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Star Wars Crusade, Part 5: The Temple Exalted

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church


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from a us see him as I saw what I is for your your wisest thoughts as soon as RSS that we might talk to all we need is greatest I only ask that you base your words is helpless like to see the magnificence clearly our relationship was as I necessarily mean we pray this is a man on the phone again our son is away from reality shock to me to hear Friday I even given the name of justice on file in the is and I is what I want to thought and I and I get my microphone started out as a okay let's go ahead and hold with dance dance tonight is simple exalted women who looking at Daniel chapter nine two nine contains a prophecy called as an early start a righteous explains that from Daniel nine versus on on docile allows verse twenty one will will verses one to twenty one is a prayer coming from the latest in a notice from my understanding is that we now see what it relates to one of solid law is important for us to understand the printer Daniel is raining now from first one on keys you a lot confessed he's a lobbyist and the nation remembers their invaluable in intensity focus and on verse seventeen because after Daniel is printed as ethanol and then he comes to the point of his condition and is contained in one verse verse seventeen thousand now therefore and now therefore is like the best switching point of the prayer versus one to sixteen he's been confessing that he says now therefore all around I hear the prayer of thy servant and his supplications and call nine one I say to shine up on by sanctuary that is designated for the Lord is saying that this is prayer that is his prayer and I would take a little stream that time as we usually do every night and what one child get a little context for why Daniel is praying this particular prayer now on the reverse reverse is able to do anything but just bear with me in a year that he saw it I I saw also the Lord sitting upon anyone own time that Saddam and his train filled the will will screw the siren whistles angels each one had six wings wings when he displays when he comes the voice is to say one cried unto another I say holy holy holy is the Lord of host the whole earth is full of his life glory so I say here is a vision he sees the Lord as long as he does not work so that is a film the whole entire is also the voices and cried the house was filled with one small this is what the glory of God and I think two verse eight anonymous said our Lord is my baby and my wife Re: what I is one hundred nine and previous agreement is not an estimate on this easy to understand us to assume that God got to say in his justice because he wanted to say is that possible that he himself wanted to have the glory of God within me so I say this because it is Satan himself wanting the glory of God who to himself now he's together dossiers you will learn the same what are they well in the book of Exodus chapter thirty three Mercy God and Moses are having a conversation and invoices ask God a question here is as and he said I is easy I sell me know what Gloria and I noticed how God responds and he said I cannot see my show is for there shall no man see me and was in the zone we see here that God is is able to use one for his glory as though the very more ethanol was seen in his face and not as Moses Moses you can't see my face because if you saw my face and the Lord will be so incredible that anyone was that she would die now we see here Satan wanted also noticed Jeremiah fourteen twenty one this is just a test to give us a little more understanding here develop or select Macy's do not disgrace the line will I glory so that so I was a grown up using what glory and what is the time when he is all I thought about him his throne and I was saying one in the morning talking one of the growing of God saves more was against God 's will against his will Satan wanted to have the very one phase of Zionism unanimously say you want at very least of God in other words when the Angels this is what Satan wanted when they look at him he wanted them to see who God got how much you want to the glory of God he wanted to be seen and recognized God himself is this is what Satan wanting him glory of God peace is a better angels one hundred angels to run out again in glory and wonder what on the face of God and angels renowned viruses it was war in heaven and in what is now the angel sounds in your essay can happen even when the tiny cell and activate a industry and the people that I said that God came looking for them and would you like to guess what when God comes looking for you but I is young literal translation is the son of the hold on one and on environment and reason me and that his wife five lettuce cells from the face of the whole document is a series of the barn so now when God comes to tomorrow I'll post how to and from the phase I will also glory of Jehovah remembered as when we are in rebellion against God when we sin against God we cannot stand to look in one trust absolutely nothing is not an easy shape themselves from the face of the whole now God is a just you know not how anybody is humanity a sanctuary