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Great or Slave?

Chris Buttery


Without a question the proper roles of authority and submission have been a hotly debated subject within the church, especially as views shift in the surrounding culture and pressure comes to bear upon Christians to conform. Join Pastor Chris Buttery as he addresses this issue as it relates the marriage and gospel order in the church.



  • June 13, 2015
    11:30 AM
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Oh just Jesus used to mean a lot to you. The me. Oh he is old it is he will he goes he saw the street. I live in promised saw there was such a move to me. Today's message is entitled great or slave we continue our series The Whole Truth. Now you know as well as I do when we read the Bible that we must keep in mind that the Bible is written or is not life not written like a book of science with each statement seems to be complete in and of itself and we come to the Bible. We take the totality of what the Scriptures have to say on a certain topic before we draw a complete conclusion. Unfortunately hard truths are believed by many Christians and are taught as God's complete truth. Some individuals misuse God's word and take statements out of context to justify or excuse certain destructive behaviors or practices that we must always remember. And always keep in view to what seems to be to conflict ing ideas in the Bible. We must see them as twin truths twenty two is because all scripture is given by inspiration of God and the Scriptures cannot be broken. We need to see these ideas as twin truths. That need to be kept in a healthy tension to each other like we talked before like the strings on the guitar or hop all of I live in these truths can also be seen as to comes that extend from the one who is the Way the Truth and the life. His name is Jesus just as Jesus cannot be divided the they can the truths this morning. I want to talk with you about another. Two of truth that cannot be separated from each other or foresty and submission. The reality of these two ideas is generally never argued in the Bible but they are rather shoot and if you turn with me over to the Book of Romans Chapter thirteen want to just show you one instance where where the rider pull is not arguing for Florida and submission. Rather he is a shoe mean they exist and he is encouraging how they ought to be used in this one instance. He's talking about submission the authority of the government and submission to the government Romans Chapter thirteen in verse one it says Let every soul be was subject to the governing all. Full there is no author or T Except from God and the authorities that exist not appointed by God And so the right to assure the existence of authority and also subjection or submission right here in Romans Chapter thirteen and verse one I read a story of an individual who recently attended a church where saying that some of the women had taken all refused rather to take any responsibility for any of their actions. Apparently by well meaning preacher who stressed the authority of God and man in the submission of women and unmarried children had influenced them to their detriment these women's rate women reasoned that if their husbands were to. The head of the home and of course this was a. This was a extreme case situation that the this preacher had been preaching to this congregation. They had reason that the husbands were to blame for any wrong that they had done since they were under the authority of their husbands. Now the opposite extreme is also represented those who reject off already entirely. Some have a people have become so tired of the abuse of authority that they can't appreciate legitimate authority. And some have even even have a hard time calling Jesus the Lord instead rather just like to call. All him their friend without a question the proper roles of authority and submission have been a hotly debated subject within the church especially in views as views shift with the surrounding culture and pressure comes to bear upon the Christian to conform to society outside. Now how we relate to authority is one of the most of the important issues of life sometimes teenagers and their parents struggle and tussle full control in the home problems at school and work are often problems of authority problems in churches if you get right down to it. Sometimes of problems of authority pastors have been known to quit the ministry because the laity argued that only valley had the authority regarding making decisions in the church and then converse like pastors have been forced to resign because they insisted that the church ought to do what they want to do so only now despite their importance. We seldom discuss the subjects of authority and submission and maybe that's because of the strong varying differences of opinion on this subject or perhaps we're just a little uncomfortable with the words themselves and so we have all of the issue all together. But what. But we can avoid these topics only as much as we can avoid breathing the air around us every social organization including the Church is made up of an intricate web of all foreign city and submission. So let's ask the first question here this morning. What is all thirty what does all of the mean when the Christian Herta or Herta was governor of Massachusetts he was running hard for a second term in his office one day after a busy morning chasing votes and he hadn't had any lunch he arrived at a church barbecue. It was like afternoon and heard it was famished and as heard if moved down the serving line he held out his plate to the woman serving the chicken. She put a piece on his plate and turned to the person next in