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It's Not You, It's Me

Sebastien Braxton
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Our relationship with Christ is strained and we often find that coming to Christ is more and more difficult and we hide from Him just as Adam and Eve did when they sinned. But do we own up to the part we play in the state of our relationship or do we run and hide from the one who loves us most? Sebastien Braxton beautifully presents to us the love relationship between us and God as shown in the Songs of Solomon. A truly heart warming, life changing message.


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.




  • June 1, 2016
    10:30 AM
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So I'm sure we have people from Iceland we have people from Norway we have people from England Germany Austria Romania my missing Portugal. Oh Belgium. Yes sorry Teena I got to Belgium of course and the other countries are missing. Fred. Of course I'm going to forget France anyone else. The Netherlands yes of course the Dutch anyone else that I'm missing European country Switzerland. Thank you brother. Jan I see you in the back. So the interesting thing about this is in the Bible. Typically when you have multiple nations coming together it is a problem. The first time that the world came together in one place they were trying to build a tower to reach out to heaven and God had to come down to see the tower that the children of men were building but you see the problem with that unity and the problem with them gathered into one place from all over the whole earth was the fact that they were working in concert against the will of God but you see when you get people from different nations together and you gather them together in one place and yet they are working for the will of God God does not come down to see what we are building to stop us. But God comes down to ground to suspect our to go forward to do his work and you say amen. And so the thing that gets me excited about doing things in Europe as an opposed to different movements we have in America is the fact that you don't get such unity from such diversity you get people who may be from neighboring states because America is just so large. But in Europe. You can go to a place and find people from all over the world sitting in one place. This was the first time in the Bible that the church will. Called Christians was in Antioch when they had different cultures represented and worshipping together under the banner of Jesus Christ. Therefore we should be encouraged. But we should also be ready because God is ready to move and unfortunately for many of us we are not always as ready as God is to do what he wants us to do and so I want to challenge you as we begin this weekend that you need to get it out of your mind about the numbers you need to get it out of your mind about whether all the seats are full. You need to get it out of your mind that this is just a local event. There's not big cameras and a film truck live streaming on some television network. We need to get it out of our minds that just because those things are not present doesn't mean God is not present. Whenever I do a wedding. I always remind people that the most important person a show up even more than the bride is Jesus himself because if he's not here. He can't say the five year marriage. The Bible says what God has joined together. What who what God has joined together. You know preacher or no minister can join two people together I don't care how much counseling you get only the Holy Spirit can join two people together. Let that be a lesson to us who are struggling in our marriages right now it is a supernatural work to be in unity with your wife and husband and that requires surrender to God That's why you can't just date somebody who doesn't know Jesus. You cannot commune with light in darkness. So it is very very important for us to get these things out of our minds that what makes this event powerful and potent is that God shows up and that we are not here bringing casual touch my last opening remarks before we dive into the sermon proper So the fact that. When the woman had an issue of blood. People were touching Jesus. But as she came in she touched the hem of his garment her twelve year issue went away. And Jesus stopped the crowd and said who touched him. Now obviously everybody was shocked because Jesus was in a crowd people were touching him all the time but Jesus can tell the difference between casual touch and the touch of thing. If so you better believe people are going to leave this weekend revived and changed and they're going to go do things for the Kingdom of God that will last into eternity and some of us are going to go back to our regularly scheduled program. Not because of the event don't blame the preacher don't blame poor logistics don't blame the food. Don't blame anything else but ourselves because we didn't come with the touch of faith God wants to bless us the power of God is present to heal but it's because we don't reach out in faith to receive what God has for us. So I don't know about you but I have to get into my mind because I'm a preacher. I'm always at a spiritual event. Sebastian you come with casual touch you will not be changed and the people will be changed to your own words. So you can preach in some young girl says are