through Moses what is the purpose of the sanctuary that is a monologue than one time about God no longer in August of the nation on the charts are not there was an McCain confused about who shall so got on the mic sanctuary which is what say will him bring my century dominate down to the yard is just so happened what happened is really life that the media sanctuary that I made you what well among them is the sanctuary was built in the wilderness Moses now there is a fourfold purpose of your sanctuary please amended his point okay not a one as humans must put in so much out and talking about the regarding that stating began in China okay so the surgery was also given super fun to provide reconciliation for it you would see in the sanctuary all that's left out now I finally be reconciled to God as our sins and our writer it also wasn't a superstar fallen humanity to everlasting life righteousness that is about an modern practices on game as a sanctuary to teach humanity and how they can be restored to everlasting righteousness and finally the century was given to direct humanity back to the where heavenly sanctuary which is the true tabernacle the Bible says all right what you notice what this twenty nine versus twenty three says it is unclear is not speaking there I will need with the children of Israel and let Tabernacles shall be what they filed by my glory what that means on said I will come down and I was sanctified on the shore at the sanctuary my longing will save time I see very to follow along all right nosegay the Bible says in Exodus forty first thirty to thirty five this is when this will was finally completed as humanly and the court about the tabernacle and the author said I had a fourteen solo as well finish the work on his life and when Moses is the world and why the how and why in the congregation and the glory of the Lord and what is the most was not able to measure influence of the congregation because of Kabul Iran and the glory of the Lord filled the tarmac this was at that time is now wanting among the children of Israel and actually learn all companies in the last time I think a couple nights before that on the shores of Israel and the promise land through this through this class just have rolled over the Temple some of the caramel and simple enough and moved on all but while men into the promised land the Bible says the lord to Israel all the land which he swore to their fathers it is and dwelt therein and a northern kingdom rest around us this is not just was one of Israelites and the nations of Israel and the promise now you become to us in in the wilderness they just have to build his mission but not more so God all I will Solomon really do have instruction so Solomon says that built this Temple he shall build a house for my name is twenty two North something when they happen after Solomon finished filming is paid or someone you thrive on the mainland side and that way the priests were I will hold ways that will fill the house of the Lord so that countries could not stand to minister because of the one cloud of glory in the Lord had done what is the house of the Lord the glory of the Lord will analyze the say of the Lord you will now stands at six hi Marina Marina no matter from the hot and the film the second you think that Israel would be sold you know I will not go as low as they are submitted to hell is the very sanctuary that is so knows the Bible says here yet the Lord testified against Israel and Judah and all the while Prasad was little point in this verse the only thing that happened in the say hey you are rebelling against the job remains of God telephone conversation is real to testify I noticed he was singing as promised here to see our survey station turn you from your evil ways see my you are not involved in the meeting the law of self sacrificing love you and my statutes according to all the less argumentative fathers which I sent to you by my service of copy notwithstanding they would not fear it but how they live the night of their fathers anything that had not believed in the Lord your God is sentencing the fourteenth solution and down against the married law and just like just by saying they had done in the soul was not saying there was nothing of a lot of homeless because you are not heard my words behold I will stand and taking all families in the North Sea Lord and nitrogen is thinking about online surveys when I bring them and will bring them against Aslan and his inhabitants thereof in all cases on the bottle and will not only do I destroy them they must honestly and as a perpetual desolation is not worth is your twenty five feet nine in other words God said to Israel because you are now behind against my government breaking the very foundations of the law on that I'm not going to what I'm done I will send a Hmong the Bible says in his homeland shopping a lot desolation and astonishment at these amazing shots are the king of Babylon how long standing here is one that is so gone size that Babylon is going to change is real and all that him all that is why were they housing activity is what is being examined down in the JonBenet out of a hundred dollars again he is longing Oregon is is very a very good so if you believe this was in Israel and India will not at a moment 's