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Star Wars Crusade, Part 11: Millenial Temple

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church


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from is set aside as falling as I is as we as humans you must understand that he would overcome our hearts sonorous sonorous is not will be a nice boy without you you will find is tonight please is a shame that only the Holy Spirit we pray this is not my word is him my son is based on the hill and you are speaking about Williamson anonymous said of the millennium okay women as I will find out this is description how to deal with I now have our hand to meet Jesus so for that again offers the text version of the text was not around many looking at another part of this verse is for suspected that we had jumped over the whole meeting in Ezekiel twenty seventeen is a Lucifer thine heart he cannot be caught by unity now has do not always going by reason of why this I will need to know where ground and I will do what they see before whom him he will be our focus is what is asked me to go ahead and go back to the war in heaven Bible tells them and there was war in heaven Michael and his angels fought against the dragon and as long as Angel is the same type of their hand was polarized into the homicide to warn whether you reside now you have double and his angels and they were not using who is gone and there is some another there will always decide to visit more in the Babylon of Thomas in Revelation twelve seventy that the enemy that he prevailed not neither what they are pleased that he's fallen Angels found anymore when an element is in heaven is a very how this plays the houses were told I was about ten thousand times ten thousand Angels arrived and had just imagine what one third of all time thousands and ten thousand times ten thousand and innumerable company must be another that is a very very large number that has left hanging on the subject one third phase was on intelligence Limited nineteen sixty nine the difference here and now of course doesn't quizzes are coming up so he women's versus previously it's as if I all of him I guess any man is defined as that which is wrong then will the men between the controversy is shot before the Lord before the who phrases and sentences which shall be in those days and then shot himself in demonstrating what a physician or a SARS and behold if the wind is the false witnesses have testified falsely against his brother then selling them on the head as he thought when I saw you want to him as he thought I had done his mother so some thought put the evil away from among now this is a principle that God himself leaves out giving why didn't God follow this principle it had one could not follow this principle in heaven before you answer me what you noticed versus for if God spared not the angels that sinned but cast them down to hell note that wasn't meaning darkness in this particular place we know that Hal is not operating as of fire the Angels in your behalf about how that is out of heaven and limited them into chains of darkness Geneva raises are onto judgment at the second treated tumors for notice again soon one state and Angels was not their first estate but rather only application he has reserved in everlasting chains under darkness on to know what judgment of the great invasion one thing I was put together what we most of what happens I can him him restful at Colorado Testament is that whenever controversy arose between old parties there must be an day to her heart so the question is why Johnson is a place in heaven for Lucifer is there was no third party in other words here you have the devil and his angels making accusations against God and his angels if Congress does I mean legally speaking that would be unfair for someone who decide between because remember is was not going around saying hate asking what he will when he was in on the disguise of a righteous action on costs and it was because he was under the suicide that one where the Angels were received and saw that there was no third party and had a two Giants who was run who was true and who was wrong I assume I was honestly the reason we are ready to begin this quiz vitamins is a place in heaven God and his angels article accused citizen about RealNetworks state needs accuser at his angels the accuser suddenly got two parties here the accused and accuser and without even our system today about how I there are no hard and every angel he was on one side or the other was needed and sure was a purpose of the journey jury decides when the evidence was no ensure you even know God himself is the size she is the one you want be in a few all the meetings that he has created thus far on one side or the other not only is a journeyman Don wants to do what we commonly one of the names of God and works of God 's love he got sick right now and he wants to be populated now let's see if you can figure out what I'm going to twenty seven and again in my defense here I will have to be examined Ron I believe the need for cool change that and holding onto the crowds in the English first what God was saying to Lucifer that she was going to bring in before chains that they may be whole the word means to start out just as well Internet has further monitoring this was my going these kings were besides me out anybody is on one side and Kansas you can't does that when the right there are third-party and you must be wondering who are these things that I say he's been everything you need for that they tell me what sorts me all what him and him and him him not aware as we believe it is only a part is a form of singletons are having will be repopulating I heard out a plan is pretty hot it isn't all people might fit in the Bible really is it all so that is that I is not a notice will swing through the Bible says here do you not know that this is so the one size Angels and not as without there is a reason the link and hey you know what is project to your line about me and I think she's close that window what part of the God of justice and he allows himself to the Carolinas editing and opposing party because he is different Angels freedom of choice and daughter farmers wanting God could have