too cold to go to India to be a missionary and I go home just to live my whole home Christian life. How was it possible that I could be a vessel to inspire our young life and I myself am not changed casual touch. So as we go forward in this we can if it has not been said or emphasized enough. We must not come to God but casual touch especially those of us who worship in this beautiful church we come here sometime after Sabbath. But God can do something different every Sabbath. God has a new thing I need to get forward into my message because I'm a end up original something else. God can do a new thing every Sunday. It's not the building. It's the faith that the worshipers come with to the building. Listen. God bless us in an alley God could bless us in someone's basement God could bless us in an upper room doesn't have to be a beautiful edifice it was just the hearts of the people coming to God with a touch of faith. Let us pray together Father in heaven. Lord we are nothing before you and yet you have given everything to be demons. What a blessing. It is to be gathered together in one place with so many from all across the world. We know that God is here because this is God's house. And so Lord we do not invite you into your house but we invite you into our hearts to prepare us to meet and come into the presence of a holy God Lord we pray that we would rejoice with trembling and that we may have a Holy all upon us. We pray that you would start the chit chat or that happens that she would break the temptation to check our phones and to text Lord that she would help us to center our eyes upon heaven and what have been wants to do right now we are so grateful that God would be with us and that God would bless us in a way that we've never been blessed before prepare our hearts for what you have learned this is our prayer and we trust that you will help this to be our experience for we offer this. Prayer from our hearts in Jesus' name that all of God's people say want you to take your Bibles in term with me to the Book of Genesis Chapter three Genesis Chapter three when you're there you can say Amen. If you're not there to say have mercy. Genesis Chapter three Are we there. Amen. The Bible says in the third chapter of Genesis the Bible says beginning in verse six the most tragic Bible verse in all human history. The Bible says in verse six. So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food that it was pleasant to the eyes and a tree desirable to make one wise. She took of its fruit and ate. She also gave her husband with her and he ate then the our lives of both of them were open and they knew that they were naked and they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves coverings and they heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God among the trees of the garden then the Lord called to Adam and said to him. Where are you so he said I heard your voice in the garden and I was afraid because I was naked and I hid myself and he said Who told you you were naked. Have you eaten up from the tree of which I commanded you that you should not eat and the man said the woman whom you gave to be with. I mean she gave me of the tree and I ate the title of my message is it's not you it's me you know when I was in college I recall sitting down at a table and I was not a Christian by the way. At that time sitting at a table and I was talking to some of my female friends my counterparts there on campus and so we were talking about the question and it's funny when you're in the world what you think is a deep question is not a deep question you think it's a deep question but when you come to God You understand the question is can you say amen. But in the world we thought this was a deep question we say What do you do in a relationship when there's nothing wrong with the person but you just want to get out of the relationship. They didn't cheat on you. They're not ugly. They're not dumb. They're not overweight they're not whatever excuse you can use. Usually you can say you know what I'm just not attracted to you or you know I'm just not feeling it or whatever it is you have some reason but what do you do in a situation where there's nothing wrong with them. You can't point at anything to say this is the reason. And so we're sitting at the table and of course as guys we're like I don't know what you're talking about how could you be in a relationship with some and you're like oh I don't want to be with you anymore guys are like I mean I'll just leave. I'll be like I'm out. I'm sorry I can't do this anymore. And of course you know my female friends are like you guys are dumb. That's a stupid answer. And so what I will. Was your answer. They said well you see we want a relationship with a guy and there's nothing wrong with the guy we just want to move on. We just say hey it's not you it's me. So we look at what. What does that even mean. Well what we're what we're trying to let him know Winston say look it's not you it's not it. And of course when you break. What someone is going to say was it because of the fight that we had was it was is it because I sometimes don't call you back right away. Is it because I'm not romantic enough. Is he she says God will come up with all kinds of reasons that they always want to solve the problem. But the reality is there's a problem that even you cannot solve as my boyfriend and you