notice with my sister is not averse to your yard what iniquities have gone one separating between who you know your God your say and he is what they all knew that she will not hear you what is said to in our relationship with God is already possess it I fire his face from us for his glory from his phenomenal weekend he is not as with speaking symbolically here God 's face is the infamous when the person anything on lawlessness the same thing that is where it has on my soul because of Israel's sin against the sanctuary God 's face was hidden from their there was no glory that is really taxonomic says the Lord that I just sat here and him since Avalon I will message you perform live and work towards you and causing humans and return to this place and unorthodox as seven years of captivity anyone learns a lesson that envisions you to bring him back into your all-in-one into your own site on the subtle and France to me and I will hearken unto you and goes on to say an item is will will turn away on the abominations of his Ramallah places with I have actually Museum of Art reorganizing the place was causing to be carried away he is so this is the promise now that when we get to the book of Daniel nine which contains the policy on the one that in the ways myself here down to seventy one ways and not this one Danielson Iversen want to bring in a frustrated artist the son of Augustine than the knees which was amazing all around the county and in his name was not on all tests doesn't want all remembered out on Israel captivity and him overthrown one of the kingdom beneath the person is not listed as a garrison easily in the first year of his reign I Daniel was the Bible the number of venues where our Lord the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah prompting that he would accomplish how all set here in the desolation of Jerusalem and I sent my face onto the Lord God is my prayer in his applications with the new sackcloth and ashes and not downloading to credit and his voice and himself as prey were not amenable but this is just a horse nugget was pretty much the amount of the holding as we had while they are committing what you have done we didn't have done what written down in my morning sunlight resets my judgment is the reason why I'm here in captivity because we have standing against your country him will say what question are you are rather than the first verse we read item seventeen training is not therefore all God 's ear and I started the prophecy that he will do what all on need and we'll see he finally is to bring you the Daniel now is not their fault Obama is his hair is starting to locations on the high and sign up for my sanctuary desolate for the Lord sees not what you know now for your very life estate of the Temple right it is definitely back on payments in Israel and in the temple is destroyed and Daniel says sanctuary was the best sanctuary Windows is a human domination and now is going on your and to shine upon my sanctuary is saying Lord please is the chlorine to the pool again this is what Daniel and processes this class is sold while defending confident understanding what it's all about we can actually make so is not action when using yesterday as he is disarming and prayer what I was twenty two eleven versus twenty one on the remote level one verse twenty two Daniel nine twenty one said while I was speaking in prayer in the man Gabriel I have seen in the vision beginning being caused by the trustee are not the time of the evening ovulation is all in the top the excel at I don't know what communities are Saturday at the beginning of my application the command in exchange for an item so these are not written in the area will understand when I consider it online that is not explained to him as he will send what is not doing you what what what is God is going to explain what Daniel Mason your prayer English you need to know while sign my face is on the sanctuary I want to know what services I want to do on the side of my face upon the sanctuary is not the time Daniel G Winfield Temple when his glory one more very important as I noticed in the community leaving appointment as I will understand why the sample was indeed we do not understand is the temple was rebuilt there were certain things that I is you cannot attach any thing when I need to rebuild the Temple under a lot of opposition and I want to know is when the will was rebuilt in I is him visiting that when and what was that what was then a the glory of the Lord and what is the website don't accept someone in the film is not a feeling in my course and phrases containing sanctions and even called the foundation of the house of the Lord was laid many of the priests and Levites and the chief of the fathers who were agency that has seen the house is a seventy years earlier they were not in the first Temple in the foundation of this house will be short I wanted to do that without ongoing a shot a lot so I is so that people could not discern the north of the sun enjoying from the noise of the leading of the people for the people shot in the lifestyle nozzles for tomorrow is facing another and with no Re: that is Dale Temple there is an cytoskeleton and most of the time you need to the Temple of Solomon 's Temple what in the world and is not to say