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Star Wars Crusade, Part 7: The Counterfeit Passport

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church


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as soy sauce John Holy Spirit is going for the rock beside and slightly acid please may have my house sound the way that shall come in the rain this is also not wrong but will have some sort is being all things your way tonight is to manage and to be willing to follow if we play this in Jesus David has us in a manner may maybe David you are in a better response I think you got it right and I will see this on the afternoon if you get it right in my van and take the low this evening subdivision five of them and on the status of the Bible says that at times and we living in the rings wings once brings life to a different store and I know that I go through the subject some of you need anything while you know what about someone so didn't understand is enough time to do anything them and I'm telling you I'm not very here and had just gotten in handgun is based on the knowledge him there so we do not have her but we must then choose your review is going on message and is password that we're going to take a nap the rebellion and now it is very very wrapped in a raise just a rebellious Legion get into this demonizing of our study tonight again was really don't understand the foundations of using it out of understanding and insight is beginning Ezekiel twenty eight twenty fifteen seamlessly the Bible says here that was carving always living and almost created until Negley was found in the iniquity is everyone long is very good one is in heaven your statements on the sanctuary very good I is as funny as easy as the sanctuaries translated to places so there were only places they had seen the five hundred and one places of sanctuary represented hundreds on my seventeen twelve a glorious high roller from the beginning is the place of our sanctuary engulfing the sanctuary is monetizing the throne by the government of God why was this covering Angel on covering seven while because he was one of the Angels when you looking them in the sanctuary and you look in the part of the company and villains and angels with their off-season children with their wings arching over the over the company is in heaven or Lucifer was one of these Angels the current Angels he's still in kindergarten him very as long as we follow God on their way is the law of self sacrificing love the law of God is desired the balance in my heart I will ascend into heaven I will exalt my throne above the stars of God is also an amount of congregations in the science on the north I was standing on the clouds on five I will be relied the most high my point is that all right well enough of that state of things belong foundation of God don't remember seeing the same what I don't need out to all the holy life iniquity means lawlessness Satan was rebelling against the law any yet and I will be like the most high one of the most high like everyone loving kind merciful holy almost things to say in good without submitting any long-lasting desire to abolish ahead in all godliness and the law of God Satan wanted the throne of God but not long limited that is Satan wanting God 's role in the use mother the point here he is wrong with it but he didn't want along side the base of the throne all right why should I have to do I sell was Steve's argument remember the law and in heaven was a law of life itself sacrificing the state and adenosine why should I deny self why do I have to live what really I do and as long as he began to rebel against solely on willingness him so he present for the long told belonging to lose a son of Satan that's right when I come back to that point soon exhausted I don't want there to start God by defeating attitude were one third of the angels okay enough by feeding one third of the angels of porn stars of God what says there was war in heaven Michael and his angels fought in other words Michael is or rather the giant slot and his angels the Dragon of Satan convention one third of all the Angels that they didn't need a all could be holy like God certainly prevailed not neither was their place found any more in heaven revelation twelve seven and eight after Satan was cast on so into this are how many were created they also fail to see and God comes down or rather comes to Moses about two thousand one thousand two thousand years later and he tells Moses and the children of Israel in the end made me a one sanctuary that I may dwell among them mankind had now been in rebellion against the laws self-sacrificing love God gives them the sanctuary to teach them what this is all what the kingdom government of Henley is life inside a sanctuary you have the holy places at this point is still isn't working cellular removal and got the holy places just like in heaven the Bible says that Satan had a father what holy places on the sanctuaries and so gotten out of gizmos as this him all on this initial model of the sanctuary and having women's holy places and saw the holy place on the most holy things you have that early Thomas with the two angels covering over it out with the sidewalks everyone that law allowed for now to eliminate as then all love for guns that I got Internet greater humanity can no longer tell the difference between right and wrong and God has to sell out the law of love and he gives it in the form of ten Commandments very lazily understand that this is the law that Satan he is not the purpose of the raise we saw yesterday Exodus thirty fourteen out of five reviewed by found reason I find something out I waited on in the lead but I may find grace in thy sight grace in the acting was the leaves us more so like the way you wear in the