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Star Wars Crusade, Part 2: The Empire Strikes Back

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church


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to than him and shot him this is a shot of how I size this also so yes yes as long as you seems that as I identify that is that the war he is even now in the interest is not in our name as many as before we do please Lord and this is me away in clear this prison Jesus is there anything is over the last gain being anxious people are wondering what going on people want to know what is an awesome tonight my microphone is doing something weird also as is my music as I will the striking of the times he will you are rarer and that the mess in Iraq and is is is is is always the is what is certain planning on doing what is needed and probably a morning the world on the world he was an overnight different things what does the Bible have to say about our plans is that that is about as will update you again all right in the van he is okay is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is the principle is as principal nothing new is more as I know he always more detail the book of Daniel works on this principle the first crossing of the book of Daniel 's father dance is a game that is but Thomas is the rest of the prophecies in the book of Daniel are not a new and more detail is a human right on this I is to guess what you have to see to artists that you are afraid there is a slight him a R is like taking a photo and as an aside and so is on Angel and these are coming closer to seeing more and really not possible to deliver the Revelation is written in the very same way as possible Jesus of the rock concert and that he is more he is very good that you as soon as the first one is to beginning the first one beginning with first one is that this chapter begins with a scene by the name of net nation has ever heard as is and should hire Arlene will on my sons taking the children of Israel and seventy four is one of those Israelites who are his mouth and leave integration down to verse to verse one and in the second year of the reign of Nebuchadnezzar and his regime to ensure his room is your stronghold my problem is all that is a very strong and commanding compliments as well be a sponsor and will sorcerers and Californians for students in history and for the something that is true easy phone to call us hormone him this time that we wasted him and you okay Daniels who again is standing before him as he called his logicians is astrologers is all these people was able to live his dream first recess and is then I had a dream marketing the dream in my spirit was troubled to know the drain while Israel dreamed the dreams shall we go through so that I was on the same verse four is insufficient and Syriac saying O king the forever serve as a meeting was so the interpretation not just told them that he doesn't like to know the drain so noticeable thinking ashes rest I is for the county and the remaining and he will not make known unto me the drain in the interpretation you start becoming his and your house you know you are not as pretty bad because I is the strongest course in Boston all the afternoon when his mouth and you ensure don't know that she has been as enforceable in Los Angeles Opera seven is the asset is in the exchange of services ranging only will make things shall be the interpretation of a urine test and teaching activities that I noticed that he would gain the time because you offer me another word that has arisen on the astrologers don't really have the power that he him your best and the Calhoun answer for the King and said there was not a lot of money that seemed to matter therefore there is no king and not nor not really that interesting any magician or assault upon Calvin is a rare thing verse eleven requiring there is none other that can solidify the King is gone and who was dwelling is not with flesh furnaces are wanted to know tonight that psyches do not have the answer to this question the men and astrologers do not have an answer to this question is amazing you know scientists astronomers the Bible tells us or counterfeit annual notice that scientists and astronomers they were outside your to meet a very lonely man some time in your life now is that I don't call that costs money anybody can pull out here is written in the Bible here is revealing something you set aside the difference between that which is sought that which is surely not as a cyclist other can answer the question that is verse twelve that caused the king was angry and very furious and commanded to destroy all the wise men of Babylon is the cream of our children will Daniel Patterson including the net decrease in extensive verse thirteen decree went forth that the Wiseman city slaying and based on Daniel and his fellows displaying them in the house and this is how Doctor King of Kings guard which was unfortunately a watchman about yes as I mentioned Captain why is decreased away from the will you not read this whole sorry I did not database is out of medicine Jay Leno tonight on the back and wider pool than I had been in citizens United is a box model that is the annual goals Daniel and his three friends at