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Star Wars Crusade, Part 4: God's End-time Weapons for Victory

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church


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for him to show you why she us in the my wife is a solid thing is that I is stand out as soon as you know that in case as well as I Jocelyn is a new one is just like me aside and said he arrived in the genome wins and just as well not on his way to evaluate it is not honestly as October nineteen I please is automatically as soon as I we are going as this evening is five time is greater before we find thank you so much for for your word is here to Zaria is a go through your word tonight that he would bring us a recommendation that was yes Jesus and even in the e-mail out we are going to do a little range of the tribe is in recognition engines reinvestment by now those he and he seemed pretty I was getting pretty familiar is this right along with your going to start with the cause of the rebellion as you remember that we are previous lives have us longing that heaven wasn't a was in place in the beginning but something happened in one of angels that was created to be created created with freedom of choice because God is love and love is not in man ought not to force love in return love is how I see love can only be known must be given that freedom so that these angels and love daily freedom of choice so they had freedom to love and the freedom to what we read in one Angels souls who go against all or uses freedom of will to go or rebel against the kingdom of heaven and what is evil twenty fifteen that are always in the Pentagon created Israel eighty eight when he was finally being what is iniquity everyone in equity is lawlessness which means that it must have been a long ahead and Satan went down this law goes on to say that this wildlife sanctuaries seeking a seasoned officer found by sanctuaries by the multitude of thine iniquities and Montenegro the unlike in other words there was something that Satan defined as and what is the best thing that he defiled and had the sanctuary and when we see that sanctuaries actually means holy places of glorious throne from the beginning is the phase of our sanctuary so God 's sanctuary is synonymous with his wife with his throne so Wednesday's rebel as far as I do sanctuary again and what he was doing was he was rebelling against God 's throne when you run everyone you rule out staying was written down and thrown upon the rule while the law are a sanctuary of God is also sacrificing love was a lot better than having the mindset is well worth millions was later and therefore not is not fulfilling the law when Satan was forgotten he was remembered against Thomas self-sacrificing love are self-sacrificing love for others first and then you know I want to be one first excellent heating and regarding his law he did he become prideful in his own beauty as you know I knew I notice Isaiah fourteen Bristol fourteen is a how out of woman in heaven O Lucifer son of the morning how about cut out of the rounds this week in the nation 's live finale said in thine heart I will ascend into heaven I will exalt my wife Sharon Harmon we said were going to symbolize the word throne symbolizes what role do they say is I want to set up my own roll up on the start and honest in my own government in my own rule about the stars of God is anyway they were the Angels in Revelation chapter twelve verse four is this I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation in the sides of the north I will ascend above the heights of the cloud I will be like God most times I remember what's going on here you say he is a that he doesn't need a God all all but I will be like the most high now what is the most hard like everyone lobbying and righteous will be almost good actions we can go straight here if they are so good I'm still perfect just like God without hoping he will die I'll made of all laws are for slaves one dominion on how and why beginning ocelot telling us that we must bet you know we must love you to velocity Muslims know because you gives us freedom of what freedom of choice God sets out this law is a way to need a lot of beatings and he ought to be holding he begins to talk the other angels in heaven shocking his merchandise written in such a work trafficking that we can chat you think of selling something what in legal exchange and instead strive for his merchandise and what merchandise a Angels missing you don't need a law to behold that God is a dictator he doesn't want to keep you down to his feet he is not running when he claims that he is not about freedom of choice if you are about freedom of choice he wouldn't give a somewhat on-off benefices that's a pretty tricky on notice of the Bible says after the Angels listen to Satan one for the end of the statement said there was war in heaven and Regina must cast out oh seven called double accident was missing the whole world he was out to you and his angels were cast out with Jean when God treated at the knees he treated them with freedom of choice they have the same treatment sauce in which means that they must also be subject to who to say things to me rephrase that they must be given the freedom to listen the state 's argument that another word frame up towards me like this is what I want to listen to listen to while I listened to have the freedom to hear what they have to say just as people have the freedom of speech they are out anyone in the freedom of choice statement comes to than and he exalts his throne about them why because God created the streets and avenues don't do what don't need demonstrating or rather says Alyssa Satan the Bible says in Genesis as the woman saw that the tree was good for food in the eyes and she desired to make one wise she said the pursuit thereof M.D. and gave also unto her husband with her CD easy corals growing where they now under they were not understand his own state successfully exalted his throne above humanity is in heaven