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Star Wars Crusade, Part 12: Spiritualism Invades the Church

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church


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where is why there is so I would like to find a less yellow that tomorrow morning on this invitation going out soon enough I walked from tomorrow morning to some of you send your nurse staff tomorrow morning I will be sharing my testimony about how the Lord that we need from the lifestyle that I was in Jaws long and helpful nonviolence behind to win I have today is that mean I is as boring as I is smart ten thirty tomorrow morning using major veterans and unity in for a new sleep even as he is maybe has off his tomorrow I have one more announcement for the NSA is that we have seven more lines to cover seven one and again but it is not really believe it or not is still not as to invite a friend okay and message is dealing with spiritualism anything the church are the charges to our message to my tomorrow night is not as part of one's long as smart as long as you find when you don't want to miss tomorrow night tomorrow night is perhaps one of my most favorite men as defined but I him as he starts this two-part series and human women and men is so limited in light of the message that I want to father we ask tonight Lord you would please give us understand more there are some remaining rats who had bought one with him on this continuum is more than a single Scripture has received this memory that you would bring on conventions in their hearts tendencies that this should father we thank you for what you're not due because it is an e-mail all right we don't want to run a story found in the New Testament Jesus these years he assumed a sense dollars and the pharmacies for China find a way to feel Jesus I mean their hearts which is raising when anger because an officer in really is pointed towards whom was Jesus Christ so he is bizarre I want to wait until Jesus and not as settings on Saturday versus thirty seven and forty four is not in your neighborhood is talking about after the flesh I know you're a man be view as to what shall need because my word has no place in you and he compares these people were trying to do what Schellhammer school somebody was you are out of your wanted level the devil and allow your body you will know she was a wise murderer from the way they so choose a shared computer seized to say hello to SHS in the same language you kill me now saw was your father which is Satan a murderer from when from the beginning you notice first on three fifteen the Bible says whosoever hated he rather is a what is a murderer so Jesus here is telling us that Satan was a murderer from the very beginning now safe from the beginning how is that so cool and interesting murder in the beginning while the Bible tells him revolution chapter twelve there was war in heaven and this was in the way beginning there was more in heaven Michael and his angels fought against the dragon and the dragon fought and his angels potential against Michael who was a dragon 's war against it was against it was the dance was over there Michael so there are two sides of this war there is a dragon and his angels and then there was Michael and his angels and we see here that Dragon is out to destroy or overpower the Michael says that he prevailed not neither was their place found any more in heaven revelation twelve seventy the question is prevailed not in doing what is Lucifer Satan want to do today's Michael how we find out we need to find that first surgery speaking who is this microphone which is also called on our angel in Scripture well if we go to the book of Daniel chapter twelve verse one we read about Michael again and again in Congress one Issa and that time so or a whole span and who is Michael everyone in the great who is with standing for the children unlike people not this angel of the Archangel here is called the great is when we started for Israel and it is subtle such as never was a similar nation in that same time and time by cables shall be delivered anyone that sounds found written in the book Daniel the whole insoluble Daniel C about these cranes in a lot of different ways with an analysis of companies versus Daniel in verse eleven eggs on the price on the whole gang of eight twenty five speaks of the friends of friends is not when the Prince of princes these philosophers of Presley James is very good the premise of the whole speed James is actually Daniel nine twenty five speaks of meson available the transfer in that region that's pretty obvious that seasons Daniel nine twenty six against these on my side and Daniel ten thirteen Michael the forest managers in the Bible it says one of the chief princes but if you look in your margin the word wonder actually means first so Michael is called SARS or not I not believe are just asking who is the highest among the princes in the world would you say you would say Jesus very good at ten twenty one Michael is called Daniels Prince and Angel speaking to him he says none button Michael your friends these shows with me as someone is called Daniels Prince for the Prince of the Jews once again and again eleven twenty two five read other in praise of the covenant Jesus and not ours the whole entire book of Daniel is seeking about this one friends and an long one and he is called who might hold the greatest things so once you notice again the Bible says here for the Lord himself for who the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout now who was when the large solace is that you want to come out for it will mean when the boys know who our angel and the child of God and the dead in Christ shall rise first now if I were to stand up here and shouting you heard is what amounts they got a pretty strange that will be quite strange the Bible is telling us here that when the Lord himself shall go to be the voice of the whole VCR Angel so the Bible here is calling Jesus or eliminating seasons in Jesus Mark Angel magazine where they are missing that Jesus created nowhere in the world hosted by Michael is sent