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Early Morning to Rise

Sebastien Braxton
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Are you a morning person? This message outlines the benefits of being a morning person, drawing inspiration from Bible characters such as Abraham as well as reformers such as Martin Luther. Sebastien shares how being an early morning person and spending time in prayer can help you realise your full potential experience a deeper relationship with God.


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.




  • June 1, 2016
    10:30 AM
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Mighty God. Of a lasting father and. Here we are again in your presence. Not to hear the words of a man. But the hear the words of gone. Lord help us to banish all earthly matters from our minds to lift our eyes heavenward where Jesus often looked as he walked upon this earth. We prayed Lord that the Spirit of God would come down in response to our earnest plea that God would be in this place. And that he would move from heart to heart and from mind to mind. Impressing upon the soul. The truth. That we might be changed. Sanctified by your word because your word is truth Father we trust that you will grant this request not because we ask or because we are worthy. But because of our great need. This is all free and we trust that you hope this to be our experience in Jesus name and then. The title of my message is early in the morning. Early. In the morning. How many people here. Would say. You are not a morning person B. c I'm not a morning person. Let me see your hands. OK it's about half and half. I'm not a morning person. Let me share with you. The benefits that you're missing out on. How many of you say you are morning person. OK so I'm going to share with you. The benefits of being a morning person. There's been several research studies upon this issue that there's something about the early morning there was a study in Texas that discovered that students who were early morning risers or who are morning people they had better grades and in America we call it your G.P.A. I don't know if you guys have G.P.A. in English but in America we have G.P.A. on a scale from zero to four point zero is perfect. This is an aim and on average people who are morning people had a one point higher G.P.A. than people who are night owls another study in Harvard noticed that people who are morning people are more pro active eight they spend more time thinking about their long range goals and be they feel more in charge of their day and of their lives. Number three people who are early morning risers they actually anticipate problems more than people who are not early morning risers and in fact they spend time in a month not minimalizing these anticipated difficulties that leads them to be more efficient throughout the day people who are morning risers are actually better planners scientifically people who are morning risers usually take time to exercise in the morning more consistently produce more discipline and this is the common habit of the most successful people in the world. The average C.E.O. who is running a multi-billion dollar multinational corporation rises at four A.M. in the morning and is at the job by eight am. This is the C.E.O. of Twitter Facebook. I can go on if you want me to name bigger names than once. People who are early morning risers get better sleep. Not just the number of hours but the actual quality of the sleep is better people who are early morning risers are more optimistic more agreeable have greater levels of satisfaction and are more conscientious people people who are night owls are socially people who are irritable. But they are associated with higher levels of creativity people who are early morning risers also have an easier commute to work because they leave before all the traffic hits a mentor that. People who are early morning risers enjoy a quiet hour before the rest of the office arrives. They typically enjoy their jobs more and last but not least early morning risers have more family time they end up not bringing their work home because they got a jump on the day by getting up early in the morning. I told a woman who was coming to me about her husband being a priest of our home she was trying to encourage him in a way that a wife may encourage her husband sometimes probably not what he interprets as encouragement but in her mind it's encouraged and one of the things that I had to do with this woman is I said. So your problem with your husband is that he's not taking the spiritual initiative in your house she said yes. So OK So let's take your husband's schedule so give me his schedule so he wakes up he cooks breakfast for her and the kids goes to work by eight am right. He's out the house eight A.M. is commuting gets to work by nine works until five commutes forty. Minutes back home then he's supposed to spend time with the kids sit down for dinner have worship Him put them to bed I said So looking at your husband schedule let me ask you a question. When would he have time to study the Bible. If this was your schedule where would you place it kind of looked around. Well I guess if I if I took care of breakfast in the morning then he would have some time in the morning so I said how much time would you have if you cooked breakfast instead of him. Maybe forty five minutes and said how much time do you think a man needs to spend with God to be a spiritual leader forty five minutes a day do you think that is sufficient. So she was thinking to