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Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and Prayer

Chris Buttery
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  • April 25, 2015
    11:30 AM
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Welcome to central study hour here at Sacramento central Seventh Day Adventist Church. We're so happy that you have joined us today. Whether you're watching locally or around the world. We're so happy that you've tuned in with us. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. God. If you have a special request or website click on the Contact Us link with a couple of our next topical index priesthood and our new song will be one the wonders of redeeming love and will be singing verses one and three. Just the desire to look for another sound a time to rest a time to get to get together and worship. Because if you're speaking to us by our senior pastor Pastor Chris. Thank you. Good morning and happy Sabbath to you. It's good to see you. And what a delightful day it is what a blessing to be in God's house on the Sabbath Amen. And look at trust you've got your lessons with you and those are the joining us we're glad that you are joining us as well. You want to make sure that you're calling in for free offer and it's often number see that's not a number of mislabel it begins with C two one five two zero. That's for the free offer let us know if you want the D.V.D. or CD version you want to call nine one six four five seven sixty five eleven or e-mail us at C S H at SEC Central dot au Oggi and how you're enjoying the programs and for our congregation here. Feel free to send in any questions you might have pertaining to this particular week's lesson or any week's lesson and I will try to get that involved and see if we can answer that. From time to time. So thanks for for doing that. We're in the book of Luke. We're continuing on in now journey and it's Lesson Number seven the Smalling Lesson Number seven the Jesus the Holy Spirit and prayer. Jesus and the Holy Spirit and Priya and L. That's where you to L. Scripture text here it is Luke Chapter eleven verses nine and ten and we can read that it says so I say to you ask. And it will be given to you seek and you will find knock and it will be open to you for everyone who asks receives and he who seeks finds and to him who knocks it will be opened. What a wonderful promise it is will look at that a little bit closer as we as we go through our lesson some time back. The Associated Press carried this dispatch it was from. Glasgow Kentucky and it said Leslie Puckett poor Leslie after struggling to start his car lifted the hood and discovered someone had stolen the engine. How unfortunate. You can't go very far in your car without an engine without a motor and you can't go very far and you can expect to live an animated joyful courageous Christ reflecting life without the Holy Spirit and without prayer and that's what the lesson is focusing on here today. Jesus dependence upon the Holy Spirit and His teaching regarding the Holy Spirit and Jesus prayer life and of course the lessons that we can learn from from Jesus experience in life that of the Gospels according to Matthew Mark and Luke Luke spends more time talking about the connection of the ministry of Jesus with the Holy Spirit. Matthew refers to the Holy Spirit twelve times. Mark refers to the Holy Spirit six times and Luke mentions the Holy Spirit seventeen times but Luke is also the author of The Book of Acts and he mentions the Holy Spirit fifty seven times in the book of Acts. Can you see what the driving power and force was in the early church and what the driving power must be in the church today. As the author of the lesson notes he sees he says Luke sees an operational link between Jesus and the Holy Spirit. He also sees the importance of prayer in Jesus' life and ministry highlighting the need for all of us to leave live a life dedicated and consecrated Pria if Jesus the spotless Son of God saw the need to pry how much more do you and I fall in humanity. So I just go into a lesson here we're going to launch right into Sunday's lesson. Jesus and the Holy Spirit Jesus and the Holy Spirit. It's without a doubt that Luke viewed the emergence of Christianity from the conception of Jesus to His ascension to the rise of the early church as an absolute marvel that was initiated and stated by the food person of the Godhead the Holy Spirit. So the question is what was the role of the Holy Spirit in Christ coming as a man if you got your Bibles were going to be over in Luke ten with me over there to Luke chapter one and were going to be Luke one and Luke two initially what was the role of the Holy Spirit in Christ coming as a man and that's where we begin our study here today. Luke chapter one verse thirty five talking about the the conception of Jesus. Notice what it says in the angel answered and said to her that is Mary the Holy Spirit will come upon you and the power of the highest will overshadow you. Therefore also that Holy One who is to be born will be cold the Son of God. What was the Holy Spirit's role in the birth of Jesus. He brought about the conception of the Son of God didn't say. The word where says the Holy Spirit came upon Mary and the power of the highest it will overshadow you that's a little poetry there. It's its synonymous synonymous phrase for the Holy Spirit come upon a person is for a Holy Spirit to fill a post some way it were told in the book of Judges Chapter six with reference to given that the Holy Spirit came upon him and he blew the trumpet and and lead and cold individuals out to join him to go to battle and we're told that King Saul the Holy Spirit came upon him and he was field with the spirit. We don't know exactly how all this took place. It was a divine miracle and it was absolute marvel. But the Holy Spirit was interim. Intimately intricately connected to the birth of Jesus his entrance into the. OLD a look at verse forty one same chapter. Let's take a look at those forty one. It says and it happened when Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary that the babe leaped in her womb and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit and then jump over with me to chapter two verse twenty five and look at verses verses twenty five and on. This is referring to. Simeon who was a priest and said Behold there was a man in Jerusalem whose name was Simeon and this man was just a devout waiting for the consolation of Israel and the Holy Spirit was one upon him and it had been revealed to him by the Holy Spirit that He would not see death before he had seen the Lord the Lord Christ. So he came by the Spirit into the temple and when the parents brought in the child Jesus to to do for him. According to the custom of the law. He took him up in his arms and blessed God and said Lord now you are letting your servant depart in peace. According to your word for my eyes have seen your salvation which you have prepared before the face of all peoples alike to bring revelation to the gentiles and the glory of your people is the rail. So what was the role of the Holy Spirit in the coming of Christ as a man number one. Jesus was Khan's sieved by the Holy Spirit we read that in Luke chapter one verse thirty five also in Luke chapter one verse forty one the Holy Spirit was confirmed that with the Holy Spirit confirmed Mary's divine pregnancy through Elizabeth. You see Elizabeth didn't know about what had taken place up to that time until the Holy Spirit gave her inspiration and she declared who the baby was in Mary's womb and so the Holy Spirit came upon her. So the Holy Spirit confirmed Mary's divine pregnancy and then thirdly in reading about Simeon in Luke Chapter two The Holy Spirit connected connected the baby Jesus to the church. Through an elderly priest named Simeon and so the Holy Spirit's role in Jesus is coming as a man is that he can see it was Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit confirmed confirmed Mary's divine pregnancy and then the Holy Spirit connected Jesus to the church. It's that's a very important point. God doesn't do much without connection without it doesn't do much in history without the involvement of his Church on earth and even Jesus was connected to the church of his day although Jesus came into the world and was seeking to reach out to Israel and Jesus was in reality building and establishing a new church but still the Holy Spirit connected Jesus to the church. Nothing is done in a vacuum in a Christian's life Amen always seeking to connect people to his people and that's what he always does and he did it with Jesus. So lets also question how else was the Holy Spirit tied into the ministry of Jesus. We can look at several verses so where and where in Luke So let's look at Luke chapter three and verse sixteen. Luke three and verse sixteen. John answered the saying I indeed baptize you with water but one mighty of that I is coming who sandal strap I am not worthy to loose. He will baptize you with a lot. The Holy Spirit and Fire. So John the Baptist's predicted Jesus would come and baptize with the Holy Spirit and with fire. Look at verse twenty one of those twenty two now when the people were baptized it came to pass that Jesus also was baptized and while he was praying the heaven was was opened and the Holy Spirit descended in bodily form like a dove upon him in a voice came from heaven which said You are my beloved Son in you. I am well pleased and so. The Holy Spirit affirmed the messiahship of Jesus at his baptism. This is all very very good isn't it. Look at verse one chapter four. It says then Jesus being filled with the Holy Spirit return from the Jordan was led by the lead by the Spirit into the wilderness That's right. So Jesus was led by the Holy Spirit into the wilderness where Jesus before he entered in upon his ministry could put into into some quality communion time with his father the closeness of Jesus and the spirit at this time teaches two very important lessons number one the that the Godhead the Father Son and Holy Spirit is connected by an eternal tie in attorney especially as it relates to the defeat of Satan and to the plan of salvation. So that's the first lesson we learn from this this connection between Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Secondly we can only be victorious. If we know if we obey and if we practice the word of God that is inspired by what or whom by the Holy Spirit remember Jesus was dealing with temptations and what did he say it is written here it is written. He knew the word here by the way he practiced the word and that word was inspired by the Holy Spirit and that's what gave Jesus victory you see. So whether we're hungry as Jesus was all and poor or whether we're surrounded by the alumina of the world. These are the temptations that came to Jesus or testing the voracity of God's promises we can be victorious. If we know and trust and obey the Word of God as led by the inspired by the Holy Spirit. OK. Luke Chapter four verse fourteen we're still looking at some verses the connection and relationship between Jesus' ministry and the work of the Holy Spirit. Luke four fourteen. Notice what it says then Jesus returned in the power of the spirit to Galilee and the news of him went out throughout all the surrounding regions. And so Jesus was filled with the spirit at the beginning of his ministry and it's the Holy Spirit that guided and led Jesus' life look at verse eighteen of the same chapter. Jesus is standing before the in the synagogue stand before the people of some of the people of Nazareth there and he's reading from I desire and it says the spirit of the Lord is upon me and Jesus later declared as he sat down that today the Scriptures fulfilled in your hearing and so Jesus said hey the Spirit of God is upon me and the Spirit of God is upon me annoying to me to preach the Gospel to the poor sent me to heal the broken hearted proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind to set at liberty those who are oppressed to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord and so the Holy Spirit in these words. Jesus is declaring that though that his work was empowered his ministry was empowered and equipped by the