way found everyone got and he is sexually violent way oh God is not a sanctuary Psalm seventy seven thirteen start here and if you birds eye view of the sanctuary and the notice on articles of furniture on the streets articles of furniture and top article being the throne of what throne of grace and received that it is grace that means us step-by-step through the sanctuary North single ladies the foundation until we finally get to the heart of the company on his throne stating why the wallet but he didn't want the double save stressful please remember that Jesus is on the way to live no man cometh unto the father but by me is the way he got been leaving so when we talk about his principal him grace we hear a lot of people who are facing today that we don't need all the light who sees as we got a whole lot we also hear that seemed eleven law is legalism and also we had Christians are free and don't need along the logon has been upon us like Jesus Christ and last night saw that I was absolutely one hundred percent false that Jesus Christ did not come to Jane Raven of the very law when Satan was cast out of heaven for each angel confirming to establishing our subject tonight what is the passport ten Bible tells us that it are they that do he is what amendment that they may have a right to the Chilean life and may enter in through the gates into the city revelation twenty two fourteen so let's fast-forward games of the synagogue back into the kingdom of heaven are the one ten Commandments is not clear to coincidence first the Bible tells us those who cheat the Commandments of God are those who have what I was really like Manhattan how to write the history of life okay now let's say that you want symbolism country and you with an excited and on and on a fake passport would anyone happen to call about a passport and you don't get a problem in a lot of trouble you want to make sure that your passport is a legitimate sporting and not the devil wants you to get to heaven that's the easiest way to keep you out ahead will him ask for it so home I would like to make sure that we have gotten one hundred percent that is enabling passport and we need to a man very they were notified about and I hope you are appear as part of heaven Jesus again because you want anything to life seemed a lot and eliminating once combatants also know murdered also not commit adultery ocelots you must not bear false witness he is amazing some of the not nineteen seven seventeen and eighteen so it is all about this is the passport had remembered what the other companies this is the covenant I will make with them after José St. Laurent I will put my all into their lives hearts and in their minds I canceled the past for the mother is not in the room where here and here here in the heart and in the mind that's what God wants to writing and I thought we were safe more stingy with an enthusiasm is attached for you where in your heart or in your mind the ten humanities are and we again soon and this is not wanted in those little boxes and Psalms nineteen seventy ten the law of the Lord is while I do not know something is this something is perfect that it needs changing to make it any better not that disheartened by the Bible says God is perfect therefore he says I changed my wife because he or she doesn't need improvement on the Bible you said that the law on the Lord is one heart and soul the testimony of the Lord is sure making a simple and is moreover by them is not so been while I sold a lot of services in one house for us from all danger it is possession long gone and gone around the soul God is riding on your heart right in your mind becomes Mike's healing the nation that thinks you are the you are putting the Angels in heaven entertainment idea let's change the law in the league is just a little you know what your life Lucifer we don't need along the way that God set on reaching the holy lots of money to entertain that idea and they will do most anything discussions of Satan and I was once in the idea that the law of God what they are not open their minds to everything else and I have to say is not an out of that is using his wife to open your minds and hearts of entertaining the thought that God is not possibly be changed but not safe to even entertain the thought that God will be changed to entertain that Harry thought necessary opens your wife is coming to the disease nobody none that were on the same page so far one will breach in the law of God all things in the days of the session when someone brings not to say I realize this is the reason is making one for each week is being deceived on how music and madness I will open the floodgates for services known as hello for whosoever shall keep the more raw and afraid in one point he is guilty of all fourteen Doucette also do not feel now if you can usually level Sandy stressor on the law seldom seen in CA and we must not only part of along the salt wrong and if you offend in one point if you want to breathe as you must feel you all really been on the cosmonaut some not in harmony words one where that word is enough if you commit one or guilty on breaking the holding your guilty of breaching the ball self sacrificing love so saves diabolical plot without it is really a counterfeit passport remembered some twenty five through the little horn or the antichrist when the learner that is so just hold on tonight with this whole long if yes you shall speak great words against the most high I saw where the Saints in the most high and they will change times and what all state 's purpose is to assault the logon of a sanctuary of God Satan wanted that were sent from God who to himself remember he said I will be like the most time I want unless I've often gone I want to second as long as to form it says here to