ourselves. This is really our never thought about this this well said yes because when he comes home what's the expectation spend time with me spend time with the kids put them to bed have dinner together as a family that's the expectation. So about a time he wants to spend time with God What should he be doing spending time with you because now the kids are asleep. You've got to spend time with your wife then that goes until ten o'clock Well he can't stay up too late because he has to get up early in the morning. So now she's a little confused about what to do then I looked at him and I said Have you ever thought about getting up two hours earlier never crossed his mind because getting up early in the morning is not an option. I said then what you're saying is being a spiritual priest is not an option. You see we had this thing in the Marines that people often say in the military that Marines are very overly confident and sometimes they're true it's true for the Marines are overly confident and but this is what this is how we would end up this way as Marines is because when you're going to Marine Corps training any time you think something is too difficult. Your superior always reminds you of something you are not. Willing to sacrifice to get it. So you can you look on your physical fitness exam and you'll say listen I want to be able to run five K. in eighteen minutes. You say man. There's no way you know. Sorry I just can't do it you know I got knee problems you have all these excuses my superior would say Sebastian if you decided to run when it wasn't just time for company runs two times a week. You would probably get your time down to eighteen minutes. If you decided to understand why we do the singing when we're running which is to train your breathing in your lungs. You would understand what we're trying to do and you would practice and develop your lung capacity. So you can run faster and longer with greater speed. If you realize how to actually run you want to be heard in your knees when you're running. If you learn proper form but you see you don't want to take time to do that you want to run and then get off and go to the club and go do what you want to do but if you want to complain that you want to twenty three minutes and you're out of breath because you're not willing to sacrifice what it takes to get there and the early morning is always a reminder of what we are willing to sacrifice for there was a project that was started by a woman named Karen Strucker called the four A.M. project. She started a blog Five years ago about to show me a picture she's a photographer and she says I want to see what you see at four o'clock in the morning. Wherever you are in the world. So these for Target first were literally taking pictures all over the world uploading it to the blog of where they were at four o'clock in the morning. I'm saying who in the world is up at four o'clock in the morning with a camera and lucid right. Who are actually going to take it out. Actually it's like I do it all the time. But but when you when you think about this in your mind that. How is it possible that a person who is a photographer. In a desire to show their for photographic ability on a blog at four o'clock in the morning is more willing to get up early than a Christian who claims that they want to go to heaven who claims that they want Reformation power in order to reach out to their community. It makes no sense. But let's even get even more funny with this. I realize that getting up early in the morning is something that everybody has done at some point in their life. I want you to think for a moment about Christmas morning. Mom when you were a kid. Nobody had to wake you up on Christmas morning. You were waking up everybody else me and my sister used to count right. Go to sleep said or we try to set our alarms in our room for like midnight because once it turns twelve o'clock it's Christmas then we get out. One two o'clock in the morning. My mom would look at us with the death look only a Jamaican mother can look at you with you better not not too much Dr Spitz So we said well what is going to watch T.V. two three in the morning until my mother wakes up to open gifts. Why are we up early in the morning on Christmas because we are so excited about Christmas morning can you say amen. Because we are excited about that particular thing. I wonder then what is our feeling about prayer if we're not excited to be in the presence of the most starry God that we can get up early in the morning. But let's go about that job interview because if Google was in town and I say we're looking for people here in Leicester. We're taking interviews. Why don't you show up and come for an interview. What time is the interview six thirty in the morning. I guarantee you will be there early in the morning you will get up. Let's leave and talk about college students going to class. Everyone has had a early. Class as painful and as torture is as it has been but please believe college student will pass. So go to bed three A.M. wake up August eight o'clock class early in the morning. Now granted they may come look in Torah in you know sweat Tensas the hope they'll make it to class. Especially if you have a final exam. We will get up early in the morning. I asked myself this question how can we have the same power that the reformers had to shake the world. They didn't even have all the doctrines we possess. They didn't even how the infrastructure that we currently hold as a global church. They didn't have all the books and reformers