when the pre- incarnate name of the son of God this is a Mohammed ever heard of Matthew Henry Matthew Henry's commentary in all libraries of passage all across America Matthew Henry's famous father he says in Daniel twelve Christ is that great phrase for he is the principle of the kingdom the Europe next season on Michael again John is coming year is on Wesley John Leslie who believes in Jesus Christ whom you always say or form believe that Jesus Christ created person John this was also when my calling your friends know who must sign a shot here for your salvation Angel Angel in the Hebrew is malloc descent remains the word archangels in bringing how to messenger the one a lot means messenger so the vital human caused Jesus the angel is not saying that Jesus was a created being in the hottest of all what all messengers notice about how dreamers one behold I will send my messenger and he saw her appear the way before me know as all article music shall suddenly come to his temple and message I guess what the Hebrew word is that one messenger which is described in the Lord my mom became the word for Angel so it cost here Christ the messenger when the Angel of the covenant whom you delight behold he shall come saith the Lord of host an automatic typing this one so again very simply speaking when the Bible calls Michael the Archangel basically saying that he is the hottest of all messengers Jesus Christ is not a created being when I say he is not a created being he himself like he was not created by the Bible calls the house all messengers now not only understand Michael is when the Bible says that the Dragon will is what was against Michael we understand that his war was against school Jesus Satan and his angels were warming up again Jesus and chafing angels this is what the war while I want to get noticed at half are going to want to see if you can be a step ahead of me and tell me what cc Mary Wager while I don't know is not Jesus in the beginning was the one word and the word was with God and the Word was God the same was in the beginning with God all things learn what may him and without him was not anything made that was made and she and the I and the life was like Man John one one two four so in who I is as good human life he made all things noticed that he was one one three Anthony Lasley spoke to us by his son whom he appointed heir of all things by whom also he made the world who being the brightness of his glory and express image of his person and doing what upholding how many things all things by the word of his power so how many things that Jesus upholds all things all created things were out of town etc. in order by Jesus Bible birthday for my hand were all things were created that are in heaven and that are in earth visible and invisible whether they be thrones or dominions or principalities or powers all things were created by him and for him and he is before all things and human all things what consistent losses one sixteen and seventeen in Christ all things while in all things were felting better I mean Jesus Christ and there is a wager when he decided to as I want Michael Cole was in contact with the very source of water line number eleven and I'm thinking about is going okay and what critical I see you so crazy asked like the very source of life without entering anything to do with the very source of my think about and I is yeah I does not make sense if you want to get a prize all holdings is the whole universe is the way that Christ was just someone was able to take my silver throne Angela Nelly Lynwood legal honesty is an excellent Weser was a combat that what happened in England on the hill the universe would cease to exist at that very moment so that I want to get this first of all and accelerating the mind of Satan that she had us all that he could while he is with all who are not your friend is a crazy thing on the understanding is something that niche is being absolutely crazy and I'm looking at the Campbell and what that's assuming that he is still living yes I think that you could exist without the sauce of life but beloved ones the last sentence in your heart you know will be changed so that accelerates modestly I is on what was his claim is not the only way to move what government is Wallace and Michael Kulig and Jesus said to the Jews you are just like your father who was on murderer from the beginning wasn't that Satan tried to murder all I have killed I have and why I'll always be in the beginning it was Jesus King war against who my coal which is Jesus Christ so imagine off and does Obama say to you you know if we can we do this we understand that Jesus and his father he the source of our life will happen to us if we attack the source of our life and meetings with all the younger brother on his last day I'm telling you we can think of and Rosenberg convinces one part of angels that Jesus Christ is not the only way to live forever there are on our way in which they could maintain their existing here the problem first on three fifteen and perhaps is really noticeable we know what Posada hit his brother is a one moderate and you know what that means you know you and I now know anything at all for not one I know that no matter how spot in China life doing what I'm hiding anything is clear the Bible tells us that no matter is eternal life abiding in him he said he was a murderer from the beginning we know that the Bible is telling us that they can not have what eternal life abiding in him not believe that once I think this him on Lucifer and I think that Lucifer is censoring Christ is all strong I'm using was a drug in mind and I think that when you and I just figured out just now I think this is about as well how do you know that at the very source of life that I very well caused what all is to see I saw hatred eventually saw Thelma Martin stated that he was welding that on this Matthau including himself is submitted to you and not your heart is a single unlimited something kills me Communism is in fact you might think of how smart or hidden us from Lebanon if you look at what our calls suicide bombers today is the concept behind the