can't change my heart and so it's not you it's me and so of course I went on to using that excuse quite often but it was something that clued me in to our theme of coming to Christ because Imake sure asked the question were we always in a situation where we had to encourage people to come to Christ is that how God originally designed the world. Did God create us to be a strange beings from his nature and the Bible reminds us here in Genesis chapter three that though God had created man to be with him that you didn't have to encourage Adam and Eve to come to Christ. It was their desire it was their joy to come to Christ when God of originally created the world. There was no problem and coming to Christ. Adam didn't have to say Honey. Did you have your devotion. If didn't have to come to Adam and say Adam you know you're the spiritual priest of the garden she enough to encourage him he wanted to do God's will. He wanted to learn from Christ he had a burden for Eve and for the entire creation but the Bible says that when Eve ate of that fruit and she gave it to her husband also and he ate of that fruit the Bible says that when they heard God walking in the garden in the cool of the day the Bible says and verse eight that they hid themselves. Adam and this was but you see the interesting thing. It's when God comes looking for them. I want you to turn your eyes back to the Scriptures for a moment. The Bible says in verse nine then the Lord God called to Adam and he said to him. Where are you so he said I heard your voice in the garden and I was what I was what I was afraid this is the first time that fear has ever entered into the heart of Adam when God created Adam he was living a life with no fear and I can tell you right now that fear is the number one motivating factor for most of our behavior in life. The reason why we go to school to get an education because we're afraid we don't want to end up poor we're afraid of what do we do you know there were so many times I was talking to a girl one time in college and she was actually doing a Ph D. and she'd already done two master's and a bachelor's and I said why are you. Why are you doing to preach the why are you doing a Ph D. after you did two masters and she says well listen you know if my boyfriend decides to leave me I know I can take care of myself. So your whole bit of vision for incurring sixty thousand dollars of debt to go to school is just to make sure that if he leaves you. You can take care of yourself because fear is a motivating factor. You know many times people end up in relationships because of fear of being alone. Do you know many people stay in abusive relationships because of fear of being alone. I guarantee you if you sit down and look at the issues inside of our churches and you sit down with people and you wait. And you persevered the conversation you're going to eventually arrive at the words I was afraid of dot dot dot. This is what this was all about you. Thought that if we didn't vote you in as the FIRST ELDER again we would never have you again or people wouldn't respect you as a spiritual leader. So you do everything to maintain the position. You were afraid that that guy in the back of the sub school class would take over your sub school class. So you never recognizes him when he raises it because you were afraid we decide that we're not going to go out there and and do outreach because I was afraid of rejection. I'm not going to try to witness to the professors and the students or my university because I was afraid. But the interesting thing is when Adam said I was a free. Look there at the text with me again in verse ten. He says I was afraid because. Now who is he hiding from he starting from move from God So God is coming into the garden was Adam hiding before God arrived. Yes or No no he wasn't he wasn't hiding before he heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day he had not himself. It was as soon as God started coming into his experience as soon as Jesus was coming to him he got afraid and he hid himself but notice what he gave as his reason verse ten he says I was afraid because I was what. So his reason was not God it was himself. So in essence what he's telling God is God is like Adam where are you. Why is there a gap in our relationship well Jesus it's not you it's me. What Adam was essentially saying to God was the problem is not with go it's with myself and he recognized it. How can you hide from someone who is always blessed. I created. I gave you an entire planets. I made a wife perfectly designed for you. I put you in a garden. I made fruits and trees that yield food of the ground so that you can eat. I bless you. I gave you a subnet. I commune with you and I teach give me one reason why God would lead you to want to hide from him. Adam recognized even as a sinner that the problem was not God it was him. So you say when did we stop coming to Christ we start coming to Christ when sin entered into our nature. So this is why when people walk around and they say to themselves Well I'm not doing anything wrong but I still struggle to have my devotion. I still struggle to seek after God I still struggle to pray. Listen don't get a full and don't get it twisted every preacher is not always excited to preach. Just because you see someone preaching a powerful sermon doesn't mean that when he goes home oh I love to spend four