said that handle Mike Robbins says no one is no and we're talking to agree that human eye part of our design was to do what size angels God created and there are hardly that was not around when the controversy start noticing a Genesis one twenty six will believe the Bible says God as they are not in his half-hour lightness I have the name wasn't mainly done me it means you are in a you must set up over something so that he is following your analytics and overhaul here and over every creeping thing that prevented upon the senses one twenty eight and God blessed them and said unto them be fruitful and multiply replace the roof and delete them they need only business in over the following year in which every living thing that moves upon the earth another worth now get out of an easy access to them I want you to be changed over this one over this are not what you think God in disbelief he gives them up on a mission of commission I want to to rule over tell me what you think about that okay with you when the third party something about their party I think I'll didn't I believe this nation for this tax systems in the New Yorker 's who will render to the drugstore Ali R K almost but not quite all right many go ahead and do not substantiate staying in the halls this creation of man is creation called at this principle that there is no need to change he's been told in your related on RSS for these teams are associated in creating unable to index the page where they are these no one is supposed to want just by telling them to be gained or dominated the area is already being the ones that are starting me it's various implementing what is the side of the welfare was while there is disqualified lives hours not want to notice no jurors were now tell me you only have to sign this link and go on forever and ever and ever and ever God of hosts who usually is in the Garden of Eden representing two principles was a lot wanted to the knowledge of what good anyone and I think the considerable industries they represent the two principles follow themselves one representing one this self-sacrifice involved and another representative self-centered flaws selflessness will be sureties are now placed in the Garden of Eden because without God must check out the jurors gone with the showers are copying jurors there is always only capable of and will decide they him at home to Colorado on the mommy who are not your enemy she is the site and your food industry also in the misalignment pendency of the knowledge of good and evil Genesis two nine five was honestly a verse sixteen seventeen and the Lord commanded saying hundreds your phenomenon is he or she is not good and evil not some evening for him to think about you sexually what you shall surely die nowhere says that is very hard to listen I want you guys to be good change is the and she strolled out to keep control of Kenny Levin applies here is that I want to see if you're able to have dominion molding editing printing the question was asked in one of the creeping things that someone was one of the things that God told the meaning of his outright console here is having human activity is dominate anything done anything to you on your own soliciting why is there are requirements for jurors unknown yet you don't understand what's in your journal I want to be a jerk he starts out he had been sure and confident in the HR and was a notice of the requirements for juror number one the possibilities are must be a new law abiding citizen of the country in which the child is anyhow that is okay so Jim and they also A Leslie O mine number four is good morals I was not a very good morals and these are the forms are so many places activities in the adjacent links are seen as creating an perfect but they have freedom of what you are going to be a law I say this is already happening for me even when I want to be of a sound mind and are able to maintain a good one moral character because it is and must be a perfect just as we can have corrupt your rose up there in heaven deciding who was right and who was wrong and so notice is one five five artists artists of the woman you shall not surely die adversity but upon a few times of God does know that is a unique thereof in her eyes shot open and you shall be our God is not a human warrior from the Elohim are being gone but it also means just as anxiously as an unity of this fruit and you will be shot you want to see was shown in the network that they were victorious over say and Sarah was judging is residing over Satan and his rebellious colonies seamlessly as he is the enemy of God what exactly is no one good and evil was tried was there Saturday so now I hate on the RVs on one of the things that are supposed to just be and had already fallen on the relevant now how many parties are there to one outbound and another unleavened because the gospel is about creating a very hard that the gospel is about bringing eight people from under Satan 's rebellion koala sound mind and moral character and those other things we just saw that an insurer must have in order to judge correctly notice God 's covenant with Abraham Genesis seventeen sixty seven which is the foundation of all covenants after word got says and I only may exceed fruitful event reminder of what we read in Genesis one toll Avenue B truthful and Jesus met them in the garden and so on that put enmity between you and the woman between thy seed and receiving and what I have more here I'm not that she just goes that anything that comes in a fight you into the scene he's a Bible magazine Abraham will make nations of the one change so out on me and I will establish my covenant between me and the wife is God rendering chains out of Abraham Genesis I believe you me for who he is not a lady before changes that had been only naysayers will notify the customer is presumably are ageless generation who are chosen generation people ahead of my countryside and brought you what is going on he is a priesthood authority nation of peculiar people that he should shoot for the praises of him who was called you out of darkness into his marvelous light which in times past were not a people learn other people of God which is not obtained mercy but not obtained mercy first I think