in theologians before them to strengthen their own understanding of the Bible. They didn't have television. They didn't have internet. They didn't have technology or anything digital let alone electrical So what was it that these men possess. What is it that gave them the power that they used to shake the world to the Reformation. I want to read to you a letter that Martin Luther in the great controversy page two zero nine he was writing to encourage the prince and this is what Luther said he said he declared that the only weapon that was to be employed in their warfare should be the sword of the Spirit he wrote to the Elector of Saxony we cannot on our own conscience approve the proposed alliance we would rather die ten times than see our gospel cause one drop of blood to be shed. Our part is to be like lambs of the slaughter the cross of Christ must be born. Let your Highness be without fear we shall do more. We shall do what we shall do more by our prayers than all of our enemies but their boastings only let not your hands be stained with the blood of your brethren. If the Emperor requires us to be given up to his tribunals. We are ready to appear. You cannot defend our faith. Each one should believe it at his own risk and peril from the secret place of prayer came the power that shook the world to the Reformation. I'm still quoting there with holy calmness the servants of the Lord set their feet upon the rock of his promises during the struggle at Augsburg Luther did not pass a day without devoting three hours at least to prayer. We want the results but we don't want to put in the labor. We want to get the outcome but we don't want to put in the income at least three hours in prayer early in the morning in the secret place of prayer. This is why numbers do not matter to us we don't need the numbers we need people who have numbers of hours in prayer here God is willing to come all the way from his holy and higher lifted up throne to this earth and we can't even bow out twelve inches to our needs to meet the Lord. But this is the distance he was willing to come but you may say Sebastian it's easy for God to come down from heaven. Be born of Mary on this earth that just seems as if that's in the heart of God He has that amount of love but I don't have that amount of love you see have a very clear idea in my mind that people get up early in the morning for something that they are dedicated If you want to know that a person is committed and that they are dedicated they will get up early in the morning you look at these people who are committed musicians if they say I got to work my nine to five they will get up early in the morning to write songs they will get up early in the morning to record. They will stay up late at night and burn the midnight oil to do what they need to do. That's why I never except the excuse people say I have no time people have time to do what they want to do. Amen. That's all we have time to do what we want to do I always find it interesting that people always say they're so busy studying right they have no time then you're home and watch them on campus in between every single minute they got there on their phone texting or on Facebook like like Cher. Oh hahaha texting back on this picture. I'm like so every second you get you can't wait to interact on social media but it never strikes your mind that every single minute you have between classes. You could be reading in the Bible. You could be whispering a prayer to God in that minute. So I want to take you to the book of Jeremiah take your Bibles and open it to Jeremiah Chapter seven because God gets up early in the morning when God's people were far from him and they left him God was intent on making sure doing his utmost to keep his people close to his heart. Jeremiah Chapter seven when you're there. Same in the Bible says Jeremiah Chapter seven in verse thirteen and now because you have done all these works says the Lord and I spoke to you. Rising up what early and speaking but you did not hear and I called you but you did not answer. How was it that God is talking to his people to the prophet Jeremiah and he saying listen because you don't know this work says and I spoke to you. Rising up early in the morning. God claims that he came to his people early in the morning. But you say that's interesting but it's all over the book of Jeremiah and we're going to look at it. OK I want you to go. Chapter seven verse twenty five be repeated again. Notice what the Bible says He says since the day that your fathers came out of the land of where of Egypt. It's OK to talk to the preacher since your fathers came out a land of what of Egypt. He says until this day I have even sent to you all my servants the what the prophets daily rising up early and sending them yet they did not obey me or incline their ear but stiffen their neck. They did worse than their fathers. Now God is saying from the very time that you came out of Egypt. I was sending prophets and money messengers I rose up early to do that now this automatically tells us that God is being figurative in his language since the time of Egypt all the way to the time of Jeremiah is I mean you're talking hundreds of years. So he's not talking about one twenty four hour day. So when he says rising up early in the morning or rising up early. What what. Now we have to take take what he's using as a language I mean the word in Hebrew is literally means to get up early so God is saying I got up early and I sent to prophets I sent you my servants. So as God is sending the prophecy