and finally what this one was about Satan 's hold on Genesis chapter three sixty when he sent to the start of the time that we shall not concentrate that's not what what they consider this God knows that he can assure you you will need I go knowing good and evil in other words if you need from the street you will need a dog tell the difference between good and evil using an iPod knowing good and evil all by herself the very fact that he uses in the city of Angels in heaven is the very same thing he used to see if you are a you at the swing sets and unrighteousness on your all so savings on his throne about humanity United rebelled against the one everyone sanctuary on and that's what they were about as well when I listen because the carnal mind and work on these fascinating the carnal mind is enmity one entity means not only do so because the carnal mind is enmity against God for it is not the shots in July the logon might endanger needing wanting only mind you when you are selling cattle according to the Bible and God 's laws self-sacrificing love is presented to you whether you do it here to the premises as we all are born my so anyone was by nature 's rebelling against the logon that's why it was not the beginning involved in the industry to grow my dreadlocks sent to you as well as to begin smoking marijuana and drinking all these things because it was natural for me to be rendered on this update on my mind was not something that one will thought what I come to Boston online and give us a which is the spiritual mind living talking about that tonight they will gospel is the lead and lost humanity passing the one model of self sacrificing love is so far all creation was in unity with the most self-sacrificing love which was found in the sanctuary of God I say souls without a turn that Angel is also sacrificing love on a warrant any as they were not leading them to anything on earth and humanity so now the gospel the purpose of the gospel is really lost humanity that is all self sacrificing the medicines you have wanted and what is the purpose of the gospel isn't just this evening just as you know what the form she is the reason the reason and most irreducible form is to bring the snotty back to the law of self sacrificing love you imagine what this will be like if everyone can Islam the law self-sacrificing love will be put others first and how to put us first know what a beautiful but it would be like had exactly learned he will never not at all stay in the weight as well as heaven will never be here on the site Christ coming back to get his take is that when optimism and the Bible says one five eight this is all kids remember that was going to help humanity to help this is not giving that was going to the needy humanity back to the self-sacrificing love all of the less than make me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them Exodus twenty five and verse eighty metaphysics God is none other than the sanctuary becoming that sanctuary is beginning to defend us from state and time W and D's what in her session and we saw one of them last night when I was looking at more particularly to my being because the initial signals on the sanctuary sanctuary in ginning to understand us to bring us from Satan 's deceptions and that is why he is not one human social in the unrest that are grasping that is constantly seven thirteen one way all daughters in the sanctuary who was celebrated on it when we talk about the way that when I say hey what's the way to get into San Luis Obispo were talking about what actions I had sold other than telling us that the direct savings more talk about directions we must be talking about a certain place where all times into knowledge the love of the direct sins to heaven the direct sins but a loss because we are all one is surprised that Iris is lost is found where in the sanctuary so you begin to see why Satan does not want us to understand this sanctuary now here's a beautiful pendulous sanctuary there in the desert God told Moses I want you to build me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them and you'll notice that these little things here are ten steps surrounding the sanctuary not up until this time we have talked about the sanctuary we not talk about items in the same term and in doing that I noticed on the twenty five are studying regularly I am the Lord your God which brought you forth out of the red where and him about what she and they are gone first talking about Israel at seventy four over four hundred years in easy or God comes to them and tell them that he wanted to limit and he delivers them through Moses no one believes it is costly cinnamon as I want to use it going to bring you the chain and that is indicated in miniature model on the right of final salvation where God wants to lead us from spiritual agent what I mean by spiritual music David Kennedy Salinas was spiritual injured and was Arizona State in which one is that had a very good very good and I want to notice what God used to leave the children of Israel shall injure Angel and her who was reared up the cloud cover in the tabernacle namely the tent of the testimony at the mandolin along the tabernacle were the parents of father until the morning so it was always so it was always a cloud from my day and it is a farmland so just how to talk about God instructed Moses to build by a the was a cloud about this time I put my mind there was fine and every night and the Bible says and continues on and when the cloud was taken up from the tabernacle and then after that the children of Israel journeyed and in the place where the cloud abode they are the children this is your location is fifteen seventy so that is nominally when the when the cloud authentication holes in the father is called cloud that was moaning already got the sanctuary very neither is under fire by night another words it wasn't God through the sanctuary is leading the children of Israel from Egypt and to the promised land of Canaan Iraq was coming okay not as Exodus fifteen sixteen