suicide bomber I'm a guy I'm not limit God but you know what I saw stolen this one is solid but I'm willing to sacrifice my own because of my pages about the sunlight and seasons in the sort of visible self-sacrificing love again en masse they remember the principle of self-sacrificing Fiji and I believe that about losing your because of his hatred for Jesus knowing there was that if he can move Jesus saw the way it would also mean the end of our business is for you know I went into a suicide attack is what was Verizon today dozens of her know that at times so I will know and he is deciding to him that there is anything another this is the reason why nothing can be done for those of her I believe that Jesus ever loving Savior in Moscow Cleveland Lucifer but when he got in this point that he wasn't being willing to mean out at eighty marks of Jesus himself I believe in what there was no one who is a director and there was one war and he is the first intent was not married to sit upon the throne but Sewall destroy Jesus right now what you noticed this principle laid off in the book of Deuteronomy is such a false witness against any man who testified against him is wrong then all amendments when the controversy is that before the Lord and exotic sounding of the Inquisition and the whole if the wind must be a file exists and has testified all lien against his brother and son into Monday and as he had thought to have done unsuitable his brother also about the evil away from among Deuteronomy nineteen sixteen the twenty second all humans who desire him to me blotted out how to do more research is alternating pumps and how easy that Satan will be blotted out of existence not beloved I know that this is a far cry from what we hear on Hollywood because in Hollywood Satan is in charge of what also held with his wife right and I do not people can see the monopoly held he's the one that's laughing at our current arrival of new year to you that the Bible does show us something that we may must have not seen before on the snobby increases in England China and I have sent this old house on the holy month and I'm not somewhat anonymous of the stones of fire you are in your ways and I was not created to fill in when he was found in the individual twenty fourteen to fifteen the process by the multitude of thy merchandise they have filled in this agreement Martin and I asked what and what is anyone satisfaction of the law is asked for in other words the cause loses artists and therefore I gone will have to meet out as profane out of the mountain of God when the there was war in heaven Michael and his angels fought the demo from Vilna and was one of asking if that is what happened to the second Mercedes-Benz and I will destroy me and I happen to know what happened but works well that's what happened I will destroy the old covering cherub from the midst of the stones of fire Eagle twenty eight sixteen those for the wages of sin is what you know that the sentence of Satan as well what if they ridiculously effective no means without about whatever phase is for the Ottawa Senators Satan himself had the same fate he is not as part of any help amen all right so the wages of sin is death nose again now have responses verse eighteen and nineteen of the individual twenty five high sanctuaries by the multitude of him for what I bring forth a watt five year fun than these I shall do not work the best different from what I've seen in Hollywood Hollywood and the devil is what he's in charge of how the Bible tells me here that here is going to do what do my work and is and is and I will bring these houses upon your ad in shower now be anymore what the significance of that last sentence as you saw to delete onto your brother as he sobbed wanting the sauce is done on till onto their celebrity fake is never saw anyone say as long as things on what we've seen so far as pointing to live out our existence is not clear right with me by her sister Linda had a soul that's what you going I'm going onto the green and the North American oil speaking is easy to seamlessly again Isaiah chapter fourteen and notice what is the legal diary .com is brought down to the aware grade and the time was the warmest friend and they are the ones company shopping .com schools have all the sides of the King Anna Melissa wants me in the size of the one size of the point Isaiah fourteen he says he's going to want onto the side of the page is to be brought down to hell while the FHL it is easy towards Sheol and it means that everyone great Job fourteen thirteen Joe says here you think God is on our side him no how is the popular concept of hell waiting in place a while for me burning fire in a whirlwind tour to old St. Laurent me and show you how I feel about GEC until I wrapped the past one and got another idea of like Halloween because the Bible doesn't give us your definition of a burning place appointed for how was the only day it remains in to say hi in the grade you would keep me secret until my rapid task at hand one of what is that I had remembered me and he's talking about the resurrection is making the declaring on a nine forty eight CNET live in exile not the one that shocking deliver his soul from the hand on the green song eighty nine forty happens to those that go into the grade they want they do have a really bad time then miserable what are they doing they die not in this business year he said that he don't need to be scary let's I had to do who's had positive what sort of I had wanted to do was have talked about your fundraiser I had that had started out and finds the new Jerusalem tonight for that reason not more knowing a wife nor knowledge nor wisdom in the outline ways and the Hebrew word there is how there is even our growing him you tell me that I'm going to help him down is actually sneaking out of high school so I only means he's going to know I love you very good so why was that it was fully brought out how it things anymore now the great and what supposedly greatly what they died as he and a death or be internalized for nothing I'm losing a amusing nobody is all right you are very these things you're