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Star Wars Crusade, Part 8: The Investigative Judgment

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church


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from a man is voice is this ingenious sassafras simultaneously increase is for Dean is blog please leave that is the only know what I heard you say this girl or something we pray in Jesus name and a nice message is pointing the way is the subject of this is just now done on the concept of the jet engines is that there is I and I hate all entities and more God says on their life as a hands-on environment the student is tonight and went to see what the Bible says about the gender and of course invoice is generated and that possibility that God instructed Moses to be a in the wilderness we finally met and we change learning that I might well among them and you'll remember in our studies that we learned that there was a sanctuary where he had that he him ancillary representative government God 's throne of God and Wednesdays defiled his sanctuary he was on the sanctuary and eventually cast out I again is not something is entitled to judgment or the investigative judgment on the timing is soulless and organizing humans is everything is crystal clear you won't have any questions that Congress of Seattle my computer all right when you look at that special day in the Hebrew year called that is able to use OpenOffice available for analysis run through it again during the Jewish or Hebrew year there was certain days on holidays these there were seven ceremonial silence talk about that last night that it is only it wasn't one highly these are the highest phase of the Jewish year now Jewish year a person could say they would get a laugh ending with their hands and they had that I am damaging aligned on the sanctuary that is the handling ahead and add anyone confessed their sins over that kind of microphone turned down a little please make you build a shadow of the hands of the headlight out and they would confess their sins over the head and what that symbolized to symbolize that things were being transferred on the processing is being transferred from himself to the to the lab to the animal once that was done they wouldn't take a knife and cut the throats of the will says the wages of sin is while eighty yeah I saw that animal was represented who Jesus who died for our sins that will represent Jesus once that Adam was killed and his blood was caught in that reason the priests when they could not live by sprinkling upon officer of sacrifice which was found right in the outer court it was the change and this is the outer court injuries would sprinkle the blood on the altar of sacrifice depending on who it was it was a ruler or a change the priest would come in and he would sprinkle the blood on the altar of incense inside the holy place I remember we go back to real quick this test was divided into two parts what you just saw here is the first financing is called the holy place with the altar of incense the seven branched candlestick in its initial bread and then willingly go back limited during the year see what the priest would come continually Hebe strengthen blood on the altar of incense or sprinkling blood on the altar of sacrifice now one day out of the Jewish or out of the year the atonement on that day and that is only the priests went into this compartment the most holy Place and younger you can enter into that part what has been happening on the altar of incense and the altar of sacrifice throughout the year blood was being what upon the altar in the letter represents are rather like letting things upon the altar what was symbolically being transferred to the altar say so this statute we will call the file and was followed with the savings A people say that rare that SSA is priests of the blood and sprinkle it on the altars there was the record off and then placed upon the altar of incense and on the altar sacrifice yada court now is going in the this is again a part of the covenant and this is where the Bible tells us God 's throne was instead with ritual covering Angels over this a kind of glory and one of those angels will school was for the Bible calls the covering cherub that was in the presence of God until saying or iniquity was found in the Sunday after the author of unsightly on our continent and the priest would come into this place once a year so basically your dilemma but I explained it like this once he got stands being filed up the hobbit all throughout the year much like me during the week we put on our gardens everyday but that the change in the garden is not yet what economic thought we put into the side of the house everything we do here to the garbage but it's actually hiding on the side of the house and then one day out of the week who comes along the box truck he takes all that garbage out of the car into a desolate place in an day it is not what it means that you no longer have to think about the answer for when you put the garbage out that night is your mind clear of the gardens yes and no because even though you put it obvious that the side of the house you still have to remember to take into the front of a house for the you will not come right with me not that they will not come any day and your garment is not out and guess what you're stuck with the audience twenty one East of the garbage is the not me all right so here you have is a birds eye view of the sanctuary altar sacrifice the labor the priest was the blood spilled the blood at on that one day he entered into this compartment here for the purpose of doing what was called when using the sanctuary it happened once a year the Bible says and do something about backing up to you to make an atonement for the children of Israel from all their sins how many times once a year this represented a finalist told me when the children of Israel forgiven when he went into the soft sanctuary and confess your sins were forgiven immediately yes you are forgiven immediately yet the state has not been completely what dealt with you you went away free but they will have to be dealt with so on the day of atonement they were eventually resorted data on a sanctuary to have their say on for all cents while the year that has been hot enough in the sanctuary records limited to sixteen percent for the bitterness of Zimbabwe many types after speaking about the day of atonement now notice again and the Lord said unto Moses he got out of our brother that he come not at all time into the holy place when Mandela mailed before the mercy seat which is upon your time for I