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A Prophet for This Generation

Joakim Hjortland


In connection with the centennial of Ellen White’s death, join Joakim Hjortland, author of recently published “A Prophet for This Generation,”in considering the vital question: Why? Why should we care about Ellen White? Why did God raise her up? What role did God intend for her to play in our time and in our lives?


Joakim Hjortland

Author, Co-founder of IMPACT generation, Director of AFCOE Europe


  • December 31, 2015
    4:00 PM


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OK Well calm and restart hundreds here. On Earth for those who aren't here on time or stop its own attempts to reach the beginning. And I just wanted to mention. It made sense to talk to us quite some comments about about the sounds shining in this part of the world and stuff. Yesterday So I want to mention two interesting and I want quotes since it's come up that we've talked about and why it's not been a topic. Well it's an interesting statements and one of the statements you comes with this stuff and that about this how to get to Sabatino in the north. You know I was living actually in the very north where there is no sign in the winter and it's not how it's so I thought maybe like what in connection with that kind of question. She said and you are not supposed to believe that kind of place. But actually I harvest from many people. I'm not sure if it's really true actually. Because I've tried to find a corpse and I have in common. Time want to use my family. I recount. Think that if want that I don't want a career from because I'm quite so close. Actually it's funny you come home to my wife is that many you know I'm otherwise tired. You know it's kind of the best sense best and live in a time that you know I never say I'm going to say sunsets and with sweets and frogs or whatever you know how many things like this especially you can imagine before we got technology like today when it was so easily accessible to all the writings of the white man and part time I will probably have a lot of rumors like this and it's good to know there are a lot of misunderstandings about the white because simply she never said it or it's completely taken out of context or completely. So that's actually a good lesson the page. We got but the same in regard to the sunshine as they give you another one is that I thought it was quite quite funny. And she says that the most glorious sunset the most beautiful sunsets she ever saw that was actually. Once you're right things kind of Asher Roth. You know it's actually which country was just traveling with when Christiane are also asked this quote that I am bottom bar. Only on that drive. She sort of the most beautiful and this one I said this is really this one is really I could give you it in two seconds from my computer to get a reference and everything that was really funny is here. You know we have some nice part of the science walks over and you know it's you and I sound so. You're like yes I do ice you can come back and I have time or if you do some online you count calories from time to get a full sunsets here and stand there and. Anyway and I think I just wanted to mention briefly as kind of you know. It's a little bit. It's always a good idea. You get more right. This was the lady because you were here let me put it weren't here about for the spotlight this that I mention this. This is Plavix could rock which is the oldest living relative I don't why I'm privileged to meet her. I got her complex truth your wife this diet and and asked about working on the research of the book I went there to have an interview with a lot of questions I took all the time I had a look into how she was ninety three years old she is still you know just turning ninety four in two months. And she's you know fresh clear in her mind I'm going to be playing the piano and she's on Facebook and really when I said I am a friend of Facebook and she East there is the ground floor there of where your wife which is the only one hundred four children and he's the only one that got children. And he's over the top there are all of this child this and I mean some which are stories of my grandmother my the book is a really nice book. Everything for children especially but it's also nice for us but it's a little offensive basically and obviously our mother. Both her parents worked for their reading you know they work for the White House that they got personal testimonies from my wife that are from go after a while about how to. Important role in their lives. Very interesting story and and OK yeah I mentioned yesterday. Yeah so after I mean I wrote something to her like really short Afterward I think I can a few days to read the whole book and she really liked this or wrote this e-mail back and I read and I said to put it online because for Mission. Actually helps me get a coffee before lunch with us just couldn't see it you know you know she was so anxious to get this message out and and that she says this is just what they will need right now it's right now and she has many connections you know why the state could be no harm and she writes in Hey you should check this out this book you should have. So it's really really nice to read that's interesting. If you know right now. You know support him. The way she can do and of course she is just she's all done but she. She wants to to promote this this work and wait. One thing I just want to mention with her. I think what one of the questions I asked her when I read her last you know how would you describe Ellen White as a person you know out of all of the men who are She's the one on the right is one of the one that probably would be the best more accurate answer I believe to that question but no it's more inside information family background everything you know and and this was just this is our exact right here. So right away you know all the intel or anything before well what I was going to ask her. You know so you just came there somewhat I was thriving on this and I was just very natural. Yes very you know. But this is what she says this alarmingly person up beautiful person and then she says it was like I say she's got a little bit of it so I asked wish I could be more like her. And I was very beautiful. Also I figured no of course she was a very nice lady. That's it for me after getting to know we see her in many different conflicts that's also what we did let you know her made an even stronger impression. Anyway bottom line I think when you get to know what I want and her best. Yes you get a very different much more positive picture had done many have of this and gifts. That got us here and also just profit for this generation and that's really you know it's really our gift. You know I that's something I really. Sometimes we don't think about the locked out on some lost rights for the sword because maybe we have an experience with someone but take a wife I think I might be the thing that happened you know to take this completely out of context on this and it's so many you know it's. She really went rights and she was very very balanced and so much wisdom and what's right for her she's right that there is a human tendency you know for the reason human nature. Time that sits around to extremes and from one extreme to another Many are not so many times you know it's not just an episode you know how many and I prove I was many said to me that she never even said. Some might be similar to something just by it's completely you know it's good to check out when you get to know her very you know it's it's a it's a gift. It's a blessing. It's testimonies for the sharp thoughts. I guess the shock kids and parents sometimes think that's the case. It's forty shots and we need to appreciate this gift and really you know this is our process for this a national side of the sun on the book as well. I call to Mr Gonski if it's. I'm going home and you know this year this very year two thousand and fifteen and it's hundred years since her death and I firmly believe that if we only believe in that and why if we read her writings and appreciate it took it to heart as we should you want. I'm going there. Now for a time when I finish the work and went home and I was racked up well I mean hope so. I mean it. You know yes the fact that we are still here today thirty five stocks of summer two thousand and fifteen testifies to the fact that we have and appreciate the counsel from the prophet for peace from the Russian officials and so therefore really what I am trying to do comparable to with many good stuff out there. I try to controvert with basically I call on a piece to let's really appreciate this as we should then personally I can set it up you know I. Very suddenly raised well I mean very blessed by fire right. You know it's my favorite color. I mean that's all part of my life is in my face very very you know I am not I think it's unlikely that my mother will not have been and I'm pissed if it wasn't for I don't want and then I probably don't have existed at all. And you know she you know I was born. You know it wasn't really my. And I put it in that's I don't I've been tremendously best but still even though I was really butted in and why they're having a blast is as I've been working and that it's the last like the last year. I'm not I'm not to say hey I have maybe not been blessed some benefit in the way I could up because there's