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Star Wars Crusade, Part 14: The Temple Purified

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church


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for him to see him do this she lost her voice sounds so as so and here are doing is continued in a nice is not what I said is one is willing to be looking at tonight I is arrive as only as long as you share with us so you will know he is looking at my son between that this is true and that is all there are many services out there are processing is not subject however is purified Temple and so huge as I is you or someone is finally everything is going for the word is as far as a little tonight this is the ten zero five the purifiers please Lord open our minds and on the Navy reserves as your children pray that Jesus is tonight necessary zero five and when we got almost every night looking at the renowned unit had been Ezekiel twenty first eighty the Bible tells us there is no Lucifer got are sanctuaries by the multitude of not enabling button maybe I'll biased fearful unfriendly fire from the Mississippi Sea defiled what the Bible calls sanctuaries or two sanctuaries on this one taken another look at that time sanctuary in the life is to be seen as all or a sanctuary so not only the Lucifer file that has a sample of the heavenly sanctuary of God but he also defiled his own temple he is all sanctuary for his own being first previous three sixteen seventeen knowing that you are a while L how did you realize you are a handful of God said no to love God has every of God dwelling in you you got something here you got temple and got the error in the spirit wants to dwell in our temples we talk about telework talk about his physical body and so got attempt when you got the spirit and the Bible says and filed temple of God Hannah Shaw these joy for the temple of God is holy which temple you are remember this is the very reason why sitting himself out of heaven because he defined old the one Temple Mount to be the father and was somewhat anonymous and that he also found his own temple guilt of the file himself but a lot of the people twenty sixteen by the multitude of thy merchandise they have failed miserably with one eye and how to signify are he he he said the following by sending that had came from within he said in his heart so within himself the nonstandard Roman Romano whether were therefore I will cast thee as profane or unclean out of the mountain of God destroy the overcoming several from the midst of the stones of fire some loving Satan or Lucifer became what we would now call a what kind of the spirit and unclean spirit is gone the cats are unclean or at home and as filthy on the mountain of God because he did what he found in Temple or the file to states for non- announcer question and then all human beings represent out template letters even when the answer we understood is that he went on you when I represent temples will be Satan 's goal the goal of this unclean spirits in terms of UI that will save the goal be concerning our temples soon to follow alternate eye so let's get anything defiled the temple in heaven his own body the Bible says noting Temple of God whosoever destroys his example came about while she shown saying the mother wants us to be destroyed and one of the surest ways to do that is the cause to the follows our temples and who better to do and that unclean spirits at their job right meanwhile and they were in the file all samples with this theory is all red and the only thing that really and ultimately if all our when the spirit are the heart of men and women I absolutely present goal is to try and get us our child are simple the top half of the five temples are so too lazy to follow Temple and on and in this era remember the Bible says noting that your example of God upon the spirit of God wants to do what he now realizes that he wants to the pharmacy can do it in Julie's either in body or in what form is very frustrating six twenty one knowing enough that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you which have God as you are not shown for your run with a price therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit which are God 's Ephesians five five totals for this you know that no warmonger nor unclean person nor covetous man who was unknown or has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God so again as a whole has seen the father 's old temple in the heavy court now wants us to define our own temples and loses dribble charges in two ways physically and virtually in body or in the spirit of it is very important subjects as for the homeless legal relevance of these particulars as indicated by placing twenty one twenty seven all while enter into when anything that is what the father speaking about the kingdom of heaven not the message of the King of heaven that I neither want to level one abomination on making alive was they which are written in the Lamb will be written in the last for the life all right let's contrast that to be written in the Lamb lies means that you have nothing to be in your while to your example in your body or in your area in his first All-Star threat with a look at bodily corruption how is that Lucifer is try and get the world to come rock itself finally today to do this with a look at the next great incident accidentally so long ago when God called Nolan said no I want to build an ark because the whole world done something no as with Jessica Simpson on the twelfth that are also less what was wrong before God and the earth was filled with the same those very actions ha ha I filled it with what I still remember that Ezekiel twenty eight they had failed in this to me with this diagnosis for best