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Star Wars Crusade, Part 13: The City of Fire

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church


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from this is what this is a lease at this is to see his sentencing is now highest praises Jesus is a key will be heavy one nice nice things is really not something that I really come to enjoy is inside the fire is my one of my silent as well how I enjoy increasing something like a very little end the genocide in Hong Kong no one is dealing with minimal notice of sanctuary the command was given concerning the San Andreas and because also the children of Israel that they bring the show olive oil before relying a set called the map center one always according to Exodus twenty seven and verse twenty one is a new God wants this to be very always love the New Testament and we find it at Jesus as Christ is a symbol for his holy people for his phone is not so this is not unlike the world any it was a society that is set on a hill cannot be neither do men light a wife candle and put it under a bushel but on a candlestick him at all in the house at five fourteen is so Christ selflessly some brass candlestick the novel was forty people but ultimately it is not begotten innocent young God is life in the entire universe finale when we talk about the city of five-year we are talking about the city of God in that a man who said if I was always sitting burning which represents a singular God in the place that always is a man by why use this analysis the city of final in the name to signify how much you notice that God is a father according to the Bible he was twelve twenty nine cents for our God is a while consuming father our God is a consuming fire so God is a fire the Bible tells that a fiery stream slows down without notice Daniel chapter seven signal the ancient of days used as a fiery stream issued and came forth from before himself you can get an image of God you are seeing and being about what you are when a fiery stream coming forth from him had been in the city of what find a very good the sun is one of five young notice in the book of Ezekiel the Bible says that I beheld and low a lot in this adherence one centimeter from the appearance of his loins even downward find your and from his loins even upward the appearance of brightness color and him until the day when Jesus Christ will create incarnate form one sees in them being bad however in what in five to seven hundred and saying what about the firmament that was over there head was a lie on a raw one at Jackson a sapphire stone upon the likeness of the zone was a likeness has been carried on a man above him on instead I saw as the cover-up at based on what you around a lot when they shall not mortgage on the case is likely downward I saw as unworthy as I write in Islamabad and in the city of five UK his haters is will is Jesus Christ it hadn't schedule white like wool as white as snow at his wife eyes were like a flame of fire Revelation one and verse fourteen they are the seven spirits of God once this is not better however fire Bible says out of the throne proceeded like a hundred voices and they were sent in the last one fire burning before the throne which are the seven spirits of God Revolution four and verse five the Bible tells that God will you begin to see the end of the city of all right very good God 's will in the fire I need help to the thrones were cast down and he's as was gone it was white as snow making it on his head like the pure wool is wrong like the one fiery flame and his wheels as burning five zero seven person on at around the throne that is what is our life fire for allowing some of the increases their appearance was like burning holes of Finder and him and I went up and down the living creatures of the fire was bright and out of the fire much for enlightening Ezekiel one verse thirteen the Bible lets us know that their hearts as an farce is all fine and noted in the book of love in the second case is and they went on this is the story underlies and then my son analyze a household he is part of the way life soliciting shouting or on the taken not to end his eighty and the Taliban records in the half everyone I talk to behold their share in a shower you find your ad horses all five hundred and fourteen in both asunder and someone else when all by a whirlwind into heaven so you can Chapter two verse eleven in another incident with a life-size encephalitis afraid and not print his sermons on this gentleman 's servant who is leading a life sentence praying all in his life that he may see second Kings six seventeen and Isaac Craven said Lord I pray the open is not initiate galore over the hearts of young that he saw and behold the mountain was full of horses and Charlotte is a founder in a roundabout way lots of thinking six seventeen so we now comes the question why is an affinity of our hunting enjoy fire and enjoy being there all right as humans firebug what I think I want to know is why the city of Canton in the city you will find the key is in and the Vogelsong was Solomon 's song of Solomon Saturday Michael God manifests himself as father and why had he chosen to have so many fiery theme is well strong sonic colors any as a seal upon thine heart to see about online arm for all Israel having that jealousy is cruel as the grave that calls thereof are coals of five years which is the most the evening is draining mentally waters cannot place what all of neither can the floods drown why God manifests himself as father is an scare is that it is because he is what do you love at N/A I've found a earned in your heart for someone who's been raising hands she okay five years you know whether they will seem to you and was a real fire which felt his burden in your heart in it and when the hottest license of the spider and has his policy on our taxes me please is his own his father all his angels our choir is all his chocolates are flying on all different things afar what the Bible is coming as the loving is not having in the Sudanese of passing a law a man not there is also inheriting something that was called a fiery law and find that in Deuteronomy when the Bible says him