Holy Spirit look Chapter eleven. We're looking at some more here. Luke Chapter eleven. And verse thirteen and we're going to come here a little bit later on. It says if you then being evil know how to give good gifts to children. How much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him said Jesus promised the Holy Spirit to anyone who would ask for him now. Someone has John Chapter sixteen verses five through seven. John Chapter sixteen verses five through seven. All right. We just need to see your hand if you don't mind. Right over here all right over here. Stacey thank you so much. All right John Chapter sixteen verses five who said we're going to come to you in just a moment we're going to look at Luke Chapter twelve verse ten before we get to John sixteen and although I know we're looking at verses in Luke we're going to skip over to John because he has something very important very interesting to say over the chapter twelve and verse ten. Notice again. The relationship between Jesus and the Holy Spirit and if anyone Jesus said who speaks a word against the Son of man. It will be forgiven him. But to him who blasts Fames against the Holy Spirit. It will not be forgiven. That's wrong and it will not be forgiven. So Jesus warns us not to blaspheme the Holy Spirit. What is the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit simply rejecting the gentle pleadings and prods of the Holy Spirit building up a brick wall so that you can hear the work or hear the voice of the Holy Spirit in your life. It's like cutting the the telephone wire or hitting mute on your cell phone you can hear the Holy Spirit anymore speaking and so Jesus warned us against committing the unpossible sin blaspheming the Holy Spirit. OK John Chapter sixteen verses five through seven thank Stacie. But now I go my way to Him that sent me and then you ask me whether GO us that now that because I have said these things and to you. Sorrow hath fill your heart. Nevertheless I tell you the truth. It is expedient for you that I go away for if I go not away the Comforter will not come again to you but if I depart. I will send him to you. All right. Excellent. Thank you for that. So Jesus was promising his disciples that his abiding presence would be with his followers through what agency through the third third person of the Godhead the Holy Spirit. There is a question that I think Richard you have the question. And we're going to come to you in just a moment right here you have a question related to the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives but I just want to touch on this very important point here in John Chapter sixteen what Stacie read Jesus promised he actually said it would be expedient that he would go away that the Holy Spirit would come why did Jesus say that because if you were a disciple of Jesus at that time you would be saying no or you would be saying this is expedient you need to go you'll be saying no. Why do you think Jesus said it would be expedient it would be expedient. Because Jesus was a man and he could only be at one place at one time and in leaving there would be a vacuum and a need for the presence of the Comforter the Holy Spirit to help you see and and and the disciples of Jesus and you and I wouldn't be able to experience the presence of Jesus in a more powerful way because the Holy Spirit would always be able to be with us. So it's a powerful thing that Jesus is saying here. So. The other thing that I just want to highlight is that Jesus speaks of the Holy Spirit not as a force or of some power but as one with God He refers to him as a he not as an it. But as a he the Holy Spirit is one with the father if you continue to read one with Jesus one with a father. If you continue to read John Chapter sixteen. You'll notice in there over and over again. The things that the Holy Spirit does leading guiding people into all truth comforting them leading them steering their lives. This is something a person thus this is something the Holy Spirit does. You see it's a great mystery I don't profess to suggest that we know exactly what the Holy Spirit looks like but we can still say without a shadow of a doubt that he is the third person of the Godhead you see and through that agency Jesus promises to be with us. And that's wonderful promise Amen surely Richard had a quick question. Only opener sells a to the leading and infilling of the Holy Spirit in our lives. OK so it's a very good question isn't it. We're talking about the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit in connection to the ministry of Jesus. What about personally. How about How about the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives and how we can clear up the channel so to speak to to hear the Holy Spirit's voice speaking to us what would you say what would you say what are some practical ways we can actually hear the Holy Spirit and open ourselves up to the leading and the infilling of the Holy Spirit. OK. Someone said turn off the T.V. OK fair enough. All right. Less T.V. more Bible. How is that you know the Holy Spirit inspired the Bible. And if we come to the Bible. We're going to hear the voice of God the voice of the Holy Spirit doing one speaking to us that small still voice that's right. So opening the Bible. That's exactly what a good thing to do and not only just obeying the Bible but being careful that we follow and obey it. If we see something in the Word of God that God's asking us to do and we turn a deaf ear if we turn our back on it. We say we push back on it. We are putting ourselves in a position of danger because the more we do that. The less we will be able to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to our hearts and that's kind of like building that brick wall you build that brick wall here you can still talk to the person on the other side you keep building that brick wall. The way to the ceiling and that's a mighty toll brick wall. But you build it all the way to the to the ceiling. I'm going to be able to hear the person on the other side. Now and so every time we say no to the Holy Spirit to the Word of God We actually is shutting