so many blessings that God has given us through this Gift and that's also what I see that I think generally even among has been to stop believing in a wife and rhythm and want. I think we haven't benefited from this gift in the way we should have and could. So that's also a button I have to try to say hey let's really understand what's And that's really the focus with you know what role is this supposed to have what what's wrong. Should it have in the life you know what have the Bible. Of course it is not to take the place of the Bible and about how it should work to get it right. What what is their role and so that's something so it's important very important question to ask ourselves and the by the way those who are coming in now if you could help maybe a restaurant you can pick one that started off south and then if so if you haven't gotten one yet thruster house we used to some some part of course here and that we would look out. OK so that's a little introduction. We want to focus on and I mean why. Another prophet. Why should you know because the statement that was in the in the in the workshop description. It is quote number five on the handoffs which by the way goes if you're listening online you can also shut off without me from your if I were on that recording. The same quantifiers that endorsed me around the world of given that I just wanted to do well extensive accounts more in. For those who accept present truth they have a kid here on the shutdown of the nature and influence of the testimonies. So this question is more important to ask ourselves than ever before. How why is it important. What role should it have and you know we have limited time but we'll get to some of these things and in the time we have together now. But before we did I kind of I swear I'm having back and I thought what a prayer before we get into this topic. There if I thank you for the opportunity to come together and to consider this tense your this is a very very important topic and as predators you made it us now in the time we have to go to be listening. Online Help us to work to understand how you want us to do this things in order. We we may have our ideas and opinions but the let us help us to see how do you want us to do those things and help us to to to be benefited by the instruction of the Geest you have given us in this generation that you gave to us and hundred years ago and and yeah prophet and December are actually the same bracing for the forty first day of this gift and the greatest gift to your last sharpshooting a remnant of people that are just came and went. And. There was out there is a story or there was a mound that went in large city and went to this second time that bookstore went there to look for for books. And so he asked you know in the shop here he asked for a religious books. So now you know he was told to go there to the back of the shop there. So you went over there and he was looking at a concert to find what he was looking for and so you know the owner of the person working there was talking so you know what they are looking for is there something special in your life. They didn't get what you was looking for. So then he said there it was looking for him you know some books from Mrs G. Watt. And that and then the person working in the shop there was a oh that's that's different and. Those books they're not back here. You know they are in the front they were here with the Bibles those books are in a class by them south. And I think that's why I like the story because the really more as I get to know this and that's the importance of this. I think truly the Spirit of Prophecy. Right. And so when the wife and I pass by himself and and this books this mistress want to have a special a role in our personal lives and that's what I ask in our ministry and. Now before we get into you know other bits on you know why it's important some some other things I wanted to kind of and start out with sharing a little bit kind of the story behind how I got into all of this and you know it's quite an interesting story. So I kind of cherished. Through it comes through some lessons that I think it's also useful for forty four I was sitting there in the back of the the coolest police in a police car and worried astonished and wondering what about you know. The fear of being put in jail. You know since when did it become a hot crime to be your pimp your is driving this that and you know we've been bad enough with the car after just being but now we're able to do it you know. The thing was I was going to to do research you know when I went to Methodist went to and seven where I don't want to have done you know doing some different things very important part of the research for the book so I was there I first went to verify this. You know there was the conference in Florida and then I was going to go off last from there to Michigan amps about the creek and then over to the west to California and some different things. And I liked. A few hours before I was supposed to head up you know from Florida to Michigan. I was just asked with a very short message that was canceled. There's anything where I should do what I could the Bay Wisconsin like why in the world that do look at myself and I found out that it was a big winter storm in Michigan and like a big one for him. Siloam have been for a long time before you know many problems and so over plans for a concept for several dates so I know. Shasta flying there to catch my other bad to the west. So I whined about how you know I think out that means it's perfect. You want me to do this and I'm here now this is my chance you know I have to. So I like what you mean what are the you know and I found out with my friend who was with me helping me with it on the trip air. The only chance to do was to rent a car and to drive from Florida to Michigan on if you're not acquainted with us. You're right that's how long trip is from the very soul to the very north Michigan is what he found out for us in the south. This night and it was in one thousand eight hundred kilometers. If I don't remember incorrectly nine hundred kilometers at roughly twelve hundred miles. It's quite some time traveling. And so we have to figure it out next morning. Preparing morning workout when today. Let's get our car about we have to wait for like three hours and it was many people wanting to get cars on the All Whites on our sun but eventually we got a car started driving it went pretty well and travel today bought eventually started to get dark started to get very cold and you know one of these not one of these was planned. You know with the car and everything and the entire Riddick so much passion you have all this and it falls on. So finally we're on our While all our lefts and my car. We're planning on going to work anymore that I want all our in the pocket and where driving and and it's getting really close outside I'm looking and I actually it's going down like man how is this going to go on. It's like getting very very late been driving for you know and they have a plane to catch and try hopefully also see this process and they're like man or looking on the petrol I'm like it's in fact probably should be just enough but it was like but then he wants what's like a crash. That was started to get up to the Snowy part as you have to were stuck in traffic for like. I think the last two hours or so the tree hours we had to wait and the two are sort of three hours plus in the morning so I actually had read it and because of that because he was freezing cold outside. And for someone who is used to snow or what it's like here. We had to keep the engine on. So you can imagine two hours we didn't have enough gas anymore. Like mom Lord it to have of you know. PERSON one for some reason suddenly caught on working again I don't know what happened but it's good to get some more gas and and so we continued driving and I was driving through the night you know with several delays and waiting there on the air and already had a really long trip and not much time and they were trying to deny it was you know what I was trying to be like so many times when cars here trucks here. It's like I never never saw up like on this trip so many cars stuck in the snow. I mean it was like crazy. I want to go out and we're driving very carefully because we didn't we didn't have actually we came from Florida. So even if you have snow or. Pirates. So we had to be very it was OK but I was like I wanted to be careful. And. It was my choice you know it's just we didn't choose to get in this situation anyway so we're driving we're almost and I won't die I'm pretty much traveling for like twenty four hours or more than twenty four hours. Yes I like forty minutes I have to go. But I hop we come to this crossroad and we are sliding into the car ahead of us and I hear the city car. It's the rental car. We have and and that's where we end up in the police car and we have to wait there for peace out into quite some time. You know. Actually we're actually eating breakfast in the police police car after traveling from one twenty four hours quite interesting before and I did talk with him and that he told us like He told us that. In this state in the hour. He was asked and board about who are from you know from Michigan. This is the only states in all the United States. He said where you have to have an American driving license to be allowed to drive. And I wanted to. Well I've