all I can from Sinai and rose up from Sierra and then talking about children Israel to sign far from my heart and he came with ten thousand other things not on witnessing the only people in the Angels some of the same amount sign I believe you sent thousands of angels he says from his right-hand way again what firing all for them what are you talking about the law and he commanded the preview chatting a while why when the Bible call that ten Commandments on a fiery law it is all self sacrificing the England miss father-in-law was anything that symbolize what happened wasn't all about mounting over the Internet of himself were not intending to sum up in one word which was what the stated before and commanded his righteousness for who dummies the ego yes actually the CIA really good potential now this was a righteousness for dummies not have to ride it out this is what Christ is so yeah that's flattening all that had its origin in a heaven in the city of filer on modifying your that sat upon the throne who was on the up side to side and find heaven with the city of five five when the equals he is five thirty one the provider for the first on four eight is what Zahn even I remember the stones of fire we've been waiting about what often the stones of fire this is placed upon which loses her once law and what is not the anointed Charleroi Angel that was what was he covering the covenant which is in heaven the law of God asked him where he was an angel he stood in the very presence on the Internet access you on you would ensure that having said so you are on the horny mouth of God you haven't walked up and down in the Navy on the stone is an integral twenty fourteen what what what Satan or Lucifer while in the very center of God 's the beloved gone below Lucifer got his level on Lucifer there was nothing there is one and one guy in him and myself he could without making him another one another God so Lucifer walked up and out in the midst of the stones of fire he knew what love is all about seeing what Levine was created in love and he walked anonymously sold and then we read that month they has filled his Neiman Marcus now what a what is doing sending people what codify what is the color of fire was not what I'm enough of a qualifier level Jake and I knows and follow along behind the firing off one oh five in the Bible to say because you had done this therefore I will be asked profane out of the mountain of God and I will all this I will cover in Charlotte from the Ms. of the stall of fire is evil twenty sixteen so the firm because he had now went down in principle of the Senate at the center fire was himself half out with eighty and losers in the firing on removing him from the city you are fine and that's sure that it is what is in into the city of fire choosing the one the following on his Boanerges in the mouth self-sacrifice not absolutely as noted on our Sony far from it this is not defined by sanctuaries violent multitude of thine iniquity and remember we saw the sanctuary was a great place in the hospital and that is I was sitting in my law partner was actually rebelling against the heavenly sanctuary access because he had done and is therefore will I reinforce anyone a fine here from the midst of the game shouting what the model in the eye will bring the school was ashes upon the earth in the sight of all holy birth aging out to my sincere hope I can remember some questions number one what is the change were exaggerated sound quality was change the view noticed a change here is the first annual for an Hispanic dignified had any effect on Lucifer when he was in the file logon no effect on even walk on fire and nothing happened to him but him at all the king was okay and I went so that when I was in the game was invented as the sun is not dividing no other verses in the Bible and you have this one is which is the first given to Satan when you see would be the final phase of the twenty one Trenton armor or talking or destroy heartily more partly startling humanity not to what is going to shout loudly when he standing money is farming on pending cases and toward finer changed our right to bring about five yes it is a single now mind you when is our God who was a consuming fire creative economy needs and God would come and visit the newborn that same dog we have discovered in one eight one consuming fire didn't have any runaway phenomenon in the five R know that is a anonymous on the tree was good for food and that is something I initiated his art to make one wise she is currently dating and gave also unto her husband with her and see Genesis three six after they said what was their relation now so God that right now when they are the voice of the Lord God walking in the garden in the course of the day he and his wife in what shape themselves from as all of the Lord God among the trees in the Gardens is being widely so you can tell me because they were not fearful of life I been elevated humanity when God created man time they were in the network are used to the presence of God that glowing beautiful farmhouse that he is injured and there is after Sanjay and all of a sudden that I now to hear from the right soul because our God is a consuming fire the relationship between humanity and God has not changed and I recognize that the way is a mortal sinners will remain in the city of five-year equals what is mortal what is immortal me that so immoral sinners love living in the setting of father what was unable to journal what internal suffering a colonel forming is a godsend having single key yet now this is good work with the cognitive revolution what the Bible says because well yeah you're right this process is so keen job hopping mad at the east of the garden of Eden shot revolvers and a flaming sword which turned every way to see the way the knowledge tree of life that he got out of or even put forth his hand and take also of the two and he him while in forever Genesis three twenty four and twenty two this didn't want to check in once it became Morneau was singers why because the Bible says God ease in the God of love she did not want until you are ever immoral sinners because that would mean that means Clark's shirt how long forever I felt for their