out the voice of the Holy Spirit and his prodding and his calling in our lives. You say yes there are some distractions to armpit. You know we could sweep could suggest and this and this is important. Remember that the voice of the Holy Spirit is soft and it's gentle the Holy Spirit's voice isn't often loud and obtuse of the Holy Spirit's voice is soft and so if we are allowing a lot of Norway's into our minds then it blocks out the voice of the Holy Spirit so that spending time in prayer is an important thing just stepping back Jesus spent a lot of time in prayer his ministry more talk about this his ministry was saturated in prayer. He came to save the world but he withdrew to spend quality time with God in prayer and so that's very very important removing obstacles in our lives. Some of us have attitude issues some of us have pride issues some of us have people in El. Lives that are not doing us any good and I'm not suggesting we should sever relationships of friendships but we maybe need to spend a little less time with them and more time with Jesus just just just giving you some ideas here lifestyles what we listen to what we watch what we read are we doing of those things preventing the Holy Spirit from speaking to us and so these are some practical things that we can that we can do to open ourselves up to the working and leading of the Holy Spirit in our lives and there are no doubt many more. Well it's going to Mondays less on this talk about now the prayer life of Jesus the prayer life of Jesus. You know Jesus was the not only the Son of man but he was a Son of God and Jesus is praying Jesus was often found in Pray pray it brings with it. The idea of dependency doesn't it. Dependency upon the Almighty God always before some big decision or experience. Jesus spent some quality time in prayer and Luke's shares with us. Some of those very important moments and I want to go through those with you in Luke chapter three verse twenty one. We will all turn then let's take a look at Luke chapter three verse twenty one. We were talking about Jesus' baptism earlier. And I want you to notice Luke is the only one who says this about Jesus when he came up out of the water. It is baptism. Luke chapter three verse twenty one. It says when all the people were baptized it came to pass that Jesus also was baptized and while he prayed while he prayed the heavens were open the Holy Spirit descended and then amazing. Jesus during his baptism was what price. He was praying. This is amazing. Jesus was praying during his baptism. We're told in desire of ages page one hundred eleven that Jesus was about to enter in on the conflict of his life and so his life was going to be saturated in prayer. He was praying that people would receive his who he was the man. The Son of God he was praying that. His followers that he would would would bring to himself would have minds and hearts so open to his ministry and to his mission and not be blocked and closed like the religious leaders of Jesus' day. So Jesus at his baptism prayed look over it looked up to six now. Have to six and verses twelve and thirteen which up to six verses twelve and thirteen now it came to pass in those days that he went out talking of Jesus out to the mountain to pray. That's right. And he continued all night in prayer to God and that always amazes me that Jesus spent all night in prayer. You probably had the same experience that I've had You're on your knees you're prying and you're talking to the Lord and before you know it you don't know what happened. Lights went out you're on that you're on your knees and it's one o'clock in the morning and you've been on your knees all that time but you haven't been praying you've been sleeping. It's a. It may have happened to you. I hope I'm not the only one you're talking to the Lord you are so tough that in any case I think it happened when we were. Students Working in working going door to door as literature evangelists and a friend of mine we're canvassing in in Arkansas. All over the winter break and we before we went to bed. We were praying and I prayed and went into my sleeping bag and my friend when I woke up in the morning was still kneeling down had fallen asleep and was in that position. I guess prying on and off and sleeping on and off but Jesus prayed all night and it probably wouldn't do us any harm to pray a little extra longer than we normally do when some very important decisions are about to be made or were about to experience something new in our lives. Jesus before he chose the twelve disciples to read that I read the verse thirty. And when he was and when it was day he called his disciples to himself and from them. He chose twelve he also named apostles. So Jesus. Spent all night in prayer before he chose his twelve disciples His these individuals who would be a possible Apostles who would be called to the office second only to that of Jesus himself. So this was a very very important decision Jesus was making if you're planning to get married you probably ought to spend three or four times extra time in prayer before you make that decision very important decisions being made the college you're going to go off to a new job that you're going to be employed at spending time quality time with God as pastors here we think and we pray in our elders think in Pride before another elders chose or a deacon and very important. We're praying through these big decisions. Luke Chapter nine verse eighteen and go over with me there another big decision or another important event. Luke Chapter nine verse eighteen. And it happened as he was also alone praying that his disciples joined him and he asked them saying who did the crowd say that I am Jesus spent quality time in prayer here prayed that his disciples would completely identify with him as a person and with his mission as the Son of God as Jesus Christ the Christ the Messiah. So Jesus before coming to them and asking them who do you say that I am prayed for them isn't it nice to know that Jesus prays for us. Even though he's not here anymore but out there in the heavenly sanctuary he still prays for us. Jesus prays for