when we come followers of Jesus Christ is that I think you a royal wine tasting the wine priesthood now will remember this day in eighteen forty four limited time of the first that we ran in relation to this for those of you who don't remember this is neat we talked about before the meeting visitation there are seven nine we saw there that gone down these thrones and as I beheld till the thrones were cast down at dictation of the day to do what he does the staff was gone it was white as snow and the hair of his head like pure wool is almost like a fiery flame and his wheels as burning fire seven nine eight was honestly a fiery stream issued and came forth from before him thousand thousands ministered to him in ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him these are a talking about and what honestly is awesome than once that the books were hoping now this is not the just and would be talking about tonight even though we moving talking about this judgment denying access to we saw began in eighteen forty four my question then asked the question what do you think this judgment is about it is only God as a heavenly angels that are involved in this judgment it is not the judgment we just read on first twenty six races in the Enoch such as angels when our destiny so what shocks me what must this just may be about that began in eighteen forty four what about us people socialize sorry selection in a voice for women went when God alters the Los Angeles Angels the following is for the purpose of deciding who will be where the July design is not important to these matters what are the requirements for your number one he must be a law-abiding citizen of this country in which the child is to have question where is the country honestly have is to have a citizen of heaven here you have any law-abiding citizens of heaven hair flailing the only abiding by the law of the commandments abide by the fiery law of love that is a listing of the so the very first will understand at all I was looking for gyrus he is loving this is a shot selection on the fascinating is is a law-abiding citizen of heaven and beloved this means when a convoy for locating people who have the heavenly sanctuary and software to allow God at all the commandments including the waves the fourth that he might have the minimization on whether or not you want to send you now I said is not what I mean by that the Bible says that in all of you know God will start enriching in the law-abiding citizen and break the law and Hager nodded categorization both your ditto if you weren't aware let's say you're driving you can seriously limit the size of what sixty five hundred driving at seventy miles an because just previously he was seventy and are continuing to go on to legally a lawbreaker and being on the yard lawbreaker lawbreaker note because it was done and what can I love it there in people who are not cheating the law of God whom God still considers them technically I see things as we don't have the knowledge that you may have or someone else may have however when life is an issue that might end you save when I'm already a citizen doing how will he is one document in a something a lot stronger now his friends love self-sacrificing than anyone I know and I will know what is now the principal of sexiness is revealed to stay in the know what you may say they does not is not going to have another angels and we have to say while these right now in his life he's not appear to be one of jewelry you must not have been in the seven and I have been committed without everybody than raising wrong because the Bible says there is no righteous no not one all of us have one standing on the sort of the glory of God but framed on me they commonly known as my son when they begin this economy and then publicly so the judgment of the Lord will outline citizen but haven't set the love of Jesus Christ in persuasion from I say that it was an outstanding jewelry loving at all possible in Christ famously based on what my and I assume in England is that we must be able to do in the word of God to discern between right and wrong is not the disease back in the Bible says is this mind be in units of the Christ Jesus finally they must have a good and more all charts and requirements for vagina when God comes to cars this time it is easy to assassinate onto the same as that defense wins and cellulose filament in a nonaggressive this resonates with believing what he sat down in value since late June and they doesn't want to know why he came and what happens when teaching the Bible says Johnson there is no angel who is a slave that the second coming judgment and then for the things in other words the judgment that a dominating forty four and design schools and chakras will be for very new revelations one the swiveling the reverse when I saw an angel come down from heaven and she and the bottomless pit and a great saying is that I laid hold on the dragon that also removes the devil and Satan became a thousand years and half into the bottomless pit shall not set a seal upon him that he should deceive the nations no more till the thousand years should be fulfilled after that he must be loosed for losing self-care in Revelation twenty one to three points on that something is happening where Satan is into the bottomless pit losing lending therefore for one thousand years the bottomless pit in ring work that is associated a basis for a place with all form and void the question is what is that it is endlessly if Microsoft and IBM twenty four seventeen to twenty two and the one that is that all upon the holy father you're at the top that he believed from the north of the theater itself on the line is coming up on the middle of a song taken in this area for the Windows phone on a high open the foundations of the earth to say this is the heart is not involving how the nurses cleaned as all the night is moving a feeling leave the real wonderful life of John paradise shall be removed like a cottage and strength there are suddenly had him on it at itself all and not rise again and it shall come to pass in that they got the lower self softballs behind ones that are high in cases involving upon the earth is that when August than in short like jumping at the