own safety glimpse of this flaming sword sort of low to prevent me from taking them into your life and hidden forever once they could not partake of his life when they need they were now subject to one that will eventually die now when fast forwarding and remember the story of Moses and the burning bush arrived story of Moses and the burning bush God is not introduce himself to Moses the Bible says here at the angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a flame of fire is meeting out of the maze of the most and he knows and behold the Bush wall burn with anger at the Bush was not what concerned is not about a man who seems at first to guess what the entire gospel plan is found in the burning bush God love of God 's desire for us beloved is found in the burning bush wirelessly him the gospel is prepared people can move again in the where the city of fire some say that again because whenever the first place but one of the gospel is to prepare people to be able to enter into the city of five hundred where you can drive I get a lot surveys in the process such a check I'm excited about hunting back to close know that burning was what I do you will notice out of a sophisticated and versatile than what you are in the very ending in the kingdom of heaven John says and I saw that word is that in time after Jesus comes again I saw the work is glass mingled with what I had gotten the victory of reason and will and is in over his mark and over the number window everyone in on the sea of glass mingled with what was in the house inauguration students will do nothing you would like to be understanding fire and everything to raise a hand on the head which is so easy to the way things are is what we'll see what the moment another the fire is in you is like a fish out of water physical men who become a millionaire I wanted to live my fluency in the water weekend we want to know about it I like Earth 's atmosphere as I know you want in this farm of the place eleven to the city of God is a consuming fire and the goal of the gospel is to bring the at the silly young off the whale meat in the end by keeping the fiery law of God where he became a notice again this is all this has to be the most non- obvious of the most powerful resume because it puts into perspective eighties for the subsidy that don't have and what is that there is an design and are afraid fearfulness surprise the hypocrites cool among us shall dwell with him harming father who among us so well with the everlasting burnings of the passengers of you who are the ones that forever on the ones that enable them to help with everlasting burnings in the barn fire and your first reaction your first monthly medieval the winky the widget are the ones that are the one where further went on the ones that have been everlasting burnings Lebanon is now and will look to what the Bible says she is wanting what righteously I must be wrong per se alternately if you don't want to write me out he rightly sees all the time otherwise I is here to the ones who dwell everlasting burnings you are not the wiki alone the crisis and what you have done is use reverse his equation is not annoying the thinking to the winking that will burn circle distance to okay and him the website will burn forever and I will say so myself in the love immediately on the subject of how fine anyone if you present by hellfire mother loved it when I see today that they asked for the slowly around and made a part of God very very much like his own cash Vanessa questions that he had no clue a nonoperating assets using there are two what is good and what is evil and wrong Burnsville Wattenberg one dollars to bribe people for ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and the other know was that justice must be served and what is the diseased and bring them to ashes once one of those would you think would represent a child Jessie speaking on the Don would burn the person for ever and ever and ever and it is not a single window in turn has only begun last one was a commodities were not over yet not want to notice his blood because the Bible really give the illustration on the story of the three Hebrews bound down or refusing to before the enemies the Bible says here after King Nebuchadnezzar does on that chapter three Connecticut is that God is not only so what not to do it because were serving God with any sheep the fiery law of love were not about to agreement any as is it okay what women have seen down into the well either when the meeting is a denial was that because they were keeping the farming law of love a man 's always honor the father he brought them into the fire and then he said he had to defend low as far as I superhuman his life to thought and then walking in the management of fire and they have no one to the city of the place of filing what you want I want on the ground in the glory of God we will have know what non- and informative look at Michael the son of God he wasn't with them in the fire and his friends in the government hasn't happened in the game counselor is being together some amusement upon whose bodies I know what our thought was a hair on their head is not to wear their clothes changed non- ethanol on your house on January three twenty seven seven in the places we do not do meanwhile crumbling usages in there he's not happen like that in the appraisal to cover is whether the walk up to Jesus and what he can not be muttering what we understand as I am not below maybe one of burn I have now but you'll see why I have questions about this is when the task through the waters I will be Wednesday and who the rivers they saw not overflowed me when I walk in there without one time and also not being burned neither shall the flame kindle upon the Isaiah forty three to eleven patients how does all fulfillment anywhere in the kingdom of a man not notice the righteous are immortal why because they had access to the one tree of life but this immortality is not received until when the second coming we learn or silver M1 that the righteous and the economy embargo at the second coming when this mortal puts on immortality appointed first Corinthians fifteen the reason they are not immortal and will be able to live forever if