never heard of things I thought I liked that way said that in prison because of it you know Mexico and started it with him for his son but luckily we had a nice talk with him he let us off the hook for us. One on and I think we get on him and you know us well before we left and it was interesting and him. But anyway. We had to wait there got had a friend that can pick that up because our you know. So we can be very late because of that you know maybe a couple of sit. Author Clara could accept that and want to create and stuff that we were going to sit there but not what we have to do in order to assist us we just have to go on take a quick shower get some food on the hit the road. I am. And luckily or. A friend of mine that I was going to school together with in the States from your spot he wanted in a Foreign Office to come on there pick us up and to drive us so we started driving and just after like I don't know like twenty thirty minutes of driving. Suddenly a car hits us in the back I want to I look again we don't have time but he's run like really short of time to catch this is the reader of unlikely we were going to this is that and honestly there are cars are OK good for it but let's keep going you know and he had this. Liberty four wheeler. And he was driving pretty good. You know this big car it was a good and he literally have. You know he had there were driving must have so many cars like it was like crazy and he had like this snow would go goes on Him like to see better and he was driving back really like well it was like a dream like what in the world bitch I mean for thirty hours or more. And this is like all these cars only two crashes in the last few hours like what is happening us like Christie. But then finally we come to the Swamp Thing I wanted to see was this. And there can right. And so very interesting story. So we can to discredit I looked up on the internet found a graveyard with us. You know very and I couldn't find City where piece to exact spot at the time I thought OK you know when we count there was fine it somehow you know what really came down to what we saw what up graveyards created big and that there was a lot of snow but we did not have a lot of time so of amounts Lord you had to have piles of we're going to find this in time so we split up in that you know we're like four people in like different parts of the Great or tried to look you know run home for this this is great so I went to like the opposite sides looking around as if some pictures are kind of on your problem and how it looked that's on this one I was made I was think what are so was they didn't have so much. But there was like very special shape for them to install and that's what I kind of felt impressed to go and check this one so I passed some rows of the graphs one of it's not obvious now and I rushed up to snuff on this tombstone and it. I guess well the very first grade. I'm taking it was that on here you see it so I threw down the walk through the snow here and I have all this is what they were like OK You see I did it is quite a lot of risk there but I present or we saw it and the result of this that is very interesting actually. And he says you might have had a really nice. And they're kind of them and rightly kind of write these while the father and wife criticism pretty much all because it's them but it's out there that I mean whatever I guess the wife Stacy if I read or if I promise land or I feel that it's out that has been outside and what is really powerful is he was anxious preacher. I'm very popular young speaker a preacher had bought it. Actually he left the shop to become Back to use the Baptist preacher and the but really this story behind the times that I want to have time to get into it but it's really interesting. It's basically a conference that's he knew about or he knew about much of the Christian criticism McHenry's wasn't true. It wasn't honest it wasn't fair. He knew. Wasn't you know it's a very interesting story. So I wanted it. Perhaps it can confirm that this is really true. I read just sort of written by one of these former secretary stuff wasn't just but it became obvious to you. Wasn't she was not convinced by him but that of the opposite and very interesting. So yeah that's kind of what I want to sit so I don't have to finish very separate from you and I don't mind tonight then and then and it's actually I don't want to really have a buyer for him but I told her that if you want you you you know it's about what happened with him like basically a prophecy about him. If you will be fueled and you know continue this course and he was very unhappy and I think what was predicted by it was exactly what happened. And yes let there even after her death and and so anyway off to the east. You know we have to ask move on to finish off and get quickly you know move on to go to the next and then half an expense from Chicago. So as to some driving and this part of the trip was the most scary once I've never been you know were driving and I know I would never have had a car like that with those tires. They were really bad like you could thing that we were driving on the road. It was like. Oh miss it like that. I think what Instead it was. That part of it is about and I think that at this point i'm time and we're doing this like. Five lanes it direction with seventy six. Maybe like a lot of trucks big trucks and like if I did be tracked this time we would just slide it hardly there. We could be smashed and they're afraid so much. And they're all like that's part but thankfully we made it. We came to the band we got them to the west and we can. There are a great time we met Gladys you know the interview there went to seven was I'm not saying everything worked out fine. So now we're just on our way back sometimes nice to them you know Lawson action before heading back from there to Europe. And as we go driving you know we go there and we drive you know. Down there and Mark are my partner and create what's called a hide it. And whatever I remember I don't remember the exact name or basically we had like I'm what I like sixty hours of charming before we find it so that and I bet it was like Christmas on many things happening when we were driving this market a freelancer it's ninety five lengths direction. Yes about. More kilometers to go. But suddenly I start driving. I'm just hit in the back. Yes I'm with the flow of traffic and this car kit. What a fast hits me in the back and I'm pushed into the car ahead of me on like a double. Commission on the highway and they're curious that a car in my car in the back and they're actually in my suitcase was in there that's the one I'm happier consider a bit but a couple of them which was actually I think difficult and you want to insurance and get around so I got it was my parents like more of it from my. And I saw how it was like you know apparently I didn't know offered it in your oh this was the worst one. I could fit in my neck for a few days so I went just for sort of a shock you know like it say something that works better for my neck or back you know so I went to the doctor about that time while I'm in the other like a two year old got in the back in the back seat it but Preston or no injuries but when this happened. Like what in the world. I'm never been in that car after for the last hour. And I mean like five days it's to reason that car like I like. Everything that could and this is out the short version. Right. Everything that could go wrong either on the street one way or something would happen with the plane back home or something but without once well but it's like why do I like I was thinking there is like we had to pay top or something. Waiting no trying to find out what would happen. And there and I was trying to put everything in perspective you know think about what is happening you know and then this me seems like someone doesn't want this perfect. And you know the thing is she writes and I think you should have it on. On here. Yeah cause on her side. And on the found out she writes that the very last section I said is not the reason why a bleeding heart but I would be because I believe she's a prophet of God It's also a different OS A section of site down. We need to make of the effect of the testimony of space again short and to offset the coincidence in this in Iraq things to make them long effect on stuff in the computer. That's the very last the sectional set them. And of course if this is true then you know God will do whatever he counted to him there such an effort. So when this happened when I got these in the house there. Tony's my local shop talk to work. Yes doubt you know. Fifty men shy away from here. Some time afterwards you know one and then it wiped us right in the great controversy with. She looked up and asked her most important vote had not said in five hundred three times and you know so I was thinking about this and I asked God OK so I'm going to something here. There was actually a chorus to move on to be more retirement. This is good this is the important part right so let's move on and then I could really say it has been that many many challenges from the beginning is about the kind of the beginning of the project until the very end on T.V. just a few based ago actually. I had like this kind of action. I also like and there are some about supposed to take four days it took two months. So actually. I asked about the final version after like the