seeking of the antichrist again ultimately you'll see who will exalt himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped so that he has gone citizen and aware temple of God so I saw that he is God so said his goal is to die for a person belongs to not allow a driver that were students who himself not know the first four commandments on use of worshiping God you realize that this is for an adolescent Bible says Jesus speaking says the Lord and I would you love your neighbor as yourself on these to hang all the law and the problems the first table on the first four commandments are those commanding that actually tells what we would do that what we send to you about God as I do with all of our hearts all right here we go on legal guy tremendously as I was one of the congregation in the size of the North I will ascend above the heights of the cloud I will be like the most high sit on his throne I want to be more suited as Donna when you were sick and ultimately as the creator the second is an outdoorsy know he is seeing discourse anyway Jen and I guess is he will deceive you in general lower East side it is another thing tonight is here speaking of attention ask about everyone else I have no other gods before me gazing statement like that and he has commanded yes how shall have no other gods before me the Bible says that another two thousand and may not be any graven image this command again God is warning us do not worship anything other than me Satan wants to see this commandment I do something with it to where he him wash her son and God in vain three which deals with honoring God 's name above every other name doesn't want his name credibility of the name doesn't want his name on every other name is okay before the sun is only as a labor and while I'm on the same data other so the we can pretty much narrowed down the Commandments Commandments and no people read the connection were talking about slinging a something into the madness is that the agreement will be sent bring people to a place where they are one scene who say worse things I'm writing there is so the personal command deal with the weight evenly relates what God has said he wants to be who gone so he's going to tamper with these first four anyone we are another remembers last night for twenty sound the horn of iniquity have fellowship with the talk about God which may make mission by a one by law in other words were an insult to one of the things in the role of iniquity does was stolen by the way is thrown in that transmission by a all we can pretty much expect that Satan once the kinks who the command of God is all that seems to be in honor of God God what is really in honor of Satan gone my savings of training mission by law what better way to get worse and what better way to exalt his throne above the stars of God are right Christopher him I just want to see you got it right and that is start talking when I had myself sorry about that guys combat conference on licentious persons you priests have done what colluded in the sanctuary they had done in civil all the sanctuary by doing what I'm doing is suing the law this is a new feeling of changing the law is that series was what the Bible says behold alarming in the earth he made the ways and turn it upside down and scattered by the inhabitants thereof the early morning and fatally the world is facing away not liking on your voice and also in the file under the inhabitants thereof the father you have one stress is gone and done well Shane is more in this alternate everlasting covenant therefore have been cursed about your and data longer men are definitely best I've seen it before one reason is coming remember our study on Daniel chapter two and remember that stone was cut out of not have to represent the second coming of Christ why is the world when the kingdoms on the world wanted destroyed because they want they have changed the ordinances rules and everlasting covenant transgressed the law so it's a pretty serious thing about Google and exports transgressed the law of God my comment was on break no I want all the thing that is on my list that's when God says Satan is unlikely to change times and laws one of my facets and I have modified his all sharing this is one of the second commandment what is anything you see someone alright is also coming under the integrated minutes are any lines as well or better than any more than the water on and also myself to them nor serve in Exodus twenty three and four says he shall make no idols nor graven image not F image sizes set up an inexhaustible in your two conflicts for I am the Lord your God is six one made his grand daughter lives in Eugene eighty any graven image he says don't need to actually use a sanctuary there were great in images the sanctuary there were two angels standing on on the company out there I instructed them do not about graven images he never tells us these Angels and anything are now on your team that brings initiative in honor of God 's commands they are about yes there are what you notice something about Satan 's version says here not been in Eden the garden God refreshes what all alumni covering the Sardis sold the diamond that will be honest and just the stuff I'm young old and Oakland will will not really because of thy wine beauty and wisdom by reason I buy saying again is something like a socialist country with all these precious stones and he himself is the reason is all noted in his labor slavery you son him when he got on one silver night assignee may continue in God NA as anyone had a deck and all these things and I cannot possibly worse is nicely she hung her what he is trying to appoint his verse people may not somewhat silver and gold waiting that has to see the strong days Eagle amazing images got some gold and silver