hours in prayer. I remember I arrive somewhere to preach and somebody was like oh brother Sebastian om you know how many hours in a day do you pray and we were debating among ourselves like he probably prays four hours a day. I'm like I'm sorry to let you know I got a wife and three kids. I wish I could pray four hours a day. If I said I could barely sleep four hours a day I said well you know we just assume that's why would you assume not going to see your lie to you. Just because I want to appear spiritual because I'm afraid of how someone's going to view me it's not you it's me even Adam recognize the reason why he doesn't want to come to God The reason why is not seeking Christ. It's because of something went wrong inside himself he says because I was naked. I hid myself because I'm my own condition. So please believe when when we're sitting down saying well I haven't done anything wrong. I'm not committing any sins but I'm still struggling. It's because we are sinful. It is not in our nature to seek after God It is a supernatural act that a young person gets on their knees and prays to God in the morning we better recognize that you wouldn't do that in your own strength and if you did you were walking in the sparks of your own kindling your fire will go out very soon. It is a divine imperative. It is a sign of the grace of God working inside of the nature of a human being that wakes us up in the morning and says I need to go to go out and pray because when Adam was first a sinner. He shows us this is the nature of a sinner. Every single time a person falls into sin and is a strain from God. What do they naturally do they hide from the presence of God Think to yourself about your own experience when you commit a terrible sin is your first thought I need to go to church. Yes or No no you don't many young people. We end up counseling who stay home from church why because of some sin going on in their life. I sat down at a restaurant two years ago three years ago a young lady that used to be a spiritual leader and so she came to one of my trainings and then I said I haven't seen you forever. So we went out to lunch sitting at a restaurant and as we're talking the young lady said You know I haven't been to church in months. I haven't really been reading my Bible I can't even pray I said what's the problem. She says you don't understand. I did something really terrible. I've been struggling so finally it came out right that she was getting into a lesbian like relationship and this is with the. The spiritual leaders in a church but is thunders girls crying she could even tell me she actually wrote it down on the napkin because she was so ashamed and she said ever since I fell into the sin she's like every time I come to church. I just feel dirty. I feel unclean. I feel like I can give a Bible study I can go to summer school I can teach I can preach. I can do anything in ministry because of what's going on in my own life. So you better believe that as soon as sin comes in this is why we are resistant. There is a correlation there is a causation and yet the funniest thing is the best time to come to church is when you sin the best time to come to Christ is when you fail to him because the Bible says he was looking for you. God didn't say oh you sin say over there. Listen man when Mike a member when my daughter she had a parent her one time my wife left me home with the kids that was a mistake. She said I'm going to be gone for an hour if you're married and you have a kid. Don't ever believe your wife when she says you'll be gone and now it's going to be two hours. She said I'll just be gone. An hour. Don't worry so much daughter she hates taking naps. My first born. So we're sitting there in a hotel and I put her in the what you guys call a it's like a pack and play kind of thing. A cot that's what you guys call supporter in this thing and I'm sitting there. Chilling. You know you get to a point where you have kids you get tapped out mentally. So you just like as need a break. So I'm sitting down in the other room. They're crying they don't want to go to sleep. Shut the door. I'm like whatever the Lord bless you would give you this I did I did some time some reading my Bible relaxing checking my phone and actually you know right. I just hear like Rusling you know my. Whatever she's. Just pushing the cart against the wall. So finally after about an hour start smelling something and I'm like What is that smell smoke like. You know someone did a number two. So finally I opened the door and there was my daughter you know inside the car standing up. No but no diaper on so she decided to soil the diaper take off the diaper smeared all over the car all over the wall and she looked like she just came from Vietnam. Now Millie when I looked at my daughter right my wife knows I cannot deal with anything with the bathroom bowels or anything like that. I get weak in the knees Maybe I should assure that it will. If I can weaken the knees I'm just like where is my wife I all I think is Houston we have a problem. So I start calling my wife Bay where are you. You need to come home right now. Oh I'm finished. You know you said one hour. It's so there I am I pick up my daughter and I'm holding at arm's length like I do not want the stuff on me. I only want to touch you right now I just put her in the tub clothes pamper everything start running