sixth. And like yes a few days ago so I found the very beginning to the very end. So many problems but it is being read to see what the how God has been providing a blessing me to him in many different ways and he one we had when we do what he wants us to do you know he will be with us. He has a thousand ways to provide for us which we know nothing. A lot of time to tell you all about same some stuff but OK let's move on. After and settle down just boarding school. And then countering and there was an interesting thought provoking question and answer session that. Basically Saturday morning. You know the staffer got it together and then you know sort of thing the lead to get it to get our to have a question I'll just run away they could ask whatever and yes a few minutes into it. To the discussion. You know that many of the students they got from the Iraqi confused and they put it out. You know the top and on it with a vast experience if you got did we asked here one of the students ask you know why do you see that the pastor of in this country in this region and. Are discussing whether I don't wife is a prophet on this. Why is it you know that we never hear about. I don't watch it in these school in these shops and don't we have to try to fish it live. You know if it's a profit and they're basically that's a question that that without like in the beginning of this very beginning. So basically the whole session planned out and you know about this topic was supposed to be as many questions but and it really you know it was quite some discussions on that I want to pass across a little bit irritated that I and I restive saying he thought it was meaningless to discuss this topic and there. Another pastor a prominent pastor in country and it said he in a fortune all talked about how he believes I don't I have grown in her on the founding and actually trust what she said and beginning and the emotions really care so much about that and and much of what she wrote should never have been published on there he went on he even said before all the students you know this to their stuff. He didn't agree with the fundamentalists but real sharp pass. You know on the gift of prophecy and out there on the on the on the other side of the teacher Darrow. Kind of presenting another view. And you know it was an interesting discussion. So some of the students went off on this discussion with the impression that the pastors didn't really. They didn't want many students went out from this is gushing. Confused. They want out consist of. They're far from the only one they are far from the only one there are so many different thoughts and ideas and opinions many different years. Some people say I've had people tell me straight in my face. You know when I was it's in their past or actually he said you know. You know that it's higher it's response or it then often Spyro you know that it's I thought my God for all this money Terence five minutes checking on there and I've been out of them. Sorry it's not a great controversy and you know some say you know personally that there is to people who believe one hundred sixty years ago. You know I believe they were inspired by I don't believe it was never a tension I should read some say you know I was in a wife was a prophet by the Shannon she grew shouldn't care what she said in the beginning but what she said and I and others said that you know she was a prophet but she wasn't sure they were violent and some want money money but her writings become for the prostitute. What you wrote in the end I would say you know these parties just aren't paying the. You know if times have changed. This is not really relevant anymore. Anymore and some say you know. Did she set up or what is it. Big deal. Why should we really care about that and why he she why care about that. Let's have life. We have a great life. Or doesn't she say her side of the thing we started buying enough we don't really need to hire somebody different thoughts and ideas and opinions and a lot of confusion a lot of confusion Listen to this. This is how I'll be it's to be played out article put it up you're worth quite a thing. It's a sense at least build it. Charge co-founder engineer why it was inspired by God as a prophet. You know that everything written don't put it in the general part but in practice there is wide variation among our interest as to exactly how much authority should be accurate to writings that are based on sign of the idea of our prophetic gift has been both from when I went outside to charge there has always been significant variation in the empty shaft regarding why it's inspiration and and I would study this is an interesting study. Are you happy for it with what actually it is and this according to a dozen two worldwide survey if you want. Percent of Aunty's accept are part of the whites writings and fifty percent believe Koreans are for attention is that it's for today. I say that he said it is very interesting and I saw it shows that in faster television that division we are in right now less than sixty percent of the members wholeheartedly embrace the teachings of energy walk with me inspired mystics that's quite that's quite a high number. Yeah that's a lot of people. Don't have confidence full confidence in this gift and to do so now the shops for more twenty five percent of the members said that they never read her writings and I know there are probably forty five percent rid of her. Less than once a month that makes a total of just under seventy percent of the members who read why it's right it's less than once a month. So why don't you see very few actually if you read our own mortality. It's very excitable and this has pets a picture of how the situation it's now why you stop is that the way it's supposed to be you know it's got some some profit that's what it's to make it's clear what role and how much authority. Profit without one of the and I want to be important. On the stand this things correctly. I believe sucking dick. That's the cat circling shore is a very important question to ask ourselves. And it doesn't buy into that you know about God is not the author of confusion but there is one body wants theory of one or one faith and one baptism. That's God's promise which them to all the acts of crisis praying that we make will be one. So after woman believe that you have done me you know I think God Of course if he sounds of the prophet he will help us understand how we should relate with what role it happened. Yeah but it's a very important question to discuss there is a lot of confusion on this topic and this is definitely something I see more and more that's really needs to be addressed and this to be better on the should as we read in the quote in the beginning rights. And of course not much for that. That's the and draws near rights and I want to quote them actually quote number five as the Enderle snare it becomes more important to have a care on the standing up and then in front of the testimonies. So it's more important than ever before to have a clear on the standing of this seems. And so that's what we are trying to get some clarity you out of course not a lot of time but we try to let look into this topic somewhat today together. Now first of what we can look at some some passages in scripture at some fundamental truths about the gift of prophecy in general that I think it's helpful to have in mind as we consider this topic. So first let me ask you what is a prophet. Talk about process for this generation to talk about and it's good to have in mind. Why would you say. Why some prophet. How would this kind of help. How would you define a for some folks let's listen to a messenger or thoughts. Why do some prophet doing what it's their role while it's well what it's about. To prepare to block out. Yeah like that. You know and that much. You. Now. Hold me. More on the rack trying trying to correcting our sitting out in the morning else. Yeah I think there are many many tasks as several tasks of a prophet. Sometimes what we people tend to think of it's for telling the future and I believe it's an important role of the prophet. You know approximately half of the virus problems. And that's not the it's it's why I'm about. I like to put like this. I think a pretty good definition of what a prophet is but a prophet is a spokes person for God probably the spokes person were out there and that's kind of what their words are used in the Bible in the. One word was used. He would not be a spokesman for Speaker great prophet that's one's sixty fourth and someone you know that's big. For God so I think that's a pretty good definition. Now are we not all supposed to be this well spiritual forgotten. I think Mary in the Bible. I think you know where I want some to shut it off and with I'm off as well I think you are many churches to be God's witnesses and so why is it different than what is the difference between for the what is the prophet and I preach air and prophet on the past or about a minister whatever. What is the difference of some thoughts in that one where you stop the source. Yeah I think that's kind of the corporate inspiration. I think inspiration and authority are the source where it gets that gets them up for acting and so you know God speaks very directly to prophecy revisions on Prince. So therefore you are a five prophet stance against the window if I don't you know say if I passed or come or pitch Come I said to you. Hey you