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06. The Book of Job: The Curse Causeless

The Ambassador Group


  • October 25, 2016
    8:00 AM

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To another adult Bible study God exploring the Book of Job written by Clifford Goldstein edited for audio and produced by the Embassador group narrated by Byron Phillips and that new heart exploration six the curse cause less than a mortal be more righteous than God can a man be more pure than his maker Drobe chapter four and verse seventeen New King James version in our previous exploration. We emphasized the importance of putting ourselves in the position of Joe at least to whatever degree possible in one sense it shouldn't have been that hard because we've all been there. That is to some degree we evolve found ourselves immersed in suffering that so often seems to make no sense and certainly doesn't seem fair while in the rest of the explorations we should try to keep that perspective. We also need to find the perspective of the other people in the story. The men who come to mourn and grieve with job and that shouldn't be so hard either. Haven't you seen the suffering of others. No doubt you have sought to console others in their pain and loss. If so then you know what it is like to try to find the right words to speak to those whose grief cuts at your own heart as well. In fact so much of the Book of Job is really taken up with the dialogue between Job and these men as they all try to make sense of what so often seems to make no sense the endless parade of human suffering and tragedy in a world created by a loving powerful. And caring God The big question most of the action in the Book of Job takes place in the first two chapters here the veil between heaven and earth is lifted and we are given a glimpse into a whole aspect of reality that otherwise would remain hidden. However far our telescopes can peer into the consummate us. They haven't come anywhere near revealing to us what we have been shown in this book written thousands of years ago in a desert. That is most likely located in today's Saudi Arabia job also shows just how closely connected the supernatural round the round of God and Angels is with the natural world. The earth and those of us upon it after the first two chapters much of the job consists of what is called in the T.V. business talking heads. It is just dialogue in this case the talking heads our job and the men who come to discuss the heavy issues of life the ology pain philosophy Ses life and death and why not considering all that has happened to Job. It's so easy to be caught up in the Monday and things of life that. Business of just living day by day and to forget what the big and important questions are there is nothing. Mike the calamity. Either our own or that of others to shake us out of our spiritual lethargy and get us to start asking the important questions. Let's listen to Psalm one nineteen verses sixty five through seventy two. What is the Psalmist saying you have dealt well with your servant or Lord. According to your promise teach me good judgment discernment and knowledge for I have believed and trusted and relied on your commandments before I was afflicted I went to stray but now I keep an honor your word with loving obedience. You are good and do good. Teach me your statues the arrogant have forged a lie against me but I will keep your precepts with all my heart their heart is insensitive like fact their minds are dull and brutal but I do light in your law it is good for me that I have been afflicted that I may learn your statues the law from your mouth is better to me than thousands of gold and silver pieces the Psalms was able to see the good that arose from the trials that afflicted him at times. Trials can certainly be blessings in disguise in that they either leaders of back to the Lord or bring us to him in the first place. Have you heard stories of those whose lies came to a crisis point and on. Only then did the person either come back to Don or Surinder to him for the first time sometimes trials. However horrific and tragic can be used for good that over time. One can see other times they appear arbitrary and meaningless. How have you been able to look back at former trials and seen the good that has come out of them. How do you deal with those trials that brought nothing good when handing innocent consider job. Chapter two verses eleven through thirteen. What does it tell you about how Job's friends viewed his situation now and Job three friends heard of all this adversity that come upon him. Each one came from his own place. Elif as the Timmy night. Bildad the sure i'd and zero far the name a fight for they had made an appointment together to come to sympathize with him and to comfort him when they look from a distance and did not recognize him because of his disfigurement they raised their voices and wept and each one tore his rope in Greece. And they threw dust over their heads toward the sky and sorrow. So they sat down on the ground with Drove for seven days and seven nights and no one spoke a word to him for they saw that his pain was very great having. Heard about what happened to Joe these men made an appointment Job Chapter two and verse eleven the New King James version that is they plan to come together and see their friend the verses convey the idea that they were stunned at what they song and they began the process of mourning with him. According to the text. They sat silently never saying a word. After all what do you say to someone in a position such as jobs. However once job first spoke uttering his complaints these men had plenty to say next. Listen to Job Chapter four verses one through eleven what is the gist of elephants is words to job then elephant as the team a knight answered and said if we dared to converse with you Will you be impatient or offended but who can restrain himself from speaking behold you haven't managed and instructed many and you have strengthened weak hands. Your words have helped the one who was stumbling to stand and you have strengthened feeble knees but now adversity comes upon you and you are impatient and intolerant it touches you who you are horrified. Is not your fear of God your