says very beginning since I brought you up out of Egypt and you became a nation. I got up early and I was sending messages to you telling you to obey my voice but you would not he goes on Chapter eleven in verse one actual Just go to verse seven save time. Jeremiah Chapter eleven in verse seven the Bible says well actually start in verse six then the Lord said to me proclaim all these words in the cities of Juda and in the streets of Jerusalem saying here are the words of this covenant and do them for I earnestly exhorted your fathers in the day that I brought them out of the land of Egypt on to this day rising early and exhorting saying obey my voice but God has not done so to chapter twenty five. Chapter twenty five. Once you know the chapter twenty five are going to look in verse three and four Jeremiah twenty five versus three and four the viable says from the thirteenth year of Josiah the son of Ammon king of Juda even to this day. This is the twenty third year in which the word of the Lord has come to me and I have spoken to you. Rising early in the morning and speaking but should have not listened and the Lord has. And to you all his servants the prophets rising early and sending them but you have not listened nor inclined your ear to hear. Chapter twenty six verse four and five and you shall say to them. Does says the Lord if you will not listen to me to walk in my law which I have set before you to heed the words of my servants the prophets whom I sent to you both are rising up early and sending them but you have not heeded. And I can continue to go throughout the book of Jeremiah God continues to remind him that in this situation. He says I foresaw this from the very time I brought you up out of Egypt and so but uses the idea of getting up early in the morning to show his earnestness to show his what his earnestness because God is saying when a person gets up early in the morning. That means they don't want to waste time. That means that they want to get the jump on something or you with me when a person is getting up early in the morning they are anticipating something and the very first thing you do in the morning is the reason why you got up early in the morning. That's the reason why you wake up at all really mean you're on vacation. You don't wake up you eventually arise. You just the sun will roll out on even though to time but when you look in on your regular week the very first work that is on your list is what gets you out of bed. Amen. You like I got to go to class. I got to go to this I got to get ready to go to something that's What wakes you up and God says from the very first day that I brought you out of Egypt. I saw that you were going to deviate and I got up early in the morning. I sent you a prophet to Moses who wrote the books of the Bible. I was already anticipating if you will obey my voice. If you will in. Says And ever since that time until today I was rising early in the morning. You are not better know that God can intice a paid when we are about to stray away from him and he's already made provision God is not waiting for us to fall into some mess to speak to you and to me God intice a picture and God says listen I'm going to send a messenger to you. This is why when you and I look at our own temptations in life we saw them coming. Nobody falls into temptation and didn't see it coming. You knew it was coming. I don't care if you were in a relationship and you crossed some physical boundaries. I don't care if you are lying stealing cheating pillaging whatever it is you saw it coming a mile away and God was speaking to you early in the morning. Why do you think people who are guilt ridden can't sleep at night because God is speaking to them early in the morning and trying to let you know don't do this do not go to this place. Do not say that to that person do not do this at your job decide in your mind to quit this job that you know is the when you break the service I was already speaking to you early in the morning to show the earnestness of God to show the care and the compassion that is taking that God is not a lazy God and I want to say amen to that god doesn't leave us in a mess and say oh by the way. Let me go and take care of this god is a no no no taking care of you gets me up early in the morning. So what that tells you when me is getting up early in the morning is a sign of earnestness. It is a sign of priority. It is a sign of something that is indispensable. It is a sign of something that you cannot do without. Is it a sign of something that this is the bedrock of my life. That's why David said I will early seek the Savior. I'm not going to wait for the day as burned away to try to find time to see God I need the Lord first. So I'm going to get up early in the morning. I remember even saying it when I preach that you I see. Being involved in business immobile apps and all this kind of stuff you learn a lot about human behavior and they said almost ninety five percent of people who are millennial The first thing they do in the morning is grab their phone. Literally the last thing you did in the evening was look at your phone made sure it was on the charger measure you know where people can't go to sleep if they can't find your phone and my telling the truth. You probably want to be in a service right now if you can find your phone brother Sebastian is preaching and I can't find my phone and I'll be up there. I got to be all over the bottom of the church the basement the bathroom outside check in the car where do we go for outreach because you can't