will do what up here in the cloud upon the mercy seat that is not as interesting as talk about Damon told me on the day of atonement God said I will do what up here and call upon the mercy seat not if you read about sanctuary Old Testament you'll notice that sanctuary has two wings covering overwritten by night and was a flame of what father who was in that I it was gone I see it was a cloud of smoke who was in that who was in that smoke cloud it was gone but on Wednesday had what's called me up here is an clock upon the mercy seat so it's not as though the presence of God within the sanctuary and in the most holy place every year on a healthy honest conversation what comes to history it's as though he comes as he is not taking as to say and judgment everything was homemade and was known while was considered among the Hebrews they just so you can imagine it is just coming into taking what he sees that you get from the day of atonement is a couple other things and remember this because all that come back as we move on the day of atonement it says here and he shall take a sensor that is a high priest for the burning coals of fire from the altar before the Lord at his hands full as anything being small and bring it within the van another was the priest was to take some hands on some of sweet incense on the altar of incense and bringing him into the most holy place it was honestly and he saw the incident upon the farm for the Lord that cloud of the wine inks and makeup of the mercy seat that is upon the testimony that he done so when the high priest him at the most phone crazy people surrounded by what is small or large cloud so the list on the things that are fun and bring in the idea of judgments while MySQL into the most holy place at his surroundings this is what the Bible calls me a clown one estimate is nineteen there is a man and he will involve it is a notice of the Bible says here that he shall take of the congregation of the children of Israel to whom she undergoes for a sin offering what point are often limited to sixteen this was the only day that these were the only two animals involved in what these two animals were involved in the service were integrated service in other words it is utterly Hebrew is our man what is that brings your mind in terms of offering they say what they told me that angle the biggest sixteen verse five when those mother things a lot is a concern for determining destinies with what Association shall take medicinal goals and present them before the Lord at the door of the tabernacle of the congregation at Iran satellite countries was his brother and having so chat logs upon the two goals one lot for who the Lord and the other lot for the scapegoat these goals represented opposite colors one was for who the Lord and others call the state one more phase of the Bible called the less people spend lots of what a determination or a judge of these of these two goals future because we'll see later that one of his goals was to die the other one was to be setting out into so what lost him wasn't he just made going on between these two goals so that they are on I can represent a game of what judgment that it is anything else that he shall go on the altar that was before the Lord and make an atonement for him and he shall sprinkle the blood upon it with his fingers that at times and what color is made at Holloway from the uncleanness of the children of Israel Limited is engaged in a nice install on their atonement on that special day the sanctuary was to be one cool and from the sins of Israel so we got a couple things you were learning about the sanctuary about what we can only spend a lot less recap those one of the Shekinah glory years in way the most holy place as though he's taking he is seeing for adjustment number so the priest go into the most holy number three there is a cloud surrounding the priest as he enters into the most holy number four on Man are involved in this bill installment number five there is a determination of death and these are exactly and oversees the sanctuary record is what claims so now we have a good idea of what the Romans home and was all about now that's what ahead and move into our study of the judgment which we have already begun a discussion decided that we would enjoy the recap some pharmacies we been learning about the book of Daniel and for those of you may have been here before we have to face out there I can get them and I seem to remember that at the two there is not a Nazarene screen rather I mean he sees a statue of a man ahead of polls ethanol the silver Lebron legs of iron tolls of honor and add what color a very good she doesn't know what the trainees G Hall's wife and they kept on the interpretation he gets angry he says shalom on Daniel who was a single space is called on Jimmy environment mingled tropical gone and I will tell you what this remains so Daniel goals he prays and he didn't answer and we basically found out that you have gold represented who Babylon which was medically necessary the chests and arms of silver represented hires Armida President the size of bronze represented Greece the legs represented Rome and expose an ardent claim Representative mine in Europe which is what Daniel had done was here to layout the entire history of humanity from the time she had another all the way down through the ages and where are we now beloved we do in the time of the tolls were in a time where the kingdoms of the world are divided and any read the next thing that was happening was that a stolen come out without hands would come into what my image on his I remember we saw here concerning the sanctuary remember we learned that he is a mage or these kingdoms the reason why God means that it is because they are taking released kingdoms attempted to attack the lot sanctuary okay very good Babylon destroyed the temple you remember that data topics of Israel captivates and have to destroy the Temple need a what do you dream that she was commingled Temple but the process was what anger is in the meal is part of the television I want to be rebuilt because the Bible says the high way he told God 's way in the sanctuary the sanctuary explains the entire final salvation so these genomes are staying with what was using slotted to destroy the sanctuary so that I could not have a good idea a plan view out the plan of what salvation okay we saw that creation desecrated or profane example under a high evening and finally role in what destroyed the Temple in seventy A.D. we know that during the Roman Empire that the time that Jesus himself was on fire as they died was a perfect