seventeen Chapter fifteen verses seventeen to the children of Israel now celebrating that aim at nothing in the mountain of our inheritance in the place on which thou hast made the engines while I is the a while sanctuary old Lord with thy hands have established how much it was a very carefully God says that he and his goal was to bring change people often ask a ninja where the sanctuary which will I have to have established nonessential it was this next notice he was eighty two we have such a high priest who sat on the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in the heavens and Minister of the sanctuary and dollar sterling tabernacle which the alarm location and not mad in other words God 's ultimate goal for you and I is to bring Angel and sanctuary from the likability that is this is what a high release from God to see all sinful humanity and my goal is to bring you into that heavenly sanctuary from which Satan himself with I noticed this was when ESR while this is not the Spirit of God they are the sons of godless Romans eight twenty and God wants to do with as another this is he wants to lead us he wants to lead us to come to our queasy God in the sanctuary that his people into an apparently promised land what is the purpose of the heavenly sanctuary will need to do what is insulin had to promise land man you guys are brilliant as will is is pretty obvious and God is an essential excluding insult of Israel out of Egypt Angel and that he is using that as a sanctuary for this very same purpose in the heart of this article as well Angel the kingdom of heaven he will delete only through his sanctuary this is why for the most part many many people have never heard of the heavenly sanctuary that don't even understand there is a reason why is the enemy can confuse about the sanctuary than anyone wandering children in the wilderness that will never make it to the promised land the sanctuary beloved in the DNA of solvents analysis written about anything else read how the discovery of his DNA in nineteen fifty three so in fact the scientific community they discover that this was the is all reading that this DNA contained a cold and the genetic calls on life I will say sizes like a fingerprint that I find anywhere in life while the DNA is to be humanlike the sanctuary is salvation design sense the sanctuary you find the sanctuary print all over the plan of salvation and one anonymous synonymous see how the sanctuary in God webinar notice of the sanctuary here and you have not the first we talked about some of these couple nights past but in the court you have the altar of what you are offering and then if you move a little further you have it was called the labor now this is where animals were sacrificed this is where the priest and wash their hands and very often they would be the wiser hands and feet because of the blood or dust or dirt have to be clean before they went into the sanctuary or the tabernacle right if we move into the sanctuary now there were two compartments called holiday places and in the holy place you have the holy place that divided government was divided the most holy place in the holy place you have the table of showbread you have the altar of incense which is right here in the middle and then you have the sundress what can the state dining room entrance of the most holy place and there was the art of the company were good to covering angels Mark Souder is one of which Satan was in so this is what the signs for the life here is the first documented use of the screen the government to be one of you should review on this particular screen is the sanctuary is very misleading is called the altar sacrifice according to Exodus thirty nineteen to twenty this is called on labor this is where the cruise wash their hands and so bread throughout what everyone is seven rats C and D are on the company the century this is what is inside the sanctuary is the one who brings up the plan of salvation you will find in so many places in the Bible you find a sanctuary in the varying ways that God episodes of Israel from Egypt Canaan nine thirty seven if you know your Bible how they can remember the first thing that God told the children of Israel to do Mister Carrington and them out of Egypt they were to go into some winter solstice remember but somewhat belied on the postarrest sacrifice an animal anonymous something what article of furniture would most likely represent in the sanctuary the author of the facts that's what we call that hassle when the children of Israel to sacrifice an animal and he put the blood upon the host animal was slain representing borderline Jesus not who remembers what happened after they lose that agent is Chapter twelve the nicest chapter fourteen the children visual pass through the one similar next evening with you just coincidence that processes children of Israel to sacrifice an animal and then intervening Asian gone upon the red him from a satellite radio while Moss if you Minnesota's sixteen RSS one thousand and fourteen sixteen as and when they get on the other side can go to the test was he gone raid on which is which is where Jesus was the way that God rained down from heaven that New Testament God raised down methanol which was symbolized the table of one sovereign very good and sharp tonight she just before the children as you will get to Mount Sinai God said to them and exercise he wants to read since nineteen is five and six Exodus chapter nineteen verse five six Exodus nineteen five and six the Bible says they are not therefore if you will obey my voice indeed in my company and then you shall be a page on your treasure onto the above online about all people for all the earth is mine and he was shopping on to mediation priest and the only nation on one of the Habsburg 's unrest while the seven restaurants the emphasis is represented the people of God even reversed with Jesus as you are the light of the world candles set on a field cannot be this unaddressed canvas that represents dogs Memorial nation so nice that you