be ready to see Jesus in the clouds of glory. Because long. Holy Father. Our Father and God in heaven. Father we thank you. For not hesitating to take the blame in our behalf. Father we thank you. That Jesus volunteered to make it his fall even though it was not his fault that forever. He will carry the memory of the plight of pain and suffering in our behalf and father in the name of Jesus. I ask. That is there is anyone in this room that see to come to the cross to have their burdens lifted. That they don't hesitate and come and brothers sisters that their heads about in are so close. Is there someone here today as a bird in their heart that they need to give the Jesus Is there someone here today that has suffered a developmental head of depression that are seeking healing here today to ask Jesus for healing and restoration that have Jesus of life and healing power work in their lives as us are desired. I simply ask if you slip out your seats and come forward for a special prayer. This is a specific appeal if there is someone here today that desires. She willing and restoration burdens are lifted in Calvary both. God wants us to be happy and joyous he wants to wipe away the tears in our eyes and today as the tears flow let it be the some more that the Came is a skipping our hearts and as the tears flow out in our cheeks let it be a symbol of the draining of the pain from our hearts and a harpy renewed by healing and restoration here today that joy will fill our hearts today. Let us pray Holy Father Father we are broken. Messed up people. Humanity is broken. And messed up. But even defective and feeble as we are. Even though. We have so many scandals. So much baggage. Jesus said and pointed to earth say I love that people. I want to marry her. I will take. All her liabilities and flaws. And love her. In spite of her frailties. And I see as I become one with humanity to heal her and to restore her and to give our life and life more abundantly to Laois to live happily ever after. Holy Father we thank you. Today we thank you for this week. We thank you. That as we release the pain. There is one that took the pain in our behalf. And so today let arse tears be a symbol that we're giving our burdens to the that today will be a new day of healing and restoration. Father. We know as we go beyond these doors and we start a new week reality what it. The enemy will see the wound befall or may we go constantly to your throne of grace to receive healing and restoration and though we may be discouraged at times when we realize that your son was discouraged and he understands and by him being discouraged. He can now give us strength in our time of need. As a father. Today we ask for hewing and restoration help us the belief of a human power. Lord I believe help my unbelief May today be a new day and a new beginning. And as we by faith with Seaview in the sea of glass where. For that day when all our tears are wiped away and the former things are passed away Father we thank you that you your son and the Holy Spirit took it upon yourselves to carry forever. The memory of hurt and pain so that we don't have to no longer go through this Father we thank you for making it your fault even though it's not your fault. And today we ask for healing. We ask for restoration this week for Jesus this media was brought to you by audio for years a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about it you would like to listen to more sermon Visit W W W dot org.


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