if you are witnesses these weak women to notice something here there is no kind of glory who is what I said on my face is a lot sign up on the Temple I don't miss Temple minority in the face of God is always left among you how can her first glory to God must believe that Israel was not among you that saw this house is warming is now is not your eyes in comparison is nothing another was the claim that in the second Temple Solomon 's Temple is a splendid is not as large nothing is nothing in comparison and I said that Armstrong was a window that was one of the men without in the works St. Laurent to be strong and I will say all nations and not one desire of all nations shall come on in this house when chlorine and save a lot of holes in the world and talking about the designers of nations shall come to this house with her know you need to find out the glory same Haggai chapter two verses one through nine the glory of God continues my saving glory is not a house shouting what greater than that of the former single host and in this place live in peace and what was not saying he is the glory of the second Temple that anything Microsoft Leninism Solomon 's Temple is going to be greater than Solomon 's temple and using that she was significant in their handling how does the glory of the second Temple that is not explained Solomon 's Temple going to be better than the one that was insolvent on the top ten all right you guys have a good foundation and now we're going to newsgroup ascending him so we all see all the while coming out the same kind of glory into the one temple of God is setting the prophecy is right after Daniel said Daniel as Angel comes Daniel is one I saw a new medium understanding the very last quote I want the Old Testament is not a country verse one the Bible says behold I will send my messenger and he shall prepare the way before me and those who ordered Lindsay what do you succinctly I finally certainly with how much will the Lord whom you see do what comes to enhance sample even the messenger one unified in the whole shop conversation on Olson was not a saying here is that you doesn't say the Army of the Lord will come and fail the exam not that old nine twenty four and when the matter said Saturday we as the Angels is seventy meters Daniel are determined upon my people and upon a hole in a society to finish the transgression and the Minutemen those things what else to make reconciliation for a while iniquity what else who live in OKC regularly were not ready for a minute is a fun game is anybody up here computer savvy I want to know this means time on I him even think about it all right here here we go where we left off a mandate in the sea you know I'll forward this is Saturday all right tossing okay not me someone that is funding the study besides people holy is a transgression to make an end is to make reconciliation for iniquity to bring in everlasting righteousness to see about the vision and anoint the most holy how many remember that we said earlier sanctuary humans was for reasons they will for purposes remember these shingles for purposes here naked and processing tomato reconciliation for iniquity to bring in everlasting rights this and to anoint the most holy results for full price the Temple listen to Howard was busy and all could be fatal that's the question we want to find out how sending prophecy going to direct this to a child status temple once more noticed Daniel nine versus twenty five after he says seventy weeks are determined upon your people and then he says know therefore and understand that from the going forth of the command to restore and to build symbols along with the commandment to rebuild Jerusalem and desolation but also to rebuild any fool Jesus from that time on school then less I don't appraise shopping center in these race for is what you write not just wasn't something why is Angel just come on and say okay my way to the Messiah to come from the command to restore and rebuild the temple unto the Messiah the Prince is going to be this long angel saying that we don't understand why until we understand what was the sale are signing on and upon the a while that is all to see that his face is not all his glory and is one example is as nice a garden and they believe no one if you noise here often and so you look at the pattern wilderness since it was built in the glory Solomon Tabernacle it was built and then chlorine that said it wasn't because they needed a manner that is what is beautiful God is telling us that the north side of the phrase is easy what to just go home right now all over the percent in the prophecy study is when you're finished listening to this is not another there's something is not happy I warn you are not wanting the time I had time so I'm not discouraged this example is an easy along that is nothing in comparison to login it will mean greater exploring and so far are because of who would fail unless I suddenly loving points of the coming of the Messiah seventy we can't complete the completion of the car as a heterosexual arena otherwise I is your essential reform is not as Daniel 's name is Daniel and I think in the sanctuary near a sanctuary for reason and sanity we know I gave you the sanctuary floor will have you come to this completion made another one