right why why was that the wages of sin is what everyone is okay very good now one of the dictionary definition of very simple and common sense in the destination online life is when life cc is the definition that help not only is dictionary definition of harassment is not it is not the cessation of life as we know a name that's not what this is my website I know I'm losing like this land and now I'm been moved to another state and that state is unable to New Orleans now okay now is not just a name and a worse state of one of life but it is not what it is not okay very good to have does not mean life in a new form or alternative form is unclear does not mean life in a new or altered form so someone advertising the sanctuary and as fairly as I read Ms. as found in Psalm seventy three I was at the phone 's latest thinking father started a wiki that are not taught another name that I played what other may never wonder that anyone signing good in China the microscan I have been really hard anodized aluminum chair he is a millionaire and show you will listen Solomon and I played a lot of them and therefore pride comes the monopoly chain is coming the day had more than hard ways they are corrupt and steam when you need concerning our present this up and mouthing in heaven and on the history out of download is there any knowledge in the most time behold these are the ungodly who prosper in the world when they increase images the area is not having they are what I have then is for a holiday while I have been playing and seasoned everyone in on those leaders is to know this was too shameful for me on terror I went into the sanctuary of God then understood by their and some another we now return for the sanctuary to note is that essentially even as I explained that I not only the Winterbottom who himself and you remember in one of her since then they would take an animal I would just this sends that they had committed over the animals and then what happened to that animal King was killed now when you look into this sanctuary system I installed around the infield what did he say personally he saw Jesus dying on our behalf he saw the law will you also saw an overlong self-centeredness is not self-centeredness is not been invited by a diamond who was that Jesus must die die leaving the last self-centeredness and I will do my will I when I wanted to do and because of that I'll show what is in question my mind with things I want to win this one I sent us all the results saying the wages of sin is what I saw that one of London saw that leading man on the ground dead not only to see Jesus at his shot phosphorus but also saw what would be the end of all those who persist in what you say so David Leslie says oh the end of the winter then is what everyone that and what is that a cessation of life okay you're probably very elementary but not here by the waves the same must be recognition of one and that one resisting the net listens to issue circles here one of the circle starts from the center and begins to work itself out what to call this the law of self sacrificing what low eighties in his age is that it is it starts with God and God 's love goes out and out and it's like a circle at how far can the Circle go to any of our self-sacrificing love one another website and was a human virus this equation is that of being a part of this cycle of I will send all on at home myself at the amount made at this time around we now have a son who started from the outward is continually going what they do and may need me I I I and how far can this on Google eventually must come to an so is the start of a case is an ongoing feeling about the same things in the news got out from the principle that I have laid the foundation of my government as all of what you want and that because it is says in his meaning we must eventually come to an end like a law of nature and who knows what happened Barnaby Bollenbach command in that state Attorney General Barton honesty but other children on good and evil song on eBay for in the day that you either run incessantly while Don Genesis two sixteen and seventeen Satan comes to space out in the nonessential was lost on a limited basis of the field was a lot automating the start of the woman and damn finish on the Internet instrument arm and woman's of the servant we may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden butt of the furnishing which is in the mess on the bar bot has sent me some hot women I decided to test God has said unto the woman you shall not surely die that's how familiar to me for the same proposition made in heaven eleven Jesus without having to die cannot tell that this woman here's a question that what happened at that do the righteous receive him or that otherwise is simply awesome transition into another form of life that so that you really got no it would not be done because it's not a cessation of life as we changing forms like accountability what butterflies so then I got your changing forms what nobody will believe that when a person dies based on state law that you notice when a person dies they go astray when a righteous person on real estate ahead and one is that correct to the righteousness seemed everyone had just listened to otherwise this year from the Son of Man shall come in the glory of his father with his angels now a shout he room or every man according to his website to sixteen twenty seven hundred devices receive the reward when the Son of Man comes in the glory of his father with his angels very good notice again knowing that the r receive the reward a while inheritance for you serve the Lord Christ Jesus Colossus three twenty four so the one we are receiving is the reward of the inheritance and what is inheritance everlasting life in the kingdom of heaven when Jesus comes as father in his glory soul we read again Jesus and U-Haul I completely and my room while I was sent ahead in the my reward is what we need to give every man according as it were something revenues in twenty twelve so Jesus does not come again when I'm bringing my wife read more are you the Son of Man will come in his glory and all the holy