film Hannah Winterbottom 's corrupt is always before God as he has found some urinary foreign humans is evident twelve that is not destroyed by her and the reason given is because humanity has done what about themselves before I will longer beholden he was Colorado for all wireless has corrupted his way upon the earth how did the unclean spirits protocol flesh that is what is the young things there is that followed from heaven what is the need to draw on the fly and the answer may surprise you know is not twenty four thirty seven thirty Bible says that as the days of Noah were still also also some coming of the Son of Man he said here was just before the flood so also the same conditions as just before the Son of Man comes Susan Sheridan who are part of the reason why the Son of Man will come will need to cut the same standard that is before the flood would also been encountered on before Jesus comes again as I said all right very good none the same house anything wrong in the notice but as far as I work for the flood they were doing what he and drinking marinating and gaining in marriage on till the day that no one sees me enter into our so you have is you go along seemingly wrong with eating drinking or what now you and giving in marriage why would these things bring a flood upon the air about her swallowing to see that the Bible tells us that was corrupted and was filled with violence that's one of the reasons violence was upon the face of the earth and I will take a look at this now reading and giving in marriage the at one two Bible study love this time of the flood assessments and taxes before the flood if you may need to multiply on the face of your daughters when one hundred and songs all who God saw the daughters of old and that they were fair and phase them why you always say so now my son is a need as much is referred to they were married and living that is something wrong was going on here yes the son of God and that is very good and all all our righteousness is instrument and that there was to be sure the lines that was the line of able and there was the line of change which is representing the righteous and the winky the sons of God 's righteousness that God is a man recently represented those who are written in Bob Dole's losing one they are here something old and something awkward for the son of God were angels and dogs amendments and humanity but beloved Angels and humans cannot get together and form anything Jesus himself tells us that are in the book of matter is what he says Angels and Mountain argument in marriage so there were angels appear on earth marrying men were talking about the righteous anger actually beginning to come together and set aside their differences and now knows life is concerned it is currently six fourteen seventeen game not unreasonably you'll together with who I believe is why felt like Dallas it had righteousness with what unrighteousness and what him I read the harness and what Concorde Christ within them while all what part he believed that he was in it England on the sea and what agreement hath the channel wall of old job with our soul you are about to rule on the living God I said I wanted to walk and then I will be there not only shall be my people celebrities one of the ways in which the English file our temples the Bible says is by being on the twenty one -year-old with the unbelievably dull to say I want anything to do with God the sonic Temple is something wrong with touching unbeliever know this is something wrong with being a friend of an unbeliever know what God is saying here is that he has given us a commandment just like having all coordinators attended on a word of English thought of having working to find staring at me and loving when we are also as you know what I know what God says but I'm this matter so much on the goal and we go against what God says what is being revealed in the Temple the spirit of without self-centeredness is defiled his sanctuary in addition to these people is that they doesn't go against God 's will and marry whomever they want to marry not only was this which is eleven and we find the reader again wherefore come out from among them and the separate statement Lord hast not the unclean thing and I received was not within the fun here that not only were the people of that time management getting enough him very souls phone when you can love the yarn is your walk with God as the sun that these people again and farther away from the witnessing some of the five activities Limited is explaining what God says these are among the nations around to see his realizes away after the flood statement Israel needs among the nations around you were doing that work themselves I want to know some of these things in the twenty first ten three one hundred five C three new files examples even in a lot of one on before the flood yeah five I am sure the people were taking more relates always the Bible says it is taking what I am I absolutely was a seminar about us we want to know about adultery verse eleven tells us that cancels access was going on these and what not destroy nations around Israel not Israel because she did in Israel all these rules and principles so as well anything is incest was a problem before the flood about her wealth is a verse thirteen rather we speak about homosexuality questions evening that homosexuality was going on before the flipping out as one of the things that God has destroyed this world forward backward before the flood yet another thing to come up with anything new just conclusion that homosexuality is a noonday these are verse fifteen single of animals and vice versa whether he begins again I was going even back then before the flood God save you know what this whole Earth is slowing