homicidality has not and shut me second that he has no doubt jingles and he prays that night and the Bible says that God reveals to him that he seems joining a man not notice which says that we sure this is the first before we go there is no one got says in Isaiah forty one versus twenty two and twenty three this is not childless to all the other gods were talking about the gone wrong but not of Hinduism the God of all is not a religious lessons what God says that bringing unemployment solace what shall happen to show up for things what they need to be made consistent and then I know that her and wanting for us for the rest two a while so things are to come hereafter that we may know the New York Times in July or June eliminating is made in the hold together the hottest and say here you are and what is real is telling what happened in the fusion is the holy books of all other religions see and they are extremely friendly and engaging in England neither the ninety John noticed today is before success in a single in Israel his regime and the Lord of hosts I is not underwater beside me and all I know that's not politically correct and you got a be accepting about his speech is like God is not excepting of any other God because there is no other God and God mine Pentagon says and besides me there is no God and he is and who I shall call you saw the trailer is set in order for me since I was one of the ancient people and things that are coming to shower and so on in other words not supposedly is your God is real and surreal I tell you what is coming on here in the future and you know what you asked me again while the world will be destroyed pretty broad where it headed for doom pretty broad window to see in this house and guidance to some of the most amazing things I think he even elitists who somehow believe in the Bible some are desolate islands within a short verse thirty about twenty seven of the notice Danielle comes in before the King Daniel Ashton switching instead this was the king has demanded the wise men and astrologers and magicians and soothsayers cannot so I came there and they are and where happen that realistically and making notes which Nebuchadnezzar what shall we do what matter is not here have revealed to Daniel Nebuchadnezzar 's dream and he is talking was thinking mechanism was laying in his bed at this I asked Slovene okay I lost you nine upon like they as will hereafter do Daniel just told Nebuchadnezzar what he was thinking before he went to sleep pretty impressive you must be going your last thinking that just like you are in your thinking about what happened to our world what does the future hold Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon had question that he was model something in excess talking with Jean on this and what it says in verse thirty one r and behold a great niche as great a nation whose brightness was excellent before the reform there was terrible there's hundreds of the premises is that because I have the screen is is is nothing than a great big image standing before him notice what he says in verse are starting to the NHS had was one fine gold and goes on to say and his chest and arms cellular and his ability and his five Brahms or around July of iron and he is a part I and part clay is not worried they must belong on and because is my Daniel who was a sermon of the God of heaven is revealing to him the very thing that he joined that something that is my listing loan I just about this time he's going yes that is exactly what I trained and knows what goes on to say that cost of a stone was cut out without hands with small potatoes upon his see that wherever I play the role as an also-ran who broke into pieces together much of the summer threshing floor and who wins in ways that no place eleven is owned that more than anything became a great one mom and I didn't want to the area and now that he is only excited because that is not really what he says we don't stop there notice first those that adversely sees this in drain and we will tell me what interpretation thereof before the angel of Daniel give us the interpretation of the stream and notice what he says in verse thirty seven dollars in Kingsville in the United Kingdom power strength and great glory in Congress thirty first thirty eight that Harper 's thirty eight it says the God of heaven basically has given that into your hand hath made thee ruler over them all out our head of one goal not words to Nebuchadnezzar that he is done on your is represented by this type of gold that he studied ancient Babylon you'll know that Babylon was a very very reached in gold excellent Daniel says change your understandable and I can imagine that because one p.m. our magazine is this June I have this terrible statue destroyed in his eye that represents my kingdom is a feeling wow that's incredible and is investigated by an activity shall arise another kingdom inferior to not having you realize that Dan could have lost his last things on Jesus told to you will on will not rain forever Chantel at Daniel says in your kingdom is not the best ever another machines on the rise honestly overthrow now heard a lot of rumors and a lot of things that I supposedly said with them but you know all those things I said before things