line. Excuse me Governor heard a said Do you mind if I have another piece of chicken. Well sorry. The woman told him I'm supposed to give only one piece of chicken to each person but I'm starved said they govern us. Sorry. The woman said again only one to a customer were governor heard it was a modest man an Amish man but he decided this time he'd throw his a little weight around. Do you know who I am he said to the woman. I'm the governor of the state. The woman looked at him and said you know who I am. I'm the lady in charge of the chicken. Please move on. If you're in charge of the chicken. You're in authority. Now someone suggested this definition is the one that will be using in the time here this morning that. The definition is the communication or or authority is the communication of power to achieve a particular belief or action by Yet by others. Let me read that again the communication of Pal This is authority the communication of power law to achieve a particular belief or action by us. So this Palla might be expressed by by reasoned argument or by example or it might be revealed or seen in excessive or coercive force it might be as simple as a mother explaining how the toothpaste should be squeezed or it could be as complex as the president of the United States running the country but in each case someone is exercising some type of power whether rightly or wrongly to affect the behavior of of us now. There are various kinds of authority of course wealth already based on knowledge based on physical force on charismatic attraction on position or perhaps even financial clout authority may be shared. So that the various people exercise it at different times or may be limited to just perhaps a select few. But wherever people together. Power is being communicated and therefore he is being exercised Now in addition to power legitimate authority carries a second component and that is the right or the idea of right when authority is valid. It has the right to exercise its power. You see both aspects of already a needed right. And also power. The problem comes though when someone has who has the right doesn't have the power and those who have the power do not have the right and the first results in inept leadership and the Lyta Latta in abusive leadership. So the facts remain we cannot escape off. Our own or that of others and there is nothing inherently evil in off without authority. They'd be absolute chaos and I Q. I think you would agree with me but Authority does get abused it gets is expressed as I'm the boss and I'm better than you and you have to submit to me and do what I say that's abuse of authority the real dangers and abuse of authority come when it is viewed as a personal possession. I have authority. Therefore I will do what I want. I am the one who is in control here and I don't have to listen to anybody. Naturally it with an attitude like this as a result in absolute disaster. Even so people often. It to this type of authority and they do so out of self interest. If they are paid enough or if they submit only submit to maintain order or to preserve their own safety. Too often wealth already and submission both ways of seeking the best for ourselves in view of our circumstances. Now contrary to what many people think or forty is not obliterated in Christianity. Jesus he appointed twelve people whom he or dying with special functions the early church appointed elders and appointed deacons where people lead and coordinate or take responsibility and accomplish tasks all Thora T. is always being expressed in Christ. However all Thora T. is expressed and part taken of but is not possessed. Let me say that again for someone's benefit in Christ's authority is expressed and part taken of but it is never possessed who possesses off already. We read that in Romans Chapter thirteen in verse one all already comes from who comes from God That's exactly right. He is the only one who possesses it in the New Testament the New Testament is taken up with stories and with letters showing the authority of Jesus in His teaching in his works in his own exile Taishan you see over every other or forty in power. Look at me at Luke chapter four and verse thirty two notice what the writer says here about Jesus and His teaching and his ability to perform miracles. Luke Chapter four verse thirty two. It says and they were this is the people gathered there in the Galilee as he went through at Capernaum it says and they were astonished at his teaching for His Word was with lot of his Word was with all authority and Jesus give sim. The author already to his disciples who continue in his ministry remember in Matthew chapter twenty eight verse eighteen Jesus said all power is given unto me that word power is the word off both Orotate is different from the word Luke uses in the book of Acts when he says. The power will come upon you and you will be my witnesses that would power is doing the most that is dynamic power this word power in Matthew twenty eight is. All forward to all of our T. has been given to me in heaven and in earth. Therefore go and make disciples. What's the connection the power that I have the authority I have I give to you. And that's what we read in the New Testament. It's interesting when you read the poll poll often injury introduces himself in his letter to the churches. He either Schumann's or seeks to establish his all for a T.D. over the churches in Galatians and the Corinthian letters Paul had to defend the legitimacy of his Apostolate authority look with me at Second Corinthians Chapter ten this is one area and the other areas in chapter thirteen but let's look at second Corinthians Chapter ten and verse eight. Paul often had to establish his or thorough