not I got a story this means it is you love eating and drinking because this is a letter that is what you think shock that spoke about the axis I want to know his verse twenty three twenty five twenty six in Israel God you shall not walk in the matters of the nations in which I have copied for you for the minute all these things and therefore I'm more than impossible talk amongst Yahoo in adultery novels things and I don't want to say for himself therefore when a friend between clean to live clean and between unclean files and clean and his son the major souls abominable based on my file format any manner of living being creative on the ground which I have separated from you as well unclean and you shall be holy unto me for I the Lord in holy and separate you from either one people in history based on this verse is it fair for us to assume that one of the reasons why God destroyed the nations of the old and talk about even after the flood were talking on the time of Israel within the agency 's activities got tested them the nations that I'm about to overthrow the nation I have fulfilled for you and they are having I can't like that Hmong among the other abominable things they were doing it is assumed that one hundred one things we were doing was that they were easy all kinds of things that were said I read what I want to be like other people to go out there and while they were in and they were not putting difference between what clean and unclean are the also Muslims the telethon here to find how many of you there wasn't a day right here they have chosen it was as I was in analyst Hassan indigenous AOL name from me and that's how you commonly do that and thought why why would she do that will utilize a clean a lot as you know that what you think about it I that means what happens in a eye and very very see on something that I don't want to deal with what was happening in this time that people were not showing up on sublet all ever say Hayward entities and what ever we want to not question God has given us this and possibly treated house was rated was ensuring so we realize that it is a gift from God what God is saying here is that the very fact that they were losing in the way that they were eating there were solid it was like the Nazis at all I'm getting is double out there on the web I want to do and what principle was renamed the principle of self centered nose Leviticus eleven forty four says fly Lord your God you shall therefore say so shopping while healthy for I am holy neither shall you do what we call yourselves with any manner creeping things that creep in the barnyard in God 's eyes one of the ways in which humanity can call themselves like he things that are unclean maintains creaming things on your sound good and I want to have some warm light I don't know when he comes he will do on herself you're not sitting here in the temple which I have given you everything is in hot playing and controversy let's was at with Satan himself Bob you will is the biggest eleven forty six and forty seven viruses and this is the law of the beast and all of every living creature that moves in the waters and even among your mainland France between the unclean unclean human beings that maybe things that may not be so hard I work on adding all that status on the difference between these they can be an visa cannot be yes or no all right and now want to know is that this law was not a new law when it was given to the Hebrews they are in Oxley and that Egypt was the original Batman conference and waiting original document the second I call out anyone ever while our area seems upon the is all you see in which the supremacy humans seem to you to sell me for making test for coming out here when the Bible speaks of me does not mean all need fresh food is a means for documenting you for you need to be all our human season has created now talking them out of the temple the information you will be best to go in a yes I know I is a world for you and shut all possible across showing animals humans and animals we know how to hear you mean by starting the post where Jim and his same time he is not having going on no matter what anybody else now just three five was a test that can leave the chassis they failed it was a test of a scene from a century knowledge of the test have to do with some of appetite doesn't matter but without you realize that all these hurricanes and world wars and disasters natural disasters and terrorism all these things are a result of someone not control me there after time even on really hot about half the time all was about the spirit of window that the real issues about it and notify the safest out an image that is why God is not in the game he ever bigger I saw me holding a shout of goblins only good and evil not that he was lying here because I haven't seen anything from this sure you know what rules their God-given ability to do what he signed between good and evil is in between clean and unclean has an absolutely wonderful and now is doing what are they eating whatever we get Johnson said as the Exodus have to reconstruct his people I got a lesson that was on all unclear how can you not to eat anything because in doing so you are the temple notice is that I want to penalize him to know what now in all my house into the art than had I seen righteous before me in this generation not what was not doing what is going on in his right by God a day and I've seen you since generation is up to clean these sulfates of Emacs is the male and his female adult bees that are not clean so the male and female and he was bringing these animals into the now some people say you know the law clean and unclean was given the journey is a guide to how I welcomed our own network these unclean these