you can't have access to the trio Revelation twenty two still being that they are immortal and also indestructible not because they always know what you are in filer without being consoled the returned house is the reason why that is because they can know what fiery ball of love self sacrificing the lives of the faded and we remember that last night we learned from David that he understood the end of the wiki when he went to the sanctuary when he was writing you say the wicked prosper if everything goes good for them this is illustrated at lunchtime to the Marriott and their prospering then he says that I understand there and when I went into the lot sanctuary of God meant Alexander and Psalm seventy three seventeen and the fate of the widget according to the sanctuary well two nurses and the Sasser Internet as noted in the biggest four nineteen it sat there and he is a priest wasn't all that on the sacrifice from him and what women driving upon the altar is another place he says even the whole world shall he come forth about the can onto a clean place where a one asset is our pornography what will those ashes from the sacrifice for him on the Woodland fire when the ashes are poured out he shall be burned what is missing on the wiki according to these verses what the Bible tells us but will him saw Harry 's enemies on the Saudi that the British all consuming into my small something so away he am going to Psalm thirty seven verse twenty seven sanctuaries although that while the righteous will be England while in the everlasting signifier boom when she are one console begin to cease out of an agreement that is from a merciful God I'm luminously white him on the cover contest that that guy is monitoring the Center for ever and ever and ever you know how the cookie of this field is and I just couldn't help myself I couldn't break the habit and stealing is stealing but the concert that Jonathan Burnham PC for all eternity would you call that justice anything about it we have Saddam Hussein in jail I am excited what if you want to need to get out of jail while I have no idea what is he on prisons and prison prisoners while being treated one fatty that God must be more players than any system we suffer the brunt of cookies for all eternity and God as it was a long essay on the I want more don't they have no axis of his life that's why the immortal mortal means subject to what subject that they are destructible why because they cannot have been the father whereas the righteous can why because they know or refused to see the father-in-law all know therefore when it was I assume you are not going to buy forever the front that the answer is undecided no they are not three reasons number one in the wages of sin is what you want to Romans six twenty three number so the waves you are not immortal and reason number three is not eternal torture brings the very principle of the father-in-law of the best of those reasons number one the ways of sin is what and I is questionable one PCs is a full penalty for our sins are you showing the negative you're right on question number two what would happen if she did not see the full processing we wouldn't be here and we would all be one is all we would all be lost did you get a discount and we may guess and I know not what I will say this is very important that you do nothing else here is in the documented turnover and hellfire is true then all of us are lost in the doctrine of eternal burning hellfire is true that all of us are not as a final question what is the penalty of thing isn't that or eternal torment now some of you was that before the racist thing is what eternal torment but beloved if that's true to Jesus suffer eternal torment when you suffer that that Jesus is not being eternally tormented not determining how long however is not eternally tormented which means that Jesus what ever UK will she finally started getting what you want says the wings ascending his soul is in eternal torment external life and hellfire that's really what it is that it is an easy magazine has not paid the wages of sin and you and I are well and external burning healthwise showed the number one hundred and three Jesus must be aware right now anyhow still carrying the tendency of a genuine hate doing that you never stop paying the County for eternal torment novelizations as he passed what passes me that it was a price that he is finished as far as I know Jesus was only good for three days and three days is way different from entering the process are very good all right we decided that but the gift of God Jesus Christ our Lord Romans six twenty three on the quiz now numbered sill snowmaking Amarnath immortal the second reason remember the Bible says who said he hated his brother is a murderer and you know that no murderer hath what eternal life abiding in him efficiency is assumed that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him no class on the nifty trailer that would mean I have to like that forever particularly when you are going to burn for ever it must mean that he would have to possess eternal life in a sense so we can possess eternal life they are forever but will exalt you will internalize and it is impossible for them to burn forever that is logical to son has one life and he that hath not the son of God does not have life first on five twelve movies and they had eternal life no we learned yesterday that eternal life only rule Jesus Christ and we are naturally immortal this is one of the chimney without immortality of the soul teaching because we can watch found in the sole is foot is one of your immortal United to Denver forever human how many people turn away from God and that's what you call a God of love and guess what I'm not interested in my son why not was killed in the sun on the connectivity and millions of any laws know anybody in my site is burning right now if he is gay and had an aunt is going on people absolutely almost gone that thinking my son is now right now being tormented to get an unsolicited on Jesus comes with the same God is love love and the devil wants to put his own character on who on God but God is what eternal life eternal life and that is cool the rise is not the way King Solomon Chandler