second Quintin Chapter ten a verse eight and yet poll only used the word authority twice with reference to his ministry second Corinthians Chapter ten verse eight and second Corinthians thirteen in verse ten. Apparently the church in Corinth had a problem with poles established. He only mentions the word authority twice in conjunction with conjunction with his ministry look at those eight second Corinthians chapter ten. He says even if I should boast somewhat more about al which the Lord gave us for edification and not for your destruction. I shall not be ashamed of the way some people think when you talk. About authority they think it's for destruction but apparently according to poll. He was given the authority by who by the Lord and it was given for a lot for edification for the betterment of the church you see. So why is it that poll mentioned it only twice or thirty twice in conjunction with his own personal ministry because poll rightly understood that he didn't possess off already in and of himself he merely pot took all of Thora the and expressed it to the degree in which he proclaimed the gospel. Consequently when polled defended his role as an apostle in the Galatians and Corinthian letters he focused on the Gospel. He focused on his commission to preach and the fact that his activity had been in character with the gospel. The fact remains and it exists that we have no right to snatch the right to lead. Nor do we have control of control. Nor do we control the power of the Gospel On the contrary the Gospel lays hold of us and directs our lives and thus we have off for a T.D. for the Gospel sake only as much as we allow the gospel to live. Into our lives. That's where authority is derived from U.C. So what does all of this tell us. It tells us what we've already learned and that is when we live for Jesus Christ and Christ lives and ally. Our lives take on a new perspective this time in one way or Thora T. and submission function differently from how they function in the world the authority that a Christian might be called to exercise is not all thirty and let me let me just ask you to listen up here for a moment that if our T. that a Christian might be called to exercise is an authority for those not on authority over others there is a difference. That is the author already that christians. If you call. To exercise authority. You are called to exercise it for others not over others in the book Acts of the Apostles page five hundred forty three. Ellen White says in the kingdom of God position is not gained through favor favoritism. It is not earned. Nor is it received through an arbitrary but stole it is the result of character that's arrived. It's a result of character the Crown and the throne the tokens of a condition a time when she noticed how she uses as she describes authority as a crown and a throne the crown in the throne of the tokens of a condition attained tokens of all what is the condition attained tokens of self conquest through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and so Authority for others not over others. We have the right to express that only in as much as our character is in line with the Gospel that per provides and gives us that particular authority any off a person might be called to exercise whether it might be within the family whether my be in the church whether my be our occupations or in society is not now but it is derived from God who alone has the supreme authority this understanding concerning or thirty puts a check on the expression of authority and a check on the abuse of authority. So you might ask. OK There are five areas you can write them down here they are number one. The idea that authority is derived and not possessed puts a check on. On authority and even the abuse of authority how first of all Christians should not claim off in areas where they neither have the right nor the ability Christians should not claim authority in areas where they neither have the right. Nora the ability to remember. Aaron and Miriam claimed equality with Moses when God had given him or Thora T. and particularly authority and responsibility. You can read the story in Numbers Chapter twelve and then we remember the story in Numbers Chapter sixteen about Cora they thin and a Byron's desire to have the same level of authority that God had vested in Moses and inerrant and when the authority established by God was challenge both were met with a judgement from God And so a proper understanding of authority puts a check on an individual who desires to have authority where they have no right. Neither do they have the ability. It's interesting over and in First Timothy Chapter two verses eleven and twelve poll even writes about women in the church not usurping the authority of the elder or the minister in the church and we'll talk a little bit more about that within the context of the home shortly. God has no it doesn't seem to have a lot of patience for individuals who usurp wealth oritsé Secondly there is no place in the body of Christ for being off Orotate if you can have authority God given derived authority but there is no room for being a thorough type of since Al authority is not our own. And because it is expressed just confined to confirm the life and teachings of Jesus Jesus said You all brethren. No one should ever be author a title of and then thirdly in Christ all authority does not lead to the denigration of people off already never leads to the denigration of people. If anything or thirty leads to the denigration of the one in office or a T.V. for that person is made the servant of other US want to read to you here from First Corinthians Chapter four verses. One through thirteen. Paul had a very good handle on