the water. I'm like scrubbing the stuff off of her face or are everything and I'm just like what have I gotten myself into. And I always think of that story because it reminds me of the fact that when we fall into sin or immediate reaction is that God has that feeling of discuss that I had when I saw my daughter and you're right he does ten times over because as much as I hate that God hates and even more but there's something that comes in your heart as a parent that if I see my daughter covered in her own waste. I can leave my daughter there. I can't just sit and say Sebastian you don't like to you don't like this you don't want to touch this. I'm not going to sit back and say hands off no because my love for my. Daughter compels me to pick her are take her to the top start scrubbing off this stuff that for me this isn't a tire Lee discussing experience but I'm doing it because I love my job my child. It's not because this is pleasing for me. So you are not better believe that yes when we fall into some mess it is a mess it is disgusting to God it is repulsive to his nature but yet there is something that God loves more than he hates sin and that is us and God always reminds us. I love you more than anything that I hate. That's why I will come down. That's when I will come to you in your mess but yet we look back and we say oh no I was afraid because it's not you it's me and you see the work with your boyfriend out of work which a girlfriend but that won't work with Jesus because here is the difference between Jesus and your boyfriend your girlfriend. They cannot change your heart. Jesus can sort of come to Jesus and say it's not you it's me. He's like that's OK I think people like you all the time I can give you a new heart. I can take out of you. The heart of stone. And I can give you a heart of flesh and I can put my spirit within you and cause you to walk in my ways brothers and sisters. We have to recognize that what is it that makes coming to Christ so difficult is our own sin but let me be very clear what I mean you see I believe that one of the reasons why God has sent is not so much because it's just a violation of his law. I think that's true but I don't think that's the whole truth. I believe that one of the reasons why God hates sin so much is because it is. Words or perception of who he is. I want you to think for a moment. Take your Bibles go to Matthew chapter five. I want you to think for a moment. Take a bible go to Matthew chapter five. Matthew chapter five are you there. Yes or no. Yes All right. The Bible says in verse eight. Bless it or the pure in heart for they shall What. They shall see go Jesus says that a person who is pure in heart is the one that shall work see God So the implication is if you are not pure in heart what will happen. You will not see God it's not only that you will not see God you cannot see God You see in the words of heaven my in thoughts when I'm on a blessing like can appreciate like you ever wonder you know Ellen White says something that's very important for us. She says that the first person to suspect wrong is the first one guilty. The main reason why we suspect that someone's doing something for wrong motive is because we have wrong motives in our own life but who are the most naive people in the world are they not the purest in heart a child. So you get out of a van a little kid you want some candy. The kid doesn't look at you and say oh man this guy has a way of trying to kidnap me and abuse me and the kids like oh you got Candy Man you're so kind. That's so nice so I look at my daughter me my firstborn she would totally take the candy hour to know. She'll be like oh that's so kind. Jesus likes that you're sharing she'll take the candy. So you have to sit down and guard her and say listen everybody son of you Candy is not a good person. They don't all love Jesus and this is why you have to teach them but it's because they're pure in heart. They cannot see any evil in the person because it's not in their own heart she would never think I would offer you something in order to harm you. It would never enter her four year old mind but because it's in our minds we put it in other people's minds and one mind that we cannot afford to do that is the mind of God It's not you it's me is what Jesus is reiterating again first John of four affirms the same exact point the person who keeps on sinning. He has not seen God neither known him he says is because you haven't seen him but the reality is you can't see him if we are not pure in heart. It's not you it's me. I want to remind us that if the condition of our own hearts is what affects our ability to see God for who he is the nerves no surprise that we find it difficult to pray it is no surprise that we find it difficult to study the Bible it is no surprise that we find it difficult to do evangelism because many of us think if I don't do evangelism will be lost if I don't search the Bible. I'm going to end up this because God put these rules in this room because if it's a formula. I want you to remember in your mind that before. Martin Luther came to the truth about the gospel. He was praying. More then when he was preaching the gospel. He was going up step by step saying seven prayers before he got to the next or all of that empty ritual because he thought God was trying to condemn him. So you look at people who believe in