saying made reconciliation for iniquity bring in everlasting righteousness is the policy of the most holy this was the purpose of early sanctuary in our medicine on time anyways evil how many days that he do four hundred and ninety days or seventy times seven cell is the Angels have time Daniel in the middle president fired that four hundred and ninety days is because the older you so know anything that relates to this love was fourteen verse thirty four give us a principle that applies to all our heart of prophecy and here is etc. the number of days in which essential and even forty days each day for anyone years so there is even better here is a song on my printer problem is when God is in Israel he said I will sell for a father for years okay not one residual photoresist saw and even younger how to form these point in the state for a day or so this afternoon we spent a lot of time to deny relief four hundred and ninety one years and is made of and was sent by Daniel as high as they create goals for the some reason their own temple in Jerusalem the website will enable me off he views around the phrase I take that back to me this is set meaning prophecy is four hundred and nine years but not about the coming of the Messiah in Daniel nine twenty five to not therefore and understand that from the going forth of the kind that may to restore and to build Jerusalem on the lasagna shall be how long is the reason for Salish in other words the time until listening to try to invest a lot of time then I saw the August the Lord and all the face of God will appear on that seventies it was not many days everyone really got okay sixty two weeks that means three score is sixty sixty or seven and sixty two we would give a total of avenues sixty nine liters for a total of one hundred and eighty three days now please am not aware you are not such as following the people is it okay for me in time so the mainframe is so from the time the criminals or if you are reading here is one the family were born of God were sold four hundred and eighty three years as County solicitor and glory upon the Temple upon the people of God is seen for God who commanded the light to shine out of in our way to the live finale although what are we hold God a the and uphold Jesus Christ eleven hundred and eighty three years and wonder why the face of Jesus Christ's this is what the prophecy is talking about wanting today three years time I'm Larry King Wellbutrin is what was best for your now therefore hold on here to reorganize certain and supplication I made to one side upon the sanctuary that is beautiful is the prophecy is that one is coming Lee Hamilton the United States when the automated reconciliation for iniquity bring in everlasting righteousness and that one was who Jesus Christ is the same Lori God will freeze you today for the Angels in various parts of Jerusalem and temple none of those increasingly ugly number one spot as one wonderful and here is the first year of Cyrus which is five thirty seven BC shall be satisfied that I was in a moment number two was fine and has a six month and twelve it was the second year on our list for the new president I am within five twenty BC the third created on SSL one twenty seven and seven year of Artaxerxes and I was getting warm it is so easy and the fourth one is the Nehemiah is versus what do we even twenty year on our associates and it was a four forty four BC the question is which one of these can be used to begin while if we do a little math will find inanities ladies work five seventy CE GS four hundred eighty three years what before D C Christ was not honestly in this time five twenty BC plus four hundred and eighty three years raising his artists B C J class was not honestly I can't honestly be releasing anyway before I see that make sense okay four forty four BC cost four hundred and eighty three years is easier to what your are eighty five by this time had been crucified and still not be only one creation is an increase RSS is a four fifty seven BC that is full autonomy a number of reasons and reestablish will will signal authority are trained pianists and rebuild Jerusalem one contestant Central with increasing income as well so we can account for fifty seven BC four seventy see more around four hundred and eighty three years to forty seven BC Yukon for the years twenty seven eighty D twenty seven eighty Jesus was anointed as the Messiah is here as well I Spirit of God came down on him he wasn't hurt as first lady holds my beloved son in whom I love please note that online slot game is very versatile and resolve this now in the freezing year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar and on the job in Toronto in the wilderness and he came into all countries like Jordan preaching that was the season of repentance for the remission of saying so is in the year on the moon of Tiberius Caesar that John the Baptist begin in the very same chapter what will you want to know is every season he began his joint raid with an overall of justice in what is twelve eighty so that one of the fifteenth year of Tiberius Caesar twelve eighty you come to twenty seven eighty G is very chapter by mise en scène forty three he is aware for some humans are not the zero twenty seven eighty nevertheless zero years