find your phone and how many other people you think will skip out on worldly things because they can't find the Lord I'm telling you tonight. Some of us need to put our T.V. shows on hold until we find the Lord whether it's on the channel on Netflix Hulu whatever it is for the most need to sit down and take the D.V.D. collection put it on hold some of mostly to take the i Tunes music and put it on hold a member systemwide talking about the fact that people make so much issue about music. She says in reality if you had to choose between music and the word neglect music study the Word. Music is not the root of revival it's the fruit of revival. So don't even get it in your mind that just because the music changed that the Holy Spirit is in this place the Holy Spirit inspired the word holy men of God spake didn't say they sang as they were moved they spake as they were moved in this mindset. We will put everything else between coming into communion with God But if we are serious like Luther when he saw the Reformation before him. The burden of re rebuild the Katyn the character of God The burden of making sure that the true message of the Gospel was preached all over the earth. It led him to be early in the morning at least three hours in prayer. No reason. And it's no surprise that our churches are dead. If our pastor ain't getting up early in the morning. No surprise that the elders are even worse preachers because they're not getting up early in the morning. I'm like it always shocks me when I go to the Bible and recognize that Stephen and accept are six was a deacon and the Bible says they could not resist the wisdom by which he spoke the deacon. When's the last time you got excited when the deacon was preaching your laughter already tells the story you like Deacon such and such are Nama go on line. I think I'm a watcher. But I think this is a this is streaming which was going to a home Sabbath is the truth. Why because we made the deacon the God It opens unlocks the door when at that time the Bible says you want to choose a deacon Fineman. Full of the Holy Ghost. Then we said Well brother Sebastian there be nobody left in the church just the place to start. So people respect the position you don't just put people in cause you need to feel the books on the nominating committee. Anybody can unlock the door and idiot can unlock the door a sinner can on lock the door. If you want to be a deacon the Bible says husband of one wife blameless a man who knows how to rule his own house. The deacon. So why would a man be inspired to get up early in the morning and see God when will put him in a position anyway it's the same thing I tell young girls I'm like listen the reason why guys act the way they do is because we let them get away with it you will date us we're not even committed. We're not studying the Bible. We're not praying. We're not out there in eventual ism we're not even a spiritual leader but the girl's going to date you. And then she want to talk to you about. Well don't you want to draw closer to God. Don't you want to do this you know what a guy is thinking in his mind. I wasn't trying to do that when you met me and you still dated me. So what's the problem now as soon as you lower the standard and allow that foolishness to go on you wonder what's going to happen to the structure is when the disciples came time to choose a new apostle they want just like oh yeah let's get old boy over there. They said listen we need to find out who's been with us from the beginning. This is before Pentecost. You can rest assured that after Pentecost. They were just choosing anybody they needed to make sure you received the Holy Ghost that you were a man that you were a woman filled with a. Spirit and that you were a disciple that was respected among the disciples. But in this sense. We have lowered the standards so much. So why would a person be inspired to get up early in the morning. Why would that individual be inspired to see God with that kind of earnestness. I remember when I was when I was in campus and after I finished campus in the summer time. That's always the worst time for college students because nothing going on. That's when all the foolishness happens and you pick back up in the school year such as such as dating this person and all that you like and when did this all happen. Some of it's true. So one. Well number the first we got to school was out I was still there near campus and I remember reading something in the book education I'm going to share with you in a little bit and as I was reading this I was thinking to myself This is so crazy that people will stay up late at night to play games to have socials to play basketball to go to a restaurant and hang out to the wee hours of the morning but I'm like when was the last time we stayed up late to understand the sanctuary. I will not go to sleep until I understand these people will sit and watch an entire season of a television show. I can't go to sleep until I get to the last episode. Oh night and you wonder why they love friends more than they love Jesus. Why did love Grey's Anatomy more than a love Jesus no surprise because Please believe they will get up early in the morning and they will stay up late at night because they got a C. So that night I made a commitment to go on a so you know what Grandma Bible Grandma no book grab pen and paper and I'm a stay up until I understand the golden candle sticks. Re o'clock in the morning. I'm still going at it in and out of consciousness. Come on Lord speak to me. Try to understand this. I