should go on the side of theology and become a pastor is that the governor wanted to do it. Right but not necessarily by for profit Council and this year you should go out of business and start all restaurants. Then I think about this if you come to know like a messenger of the Lord on that it is you can know yeah OK I'm sure that up to the trip of course it's a difference of inspiration on authority and I spokes person who got now. So that's a first truth I want to mention like for truth before we move on to why yes this important. How do you know what you know about got on with sex. How would you know how you know what you know and use different sources of our knowledge forgot what what was your answer about some thoughts. And that sure is from them. By one of them on of things such as about him about gods towards us of couse we learn different things from the spirit and just instruct us on our things. Yeah parents on the other people aren't. Thinking. Yeah experiences of my five oh yeah yeah I think all this. Well this sparking stuff God uses to speak to us and I would like this guy spoken all the big US communicated with some face to face to the high priests to communicate the truthful. You're not familiar with the lights on there telling them if THEY SHOULD THIS SORT OUT of quotes call me and you know sometimes you walk in the Gulf will try to obviously have some and yes I many times he has spoken true visions and Brits have got to use many different ways. Right. But by far the most common modus operandi has been communication by the prophet. It's got most common way to communicate with us. The main way of communication is truth. The prophet a message second. Truth that I want us to have in mind the manner way got communicates with us. It's true the prophet I I would counsel. I would say with confidence that the vast majority of all knowledge we need to gather in this room how about God because we are you know it is because of prophets. Yes that's true yeah it's a revelation to some obviously some other places but the vast majority of everything we don't talk about this is God's man. So. From the from the National truth number one problem is this but part of the government to the problems our government of communication with his people. And you know he could I meet him in a different place. I think you know some type of you wish to be brought in the sky with them with this guy or he come with a lightning or something and you're telling your where it's from new what you should wear with what the patient if you through should marry whatever you want to know me I don't want a nice maybe sometimes you're going to buy that for some reason he has not chosen to do it blacked out. This is his main method of communication and I thought so why do you think he doesn't do the. Like with the sky. It's something innate happens to do it more dramatically and sometimes and I felt and that's why I wanted to be different. Because we asked that we ask for walks and most. Yeah I haven't followed up with Astra you know I don't want to line up. They wanted them to go by and also because they were too scared to recruit him to too close and even more scary to get I mean if you're on the wrong way. You get things. Astra I think that's an interesting aspect. I mean he's probably many response. I think one is also he wanted to make a difference. Pyro didn't change his mind which is what is all these miracles to fire a Statesman last words were threats from that that wouldn't change anything like if needed. God I think we'll do it on the bus at some point roughly. If I wanted to change and we operate Prost I think it's also manifesting fighter in this way if we see if we want to talk to our lips. We'll find out when it. What a problem is that we don't make up about. So I don't know about it. OK let's go to the point of entry. Let's let's look at some very interesting very severe havoc on the screen here that house of God It's us in a fish up the true. And once and for that to add here it's the house of God having been briefed on the foundation of the prophets he says here also. That Christ is the cornerstones of Christ is the cornerstone of the foundation of the House and of God of the shutter of God He's Apostle from the prophets shows us OK this is so here the prophecies are very important part of course that's God's men with a clear question it should be a big surprise but we manage things telling us it's OK with me to go to fishes is actually passage from the stone the gift of prophecy I'm a troll. So if you have a Bible it kind of come with me to book of official chapter four and from verse allowed on the eleventh through the fourth in the. Here it says and he himself gets some to be awesome. Some prophet some about this and some pastor something church is what equipment of the sense for the work of ministry for. Edifying off the body of Christ. All counted unity of the faith and of knowledge of the Son of God so perfect to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ's that's we should no longer be shuttled around tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine by the trickery of man in the coming craft and the skills to sit for the last thing and I want us to not as a couple of things from these passages are interesting passage. One thing here is you know here we have a list of different. You suck out three spirit to the shop try to profit to charity and different different gifts and one thing that is interesting to note this I claim itself. We have the least like these. Four times in spirit for four times in the New Testament three top three of us right here in efficient four and one those without the presence are. First to a very first Corinthians twelve. Yeah I'm talking also especially in the. Am especially twelve that's kind of going to the States but then it continues on the popular can say and then the last one you see. Surrounds excitement of the twelve that's why it's quite This is from number. They're almost twelve or twenty one and then the difference for twelve divide it by four it's three and whatever at four places it's missed of three times three places four times now it's only one gifts but it's always mentioned in the one of this four lists. Guess which one has been in question and that gives a prophecy that only one that is always mention not only that it's always mentioned there is number one or number two in this first one of the second one you believe in the east and so it's in fact if you see one of this gives that is really important but it's more important on the other side more essential to the shots on the others more crucial more more more. You know this is the one big problem and I think more important you know you know we have all and it's good to have all the money if there is one especially when it does it want and I think there's interesting if you think about it. Well I think if they receive basically there are four at the end from Iraq. You know that in the past and their ballots there are four of these on yes they build on their work site also that's also a difference. And yes I think about it like humanity if you could choose a man if you. You know how friendly. He said you know you got one thing here in the testimonies and he was reading it and he was he was a little scary. So you're like it's. There. We're seeing we're seeing with it. We have perfect the guy Party was a little scary to really it's not kind of sense of this is this is this is our this is true you know it's kind of the interest. I think it's somewhere from down here over there like the people of Israel and most are trying to record a lot of this is not going to go together with the to to to direct. Yeah and. And I'm sure you know can you imagine if you if you would have out like if you would choose if you would choose if you could choose between having our prophet and I sit share a picture in your shops. While the ships Hopefully God forbid would never have to pay to make this choice but if you have to take a shot. It's what I want which is which is. You have any profits. You will get it will probably be more scary. But I think that yes to figure out how that would be a money you see and you want to plan activities next year for a shocking life. What should we do what should be the. Imagine that you want to plan their next year's activity and and then the Protestants are excess you should should do organize to help expose you should have cooking courses. Starting by the study group and I mean then you have this big. I want us to campaign and thirty people will be baptized and when you try. And there were actually two gears that will reach the top of it is not their front but one of the required powerful Yeah like I was just I think you were probably more scary but it will be even more powerful and they can even great the difference I think in the shots done I've done a preacher or not to you know so downplay the importance of teachers and preachers but now if I recall I think about all and also if you think about this to make that choice made it more obvious if you could choose between being between having a Bible which is basically a God given product of the prophets or a teacher in your staff a preacher in your charge what would you ships. If you have to exercise. You know I don't have to take up strikes but Torah which is the barracks and US troops I think we have to watch and that's that's our third lesson. And. That's the gift of