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  • June 1, 2016
    10:30 AM
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So welcome to Sabbath school. I think we have an interesting topic before us and I'm looking forward to the discussions that we're going to have together. We are gathered here at the was the focus events and I do like this word focus because I think it matters a lot which focus you do have in life. We have gathered together here to readjust our vision to analyze our perspective and to sharpen a few. It is so easy. Into world that we're living in today to be influenced by an environment that we're in perspectives in the attitudes and the values that people around us have and so we tend to start to view things from a worldly perspective and the devil knows that if he can be able to absorb our attention. With all the things for the world even though they don't have to be bad things. So that our attention is taken away from the things that really matters. He knows that victory is certain. And so every day we need to refocus we need to as it says in Matthew six thirty three to seek the Kingdom of God first and his righteousness and then the other things will be added unto us. And I think it's so important that we continue to live in the awareness of the true reality that we do not have our eyes blinded to the reality that. God has. You know sometimes we just tend to be caught up in the reality of the things around us what we wear our jobs school whatever but we need to constantly live in God's reality and to have an understanding of their great controversy that is raging. And which role that ways we are playing in this. And I think that as we're going to look at the different sections of the study. Today the Bible study we're going to follow the normal Bible study. I just pray that we will be able to keep this focus that we will be able to keep the heavenly perspective to define few as we're looking at the different questions and sequences of the study. The first question that we're going to ask is what is true greatness. And it matters a lot if you have God's view or if you have a human view on that question. And then we're going to look at the power of forgiveness. We're going to look at the story of the rich young ruler. And we're going to look at this cycle shape. There we wore it and the sacrifice that discipleship in-wall involves. And it all matters which classes will look three. To refute the stories the questions and the topics from a perspective tainted by the world and culture around us. Or do we view them with our SO god. And as we go into justified into groups or basically just talk to those that are sitting close beside surf and discuss the questions that will be coming or that already is up on the screen. I just pray that God will open the eyes of our understanding my husband was referring to this verse from efficiency this morning in his worship that God may enlighten us with His Spirit and with his wisdom that we can receive thoughts from above that we can have a meaningful discussion on these questions that we're going to look at together. And so for the next ten fifteen minutes we will be just talking to people sitting close close by us and we will be discussing the questions that are up on the screen and altogether. I have put up five questions that summarize in a sense that Bible study lesson for this week culminating in today. And the first question is this. According to Jesus. What is true greatness and how do we understand it in a way that we can apply it in our own lives and I also added some Bible verses there from the lesson and also some additional ones that you that may aid you in in answering this question to get or the second question is what is your greatest motivation for practicing forgiveness and again we have some Bible verses added that can initiate a tool. And so we will have three more questions coming up after you've been discussing this once. We have ten fifteen minutes to just discuss these questions with your neighbor in the in the in the roast here and then afterwards we'll have an open discussion where we will have open might and you may be able to share some of the things that you have been discussing together in groups or together with with the people that are sitting close to you. Close by you. So we have ten to fifteen minutes for these five questions that will be coming up on the screen and the first two ones are already up on the screen. And maybe before we start talking to get ahead together and discuss these questions. We will just have another word a prayer to ask the Holy Spirit to guide us as we are having these talks together. The Holy Father. Thank you so much that we can be gathered here at this G. Y.C. focus events or to pray Lord that you will give us divine fission that you will give us thoughts from above because we know that our opinions and our meanings. They do not matter so much. But what really matters is that we receive your Holy Spirit as can enlighten us and we began to praise you that we have to freedom and the liberty to to gathering openness around your word that we don't need to be afraid of persecution help us to treasure does freedom and to treasure the fact that we can have your word among us a blood a blood stained book that is really a revelation of who you are so as we're discussing these questions. We thank you that you will enlighten us with your spirit and we pray that you may be a very blessed a discussion and that it may be meaningful and building for us all in Jesus name Amen. Son Thomas yours ten to fifteen minutes to discuss the questions coming up on the screen. OK time and went very fast when you are in good talks and good discussions time is just running if in fact true. Thank you. I think we had some good discussions. I think time was just part too. Short for so. Deep conversations. And maybe some of you were not able to go through all the questions that right. You may be stranded on one or T.V. but that's OK. Maybe together we were able to go through all the questions. And now is the time that we will be able to share with each other as agreed some other thoughts that we shared with our neighbor. So where do we have to open mike. Maybe that's the one that is you just have to ask the organizers is this one. OK to open mike will come. And now will have a few minutes. Like ten fifteen minutes. Where you will be able to share some of the things that you were discussing with your neighbor that you think would be meaningful for the Greek to also hear. So as soon as we get to open my Yeah it's this and this one. And then you can just hold up your hands. And then we'll pass around the mike and you will be able to share some of the thoughts that the Lord blessed you with as you were discussing these questions. So I'll just hold up your hands and then Michael we passed on to you. It's a hand here. But maybe it's one in the back as well. That the first question was what is true true greatness in the eyes of God and I was reading first this week where the