each one of us that we might identify completely with his person and his mission and who he is and what he's doing in the heavenly century now that's what he wants for us and then let's go over to Luke nine twenty eight and twenty nine another instance now came to pass after about eight days after these sayings that he took Peter John and James and he went up to the mountain to pray you notice Jesus spent oftentimes in prayer on mountain. Yes he went along on and he went high. There's always something neat about going up high. You get a new perspective on things going alone spending time with God there he was he took Peter James and John. Up to the mound to pray and as he prayed the appearance of his face was altered and his robe became white English sinning. So Jesus prayed for his disciples and prayed before his transfiguration when he received the second indorsement of his father from his father of his son ship. Remember the voice said You are my beloved Son I'm pleased with you. This was the second indorsement said Jesus prayed before the Transfiguration now some one has Luke Chapter twenty three verse forty six. He's got that Luke Chapter twenty three verse forty six. We're going to come to in just a moment rather let's go to look up to twenty two verse thirty nine to begin with Luke twenty two verse thirty nine. And it says coming out. He went to the Mount of Olives as he was accustomed then his disciples also followed him and when he came to the place he said to them pray that you may not enter into temptation and he was withdrawn from them about a stone's throw any knelt down what did he do. He prayed and what did he price father. If it is your will take this couple way from me. Nevertheless not my will but yours be done then an angel appeared to him from heaven strengthening him him being in agony he prayed more earnestly and then he became like great drops of blood falling down to the ground and Jesus prayed in death seventy and perhaps this was the most important prayer of Jesus' life. It was there that Jesus made the ultimate surrender to go through with the plan to go to Calvary to go to the cross. There are three important principles that we can learn from this particular prayer this appearing already of God's will. Jesus surrendered to it. God's will was superior Jesus surrender to that's number one number two the commitment to follow through on God's will even at the risk of giving up one's own life and then thirdly the strength to be victorious toward accomplishing God's will and purpose some powerful lessons we can learn just from that important prayer of Jesus and then to look up to twenty three verse forty six and when Jesus they cried with a loud voice he said Father into the hands I commit my spirit and having said that he gave up the ghost. OK So Jesus prayed committing his life into the hands of God And where was Jesus at this time it was on the cross it was on Calvary. That's exactly right and he committed his life into the hands of God Here Jesus gives us the ultimate purpose of prayer the ultimate purpose of prayer. It is the vehicle by which we remain surrendered to God's purposes and his plans for our lives. So when we pray we are to pray God's will be done. We had upright and commit our lives into God's hands and can you trust your life in God's hands. Absolutely. There's no doubt about that. Whatever you might be going through and I don't mean to diminish the head but you can trust God through it. He cares for you he loves you. He will guide you. He'll give you wisdom he'll do what needs to be done to help you through that he meant to remove that situation but to help you through it. There's no doubt about that as we pray with a surrender or all to Jesus. So what are the examples from Jesus' prayer life tell us about our own prayer life. When I was reviewing this lesson I mean a spoke volumes to me it told me I need to pray more. I need to pray more a challenge. My my my commitment to the relationship that I want with God am I connected to the Father like oh are ought to really be what. What do these examples from Jesus Prayer tell us about I'm pro-life. I want to read to. You hear a statement found in design of ages page three hundred sixty two and three hundred sixty three. And he's talking about prayer in a life holy devoted to the good of others and this is talking about Jesus the Savior found it necessary to withdraw from the Foreign Affairs of travel and from the throng that followed him day after day he must turn aside from a life of ceaseless activity and contact with human needs to seek retirement and on broken communion with the father as one with us a share in our needs and our weaknesses. He was wholly dependent upon God and in the secret place of prayer he sought divine strength that he might go forth braced for duty and trial in a world of sin. Jesus enjoyed struggles and torture of soul in communion with God he could him burden the sorrows that were crushing him here he found comfort and he found joy and then she concludes by saying in Christ the cry of humanity reached the father of infinite pity as a man he supplicated the front of God till his humanity was charged with a heavenly current that should connect humanity with divinity through continual communion he received life from God that he might impart life to the world his experience is to be house man in a beautiful. If Jesus the Son of God saw the saw his dependence and need of continual communion with the father how much more do you and I need to stay connected to the Father of Jesus was certainly the Son of God He was a son of man he experienced temptations he experienced the weakness of humanity he didn't sin but understood what it means to be human. Any new the. He needed to depend upon the strength of his father and so he spent quality time in prayer and the admonition. Here is as Jesus' life was a life of continue communion with God through prayer. So our lives should be also in that doesn't mean we should be walking around on our nice in that in that form of prayer the entire day. Yes there are there are moments where we need to go into that quiet place that