the Bible says in Isaiah forty two percent I wanted his money in Enron Memorial on another night and I praise to graven images but that is why great images are so offensive to God who God is in the US are not against flesh and blood but against principalities against powers against the owners of the darkness of this world against spiritual wickedness in high places of season six and another was one need not come before any damages or stats is installed or are nothing but a long rebound down to your really don't go to the Angels have fallen Angels as I was born in meeting men and women have gone out and worsen the community food in the whole person both on this one many I'm doing this one is because they are really worsened using anon worsening these just hold that thought this but if our gospel be one in our laws and will and moral alignment in the minds of them which believe not this line of the glorious gospel of Christ who is not one game in school oh I also signed and what is worse I ran into your resume for cool in that image on the Jesus Christ someone saying heartless people assume they are about to pray before then the damage is are really shine are really taking the place on the true image of God which is Christ meaningful opportunity for him to think it is a crime in the image the Internet maintenance of God his wife's dismay news images and I cannot really pray for them it does help this again would a lot say when the children of Israel were on their way out of Jesus and Moses went up to Mount Sinai he didn't come at home so that it only got to worry so the Bible says here are some of the better half of the living areas which earlier in the ears of your lives of your sons and your daughters and bring them up to me and all people broke the golden areas which are in the areas and brought the money than they do with it he was not there had been fastened with a retooled after you've made a molten calf and a seventies what God 's will is you was wrong on another of DJs and on one hour he built an altar before having made a proclamation and said tomorrow is a chaise to who to whom to the binocular harness I was letting us are at that point out him his breathing child supposed to be helping us to worship you what articles you thought you were so hello I want to talk about response God tells Moses Northington will go get a job for life people which are brought out of the land of Egypt Colorado eighty South Texas thirty two four five seven nine was eleven God is listening don't let anyone tell you that it is honoring me in any way mean the command is pretty simple doing these images to fragment is certain nothing is worse hungry and automatic image is inherently worse than what is happening in the new that she is one war said Craven is Satan was the one that was why the Larsen he was the one I was getting all honor and praise at many different as to whether minimizing the worst things a well saved and exalted us know about the stars of God what started out when I found that he is not talking about those professing to be God 's people to exhaust astronomers by encouraging them to bring the second-in-command under the guise of prayer is one day phase and worship to God as he has an estimated name is that Hayden 's statute while Wu but if you can make you seen the light something that is good there is easier to swallow kinds of images is that of Christ as Christ is redirected while you are sit stay and redirects the worship so that while immunity and that we're doing something in honor of Christ a novelist and let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need was less than helpless as far as well and is the father on and will remain on and how I follow who Jesus is not anything not in person not an angel she is the one that we pray to Satan wants to redirect that were solid frontal assault on God and he's doing that too many people you can view a lot of fun for the final destruction because when immune regulation something very similar is happening and will talk about later on that he is even enough money to the means of those miracles yet hardened with the centimeters thing that I do on the that Jesus made any of these was a sergeant in the Revelation thirteen fourteen days prepare people to send one in these is something called these and that you do I not get on I heart of worshiping any enemies that the living image of God which is cool Jesus Christ that is the only database that we are involved onto the image of God in them and being not a statue in the living Jesus Christ you have made the Commandments of God will not affect your what tradition in the indigo arsenate season for Nazism and isn't possible to worship God in yes is living to one hundred traditions over the come that this popcorn and fifteen six and nine what a state wanted to say he wants to make human rebellion is against the law had been under a God holiness him at all along God I know that man in the building will need to you with them and they're not building you wouldn't get out and do not finally come and try to help you and what the writer but I really can't believe I will believe nothing you say Y income it seems that on the stay right here if you would like the same number of building nobody very good woman loving God wants to let you know that when he tells you something is not any old one is still usual place and burn a few strides while a few phone destruction as I say you and that we don't want to have to mother and we want to thought and what he sent us something out the fourth command that thing out of the Wednesday's remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy six days shalt thou labor and do all thy work but the Santa Fe in the South bought by God and also inoculating what about my son and I thought an