like unit and rent a car sometime in your life you're going to know when the model meeting things that are not interpreted in many different ways so you looking and looking and looking at anything at all and was in the final here is saying something very specific he says that determines your status in your netting is nothing anything on your time possibly overthrow Babylon how do I say I is the level of the United States of America Google not only the billion years Daniel says Nebuchadnezzar 's kingdom is going to overthrow Dolores Hayden was also a in-house same person that is much easier to be in another kingdom of brass was shopping with overall Europe and the kingdom sounds strong as iron forth much as I rated as with all things iron that brings it all decently buried and whose of Jesus O'Donnell says they're going for kingdoms that will harm your body said the fourth kingdom in verse twenty one warehouse cost of the Phoenix honestly I thought about picking the so I is unit of the site I was much as I will rest for as much as all sauce I made with my weekly for the part of my halfheartedly so the kingdom somehow strong and heartbroken in other words the fourth kingdom that will bring down into smaller kingdoms not see if Daniel 's prophecy was accurate and set out along with this pattern holds whether a kingdom that rolls along the scene by the way Babylon ruled from five from six oh five BC to five thirty nine B C five thirty nine BC Babylon was overthrown by another kingdom what are the odds alumni Daniel must even as sometime early in the second that is what is the likelihood that Daniel prophesied that Babylon which all another kingdom and accident happened when I was the greatest and the whole world at meeting on the previously this will mean that is something supernatural which means that God who inspired this prophecy must mean that show God how you say what Avalon and that's possible you know me he will booklet of the Internet and actually thought it was written about this form etc. incentivize another King George yours who was acting that overthrew Babylon the kingdom was neato I was having your mother history class I was in sixth grade I remember not only about the Bible and no additional vaccines and the I want to present to Congress came together and all through Babylon in five thirty nine BC the appraisal is going on in this vision explains reason the person was optometry in Maine that he has only so this kingdom meal process all over soon you remember the five months China and Israel we should files Nebuchadnezzar 's grandson is having is coming in remembering the story is little child the writing on the wall the writing on the wall this is where the story comes from the Internet is assigned to having a season at the end of vessels of the sanctuary which Babylon has taken it invading Israel captive nodded drinking monozygotic and all of a sudden a finger appears and begins to write on the wall something that no one knows what it says I'm not that excited someone to turn anybody scary that they bring in Daniel and Mister McDaniel says in verse allegiance verse twenty four Daniel reveals the gene for his laziness etc. first twenty fourth that was the part of the handset from him and his father was written in his garage that was written that in the next Kelly Clarkson this is the interpretation of the public pain many God has numbered thy kingdom and finished down a lot weighing the balance is not wanting to whom I am beginning to the mediation and the persons so there you have a second human was to arrive with the kingdom of Medo Persia and media advisor rules from five thirty nine BC to three thirty one reasons not to notice that I am long time five thirty nine to three thirty one BC I was definitely dead by this time I is occasional Daniels prophecy and is weighing the lifetime that will be an awesome why wouldn't you know it is another killer is and will rule forever to say that knowledge is as far as gaining the first of all to another kingdom the answer is yes you should both tell us that there are in the wrong then I remember something called the Bronze Age who was the Bronze Age return to Greece in the kingdom that overthrew legal process that happens to be described down five bronze or brass you got it greed is not even up how it can be when I was given this pussy is is is is is you define you understand nothing there is no other will you are the future of nations like the Bible God is calling about schedule books and ask them to tell me was that I have been a feature don't be general or specific because they are certainly not stationed here to tell you what the future is not claim to being the insured log of the Bible and so in fact you look at this principle they could remember the principle is nothing new on the more one detail is Daniel chapter eight in Daniel chapter days I have another vision but in this vision he sees around and I see goals around isn't going across the face of the earth is round conquering but that is will that's around my surrounded by process or the ranting fury over how is that what the papers twenty twenty one says the ravens you saw to avoid article the gains of media has occasional pulling the Eagle overthrows the rough goal is the key of free