quiet room kind of a mountain side by a rippling stream some place quite well we had a commune with God alone but we had to take that communion all throughout the day meant to spend quality time talking to God and this leads us to choose days lesson because when Jesus was praying the disciples had just returned from somewhere. We're not exactly sure they heard Jesus pray they were so impressed with the prayer of Jesus. They said Lord teach us to pray teach us to pray. So going to go to Luke Chapter eleven were on Tuesdays left at lesson Luke Chapter eleven. They wanted to learn how to pray and it's a good question to ask Lord teach us to pray how to teach me how to pray I was challenged by the pastor who baptized me. He said you know you need to spend time with God each morning and spend time with him in the in the Bible and time in prayer and as one who wasn't accustomed to daily praying. It was a challenge to begin with because I felt like my prayers were just kind of bouncing off the ceiling was talking to someone saying unknown but as I read His word and as I kept on praying and rid his word and kept on praying and I studied and I was reading the Gospels and I was reading along with that the desire of ages and if you haven't read the book desire of ages man you got to read that book. It's a powerful book on the life of Jesus as I got better acquainted with Jesus. It became easier to pray to a person to someone who was actually hearing me who cared for me who loved made who could talk. Who could talk to me and I could talk to him I said Lord teach me to pray and he continues to teach us all doesn't how to pray the disciples asked. Jesus teach us how to pray. Let's read that in Luke Chapter eleven and more reverses one through four Luke Chapter eleven one three four now it came to pass as he was praying in a certain place when he ceased that one of His disciples said to him Lord teach us to pray as John also taught his disciples and so we said to them when you pray say Our Father in heaven hallowed be your name your kingdom come. Your will be done On earth as it is in heaven. Give us day by day our daily bread and forgive us our sins for you also forgive everyone who is indebted to us and do not lead us into temptation but deliver us from the evil one. So how does this model prayer teach us to pray. What elements are in this prayer and that we should incorporate in our house want to take us point by point here. First of all Jesus prays to. Father. Our Father who art in heaven. That's right. Father. This was Jesus' favorite reference to God it's a matter of fact it's mentioned one hundred seventy times in the four gospels Father Jesus reference to his father. This is a recognition and this is important for us to remember when we're praying to recognize this is one step a one for what to recognize that God exists that he is alive and that he is a personal God not a full of philosophical idea or a pantheistic notion. The idea that God is somehow nebulous and in all things and. In and around all things God's personal He's real. Who cares for his children. So when we pray we to recognize that he is personal that he exists that He loves us that he cares for us and that His ways and his thoughts are higher than ours because our father doesn't live here on earth he lives where in Heaven His ways are different than our ways and also in prying this way we recognize that we are all. Children of the same family and that's an important concept it's as to when we're praying to our Father in Heaven where acknowledging that we are children of the same father you say and then Jesus said hello be your name each prayer of ours should recognize that God is first and foremost holy He is holy. He is also he is big. He is mighty Almighty. He is first and foremost holy and then he has everything else and then he is everything else. This is not encouragement that we should try and figure out the exact name of God By the way and try to refer to him by that for after all if we didn't know God's name we would seldom use it when referring to the majesty of heaven when you know one goes around talking to the Queen of England. Hey Elizabeth. OK let's chat a little a little bit. They call her majesty and no one calls the president of the United States. By his first name just by broccolis hang out. It is Mr President whoever sits in that seat. It's Mr President you show respect. So Jesus is not suggesting here we should try to figure out the exact name of God that would be a possibility in the first place and then call him by it. It's really he's really saying that we should WE are called to Hello his name by representing his character in our words in an abbey. That's how we Hello. God's name. That's how we sanctify God's name by representing him in our lives. You remember Moses wanted to see the glory of God And God said I will pass before you and I will declare my name and so everyone sits up and listens OK Most God is going to pass before Moses. Let's listen to the name of God and what did God declare his name was what merciful and gracious longsuffering eccentric cetera. His name. It is his character his name is who he is and we are called to Hello. His name by representing him in word and indeed to say that we follow him and not obey him is to basically tarnish that name. You know in the Ten Commandments of mamma says Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain. There are folks who take the name of the Lord in vain by professing their Christians but living. As non christians not expressing faith in God trusting in him the living prophet lives all the while the Clearing the Christians we can tarnish that name by misrepresenting that name. So he said hello be your name another area in which we ought to be praying and Jesus is teaching us how to pray he said Your Kingdom or your kingdom come. That's right. In other words the kingdom come. There's a recognition that that there's going to come a time that Jesus will establish his kingdom here on Earth. First of all he's going to stablish His kingdom in the hearts of men and you can refer to Luke Chapter three seventeen verse twenty one