biblical authority notices he says for I think that God has displayed us talking about the apostles last as men condemned to the F. for we have been made a spectacle to the world both to angels and to men. We are fools for Christ's sake. But you are wise in Christ we are weak but you are strong you are distinguished but we are dishonest to the present Allo we both hunger and thirst and we are poorly clothed and beaten and homeless and we labor working with our own hands being reviled we bless being persecuted we enjoy being defamed we entreat we have been made as the filth of the world the off scouring all the rubbish of all things until now. Now here is Paul who had the established of thirty given to him from God not the established authority over. The churches but for the churches declaring himself to be the least of all things on the earth even to tell him the church. You guys are more highly esteemed than OS and so true authority doesn't lead to the denigration of others but leads to the denigration of the one who has been given the authority the person has been made a servant to others you great. Why are you a slave. That is the question authority does not push one person up or another person down since we are all one in Jesus Christ. So that's the third area in which a proper understanding of biblical authority puts a check on the abuse of authority Fourthly authority does not allow any room for pride or self congratulation wealth already does not make us one bit better when we were without it. Moses was known to be the meekest man on the earth according to numbers chapter twelve and versa. And yet he was given tremendous authority. No pride. No self congratulation And then lastly most importantly authority is not a prize to be clutched or to be coveted the self giving love of Christ who did not consider equality with God something to be grasped when reading from Philippians chapter two verse six allowed himself to become subjugated even until the death of the cross the self giving love of Christ who did not consider himself. It is considered equality with God something to be grass will not allow his followers to be enamored with status or with position. We also must practice self giving love. Now this off is five different and you will admit with me then that the authority you see expressed in the world around us this earth already doesn't ever need to be defensive and if wrongly attacked defends itself by the character of the gospel. It is also quick to listen. And recognizes both the temporary character of its leadership and the leadership itself is a gift of God A person is not appointed to a church office or the position of a chair of a certain committee to enhance that person's ego. We all have enough ego as it is like any leader that person leads by the permission of the people and elder or a minister provides leadership and coordination to the congregation but can do that only by listening and then they bring people to do their jobs if that doesn't happen then those who've been given a sacred trust have failed and these practices are just good for the church these principles are good for business practices as well. So we've spoken on authority but to speak just on authority is only to speak about half the issues that can be no. No authority without corresponding submission. I'm sure many of us feel uncomfortable with the New Testament injunction to submit. Now unfortunately some of tried to suggest that the idea of submission was a later addition to the Bible because I didn't like it very very much. Even if we don't like it. The Gospel ask not just some of us to submit to others but alas all of us to submit to each other in Christ to have made aphasia have to five and verse twenty one phase in chapter five and those twenty one notice. Paul says submitting to one another in the fear of God submitting to one another. God invites his people to submit to one another. This is mutual submission a mutual submission doesn't make any sense. According to the world's view where submission only takes place where the subordinate yields to a superior In fact even Christians have a hard time with this idea but the message in the Bible is clear. It's clear Christian living requires that we submit to one another in reverence to Christ. Now submission is not the same as obedience or doing someone else's will and it is certainly not an expression of weakness someone offered this definition and that's the definition I'll be using here today submission is the voluntary surrender of one's rights all will in response to the purposes and actions of God Let me repeat that the voluntary surrender all submission is the voluntary surrender of one's rights all will in response to the purpose and actions of God relatives of submission are humility and a gossip a love by which Christians are willing to give themselves in love to one another. Therefore just as a for. Already does not elevate submission does not and we repeat that just as authority doesn't elevate submission does not lower the gospel says that we submit to others as an act of love and as an act of service any act of submission that is not in accordance with the Gospels understanding of love and service becomes therefore invalid The same is true for the use of authority the Gospel views authority as an act of service for others. In fact submission and authority both function at the very basis of both those ideas as self giving love for others and Jesus explained this thinking on authority and mutual submission in mock and I'd like to invite you to turn with me over there. Mark Chapter ten. This is Mox version of the scripture reading Jesse read so well for us earlier on. Matthew chapter twenty eight but here we're