angels with him then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory before him sobbing guide all nations and he shall separate them one from another assessment of my fishing from the goals and he saw sexy on the right hand but them going on he's also seeing I'm sorry I saw the Kingsley Dan on his right hand name of my father and what inherit the kingdom prepared using the invasion of the world question when one sees a safe and blessed and inherit the kingdom is a saying again what is out of the second coming of Jesus Christ it is then that is inherently unprepared for you not so the book of acts chapter two twenty nine says Peter was thinking here to talk to the Jews and he is telling them about David what does once in the place of the day to drop the matter about the heart management and to freely speak unto you exactly believe that he is not what dad at the arena questions uses the in the day is pretty smart what's the difference right one is the one is not one half-life on the one Saint landing associated data will vary on Barry and his sepulcher is with us on this day acts two twenty nine and that doesn't rest thirty four for David in ascending into the head there's a reason why the Bible tells us that they get his reward way a season and so that is not another that their people when they die they do not illustrate aware have been very much alike in the region the Lord Jesus brings with him when he comes again maybe mortal and immortal Celtics who wasn't even the tomorrow not something that is the story when I was enough in the shop I watched the movie among the name the name of the movie but this is not terrified that this means is stuck with me my mind and when the little boy I'm sorry this as they design and see it's a horror movie please is the regression is a rapid disability and in this morning the latest time when she looks out for a moment she's not as agitated as I see humans over Lindsay passing violence and stuff is going on within the second is an extra drive was shot with my time and no spare driving and then not on a no twenty minutes on the road to Steve this hitchhiker again and guess what is it that she ran out she is going to happen I decided I is a horror soul and associated by then and the rest of the normalcy strives to guide the ball of what died now we would say that this guy was one immortal not starting to think that an otherwise I can do anything he knows how to cut your hands on activity often all that and you made a very injured but you're not what you can also use the function want to know is what the Bible says here about mortality and immortality first comes in sixteen fifty one the Taliban telling him his release on the in some what he was sobbing changed in a moment in and I is confidential and soft sound when everyone is as I was when this is the one strong focus on sound and again will be raised how incorruptible and we shall be changed for this problem on incorruption and this title must put on immortality so corruptible some plumbing corruption and this mortal shall have put on immortality and sounding not saying that is written death is swallowed up in victory first Corinthians fifteen fifty three and fifty four will not want immortality beloved the last one so they can get a price on Verizon wireless as it is they are not before we put on immortality another was seen from this is not an immortality and eighty and I'm not a very more notice first as long as four sixteen for the Lord himself will decide from heaven with a shout with the voice of the Archangel and Shauna Sand Shauna Don and local enterprise to the one who dies first well I'm getting twice now according to this verse and having there is an excellent ganglion while I remain and with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air in the resolution twenty forty five Linden into this Sunday night but not what it says here and I saw thrones and they sat upon and judgment was given unto them I saw the souls of men were beheaded for the witness of Jesus and the word of God is not worsened the beast neither his image neither had received his mark upon their warheads are in their hands and such as a society at an event brings to life these people that were previously in the event that brings to life those like Jesus the second coming us within raining now and then and remain with Christ how all thousand years in other words another one is telling us all ever guided practice because even able with chilled for the witness of Jesus Christ who died in Christ will be resurrected at the same time you spend how long is that somebody that didn't demonstrate ahead and do it on a low or someone died one thousand years ago and went straight ahead and then you have someone isolated the go-ahead and with that and that is true no in other words Gonzales tells us that the righteous are resurrected at the same time and I've been waiting for how long together when the thousand years to gather the same time they must be a common meeting point for the one thousand year reign which takes place in heaven all right what about that punished at that well let's find out not how love this first because the record Angels that the Angels I can just imagine after this happened that the velocity and mediation agencies these two men that were possessed with devils came running out to Jesus this is a medicine there met him to the vessel that was coming out of things exceeding fierce holiday craft playing off mind you many people believe that when you die you go straight to where Hal at the time of tormenting his way him him him him Angel so the Fifth Avenue holiday and what have we been doing with VCs is not about .com is very smart man before but what is he was loving the Angels is in us all then that the time of employment is not going on when and how there is a set high for the time that these angles I don't continue coming to talk to us before I say that they know about this only will people think that means when you went when a person dies they awakened there is not very held employment and right now how family and for humanity to be tormented right now and say Angels are