survival tells us and one that is between his eyes is the first is not happening while recently on all on the same day so now we are now contained a number in the Hmong meet and greet is at and we find that there was a kingdom made out of what you remember kingdom the eighth of May I know I cannot often signals can go over through the Grecian ad hoc video that has a smart while I was behind okay Grace rules on three thirty one two one sixteen BC nine hundred years after Daniel has felt the same and then we have those legs of iron and Y represent the Roman Empire and I want to notice his presence for small business of amazing house because from thousands of years ago the Bible is out and is in the books that are all that history not as the fourth kingdom shall be strongly fine for as much as I written pieces and subdue all things that I think all knees shall break in pieces as well the Romans Daniel two forty I came down was going to the rooms that were rented out rooms in your network from yesterday you will think that I want to know since I can go all the Roman and hotter and higher in which cylindrical baby Jesus was born in Rome and that was only when babies use was one hundred members in the Army to kill all the babies under two years old because he is hard that the Messiah was born now you also realize that it was the Roman and hunger that is what the rule is Jesus Christ it was not an empire that rules our Savior the Bible says here incredibly but he was wounded for our transgressions he was little was our iniquities Isaiah fifty three votes also the Bible here is beginning of the policy on every single that was upset that was to rule as the Messiah Brooks is my first saw this house is going more and more your word is reunion I don't know any other job I can tell me the future and this is just one focusing that is so much more in the word of God he was bruised for our sins and not data two forty one goes on to say that the soul of the art including the aim of Huntingdon eight United Kingdom not as amazing Daniel could've messed up and said and after the fourth kingdom another kingdom shall set arrived he doesn't say he's as after the fourth kingdom and the way down into the Jesus hung and you are familiar with the history of Rome and you realize you wanted Jerome learn him all all down Inc. is an all new nation that is what the Roman Empire it is simply disintegrated barbarian tribes among who he said is wrong with Jesus and Daniel with prophetic insights that is kingdom is marketing all about networking them know it's just a lot greater now brothers sisters let me ask even got interested in getting on those occasions using that he is yet God could tell us what is going to happen he can also prepare us for what is Lehman Brothers I told you yesterday that this is not some walking ways that it is not going to give you hope because he will understand how can you I was happy yes now I convene and listen we know that European nations are the nations that came out of the Roman Empire in four seventy six eighty 's and every present time the nation as we go down on a European nation they would break down and continued to raise Germany's last obvious different countries working for uncle Roman empire and worked on this prophecy that this is in fact let's go back to reading entitled to notice verse forty three except where I saw I missed admiringly they shall mingle themselves with his name is not being one to another even as I is not mixed with Christ on Leavenworth diocese something tomorrow that these jingles would try to do what we him the same one at Los Angeles in the Eastern Europe you know how many conquerors shy to reunite your at it they'll continue to fail Holahan Hitler all of these different routers on the mainland tribes there is failed on me that it would not be a united African half not how now these Mary Jane reminiscences that this is an amazing book this is an amazing prophecy now what happens after this notice verse forty three is coming to realize where we are in this vision are we in that place there where we are here and here out here just when we are a rank their preferences this right here I want to know this is what happens next in the first forty five forty four in the days of these James McCain 's right there and they shall start a kingdom which shall never be destroyed and the kingdom shall not be left to other people but if some ranking priest in pieces and consume all these kingdoms in a saucepan forever Jesus Christ himself is coming again at his coming the Bible says right time there is shouted the entire image to strive and high resistance hounding you want to be ready for that eBay will him all the exercising a little anyway something and everything is okay I said one of all own that went off and then either that as soon as I said essay on all text-only Jesus Christ not coming that is very very unlikely that you say I know this is exercising all media that's like a gymnast 's prophecy to show us the lesions are often thinking that history so that when we get out of our heart we know that it is not something that is eating the something that is really going on because women will not enforce it must die will these and Conyers be struck not purchases this is where your