IMAX Argonaut I'm a servant is not like how the stranger that is within thy gates this command tells us that we may work asked me but understand the issue you what no work we should rest athletic and then I said it was unsafe for ACC days the Lord made heaven and see an op-ed in the news and rested the seventh day wherefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and how why God blessed the Sabbath day is right therefore in today's a low made heaven and earth to see on the amount of volunteer you want to know anyone or finish is no younger and a lot of the info learn on your regular account anymore just because one is coming to liability as they always remain the same was as if I say everyone can say he was born on April third a nonstarter I know that they must always continue to have lung disease it is anybody's long enough or they will always be September twenty darn it will also fear that God is one God the son is because he didn't like creating ahead and the current embassy and all that is the reason for the South is annealed as the Bible says not to have your face in all the holes and then add on the seventh day God will end his work which he had need and who has been on the seventh day from all his work which he had made on the one of seven and sanctified because he is from all his work which God created in measles is the commander it tells us that God didn't access the online we are doing no work on a six outside later the Senate that he wants your message is one brief look at the news has been greatly green Jesus and the silent because nobody was able to keep the sophomore annoys me anymore as the Bible says about Jesus and he came to Nazareth where he had been drawn up as his custom was she went into the synagogue on a Sabbath day for me so we know that in the New Testament Jesus himself Y is not as was Jesus a fall after reading Jesus you don't really choose is not he is not and when he does something we can shut the now some people say no longer that we don't engage in the North Bay anymore because it wasn't done away when not in this statement Jesus Mason not twenty four twenty and twenty one Jesus is speaking about the last days of concerts in the last days isolated in your flight be not in the wings are neither on the wine sat on the day to find that Charlene Grey strangulation success was not the beginning of the world to this time no one ever sounds a lot like disease is in time of great tribulation is relevant once he must be rhyming documented was nailed to the cross why would he be talking about something that's got you relevant in the time of the great tribulation if it was done away with cross while eleven everything that was the wrong ones who know Christ Christ lets us know that so they will be relevant even in the time of the great tribulation is printed if I even on a Saturday what about the early church in the South the Bible says and when the Jews were go to synagogue the Gentiles the full Gentiles besought that he is increased in the next Sabbath and the next Sabbath they came almost the whole studies and to hear the word of God 's assault on seeking in the early church that they can at one hello I see the artist is decidedly gay he went on understanding our Riverside where prayer was not to be made at a sad statement of the women which resorted Internet access is burgeoning such as Sabbath within one side of the city and find a place to immediately tell Sigmund how he lives in an human reason in the synagogue everyone started wondrously in the whole gel is the greatest appointed agent reservoir revelation in the software is the Bible says Revelation one ten I was in the Spirit on the one no I say and I heard behind me waiting was on a chunky when it was that alliances there for the Son of Man is Lord also will do what Sapper Mark two twenty eight zone the entire book of Revelation is eighty days and that wasn't even on the Lords day Lord save us out of the this one the Bible says here is what a lot of people get confused and known therefore this colossus to sixteen and seventeen no man therefore judge you in meat or engineering or in respect of a holding area or on the new mode on the one Sunday is our side of things the body of Christ there is no bias your whole lessons and I has been thrust on this one clearly in the Bible classes to sixteen is that why movie said and is waiting and wanting page forty seven four hundred and one okay you famous professor entries in the Bible says here I'm sorry Mooney says here the sun was rising and a and has been in force ever since as for MS begins a while remember selling is already existing when God rolled the law on the Tema Celeste I how can you claim that is one commandment have been done away with you the other nine are still while still by that is in other words if attention is done away with the knowledge that you evidently they haven't been all that is all the ten Commandments are still again what are spilling forth this is for my PC blade was a Presbyterian minister says the Sabbath is a part of it all the madness this alone settles the question asked of the perpetually on the institution on film therefore it can be shown that the whole moral law have been repealed the salad will span the teaching of Christ confirmed but particularly all the stuff unit member in our discussion yesterday we talked about the ceremonial law the ceremonial law is like Christ and we saw that Christ came to put under the sacrifices we don't need to do what sacrifice animals anymore we saw that Christ can put them into the drink and need always on office building the Temple committee 's offerings anymore we also saw that there were seven ceremonial one sentence these were the Passover unleavened bread first Lieutenant the subjunctive statements only as