running through our NATO allies and eleven is holy revelation twenty six dozen and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection class the second one you have no power but they shall be priests of God and of Christ and shall reign with him a thousand years Revelation twenty six there is a second that there must also be expressed in missing the second and is already running in hell right now and that discrimination twenty one a.m. to explain after the one thousand years will will learn more about us on Sunday night Vanessa White says and how were you able to the lake of fire not question what sense would it make escape a burning place called hell and casting into a lake of fire going nuts were burning now we cannot test regularly I not really been a burn in him we must understand that hell is not learning as we know what the price so when the set and how much way of finding angles on the same as in the second one that the fearful and unbelieving murderers and warmongers and high sauce arose and all liars shall have their part in the me which learned with all your friends which is the second one seven hundred and second that that entails your brimstone can you help us consume us so rather that the fire that cannot be the same thing the fact that the first death must be something different from the second intifada that are in the second that's how you come to fire machine guns and the fact that Hal cannot be on our excellent what is the first the Bible says the Lord God formed man out of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living one it is also that when God created Adam out of the dust he first made amount of dirt was man without living then no it was not written until God bringing the rest of like his last as long as he didn't have been gone three items consciousness into him and didn't react to him the breath of life to grievance in the back of life and the Bible says here in was gone and created Adam with all the companies out it was not thinking that life was like for all the afterlife is less like the computer all the information is where on the computer but seems like a I will show you how Adam was created in all of Manhattan before he is not really understand about life and then he became a living old guilt is leaking word for spirit is wrong which means what everyone selling one of the agreement is not green and he and sound recordings the right to freedom and the breath of life I got the spirit equal to being sold so that I hear songs that man does not have a soul but he and his soul to you from living soul animals under your breath he was lamenting the nonliving sole means of a living person now after ironies and remember about so that you say in your something a lot and I got a second and now that is not explained in the destination is in the slap your face shine inebriated CLU returned to attend living with taking now is no till you return there on the island that you were taken for dust you are on the southbound return in other words God told Adam and women of insurance is a state in which you again before I created you with existing before he was creating no stolen donkey return to a state of war not exist it was okay no not this could just swap that event saw the dust returns to the earth as it was and what I really shall return of the God who gave me this is the Bible does in describing what happens him the Mongols I cannot my mind and very good to spirit departs he rejoices in the art in that very day he was Harry Psalm one forty six more than going and he comes one must know that enable and not lest he put forth his hand and take also of the tree of life and he will never just three twenty two is therefore the Lord God sent him forth from the garden of Eden to till the ground from whence he was taking the angel in place at the bar of the Garden of Eden ceremonies and sword which turned every way is the way up to my in other words God is in the mouse and now when I comment the particulates in life that they cannot do forever why because the wages of sin was what I haven't even gotten on the wrong the wrong is the wrong principle and because of the vacation must come to an day our noses in when the Bible says individual agency for behold all souls in line at the soul of the father so also the soul of the son is mine the soul back to shout what I very very the soul that does what is shot I can the soul died according to this verse yet humility some people the soul is immortal and he can die your body may die but your soul lives on forever never if he just told us that the soul or in today's English version of the accident was stated in the one who will die notice crevasses nine five for the living of an able time again on what anything saw the will someone at human designer that I is a sequence from the other side of existence until we know the Bible certainly not least I know not what I is a total of twenty one exists on it he does not know what they are probably not brought low he does not see it this is Joe's studio models Google to the grave and you may talk to them but that's not what fear or see the cannot praise the Lord nor anyone going into what Simon was in and out Sean Michael that is Jesus and the great Prince 's principal scientist for the children of thy people and many of them that you know what stopped the shot away something everlasting life and some to shame and everlasting contempt eleven where are you okay according to the Bible they are sleeping in the grade I know this is not popular I know I will stress is when you godless religion of another culture and filling in nicely as I can tonight is not biblical it is simply not biblical notices New Testament says about that Jesus as our anonymous phone call is coming in the which all that are in malware and all that are in heaven on earth and grace I hear his voice and style come forth it has done good unto the resurrection of life and data have been able unto the resurrection of damnation John five twenty eight and twenty nine again Jesus said unto them verily verily okay this is one where people say while that is that when you got closer to heaven with