prophecy. It's the most I would say crucial spiritual gifts. It's the most crucial the most essential it's the most important of all the spiritual gifts that's trust us. Hey this is something you know I've got I've come to the prophet. We should pay attention. Yes it's OK for them. Why he's great and I know he was it was mainly due to him. And yeah you know. You just you know it's great that on our own that I probably you know actually by the way she didn't want to she never quote really quite there was a prophet. She preferred to be called is that messenger to prefer to be called messenger after what you know why that it's actually why she did not want to be called a prophet. Sometimes you kind of if you take it up enough I think it's wrong life and you know she didn't want to call the prophets and I for my book prophets and nation. I want that. Because they claim you. Yes I mean. It's ridiculous. She writes Many many false prophets I would give out to scare some to put away. Yeah that's a good answer. Also if there is more of the apple there. Right. Try trying to yeah exactly. I think yeah I think that's that's a good point to her if I want to talk and I think that's the basic thesis of a success list of things that's it's a response to one of the prophets and because it was let me give wrong misconceptions time and paradise because you want someone to scrape the stuff happening in the time. NOW or I want to die. Yes I want to go very quickly and that's what next point. You know I don't want to give them everything so much. But one thing. Therefore part is I think we can expect to see in the last days the gift of prophecy especially in the last days you know if we were really there you know in the relation. You should expect to you know several verses in the thing which affect it's the only gift in the shack confuse him home and also hear it just for you know what up until perfect unity but if you don't put Dr in Christ we should have this gift in the shopping center Of course in the testing and especially like Revelation Chapter twelve seventeen and I hope your account they were there trying to talk about last Cross last remnant because that they had everything go there every relationship while something is a powerful important our story even though you know it for ever just also indicating this it's us talking about God's people. God's last remnant got shot in time of time it's us and the dragon wasn't rich with the woman who went to make war with the rest of her offspring who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of just this crime. So two characteristics here they fit the commandments not five not talk of the commandments but you know the commandments to keep the Ten Commandment. And how a testament of just what is the testament or just us. It's the gift of prophecy it says in relation answer for its tone that is the spirit of prophecy I don't have the whole verse here. Testament of just as he says it's the spirit of prophecy it's us in Russian one thousand time. But I when you compare when you compare this to the very interesting. You see very clearly it's the prophecy the gift of prophecy and Anyway let's not get get into the hot air. Now I want to share British based on our last notion very live free but I want to share with you have the reasons why I believe that the gift of prophecy is very important and something that's true. Really gets our attention about before we do that. Since we're kind of you know sitting with my friend. Esther kind of also trust and I want to tissue I song and I like to sing and it's good. Maybe to do something else to. Maybe we can then. Yes to restructure. Also a wife like to sing. And I think she would like the sun if it was written after her death so. Yeah. I should I should ask. Blouse. If she think going to White would have liked this song. Yeah yeah a second her favorite song Lost is an hour of my soul and her favorite color by Ross kink. Her favorite this are going to whites only the ocean moss and lemon pie. And they asked many interesting things when you get to know her you get a very different picture many times. So basically some of you know the song and actually and someone to just transfer skies for me every song you. OK And they're basically So you know I did before I was like out. I would sing. First time and then I'd wait and European so I never had a song for us to be some in the U.S. hall and it's quite you see except if you go to the next one. The second you have five times so far last for the last I am white for you. So when I was saying the first time you should add weight on to your. So yes. Try thinking when I'm cured. Consume me things. OK And this is the song. One of my teachers drove off with a machine. Rice every time we get some fresh for the last part of this workshop. Organ I spray some nice music. OK And this is this song Beautiful. OK so I start on your follow. On these areas on the restaurant a lot of them. So I'm the one I. Stance of the hour on Mr one more time on our. OK. I believe i i i i i i i i can be i i i i i am i i i i i i i i i i i thank you all so. Next time you sing if you sing it really well. OK So we have the last. We'll see what we have time to look at but I wanted to share some reason why this is so. Important down. It's. You know why the gift of prophecy is so important. So the first reason I want to mention is simply. Why why this is important. Why should you be the first if I say you know song there if you saw. You know after you know if it's spouse or girlfriend boyfriend or best friend brother or sister you want to read it. Want to find out what they wanted to write to you. Sure. The more you're not a person. The more you wanted someone to force you to do it but the more you would look for actually written as possible to find out you know what is right and so the thing is you know the writings of a wife and just it's not just a message from and why it's a message from my crit or under the alarming return of them are to us and that mean. South should be good enough reason for us to give it our time and US attention to really pay attention to want to listen to us that what it says about the second reason we have talked about the day. Prophets are gods men method of communication we. He speak to Paul. And of course if that is the case we shouldn't be surprised if the prophetic you perfect the right things play on a central role in our Christian walk in the our relationship with God and thus are a ton of testing. Destiny. You know so this is the man method he shows OK this is important very important. It should give up should get our attention and satirists and we also thought from this one the gift of prophecy is the most crucial spiritual gift of all the gift is that only one that is mentioned in all least always mention us. Number one I want to die when they're either out or three from this one and it's the most crucial the most powerful the most essential the most significant I believe of all of this spiritual gift of ministry it's in the shock that God gives Now there for tourism and or for up with that off. You know I it was an interesting story about some the how some of the shock here was telling shock number for many many years face which of course I want to. He asked his pastor you know hey I can have the children story one day you know and they pass a fortune on this. I mean you know that would be fine just say no you have been here for years and it's in all these years or you should not have this story. So they came south care. Charles Garrott he went for a walk and he went out. And he started to tell his story. He said You know I want to share. Here I saw some Hugo and Sam and that's it. Everything is up. Yes here I thought the story did not have a point. Don't be like that's mine. If you're asked to share to a story at one time or appropriate sort of gets it done. Share Point with things don't share things with out there isn't. You know God is not like this guy he doesn't share point and that's our fourth point you know God shares it's very simple. They love to go. But it's still a good point. You know God just messages on life or Iris some. He shares it for I recently you know and he shared things. He sent some messages for his son he gives light for his son he gives something that is useful and especially that you know I would say also imagine if you if you if you go to our left or from the king or president of and I just that you want to read it would you want to really find out what their foresight will be curious if you're going to articulate what it is why it is it's really going to be a more critical part of an army of our own account whatever. We want to receive right. Especially if a man or a man if it was like a twenty page long letter and we like what. Why doesn't this must be important for you. There must be he took time to write twenty pages by happened to me you know how out of it are far on what is it about me. I want maybe we go get a good scare. Now do you know how much has and white written and one KNOWS HOW MUCH AS I don't want for it. Isn't it. Millions of would have lists and leave this we have it here. I don't want is thought to be the most the third most trust of the author in history on the most chance that American author made or for that might. So far as we know she wrote and published more books I mean more language test which circuits are great. They're extent than the written word. So any object or woman in