have happening here is that the children of Israel out of captivity and in the process in which you need to sacrifice washing word nation and if you notice this is my first day notice you will want to the people sanctify sanctify them today and tomorrow and so close to be ready against that very reason what will the combat in the sight of all the people Hamas on and on and join us three to one hundred children of Israel to be doing you and come face-to-face with God they want to be the self contemplation they wanted to sanctify themselves they want to be praying to start their heart that is that we find in Exodus chapter twenty one twenty one God on Mount Sinai coming down and speaking his wife she's long been a coincidence on this event as I think that this is the blueprint for the plan of salvation noticed that the century a way of life of Jesus is not pulled into languages with more all right Bethlehem very good and more specifically sanctuary me know what all those activities these veterans is is was born in a manger what will dangerous she is born among animals in a Manger where animals sacrificed the sanctuary I also love one at the altar of sacrifice Jesus was born ready so what is he was born in the sacrifice for us not only was he born in a manger Angel about starting Jesus went to a place called the Jordan and was one that I think what is I think so that as I type Matthew three sixteen seventeen and the joint and he was not high the Spirit of God is upon you now he has baptized not is not chapter four inch off the floor Harris one Matthew Seymour N verse one the Bible says he was Jesus and through I swear that must be led no no I just wanted and then I assume is that where can we go from here when we went into the holy place not only tells us Jesus tempted in the wilderness straight talking at once is that there are three articles the furniture in the home place copies of better sisters Bessie what happens now before I first three mini refers to the Bible says on the solid was one thing is that the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted and when he got that forty days and forty nights he was afterward hungry attempt came to him instead he'll be the son of God man that owns being mad at you guys got a lot of exciting all right where do you think Satan is beginning to figure out a principle here the United States began to understand from their website does nothing say what struggles noticeably the United States in August was beginning to understand this sanctuary principle of the plan of salvation I so this is not his first five and devil take them out we'll read uses response burst forth but as it is written that song on them my wife alone but by every as seen in a month and also we know that Amos Oldman represents the word of God is merciful I said and done the trick him up into the holy city set him on a mechanical problem one sample of some of the indication is that God has yourself down for it is written to socket his angels charge concerning the vendor shall they be handing out yesterday about that is going on the North and South Vietnam has been watching Thomas and Amber and margins are promised with an entrepreneur but Jesus knew that what they want prayer presumptuous printer is not tempting Jesus just fair and here he disobeyed God will hear you unique when you settle it is written not as residents over seventy is written thou son not to what can you again is not interested in high mountain side and on the kingdoms of the world and the glory and then ask him all these things will I give you if you want on worsening real estate offerings these are listed I know that you have come to save this world I know that there is a crosshead you you don't need to die I need to do is down to me and I handle routine that sounds as you know we run this is will do so is that the very visible on the sanctuary and I canceled three times in the bottom of the finest in the sanctuary pointed out in the Old Testament now I want to know what is down in verse twelve and rather rest seventeen Jesus the wilderness access from that time Jesus began to pray and just say no ratings yet the kingdom of heaven is at hand one of them into the concern away from them asking what she does omission as the son of God believing and preserving that from what is somewhat really breaking the law of one self sacrificing the diagnosis isn't it a solid thing here is that when you understand essentially there is no two ways about it this action cannot make you wet make its way into the sanctuaries of our children gives us as the traditional Christ that remission was to preach that one is all a self-sacrificing the written for the kingdom of heaven is at hand the Bible reveals what the will of Jesus 's sacrifice and what is there now you guys are brilliant to see the answer yes six feet in front of others as hominids until you want to that is the heart imprisoned even Jesus was moving out of the Honda him he was appears to me was how is sought out and remember the rings online reform is on SSI and what cannot I had a lot of fun and remember what was on the front is for the Old Testament the priest when one player that sometimes were filled with love is not meant as the blueprint of the plan of salvation it would appear in his home in the know-how to design an iPhone with the pain and was invoking hot one in my God my God why have you forsaken me I remember this piece of fresh air represents for error is not Jesus cried out his father and here's no one certain the fact that he had no answer is too much for him he and he dies and then we know that he however Florence please upon his head analysis while this feature you know I see I see Satan 's assault upon the sanctuary of God those wounds in his hands that woman in the side with Satan warring against the very principle of the very end on a self-sacrificing love I think she was when he was a convent appears your feed I know where all these places are in the sanctuary and if you want to this point sanctuary about this is you