forever because they don't have forever been the dictionary definition that is what the suspicion of life we also saw that there is not the cessation of law are you knowing in other words you can't say while there is you weren't in this way but not living in a worse state that would be what that would mean that if a person is still alive and hellfire and onto hellfire they are not what Jay what is there no as Ronald Reagan said yeah what's the difference was not thinking capacity and all the other one is alive and well loving the people are alive in a hellfire in burn in hellfire forever never never the sentence of death is never carried out edition reading the wages of sin is eternal torment not what not but another say that it says the wages of sin is death does not and you won't alter the more worse for same evening that is held since I married my new job that is not what accountability is an altered state excessive office and I you know anti- and I got astonished how this is helpful and that means the soil Association of life amen amen and the principle of the fireball is totally broken by the concept of an internal hellfire eternal burning hell is my professor for the Lord sunrise up as a nonpartisan he's on the wrong end of value opinion that he may enjoy his work here is what strange work and bring the past visit he is strange I think twenty twenty one this strange talking about the loving in the final this is the way she then got called in his strange because you thought of what the ad it is strange in his family to have to wipe out those who have resented him for ever and ever worldwide associated as a confidence to some of you as a surprise what will this be dispersed and the whole I come quickly and my reward is what we need to give every man according as he is more shopping Revelation twenty two twelve seven thirty three burn for billions and billions of years now he has sinned against God and his chart is that you decided to send his defendants be according to his works now the judgment that would be just as beloved Hitler will have a greater sentence that cooking is outright and Atlanta Braves in the community will need hardly any solstice when we call injustice so completely eager to have the same punishment you most describe career times as God says no we haven't in size according to your wife two young artists cell phone and conclude that something will be burning quite a long time and others in the brain are pretty quickly typically methanol which is an easy project finger F5 therefore one second was it feels like eternity to remember that even connect that moment I is all the wicked should I say going on and not that he's returned from his him at the evening I joined the work of destroying souls who has said we don't want my son I have not sat around that so as a remedy while he disheartened himself for driving how he failed a man who I hate is not a godly data is that it is not flattering for he does not willingly not really children of men without Jesus three thirty three is not handling this willingly when human which are destroyed by the need as much and just as the taste of major record right and then that's it and all that beloved is gone if not this is a man who has hellfire in Revelation twenty oh seven and aliens and reigned with Christ a thousand years is speaking about the resurrection of Jesus Christ on site the resurrection of the righteous who reigned with Christ for a thousand years after the second coming or at the second coming April thought to say but the rest of the day when the rest of the dead the moment he will come to life learn more about this tomorrow night they do not come to life again until the end of the thousand years this is the first resurrection it was honestly indefinite hold is he that hath part in the first resurrection on such the second death hath no power revelation twenty four five and six eight was honestly at the end of the one thousand or so the names of the shot here in the Jesus coming to the righteous are resurrected but the most important to remain one and for how long one thousand years one thousand years now they come to life again the Bible says about it we want to call the weekends life they are regulating what's the purpose do you see that is already alive what about what is going on hell where they aren't no he doesn't do that he called them so I started and how medicine 's academic and in and in Revelation twenty both honestly and to see that you want to use the sea gave up a lot gamers were in it and how and when we saw that were held simply means grade the debt on an output of the dead which were in the van were judged every man according to their works and how much time into the meat of fiber this is not second that Southend the second which is being into the link a father does not occur until after the one thousand years and whose and was not found written in the book of Microsoft into the fire Revelation twenty thirteen to fifteen and how the disease the second guy so I have a lot of been beloved does not work is not burning now and will not burn until way until the end of the one thousand years that's like that how much time into the Lake of fire would simply need to have the mega five hundred one thousand years how cannot be what Bernie now it does not need to obtain a burning fire and organize the people inadvertently cast him some more fire she doesn't have a beloved one in Nassau come in his glory and all the holy angels with him not speaking about the end of the one thousand years then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory and sovereign Santa got on the left-hand depart from me you might as so and fine I did what I is on the Bible says it is and what everlasting fire not only on what is cool is the everlasting fire is gone this is immune and brain forever never do anything playing out the everlasting father was comes from Don is going to the consulting work that Alan God is the one consuming Sean 's Martin's interest is an everlasting fire prepared for the devil and he angels Matthew twenty five thirty one to forty one SoCal fire again faced with an obvious world history and therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire so shall you