twenty seven eighty our same chapter is not on all people what I came to pass that sees is also being what time frame that was open at the Holy Ghost descended anonymous said upon him as saying on that assignment in the well please Jesus is anointed Messiah in twenty seven eighty and not have to match was put in prison Jesus came into the increase in the gospel of the kingdom of God and saying that time is one full day oh and hinging on his in the gospel time was fulfilling and eighty three years the Messiah and he is not a time is not the time is in the Lord your God is Matthew twenty one versus well it seems as first as an example Jesus went into the gentleman gone and anyone called on soul and walked in the Temple and all instruments and changes in his seeds and then sold on in other words of Jesus 's very first as an example to a paying cloud the end will is as long as you do the move people publishing Jesus is very speculative example is the way he moved the moneychangers and also because I will always remember the tabernacle shouting what the sound file all my love my holiness is coming into his own temple and shining this morning again I will say all nieces and the desire of all nations shall come I wonder what film this house with Lori Heine said Daniel nine twenty six Daniel nine twenty six goals on seventy five CE says after threescore and two weeks in the Messiah comes on the scene he has been the now but not for himself in the Messiah cutoff yes it was not for himself as I think it is a five but he was born at our transgressions he was bruised for our in degrees this time however one season was upon him when his stripes we are healed he was but not for himself but is also well let's will notice two thousand and nine seventeen and now therefore hold on what was then a traitor and I am not certain at his wife application will face shine upon my center that is the past and for consultation to sign up on his God and changes in human angel as I saw on the example of something strange is that face came into modern outlook especially in the face on that one who was to come to reveal the glory of God how I see that is Jesus Christ him God is unlimited I will give you glory on that the state 's rebellion on the mountain on Sunday just how much I love you I think Israel should street is a glory and of Jesus Christ when I understand the raw they said we are waiting for the Messiah he is he shaking your head because I is set straight in the face of the with honor and respect they will pay in his face I don't know if you get your significance of this is in his face that is fair right phase on the sanatorium where he will be the limit of ten in my face to shine upon you once again to Shaughnessy and comes the experiment in the meantime those who were in rebellion against the sanctuary of God is all there is tensions were good because I am working with you against the principles of essentially dark side of your way of assignment he said all we people talk change and then face to face in the face of Jesus Christ and paste it in his face they reject him beloved I is for us here in the shot had also rebelled against the sanctuary and spinning as he does know and I will say is the same in a yeah I will schoolroom the house again principles on the very sanctuary the only thing is that psychology has been on all these names and the time from rebellion a window with a momentous in the sky the heart will reveal that it were possible for duties I would unnecessarily long will ultimately lead to rebellion against Christ rebellion to his face eleven is forgotten in the little things as well as Hutchison 's office medallion in the little things rebellion against his sanctuary rebellion against the things that he said that he is a enemy column is facelifted because of the minimalists of rebellion we would actually do and he is face I want that to happen a second time and that's why he wants us beloved to understand I is the last of all who did not understand the present of the sanctuary is my son my daughter now I want to understand the heavenly sanctuary starting to regarding against me anyone understand it unanimously said that he must make an endless what is the son of God was manifested that he might destroy the worst of the first on three eighty the Bible says he was donating reconciliation for iniquity dynamite twenty four inches annually that sometimes detonated anything your mind works I wonder what you have done what we reconciled in the bottom is flat as you already how relatable unprovable in his life seen so many proxy Bolzano safety was to bring in everlasting righteousness and twenty four Romans one sixteen and seventeen says for I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ is the power of salvation and not believing in God is God revealed in your life is revealed everlasting righteousness a 9/11 and that is what changes in our lives people the people who share his righteous principles of God 's government says he is an amazing time he also said that he was in his field of vision and prophecy what is that in the twenty fourth forty four Jesus after his resurrection Jesus taught his disciples he says these are the words which I say unto you while I was with you that all things must be fulfilled was already in the law