sacrifice and then he ascended where Lindsay has died what happened to the Temple that was on earth than that of the temple was what wasn't ready so which signified that the earthly temple had accomplished his mission and now she's saying into the heavenly temple or sanctuary now here is the most crucial and important question no one was usually important questions and Jesus answered when he entered into that sanctuary the heavenly Temple English compartment did Jesus go where no follow that under that thing about Jesus because this is that the pattern that he laid out he must follow the what do you have followed all him are in right this is as hard as they are not aware so that the high priest doesn't enter into the most holy place but I really wanted to know during the years he served frequently as far as the last part of his mission wasn't a ministry that is a place where in the halting phrases as part of his mission on the clock and one of his missions are placed in the holy place so we read anything is twelve thousand nine by the blood of goats and cows but by his own blood he entered and won into the how and why I haven't obtained eternal redemption for us oldest Scripture tells us that when Jesus ascended into heaven he entered into the polling place not thinking what does this mean that Jesus was not in the presence of God and I said before beloved that the saturated heaven is with the presence of God and social associates was just like when I get going to the father going on about my I know not all remember sanctuary was just a model it was an eighty model the priests could not do what Jesus Allah skidoo there has to be a veil he went down Jesus Christ on an antidepressant downloading and in so Jesus answered and lovely please simply think you are more clear on our behalf when Sandoval later saw Jesus ours is like throwing the revelation one person does not need as I turned to see who it was that with me and when I turned I saw seven golden candlesticks one standing in the mist of those candidacies who he said was who Jesus Son of Man him selling the seasons five and not scrutinizing aware muscle replacement into the holy place just like a pattern that is known that arises after rolling his kingdom we know that it was a professed spiritual kingdom why because Clay in the Bible represents what remember you are the core we are the hotter and he you father we are the one holy claim Representative eight people that profess to be molded article profess the same time we are your people whatever you want as few policymakers and represents that is moldable by God but you have this kingdom here in the process 's virtual kingdom that is intermingled with the kingdom is what it seems on the world in other words they're not married to God but they are intermingled was what earthly kingdoms and how we see that Satan uses this very same kingdom towards us like to use all the other kingdoms to war against the Temple not as easy as this one a kingdom is a war against the Temple the question is which Temple that is plaguing the war in sorry did I say that I went simple which template is waging the war against what's the only template position and who are you beheading my because in the Roman Empire they didn't want to the Temple destroyed and Christ will be desolate for regular people into heaven and extends you will sample in the sanctuary so that Christ's kingdom is one the heavenly sanctuary right now remember that in Dallas who we talked a lot about Stalin being cut out of not had any smarts of them is on the scene we saw the last on representatives say coming of Jesus Christ coming your way to the second coming of Jesus amen when he destroys all these kingdoms sets up his own kingdom I want to know something this all represents a adjustment at any time you understand that the storm coming out being how I had my vitamins honestly say that there is a judgment against his enemies and we were called in executive exits leaving just in other words something must've taken place in the kingdom of heaven to decide that this finish it it was should we destroy in other words God is a just God doesn't want so you know where to start acting like to destroy me know there must have been some reason or something taking place in heaven that that you decided to phase out these of these kingdoms and calling the executive judgment here's a very important principle for us to understand London that where there is an executive executive there must first be investigated just in other words you don't send someone to the electric chair before you investigate whether they are worth a religion says that there must be and what investigation before there convened the execution of the Senate 's moment that is the love him him or see his column and then there must be a wife Johnson means is clear before Jesus comes again before the list and destroys the shingles of this world there must have been aimed shot in the place to decide the fate of all these kingdoms were malignant we now know just appointed Daniel to that judgment must take place not after you die and you died and I will stand for the frolic there must be a judgment that is while minimizing all men are walking upon your adjustment must be going on in heaven that will decide who will be staying in one life lost because of Jesus comes back to me since my reward is with me they must mean that there was a prior determination of who is not me more notes of the principle we talk about disability the principle of nothing you only more detail and with a use this principle and going to the next chapter of Daniel seven the next prophetic chapter Daniel Federman at principal in the book of Daniel Sewall the prophecies there is nothing new on the more detailed very good to me it means that once we understand that finished ahead and hold onto the vessels of clay throughout the rest of the book of Daniel Yamagata find anything new on me nor what do you do so in Daniel seven and you tell me there is described in Daniel seven fourteen says that the species represent nations and kingdoms are represented or spoken of again except through four I thought we already know as for at seven of these the first of these which is like a long and must represent watching them that along very good the second is recycled there must represent what came to me on horizon the reason which is like him ever happened for had must coincide with the lingering about the way the respondent never asked for his because when Alexander died reading his kingdom what is relevant for executives festivals for heads represent Canada Bible book of prophecy surpasses