confidence and is not the integrity and uprightness of your ways your hope. Remember now who being innocent ever perished or where and then what circumstances were those upright and in right standing with God destroyed. As I have seen those who prowl weak at nights and those who saw trouble and harm harvested by the breath of God they perish and by the blast of his anger. They are consumed the roaring of the lion then the voice of the fierce lion and the teeth of the young lions are broken the lion perish is for lack of prey and the cubs of the Lioness are scattered perhaps a good opening for a book on grief counseling could feature elevate as the opening chapter could have been titled or what not to say to a grieving soul. So obviously these men sympathize with job that sympathy went only so far it seems that for ever for as theological purity was more important than basic consolation. It's hard to imagine someone coming up to a person going through all that Joe was going through and saying basically well you must have deserved it because God is just and only the wicked suffer like this even if one thought that this was the situation in Job's case. What good did it do to say it to him. Suppose a speeding driver got into a car accident and lost his entire family. Can you imagine someone going up to him right away. Amid his grief and saying to him right away. God is punishing you for your speeding. The problem with elephants is words isn't just a questionable theology the bigger issue is his insensitivity to job and on that he's going through think about a time people comforted you amid loss and pain. What do they say. I do they say. What did you learn from that experience that could help you when you are in the position of needing to comfort someone else. The Eat Eat a man and his maker L.-A fats wouldn't exactly say anything awards for attack and sympathy with his opening lines. Basically he was saying that it was easy for Joe to be a light and comfort to others when things were going well but now that evil had be fallen to him he's troubled yet. Shouldn't he be God is just and so the evil that comes upon us is deserved. Listen to more of Job Chapter four verses twelve through twenty one. What other argument does elephants present to job. Now a word was secretly brought to me and my ear received the whisper of it. Amid disquieting thoughts from the visions of the night when deep sleep falls on man dread and trembling came upon me which made all my bones shake. Then a spirit passed before my face the hair on my skin stood on end the spirit stood still. But I could not discern its appearance a form was before my eyes. There was silence and them. I heard a voice saying Can mortal man be just before God or be more rightists and he can a man pee pure before his maker or be more cleansed then he God puts no trust or confidence even in his heavenly servants and he charges his angels with ever how much more will he blame and charge those who dwell in the Hauser's bodies of clay. What foundations are in the dust who are crushed like a mark between morning and evening. They are broken in pieces and destroyed unobserved and I'm noticed they Perish Forever is not their tent core drawn up with them so that the tent collapses. Do they not die. And yet without acquiring wisdom. There are many fascinating things one could look at in these verses including how these men understood the nature and character of the true God. Even before the rise of the Nation of Israel. This whole book shows us that indeed others besides the patriarchs and then eventually the Israelites knew something of the Lord. You know the fact we see elephants seeking to defend the character of God what everything has heard in the visions of the night was in many ways very sound theology consider three other Bible references Psalm chapter one o three and verse fourteen for he knows our mortal frame. He remembers that we are merely test. Isaiah Chapter sixty four in verse seven. There is no one who calls on your name who awakens and causes himself to take hold of you. For you have hidden your face from us and have handed us over to the consuming. And destructive power of our weak Atmos our sin our injustice our wrong doing and Romans chapter three in verse nineteen and twenty. Now we know that whatever the law of Moses says it speaks to those who are under the law. So that the excuses of every mouth. Maybe silence from protesting and that all the world may be held accountable to God and subject to his judgement for no person will be justified freed of guilt and they cleared righteous in his sight by trying to do the works of the law for through the law. Are we becoming conscious of sin and the recognition of send directs us toward repentance. But provides no remedy for sin we as humans are Clay. We are so temporary. And we can be crushed as easily as a month and of course what man or woman can be more right as then God On the other hand his words were trite and besides the point the issue with Joel wasn't whether Joe was better than God That was not job's complaint he mostly talked about just how miserable he was how much he was suffering. Not that he was somehow more writers than God L. affairs however seems to have read all this into what Joe said After all if God is just an evil comes only upon evil then Job must have done something to deserve what he was going through therefore drugs complaints were unfair eager to do you thin God. Elif as stars to lecture job even more than just whatever collective wisdom. He believed he had about God ever thought I was had something else as well. Well a supernatural revelation of some kind to buttress his position. The only problem however is that the position he took misses the point. What can you learn from this account about how even if you are right on a position. You might not be expressing it. In the most helpful and read deeming way the the the week the week the week the in the week long and the foolish taking root. Now let's listen to Joe chapter five call now. Is there anyone who will answer you and to which of the holy ones angels will you turn for anger slays the foolish man and jealousy kills the simple naive. I have seen the foolish taking root and outwardly prospering. But I cursed