of Moses and in the practice and in the Psalms concerning who may so the coming of Christ the Omaha all this is all prophecies of all the Old Testament in a Congress nine forty seven he shall confirm the covenant with many for one way and you mean here in twenty six twenty eight this is not logged in him or economy which is shed for many was aware there many Muslims are many for the remission of sins Jesus Christ that accomplice all these things and he was I know he is not one household promise Jesus Christ is the one that we are looking for loving the Bible also tells you that he was called to sacrifice an annual basis of disease in the way no other we think that you are here as I seen this comes on the scene out homicide and was in the middle seven Jane died in the Bible says when Jesus therefore had received vinegar is that it is while I was in the sacrifices and the old devices in the same jingles and notice what happened the Bible says is beautiful the area was rendered into the top to the bottom and waiting on the right and you will see Jesus is dead put in a sacrificial system no more sacrifice as we now have the lot of us on this shed blood of Jesus Christ is and we now have direct access to wear the heavenly sanctuary than other this entry was written she known human head by the way human sanctuary who written in a day no more evident he was also to anoint the most holy well the Bible tells us we have such a high priest who was sat on the right hand on the one and the masculine they had a you will will helm the truth is not bad social policy when Jesus died that he will resume is in heaven he shut down the earthly temple and what I'm going to go check me it was annoying the most holy soul seventy three as for the coming of the volume go to the Temple and the death of the Messiah for Augustine endpoints of the sacrificial system or a sanctuary becoming swollen holes and points to an unknown team on Henry sanctuary in other words the study prophecy is not shown in the time whether sanctuary would have completed vaccination and sanctuary was attainable twenty seven thirty one eighty exactly three and a half years the question is what about a seventy degrees one of our final final three half use while thirty one eighty nine thirty five euros three five years or three years you come to the year one seventy four eighty what happened in the four eighty one to seventy weeks are determined here is what happened out this will help us understand thirty four eighty 's hair is a question when the Bible says that we responded charmingly simply meant the gentlest half Saturday needs or Saturday niche of the tool there was something one is a confirmation that exercise the one sacrifice made on their behalf in Israel United together because Saturday was the Messiah is coming he is him as what someone else to the mission and purpose become white iPod Israel Camino notified us know to go to share the gospel with the entire world not Damon share in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ one hundred and so sad reason Israel will sacrifice made on shoemaking and don't ever gotten one is the next meeting will I sacrifice the sacrifice made for the regular installation that we will sacrifice our sense to me for getting back to me and we will express will select to becoming a regular as I is among the Austrian sleep in the hospital and righteousness Israel is sure and ulcerated also grant them access by faith in Christ Jesus to the heavenly sanctuary of Israel when you same Jesus who is not an example so that you can direct people to a high grade that is interceding for the Windows ones no Stephen a disciple of Jesus became the first president Margaret accepted a after a long talk with the highest court of Israel the Bible says that they began to stone him but is he being full of the Holy Ghost is and is aware have been asked on and God and Jesus standing on the right hand of God is as he hauled the man's open the Symantec I East is East Houston court he is not standing for what reason the gospel is Indonesia season had been a sanctuary while he must've been the most okay we exactly but no one is what happens when he says then they cried out with a loud voice stop barriers and ran upon him with one accord they cast them out of the city and Stalin being and what nothing is real how do you say we officially represent the Messiah as a nation is incredibly about this man spirit even stoning in acts chapter eighty seven rather if a man by the name of song ringtones on Saul 's arson that in the very next chapter chapter eighty is an become the Christian missionary to the Gentiles the gospel if not all the time because the visual is certainly on an extension of our sacrifice this economy the face of God father what do they know they should not okay all is not also notices how do we know that the documents is not asked anyone to forces and time installing at that time there was a regular-season to ensure which is resulting and they were all in one of the reasons of his anatomy except the apostles and scattered abroad when and where we're doing what freezing the word of the house will develop the enemy when no longer just to a small reason on one particular legal notices this little little note here is from the nation master Cyclopedia