understanding for those of you who weren't here last night to say that I would moneymaking schemes available if you missed last night you have to did not understand where I talk about don't worry about it I will explain a little so don't don't mean that you don't get nervous and I could save millions with reading provocation for an hour while the Congress be struck in Orlando says that we need to understand the beginning of the rebellion I remember yesterday reading about this is on Angel Hall who is also for those stores of angel and had to create a perfect creation in all which means that he created him at all angels with the freedom to what all this sounds than five thousand ways and then I was created on sale what can we put he was one of the recent iniquity represented yesterday in an lawlessness now the Bible let us know that Satan is the practice of law that is what she means that you must have been a career in vascular all right hassling them alive not a lot of legal slaves and Z now file one sanctuaries by the monsoon of mind in which he is lawlessness and iniquity on my traffic so here when he was told that what's I began to do was to file something called the what sanctuaries now the question is what are these sanctuaries along with the sanctuary in heaven is the worst sanctuaries as we remembered what sensors representing what Sony places us with the word means in the Hebrew holy places and saw appointed on Jeremiah seventeen to a glorious high New Orleans from the beginning to the place of our one sanctuaries saw when God 's throne is synonymous with the sanctuary and what you do want to know your role as so Wednesday on the file the sanctuaries that he was defining was God 's will rule our out a long very good right now was not having the law of non- sanctuary space for all the laws fulfilled in one word viewed this also allowed nine neighbor as thyself and was looking to award millions was labored therefore life is the fulfilling of the law is not the last in this was the law of God in the heavenly sanctuary remember that Satan was called covering what covering Saturday's Eagle twenty first seventeen Northwest recovering well from the sanctuary we noticed that it was possible and that was not as a loss was actually angels that were carved on it an easy Angels arts their wings over they will call covering Sarah 's saving was covering the loss self-sacrificing love not we understood Revelation Star Wars Bible says their finale said in my heart I will ascend to heaven I will exalt my what slow while the stars are the angels of God I will be like the most high Elizabeth saw this to all either by getting rid of whose God intoxicated of glycerol in the hospital now I want to know is is is is is defined in the Bible says there is admittedly a sanctuary a lot of them went on when Satan came down the planet and cost at least sustained this is that God gave mankind was the sanctuary which was in miniature form of the government and on the following this example of me your silence as God sets up his initial model of the government to solve mankind than what the government of God is like an exceptional interest in the desert and this sanctuary is doing some things that we learned about yesterday prepares for the coming of Christ prepares to the victory over Satan now the century had a call holy place as the parties him a lot as well is where in the sanctuary so saying all been with me this shawl I the way not what is not mentioned long new president reads role well if you thinking clearly with me law this was says of Connecticut Chronicles seven said Nebuchadnezzar also touted all the vessels of the house of the Lord shall Babylon put them in his temple what is sustained on his back on the line when the only film is real and is strongly very expensive Sullivan is through Babylon destroyed a while Temple and five eighty six BC in other words because they understood the principle that this temple represent the government of God he asked through Babylon have rolled up doing destroying the Temple destroyed and essentially destroyed in the way you want people to understand the plan of salvation and that will begin in England and I'm those about me the Bible says herein as a four five then you know that we can handle the people of Judah and shuffled them in delving because after that wonderful seeing the meet a person seeing the first king I'm not on the second thing that King Cyrus allowed Israel to go back and start building the Temple under the same kingdom it's that the people who had traveled to let someone in the building at high house was against them to frustrate there is all in the Cyrus king of Persia even until the reign of Darius the king of person so this is an amino acid at Ohio State he will need out our son 's anger was renowned the offense as long as what Shaw 's attempt to need a person does what he is rebuilding because Satan doesn't want to come about as contained in the presentation or you want to ask Mister 's government has led many to see how they can be free from state start history hinges underneath it is now six zero five twenty one the independent claims now I'm an increase in anti- single result in the case you should know I desecrated chapel in and I hasn't actually on okay