didn't even get past like three texts but I can promise you when I went to sleep and I woke up the next morning all day long. Distin was on my mind every time someone started talking about the Bible I was relating it to the golden candle sticks like oh that makes sense. They're not come back because as soon as I manifested that earnestness. I put in the time the energy the effort. I immediately saw that something had happened. Divinely on my mind I was thinking differently. Prayer is not to inform God we're not there to spend three hours because God doesn't know what's going on in the world. We need to spend three hours because we know what's going on in the world and God knows what's going on in the world. That's why we're there. What better place to be early in the morning. You know how many times in the Bible. It talks about people getting up early in the morning when they bring him was going to sacrifice Isaac he got up early in the morning. That means he was earnest to get it over with. He didn't want any hindrances he was ready to go sacrifice his only son when the Bible talks about Joe It says when Joe wanted to pray for his kids. He got up early in the morning and he offered a bull look for each and every child. The men had nine eleven kids you know long it takes to make that kind of offering any sacrifice all of them. Because Joe said before I get to the flocks and the camels. I gotta make sure I consecrate my family so he knew I got to get up early in the morning because he said in maybe perhaps that they've curse God in their hearts. Maybe perhaps who gets up early in the morning for possibility. My kids might be straying from God while I'm out here busy trying to do the Lord's work and taking care of my business is Job says just in case. Lord covered this child with this blood next child covered this child with this blood one animal per child except this offering in their behalf. The man was interceding on behalf of his children and yet the man was wealthy and the man was rich and the man was influential but he knew early in the morning it was time for me to meet with God and you wonder why the man was a man that God Himself would brag about in the presence of the devil and the other sons of God representatives of on for the world's Have you considered my servant job makes you wonder why anybody can call themselves a servant of God If Job is a servant use the title to do so because of that as a servant. I don't know how many of us really are early in the morning Peter and John were released from prison. The Bible says soon as they were free. They got up early in the morning and went back to teaching at the temple. They didn't even wait. This is how eager they were to spread the gospel. When you look at John Chapter eight Jesus. The Bible says in verse two that Jesus got up early in the morning and went to the temple to teach shows you how earnest he was about teaching the people and you know the Bible says the people also came early in the morning. Because I can ask you a question if you knew Jesus was going to meet you somewhere. Tomorrow. Early in the morning. I'm talking about the real Jesus. Talk about presence glory and all. You telling me you would get up early in the morning. What about the next day. What about the next thing. My imagination is eventually will hit a point where we just get so used to the presence of Jesus stop showing up on time. Sorry Jesus only. Sorry I missed our time. The fact that his glorious showing and we could see the physical person of Jesus wouldn't make us any less likely to be late or sleeping. It was not the supernatural. That's lacking. It's our earnestness and urgency. I think you're getting my point. Some of the star bringing this to a close. Desire of ages. Page one forty one. She says He who saw Nathaniel under the fig tree. Will see us in the secret place of prayer. Amen. Angels from the world of light are near to. Those who in humility seek for divine guidance we get up early in the morning the prophet is telling us. God is going to see you there in the secret place and angels draw near to that place when people are in humility and in earnestness seeking God and honors this doesn't mean emotion in tears she said Luther and the servants would gather with holy calmness they were down there were riding on the floor crying and wailing to God that doesn't mean you're more earnest that just makes you emotional earnestness is not just crying and wailing there's a certain persistence to earnestness. It is the type of earnestness that will not be denied Lord I'm not getting Oh have you ever told God Lord I'm not good enough to give this to you and I haven't had that experience we don't understand what it's like to want something bad enough to come to God in a true prayer of faith like Daniel in the Hebrew boards for God not to answer is to end my life. You don't give us this dream where did you can believe that we're praying in earnestness that we're going to get up off their nice in just well guess we're going to be dead. No they stayed in prayer to the answer came to you and I have anything like that in our lives is Europe on that list. Lord I'm not getting up off my knees to you give me divine power to reach my professor today till you give me divine power. In all my preaching and all my singing and all my writing and all everything I'm doing today. Mode. I want to email it divine energy. She says that Jesus would pray early in the morning and he would suffocate the throne of God till his humanity was charged with divinity. You know the Bible says