always and in all honestly even before the time of the exit is no one to share the claim these to bring them into the art why because when God reigns upon the world upon the world to destroy an authentication is historic falling out I thought that it is time that God will now allow humanity to start eating his flesh will but what kind of so what do anything to all the crazy claim that becomes the biggest where God gives us a religious chapter in the outline of the Los Angeles regime that is not impressively exhaustive but so far off at his cloven footed that means being your heart is actually the cause among them these are shallow you gain while God has commanded completely blood when the slightest scientific of these animals while they are found to start believing that their food and the animals that don't do those things happen I will actually look and what that means is that another way needs even these animals that God has said these animals in Spanish from you finding that that is where the animals that the police are usually standing on the desktop software on differently and don't I just as well without it if you see some animal eating some other dead animals someone comes on animal companies trusting that the day these able man might anticipate actually living in the day freely and know when not to do that why because all we get in that house second second hat and glasses here their assignment animals that delivers that I don't want to be fallen so also some of those animals Channel eleven am sorry I know this is hard when you see yourself on the Old Testament is not at all helpful why not I is not only because they want to do things that are because he when he said he knew when I get you what you doing to their own temple in the spirit of wind I remember you guys and that is also an much anything that is not discussed in the least is unjust also in months so no camera shot is another animal beautifully speaking that is unclean the hair salon the making result was active in this life I'm not into that I think everybody here knows that what is the goal you know it's quality into the sea what are the easy it is actually taking that animal into your body this scavenger finally downloading anything else that is unclean and he says the country when I say that it is let at twenty of all that free going on all fours shall be an abomination unto 9/11 were not talking about the urgency of the Bible is talking about interface so sorry to see you go a whole clear refrigerator will you know if I am sorry got bigger mosquitoes in this heart I mean what I perceive it as any flies and mosquitoes well that no butterflies prettily to the horror that is a thirteen follows that shingles and the north that all these animals are closely enough you will also have a half the rain is how all things according to the Bible are unclean what about sea creatures that it is Lebanon these on your monitor and the water is what's her name is found in the waters in the season and the rivers Johnny Angel God is our policy is to make sure that they had and what you cannot I have not been and scales in the season and the murder of his father want to add that any living thing which is in the one is that it shall be an abomination unto you what are the unclean fish then you love to let you know what she is where the controversy comes an appointment with Harrison where you find out what law is loving in your example and say okay and another also sacrificing love the Lord I am a Christian I do want to be under your leadership I will not matter what it cost me off save your your nice car and everything between you and master she's the last that is not homelessness lost is unclean because I have power to create a supplemental working with Johnson is not complete another MobileMe the real issue is this area of without not defile Temple below Shire nice enough about this stuff and food I mean that is and him at one point how do you know they had factual and he was on what you know the Ningxia Iran something I'm going to the same way when we need the waste you that you know the outcome might we mean the wife finally got everything out like communities and and convinced me to just wipe it off and eighty five boy and God says I want you to delude us on insane destinations are listed doing that is nothing wrong with because I called you to meet it is going your separate Google and other of the world may not yet loading dock I want to follow me over the unwanted of your cross and follow me know as a legislative aide buy a house that I saw or is on these he saw not need to define something I have the Lord so again in this something that are clean life and how she is not letting a half if you die to self godsend don't want even if it is believed in his poison is not healthy don't give in and telling him a vegetarian reason is because I violently some of the ways in which they take care of the animals that they are slaughtering without it exists you are taking a great risk to the not knowing what's going on with your phone number not what you need to go back to the insecticide because they might pull you in a better condition than one hundred and five is continued eating and just you know playing a game of Russian roulette and I saw the officer is often filled as well should we not who sorry I haven't run a new refrigerator you got home and get ready to just step down allows you to want to point fingers so you want to make sure your son will love it when we know is that we want to know how much is costing us a well Anglo-Saxon times gained change we are not under the gospel of grace is what I want to know something personal about the Martin testified his story Jesus Christ coming out of the ship and icons there comes a madman to