they fell on a day of the week they were like Goldman Sachs and when Christ came and died he and analyses in that we normally were required to observe some of the laptop is here that when it says that no mention at the Holy Ghost will the ceremonial law he is not talking about the ten Commandment law movie and many others clearly understand so there are some people are rather we understand that God 's law cannot be what changed more done away with that was the one that wants to do that Satan and Satan we cannot do something what I know God 's love has been always lost remain so safe and okay if I can see my mother who redirected on change times and law and is the Lord the question was on the notice again on was that while seven gave sanctified in Texas who versed in once a notice of the book of Matthew C on the Sabbath in the end at the Jansons on to what the president of the Muslims first and we Sunday so this texture was coming on that Sabbath is the day before the one first day of the week in the ethnocentrism is done for the first meeting Mary Nachman and the other emirates is to see the southwest of the Scriptures on that Sabbath is the day before signing what is Memorial Day the West 's visionary son will be in the wild first everything according to Webster's dictionary same dictionary Saturday seven or last name of the week I just made a very clear view that put the following Friday and him helpful at the following Friday proceedings on the day in between Friday and Sunday seven day commandment says know what day is the sabbath of the Lord thy God so sat in the moment is the seven day now when I see their bottom line young looking confused come on me Melissa Harris seven on hearing furnace was gone I want one and say this is beloved if he needs reads correctly enough for us and yourself alone what is the last thing is Saturday so you see here you'll notice I'm not a little fear over that and leaving the net as the only conversation using the Bible says is a is a sophomore like I know quite what's happening today in what we are seeing today is read a lot in the sunroom of a dog is accurate is incorrect this was his name on the sort of a lot of problems are not come to destroy but to what fulfilled I feel so happy to pass on job or one adult son in no wise pass from the law until I'll be fulfilled in this is more than a son is one two three four five six seven S change in Oregon I thought anyone would be when we so daring as to reasons that are takeout command and I scratch out some of the letters is a Nottingham England that hundred dollars to a million why because you would not be around to spend a million God says here you see a company changing but some are another laws of the world is honoring the while sure we spent on the side saying his diabolical plan into the law of God 's commandment seems to be in honor of God diamond eyes God but in reality is an honor of who seeing done by who see Shauna throne of iniquity wouldn't have fellow citizens Egon which training mission by a law weapon of mass deception the disciples changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday and wanted on a price for her for arthritis check it out is that so there is the first in the regions mentioned in the New Testament with a blatantly funny I is the second mentioned a sixty something times in the New Testament is that the media is only mentioned a time you would think that with the way the church is on the first victim into the language in the first available today that something must be all over the New Testament that twenty eight verse one number one in the end of the sagas of the data one at one another nine is for anyone staying in a man as the Sabbath has been changed from the first few weeks of the first ingredient on no better than without it it's just a historical account number through an very early in the morning the sophomore barrier in the morning the first video we made me want to listen to FM you is another historical accounts only not present for now now when Jesus was risen early the first thing we do he appeared first to Mary immaculate I will accept that was more existing on as they say when you are sitting on the front and Jesus rose from the tone of the time anyway unless is because he worked on the first enemy because he knows little know you will not find that anywhere in the Scripture that all this is just a historical account bases as roles on the first and we got crazy on things related and not is there any significance to the enemy because he has no love for us then we went to the Bible absolutely no password is not a number for now on the first and only very only one nation bringing the spices which they had prepared seminars with them nothing in a Sunday holy nothing there is a historical account number five now the first good Mary Mary Magdalene when it was done unto the sepulcher playing this one I can do nothing there is nothing for all assigned achieving them you see Kennedy possible that we have three such that many possible that changing Sunday had replaced that it can be found to infringe in all the Bible those verses that is a pretty powerful to be convincing when evening him want to make sure that we provided by pass for human dignity we want in a selling point because I is as beloved number six is aimed at evening being the first aid only when the northwest side where the disciples were assembled because they were worsening Jesus came in the maisonette is peacefully and he must've misread on areas where they were assembled for a while for fear and hold vigil so the disciples were not doing what this game on the floor certainly they sent someone because they were afraid well that we don't want tax children second section of the sudden disability is nothing powerful to and upon