righteousness by works who believe that God wants to make sure they conduct highest mountain and swim down to the deepest ocean and go down into the darkness Valley then maybe all exception because of what you did is so terrible. When we have that mindset. We will even do more. That's why I'm very skeptical the people that sacrifice too much are you trying to atone for your sins. Do you think that over five go on our reach. If I go do this or five. Help. Would you want to see Europe. Then I can make up for the blots of my stain on my character. The answer is no as if Micah had not told us with what shall a man come before the Lord bound self before God on high. Shall I come with thousands of rams. Ten thousand reserve rivers of shall I give the fruit of my body for the sin of my soul. He has shown you home and what is good he show you what the Lord requires that we must recognize that in our minds when we look at God if we have this mindset. There is no reason for us to be confused about why we struggle to have a spiritual life. It's completely different when you see God for who he is. Listen I remember. When Jesus taught us to pray what he teaches to call God our Father. I don't really understand the significance of that. Until I had my own kids. There was a time that when you have a kid. They never call you. Papa or daddy or anything. They just look at you and scream. I want milk. I knew my diaper changed. I'm tired rock me to sleep is hot. I'm hungry. That's it that's all you get and you don't even get the words you just get screaming and you have to be able to decipher this thing what kind of scream is this. This is a diaper scream. This is a food scream but you know one of the most rewarding times in your life as a parent is when the kid recognizes that you are its papa and the first time a daughter comes and she says Papa. Can I have this. I don't even care what she's asking for all I care is that she's commonly papar you with me right. It brings joy to my heart that she comes and she says Oh papa so when she thinks she wants something she'll look in the fridge and she'll see her toy she can reach it. The first person she goes to is pop pop or can I get that choice and all the sudden the simple request is bringing this joy to my heart whether fathers acknowledge it or not or mothers acknowledge it or not it's true and otherwise says that when the woman at the well dropped her bucket and she ran off to go to some area to tell them about Jesus. She was like it was as if the moment when the child first recognizes who it's father was and that's why when the disciples came Jesus says I have meet that you know not of that woman just recognize that I am her heavenly father. I am her maker. She realized he knew everything about me and he still loved me she said this man who are going through seven husbands and the one right now is not my husband. Yes my bucket is full. I don't need any other man when I got Jesus. She was done with her seven Osman's she had the Lord because she found her heavenly father. We're reminded in thoughts on the mount a blessing. She says When we make a request of God by praying our father she says to God to hear us say Father is like music to his ears. I tell people you want to bring joy to the heart of God pray he loves to help us come to him and say Our Father My father or father in heaven or whatever you want to call him when we come to him just to make a request. It's like music to his ears but this is all based upon who you find him to be. It's hard to pray to someone who you feel doesn't have your best interests in mind it's hard to study the Bible and commune with someone who you feel is not for you but against you. It's hard to go out into evangelism and spread the good news of his kingdom. When you don't even really love the person who is king of the kingdom brothers and sisters coming to Christ. It was natural. But things changed when sin came I want to take you to one final time. Which song of songs Song of Solomon Song of Solomon Song of Solomon chapter one. Are you there. Ayman the Bible says. In verse seven. This is the woman talking. So there's really not a lot of names in the book. So they understand who's talking. Based upon the gender in the original language. So it says in verse seven. Tell me this is the woman talking. Oh you whom I what. What is your bible say oh you my work. I love where you feed your flock where you make it rest at noon for why should I be as one who veils herself by the flocks of her companions. You see the woman is recognizing that they are not in the same physical place are you with me right. She says trying to find out where do you feed your flock and so what we find throughout the book of song and songs and I'm going to go through this very quickly. You see they start off separated and they always end up together. So she says. Tell me where you feed your flock where we work and I find you so not like a woman who veils herself means like a prostitute first day. This is his response. If you do not know fairest among women follow in the footsteps of the flock and feed your little goats beside the shepherd's fence. Now he's about to go into talking about her how he sees or how he feels about her. So I want you to notice she says OK where do you feed your flock cuz I want to come to where you are. He says well if you don't know follow the steps of the sheep