be involved in and on this world the son of man sows send forth his angels and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend and in which the winning we so have spent into a furnace of what Tiger is sobbing wailing and gnashing of a younger son and using willingness of people go on forever why can one flavor was conceived yeah what activities everyone that will eventually burn the sun it will be not one of the team of the team of anyone is so wet and national team the weekend that you are suddenly going to are you are not as long as the name Brenda there and not being welcoming and gnashing of teeth for very no hell fire is burning now any order we gone into the world the Internet a release below is no that there is no one and help burning right now that I've ever think how little challenges me in a month and I just think if you help burning right and is not envisioned and goddesses follow Satan is on their burn and as I saw terrified me as a child and will follow everybody to me that so that's just the way it must be free to talk about all the time for that system they must be fundamentally this is why it is so important for us to study the word of God for our sense there is a lake of fire ambulance answer and they went upon the breath in New York this is after the one thousand years ago at present the earth and all the saints about the city to city and what fine and will learn tomorrow that at this point in time the beloved city of fire is coming down out of heaven because the rights have been taken to heaven to spend one thousand years and they come back down to seventeen the monarch had access and find your chain down from God out of heaven and in what the mountain and lake of fire according to this verse is on the other that's recommend you get when you seem to come down to talk things the fire comes down from God out of heaven and if I was them so they are fine there is not some distant place often the universe when we can both come on started listening to know there is as you walk through the universe on the old eleven half five-year implementation please write in here on earth operating upon the engine shall you see what we were eighteen snares fire and brings thought how horrible Tom is the shopping the portion of your thoughts on the how long will the punishment that the Bible said I saw a new heaven and a new growth for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away and it was no more sea Revelation twenty one one and this is true but Sawyer takes place where all our hands-on in the very next chapter and vice versa has and I saw the whole earth has only for the last name doesn't that mean that hellfire cannot last forever that punishment cannot be forever because the very place is now gone because God is about to create a want a new heaven and a gentleman candidate on in the firing of what the Bible says for the whole day coming that cell phone is a nothing at all times and all that do wickedly shall stumble and again sovereign state the Lord of hosts but isn't need them neither root nor branch the Bible says they will be Hamas left and then not and he shall strike down the wicked for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet in the game and I shall do is save a lot of I for one that was Satan 's original sentence was to become what ashes that a citizen right are waiting longer to I is you but he will eventually become asses because of what is a waiting list and is not eternal torment but that the Bible says the Lord will come in the night in the WSDL one had himself was a great night at the elements what now which reverently the yard also and the works that are therein shall be burned up second Peter three ten goals understanding for and hastening the coming of them gone and the hens being on fire soundly while these all elements some help with firms executive B12 another if they announce when Jesus comes back also happened to the wiki nothing that smoke is generally solid like them away as a wax melted before the fire so that the wind carries out all what presence of God sounds into why we come and gone is an internal fire wind eternal fire news the Bible says wasn't even if solving the more and the cities about them in like manner Janine Dunn giving themselves over to fornication and going after strange flesh are set forth at an example suffering the vengeance on what each turn and find a question or something the more burden for the know what you mean eternal fire it simply meant the fire of God eternal five called on residents is is is is a consuming fire what about a term principal findings using the Bible Bible says here whose status is and he will thoroughly purge his floor and he will get on the weekdays on it but the chaff he will burn with fire one on types of all three seventeen what is I turning the fire is never going to stop running the weekend no it simply means that no one will be able to what you want to do the work and you will not be able to stop the house burned out and if you think we were unable to put the fire was any sobering what is it me it means nothing could stop the fire and destroy everything that's what it means looms resentencing notice again saw Salomé said many waters cannot quench love love not to say while you have done in the house that long without it hold on previously to this one in phase one and a warm bed to warm the guys not manifested by hand offend a kind of is that it ends into life maimed and had to the hell into the fire that shall never be quenched raising the minimum that will last anywhere near water if not and the farm is not quite smart nine forty three forty four Marines seem to define up being quite simply means no one can put it off but people like to solicit that on that scene there were not well what is the one by not having to do with whether the weekend I easily it is there probably designed not to say that was the same as the water that is not nothing don't want the widget of the firm and was the one that I be doing feeding on the ceiling on the body seen in the flesh but however that if he wins for us comes from Sweden get the full context notice of the Mafia almost word for word they shall go forth and look upon the carcasses on the mend I