second coming of Jesus Christ I want to know is what this thing this essay is not at all Sean got together at present are gathered in the case and show me what Santa and the prison and after many days may shopping this is not take a while how long he mingles many days are a thousand years very good I say that when I come again it won't be felt I stayed awake he has a certificate discrepancies regarding her okay and any help there as they are in prison for how long one thousand years after many days they shall be as you will see why they notice families and flavors for in that same chapter seven I saw thrones I saw what you own and they sat upon them him aside and then we talk about here this is exactly what that is almost all of them according to the witness of Jesus after the word of God is not the worst of these my reason is neither had received his mark upon their forehand foreigner had made a plan to let Word Reading room changes they will reign with Christ how long will a thousand views now what you noticed that when we spoke on the phone is not on fourteen one to three that neither heart trouble just as Jesus speaking you believe in God believe also in me and my father 's house are many one Max McFarlane if it were not so wonderful and you and you and if I'm going to prepare a place for you I will come again and receive you unto myself where I am very few men will be also present when Jesus comes again in the choice of the kingdom on this will be just as Jesus said on one of your face you where in heaven and if I go on in and receive you unto myself where I am very noonday Dean also some add-on missing here is that when Jesus comes again she does not stuff account here on this part of the sexiest things back to where I am the one year suspended where a very good as long as seventeen requirements as for the Lord is also sent from heaven with a shout with the voice of your game plan of God and the antichrist sunrise verse him when Simon remained soft together with that is aware trial or access up to the clouds to bring us right but not under no such thing as I saw Sally when he ever see you who are not as a source I see everything without notice so shall we ever been with a high-rise notice again Jeremiah four twenty four twenty seven John I have the mountains and the location and all the hills moved like I have an loan there was no one no matter at all they had in the house I know that frequently is the wilderness and the opposite is there I won't locate the one criticism of the Lord is my and had access for the estate of Lord the hall and I shall agree what you lead yet will I not made a fool Silverlight is almost a open a few things going to be bound the dizziness are planning when Jesus comes again is not to be so desolate it will be like this without for and it is one boy this is the longest and not a vastly better than regarding Revelation twenty seven of them deceive the nations no more one is that so is because their nations on earth one who is now distributing water and half-life have peace know the righteous have been taken where some of the nations of the righteous are where you want on the basis of the winky where they are in the Bible says there was no last policies were built in the presence of the Lord so nobody is a desolate place say this shot here on this earth for one thousand years is taking forty four what is jury selection the second coming of Jesus and his candidacy that is good but Jerry Jerry is drawn into the way life is a heaven for Lebanon as we understand right and we cannot enter the heavenly Temple if we had not submitted a cell to the law of that temple in so the second coming is where God comes to escort the desirous of our automatic as going to be wanted but it has also Satan is where and not only makes sense that all anonymous Saddam Hussein was caught Shawn Saddam Hussein before he was imprisoned while he could have but everyone has really know a whole lot in others Shauna Osama bin Laden right now we pronounced guilty and all that but what sovereign immunity of the mouth and not he is going to traditional life insurers and got hashes as so short a protection plan like you and Jerry protected by the Goths in my cures will remain my shoulders if you're not actually if you're not willing to submit to music not limited to us the next all the principle of a software vendor not much I can do to protect you from the deceptions of the enemy but if you decided you wanted to shower and then onto the Internet on the image and as far as I will resume soon you will be having at a name like you are splayed across coming at the second coming so we got source lesson it is amazing for informing the second comment was written in the choice of a heavenly court will say is in prison the wicked are also imprisoned in the game the Brown talking how not a replacement integrated all right now examine the risk is twenty five and six the rest of the day and felt a thousand years what where why we're finished is the first resurrection blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection on science the second death hath no power but there shall be one for his God and Christ shall aid that he is somehow we got things going on here tree is changed at will the lady before Shane is the magazine 's life in the fourteen actions that could possibly be talking a lot and without belongs to realize who those teams are he realized that both teams are his downfall and if he can destroy a easy to change the busy season cost savings for this file sells to go on forever and ever and ever done for these teams are very important revelation one five six I think you know that I was far from our sins in his own blood and has made us what seems increasing why because it seems increase must be clean at the losses us to say what I mean I can't help Red Hat Linux and Johnny's everything you can call us and he wants is also loving and then made her feelings and increase access on the Marine 's before you have made a payment printout the thought of his father to him in glory and dominion forever and ever amen Revelation one five six one five three say that we must be increased in order to be part of the jungle while not a single twenty two twenty six says there are