any other woman out there there's no other book that lays out the future like what was all right the next piece in a nondescript these almost like a dragon that had great I see who must back these represent everyone role very good to have an needle that had ten horns on his head was these ten horns coincide with this handful was very good anything with a fun Sunday represents the claim if there is nothing new blogging more detail yes we must among the ten horns the Bible says there comes up on another missile horn it said I was considering the horns and there was another horn other than one coming up among the ten horns so among the ten horns you not have this little horn just like among the change for the ironing I have one way so the way of Daniel to do the very same as the horn of Daniel said very good I want to know is what it says right after this little horn is described in Daniel seven as I said I have all silver thrones were cast down and out and do it again while not missing five thousand and that was funny okay did you see anything here that rings a bell the ancient of days it was stated that come into date of what her name is Dave not just once and notices here because the Bible is trying to solace it's almost like a patient and take a far way and you see some things but United there is clearly got questions closer is so manhandling his dominant hand I think it should then from a different angle you see things cost so that you can see what far away and dance to all that God must be produced that this image for some reason in business stone that's come about is not fair to us I installed an argument is defined in Daniel seven there must be a lot just me being all our best own small image data in other words before before this thing happens with some of his industry don't count of the thrones were cast and instantly is whose garment was white as snow and hair of his head like pure wool is almost like the fiery flame and his wheels as one burning fire in the interesting God 's throne as one Windows machine is movable from the hospital is able to move a notice what is an index of first-hand fairness verse eighty five stream issued and came forth from before him thousands of thousands ministered on the handles and him at the four handles and angels as well the Johnson made was what I add word open to amendment of the day but only we said was like a day and what judgment I decided I is is would be a vet who did not have you thought about who will become me absolutely nothing will look at the also were not ready for this judgment on the defendant 's home in her hot off so now we go back to Daniel to NBC had an old chestnut silver about advisor and I told him on clay and stone doesn't want my recognition and destroy the legal women got upset and I was a little more detail line is that heard on my bear the burden drive-in had horns and that is no more and then all of a sudden the Bible shift our exchange should our eyes from that which is currently to a heavenly singing working just as he found so far this adjustment is God and the Bible describes God as though he is coming in at Houston on his own advice and judgment was one that the books were opened the love and must take place before that's the one of Daniels who does what my cravings very very good I want to notice in the same chapter announced that I saw in the night visions and behold one like the Son of Man came with the rings are real slow chain we the well okay saying something since of these and they brought him near before him positioning about high priest when he came before the Internet these who had not taken as he came in with what I clock says here you have Jesus coming when the club have not something one that agencies us firstborn they had a problem with that is the problem when you stand in at the same time that who is ruling on the art the little horn and a little horn is moving him after the Roman Empire is a number that someone comes up on the scene where the Roman Empire so they cannot mean Jesus ascending to heaven must be Jesus moving from one place to another where Prince Sultan and his allies Jesus moving from the hair on a place in soon now possible and you guys are just so happen all right Daniel seven reveals man the reason for the investigative judgment now notice what it says about this little orange says and he shall speak great words against the most high and saw where the saints of the most high than is presently done things exchange times I long and they shall be given into his hand on telling time and times and dividing of time in other words the Bible tells us here that the reason that this judgment takes place him him him him him so distraught this mommy destroy it now gives us all calls up and says hey you know that rocked me back clinking the Mac and I hope to finish so it's really using another symbol in Daniel seven company music on the new system of a little while one is little more does he see the last was worth against whom the most time she has accused who the faith of the most time I think the change times and laws and we learned yesterday that the laws that this little horn that shames all what to commanding the second and fourth do not announce agreement image is also remember the Sabbath day is shot in a dormitory but the one Saturday in the summer what is he going to scratch Southwest seven seven one the fascinating is the Sabbath of the Lord my God and we've seen clearly through the strategy as they dictate about their that the seventh day he is not Sabbath not the First Lady and documents called a little more always think the one exchange times and laws the last found in the happening what sanctuary is the amazing thing we saw that in Daniel to this clay kingdom represented the kingdom that has gone we are your one people so let's is not Daniel seven tells us that his little boy is doing you imagine us a kingdom that professes to serve God and yet is speaking what great work against the most time talking about professors to serve God and yet is prosecuting who is will profess as I thought you his diary and shames God times and all not even understand what God is pretty a say because my kingdom represents God 's represent God in spirit and in what shows what a happy madness holiday lights up on the scene sometime after the Roman Empire that says we are God 's people and yet here prosecuting thousands and millions of God 's people that's changing times and laws and their speaking blasphemous words against the most high and nonvoters would personally success have to describe little more and does it says what the judgment shower