have him for the farm shall not die neither shall their fire be quenched and they shall be unborn on all flesh and blood in this place proves that the widget on what are the alive or to their codices on the Natchez residents need downwards when Christ and the ones on Hyundai is simply saying that the whole body is going to be consumed the guide is not to create some stillbirth some silver of creature called a worm that is provocative I can't even be burned that is not in God 's plan anywhere to the analysis of the warrant that you have to find your trespasses but the words when they do not have to monetize that crisis simply say here nothing is going to stop you from being taught in turn to ashes and find that you need if I was going to the wiki site simply say that is total and final in this weird turn acids what about everlasting punishment biosensor these shall go away into everlasting punishment but the righteous into life eternal while once and noticed she was here just look what the Texans offense of the dodges of baptisms and laying on of on the resurrection of the day and it also speaks of eternal life just not in the meantime and having judgment has been going on forever never never never never patiently needs what the Johnson employment decision was final or eternal secondly this is the winter shovel away into the Heisman is everlasting economic threat from it it's not a one-week sentence and anger on exam is an everlasting punishment of God all are in your ass is forever you are nothing for ever what about the smoke of their torment of the Bible says if anyone was in the visa needs the same something on the line about not just poured out without mixture into the couple of his indignation and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb will torment us that it is for ever and ever and you have no wrestling on worse than being in finish and who send resume of the monarchy and of humane revelation fourteen ten at eleven weeks here on this smoke ascending from having the candidates want to send them forever and ever sad that in the small farming and remember looking at the twin towers days and weeks after the college fall and when you see still run slow now that those were two buildings and the smoke was around for quite a long time can you imagine what it could be like when an entire planet is destroyed by fire yes most of the rising phone quite a long time but again let's see where this text comes from speaking up in the Bible says in the Old Testament and the strings there are some turn of pitch and the hospital into brimstone and her grandparents become burning case thinking about the actual land of Edom and that excess is incredibly sound not being quiet night nor one day the small sample of four ever from Chennai subject to generation this outline was not sought I will forever have a Isaiah thirty four nine okay love this is what he is telling us here that what this means is not from generation to generation in the limelight why waste you going James Foster Brown commentary on this particular rest of what they say is that Aristophanes on the where it would be located within three days journey are all ports authority ongoing child absolutely while this area fire now in the smoke that Islam is not known another interesting claim that Hussein is gone and what I had estimated a solid answer on which you are going to call me destroy this article buddy Tony when gasoline will turn forever the Bible says even though that was cast on the government as seen in the most half of the lake of fire and brimstone remedies and the false prophet are as shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever revelation twenty ten I say not that the this is just shot your goals stated in the well below the fold when the word for ever in the Bible is the book of Exodus chapter twenty one and the same were here is ever listened when asked what a present one of the service last to do so for the number of years and that person decided that they want to steam again Exodus twenty one successes that his master shall bring him unto the judges shall also bring him to the door on the doorpost and his master shall bore his interview with all and he shall serve and how long forever now here is a servant who was a basically master item is with you and I was served forever I don't want to freeze about a wife and kids here on this adherence on this you will forever me and you don't want our father on .in other words they need to fill out on HIV innocently named as long as they learn what I want to be generous in your son or daughter is not funny I'm nothing traitor yes unless you have sent him to you Amy undies mother violence that is not usually like that I love you forever what we're saying is that I know you have long advised to the traffic out of the race as an intern that is used in the Bible and in all that was in notice also be denied and he built his sanctuary like high palaces like you are which you have established for ever 9/11 is recommending installing totally gone but not as the Bible says that God established for ever one of me that has not happened they are still determining forever as long as he does best because we know the Divinity in New Haven handing you what I what about this one is the story of Jonah Jonah was in the Venezuela for how long three days not the Bible says he enjoys speaking the widest comments the amount due to the soul than that caused the roundabout domains were wrapped about my head I went onto the bottom of the mountains the art but her bars what about need for advert yet I brought up my life correction or not my God John at two five six John says I was about as well Senator but without he was there for three days to head it seemed like an eternity a him mother Samuel and Hannah went on but not a fussy settlor husband I will not go until the child you may notwithstanding the property and when I bring him and I will bring him that he may appear before the Lord that was a servant in his sanctuary in his temple there am I for how long and appointed first on the one place to another where is Santa was to serve the Lord in the sanctuary had long has he really very good forever and ever for the immortal forever as long as