that way you can find where I am then he says in verse nine I've compared you my love to my filly I'm. Mung Pharaoh's chariots of Philly is a horse. I'm sure you guys know that your cheeks are lovely with only minutes your neck with chains of gold. Now I want to jump down again to verse sixteen or star verse fifteen. So when he says to her. He says Behold you are fair. My love. Behold you are fair. You have dog's eyes sixteen behold you are handsome. Now she's talking my beloved Yes pleasant. Also our bed is green the beams of our houses are cedar and our rafters of fur. I am the Rose of Sharon and the literally of the valleys. Now he responds and says like a little among thorns. So was my love. Among the daughters. Then she responds like an apple tree among the trees of the woods. So as my beloved among the sons. I sat down in his what in his sheet with great delight and his fruit was sweet to my taste burst forth. He brought me to the Banqueting House and his banner over me was love they start all of separated and they end together. Look at chapter two verse eight the Bible says the voice of my beloved behold he comes leaping upon the mountains skipping upon the hills my beloved is like a gazelle or a young stag behold he stands behind our wall. He is looking through the windows gazing through the lattice you see here again they are separated the beloved is what coming. But guess what verse ten my beloved spoken said to me rise up my love my fair one. And do what come away. He's inviting her out to come to him. Chapter three verse one. By night on my bed I saw the one I love. I saw him but I did not work find him. Notice what happens next. I will rise. Now I said and go about the city in the streets and in the squares. I will seek the one I love. I saw him but I did not find him the watchman who go about the city found me I said Have you seen the one I love. Scarcely had I passed by them. When I found the one I love. I held him and would not let him go. They started off separated and ended up together but you know Chapter five in verse two now something happens after they get married in chapter four Chapter five in verse two The Bible says the woman is talking I sleep but my heart is what awake. It is the voice of my beloved he know if he's not going where is he. Where is it. He's outside right he's at the door. Now they just got married so now they're supposed to be together forever but now he's out the door. He's knocking and notice what he says to her. He says open for me my sister my love my dove my perfect one for my heart is covered with do my larks with the drops of the night that means he made a trip in the middle of the night to come see her. He was doing his palace work. He was out there with his flocks and he says I don't even want to go to bed until I'm back home with my wife. Anybody who's married knows what I'm talking about when I was first travelling without my wife I couldn't even go to sleep. It was just weird sleeping in a bed by myself. I was like Man I can't go to sleep and so you just get eager you're like I'm just ready to get home so I can sleep in my bed with my wife. You will be amazed how much of a joy that is just sleeping in the bed and sort of mostly. I'm not talk about anything else. Amen. He's coming through the night to come see his wife. He's knocking at the door and he says My Love My dove my perfect one open the door and notice what she says in verse three. I have taken off my robe. How can I put it on again I have washed my feet. How can I defile them my beloved put his hand by the latch of the door and my heart yearns for him. I are rose to open for my beloved and my hands were dripped with murder my fingers with liquid murder on the handles of the lock. I opened from my beloved but my beloved had turned away and was gone all the sudden transition happens before distance was giving birth to desire because they were separated. They always want to be together as long as we're separated. We always want to be together that distance creates desire length creates longing with creates wanting we say Man I just want to be near this person but now when you get together. He's there at the door. You are there together and she says How can I get up and put my robe on again open the door. This was a man who would come leaping on the mountains. This was a person like I want to find where you are so I can be where you're feeding your flock. I want to come to your job. Now he's there at the door they start together and they end up apart. This is where I want to end my message verse nine verse eight. She says I charge you all Daughters of Jerusalem. If you find my beloved that you tell him I am lovesick. Verse nine. What is your beloved more than another beloved of Fairest among women. What is your beloved more than another beloved that you so charge us in other words your life. What so significant about your beloved what's the big deal about you finding him just find another one. What is it so significant that you charge us that if we see him that we should find him her response in verse ten says My beloved is white and ruddy chief among ten thousand his head is like the finest gold his locks are wavy and black as a Raven his eyes are like doves by the rivers was washed with milk and fitly set his cheeks are like a bed of spices pinks of scented herbs his lips are Luis dripping liquid murdered his