remember when Jesus died and listings to a net and you see there the shape of a cross on the years before Jesus Christ came to die on this for what will make the sanctuary gentlemen rendered with arthritis or add hostile soul and the fact that Jesus would die very pleasing was when the moon I love it and said in this government that is Jesus Jindal over the government of God is no Baptist he came to die while revealed to us the government of God the laws self sacrificing the sanctuary mostly and is beginning to get a family very this is where the government is once again another this is the way of Jesus in Manhattan in his heavenly ministry now Jesus died when at that altar sacrifice was we would also state is the cost that are sent across and was here on the area that vanishing resurrected three days later and he has to still attendance at southern Israeli half through the red sea salt Fry 's house through the Italians or the sky and at the same time fifteen we read that his disciples were gone I thought he can go back to us with the spirit of God so we find here Jesus 's death is the resurrection and ascension into heaven occasionally there is no two ways about this once we understand the center of the Old Testament we know when we know exactly what Jesus did when he ascended into heaven is unconvincing as lightheaded and just sat on the right hand of God not just sitting there for two thousand years singer sitting there is a sense that something is not across the lot this is half one when she is not across the world of final salvation completing all finished with everything I'm not saying no and dishonest as well do you mean Jesus on the cross and yet he came to follow Christ on the cross is what the devil would like us to do is just how this whole thing right here and doesn't actually get it all will not realizing that Jesus died and offended that he is not I'm not at work to do in Delaware in the sanctuary so as long as you die everything is a season and also he's what direction his life and now his ministry a sanctuary of our high priest stole Jesus Hasan and is in the book of Revelation chapter one verse thirteen John O'Malley later said as I turned to see the voice that statement me because he was on he heard a voice speaking that I saw sat all day as parents are looking at this point in time looking at the center of admiring the sanctuary the only place where I saw Senegal Tanzania and in the mist of the seven candlesticks and onto the son of man that is Jesus Christ so John's regulators and ninety five A.D. when the book of Revelation was written a few and vision he saw Jesus where in the sanctuary what a hauling place among the seven golden C not is not sentencing is not in the presence of his father this whole sanctuary will have as little as one doctrine and a mix of Jesus he is performing a word in the sanctuary if you notice revolution chapter eight verse three didn't move this to the sanctuary verse eight verse three says and another angel came and stood at the altar having a golden censor it wasn't enough for him much incense that he should operate with the prayer of all claims upon milliwatt of the rituals before the wrong even the elimination you see the sanctuary blueprint is something it is not understandable to regulation section remover and a half even with all kinds of crazy things want to give us the sanctuary to notice his next verse renovation in the nineteen Bible says here at the nations were angry and violent wrath is come and time of the debt education he was jaundiced and the Temple of God was only a half in and there was seeing in his temple now what I should estimate revelations eleven eight nineteen question that history proves true because the word of God is the necessities going to be based upon the one below of self sacrificing love is clear that I see handling of it all is the exact same as at the time of initial beans olives and will offend the temple is open then you can see in the art of his testament which contain the laws self-sacrificing love which is demeaned in that regard and had this one seems to twelve days so sneaky and still do as they got Saudi while jobs are not all on one liberty not altogether and just five that all of the United Ecclesiastes twelve twelve twenty seven let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter and God and he is one commandment for this is the whole duty of man for God bring every work into judgment with every secret thing whether it be good or whether he be even then judgment this is Jesus and behold I come quickly and monologue is what will it mean to give every man according out is what Shelby West Los Angeles when Jesus comes again and here's what reward is what is so is her more than ten that must mean that he knows who's going to get a warrant was valid and what of this is the best word that he knows who's not getting it good rewarding and seen almost wholly eliminate his or wants to nation that made that judgment must take place before Jesus comes again and everything at Jesus comes again on his reward and he called Johnson and what decided who is rewarded who do I thought this is business and judgment is the process whereby a determination is made at the corner by the law of the anti- solvent that is about right just as we want to repopulate heaven with people however all females who are willing to abide by the law found in the sanctuary many of the common life who is it never goes against the same law see what you need in one part of the Angels do another guessing awesome when it makes sense that Jesus and a lot of people back to heaven have to make sure that they are what will a you know what to do now not only makes sense eleven in the sanctuary is given to us to prepare an adjustment knob is grateful to his last century illustration number one if you want to prepare how many would like to prepare to pass judgment this is a good day to rejoice how do we prepare to cast judgment the sanctuary souls is quiet number one is that we must be willing to lie on children that are