priests have violated my law once it is a precious amount of the one hello how many one of the presentations that Christ had more than one thousand and eleven what is the amount of the law is not a market not as other sanctuaries in appreciating it will understand what sanctuary cannot say that if you don't understand the century known him all far from me when I say that the principle of the sanctuary self-sacrificing love must be written on your high so that the issue is brought to you you need a music no problem that's the principle represented by my not profane my holy things there is no difference between the holy underwear and a priestess of positive and tell the difference between the holy and the paintings we enable not have a solid difference between the unclean and clean these on the role of reprise vessels near the kind of vulnerability that is unclean yes clean fast good that's how he knows this habitat one had been there I found my so why is he among you is this verse God is warning us that the enemy is sold is out to destroy the key destroying angel what I saw was something going on I know that you know well you know what that your booking on hydrogen what is my baby and all self strategies is happening so the priests and I sure ourselves to say Lord I will be gone market doesn't matter what it cost me I will be done not by extractors persons countries have alluded my what the sanctuary and nonviolence to the all I don't reimburse for both reinforces my people are destroyed of knowledge because thou hast rejected knowledge I will also reject the sound be no one recently seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God I will also forget that children as children you molest your children nonsense IMO not publish each of you forget I thought you guys from my law and hearsay I want you got to be teaching over my processor I want to be seen over my future life I want to over my feet July nineteen sixteen thirty two I saw the anger is better than them I see that rule is him him for not watching obtained and ten eleven when talking about Jane's overall homes talk about changes will seeing the full amount of frustration is if you want an insurer you must actually know how to overcome your scene you shall remember the olsalazine must be in the moral character and God says here that he's changed those who have something to condo nature in the astray and whose strength and strength is twenty one three twenty one eighteen with me and my growing is enough I also overcame and sat down with my father in his loan he says when you overcome your own carnal nature of carnal minds of our guns will not announce some time later when you overcome that this is not working now already more crazier today and you are ready to get your Revelation twelve eleven they overcame him by the blood of the land and the word of their testimony handing out a lot of the in other words thinking how to double child is them and threatened that they are both solid seasons no matter what you take months on anything anything you want on the pathology as they cannot be bought or sold is important to ensure not to be bought or sold it is very important that will do as he was saying this somewhat hawking his vision this if you just don't follow Jesus he is afraid of following Jesus in the office with his child phenomena him myself sometimes when using very own family deleted the United among July nineteen on Tahiti I know you know what is what is relational what if you just ABCD and things will be so much better than all because he wants by proving that you are not as severe what is your mount what is the number that Kerry is facing up twelve terrorists in God is loving I have had in common beloved Goddess Kali mints are all who say our hearts on things are in other words you don't have to say you know what I want to be a juror during the now without all these insurers making infinitesimal traumatized one of my foot out and they are before the throne of God and I can reset the moments longer since what service are hidden in his one Chapel one eighty one eighty six as stated in the Holy Spirit Satan now to sample our shows are beholding our starting signal any animal loving when you know you might think wow that's really incredible things about what took place in heaven but love being an example God is not a sign of things that we can't know how to please please how long God and Jesus believe he was Lucifer before it on the side of any witness he is the blog I him him harder than him though he is among the millennial Temple is where a lot of it is not here on multiplication is established out of four thousand years North American racing the Temple that suggested he is pretty necessary and is not setting a high temperature on earth while all desolate and destroy no way now notice from two twenty seven and eight thousand years our spy said his son is out of prison why because the wicked have been resurrected and people in design this prison he saw go see the nations which are in the form of your father made something what I said no that's not it is right here in the next four quarters made one God and may not represent the whole sample because all on earth are those who are the phone and they are sent simply represent the waking them together to battle the number of holding the fan how is one of the earlier conversation stays involved in the city I came down from God out of heaven and devoured them so let me on the second go begin to come down out of heaven why doesn't just make finalized and not awaken a raise while we could raise to have their sentences what is you can destroy a person and he has already done there and how life is all about I will him at all humans are spent on selling me guilty there was says she doesn't even help writing in the one thousand years and we know what he thought were doing well and that is also somewhat awake and running because he does not have access to that judgment at all I sold the moment you resurrected you have to satisfy them Revelation twenty eleven we had is that I found red and white throne as his absolute godsend and I celebrated in what I was out on a from whose face the error and I headed that way no place for them I thought you aren't going to stand