Jesus he says Jesus something very fancy units of eight açai would mean where there is no one deceive on the cross that Jesus told this but I want to know to whom twenty three forty three is a candidate is that notice of the Bible says in John twenty seventeen three days later on Sunday Jesus said to Mary who was holding onto him four I am not yet outstanding into my father selecting is new is that the death penalty will be with me in Paradise well in the Bible there are no signs that the actual though original manuscripts had no punctuation marks in them whatsoever so this constellation what was placed here by KGB writers where says use of the men verily I say unto thee today sign up you can connect and moving behind that today what would happen that has failed to you today you will be with me where I think you today this is a fun across that you will be when the entire family my wife reborn next week five consumers want Eliza Ann Moses how many militant allies and Moses Arn had OKs a similar one on Manhattan Island income on how well it should is there already are in heaven there are more people than Moses and allies in heaven and then the Bible tells us to the either enough Moses in lives of child restraints will look at that moment and Jesus now let's go ahead and the policy he can find a common the common theme in these verses were not to look at about all of these individuals enough the Bible says and Enoch walked with God and he was not forgot at twenty four I was fascinated I hasten not see what that was not found because God had translated Hebrews eleven was not so you are running in the house knew when looking for Enoch was a founding on no very good okay I think the reason of him behold now his astronaut is taken under the heading become vegan lifestyle who was with Eliza and in him you thought wow there even my therapist and is shown in the end goal he previously seen you do not advise prejudice has taken him up at half up on the mountain are in for some value but I was honestly they say therefore fifteen and a soft hand Green Day is not found him not sentenced to seventeen if you cannot sustain you when the need for an officer which were found no very good calories of professor and behold when Jesus had died behold the van of the temple was rent until the earthquake and the Rossland rank and the graves were all and many of the Spirit 's office claims was slept arose about many of the bodies of the saints which slept arose and came out of the graves after his resurrection and when the holy city and appeared unto many Matthew twenty seven fifty two to fifty three these are what most consider to be the twenty four elders that question if you want into the gravesite of these people that were resurrected which is unclear the president who just in Montclair okay so someone can just hang or fasten the designer not only an essay and him as he always does not reason I can write you know that person he wants you are one young crazy Quinn Mallory was evidence that Jesus was eighties I will know what questions the disciples went around on Sunday mornings they were extremely happy to see you I have the tunes still have touchstone on it when the Roman soldiers and anyone who heard in the settings you absolutely crazy but you know what just to satisfy curiosity we want to move at all then it will take a look at him on the stalling and testing the day log in and in some network they have done to those disciples straitjacket right and it would send them away but without a sign-up today got a few liberals will say things like season happen season after season I added to go along I had one of the brain evidence that Jesus was alive relevant and he told this is why when the Bible specifically points out that also resurrected one thing in common with all along there was no no body found was that the snow that the resurrection is a bottoming event is not a resurrection of some invisible pain I will be talking about the grapevine is that if you're not in Jesus when the resurrection occurs you might die from a heart attack at using grays popping up question as Ronald Reagan did the quiz time here is a thing on your obscene longer somewhere around there okay nice lesson policies and then an easy day over and I is in is that the Colorado rate installing and maintaining me for writing we will be in the resurrection morning with Molina when mass on Sunday morning that's why we sing a song about Jesus being alive but no body but benevolent New Brunswick 's home and he was there on Stephen and natural dividing and gone on to press Louisville was in when I was first asked from the bottom we are confident I see and when not to be sent from the binding is the Lord said criticizing it is important times saw at the start of arms doesn't look that is solid evidence that when a person dies they are sent with the Lord that chapter the more clearly just a progress is absent from the body this administration did exist for we know in this tabernacle of meeting this morning to groan being not for that we would be on close calls upon that mortality might be swallowed up of life best policy here is what she is immortal but is waiting for the time that Montgomery will be smart about what life and mortality will put on immortality therefore we are always confident knowing that whilst we are at home in the body we are absent from the Lord and that it was honestly like to be absent from the in the Northwest when you are so is his body is in that soul is not present technically speaking to know when the Bible and I think he got expelled with the long at all I want to become doesn't know what he's using the nearly finished telling the body that came from the dust of the ground just as Felix Ziemba by way if you know the fund that will harm up the wall by sure this was the second coming of Christ for this corruptible must put on what anticorruption is a corruptible probing corruption in the second coming and missing my heart almost put on one of our time even as I have anyone at the second coming so that was fun and corruption at the second coming and his mortals I have immortality the second coming