say we must be wanting to upset the sacrifice that Jesus has made for less than the Bible says here if we know what confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from what all practices in the same if we say we have no sin versatile heaven if we say we have the him a lot whereas women in the life is also not aware if I want to say no I'm pretty good just like things that inhabit out a lot of the holy picture is that knowledge is not practicing on one and every one of what anyone else who wants to be saved we must face up the blood of Jesus Christ and so unwilling to confess to know the nonetheless he says hey you know what if you confess your sins are not all that matters yesterday I'm using the whole we even got all we had was confessed Yahoo although not every a raucous rock 'n roll confess Lord help me not having the confusion around the store and he Jesus in Africa and for tomorrow go out to Robin holy Lord help me for learning forget before you know it doesn't work like that yes we confess our sins but then Christ wants to why he is we must move towards anything that said confess your sins not for saying them getting random in your life and yourself from the rest of Bergman 's watches some of the things on her hottest two thousand fourteen looking for that blessed hope and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ who gave himself for us that he might redeem us from all iniquity and what I want to himself and show your people zealous of good works notice again is will John I know you are is is is purified in our hearts you double minded it is not announced as North and immediately asked in the class Boston and finally you know there's a lot of you'll stop smoking plan to stop doing this is not the best you're not as bad possible plan to this regret is now time is longer in the sanctuary she got on our data it's right there in the sanctuary and having that she wanted is that I found right here in the sanctuary and that's what you want to understand because it is the DNA of salvation is no way in which God delivers his people time and time and time again through the Scriptures not only must we need plans is not enough to say I confess all my things I want classes we must then again brothers and sisters you guys are really good in studies I got not enough units as I confessed my sins claims amounting in all these things and then you are ignorant about as I know is the Bible says in Psalm I have known the holy searches which are able to maintain the eye on the salvation of faith which is in Christ Jesus all Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for what went out for correction for instruction in one righteousness that the man of God may be half a harness on to all one could and as you may have done that she just smoking habit but if you don't understand the word another conspiracy is what I say there are many people out there who are following lots of false doctrine they are small they don't drink don't do any of these amazing I off following false teachings so that's okay otherwise you know you can just see it as a nonevent of your cigarette are you don't do this anymore than what you are is our ongoing writer okay and it will arrive organized to stop right there everyone listened and was raising us use the example of Iraq this is the only console that shots people the Bible says when you are a chosen generation a free slut horny nation opportunity of people in such softcore appraiser nothing can cause out of darkness into his marvelous light on what is best is upon us selling our ally to the world you know that in today's society Christians are really really afraid to show and say that there is one Harmon you know what they may not think about who I see them increase has solely hot outside and went on and as is the contracting son is okay on your part but I keep it to yourself why would anyone else want to listen to when you may offend some people talk to you he's always eventually other presented as alternatives as I have monthly meetings of all this happens in the sanctuary of God is meaningless and so as to how to carry this product and then dried in a slow learner amen I remember working on .com and all the children that we know that there was no soft hiding under a bushel no and that is what the carbon that is about as an human industry can also cannot be human beings and God and I say to you and you are not the sign you are assigned to the Navy to defend myself as I stress my very own conversion from the sanctuary our first game I press okay and not no more positive note not Helena on enough state law he is really stop listening to something that is one that is something that is what size okay Saddam Hussein no time for the word okay will start to read as hard as I thought that's he's a nominal Congress is continuity each one of you my somewhere on that you may not even nineteen eighty on some right here which is somewhere on this matter you see some of us may not even begun the walls I live in what you will enjoy all men unto me he is attempting to draw as soon as sanctuary and only come to the instance was his prayer in a one thousand and seven how much you know if you are not communicating with me your knowledge is not in the house is now will you all in your mind is all I allow my team is different it is an reason that I do not surely knowledgeably and that you are not having any connection with needing the freighter unveils conference number is not on the plan of things perceptions and who when all is the last thing and still end up well because Brett is a traitor is where the power is not moving is essentially loving is as easy as thinking praying always with all prayer and supplication which is not honoring God I always love for your seventies in the spirit and want thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints we want to always be training when she pressed on point in season when his find and respond to him he got a guy the time to talk about for a couple days you need to know is when I talk to when you