people requested a king. And yet in the end they got a king and invited us saying in this regard that they. There was a king in the end and he was commonly in person of noble stature and princely bearing his appearance accorded with their conceptions of royal dignity and his personal veil and his ability and the conduct of armies where the qualities which they regarded as best I collected to secure respect and honor from other nations they did not ask for one who had true nobility of character who possessed the last and fear of God. I think that answers the question from the spirit of prosperity and the best way is the true things God is looking for an ability of character love and fear of God. Thank you so much for that comment I really appreciate it. And we also see of course the outcome of that choice you know. It's us God he's not looking at the outward appearance is looking at the heart and I think that makes a big different when it comes to the human if you are God's few like we started with where is your focus. You know. And God sees things different and we see things and God he's looking at those qualities expected those qualities to you know humility depend on him. The willingness to be a beat into God even when cross your own opinions and those things are a great value in God's eyes and that's why Jesus also said you know that we need to become like little children. Why do you say that you know what is correct rising a little child. I just see that with my little son you know here is this trust this is the pendants minutes. And that's what we need to have to our Heavenly Father and your other comments. Just lift up your hands and yes we have a hand here in the middle and so our she's going to comment on the first question that. He was saying what is greatness and one of my brothers here in our group you mention that and greatness is what the society around you. Thinks is greatness. So if you grew up in the air like a poor village somebody with maybe with a cart to them. That's great because you know the they're powerful or they have things that you don't have and am in Philip instructed to vest to it sais that. And so fail in my joy that he be like minded having the same love being of one are called and of one mind. And I was just thinking that you know our our perception of being great is mainly does he mean by the people who are around this and you know what if we were to surround us. As with the people of God There are people who are like minded because the greatness that God is calling us to is different from what the word to say is greatness. So if we are to surround ourselves with the people who have the great who understand the greatness of God then the greatness that we look for in this word is not going to be of the world because Christ is you're not of the world. Thank you so much what I really appreciate with this is that you're not just uttering your own opinions but think you're referring to the inspired word of God as you're answering these questions and I really appreciate that and exactly this passage in Philippians I think is very much. Also pointing to what is true greatness in the beginning we know Lucifer he said I will become like gods. He wanted God's power but not God's character but in contrast to that we see Philippians. And Jesus instead of ascending in trying to be the biggest he descended and he humiliated himself and then he says therefore has God highly exalted him. And I think we should pass now to the next question because we're limited time and one that has a comment or something they would like to share in relation to the second question. What is your greatest motivation in practicing forgiveness we have a hand here in the front. I'm going to be honest here my motivation for practicing forgiveness is selfish not just my personal opinion not the group opinion is selfish because I'm selfish by nature and I have to think of something that I'm going to get out of it. I shouldn't be a work in progress but the actual fact is I'm selfish so passive forgiveness. Either I'm going to practice forgiveness because I know that if I let God deal with the person is going to be worse for them than if I deal with them. I'm just being honest and so sometimes I think Oh actually that's good. Clever calculation I can let God do it because it's going to be worse for. Oh and might think oh I'll forgive them so that God will forgive me or God will not be on Create me or whatever you know for forgiving all probably because I think oh actually not forgiving them is he in during my own health and well being so are matters. It's best if I forgive because then I'll feel more at peace or something like that but every way I look at it it's seems to me like it's not kind of totally and condition or things you know selfless acts necessary really can be a bit is what I mean minister and I'm saying. Thank you for that and thank you for being honest I think many times for example in the book of Psalms you will see David opening up and being very honest with God about his thoughts and sometimes we know the right answers in offense you know and we just want to give the right nice answers that others can say yeah that was a good answer but I think it's also important that we are. Is that we should search our hearts you know and that we're honest with ourselves and I think this is also an occasion that we can you know really see see search our hearts and that we can also look at the same time at the example that Jesus gives and maybe that would be the next question when we look at Jesus' relation to forgiveness. Anybody has some thoughts there. When you when you think that he's a great example. It's a hand in the back. Actually that's one thing that we so often get wrong with forgiveness if somebody hurt us. We expect the person to make it good. Again but it's it's all worldly view that we think that we can do we can make it good. Again. But if you if we look at the example of Jesus. It's. The opposite side. It is the person that got hurt coming to the person that hurt him because the person that made that seeing is weak and needs the other person to assemble is the relationship again so we if we are hurt. We need to forgive not just only for own sake phony peace of mind but for the person because the person needs us to establish the relationship again to to give love to the person that hurt us. So the other way around it needs us to be proactively and help the person be finding the peace. Not only being forgiving. But being reestablished in that relationship that's exactly what God does for thousands of use now and he does it every day we heard him. We seeing that he comes to us and established a relationship day to day and that Jesus was actually the one that was taking the first step and that can be hard because humanly we want to hold on to our rights in that tree but I also write. That then. It humble yourself and actually be the one that takes initiative to CO to deal with that and to humble yourself. That really sets that really takes grace from cut. I think