going to be in mock chapter ten and we're going to read verses forty two to forty five. Mark Chapter ten versus forty two to forty five. Jesus explained this thinking on authority and submission in mock the brother the brothers. James and John who were disciples of Jesus that had requested to sit in Jesus' right and his left in his kingdom. These were positions of privilege and positions of status and we know the story the disciples were angry. No doubt because they had not thought of the idea first but they were angry and they were upset and Jesus offered this council in mock up to ten and verse forty two to forty five to settle the issue once and for all mock up to ten versus forty two to forty five and Jesus called them to himself and he said you know and you know when Jesus when Jesus called them to himself. You know that they came listening all dying on Jesus isn't just generally teaching here. He's calling us. His side has got something very important to tell us so they came with all years on and he said you know that those who are considered rule is over the Gentiles What do they do. Lord it over others. Lord it over them and their great ones exercise our exercise authority over them yet. It shall not be so. Among you. But whoever desires to become great among you shall be your servant and noticed the next verse and whoever of you desires to be first let him be Watt a slave to all for even the Son of Man did not come to be served. But to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many here. Jesus seems to collapse the categories of authority and submission of foreign T. is basically responsibility and whoever has the or thirty or responsibility will also practice will also have to practice submission in desire of ages page five hundred fifty one. Sure noticed a very profound statement Christ was a stablish ing and White says a kingdom on different principles. This is the commentary here on Matthew twenty and Mark ten Christ was establishing a kingdom on new principles he called man not to offer to but to service. He called the strong to bear the infirmities of the week. Now just in case someone ends the court there and says There you go Jesus did not come to establish authority. Notice the very next sentence paua position talent education. She's not dismissing any of those placed there possess. Under the greater obligation to. Assume if his fellow men. That's true. Off orat see someone who's been given power certain power certain positions certain talent certain education is placed under that the possessor is placed on a great obligation to give service and render a service to others. This is what Jesus was talking about but Jesus called. Topic. Jesus point raises a couple of questions. How can a person lead if they are submitting to people's requests and how can any of us submit when the actions or requests of another person are wrong has a possible just three three things I want you to keep in mind keep these things in my number one submission doesn't mean that every request has to be on a submission does not mean that every request has to be on it it might not be a good request. Number two. Nor should wrongs be ignored or tulle into or tolerated. Jesus certainly didn't tolerate wrong or become a doormat acquiescing. Acquiescing to every request. He never subjugated himself to every request but thirdly I want you to remember this at the same time however he was willing to submit to the point that he died on the cross what that tells you and me is that true submission always lays opinions and rights aside to the on A and to the glory of God That's what true submission looks like so we talked about authority. We've talked about submission. How is the teaching of authority in submission rip applied to relationships going to take a look here at how it's applied to the relationship of them the marriage relationship especially in light of the injunction for lives. To submit to their husbands. What will that mean. Now we know and we've seen that port teaching in this area has caused a lot of discomfort and has led to the abuse of women. Take Emily situation for example Emily's alcoholic husband had moved down the street from her and he only came home when he wanted a meal when he wanted intimacy or the laundry done. Should she submitted to this type of treatment that Christian friends had told her that she had no option but to submit and I want to let you know here today that that's absolutely absurd absolutely absurd no woman has to be subjected to that kind of treatment she or a man in a similar situation and it does happen should show as much faithful love as possible but giving in to these types of demands would be a sacrifice of integrity and would reinforce the husband's wrong way of living. So how should we understand the texts asking wives to submit to their husbands. Some argue for the authority and dominance of the male on biblical grounds they use the Bible to keep women in their place. Others disregard the texts on submission saying that they can culturally conditioned statements that no longer apply. Neither approach can be or is right. A careful reading of the Bible which shows that the Bible's teaching is more impressive than we first thought. I want to invite you to turn with me deficients five the best known text for dealing with the submission of lives occurs in if Asians chapter five verses twenty one to thirty one. So let's go over there. Now if they have to five verses twenty one to thirty one. It starts out as we read earlier by asking for mutual submission to one another we must remember that context then the following verses. Ask a wise to submit to their husbands as unto the Lord. Now the submission of lives can only be