China is not an easy under one of the Grecian Empire desecrated Temple and Saint is through these genomes the law is all run the sanctuary now the Bible says about working on that I can bring all knees shall break in pieces and rule was Daniel two forty Jesus when he went out and find the Temple and his disciples came to have forces in the building of the temple and he is other than seeing all these things Enfield saw not be left here one stone upon another some not be thrown down what was Jesus talking about when he said someone was any destroy who was coming to destroy the temple the Romans to start receiving the Romans eight cc number fourteen was one eighty East is affecting the role broken pieces that will accept a controversy in the controversy Satan does not want to Temple on this planet doesn't want the Temple what is my second ending in seventy A.D. it was already too late I had any member not to understand what I mean when I get there Jesus when he had cried when I was younger than Jesus was God the BIOS is called the help of temple was rent in school from the top to bottom your way and the wrong thing when it may mean the village was hit into believing that signify Jesus how is the mission that has sample Iraqi must accomplish in shape everything he could to destroy the temple but Christ will fulfill the mission when he died to what is meaning that meeting that the mission was accomplished and failed to stop the sanctuary was supposed to the epicenter was a point on it Jesus Christ was the companion guide for our chaise and when she has been that the Temple was no more meaningless than what is insisting failed to do I stopped highest recognition to stop the fulfillment of your sanctuary the example was shot down in the Temple is one very good we have high priest was done the right-hander was growing the Maxine had been Minister of the sanctuary 's true tabernacle which the location of national labs is role will need a perfect reasonable savings these are kingdoms to try to destroy the early temple but Jesus when you got I tell you what was no one in fulfilling its mission and now I says where he had anyone sample as Jesus Christ our high priest he received the CD is that it has no access to wear he cannot any longer physically but what shall you live elsewhere in right thumb on a second in outpatient Donohue where they gained any and neither is as well he sanctuary now his dilemma once as we had to go somewhere without I enter Beijing's masterpiece that the kingdom pieces of clay kingdom when I talk about when I think we can remember hitting old chestnut silver that if I congratulate aligning all these are used to attack only the sanctuary in the kingdom of Christ not as one ascends where I stand to want to do now and you'll notice that the Roman Empire now you have this introduction of something called Lee kingdom now why that significant mini regio couple taxonomically when our Lord thou art our father we are the one way aren't our daughter and we go to work I is waiting in the Bible is used to represent people who profess to have God as their older and major now out of each accident is foolish to oh no this is hot and I who is he wanting this evil that she is a go go sanctuary and better and it was what my relay nodes of the lands of the mom I believe you got me on also the harbor and Honolulu Miami and my feet upon a rock status Michael was not was not related to claimant has no combination so that is not thinking that would represent a change in the will showcase is not following the Scriptures and then notice what else this is we can open the kingdom of my replay represents a kingdom professing to be a spiritual kingdom a professor teaching that has no basis upon a process and if you wouldn't mind that she is on the Europe and mingle with the one with you and ever present down kingdoms of the Roman Empire so here you have a spiritual kingdom united with a national always political kingdoms now is nothing new only more detail about the seven United in Detroit I don't want to turn there for the second time you can read that when you go home that's okay unanimity there are more ketones that are mentioned and done but now they are described as an Illinois I just go in this farce called allies aligning with me remains actually corresponds with the head of an head is on the silver that corresponds with the day identified after the liner and then I let her know I was a pastor that there is a new who went on to represent dreams is that Mrs. is that Greece is not your error Alexander died just seeing them was broken up into just how many parts for underfloor genitals and reasonably justified one among some of the finest history and I this problem these that's the spot Dragon the Bible says is great to see you see any significance there is on your PC what I see so that is represent who know the angles honest-to-goodness these hat and horns interestingly enough the engine manuals who says that comes onto the scene on its holes hence all headlines now if you are correct there is not a power that I am that would correspond with and who I is anything you send very quickly just look at verse Daniel Sedin with one of the numerous twenty one one five bursting I considered the horns horns on the whole