right now we're living in the kingdom of his grace. Living in the kingdom of his grace. And it's also a recognition that there will be an end to the kingdoms of the world when God sets up His eternal Kingdom and you can go to Daniel Chapter two verse forty four for reference there. Jesus said I Kingdom. Come a recognition a recognition that we must first into enter enter into the Kingdom of Grace before we think to enter into the kingdom of glory the kingdom of Glory is a stablished when Jesus comes back. We're told in Matthew and Luke that when Jesus comes back he is going to sit on the throne of His glory but Paul tells us in Hebrews Chapter four that we are to come boldly to his throne of grace we're living under the Kingdom of Grace right now but one day the kingdom of glory will be stablished after a thousand years we will kingdom will come right here on planet Earth and then he said You all will be done On earth as it is in heaven as we pray we have to recognize. The reality that just as angels in heaven are by God and allowed to do His will. We by God's grace can do God's will also. I must begin with you and me and after the millennium after the fowls in years that we read about in Revelation chapter twenty heaven will come to earth. Jesus said The meek will inherit the earth. So when we and we're not finished with the Lord's Prayer yet we're going to go to Windsor is less and the right here we have to recognise this is no ordinary prayer I meant. This isn't just a run out the door kind of flippant morning and out. We go. It's not it's not that type of prayer. This is not the type of this is this type of praying involves more than repetitious or rote prayers this type of prying is more than shallow frothy type Prius this type of praying involves the heart and engages the mind. It's a call to an ongoing intimate saving relationship with Jesus Christ with the God of heaven and the universe you see. So Jesus is teaching us their prayer is to be alive. And it's really a call for dependence upon God isn't it. Let's go to Wednesday's lesson. Let's continue the model prayer part of the model to Jesus to give us this day our what our daily bread is teaching us how to pray will recognise our absolute dependency on the father's benevolence to provide for our basic necessities daily and if he cares for the sparrow do you think you'll care for you. Certainly praying this prayer doesn't in any way though to diminish honest hard work. It also acknowledges that our ability to provide comes from God You say God will take care of us if we place our faith and confidence in him. Give us this day our daily bread and then he said Forgive us our sins again we're learning how to pray here Jesus is teaching us how to pray we to recognize in our prayers and. Our humanity will recognize our need of God's grace and our recognize the recognition of our need of compassion and forgiveness toward others forgive us our debts as we forgive those who have sinned against trespassed against us. You see forgiving others gives evidence that we have received the forgiveness of God in our hearts. Now sometimes some folk might take advantage of your kindness toward them. Therefore we need to pray for more grace. We need to pray for more grace and then Jesus closed and said do not lead us into temptation but deliver us deliver us and this again these teaching us to pray in each of our prayers we are to give recognition of our need of good sense to not put ourselves in the way of temptation I meant. And secondly the need of power to overcome temptation that finds us. You don't need to go looking for Temptation temptation going to come looking for you as a devil this is imps as your your your your carnal nature. All these things roar us to to sin you see we don't have to six a come however we need to recognize a couple of things here. First of all temptation is not sin. I meant if you are tempted it doesn't mean you are sinning. It means you are being tempted. It is not the product temptation is not the product it is the process used to lead us to the product which is sin. And then and then we need to remember that God of first of all succumbing to temptation is not an option for the Christian we don't need to I meant we don't have to by God's grace. The second thing is God is not the author of temptation this is what this pretty much as us. God is not the author of temptation here may allow to come but he has not. He's not the author of it and he doesn't allure us to sin. At any particular time. So this is how jesus teaches us to pray. He's teaching us to depend upon him he's teaching us to lean upon him he's teaching us to to look to Him as our Father the One Who. Cares for us. The one who guide our lives. The one who gave us victory. The one who will care for us. God is good isn't it. He really years. All right. So here we are. We're going to be talking here. We're going to jump over the first day's lesson more lessons on prayer when asked this question here how willing is God. How willing is God to provide for on the it's you know he's very willing right. Luke Chapter eleven who's got there that we're Chapter eleven verses nine through thirteen. We're going to come to you in just a moment. Robert you need to remember that God will read our requests according to his. Will. There's no doubt about that. OK Look Chapter eleven verses nine three thirteen next. And I say unto you. After initially be given you seek unusual find not open to you. For everyone to ask if it's even and you don't find it in the end that it knocking at each other you know that his sons are asked bread of any of you with anything father. We give them a stone. When we ask if fish will eat for a fish or if you ask for an egg. We are fermented scorpion. If you then being evil know how to give good gift unto your children. How much more so you have any father give the Holy Spirit to them that can we serve a very benevolent but never let God down we thank you very much very benevolent god there's no doubt about it. He'll grant our request. According to his will first John five fourteen. He'll provide for our needs. When we put him