treated as a specific example of mutual submission. That is asked of all Christians and you. We have to note that the most of the. Attention in this text is not on the submission of the wife to the husband but on the self sacrificing love of the husband. So let's start in the fusions five twenty one. Let's read wives submit to a life start with twenty one not twenty two submit to one another in the fear of God verse twenty two wives submit to your own husbands as to the Lord for the husband is the head of the wife as also Christ is the head of the church and he is the savior of the body. Therefore just as the church is subject to Christ. So let the wives be their own to their own husbands in everything Husbands love your wives just as Christ also love the church and gave Himself for her. That he might sanctifying cleanse her with the washing of water by the word that he might present her to himself a glorious church not having spot a wrinkle or any such thing that she should be holy and without blemish those twenty or so husbands or to love their own wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself for no one ever hated his own flesh but nourishes and cherishes it just as the Lord does the church for we are members of his body of his flesh and of his bones those thirty one For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife and the two shall become one flesh. So here and in most other text addressing husband and wife relationships we find statements that seem to support two different models the first model you will see is the headship model in which the husband is the head of the wife and secondly you'll see a second model. The second model is this the model of equality. Per proposes equal worth and value. Now equality is different from egalitarianism which rightly protests exploitation resulting from differences among people but goes. Too far in correcting the problem when it seeks to remove distinctions and suggest that equality means equality in every sense for example it's unfair for anyone to be an authority over another. That's an example. That's what a egalitarian ism suggests is unfair for someone to be an authority over another. But the Bible doesn't present that view it presents equality proposes equal worth and value so many physicians five equality is found in the focus on mutual submission submit yourselves one to another in verse twenty one and in the statement in verse thirty one that says the husband and wife shall become what one flesh. So no matter what else is said from this point on we need to remember that the head of the husband in the life is Christ Christ is the head of both he is the Lord by whom. By whom. Both marriage partners alter their lives. So the headship model is seen in the statement that the husband is the head of the wife. So there are the two the two ideas here. The two models. You have the submission model or rather the equality model and you have the headship model where the husband is the head of the wife. Neither view equality and headship can be set aside by some type of exegetical gymnastics. This has and is certainly being tried even today on both sides. Neither of you can be viewed as if you can be viewed as normative while the other is just simply culturally conditioned the equality model cannot be viewed as unsustainable for a sinful world it's doable by God's grace and likely. Likewise the headship model cannot be dismissed on the grounds that we are living now in the twenty first century and we need to catch up with the times both equality and headship remain. To resolve this alleged riddle we need to focus on two questions first. Why is the husband said to be head of the wife and second what are the results if we understand male headship in light of the entire context. So let's answer the first question why is the husband said to be the head of the wife fundamentally every community must for purposes of organization and in existence have a head even in our free. Of insistence on the equality of men and women in all things men and women alike regard the man who does not ashame the leadership of his family in in love with the something a kid akin to contempt the headship of the husband consists in his ability. Listen carefully the headship of the house been consistent his ability and responsibility to care for sustain and protect his wife just as Christ loves and protects the church once their notice verse twenty three with me for just a moment for the husband is the head of the wife as also Christ is the head of the church and he is the wild. Savior of the body. So a man's role is one of protection. One of sustenance and one of care for his wife in first Peter chapter three in verse seven. Peter refers to women as the weaker vessel. Now that description isn't intended to be pejorative to be a put down. It's a reference is a reference to the fact that women tend to be weak of physically than men. Now of course women can train themselves to great physical accomplishments and they have and they can take care of themselves but women tend to be more vulnerable than men and therefore exposed to more abuse. The concern is therefore for the nurture and for the care of the wife and as we learned earlier the biblical model for Thora T. is service for. Rather than over another. That's the answer to the first question why is the husband head of the wife because he is the one to care for sustain a protect his wife second question one of the results if we understand male headship in the light of this whole context. Well it's important to remember that the husband being the head is not in the position of privilege but is rather in the position of responsibility a word that is not enjoyed too much today in the