of Jerusalem is a name applied in retrospect to a meeting described in acts of the apostles in the last fifteen p.m. there are generally dated about one year eighty eighty okay not what we want to hear and what time is up this Council of Jerusalem which took place in the book of acts chapter fifteen what you noticed all very nice Saturday I have modestly to the chapter eighty two years earlier talk about fifteen eighty seven years before Paul was converted to know that he was confronted by side we know that this is what Paul says in Galatians one seventeen members he says when I up to Jerusalem was converted by what he was converting right after Stephen was stoned it doesn't matter what the Jerusalem with them which are possibly funny I went to Arabia and return again to the nastiest they are what three years I went up to Jerusalem to see Peter Annable within fifteen days him all heard and will send all three years in the wilderness comes in Jerusalem in acts fifteen the second time he comes in Jerusalem is what it says here is one in fourteen years after I went again to where Jerusalem would want to do this with me so for seeing the last three years while Tennessee at this event were almost Roseland community is easy all the Jerusalem Council was surprising that everyone had a song using and so are rather all from the eighty eighty one how many years seventeen years and eighty minus seventeen years brings us to what you read thirty four eighty six is the time hall as converted someone to watch in the Gospels the Gentiles for the seventies and eighties thirty four eighty will four hundred and ninety years more what seconded we does not hold is going to the Gentiles the Jewish nation rejects five zero representatives eighty all right act responsibly psilocybin but not for himself and the people of the prince that shall come shall do what the story the city and the sanctuary number and there was something with love and onto the end of the one resolutions on determined that recent woman has to be the people of the present who is the principal antibody the reasonableness and was imprisoned him him I clarify what you call my son you know what that phrase again I is using that he is called the Masonic and dynamite twenty seven it is not so appraised in the same must sign a very good as a person to say he caused the sacrifice this phase is your thing he that makes the pool while gasoline soul notice is the resume was destroyed as I knew that nobody messages run example of a maintenance failure honestly sees an accident set off the D temple in three days I will raise up better than the show 's forty six years will instantly building and will you merit up in three-day state of the Temple of case that people often think that Stockholm will destroy the temple Mitchell was destroyed not only the Jews destroyed the temple the Romans want to check out destroy the Temple city when he says he was unconscious of the Army then know that the desolation thereof is not instead he will then examine how the Roman armies destroying the central Jerusalem and temple walls and all the people in the prison destroyed but not limited to those of the identity this point and because we're talking about conversations now this is the Bible says that the earthly temple what is the estimated four and he says he is not the end of the war what will what solace in what databases are charming simply means that once someone is definitely one that is all in the morning he was one example is not the start of abominations on the contrary all the spreading of abominations she sees as some make it while the unit on till the confirmation RA she is the one that you will definitely say how that the Vietnam central Jerusalem so what do you believe that I made me definitely not happening again I will make Jerusalem he is currently gazillions of June at one desolate without having another wet windshield only shopping center in the Messiah and his Savior to Jesus estimate also Muslim Jerusalem not just the problems installing amendments assented to be awkward when I have to admit I took them together in the head shakes under her wing and he would not behold your house is while they continue to whine because they hadn't exactly who sees as she has not entered into the heavenly temple where there is the real sanctuary where the ministry ministry is to continue the adjustment is finished same terms upon where upon the head I want to notices to you I said we'd have not heard from you so we are also waiting into the future Jesus doesn't come are rather the seventy weeks refers to as Antichrist who is in the covenant with Israel and who was to rebuild the temple and in the middle of seven years he's a cost oblation to cease the knowledge that is simply not the VCR manual shot time and seasons not that I is coming when the Bible says that those who rebel against the sanctuary was seen the face of Jesus Christ coming in the clouds they know that it is thing is highest on the one from the face of heating that states on the throne you will know what to say that because of his rentable and rejecting the principles of your sanctuary now the people in these are rejecting trades essential to anyone even in the face of Jesus when he


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