the first vitamin when the disciples came together to bring in poverty something that is on the morrow and contingencies until midnight all right we got rid of the service here in a legally valid they get upon his preaching every convert on this question is Saturday night conferencing is now holding them in my preaching negative holding no sort of Paul preaching the example are identified as program in the state is anywhere in the Bible and we read the breaking of bread and makes available the know nowhere at all in fact if you read in the book of acts chapter two and three two manuals Library this first phase is not the church continuing how to add him with one accord in the temple and breaking bread him how is anyone glad singleness of heart and not having favor with all the people and the Lord added to the church 's avenues such as how often does a great read in April Rasul and seven is not zooming in focusing in on a worshiping together is everything an advertisement immediately as well your search will be met on Sunday no because Arlene 's resume and read the eleventh commandment does not need to be holding on the underside you understand that as economic as soon as they are siphoning out is usually longer work in almost and how much you are so once again is discussing with others and the need doesn't say what I keep everything the Sabbath that you can know what happened and everything is you would start so God does not command you want to and I want to set aside the nasty do we have a Sabbath was manifested in the summer of the Lord thy God so doing some know who's out of his saddle only gotten because he's in you and I can't have that out of the seven hundred and so know I keep the Sabbath of the Lord my God and he can't say I wanted to decide when and how he is bigger than anything it is a disease is holding a mechanically while my son and my son is no you don't understand because you're not who you him all right and when Donna one ten is pretty powerful for so many sites across the planet 's immediate first aid immediately you ready for our I know upon the first Vietnamese that everyone knew this is also not really speaking to the church at Corinth in any one of you in the store has prospered in that there be no doubt when I come now this is the confusing you see anything that would confidently allow you to stand for God is a multi- reason why I'm now why no one can shut the command in the fourth amendment enables you to install it on your own finger in the first live images because into his first they believe that anyone in the dinosaur is really willing to go before God is certainly not only willing to confess what is and what is false they talk about is offered on this thing on his face in the offering plate and so it was a frightening figure on tonight when Nate is going to know how things don't make anything wholly silly standup weather was great on offering resume something holy and God 's will pronunciation me something the mother not to say something holding company is the power to make something wholly other side of coordinate something holding all the God can make something holy and so the site and collect on resume Sunday holding no use of the Bible and anything that is holy God for the country is holding on to as you will never find one place and all say that the first thing we do not want wholly so as I changed the software from Sunday to Sunday know they cannot just let you with his verse is actually talking about we react another translation says here in the United States Sunday each of you must put aside part of our if you do this you won't have to think of a collection when I come here is another one on the first of the week that each one of you put something aside story about whatever he may prosper in our editing of places like this is not even talk about sex service is just as the first seventy is actually saying it is frustratingly passively anything instantly say something aside without it there is no more there are no more tags in the New Testament talking about Sunday to hold me even mentioning the first thing in the week the question then is where in the world and how in the world this change come about what you and I know why she shall pay to change times and laws redirecting worship notice what revelations as here the fourth layout is filled out for him I sat on the throne and worship and on forever and ever and has been before the throne saying you are where you are going to receive glory and honor and power already you have done what created it all she's my God worthy to receive glory and honor and power concentrated on 9/11 you'll realize that the Commandments in the him as slaves the reason why God is worthy of glory and honor and praise life for a sixty days along many of the scene on and on and and is is is you want to need more sick style of God a creator and glory and honor and praise him when he needed to redirect which I thought that is exactly what he is not paganism is very early in the are essentially there was a day called he sold his forty Festival the soul is the venerable day in the sun this is vulnerable to astrology and religion among the Greece and Rome and is the preeminent is assigned to the lease only also certainly contributed to the general recognition on Sunday I will be a model and accordingly nothing was the son of God is going to recognize posts on the mundane as they the venerable of the homicide ideation diesel that are rather take his worst is the sun setting on the receiving that while that works well and combining the side as they were a lot on God state interest secondly redirects Larson and install he is all of who the stars of God this is Alexander Campbell would eliminate twenty fourth Disciples of Christ says but some say it was changed in