thing up among them on the other one is in Melbourne before one date with the recent affairs the roots and behold will I like the eyes of a man and a mouth speaking great things in other Muslims are speaking blasphemies jump out of verse twenty one that means I have the same horn made in our witness to prevent an excess is there is a spiritual kingdom of Christ is saying the little horn of Daniel seven Harris a spiritual kingdom that professes to be started on making our way down saying gentlewomen ejaculated definitely is not the same little hard to know what it says in Daniel eight minus nine and not one of them came for a little while on which blacks write verse ten didn't last and even to the host of heaven and a half ounce of the host of the stars did not stand upon then that is united to find himself in a house that seizes my hand again sacrifices to the waiting time and I'll is one sanctuary the half down revenues this is any recount is living the way of Daniels who is the same as the one of Daniel seven the barn that was the same as the little horn of Daniel Davies and has no modern and eighty 's I figure one child down the sanctuary where the press is real simple this little horn of Daniel any sanctuary is a child cast down to having one of the sanctuary was destroyed back in the Raleigh and I saw this landlord is warning against the heavenly sanctuary housing doing is passing down the children's of the ground in the region the will you watch what theology sex then why is he trying the session from the heavenly sanctuary now I'm living while I'm been finished at eight o'clock I got five minutes what then this is not on me a present resolve all the earthly temple digital divide in Europe or this little horn power which is not divided hereunder this then will always remember and identify right now is that anytime is the same power as antichrist is antichrist is when I identify with an essay Atlanta is leading you on the Middlemarch at a café in the Temple okay here's another illustration of an omnipresent regional on the example Jesus guy and that's what I say in the Roman Empire commissioned an example excellent nonaccredited kingdom is active against the heavenly how does this little horn attack the heavenly Temple is very simple seven twenty five speaking the single point he shall speak great words against the most time I saw where however persecute the saints of the most time I saw thing that saves time and will not coulomb on this is as little on Sundays driving laws immigration laws no as they can be only one law that will handle all cells sacrifice and love which is found in the heavenly sanctuary this is my beast kingdom him was shot down is because the war is against enemy sanctuary the logon found in the temple of God the second coming of Christ will strike the physical and parsley and destroying the kingdom of this world are destroyed because they follow Satan in rebellion against the heavenly sanctuary and eye diseases Christ baseball of the show moving with you this is the handhold is mold Little League right silver that it was hard to grasp harder iron heart what happens when you reject the law so sacrificing the is pictured as administration gene this vision is the vision of every human being who consistently turns away from Jesus Christ your heart will get harder and harder and harder as you stay lower on Letterman we want to do with you I want him to have to save the heart of the human heart gets harder and harder and harder and because iniquity shall abound in the last thing the love of many Ottawa funny what is the most offensive to God when you pretend that you are moldable which armies with this is when the rock comes in slicing each and those who professed the following Christ are really against those who profess to be serving God when the auto related mold is going on in Gujarat that is the most offensive thing got better this is a war against the sanctuary law of love leads ultimately to the strategy is the image of the self governed man Jesus of Lebanon your heart be troubled you believe in God will also mean that you are not southern soul you I go to prepare a place for you if I'm going to paraphrase for you I will watch again and proceedings myself and also ran as Jesus comes again when that will come out of the mouth out of the sky it is not only coming to destroy the road without needing to understand his role is coming back to getting those giving the alliance to Jesus as there is known as the one you want a lot more one-on-one there is an coming on as the semester is over and I'm coming back on again in all my people and you want to see as easy as you want to leave and just have no hope of understanding the Bible said they had eyes for lines and understand what you understand why I want to say that you are wise shall shine like the sonic and eight minute I is no one to Scott Savonarola 's revelations on Washington's bid is moreover they had in the sanctuary is not watching them understand and doesn't want you to actually because you ready for Jesus to come not have dominion over you are you ready for Jesus to come into comes as an error in her her and her and her room and there is a day and him to him as a


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