imagine actually they are possessed in the Bible call him around much analysis when he was sitting in meeting and hearts on a man with an unclean spirit but when he saw seems afar off he ran and worshiped him and cried aloud what does that what I do with the disease is also the most high God I shortly autonomy not for his exit onto him and then the unclean spirit said the authentic money in the end to say my name is what lead you for we are many anti- Muslim reasons this doesn't mean this lock-in that is Jesus taught that he would not send them away out of the country now there were nine of the month is a great heritage of lying and cheating at all devils besought him saying send us into the line that we may enter into then the question why was unclean spirits went in New Testament times are you seriously saying yes what is going on the sly and I sat to our claim here and it has been a lot of work and demons themselves are selling us what I claimed I will finish and so I'm going to choose monoxide the unclean unclean and some other clean personal soliloquy is all human ones as my shore is already ongoing customizations as long and is still far short is due to meet and the unclean spirits went out at this line please see there were about two thousand and one also in the seed is not applicable to where Peter had a vision from your editor this vision cheaters vision Peterson is an animal on Robert arsons on myself and obstinate running drinking really on your own and said she was hungry I was on a housetop to pray and sent as an instant releasing his vision of a seat in the four corners the sheet is losing down out of heaven there are all manner of unclean animals on which she peters your voice that says again that she and he saw heaven opened and a certain vessel descending on the hand that had been embracing the four corners of American women on fourth and easily and while secreting things I found here and there came a voice the same life Peter show and what he or she is not sold or him her key anything that is not common or unclean now this was after Jesus God resurrected and on I was when Jesus was a half years of enjoyment and here is the key do you think Jesus gave Peter any lessons on abolishing this law and that unclean meetings are not because Peter Jackson says hey God is talking to me because you know I know anything on this is done three times I returned to rise to the need to regulate the Bible say that the Iraqi one out in what position should mean the regime says how whom I believe the Jews considered to be one unclean to him and say our master is that NASA has to be America Cornelius who was in the Senate but a God-fearing Gentile document never gone with these dreams at all the information he was told the Holy Spirit Freeman seek you out with that doubting nothing subpoenas okay on the volume you know Joe another while some schools away from you but I'm going because I was traveling told me to go with you and got nothing against Cornelius 's home and he finds there a nap textually converted and Peter find the meaning of the vision and honestly said he saw been asked since when did you know that it is all down hoping for matter to the zoo the company while until one of another nation but that is so me but I was not caught any more common or unclean anyone him nor unclean person and not say okay here not to all other animals that you want to know he wasn't counting computer listen that makes you at once looked at unclean in terms of humanity human sacrifice is now clean as I explained that he know whether I claim humanity united currency you are shunned one hundred and twenty one another thing I have Jesus die the transcontinental and then refused to have an actual claim is nothing more than the spirit of rebellion in another case analysis Chapter fourteen is one of our people as they are seen as the matter was fourteen he says here you notice anything officially receive you but not the gospel disputations for one minute that he made he us all things are not always be in our own now critical this progress progress I think I understand hating on one person is anything he wants so don't actually look at our database e.g. it's okay not quite on sports writer and view humans as okay you given him no matter not one had Canada's is not already know what the Romans fourteen so if you have the capital country and this is the one engagement this is not the same while in the open Romans fourteen was a predecessor to talk about as I is selling on all things cannot mean all terms must be qualified who was waiting was what we are now to find out what that means is not who is what we in that theater is five and he does not admit not assume which is not just him but he forgot has received and otherwise went on to Chris zero two people listen on whatever you say whenever you say where the investment of crochet say some will say one last thing with one win one another another as he realized that every man be fully persuaded in his own mind Gina Martindale and garden of the Lord and he never got not the only nominal regarding gene that he is in the Lord for he giveth God thanks and he that is not to the Lord he does not and you got explain what is versus interesting to see all the disbursement of the Yugoslav and meeting when one is no beloved running issues that was happening and cost time you remember all the story of the public in our suitable and was assassinated nor I last twice we will end a secure say I can't do it it is difficult other than obsessing about this and that and then again I think that that will become clear with the uncertainties but again I think it will be because uncertainties they would refrain from eating but how holy I think Arthur Anderson decided that this was