that after Jesus was healing all night. You know the next thing he did got up early in the morning. So don't let the excuse B.G. wash your when late tonight so I can get up early tomorrow we ask you a question who will have more strength the person who got eight hours of sleep or a person who got five hours of sleep in three hours and for Be careful how you answer because I think we intellectually know the answer but beliefs lead to behavioral. If we really believe that the person who spent three hours in prayer is going to have more strength than the guy who got eight hours then we should get up early in the morning or we're going to confront the reality that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak only to discover what Peter discovered had Peter stayed awake in that prayer he would not have denied the Lord. You don't know what temptation is waiting for you and if we had gone up early in the morning we do not know what tragedies we could have avoided. Let's take it even deeper. She says in Acts of the Apostles that if the church had prayed for Paul the way that they prayed for Peter. That Paul would have been delivered that goes to show you the power of prayer. We could have had Paul another several years. Why did he die in that Roman dungeon because the church stopped praying. We're not going to pray that honestly for Paul but we're going to pray that for Peter and when Peter was released. They didn't even believe it was him. You already see the degradation of faith right then and there but a time. Paul comes along. They don't even pray at all for his remains just casual prayers Lord you know be with Paul you know those kind of prayers we like to bring the Lord be with this person. No quick prayer but when I earnestly interceding we don't enter into people sufferings. Have you seen what people are going through in your life which your own eyes. Have you listen to them might be a key answer to why we have nothing to pray about steps to Christ reminds us that he who only prays will cease to pray when we're not coming in contact with people who are not in the kingdom of God there's no surprise. We got nothing to pray about you like pray for three hours about what So want to travel the world become a preacher Why don't you go around the streets of Leicester. I guarantee you have plenty to pray about then then you can go home and say Lord I don't have enough time to pray. It's my last. Statement Education Page two sixteen and intensity such as never before was seen as taking possession of the world in amusement and money making in the contest for power in the very shrug go for existence. There was a terrible force that engrosses body mind and soul in the midst of this maddening rush God is speak to him and he bids us. Listen to what he says come apart and commune with BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I know many what is she said many even in their seasons of devotion. We're talking about people who have devotion. When I'm talking about people who don't have devotion many who are helping their devotions in their seasons of devotion fail of receiving the blessing of real communion with God Some of us are just going to the motions. We might be opening the Bible we might sing a couple songs we might pray a little prayer but we are failing to receive the blessing of real communion with God in their season of devotion. They are in too great haste. That means you're rushing too much with hurried steps they processed through the circle of Christ's loving presence pausing perhaps a moment with in the sacred precincts. But not waiting for counts. They have no time. To remain with the Divine Teacher with their burdens they returned to their work these workers now they're workers they're not just people of devotion. They're workers people laboring She says these workers can never attain the highest success in their work. Mind you until they learn the secret of strength. They must give themselves they must give who themselves people who have this mindset that. Oh I have to do this and I have to do that. It's all about living for others. She says people who are workers must give themselves something she says they need to give themselves a listen to this time. Show me on your schedule and your To Do List the time that is for yourself. They need to give themselves time. Notice what she says to do time to think you know we live in a generation with thinking is a waste of time somebody got offended one time because they called me. They said What are you doing. I'm thinking. Let me call you back. You're thinking like this was like a complete inactivity. This is not worthy. I told you you can put your thinking for later. Don't tell me to hang up. I'll talk to you later. We have to learn the fact that thinking is an important action. It is a power that is akin to that of the Creator the power to think and we don't exercise that power because we don't give ourselves time to think. Then she says time to pray two separate activities. Then she has a third one you're going to love this one. Time to wait upon God. Listen to this for a renewable. Of physical mental and spiritual power. That means. We shouldn't leave our prayer time. To we are renewed mentally physically spiritually. But. This is where it ends. They need the uplifting influence of his spirit. Receiving this they will be quickened by fresh life. The weary frame. And the tired the brain will be refreshed. The burden to heart. Will be light. Not a pause for a moment in his presence but personal contact. To sit down and