twenty first century and I wonder whether this could be the reason why more men are willing to see their wives assure them the headship position or we could say wear the pants because it's a responsibility his responsibility is to love his wife and to give himself to care for her and to cherish her and men are giving up that responsibility in droves. We are looking at the a feminized nation of men in the twenty first century. If the wife is asked to submit to her husband and the husband is listening carefully to love and give himself for his wife is the why. Being asked to do more in submitting than the husband is asked in giving himself not surely not what the world sees as Paul opposites wealth already in submission I collapse together and work together in service and love toward others. Now in First Corinthians seven. Paul makes another fascinating claim just go back a few pages first Corinthians seven and look at me at those three and four first Corinthians seven verses three and four. Notice what he says he says let the husband render to his wife the affection Jew to her and likewise also the wife to her husband first for the wife does not have off forty over her own body. But the husband us. And likewise the husband does not have authority over his own body but the wife to us interesting poll states that the wife does not have authority over her body but rather the husband does but he says the same thing about the husband the wife has authority over his body. Marriage in what he's saying is marriage is a is to effect a union in which the two persons give themselves completely to each other the responsibility of the husband to care for his wife receives greater emphasis. But the dynamic by which the two lives is one in mutual submission. That is the way love simply operates the responsibility of all the husband the care for his wife while it receives great emphasis that day but the dynamic by which the to live as one is mutual submission. That's how love operates invariably at this point question is asked. Well then who needs to make the final decision when the husband or wife can agree. Is that the responsibility of the husband. Well the question seems to be impatient with the process that leads to unity and in the end is misguided. If Christ is the Lord of the home and both husband and wife. If a husband and wife are uniting under his leadership should they sacrifice unity just for decision. This is not to suggest that Christian husbands and wives always agree but when mutual submission is being practiced and where the Gospel is the basis for decisions even where they is disagreement about an issue there would be unity and a workable solution where a workable solution cannot be achieved. Unless circumstances absolutely prohibited then both husband and wife should go back to the drawing board. And repeat as needed and when the husband follows the following advice found an ad. And this time. Page two hundred fifteen Christ off already is exercised in wisdom in all kindness and gentleness. So let the husband exercise his power and imitate the great head of the church when this advice is followed only then does the husband have his wife's trust and thus the right to bring the discussion to a healthy conclusion after all other options have failed. This is what it means to submit to one another. This is what it means to love one another. This is what it means for husbands to be head of they why. In wives to submit to the loving leadership of their husbands. It's important to recognize friends that when the Bible talks about the two arms of truth or forty and wisdom and submission that God is not obliterating Gospel order. He's not doing that in fact a proper understanding like we're trying to gain here the softer noone is of biblical authority in submission actually reinforces the Gospel order as we just saw in the fish and Chapter five polled the Linea it's an order in the home that asks for the husband to be the head of the home as Christ is the head of the church again this is not a call to to blind submission on part of the wife and the mother survival obedience. But voluntary loving support to the husband that is fueled by the honor that he continually heaps of upon his wife this oughta provides a safe structure that preserves unity and fosters strong spiritual growth in that relationship when everyone fulfills a God given role like the many parts of an engine working together to make a capo or all like the members of a choir singing their parts to produce beautiful harmony. Then the home will operate also at an optimum level that reflects the harmony that exists not only in heaven but also exists among. The Godhead. You know that there is authority and submission even within the Godhead. Even the son subjected himself has subject himself to the authority of the Father and he came he said I came not to do my will but to do the will of who my father and Jesus talking of the Holy Spirit said the Holy Spirit will not speak of himself but he will speak of whatever I tell him to say that's not to say that there is there is not equality within the Godhead the three Persons are. One. Absolutely. But there are roles you see even within the Godhead in the home is to reflect that ten would be the first Timothy Chapter four three verses four and five First Timothy Chapter three over there by the three T.V.'s Thessalonians Timothy and Titus First Timothy Chapter three verses four and five and then look at the seventeen poll he's writing about the qualifications of an elder who rules or superintends the many families of the church and he connects the headship practice in the home by the father to that given in the church by the elder notice he says talking about the