him a sound he brought the child to say that that is swallowed up in one vis-à-vis Walmart economy Islamabad all right when under the Masterson 's link and a couple of them is ready to sort of Lazarus is a paragraph using the necessary Lazarus is in the reason that you know he's learning how to negotiate a couple points and is frequently involved in the hands for them is not to be taken literally because the pounds not saying that when you die and go to Abraham that it's easy to understand that this is clearly a powerful one of which is the bottom in the brain whatever place in other words you know many people Jesus when he died upon the bullet hell it's a story that goes to health but we read the story of Lazarus is violently on-site originality will we tell at this finger is unwanted to call his wife the information on Tonkin how are you celebrating when I read about you would find that the reason that there is nothing Abraham 's bosom this is clearly again how another thing about Christmas is rewarding me for the second one is the downside of this man receives his reward before the second was his specialty is the end of the millennium and otherwise in Mount Vernon but I told us that the wicked are not destroyed until he and all one thousand years in the second and possess knowledge of events on her site is back up and having to get me back on track and help me out with the Bible said that you have no one not lives on things going on here is a few more sizing will be human Abraham has received his reward contrary to see news eleven thirty nine forty and otherwise in this parable Abraham insisting that he's not relaxed and had a notice when he was eleven thirty nine forty cents eight all these have obtained a good report of phase this is not the problem 's not having providing something that some better thing for us that name about us is not made perfect where told him Abraham is not in and have you have received the promise yet so again this is simply how national news on changes that soul is what immortal angels of America ministries have you ever wondered what that allows topic angels by not allowing us to talk like that no testing as we talk of Angels Bellingham Qatar Babylon ones who are supposedly in heaven God save you do not communicate you consult is more familiar steroids according to Deuteronomy eight eleven twelve eleven is because they are not the process what can be they are demons in disguise on your necessaries is all right the illegal and prevent convincing evidence that when you download Google 's awareness of how many realize when you haven't seen anything that Jean lasted five hours and you will cut and was you know really much less time than other when you are in a state of unconsciousness or in some custody by that time is running this evening I attended and been all years and well attended so there is no scientific evidence that supports the second one a person by visiting nuptials on out there and these all things is the mind relaxes signed on different things happening in usually automatically warned that its cadres of the written word of God and then another and a sundial that know not anything that's put people in place as people in hell before the resurrection in this is really nice because some dusting was also my uncle Nestor in Houston had no openness and usages being one of the worst people that she does know that even when the masses in heaven I know that on the way I want to be there at all colonies the best way to immortality is not the result is a sanctuary of God this is not alive to the live event list type to put how in the world is taking great philosophy talks about the immortality of the soul reincarnation is about well the soulless socialism always false religions have one thing in common the immortality of the soul and integrated into the charts we simply choose that when you die you don't really want die you are not truly immoral that another close there is only one way to eternal life and that is so cool and Jesus Christ through this season did not open the way in which many other religions has stopped saying yes we are naturally more domains in the forever we don't need Jesus to exist forever and who was live was that originally see you don't need Jesus to live forever there are other ways have eternal life NASA closing question as Christians is our hope that part of the resurrection is one of the resurrection because that's when we received a one remover it is our status as a blogger I'll see what it is that saying says all see the all the things I cannot come on Christians externalized knowledge because the cars company can't wait to be resurrected see how to get the website has a underway many strategies any as a whole when he died he was now going to be with the Lloyd Noble of a weird in the breeze on scandal that blessed hope of the resurrection when Jesus has come forth my servant enter now into the joy of the Lord I went in and talk about signifier because many gripping moment about how what is that about and how long the last week now I love the G him eternal life is tough God is eternal life as you go home I would like you to think about those two cycles that we saw one continues on and on and we receive that gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ there is the other one comes to you I want to think which one of those tracks are you are said about yourself is not Jesus seventy five millimeters and in the beginning Lucifer was his desire to destroy you and always will will always be in the line on that he convinced that he is convinced one hundred and he's not used to see any honor is thought to realize there is only one way to eternal life and that is to die so we are not naturally do more the Bible says you only on that you give that gives us the resurrection of those who exercise the law self-sacrifice please Lord help us because we cannot do this on the faithful to your word despite what many believe the names helplessly faithful to your word and to you we pray this Jesus amen yeah to her that he or her a home on a and him that a


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