what they and they sound okay and donating it to consummate enter the shrine of the young but rather the purpose of the judgment is drifting away in the Nanyang on this little horn over this world I was the one behind little more excited so it's really limited to the meaning of who is very good having you can't wait for the judgment yes eleven inches and shut case only the dominion of Satan not just the Dominion in a general sense but somewhere in the dominion of Satan and Potter are you not aware it's something about the seismic change away Satan 's dominion over your life doesn't sound like a good thing you know we do not settle using the scary picture of how life here in the just and loving God Estrada tells that the progress of the judgment is to say you want to thank you all phone conversations the minimum and you say the mainland and they fall under settings they fell under his father-in-law the law is an Johnson is not which reverse is what Satan is doing in our lives this sounds one one thirty three order my steps in thy word and let not any one iniquity have dominion over me this is also beloved just as the homework to remove what to get out from under the dominion of Satan and part the judgment shall send the take away his wife as he enhanced power to the government over in your life personally another we are looking joyfully for the judgment of men notice again for sin shall not have one dominion over you for you are not under the law but under grace and we saw that under the law simply meant that you are no longer law breaker is by law keepers why so many love keepers because there is a law in the Henley center eleven the law itself sacrificing love which thou not for dummies is not ten Commandments very good gotten any smarter all right see his role in the one to look carefully at his London stage throwing what is the minimum are midsentence ousted to take away his dominion and heart of his dominion is also one assessment begins beloved whenever that is when the judgment in his interest for the purpose of taking away what also having your heart of falsehoods in on your allow thereby the Bible today and I'm not in the love is what philosophy can sometimes we just don't know how to tell the difference will you take away saying the mainland market however while also also limited away confusing from your views about the Bible now you know why are there so many different how can you believe this is when believe that any other something will come here to notify all that is incredible but incoming awesome world reason hey don't listen all at once and what confusing after the judgment is to take away the many things the many confusing as you will see what clearly is awaiting iniquity I am struggling lately God says and the judgment on the assault you how to get out from under Satan 's dominion of iniquity when I think about is not online yet Jasmine is on the full thing not that scary network can't even be attached to scary gnomon under Satan 's dominion is also the main assault he says says in the John's may I will give you the victory over what oversaw business I will check you out from under the dominion of dollars as legislators don't remember the song was a law are represented on the self-sacrificing love things going is the law of doing what I wanted to the selfishness of loss self-centeredness obviously his beloved addition to aggregating income understands the concepts in the judgment I plan to make my final more to give you the ultimate and final victory over all these things so that you can stand clear to be bold in digestion be bold in the attachment knowing that you have nothing to fear God says in the judgment that such a begin to all at a place not remember principle nothing volume one D7 are available over the days because we've got a better schedule adjustment but it is no more ferociously selling to a indie games with another vision of two animals now I want to notice what models animals was indicted on eighty first of May for we read about Siegel ringing out raining out okay we read about a single and see what to be going across the whole planet is getting honest power and none can stand before him but that is and is not seen and the number of illegal installs upon the handle and overcome is legal and not be again represent kingdoms etc. called concordance of the route he wasn't with an aggregate and has smoked around and broke its two horns there was no power in the RAM is standing for him but he cast them down to the ground and stand upon him and there was none that could deliver the round out Tuesday that it was old racket was a it was a first x-ray was around first and then the he goat now the round had two horns the nasty just by principle of induction nothing new one in more detail producing that Brown might represent from Daniel chapter two and Daniel chapter seven this route has two horns meal is very good the toolchain those that come together that brand represented Medo Persia and then the people who run Brunswick must represent hope must represent grace very good him ourselves to just start describing this little voice and forth is what the hell are not home what is the one representing the same power in Daniel seven the same little more single politics is using user in Williams 's statements about women came forth little more relaxed way in the halls of heaven is little more than a sudden writer is in heaven and on some of the holes of the stars of the ground that is God 's people in London yet you find himself even some who the prince of apostles that is what everyone should know the principles would be Jesus in other words is little more not to find himself in Jesus the Christ host of heaven okay by him as little more than any sacrifices taken away at the place of his sanctuary was tasked where down and cast down the streets of the ground at an practice and prospered still getting a second talk is about the horn that questions the people of God and change is possible but Daniel is now tells us listen a little more and other even more key exalts itself against the Prince of the holes and is little more and half down what sanctuary the heavenly sanctuary and have found that shows to the ground and otherwise is little or no is responsible for casting down shows to the ground practices and prosperous Roman Catholic bouncers to the ground and this is a spiritual power that professes to represent who thought that Daniel eight eleven twelve at the same as little horn of Daniel seven the same as the clinking among Daniel Toole J now this is a very next verse that comes up in Daniel eight after this last little