history by the coast or a seventy year history or literary literary production total approximately hundred thousand Picher us or that equivalent of twenty five million words you could inventors direst critical articles powerful some books at the time his wife's death twenty four books were currently in print and two more were at the publishers are wasting at publication. Since the time of her death. The number of books theory and whites and then us more than a drop more than four times as much with nearly all of the post you are volumes being topical compilations from her manuscript letters and published writings. So rather arch. She has written a lot just to us to compare. And then your source of the Bible from your skin to whatever doesn't makes a big difference is approximately eight hundred thousand words long. So what she wrote is approximately thirty times. Its hour off and and after becoming an author I better realize. How incredible much at least the C.S. I think I think I will not ever asked in a very fast a time running out of time but basically I was calculating a little bit compared to an off the right thing and if you're right it's so much. You know and how many days would it take to write hundred thousand hits us and basically if you write there yap two pages in five hours OK I guess it depends on what you write to much time in it but if you would do Dot It would take fifty thousand days that's kind of you know I was out of it as I have for part of the time and pending on how much research it for each page of course but. You would need fifty thousand days which is hundred thirty seven years or if you have to send Pettis it you would double it. You would double it to ten hours a day you would do with Iraq for some of the years which is basically higher this time. Her ministry. And it's just incredible because she did so many other things and it didn't only right and I did just put is a limited perspective he was she wrote a lot know no one you know. No one that she also was up between two and four in the morning and that she had the right are traveling at all. Kind of inconvenient circumstance and the thing is this you know there is or is something you know there is a reason why God gave her those proximately two thousand visions you're sorry so I got her. I only leading us around from her to all those hours of writings. You know when God. Reza the prophet then gives the prophet to inspire him to write a hundred towers some pages put a first time in history. Think about it are in lots of the prophets seven hundred years. God rests on you probably no prophet would I won't buy admission make no mistake there is a reason to research. Something. Listen to this reactor skip over many things where you don't have time. But listen to this quote as powerful you are actually I think we have it all so you have written the paper but any rate it's there in action times God spoke to man and woman by the mouth of the prophets and apostles in this those who speaks to them by the testimonies of the Spirit. There was never a time when God instruct the he speak both more honestly done he instructs them not concerning his suite on the course that you would have them pursue. But it's with a prophet by stitching us we then says he through prove something to these warnings. I would accept no part of evidence that would sanction no compromise with self starts to question really. God is speaking. He's trying and trying and trying some really beautiful passage how he writes basically God describes himself as he writes are only to some prophets white. If your eyes are probably out of your shop. Why do the dots. If you purposely price up. I don't understand it's because you have something important to the right. Something you want to prioritize. I think by using this Irish assets that you had something for the. The first part with your horse hockey is that he's people will be saying that he has compassion of these people and his sense messenger after messenger after messenger is trying and trying and trying to communicate with us. But it says in the end. So it's in the end of earth or there was no room because if we don't piss on God it's doing everything in town but it's up to us how do we want to respond to his honest pleadings and this to us. OK So that's our Basically our fourth reason why this is important is God show us messages and I thought I received it's a reason why write it up on your prophet with so many messages so much light. There is some of this when we're not really getting to but her writings on the mass that there will be the new shows you know one of the things that set them efficient up to for so is that we're not been shown here on the air by every wind of doctrine is put to protect against the sections and confusion I'm forced to change and according to this is right in Matthew twenty four I mean have a process if there ever was a part where it would be confusion. What this generation of prophets and you name it it's in the last place. We're living in if there ever was important to have this gift to help us to stay our way to sift through the confusion to stand firm ground so that these today. Some of the things like the gift of prophecy it's more important to bear them ever the last time of this are so used to read by because it will be difficult. There will be confusion and we see it in our own church today. So many different opinions. It's very important in that sense that's one reason why we did in the days to help us to stand firm to not be deceived. Because many and we think they are so but that we're not to say that's really also the lobbyist I think you have everything but they're blind naked and poor and blind and and and they are then it's become brought up as if you. And I are recently if you were great to help us to feel our purpose but the succession of individuals who don't have time to get into that she's a prophet with this irrational rightness would be even more like a force in the and that some of the quotes it's talking about out and. We cooperate with a few of them and her writings are in that I gather pointed remedy for the lot of this the US perilous condition. I don't really have time to get much interest but it is very interesting. I believe it really is not zero. But the gift of the prophet that got us red star in this generation is funny pork and part of that remedy got swapped in that some extra help to secret accomplish found that salvation overlay the truth in the Bible to get the knowledge we need to stand firm to go to the last difficult times ahead of us and God It's what I've been that at some extra help and that reason I'm an I and the testament is our God are given. For our benefit. That's why we should carry some blessings for our assessments for the shots not against a shower before I get one of the quotes around the ship there says it's given by God quote them are for for the benefit of his people. It's given for our benefit. Quark Lessing and I so my blessings there we have been benefited by will hopefully have a few questions. You know and let's try to wrap up some things first her writings and the their last written her writings what they actually rolled in their finishing off their work the more I study something about this the more community it's really if we need to finish a weapon to follow the plan that God set off he has told us some of the things of how we should work how each of these people today and present you know their mission to the city's am and I would love that initially over just the right stuff. This is based on many council try three hundred you have been given to I don't want for instance I think about it. This is what it seems to be shot on my hundred years ago. And you know you know the General Conference president. I did that it's like she I play it again. My grandmother they really care. Actually you know naturally came to reasons are like how parties are and I'm seven but she didn't want to do and she said really when you are converted I recall when you are black. You are like actually you know it changed not improved on the stuff but it shows that. We haven't you know follow the plan like we should if we were going to do it would finish the work we would go home to finish the work we need to fork out. That's another reason why this very important. And that's really you know this is a call. I'm trying to to contribute to our call to receive God's gift I go home to wrap up to finish the work. Now I want to to read a few quotes with you and. Hear something. This is really some powerful course and this is just what she herself. I mean I've got myself a prophet that person should read it to help us to see what it's how God wants to use that person which oh it's how I feel it makes sense. I've got a little bit want. Telling us. Also how we should let's do the gift of prophecy. Let's read a few quotes here ever become a star is number one a bomb applied has been given to our people in this last that is whether or not. My life is fair. My writing is we constantly speak on their work. We'll go for our house on time for months. That's very interesting. So it's not like when she died. All of us it probably got from Russia on the other day. Not that we constantly speak on the work we go for what was known as time she lasts and then. So that means also have a right number to physically I've always been a broken Western and yet in my old age. The LORD continues to read up on my me by