discussed on this they got us know what received he is not sound on it doesn't matter if you choose is not factored into is that that's what the you want okay anything that is not his size someone else is okay I'm not fast fast and always this is one of his verse is speaking about it's not saying he wanted to see if you don't want to judge the goal again I forget about the style of the fourth commandment from anonymous letter to Lord Shiva is that there is nothing unclean of itself not because they did nothing unclean of itself not really talking about but the unit is anything to be unclean to you and me it is not clean the need for a higher chapter what follows is found first Corinthians eight is a cost that serious concern and therefore VE on those things that are offered in sacrifice onto what I will we know that I don't do nothing in the world there is no other God but one hobby there is not in every man New Orleans Wisconsin something I don't want to our here you have nothing offered unto an idol and their conscience be one age is what he found is Paul talking about here well during this time what a Christian had just won a prestigious become a Christian they were going to the market often you see I believe is there who are strong believers in these believers were buying things at the house these new Christians who are we in mind not understanding that Haiti know what idols aren't really anything that needs professional believers there in the Temple and hereby is sold that they know we're dedicated to I am going to have to do this afternoon him at the heart of Los Angeles and some of these people have now is that there's really no such thing and I don't get a conscious being I notice what he says for he is meeting with knowledge in me and I will shall not account as of him which is what we can mold into eating those things which are offered I met a nice afternoon this is offered in sacrifice of items in a opportunity that saluted as a constant state of Europe is lower and the fullness thereof ten twenty eight in other words God is saying here listen upon rather saying he is constantly depositing this is excellent as a eager monster as you know he doesn't want to meal in the United States on this I will enjoy the one-year seven believers who just committed atrocious hatchlings sold in the mountains of the mother that was dedicated to an IPO this policy is to look this is your weaker brother don't want needed for Hussein's casing eleven this is not about eating unclean meat is claiming he is unclean in the sense of they thought all this is decades one I know and we should we should ease this is what this verse Romans fourteen I frustrated as they had shot was in regards to the problem that was born on and that I noticed in sixteen thirteen the distinction of clean and unclean it is touted on even into the book of Revelation the Bible says and I saw three one unclean spirits like Psalms the mouth of the dragon out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false drop is amazing to identify one of the strong voice I will read as follows as the habitation of devils and a hold of every foul spirit these days up every unclean and hateful what bird out of the angel uninformed I spoke to a Muslim angel unaware that Jesus supposedly now made no distinction between clean and unclean heartthrob another angel is well-informed and he says little about a lot of the common case of every unclean and hateful bird fifteen and that is another resident evil talk about Jesus is not in school and into the mouth of five hundred and that was coming out of the mouth this is a father a man say well kind eight twelve eleven this is the question that prompted this response from Jesus that is five hundred Pharisees which are of Jerusalem saying why don't I disciples transgress the tradition of the elders when they wash not their hands when they eat unclean meats no name was father had been being what I want to say that disciples are doing what was learned from the Pharisees were saying your disciples on what is on the Temple and he says no I wasn't in the mouth of the Fatherland but that which cometh out of the mouth in other words that come out of the heart is the wedding was on the same all things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the weather heart and they defile the man from the heart proceed evil thoughts murders adulteries fornication is that you witness news these are things which the father mad to me with Anwar Sadat had him did you say anyway yeah that is unclean meat is not the found person no as he is on why I does not defile a man so this verse says nothing about Jesus that's all right rusty unclean music I say it is there in a while room on unit that is possible to find anything I'm not so much the size of the animal being unclean itself one more than women with another substance in a very good front cover controversial something that takes a short time first if one qualifies the monastery stated expressly that in the last times some shall depart from the eighty gig and he was losing spirits and doctrines of what that will want to know who that was not really much of devils originate with stated very good notable one of the state lies in hypocrisy their constancy of a hot iron the reason I really number one and commanding to abstain from knees which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth people say here what I said no and eighty nine K meets but I don't eat because they are not as expressly that you are listening to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils who originated that doctrine is a vegetarianism so sad as of the adoption of the no no way however let's say that no person is abstaining from unclean full scores in who the I cannot stay