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A Stolen Generation

Chris Buttery
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  • April 25, 2015
    11:30 AM
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For millennia people from different countries cultures and backgrounds have found direction and encouragement in the inspired pages of the Bible in his day. Jesus directed listeners to search the prophecies of Scripture to find him. The only way of salvation two thousand years later as we stand on the brink of eternity. We know less need the purpose and hope God's Word provides Sacramento central church brings you receive in the words timely Bible messages presented by pastors Chris buttery and like John said a lazy revelations await us God's Holy Word the Bible. Have you ever heard of the world colonialism. Colonialism. It is the policy and practice of a power in extending control over a week of peoples or areas in populating it with settlers and exploiting it economically. History tells us that during the eighteen hundreds it was the age of the empires. It was a race to see which nation could claim the most amount of territory and in turn increases sustenance and more importantly its dominance in the world. The latter was achieved through education but more on that in just a moment. It's interesting. And yet people today as well as countries to this day still struggle with the with identity crisis with post colonial economic problems and social and rigid religious conflicts. The colonial experience cause the colonise to perceive themselves as inferior to the coloniser. As a result the natives consider their culture their custom their religion their way of life their race inferior to those of their master and they try to identify themselves with the empire through a means of assimilation and through education. Now colonialism is not a recent. Modern even vention we can go a long way back into its history to see different versions of it. Albeit a little more fierce and severe springing up along the landscape of history with each conquest the Assyrian ruler Polese of the third introduced a policy that came to have a decisive effect on the latter history of the Near East. This made him stand out from every a Syrian leader and possibly every king of every nation before him after each conquest to go with police of the third transplanted the native population to other parts of his empire this policy resulted in a large scale forced migration breaking the nationalistic spirit spirit of various nations the exchange will of nation what was intended to create an empire whose people no longer consider themselves to be for example Syrian or it to be an Israelite ought to be from Israel. It was designed to forestall any potential uprisings it was a terrific play for a despotic ancient leader that is the next ruling empire was Babylon. Babylon was also a conquering nation and if you turn with me to Daniel Chapter one. We read of when Judah went into captivity it to the hands of Babylonians God's people became subjugated to a superior nation we know the story pretty well. We know the story pretty well Israel gave themselves up to strange gods and shun the messengers of the God of heaven and they did not listen to the messages of reproof God warned his people over and over and over again. Then he allowed them and they didn't listen and then he allowed them to be taken into captivity at the hand of the Assyrians first of all the northern tribe and then Judah into the hands of Babylonian into the hands of the Babylonians So the. Us of Daniel Chapter one is essentially the re education of the young people of Israel now by this time. Daniel had reached the age of eighteen when he had been taken captive but he was still considered to be a young person a young person in Jewish literature could have been thirty but we know from the book The fourth volume of the testimonies page five hundred sixty that Daniel was eighteen years of age and I want to turn with made a dent in chapter one. And look at verses three and four again let's read those Then the king instructed Assman as the master of his eunuchs to bring some of the children of Israel and some of the king's descendants and some of the nobles young men in whom there was no blemish but good looking gifted in all wisdom possessing knowledge and quick to understand who had ability to serve in the king's palace and this just in the King Nebuchadnezzar looked at the Israelite youth. And he chose a few of them who he decided to bring back as captives to Babylon to be brainwashed and to be educated in the University of Babylon and then send them back to their home country as puppet rulers essentially a king never can. There's a sort to change these young men to forge a nation and ultimately to bring the Israelites into mainstream Babylonian society. And he did so by focusing his attention on the education of the young people modern day despots have also utilized the same methods. When the Soviet empire invaded Afghanistan Afghan a youth were taken and put in special educational schools in Russia where they were taught the philosophy of Marxism and communism. They were then sent back to be puppet rulers for the Kremlin in Afghanistan. We think about Hitler Hitler did the same thing with the nations he overran in the second during the Second World War. He brought key young people from those nations back to Germany to indoctrinate them in the philosophies of Hitlerism the philosophies of Nazi Germany and so they could go back as rulers of their own people. Propagating the philosophy among the masses King Nebuchadnezzar basically did the same thing Jerusalem had fallen. And the young people were brought back to Babylon with the intention to educate them or reeducate them and send them back as puppet rule us King never can as according to the verses we read in verses three and four selected the most educated and the most influential because you see if you can influence the Smart us. If you can influence the most prized in the most popular children. It makes your job a whole lot easier for the rest to influence the rest of the youth. So to assimilate these Israelites into Babylonian culture as civilized a members of society like the stolen generation of Australian history never can answer gave them a Babylonian education and the education was essentially designed to change them. That they were to be reborn as