talk about the company was so important to Christ that when she did not respond to him individually rolled his car Don says crisis that's what I wanted to challenge the place where prayer is so important to you can we do this and then just jump in here and heading out in the sanctuary not how we will follow the pattern I finally got access on coexisting in a few of them means a lot to my right hon honestly says or if you want to know what the Nazis that he himself points out that we know and then we haven't lost self-sacrificing love outlining our hearts he says if you only do what she Hernandez Israel symbol represented as will end his life she know what that is not something that's easy to speaking there in twenty two thirty seven and also love them or not with all my heart while I soul and with all thy mind this is the first and great what command and a second light onto an outside love thy neighbor as thyself on these two commandments hang all the law and the ones you know is my commandment and she even then it is not what you mean and he gotten out of me son of my father and I will know him and will manifest myself to him John fourteen twenty one the gospel is leading us back step-by-step to know where to go back to Hamid but he prepares us for the judgment was the size fool you something something had Jesus is not existing twenty four is any man will come after me let him do what he not himself and then do what God has crossed and what followed me how many see the typewriter that is in his right before your eyes the final salvation not Ulysses this is the past this is the path Jesus walked and that I wanted to get across Angela follow me revelation Star Wars is about stopping you from advancing towards the waiter is not stopping you from keeping the law of the sanctuary is is an article across if you send it to do this you see the vision is a denial of the cross we say hey you know what I want to do this one is the night of the cross of Christ then when you sissies him I follow Christ yes it is in about half the price is I want to hear not what I can't want to see whether this is to deny any one of these articles is to have the very same spirit of who he was that I need to apply on the sanctuary is all on and on and on the twenty one civilians you want to stop and can already hear you stopped in our unit if you want to get in trust are I him him notably nor it is easy to come and see that they do not know him and he does not is what madness is a one hundred and this was not as dozens onset and loving thoughts on the command that you are a liar not only are liars by nature razor had not said raising not only reason we are all lies funny just don't be offended by your yeah all I ask is how to make a something more than I like to get a something that allow you and you and you are and so that you and you want to use easy and we always say amen remember to save his child the same as merchandise I will need along the holy hybrids and non- I will be like the most high God when I'll be holding my nose I have been the wording is into my last shopping seems like the Sudan where there is no analogy and even now sometimes I think these and that sometimes I need to know a free society you know how to face sometime in May two thousand the URL link that was based on the day you were saying this is where I trust him up to you sorry base they not a lot of the reason why they appear to be just as I thought of game of life while sitting on some loopholes where do you see where daisies are baseball or nonchalantly solve any of these all was again where today and where is it in the most holy place is whether of God 's love love is an once we get into some days you cannot do what is not as funny five seven four in the time of life travel you shall do what I need in his pavilion industry and tabernacle shall he hide me he saw sent me upon arrival when the defendant is placed here when we know because my file and then when a struggling father was single-handedly timing and making somewhere we are now in the most holy place we've got the law of God we appreciate them autonomously like set off on my heart upon my mind gossip on the underneath these you shall have accompanied lost in time of trouble she will not be able to do what she wanted in the house nicely in kind loving behold I completely and my reward is with me to give you every man according as his work shall be ending it was honestly the message are they he knew what she is things that they may have one right that they may have right to the stream of life and is into the city is hypothetically speaking ran the race teammate at the altar sacrifice made into the labor team needed to attend a super teammate in the alternative says teammate into the breast cancer and handmaidens who is entering entering notice that there Jesus says and he in the what a strain gauge fall while even going to win a piece of instruction in many Debbie was going there because strait is the gate and now is the way that humans with China life and few there be that find that he is Jesus Christ the Jesus Christ is indicating that brings us into a sanctuary and start on the path to these samples and first John chapter ten John chapter ten verse one the Bible says they are verily verily I say unto you see that answer is not vital what about the door into the sheepfold at climate some other way is saying is easy to what can go wrong it says that she that entertained by the door is the shepherd of the sheep in the part of opening and the sheep and sheep hear his voice and he called his own sheep by name and repeated them out and presently sentence as much to hear my voice and I him a follow me how you want to talk to you talk about following Jesus we had no idea where he is always going that's fine and is okay to her and her really knowing her as her in terms I will figure it out somehow this is the way has been available for you and now it is your own free choice saying I will follow the Mustang after a


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