away from unclean food no staining from unclean food cannot be on Fox ran out of God so what has been spoken about here while not getting to know to my speech on building the nurses but if you think hard enough about it you can think of a pumping system that is fun to see which means it was once part of safety is not that hard and are rather they know that the phase bi- party from the state in other words is not following the choosing of the Bible giving heed to seducing spirits coming up with all kinds of doctrines of devils that were being a priest ditto while married also on certain days come that is a certain clean foam and will find nowhere in the Bible where God commands us uncertain to abstain from certain clean foods you just modify you will find in the Bible that God commands us to abstain from unclean these you will find a Bible that God says this is I think it is better for you to live a life in which the principles arrived in a Garden of Eden are being you are not worth it as bad as I deal to go back to Genesis one twenty nine died when you're not defined anywhere where God is uncertain these very certain kinds of foods I don't want to eat a glove save on foods which God has created to be received with thanksgiving forms of God created to be received with thanksgiving please really saw that pigs are not wonderful was a doctrine received a day and neither of us are not worms or anything like that in I saw to his first say no to anything you know anything is good and we can even want to every creature of God is good to refuse to see what Thanksgiving is include human beings suck at anything the other side of all trust in God uranium from your father was a strong essay regardless as far know when I'm doing we've got a think aloud about one thing is for his father work on a prayer if you want to find out if it is the word of God where we noted all the way to the word of God and will find a list of those things as I am those things which are not sanctified classes to sixteen seventeen sounds like no man therefore judge you in meat or injury in respect of the holding a autoimmune one or other summer days which are sign of things to come but the body of Christ we discussed this before this verse is not talking about me and drink it's talking about me all regions in the sanctuary drink offerings in the sanctuary the ceremonial start not the fourth what command is not talking about eating food all this talk about the offerings of the sanctuary is that I'm getting mixed up I was really talking about nonresidential twenty two residencies the Bible tells us here her stories have violated my law and have profaned my holy things there is no difference between the holy and profane neither do not have a sewing difference between the clean and clean in their eyes from my solvents and I am from the among them and that's what's happening right now people need to looking at about she is what you want to know is what I wanted to talk to you not concerned about this leather problems there were no unclean animals allowed in the example you want to do you look at a sanctuary unclean animals were not being brought into the sanctuary part of the sacrifice which means that anyone I should not be drinking again while I clean almost into the sanctuary level because we want a healthy rise not only healthy but will be one of the meetings Jesus know something sixty six seventeen they don't satisfy myself and purify themselves in the garden I once read in the next eighteen swine 's flesh at the abominations and mouse shower be consumed together and the like that is a pretty strong text biographies to become that series is now ready and I reread that he had been shot and I what about alcohol and alcohol to file the Temple yes we talk about is the force on the winter meeting but here is something that I have been in touch are you ready comments yet on three one two three how many realize that happiness is reason to hearing what you saw the solo coffee chocolate and tea so I think that him alcohol is not considered to be in minimize something that is so that everybody was safe it is just like me everybody was a scenario I saw a candy that will listen beloved in God amongst men among others many actions and operate using the same mechanisms that half that means coffee have been used to stimulate the brain are some things that are more mild amphetamines cocaine and heroin but is manipulating the same channels that is one of the things that is Kathleen Gacy he quad loving caffeine these joins the Temple game is a draw to draw and she does not hold some of these drugs are taken with now because I'm one more thing when it happens in other sci-fi knowledge of Satan the father said one of the file also I will do what we eat and fit into the body but he also wants the fallout as soon once an analysis of the seasons financing the Bible says be not drunk with wine wherein is excess filled with the spirit the devil would like the counterfeit one hundred Temple by filling you with accounting what unless it was first released for for the Bible says not there are diverse in the publication but the same theories reminiscent sixteen thirteen fourteen telecast in the Holy Spirit Revelation sixteen thirteen fourteen Thomas and I saw three unclean spirits like all of the China Commonwealth of the least amount of fossil topics and they are spirits of devils working what now is a division of the old whole Earth world in Johnson and Donald Reagan my beloved new energy among CVS miracles happening on the screen right before your eyes can not gone people going into convulsions and all these different things in the enemy of souls one of the ways in which she's trying to defile the temple of them I sent and when a counterfeit because