Babylonians and so. They were to be educated in their education comprise certain different elements. So they were to be reborn as Babylonians and this education comprises a mention for things an introduction to a new language introduction to new literature a new new name an introduction to a new diet. So if embraced by the young Israelites it would have potential to compromise their identity as the children of the Creator God and essentially neutralize their effectiveness and witness in the courts of a foreign nation. So in the following chapters in the Book of Daniel we learn that given these changed. Is God's people were susceptible to worshipping other gods in especially when you go to read the story in Daniel Chapter three. Let's look at Daniel Chapter one Verse four. The new chapter one and verse four look at the second part here we read. So he chose these individuals who who had possessed knowledge quick to understand who had ability to serve in the king's palace and whom they might teach notice two things here in verse four the. The language and the literature of the Calvin's That's right. The language and the literature of the Calgarians now their literature included authority training in the classical language and script of the country that is in Babylonian language and in cuniform writing in addition to colloquial Aramaic the youth were to be basically immersed in the back in Babylonian history in Babylonian culture and in the Babylonian it's their old way of life was to essentially be forgotten. They were no longer to be considered Israelites look at verse five Verse five of Daniel chapter one and the king appointed them a daily provision of the king's delicacies and the wine which he drank and three years of training for them. So at the end of that time they might serve before the king and so these were delicacies these food these new through this new diet was introduced to these boys that they come from Israel and although it would have been an honor to take of the king's table and food. Daniel and his friends could not participate. Of that diet for one the food was way too rich. Number two the food had been offered to idols and thirdly some of it was unfit basically unfit for food and unfit for drink and then jump down with me to verse six and look at the the fourth installment a fourth way of educating these young boys now from among those of the sons of Juda where Daniel. Michelle and Azariah to them. The chief of the eunuchs gave names and gave Daniel the name Delta shares are to Hannah NY a shed wreck to Michelle Michelle. And to Azariah Abend So a new name was given to these Hebrew Boyce Now Daniel when you heard the name Daniel when Daniel heard his name being called his name meant God is judge God is God is my judge and all three Daniel's captivity in Babylon all through his brainwashing process all through the time that never can. As I was trying to influence his mind. If Daniel kept his name he would just say my name is Dan Your God is my judge God is on the throne. God is going to set things right. Not King Nebuchadnezzar so never can. There's a new he had to change the name of then you gave Daniel the name Delta shares. And the name Delta shares are means the keeper of the hidden treasures of Bel So let's go back for just a moment if you go back to verse two of Daniel Chapter One never can as ordered his lieutenants to take the golden candle sticks and and furniture out of the century there in the Temple in Jerusalem and put them in the pagan temple and Belmont Duke who was the chief of the thirteen gods of Babylon. It was where they put this particular particular items of tem of the temple furniture in his temple. So now Daniel's name was changed saying in effect. God is not your judge Jerusalem is in ruins. Jerusalem is in bondage. We have the sacred vessels. We have the candlesticks we have the vessels that you use in your worship Israelite worship now Bell is in charge of these things your name is now Beltre shares and you'll be the keeper of the tree hidden treasures of now the name of Daniel's friend Hanna Naya that name means The Lord is gracious and to me. Can you imagine that Hannah Neiers mom would whisper in his ear. Hannah Nial when he was young. Never forget that you are who you are handed the Lord is gracious to me if you have a lot to eat. That means the Lord is gracious unto me if I'm in poverty the Lord is gracious unto me if I'm a captive to the Babylonians the Lord is gracious to me I think Hebrew mothers were pretty smart when they chose their children's names what do you think certainly the child's name denoted something with referencing their character. Every time the kid said I'm had a NY or he was saying The Lord is gracious unto me. Well now because a new that wouldn't do so. Never can is a said no. Now you are Shadrack an inspiration. Of the Sun the Sun God shines graciously now upon you and then there's Michelle and Michelle simply means God like the English name Michael has the same origin. Remember every time a Hebrew name has the the the word L E L in it. That's a derivative of God's name so Michel means one like God one who has patients one who has kindness one who has a loving loving who is loving this the characteristics of the Creator God but never can as a said you know what that's not going to do now because I said your name is going to be changed for me shelter. Michele. Which means the servant of the goddess of Sheba. And finally Azariah his name means The Lord is my helper. Now because A says bowed down to that particular idol. My name is Azariah and the Lord is my helper you will never see your father or mother again you'll die in captivity. My name is as Araya the Lord is my helper. Well that would never do in the kingdom of Babylon never can is a change his name from Azariah to Bendigo which means the servant of negro heir. Every one of the names was changed from something revealing God like qualities and characteristics to a name that represented the qualities of a pagan god so in that in essence essentially the table had been saying that the pressure to conform was enormous the society around them was a materialistic sex saturated morally jaded thrill pulsating generation and they were being forced and Co worst to conform right down to their very name that's what Babylon offers my friends my friends that's what the world office. Could our own children be imbibing and receiving from Babylon