hands are rods of gold set with barrel his body is carved ivory inlaid with sapphires his legs are pillars of marble set on basis of fine gold his countenance is like Lebannon excellent as the cedars his mouth is most sweet. Yes he is altogether lovely. This is my beloved and this is my friend or daughters of Jews. I want to end with this question if someone asked you. Someone asked you because you feel distant from Jesus because you find that your spiritual life is not where you want it to be and somehow an unbeliever found out and they said What is your beloved What is Jesus. Among other gods that you would for just to find him for you to help you get back to that relationship. What is he to you this woman immediately responded and said listen. He is the chief ist among ten thousand what that means is if he was among ten thousand men I could pick him out easily. He is this thing which among ten thousand of them. I could easily find him and she goes from head to toe and says yes he is altogether lovely There is nothing wrong with him. This is my beloved. And this is my friend spirituality coming to Christ the coming is easy when you love the Christ and when you know him but it's hard to pray to someone do not love you may come once because you have an emergency you may come twice because you had a situation you may come three times because you're desperate but you will not stay because your reason for coming. Is a situation not Jesus himself every had is about every eye is closed to invitations. Number one there is someone that needs to say Lord. It's not you it's me because some of us try to blame God we try to blame the preacher we try to blame our local church. We try to blame our inability to know how to study the Bible or we don't know how to pray we try to blame all these other things but the reality is it's me it's not you. That's why I'm struggling to maintain a strong relationship with you but the blessing is today. Lord is that I'm coming to you anyway because I know that you can change me if I am the problem. Jesus can fix that problem. And so there's anyone in this room that says Lord I know that our relationship is not where it ought to be. I haven't been coming to Jesus the way I know I ought to come to Jesus and the problem is not you Lord. It's me. I want you to raise your right hand to heaven. It's not you Lord. It's me. Can Raise your hand. God knows it's not you Lord. It's me. You can put your hands down my second invitation is this it is time for us to not focus on the exercises of religion the rituals of spirituality. It's time for us to focus upon the one whom we meet in prayer. It's time for us to focus upon the one of on whom the Bible is about it is time for. The focus up on the one who we preach Paul didn't say I preach doctrine he said I preach Christ he didn't say he was doing outreach. He said I preach Christ. And we preach what we know and so my challenge my challenge in a second invitation is to say listen. Lord. We need to get back to knowing God you may know what to do You may even know how to do it but the foundation of coming to Christ is knowing Christ and we have not focused on our tension on knowing him. So there's only one here this afternoon as is Lord I want to know you more. I have not known you as I ought if that is your desire to pray with me. Lord help me to know you more help me to know you as it is my privilege to know that your desire want you to stand right where you are you see that is my prayer this morning. I want to know you as it is my privilege to know you. I want to be able to say about Jesus what this woman said about her beloved when someone says What is Jesus to you you can say that he is the chief ist among ten thousand. Yes he is altogether lovely Lord I want to know you more Father in heaven. It is our prayer that as we raised our hands we acknowledge that it's not you Lord. It's me. And sometimes we try to use this to distance ourselves from the church to distance ourselves from spiritual activities but the reality is it's not you. It is us. But the even greater reality is that God can change us. So if we are the problem we come to bring ourselves to Him who is able to change the hardest heart. And to give us a heart of flesh. Lord we also are standing. Because we want to know you more. The reason why we don't come to Jesus the way we ought is because we need to know him as it is our privilege to know him. The way we know our best friend the way we know our mother so that when we see things we don't have to question is that of the Lord because we know him. I don't need to wonder whether this is of God because I know God. And we know father that we will never arrive at complete knowledge of who you are. But whatever you've given us in your word. And in the testimonies of your spirit help us to saturate our minds with who God is to know the person and the nature of God and that that would be the impetus for spirituality. We come to Christ because it is Christ. Not just to come to come. But because he is the one that we love Lord give us a love for Christ. That makes our love for every other pale in comparison. And may that love hearing in this media was brought to you by Adil verse. Website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more sermons leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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