it was filled with a count of conspiracy focusing real reasons we give up top the gift of tongues I don't mean this as a resource it is frustrating twelve twenty on the south coast are all apostles are all prophets are all teachers are all workers of miracles on the gift of human wall speak with what comes the United Center to say that it feels it can cause your atmospheric the Bible tells us here at all limits on the same all the cantons and don't anyone tell you that if you don't speak and cause you don't have to while this the political essay the other when we want to understand what toddlers all alone who visible to the book of acts about how the scary verse one through eighty seven they were all filled with the holy who drills knows that you wanted to build a temple with another Asian thing all filled with the Holy Ghost you godless people .com started a modern and there were dwelling in Jerusalem Jews devout men out of every nation under heaven now when this was not abroad the multitude came together and were confounded because at that as all love those speaking in Psalms is not about traveling not sending anyone up on me and speaking in Alaniz and you know what to say in the White House Falluja saying Monday and also learn how is that how can we imagine our own time and work on this and what you suddenly have to give this to all these different what are wikis the children hungry to talk about unknown funds all the time to bring his fourteenth two thousand seven he is an unknown tongue snake and then not often that for no not understand him a copy in this area is mysteries whether unknown if I thought I was a means taking on an original writer 's own unnoticed there is no such thing a viable unknown how many simply saying here is that when I speak in a tongue that someone else doesn't understand I'm simply speaking the truth of the gospel that is what the mystery I have been honest that I understand what I'm saying that I understand same chapter verse fourteen nineteen twenty five by an unknown town lots and reported but my understanding is unsuitable all he's saying is that you understand that I doesn't bear any fruit because nobody can understand the gym I plan on speaking I don't understand what I'm saying doesn't make any sense eleven December my understanding of their throat because no one can understand what I'm saying he says in short I had rather speak five North with my understanding that I is is also in ten thousand words and unknown as you understand what you're speaking green to you you will save your life can we not have no idea what he is saying is upon essay was begun on how to want to give Iran Internet TV on twenty one answers usually people 's bedroom of North America Vice President doesn't you know anyone say he is according to the principle that holidays are as far from everybody and being ourselves in understanding how to immunize the children in understanding being that knows what he says that the law was written when men are other columns and other I speak unto who is people at all that he will not can be saved in the first of these fourteen twenty one was written in the law the very hypotheses on the tongs being generation of the cycles to speak their own language or speaking the language of all these other angels would happen to me all in Jerusalem and then at half in other words the Bible tells unity and cons list simply a few of these for spamming this on another Congolese speak to this people twenty twelve fourteen twenty seven if any man speak in a noncombat edema so I was not very everything that is usually say twenty third is beginning to the marvelously Nancy Manuel 's who are the most five three one two at what the governor that he saw in this house is the hobgoblin of this principle is going on I forgot about the author of confusion for a while as an alternative off-season here's one more precisely in the towns of Angels is not as frustrating as thirty one degrees by setting limits on the Manhattan Angels will tell me what kind of language or what kind of structural winds and is using the metaphor in other words exaggeration is being used in a statement of how the man and of angels will see some Henry Angel is and he will not say how much I missed some rest and know how to properly understand all mysteries and all understand all mysteries no he says the matter is using exaggerated as a people to exaggerate and I was able to convince on the Angels he doesn't understand how Saddam Hussein would you wouldn't understand announcing without it the Bible says nothing about the so-called Congo Angels and is about as I've done seminars before my last line is not going to subject after subject to subject them identification times and reveal what is not unreasonable waiting to wait for the people will save an innocent heart already in upstate I didn't see that one for all I am already following the analysis cheating them off sound familiar in this is long gone without any delays is in the template as someone will listen there is in the spirit is not announced their time and how is he on the logs miraculously as discipleship for God is not well now you can go and I will a Jesus success someone other than it is in the file for example where God consecrated to shut my beginning is given as an example physically spiritually unclean spirit down month and always loving us in tonight 's election we live in we got is found in the Bible becomes that anyone is what he had to get into the following about how we want to show five panel cleantech the Bible tells us in the morning and when I enter the temple of the Lord in the air it is all in the purifying examples here will be able to answer six zero five three


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