today like the indigenous Australian children of the stolen generation are we allowing our children to be re educated so that the distinctive traits of the last generation church will be slowly erased away. Here's a possible is a possible the education that they receive the Israelites received in Babylon was designed to change them. And as I mentioned before in the following verses chapters of Daniel we learned that given these changes God's people would be made more susceptible to idol worship you have the story in Daniel Chapter three now because of the coals all the rule is from around the region and says Listen I've got this great statue going to come to the dedication of the statue instead of coming to a dedication of a statue they come to bow down and worship before this great statue at the sound of the music and that's a sermon in and of itself but at the sound of the music they all bell down except for three voice and then names are Shadrach me shack and a Bendigo and a funny that we remember the names that Babylonian names are not there. Israelite names the Babylonians were very success. In reeducating these young people there was forced to worship that's what Babylon office forced worship and they were to ballet down and if they didn't bow down they were to cut because it into a fiery furnace. There was pressure to go law on these young Israelite boys to conform to idol worship to pagan worship. Well you know the story. Jesus was with them in that fire they came out unscathed never can as it was more than impressed. And so as a result of that instead of forcing his nation to to worship this idol here the stablished there. In the plain of Dura he now and he now in full force everyone in his nation to worship the God of heaven. In forced worship forced worship of the true God it's interesting that indigenous Australians who were taken from their parents were forced to learn and practice Christianity which is a practice contrary to the character of God forcing anyone to worship anyone or anything even the true God is contrary to the character of God God never forces his will on anyone else he gives us the freedom to choose. So this pose more harm than good. Unfortunately and sadly it was God's done in God's name. And many saw Christianity as the cause of problems when in fact it was done by ignorant professed believers in the last days of Revelation Chapter thirteen and Chapter fourteen reveals a time not to five this when forced worship will be realized and experienced again by people who seem to be meaning to do. Well it's the purpose of modern day Babylon to assimilate the young into their culture. It doesn't care about the conscience of our young people to achieve its goals. It has its own agenda. The question is whether we as parents and guardians are allowing our young to be assimilated or trained by them or are we training them to take a stand. On solid ground is it possible that as parents some of us have thought we were doing the right thing in thinking that we are giving our children an advantage by ensuring that they receive what is perceived to be a better education in the public system so that they can become employed bull and better possess better job skills. I mean after all they do offer more than Christian schools right. Could it be that we are exposing our children to be in to be educated that in many ways works contrary to the values and the priorities we are trying to teach our children at home. Although our children aren't being taken from us like the Indigenous Australians of the stolen generation are we willingly turning them over to be reeducated to be assimilated to preserve status quo is a possible. The benefits of a Christian education deserve consideration if we hope to see our children lead productive influential Christian lives now and be prepared and preparing others for an eternity beyond when we think of Daniel we see someone who rose above the pressures to conform. He said no. While everyone else around him apart from his three friends was saying yes look at me and then you Chapter one Verse a notice it says of Daniel but Daniel purposed in his hot. He did what purpose. In his her that he would not defile himself with a portion of the king's delicacies nor were the wine which he drank. Therefore your request of the chief of the eunuchs that they might not defile themselves don't we want our children to be as brave as Daniel was like he was in the courts of Babylon truly we do. How then could Daniel stand in the face of such change. And in the face of such intimidation. How is it possible. What helped him make the best and the right choices while he was being coerced. To make the wrong once did it have something to do with his home life. If we make time to lead our children into a saving relationship with Jesus through the study of the Word and His works. We won't end up with a stolen generation but a saved generation. We had Venice tourch operates seven thousand five hundred and ninety eight schools colleges and universities around the world we operate one of the largest church operated educational systems in the world why the educate program is comprehensive in compassing mental physical social and above all spiritual health with intellectual growth and service to humanity as its goal. We believe in cooperating with the work of parents in giving our children the adequate spiritual training they need and they so much deserve. Not that they might be singular. And that they might stand out for the sake of being singular and for the sake of just standing out but that they might be faithful and even the most adverse circumstances this world is facing is it worth it is Christian education worth it. I want to recent thing very thought provoking to you that was written by a Christian author I'm going to quote this. It's a page so bear with me in Deuteronomy Chapter six he says verse seven the Word of God commands parents to teach godly principles to their children when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise up. Simply stated he says we are constantly consistently to train our children in what is right. Wherever we are and whatever we are doing in other words every Christian family should have the conviction of giving their children a Christian education. How can parents who truly love their children here are some very challenging questions. How can parents who truly love their children and want them to develop