before God and will learn what I'll is another book was opened which is how life and brings is according to their works things was written in the books tunes are as low as your reading which began in eighteen forty four the second one is when Jesus comes again he wasn't exaggerating I do not lose your read on the one that shot Satan and his angels not only do they just taken out his angels saints will judge the world in that same person verse twenty six degrees are there any of you have in a matter against another north of the law before the unjust and for the same do you not know that the saints shall judge the world I would judge the world I know this should take place in handy during the millennium not only are we going to just stay to the fun of angels but will also energize goals residing under his control not alone and let me show you why we does the world while the saints will judge the world and this is perhaps not the missing a lot lately I have nice clean it it is me in a way that I meet in changeling the one reason why this will just God raises up in chains every one of us in this room too busy everyone on this planet to the Kings and lacing the force of the absorber for the fourth theme Danish trial on the age is not only the means are respectively in knowing many people are doing today no I thought nothing am not concerned no one hearing that goes somebody else below people are skipping out on duty that God has visible to think about this is a terrifying thing in my whole life that people do not realize what they're doing when they say stop right here I don't hear anymore people do not realize what they're doing when they are written using themselves to be as honest and competent to be and shall not receive on unpleasant people now but in communicating on there the principles that God has given us in fulfilling services and people are saying okay as many are one called but few are chosen what does you solely because you choose to follow God feel exhausted and editing on the Mac and I know this is the most important thing the shot is missing the most important thing I believe in your innocence I want to show my son of current insurer is for fewer people care about Limbaugh is universal and I thought having a contest and now they're rejecting the call will underlie learning and also they are supporting the terrorists terrorists see we support and chose what you may support and service without a bowel movement according to the bombing according to and promoting the principles you support these terrorists are according to the principles of stains world mind will and I will be done he was promoting his government is formalistic and submit ourselves to his knowledge they are centeredness and self-sacrificing love with opening shots once you sign out to be wrong once that his jaws are all who are all who under his government at all and he doesn't know when or not there is some discrepancy in time to find out what to oversee it was to be properly informed I is on and at home in the sixty seventh had supplied a softball taking cell phones musicals for the Lord one was to be him a single one was the lowest for less than sixty seven ten can mean that I found these goals one was to represent Jesus Christ the other one was represented by Christ is hot was the reason she was between these two goals you have half a watt is down one thousand dollars go accessing no we had to laugh it wasn't really any possible tell the difference between Google which was the midmorning and which was to be gotten I was a significant enough comes in the remiss if I rescued on the Koran which a lot felt to be the scapegoat Keyshawn presented alive before the Lord to make an common with him and he saw the goal in where wilderness remember I will cross that is sentencing only remember not to be discounted you remember the story of unseen as part season is long and highly brings morale is for this job as soon as he is heading now is that you realize that they are harmless seemingly means bars fine solar system one one five in the son of the father is signing this will in some ways between wastes on a one-to-one and we ascended Christ what Christ is alive like him for the Sabbath because very sending them I told her that they had himself on here is an angel of water I am another say as I is like he's appearing in many not physically but there is as he is on and when he or I can discern the original one hundred and much weight on government is in the river on these principles believing in God when you can decide between good and evil God is not better than the Jones family and your teammates and I say to you is all well and that's unbelievable how my life is not a journal like that no way beloved and dangerous as a result as I assume I can say is what I wanted to know what religion we hung only be one thing and one I have also a more solar went on to you as you sign in or based on arrival in your heart nothing is not the word of God that we avoid being deceived it is not one of God and we discern that is surely that is as follows is quite explain what is in my sound is that people will enter the wilderness all things were will him to be on the burner is a is is is an and in the fire and brimstone red is often are sounds hauntingly in my family ever and ever means I very do you live in one of five is designed to bring you on side of that beautiful and the Bible says he will never any more than eleven million and is he does not want to lose I can destroy that you think you know what no just how precious in God 's word is not so young God is timeless as long as he is is an and him but nothing is to make an online survey on the team when they need so that he can and will you notice your child in your life and you cannot find generous because Bollinger was the reason he was sitting using known issue is an waiting and waiting serves as an January well as him will him from San Jose I very waiting for someone you care about has nothing that Jesus is as insulting songwriting long lines not you learn in your past just as he is a room or a a a a a him him him him him him him all all all all a whole home on the all will your their a bad him to a two


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