more and what he does have found sanctuary and by the way the ways of sanctuary if not living goes up into heaven essentially infinitely diverse diver men's minds from the heavenly sanctuary and set up its own sanctuary soliciting the Lord Jesus come to ask for forgiveness for a lot of the high priest the outset of the organs or diseases you must come to us we are the new our salvation so this power has found a sanctuary turning men's minds from the high treason heaven to get things to priests and a bunch of other things this is how we cast on the sanctuary and then Daniel eight fourteen thirteen and fourteen Daniel said this form is that I heard one say speaking and another thing so that certain things spoken how long sobbing the vision concerning the daily sacrifice and stress personal desolation to give people the sanctuary and a host of beachfront underfoot and he said unto me unto two thousand and three hundred days and then sells sanctuary be what claims let me rephrase that question for you confusing the question basically is how long will a little more practice and prosper before that shows on the sanctuary is brought back to life two thousand three hundred days is BS now we learn the Bible prophecy him and he for a while I did not anything we need to find out the answer to this question before you do that is this a cleansing of the sanctuary is equal to Antarctica what Day of atonement when when when Angel says that in some essentially be claimed and Daniel 's mind what is he hearing and will not shut me what he met him within the drug are some similarities here to the limits on what we just read one and it's only when you have a subcategory appears on the scene of lots for letting judgment high priest come to the most holy comes within sense or how they are ran as a random goals and the sanctuary is to be cleansed when we read in Daniel seven eight examination of these is what is needed the judgment is set the high priest to the see of him on the father in ancient days he comes with clouds Daniel A begins with a man and a seagull and then he saw the sanctuary meanwhile client is classified okay very good following right along now Daniel needs some answers the sanctuary being vindicated with the meantime not the same website claims the Hebrew word Ashley also represents vindicating listen to you remember in heaven now that you've been there my dear member in Ezekiel twenty eight speaking about heaven where the Bible says also that he had done what he filed the sanctuaries and him the multitude of his wife iniquity iniquity of his shot and this is represented when you're selling illegal is shocking it is again shouted some things in heaven and this is what they follow sanctuary extended by the multitude of thy one matches they has filled the mezzanine of violence was saying trafficking about the sanctuary I and what falsehoods live in philosophy so when the White House says also that in twenty three hundred and eighty the sanctuary will be vindicated or clans remember when Satan was cast out of heaven she and his angels and humans selling these lies to when they came to earth they began to sell the same licensable to happen and if you don't have a lot of the horny young final dive and the life had been going on and on and on the history of the Bible says even among Chinese people united along the holy unit on it Don Melvin Johnson said that the Daniel case is when Sergeant begins the sanctuary it's time that anyone is on the indicated understanding will begin to roll among people saying him and I and your lies anymore Satan 's magazine and in and in your merchandise anymore Satan is not another installment of the sentence actually there is something to the long gone the sanctuary be what claims you follow along really well all things falsehoods will be revealed in this judgment would be such a beginning of falsehoods on review of the judgment is a reversal of faulty rulings have any of you have been falsely as you all and eleven in Martinsville there are many models would like the following is they will do this one thing that all women confess this out when we repent while seismic Pharisees they just haven't such as viruses these faulty rulings notice of the Bible four twenty twenty one some one of iniquity have fellowship with the wish frame administered by a law they are themselves together against assault on the rights as Angela Y the adolescent bride is excessive and loving God reverse is Johnson is better than falsely made against his people how do you that sounds good that's not good yes love this access for he shall stand at her right hand and the poor to say him from those that do not cut that his soul songs one of my party one that judgment is not a scary thing about it if you have Jesus if you have faith and love is not a maintenance that is not a scary thing to testify publicly and he got and then Gonzales even both are an abomination to the Lord leader delay calling holy things evil and evil things good in the judgment all these things are made prerecorded from seventeen verse fifteen you have condemned the field adjuster and he does not resist you gossip and judgment on the reverse all these things that's why when I can look forward to the judgment when we are just weird face of the Lord that we should not rely condemned the world is a judgment that they got says I I I I want to be part of assessment that you should not be condemned with the more than just the reverse is combination this is for God sent not his son into the world to condemn the world about the welcome him I while at the scene that is not is condemned already beloved where I went and we are under condemnation but scientists as a human even me I'm understanding from what condemnation there is therefore now know what condemnations of them was our know how I see this will suffice but after the spirit from along the Spirit of life in Christ is happening these range from the law of sin and that for what the law is not doing that it was me in the flesh God sending his own son in the likeness of sinful flesh and forcing them to what is in the last righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in us is gone what the righteousness of the money fulfilled in us yes I want to notices of the beautiful things and to condemn us in one scene I came to Canada and staying and I listened in the first Mrs. Osmond revealed whose authority or who has authority in our last session revealed schools when he presented reveals are well out-of-state defendant USA or on one out of twice second guessing in you and what is then transgressing on all very good okay not