a relationship with Christ. Send the same children to a public school system that undermines everything they're trying to accomplish while. Can you visualize the children of Israel sending the children back into Egypt to go to school. We believe in creation he goes on we believe in creation the public school teachers evolution. We believe that God is in control the public school teaches humanism and man is in control. We believe in praying without ceasing many public schools do not even allow a moment of prayer. We believe in a lifestyle that is pure holy and morally right in the sight of God While public schools promote alternative lifestyles. That's the agenda of the L.G.B. T.Q. community to educate re educate our children that lifestyle is entering our school systems. What do we as Christians who goes on to say have in common with such a place. Can we expect our children to serve the Lord after they've been exposed to such teachings contrary to the Word of God for more than thirty hours each week. Many young people eventful for parents who remove them from such an influence and place them in a Christian school. How important it is to be exposed to the Bible throughout one's day to memorize scripture experience daily morning devotions thrill at the hearing of weekly chapel messages and be taught by example how to build and maintain a relationship with Christ. Christian education must continue for generation after generation. What a blessing. It is to have Christian heritage and it goes on to say each aspect of Christian education must be an extension of biblical principles these principles should all work for one common goal to teach and train young people to be more like Christ in Proverbs one verse seven the Bible states the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge every young person must be given multiple opportunities to know Christ as Savior until a student knows Christ all education is for naught. And then he quotes Proverbs Chapter two. Twenty two verse six which we're going to put on the screen to train implies not only the presenting of knowledge but the practicing of what is knowledge. Or that knowledge in Proverbs twenty two verse six the Baris Train Up a Child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. A wise pastor once said Train Up a Child in the way should go follow it yourself and he will follow you. How very true a godly parent pastor or Christian educator understands that training is a living of your faith a practicing of your beliefs. If you live a joyful Christian life. We are training our children that to live that living for God is not only right. But truly living young people follow. May always be said that we led them down the right path. What a privilege to be entrusted with the life of a child. Each of us continue to love our Lord and our children enough to sacrifice for Christian education. It's good food for thought. Isn't it. Now please understand here the Smalling no one is saying here today that you're a bad parent. If your children is in public school but if that's where you have them and you've never given consideration to Christian education. I hope you'll give approval for from the state forward. No one is saying here today that if your circumstances will not allow for Christian education that you should walk around with your head down because you're not doing your Christian duty. No one saying that if your circumstances won't allow it. Then I just encourage you to pray about it talk with the pastors here. Talk to education committee consider other options or other avenues. No one is saying here today that children that are all grown up and did not receive a Christian education. If you that's your story that you should walk around a beach yourself because that's what happened. What's done is done and if your children do not know the Lord then commit them to God pray for them and continue to love them unconditionally. When we think Friends of how God bless Daniel and his friends because of their fidelity to God which was founded upon a solid Christian upbringing. We can no doubt see the benefits of giving our children the best. That we can offer them the Bible says of Daniel in Daniel Chapter one ingenue chapter two in all matters of wisdom and understanding about which the king examined them. He found them ten times better than all the magicians and astrologers who were in his room. The king promoted Daniel and gave him gifts and he made him rule over the whole province of Babylon and chief administrator of all the wise of Babylon in chapter two verse forty nine. It says and he said. Shadrack me shake in the Bendigo over the affairs of the province of Babylon that's what happens when we give our kids a good Christian solid education today friends we have the freedom. Today we have the freedom to send our children where we best see fit for their potential and for their overall wellbeing and happiness if we have this God given choice then shouldn't we be giving serious consideration to providing an education for our children that would be best for them and their eternal wellbeing. Should we be just considering them praying about it. Fortunately no one is coming to your home taking away your children from you like they did the stolen generation in Australian history. So why would we then why would we then give them up and turn them in throwing away what you've invested in your child give them into the hands of Jesus give them the essential tools needed to retain their God given identity and the means to cope in today's world and so they themselves can testify of what God's amazing grace can do in the life. Once you give them the best that you can offer. So that with Daniel. With Daniel they might stand with Jesus not only through the easy times but also through the tough. ZWERG so glad you decided to tune into today's receiving the word program. If you have a special. Request we would be happy to pray about it for you to discover more about the Bible through our free online bible studies or to listen to more life changing Bible messages go to S. AC Central dot org and click on the media resources tab. If you've been blessed or encouraged by our ministry and God impresses you to support us then visit our website or write to us at sixty forty five chameleon Avenue Sacramento California NY five eight one nine always gladly receive God's word.


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