they want to form the mournful and as long as they want an inherent difference between those who forever yes he stated mortal or immortal she is a very long time but as immortal Gizmodo because of immortality only comfortable at Islington and so they're saying is not immortal let us know that he is not learned throughout all eternity amen the sentences are saying is that saves during resort I remember this from yesterday 's NYTimes Jesus who was alive in him was life opponents on one one two four he held all things bothering this power according to Hebrews one one two hundred one three and by all things consist Colossians one seventeen patients who say you want to attack the want of all things consist to realizing the love that is the very source of light there was the risk that he himself would one would be destroyed at all all all creation would be totally doesn't like documenting him destroy Jesus Christ and a lot of those unwilling to listen so the range of thirty five hundred at first instance without God but we saw yesterday that you eventually realized part happiness join seasons all creation would like so Satan decided to do a what suicide attack is not so much as so much that he wasn't willing to destroy him even if it meant destruction on the whole entire creation and we see that same philosophy against suicide bombers today remember we read yesterday where the vice president of your false witness testified falsely against his brother then he's on the one hand as he thought and want to his brother so Sonia put the evil from among you Deuteronomy nineteen sixteen and twenty was that know that Satan just punishment must be one total annihilation system will be blotted out because therefore already for the fire in the midst of a signal saying a song about an economic record as supporting RSS item on the holy subjects are angry these were the words with me never shall be any more easy to twenty eight eighteen and nineteen and I am getting to the climax at the climax now I was abandoning unhappiness and unfortunate accident I know that's the Iraq Jesus answered and settled him down into the excess amount being born again he cannot see the kingdom of God Jesus answered and get a set of ninety more of what I found on the Saracens enter into the kingdom of God life in Jesus as John Hansen say unto them and being baptized with water but one might analyze coming who shall not void the sea saw that ties you with the Holy Ghost and way soluble question why is that we must be baptized with fire your or the spirit of God in order to enter into the kingdom of God is to prepare us to the Navy in the water CD offside accident eleven this is what God says I want to be notified when the meeting of foreign service at Jeremiah speaking I will not admit of him signal God not anymore in his name but his word was in my heart as a right-wing finer side of my boys I was aware for I could stay Jeremiah twenty nine got one hundred of these saw strong for him then we cannot be silent for Jesus remember Noah story not while I was in the days of knowledge about the social communities and the Son of Man was every creature on planet Earth destroyed in Noah's flood network the only creatures that were not destroyed in most like to know until the model we are part of industry who said that no such oh seven twenty one cents also has died that moved upon the art of thought and of cattle and beef and in every creeping thing that creeps upon the heart and every man on whose nostrils was recognized of all that was and China and got him that him not to start your holiday will audit and then this is the reason I haven't already why one of creatures another process on one side he was on I want to get on fire for me now I don't want to do is want Christianity to start them very now by the way the Earth will not be destroyed by water this time is going to be destroyed by Salyer and the school are not flying creatures have been in the one hundred and destroy DC wanted and I want to turn now gone once again and now because also I now also have the farm now than ever now in time to unify the Godhead nineteen is my will is in his home in his own Ronald you know Chinese out and change the father my family gets you did you know that you and I just don't feel a thing and the gentle touch of the know of it as we mark it on fire now God strangely moving strange beliefs when he the righteous is not coming out of the right stainless steel glass and asked the question in their minds how may please him that they are bringing but they're not being what is happening on God with tears in his in his eyes is going to sound so awaited are you sure where the CFI is the stress how those gray on the father is unknown around the wicked one last time in the blinking was then this will viciously and is among the phenomenon and torturing her head and waited I have given me internal ones with this realization that nothing has gone a showing the weekend one of them young and independent because he doesn't want them to live in the blood in the state yes we would rather be asked is gone in his mercy the actions and not let the man is not in two minus one on ones you and you can come in nothing you can examine and you would be twenty dollars is all done torches which is my you can go because derogatory you think somewhere off the universe the weekend will be discussing God is where having on the time and in other life-sustaining of the wicked are often apply somewhere causing the main hotline attorney no blood the Bible says that sin has come to an end there will be no more tears and no more crying this means that we cannot not become the villain hell five print driver that will be eternal what oral seniors will follow another coming you see is a this is more than any other man of God in any other teaching God destroy the winter because he has pleasure in doing that he destroyed them out he must not painful decision that he makes so you can enter the city of God because I seem it would be internal how do you want to be on high but I want to be the gardener for learning that his final grade I thought I is him learning that you know you'll forgive me for what I


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