who vision explained the red sauce sauce having to want obscene than the opposing you guys were right the boat is looking afloat crazy life and the great horn that is between his eyes is the first king stop talking about the little ones talking about Longhorn on the head of his local the Bible is not a statement in a matter time of the other kingdom of the transfer so come to the fully Asian of finance accounting and understanding so the little horn power solving money but not by his own power and he shall destroy wonderfully and shall prosper and in fact is you shall do what destroyed a minute and a holy people Daniel eight twenty three twenty four is a little horn so no one is not the book of Daniel chapter eight Chesley on this and Daniel is told this is little more than the representative is the goat represents this is when the little one represents but there is one thing that is not explained to him what he is twenty three hundred eighty days to have a starting point saw and Daniel Daniel is praying a prayer for understanding and that he got a feeling again from an angel so you very briefly that the engine is not speak to him and so the oncoming to the understanding that Angel begin me to talk to you what you want to North America in twenty three hundred days for centuries and he claims when it are certainly can know when and while were given the starting point of the prophecy in Daniel nine twenty five and Angels doesn't know therefore and understand that found the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem and we can just stop right here what is the angle does not give Jim and I don't want to know therefore and understand that from the going forth of the Commandments of Istanbul Jerusalem Daniel start counting from way from the command so all we need to build historically speaking his mind on that command go forth and then we count twenty three hundred one years because in Bible prophecy update equals a year very good is limited and frequently twenty candidate promising the decree went forth in for it he's and the same we saw the couple of nights ago when the seventy weeks prophecy we saw that that's sending me prophecy in Daniel nine two thousand thirty four eighty nine seventy nine prophecy is the first part of this twenty three hundred year prophecy more about that right now we do ethics like the sun in the prophecy pages out there using data I just want to show you the big picture from four thirty seven BC if you count twenty three hundred years what do you come to see forty four eighty one tell you when a homicide without loving that in this year 's adjustment process began in this year the sanctuary began to be restored in the meantime I know that because the prophecy says that then the sanctuary would be cleansed or vindicated an amazing thing began to happen in this very year eighteen forty four just shortly before that there were no of various backgrounds who suddenly had an interest in the book of Daniel and is starting to talk about people from Asia people from a miracle people initially all across the planet are scholars in various Chris's began his study of this prophecy of Daniel chapter eight and you know what they all came to the conclusion with talking to one another that's something very special was going to happen and what you taken forty four anyone know if I wasn't happening June forty four take a wild guess when they stop trying to do things on the sanctuary me plans and they saw the seventies when the decree went forth to restore into the Roseland eighteen forty four that's just for you all allow what happened Jesus is coming whether on overall will follow at an amazing forty four Jesus was going to go somewhere and where was he going me so I also need the ability to another it was so amazing that people from various backgrounds rediscovering the sanctuary should money and forty four negative forty fourteen into the Nikon they wanted to know could be often involves so many different people from different backgrounds that's going on and they went back in the study they do nothing with you and I'm talking about he is having one sanctuary and Jesus when the Clinton the second displays Jesus doesn't leave the sanctuary no jingles from the colonies of the most holy signifies another that is why being gone and women again knew that heavenly sanctuary many companies and what about the Temple what started as an find out in a minute but without it was so beautiful that in eighteen forty four this was simultaneously discovered it was a worldwide discovery and it was crossed denominational this was not one denomination that went back to the net 's people from every denomination was studying any change of the same conclusion the miracle to you there has to be beloved there is no other besides Rachel was again brought back to life people have always been focusing on some Temple to be rebuilt in Jerusalem and now all of a sudden there was one word and show to the prophecy forty three hundred days based on the sanctuary me the Lord will not be able to continue his deception will find out will I make sure you are right I want to notice revelation chapter fourteen because Revelation fourteen is log into their behavior than the last line in Revelation fourteen just before the end of the world the Bible says that three angels multiply the messages in the orchestra 's Angels messages and I saw another angel flying in the cabin having the wine and gospel to preach to them that dwell in the to every nation kindred and calling people in them and that's how you know how strong the big leagues while were not very but also in San Francisco she was crazy do you think is Angel this message needs to go that everyone in this community fly to where you are to preach unto them that's on your animation changes in people and a lot of the people who are doing this I want here in God 's mercy spending on Angel to let people know lesson the assessment process is not sometime in the future we are limiting in that day when I now this angle continues its as he was flying to heaven saying with a loud voice and on and getting to him for our up his judgment is white and Mars indicating that made heaven and earth and the sea of water Revelation fourteen sixty seven percent now this is beautiful to become this is standing in judgment yes ladies we regular that that is the conclusion of the whole matter fear God and to what genus commandments for this is the whole doing a mad or something anywhere Angel Johnson and that is what any good or whether the looking glasses twelve thirteen and fourteen people in eighteen forty four said when