His Spirit to write the most important books isn't this the most important books that has ever come before the sharp she's on the up so I think this is something we should parrot options are there. You know what is evidencing what you can do to week west of us that lives a few spares I we used to use glory and when he misses feet to let me rest. He's messing with us. Sadly of the event more. Vital force than one of the Fred it's metallic due to a woman. They were at the lever it was moving they would be even more important even more essential even more powerful in the. And or after her death but entire time and when you study and learn how to going to how important broach it made to just to protect against distractions like confusion in the structure of the time and use an important role she made in the work of the sharpest start have worked the start of the casual work to moving to new things to to recognize that wealth the way you see the powerful influence she had at that time to have a board meeting and suddenly you got a letter on the soul the difficult issue and they knew what to do by so many powerful stories is really significant it would be even more important in this time. That's really the more quotes and quite a number five. Yeah we have actually read this and Rosemary counts more important to have a clear understanding of and then turn in front of the testimony. Now it's resident rhythm or six this is very interesting. This is why this is something I didn't really notice quote and I kind of came over it. I was working on the book. It's really powerful. That's the voice of the Spirit of Prophecy basically the history of them show them straight talking about here and also the testimonies of the testimonies for sharks. So this too serious. She says should be introduced him to sound off as I was getting so I missed my every step of giving power it's us and the president should know their value and buy and be story about it was not the wisest plan to close this book such a low figure and have only one step in the shops they should be in the library for every family business and you should NEVER it or you should read a little bit on your phone. You know to do this or not they should be read and I can let them and it's an event to be character with it can be read by many a method of being worn out. Being read by a while then there are groups. So basically I just need to read them from this serious with this beautiful serious right with the way the five books. Right. Beginning Paktika corporate going through basically by a comic a sort of viral. Very beautiful book I. Actually it was all you know let's start with this really work out as far as physicians who are trying to work out stuff that's really the story of salvation the story of the Bible beautiful beautiful described this serious and nine volleys of the testimonies. I'm writing are. I'm reading them through soon as I'm sure Actually all you have of what you're going to get and what you're on or your friends and size up and listen while I'm working on the question and. That we should read them again and again I think you know you know people who you know you know this is just one example that shows I think you know we live in and why we happen. I think we benefit that happens. Many times and it's in the water which we haven't been and that's right. But if you if you want to are about to get into a relationship read about process told us about these things if you are getting a child right there for a reader I started out with five of them and in there. If you aren't. Starting a home like so many counselors that we do would be if you're wondering if the pictures read the book education and other council sort through working to help support really counsel share given there are so many times you know we just don't know it's in English. They're called they're called they're just. There and I don't want books aren't on us that they do have books they're usually read but they do this work by so often it's how big they are to the read or about read books and hopefully that we should. And you know it's hundred years ago when she died. I think it's high time she died on my birthday by the way and I think it's high time to to fully Christen God's gift and go home and to really appreciate some benefit from this gives us we should and. And here I think about this. Like if we really believe. That she's a prophet or distant Russian but we need it but it's important. She writes stuff that are close to the thoughts Protection Act for instance looking for how to mystify me. So she minded one of the quotes. She says that we greatly needed to excuse. But sickening and I felt funny. Anyway I thought she says with great in the wind. It's a risk. It's like every Some people say you know what's quotes. You know about yourself but in the purpose of the subject to read the Bible. It's very something so if you study the context. I agree but I think it's kind of like saying it's a kind of right person you know if you could see if you would do that. Speak to find a way that's true but the solution put up by a person is not a true way to see as the zero mistake. Let's go on he was on his way the warmest on. You know I have faith. The reason is we are glad we are lukewarm Well I would say only so far away it conveys a different time company culture so many misconceptions so many misunderstandings. We are where I think I just saw that we needed that I'm not a prophet. And then you think about this really if we were really getting it's we one of the one of the Known for chapter of Genesis pretty much what doctrines are in there actually but we wouldn't really know then a few more if these rights got it. They wanted then one think man of them but they were just too slow to see the response and put me back the whole nor most of us if they were really paying attention to most if they wanted to decide on Jeremiah all this is because they didn't get it. Can you promise not to get give you a lot of new life but to expand that and the elaborate the help you to see. And get how to put these principles in practice in your life time. And that's the same with the wind. It's not really a new stuff but you just help us to see. You know we think i have everything go perfectly fine and. Just don't realize that we are many times just completely drowning is the will of God So that's you know everyone we're just I'll just share one story on that which I think some questions because I think this is maybe I heard it but it I think it's a good illustration that shows you know Darius meets one of the old pioneers have to put like this. Imagine with it that we would go on a journey. You are about to go out on a journey of sailing you know with a ship and the owner of the ship gives us a book of their actions on it so saw starts in this book you have sufficient instructions to come to your destination. You have everything in it. So OK to take a book to start on a journey to go out with a ship is such a thing. And the open who really can unify on there is actually more like just general principles. I guess to guide them but then it's us in the end of the journey the end of the journey will be especially difficult. Especially perilous spots in the it's time to help you to do the very end stuff you will be able to come to respond to this the nation. I would send I will send that our pilots that we meet you. You must listen to him. Listen to him follow him and you will be a rich park so they go up and down the fall of the instructions on. And yes ask promised when they come to the last part of the journey this parish will stop. Now I want to come there some debris said. Ah it is it is fine. We have a book of directions about firearms let's just go with them but some people want to listen to now who is really following the correct course those who want to listen to have a good problem and some of you think you know our area. You know I believe in the whites and red and white because I believe in the Bible. That's the bottom line. And because I believe in the Bible. I care about what she writes and I and i Pad tension to it that's really the bottom line. And I think you know God saw in this especially this you can parse history with profit with extra And I think some say I think that for some time reaction stuff better than me and that's why he says hey I'm not so sure I need to put my focus on this and that's you know Mission seventy five seventy years and rush for on the front of I think especially the prophecy which is really separating us from the hours. I actually do from the shop. If you can shape dots. Is good and so many ways that even those who believe in them. I think it's only misconceptions on this enough. We don't as he says we don't have a clear understanding you know about what this issue something all this confusion and and so I think really this is something we need to tell people to understand comparatively benefited by this and to study our south and to pray that he would not happen in any way that he spent on effect. It's not that it will not believe in Iraq the war. I did not have the effect was so many ways and that's one good thing with that is this relieving the very hand of these there is you know so sad but it's also this media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio first boy if you would like to listen to more sermon just leave Visit W W W dot org.


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