the seventh to the first day where when and why will sound know it was never saying no to be honest creation wasn't involved when gay for the reason assigned must be changed before the start all respect to the reason can be changed all wise fables the top of the tank and the Sabbath were from the seventh to the first thing if you changed and what about all the pressing needs who changing as well times and laws at a fascial I think his name is Doctor Antichrist as a precondition from the denomination Disciples of Christ the money redirecting worship honoring great images redirected the operator redirected on a farm in what angels honoring the signs they redirected to Satan 's way home made you the person making rebellious against the law of heaven under a guy somewhat holiness tradition about the logon as I was going to is this going on in your loss I know what's in our public and that is how I is doing things that sound familiar yes in the lives of his last big prophecy of Isaiah fifty eight address thirteen date accelerator they shall build always places some rays of the foundations of many generations and now suddenly called the repair one arranged the racecar of passage and that brings us stop talking about here this is start away from the stumbling bypass on my forty Descartes percent of the life the horn and the Lord Honorable Asha I cannot go in unknown ways nonfundamental pleasure nor speaking by phone words God says you what we call around here on the range line is made and what the reason at all many people wanting to his reason for God is just remember at the time of this figure is not only not commanded on the anywhere to what Timothy Byron many people beloved one keep in the first day of the week while on CA democracy and actually they die they will these ensure a place in hell anyone alive because they were living on the life that a God winks at injuries on the other hand there are those who say you know what I heard as I it doesn't matter what the Bible says this is what I'm used to doing and I will continue to live to delete and what will volume of doing this people John Moxley when they're not honoring me with an airline heart is far from me why you named the university decision for doctrines the commandments of men eight and nine eleven Jesus said if you love me keep my what you love Jesus we can bring them close here it says in a nation like Iran Iraq the time of event officiating jobs and one Temple of God was opened in heaven and there was seen in his example of the market assessment another person on the Internet do you think that if you were about ten I will not sample he would find seventh scrap stock to the ten Commandments and first written in their humidity shall not become the motive we immediately know it doesn't matter I'm not seven thousand nine real estate one hundred but what the throne Christ is as long as please let him know what I grant to sit with me and my wife so and I forgot how he started out getting to you and all I like to sit with me in my front even if I overcame and sat down with my father and he stole in Revelation three twenty one but a lot of the problem is many want to know what you own but not the law underneath the dinar how many people string song about Jesus and say God wanted just all items off I just can't explain how I am a heartless judiciary I and you realize that I'm leaving the throne of God is something called a ten Commandment law all of a sudden I want to know but don't tell me that I need to what she's alone and who was shot on that hint without ideology Virginia but not with all see why do I have to want deny self and eleven in something or she in the Sabbath is not a self-sacrifice when you think about that shot his son the Bible says is from sundown to sundown his first executive authority that being said the sun begins to rise down to Saturday sundown I have a hip-hop artist he is not to perform in dealing as I decided I has to be the night when everything starts moving from all parties and all everything going on some of the Sabbath I will say this the previous sacrifice I'm not even getting up my music career to become I was required to perform on Friday night ending what happened including eight hundred thousand one hundred and eighty thousand dollars contract Jesus taught again as loving following Jesus is the niceties of life is finite and is only sporting events but without they are when using the site is God 's law in a world that has gone nobody is revealing you the law of one to sacrifice the piece is written by the need with Jesus that Jesus sacrificed Alessi says she is in a you may lose your fighting I have been doing a lot of things anyone have ideas opinions and causes cell all love you in human animal this should ask a question tonight I do anything for you willing to have that self-sacrificing longing toward their own on the messing my site and I myself nobody else even is myself doing a lot of and David was not visiting at one that is life-threatening and he is into this is only about Aragon is one hundred and murderers and idolaters and whosoever one is taken are you always say to someone and what is is going on in your life will is going not to this is very good and loving we must hold them not only because Jesus says he is and is not for the new link is new is so in the Lord Santos C your name remained on anyone this outcome this is a new moons one other from one one Sabbath to another softball icons in worship before me saith the Lord God Isaiah sixty six hundred and twenty three had you would like the way the she is indicated in the head quarters of the Bible alone he says if you win the heat that his meetings with their math is everywhere and are learning a new there will


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