heavenly sanctuary made my day and again despite the content of the heavenly sensory guess what I found in the heavenly sanctuary the art of the company this is the standard that sentiment is nominally based upon our new seedlings a lot the law of God is asked or began to look at those laws more economy is rooted in the common sentiment in America for any six days the Lord what made heaven and earth and list any and all that in the news and rest in the seventh day wherefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath and holidays at the twenty eleven demon that first angel says worst of him that is what may happen her and all the waters and eleven comes always symbolically speaking saying the exact announcement on the assessment is that God is shared out and keep his commandments and then he says wife's of him that made heaven and earth another worthless angel points difficultly to know what the command is a vital issue in the last days the second angel comes along and have fun another angel saying Babylon is fallen is fallen that great city because he made all nations drink of the wine of the rock of her fornication now this figure Babylon is really quickly who was not on those of the Bible says and one of the seven angels which had some involvement talk with me saying unto me come together this is honestly what I was want to name the shots and they know what Johnson is on the great Pauline accident upon many waters which will looking than the committed fornication and the inhabitants of the Navy job with the wine of her fornication so we can win the Spirit into the wilderness I saw a woman sit upon us on cutting these names of blasphemy having seven heads and ten upon you and the woman was arrayed in preference for color and what all addresses phone and Charles have a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and who knows of her fornication we do is be significant heartening that with gold and precious stone was that it denies the season with an end merchandise is she wearing merchandise was merchandise is the same merchandise this one is better as well or if you shall not use watching human this power to sow his wild merchandise for his little eyes about the family sanctuary so we can conclude without it that is what Lynn which is called mystery Babylon must be the same as the one foray of Daniels who is the little horn of Daniel seven and the little horn of Daniel to see is brought into judgment because of what she's selling price wilderness for us to publicize him in the street as I saw the woman's wrong with the one below are saying is the blood of the martyrs of Jesus is regularly a woman in Bible prophecy represents a spiritual kingdom will find out later but just take my word for now this woman represents a spiritual kingdom just like a little more into cycling now Mandarin is on the move resize get to a certain high-handed you guys out here all right Babylon is what the Bible say all those adverse old merchandising had eluded the sanctuary of government and God through a long day when gold was afoot continued to see the world about the government but the second angel on the judgment changed away saying is the main session in the mind and the heart of sincere seekers of truth in other words once the judgment set in eighteen forty four all these trolls began to unfold many of the shows that you are learning here tonight to finish series began to unfold after eighteen forty four in the way Babylon is want on my mind because I was under hardening at one point confused not understanding about who God was a wise child was not as you will come to a nozzle that shows what the Bible really says is happening in your heart Babylon is what is funny you are not seeing that shows on the heavenly sanctuary of his long enough you stop house is followed by the Senate and the nations were angry in Iraq is called the time of the delegation the judge at the temple of God was opened and have then and there was seen in his temple God part of his testament this is what happened in eighteen forty four people began to look up not literally but love and humanity at Temple is something that's gone now as is standard on the job in the ten Commandments found in the article all right this is our last point here the cleansing of the sanctuary the century was the following two ways loving one by the righteous but also by the wiki how authorizes this in the blood Karen is the sins of the repentant underpayments you remember that when the sanctuary during the Danny service is the center would be the father by the priests are bothered by the sinners by then the priest looked calm and human claims in the year once a year when the blood of sacrifice so assessment of the blood upon it is fingering transit I'm inclined to collect from the uncleanness of the children of Israel for that is increase on the ex-wife even claims you that how the sensory was cleansed from the sins of the righteous but the sanction was also the father sends of the undertaking our products online stressor treacherous persons freeze have done what little it is not a sanctuary may have done violence to the law so when a person to monitor the law and is not a confession I'm not advocating what were they doing as well be shot in the sanctuary well I was a sanctuary claims from the sins of the winking the blood of Christ does not cover the sins of the unrepentant they cannot have this is removed from the sanctuary by the blood of Christ as if we confess our sins he is one statement doesn't give us our sins but if we don't confess our sins that our sins rests with us loving and unrepentant taste of their own what for once a facility something that is not what she saw me come off from among his people in the display three twenty nine the way they are the new sanctuary was cleansed from the stands of the unrepentant is that you have to pay for their own sake Jesus Christ our heavenly high priest who wants to represent guessing her and what you do when handling do you listen to that lawyer is doing this is what I wanted to an honest assessment do you listen to the Lord in all we don't need to ask his daughter you know Harris God is my friend Jesus no as a lawyer for you she's sun is as healthy as you know as I indicated in the just Saskatchewan once in a while as I will keep my Sabbath and you'll do that I know my father he sat in a representative view as will be in your behalf from the judgments being around eleven p.m. meeting in the time of the judgment he got same ringing now because I'm coming again in modern war is one in


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