there was a questionnaire. That you had like you should therefore gave OK I don't have any problem with that I can forgive somebody as many times as he hurts me but can now I go back to the first relationship I had there with him more and that I don't think is possible because sometimes the other peer person knowing how badly he or she has earch. Doesn't want to regain that relationship. So what do we do so is is a a polyp forgiveness where we forgive somebody and we don't go back to the same relationship we have this all because I find it impossible human leave us. Yeah we do ask. Thank you for that one and I think it's a very relevant question as either time is already up imagine what to discuss two questions but maybe I can just comment and shortly before we go on to the next part of the program. I think it's important to know that forgiveness does not mean that you forget or that things are just brushed under the carpet because there might be real hurts that will leave scars for life. And maybe that relationship can never be restored fully as we would have liked it. Ideally and I'm thinking of things like for example what you call that in English. Stations abuse that was the word I was looking for and in certain cases there might not be a full restoring of the relationship on the side to eternity and so I think it is important to be aware that if you hold on to yourself and bitterness. It will eat you alive it's actually very many even secular studies that are dealing with this. I just had a health talking before we came here and we don't have time to go into that but they just ability that we have to place this things on God You know and that he can actually give us the peace even in a situation that is maybe not totally We solved and that we can be able to give him our burdens are bitterness or grudges and that he has promised to give us peace in this. That is a great promise. So anyways we should have had much more time to be able. To discuss all this questions but time is limited and since time is already up. I hope that maybe during the day that we will be able to talk to each other about some of these questions for example the third question in the groups that I was in as we discussed it together. It was I think a fairly relevant question that we all could relate to and it's so easy that we in a Christian life we see all the standards that we are to match up to and then we look at ourselves and we look at the standards then becomes like a checklist the rules and it's a very tiring and we're not on the ones that have been going through these this we see even examples of people in the Bible you know that like Paul he was crying out a rich man that that at that I am who shall deliver me because he saw everything that he wanted to but he did he realized that he didn't have the power in himself to do that. And the rich young ruler is another example how he said to Jesus. I've been following didn't particularly ists I've been able to cross them a lot but still he had an empty spot inside himself he had a longing for something more. It was not satisfying for him to live this Christian life just following a checklist of rules and in our group who were talking about it that it matters so much which focus you have you know do you have to focus on yourself and all the rules and comparing yourself then you are to filter weights guilt and defeat or you're filled with pride because if you're able to live up to it's what you have and not the focus that you look at Christ and you establish such a close and personal relationship with him and you're just so drawn to him and to his character that even without noticing it yourself you're becoming changed into the same image and the result is that you will you know walk into. But it is not this tiring formal obedience where you are just trying to to live up to all these rules. I think this is a very relevant question as well. And then the last point was about discipleship about reward and sacrifice what does discipleship involve and I will my big give and last opportunity to give a comment on that one and then I will rather speak my summary. I'll give you guys. If somebody has. A comment that I think are relevant in relation to this topic about discipleship you will have the last comment. This is the last opportunity for you to give a comment on discipleship What does this mean what does it involve Well if not we'll just close that starting with this you know what is your focus do you look at things from a wealthier perspective or from a heavenly perspective. I would say that sometimes from a worldly perspective following Jesus may seem to cause loss. There are so many people in the Bible and we can relate to that in our lives as well you know coming to Christ. For example keeping the Sabbath you know sometimes you may lose your job and that or maybe your family. They are so angry because your chosen Jesus to be first in your life that there will be a breach there. There will be tensions. So sometimes following Jesus may seem to to close loss or to bring a sacrifice but then the Bible gives us the picture that Jesus he is still who are all at a great price. He's the treasure and if you see if you understand religious thousand year dead treasure. You are willing to give up everything for that treasure and that is the heavenly perspective. And then you know that he says he is true to all his promises. So he will give you the best life year the most satisfying life here I don't say without trials in which we. Just in all those earthly things but he will give you the best life here and he will give you the hope I hope for the future. He says is true to all his promises. And so with that I think for time sake we'll have to to to close. And I would like to ask you all to bury your head with me in prayer as way close together. To hell with author thank you so much for your goodness in your Grace I want to thank you for your words and for their deep treasures that we can find there. And I want to thank you that there are also hidden treasures that not everything is on the surface but as we come together as brothers and sisters like this and we start to discuss together and to share thoughts with each other we feel that your heart is burning inside of us because we realize that that there are so much depth in your word and we start to get a clearer and clearer revelation about who you are and what you want in our lives. Help us to keep the right focus so EASTLEY to be distracted. So let's follow the admonition where it says looking on to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. You have began began the good work in us and you promise that you will complete it until the day or right you're not giving projects like that you will bring it to the east and we trust just this media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through spring sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio. If you would like to listen to your sermon. This is the B.M.W. audio.


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