companionship with. This is I would need. I'm quoting. Happy. Will it be for the children of our homes and the students of our schools when parents and teachers. Shall learn in their own lives. The precious experience pictured in these words from Song of Songs as the apple tree among the trees of the wood. So is my beloved among the sons. I sat down under his shadow. With great delight. And his fruit. Was sweet to my tastes. He brought me to the Banqueting House. And his bent over me. Listen. God is calling us to a radical experience. I don't think it's a coincidence that every successful business leader gets up early in the morning. I don't think it is coincidence that students who get up early in the morning perform better in school. I don't think it's a coincidence that the power that shook the world through the Reformation came from the secret place of prayer of at least three hours in for early. In the morning. You may say to yourself. So that's what's early in the morning. You know when the Bible says Jesus got a great while before De Mar chapter one that that word in Greek refers to sometime between three and six in the morning sometime between three A.M. and six A.M. Jesus got up and was seeking God after he was the only people late into the night because he knew he would have more strength from prayer than he would from sleep. He needed to unburden his soul. So I think my challenge is very clear every head is bowed every eye is closed. I want to make a challenge two weeks. Two weeks. Someone in this room is willing to make a commitment for the next two weeks starting tomorrow morning. I'm a get up early in the morning to seek the Lord. I'm a give myself time to think time to pray. In time to wait upon God. If there's someone I want to answer that appeal that sometime between three and six A M. You say Lord I'm willing because listen this is not for the faint of heart. We want spiritual power we got to be like Jacob you're willing to accept that challenge I want to fight you to stand to your feet action one invite you to come up front. Because we don't need to get your name hold you accountable. Easy to stand up. Come. It's all right we got a room. You can fill in the middle. Greg. We need to find a way get the names. You're coming up here starting tomorrow. Two weeks early in the morning. Come don't worry about the room two weeks. Sometime between three and six A.M.. Time to pray time to think. Time to wait upon God. Besides all the benefits I started with in the beginning. That's why God says all these things will be added on to. If we really want to shake Europe is the power's going to come from the secret place a prayer that is the secret of strength. That's the only way we're going to be able to stay burning until the Lord comes. We have to master the science of wrestling with Gone. Every morning lives are not being killed yet. People are not being martyred yet. But the time is coming. And the only people that's going to be able to look that situation in the eye you will be scared you will be worried you might even have some fear but because you have that secret place you will be able to do what martyrs did which is to sing while you burn. Which is to rejoice that you were given the privilege to die for your Lord. But that's not going to happen overnight. It's not going to happen. Overnight. It's going to happen from the secret place. Let us pray together Father in heaven. There are many of us have come up here because you spoke to our hearts but in reality Lord were scared. We're scared that we came up but we might fail. We're scared Lord that we're coming up because we find out the spirit is willing but a flesh is weak and like Peter and the other disciples. We may sleep when we ought to be praying. So Lord we're just going for two weeks to test you. To lay our burdens down to rest upon the rock of your promise to wait upon the Lord to reach washed. Physically mentally and spiritually Lord. We're getting up early to think and we're praying that we would find the same power that Luther felt that we would find the same power that Wesley found that Lattimer found that why cliff and even the early adman is point is that they found in the secret place of prayer where there is no glory the place where you go where only God sees but yet he rewards you openly Lord. That is the place that we want to go and we pray that you would seal this decision that you would protect this decision and Father help us to see the fruits of it in the movement of G.Y. see throughout Europe. We want sinners to be converted unto you. We want new victories to be gained in Jesus Father we want territories to be conquered in your name. We want sinners that were once inside the church that have gone out to be reclaimed to you and me and I will be able to come to charge Sabbath after somebody. Regardless of the pastor regardless of the congregation because we just want to hail the power of Jesus's name because we've been hearing from him all week. We've been seeing him move around our lives because we've been belly down before the Most High God we've had audience with he's heard us and he's answered. That's the experience we want we want to know the song it's for you. And to know how the press or petitions before the God of the universe. Thank you thank you. And forgive us for spiritual life that is the equivalent of a lame off help us to bring the very best in Lord. Most of all. May we not only see answers to prayer. But may we know you better. And as we know you. 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