first. Matthew six thirty three. He'll give us the desires of our heart. If we delight in him some thirty seven verse four he will give us our greatest need. And the greatest need. We have is for the Holy Spirit you see if we but ask more than anything else. God wants us to have the Holy Spirit God at the drop of a hat quick of his fingers could provide for financial needs to take care of the problems that we have in a heartbeat but the greatest want that we have the greatest need. He wants to fulfill for us. Is the need of the Holy Spirit. We need the Holy Spirit in our lives we need and we have to have and we can have the Holy Spirit. This is the day of a lot of rain. This is the day where we ought to be praying for the seasons of refreshing. Let's pray for rain Amen. Let's pray for rain let's pray for more of the Holy Spirit because Jesus said If you ask it will be or he will be given to you. The Holy Spirit coming into the life will empower and help and shape our lives. You see where in those days lesson in first day's lesson more lessons on Preah by teaching an example. Jesus expected his followers and we've been studying this he expected his followers to engage in a life of prayer through prayer they could be number one experience the newness of God. Number two be actively engaged in mission and number three be victorious in the struggle against sin against self and against the world. So what kind of prayer life should we lead. What type of prayer life should we have Luke provide some important principles and elements of prayer when I look at all the verses but I'm going to give you some references here. Jesus encourages us in Luke Chapter six verse thirty eight to pray for our enemies to pray for a enemies. We can we should be praying for those that perhaps we don't like God would change our hearts but we are commanded to pray for our enemies and then with encouraged in Luke Chapter eighteen verse one to pray for God's sorry Luke Chapter ten verse two Luke ten verse two we to pray for God's worldwide work and be a participant in bringing in the you see and then Luke Chapter eighteen verse one way to pray for spiritual courage and then in Luke Chapter ten versts for Chapter eighteen rather verse ten through fourteen I want to take you over there real quick. I want to read that Luke Chapter eighteen verses ten through fourteen. It's a story that Jesus told he said two men went on the up to the temple to pray one a Pharisee the other tax collector the Pharisee stood and prayed thus with himself. God I thank you that I'm not like the other men extort. As an unjust adulterers and even the tax collector I fast twice a week I give ties of all that I possess and the tax collector standing afar off would not so much as raise his eyes to heaven but beat on his chest saying God be merciful to me a sinner this teaches us that when we pray we to pray with confession and with humility in picture and prophets and kings page five hundred ninety. We're told that make this and loneliness are the conditions of success and victory. A crown of glory awaits those who battle at the foot of the cross as in a beautiful and then over in Luke Chapter twenty one verse thirty six. Jesus encourages us to pray always pray without ceasing and then Luke twenty two verses forty and forty six we had a prayer not to be defeated by temptation. So these are some of the things that Jesus has given us principles that would guide our prayer life then we have the model prayer. Jesus gave us the model prayer we read that in Luke Chapter eleven verses one through four and then thirdly there are certain qualities that should characterize our prayer life next to the Lord's Prayer our prayer life should be at its core the attitude that says Not my will but your will be done when that happens the ingredients of a meaningful prayer life followed Thanksgiving continued dependence upon God persistence penitence humility faith and the list goes on. John back with me to Luke Chapter eleven our last verse verses five through eight. Jesus said which of you shall have a friend and go to him at midnight and say to him friend lend me three loaves for a friend of mine has come to me in his journey and I have nothing to set before him and he will answer within and say Do not trouble me the door is now shut my children are with me in bed and I cannot rise and give to you. I say to you though he will not rise and give to him because he is his friend yet because of his persistence. He will rise. And give him as many as he needs we had to be persistent in now prayer life. If God knows and then why do I have to post a fear in prayer does change God. But it does change else. Someone said prayers. Prayer is Heaven's means to educate our desires and so as we possibly persevered pray God changes our hearts and minds gets us into line with His will and his plans for us. Well I want to read a statement from faults from the man a blessing. I'm just going to tell you where to go to read it it's on page eighty five thoughts from the man a blessing page eighty five and it's a powerful little couple of paragraphs talking about the benefits and the the joys of prayer and praying to the life of a Christian is was born in the life of a Christian is born and is now by the Holy Spirit and is in it is imperative that this life be sustained through going to prison Thanksgiving present praise preserve intercession and dependence of God and this life is sustained also through the study of God's Holy Word and so the question for us here today is when we give more time to prayer be more earnest about receiving the Holy Spirit and open God's word on a more regular basis is that your purpose that you desire today as my desires. Thank you for those those have been joining us live that you have to call in for your free offer its office seek two one five two zero and call in at nine one six four five seven sixty five eleven or e-mail us at C S H G We're glad you joined us keep on looking up keep on praying keep on studying God's word keep asking for the Holy Spirit. What do you say amen. Yes yes yes yes.


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