qualifications of an elder one who rules his own house. Well having his children in subdued submission with all reverence for if a man does not know how to rule his own house. How will he take care of the Church of God. Now keep in mind when we're talking about rulership and headship here we're talking about author already for service not for others not not authority over others. Please keep everything that we have talked about in mind as we read these verses jump down now to verse seventeen First Timothy Chapter three verses four and verses three and four and a say as one who rules his own house those five if a man does not know how to build his own house. How will he take care of the Church of God and as you've already saying there is no verse seventeen in First Timothy Chapter three. Paul elsewhere tells us that the elder is the rule is the rule of the church it's interesting. And again authority for others not over here a few other verses here. The treat the teaching by the way the teaching of male spiritual leadership in the church simply represents God's order that like in the home provides a safe structure that prevent preserves rather unity and fosters strong spiritual growth. God has a reason for the order that he set up and it just simply means that we ought to Abiud and live within those. With live within those guidelines and other verses both Peter in first Peter chapter five vs one three three and poll in Acts chapter two twenty verse twenty eight speak of elders as being over serious and under shepherds who are to provide for the safety and sustenance and growth of the church it sounds like the role of the husband doesn't it certainly does. Peter keeping with the biblical theme of of the greatest working as the least encourages elders not to lord it over the flock. But to live a life of example for the flock riding to the Thessalonians pole in admonished in the church in first that's only in Chapter five verse twelve and thirteen and in monitoring the church to recognize those who labor among you and who are over you in the Lord and admonish you presents the twin truths of authority biblical authority and submission. You see And then lastly poll writing to the Hebrews writes in Hebrews Chapter thirteen in verse seven saying obey those who rule over you and be submissive for they watch out for yourselves as those who must give account. Let them do so with joy and I love this next page next pot and not with grief. For that would be on profitable for you. All these verses. Reveal I got a lot of that is to be preserved not only in the home but also in the church for the purpose of bringing about harmony and unity and it only works if the men who lead lead as Jesus loved his church and gave Himself for her after all Jesus said in Matthew chapter twenty whoever desires to be great. Among you let him be your servant and whoever desires to be first among you let him be your slave just as a Son of Man did not come to be served. But to serve and to give his life a ransom for many were told in desire of ages Page six hundred forty four. It is a loving service and true humility which constitute true greatness true greatness and it only works when there is a corresponding submission on the part of all in uniting to labor together to point men and women to point boys and girls to Jesus for the offer of salvation for all and only works when we work together when you look at the life of Jesus. You can't help but be impressed when you think about the King of Glory who stooped to become a servant. You cannot help to have your heart moved to follow his example I remember the story where Jesus comes and the disciples are gathered there in the upper room and there is no one to watch anyone else's feet. Normally there is a servant to do that job and John records in John Chapter thirteen knowing that everything is in is in the power of his hands. Knowing that everything is subjected to him. The Son of God the King of the universe in human form took off his out a garment humbled himself took a towel and bent down and washed his disciples feet. An example like that is an example of true greatness in design four hundred thirty nine. We are told we shall be living if we willing if we look at Jesus' path if we look at Jesus' life. If we look at the one who is truly great. She says we will be willing to be anything or nothing or nothing. So that we may do hot service for the must you willing to be anything or to be nothing. So the hot service for the must of this is the authority that Jesus has given to his children the power and right to uplift Christ in our lives. The pound right to reflect his goodness the power and the right to speak of the self giving love of Christ who did not consider himself to be equal with equality with God to be something to be grasped but humbled himself and became a man and then subjected himself to be killed on that cruel cross the greatest of them all so that we his servants might become great in the kingdom of heaven. Do you want to embrace true greatness today willing to be anything all willing to be not so that you may do hot service you willing to surrender all closing him. Hear the soft and surrender all its number three hundred nine to be great to be anything you want to be nothing submit so that you might give hot service. Or week or sheet. Or some such thing or sheet or phone. Are you willing to do anything for you. He was everything so that we might live with him forever. Let's pray Father in heaven and choice to be the one who gave up all that we might have thank you Lord for your example of a forward to now live. Help us to get it right as one who loves to give up everything.


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