his well many mediately for his destruction was certain his children are far from say feel included in their father's rule when they are oppressed and crushed in the court of justice in the city's gate and there is no one to rescue them hungry devour his harvest and take it even when its grown among the Fornes. The trap opens for his wealth for affliction does not come forth from the dust. Nor does trouble spring for. From the ground for a man is born for trouble as naturally as sparks fly upward as for me I would see Guard and inquire of him and I would commit my cards to God who does great and unsearchable things marvelous things without number. He gives rain upon the earth and sends waters upon the feels. So that he sets on high those who are lowly and he lives to safety. Those who mourn you frustrate so their vices and schemes of the crafty. So that their hands cannot attain success or achieve anything of lasting worth he catches the so-called wise in their own through this and the advice of the devious is quickly through wanted in the daytime they meet in darkness and that noon. They grope as in the night but God sais the innocent from the sort of the mouth of the devious and the poor from the hand of the mighty So the helpers have hope and then Justice shuts its mouth. Behold how happy and fortunate is a man whom God reproves so do not despise or reject the discipline of the Almighty subjecting you to trial and suffering for he inflicts pain but he binds up and gives relief. He wound but his hands also heal. He will rescue you from six troubles even and seven evil will not touch you in famine he will redeem you from death and in a war from the power of the sword. You will be hidden from the score and of the tongue and you will not be afraid of the struction. When it comes you will laugh at vitamins and famine and you will not be afraid. Of the wild beasts of the earth for you will be in harmony with the stones of the field and the beasts of the field will be at peace with you you will know also that your tent is secure and at peace and you will visit your dwelling and see and no loss nor find anything amiss. You will know also that your descendants will be many and your offering as the grass of the earth. You will come to your grave in old age like the stacking of grain on the threshing floor in its season. Behold this we have investigated it and it is true here and he did and know for yourself for your own good. In Chapter five elephant as continues with his argument. It's mostly the same as what he said in the chapter for evil happens only to evil people in measuring how this must have felt to job. Who knew that it couldn't be right and that he didn't deserve his present situation. However there is a problem here. Not all the elephant as a saying is wrong on the contrary. Many of these same thoughts are echoed in other parts of the Bible. How do the following eight texts reflect the sentiments expressed in Job Chapter five Proverbs Chapter twenty six and verse two like the sparrow in her wandering like the Swallow and her flying. So the curse without cars does not come and the light on the undeserving Luke chapter one verse fifty two. He has brought down rulers from their thrones and exalted those who were humble First Corinthians chapter three and first nineteen for the wisdom of this world is foolishness absurdity stupidity before God For it is written in Scripture. He is the one who catches the wise and clever in their craft in this Psalm Chapter thirty four in verse six this poor man cried and the Lord heard him and saved him from all his troubles Hebrews Chapter twelve in verse five and you have forgotten the divine word of encouragement which is addressed to you as sons mind son do not make in light of the discipline of the Lord and do not lose heart and give up when you are corrected by him. Psalm chapter thirty three and verse nineteen to rest you their lines from death and keep them alive in Salmon Hosea Chapter six in verse one come and let us return in repentance to the Lord for He has torn us but he will heal us. He has wounded us but he will bandage us now that you have heard the tax. How did they reflect the sentiments expressed and Job Chapter five rush to judgment much of what I love than said to job was correct. That is he made many. Valid points points that we found were expressed later in the Bible and yet something still was terribly wrong with his response to Joe The problem wasn't so much with what he said. The problem was more the context in which he said it. What he was saying the truth he was speaking just didn't apply to the specific situation we would discover why in the next exploration our world is a complicated place. It's easy to look at a situation and then toss out a few cliches or even a few Bible texts that you think apply. Maybe they do but often they don't consider this statement from Ellen G. White about how we often bring upon ourselves the things that happen to us know truth does the Bible more clearly teach then that what we do is a result of what we are to a great degree the experiences of a life are the fruition of our own thoughts and deeds the book is entitled education that quotation is from page one hundred and forty six. This is a profound and important truth but could you imagine some well meaning Saint. Going up to someone in a situation like job. And reading to that person that Ellen G. White statement in some cases. Unfortunately we can imagine that how much better. Would it have been for the well meaning Saint who are follow this counsel instead. Many think that they are representing the justice of God while the holy thing all of representing his tenderness and his great love often the ones whom they mean. With sternness and severity are under the stress of temptation. Satan is wrestling with these souls and harsh unsympathetic words discourage them and cause them to fall prey to the temptress power. You will find those words in the book in titled The Ministry of healing. On page one hundred and sixty three the author is Ellen G. White The fact is as is so often the case there's much more going on here than ever. Fat has and all the others including Joe knew so other fans as rush to judgment. Even with all his correct theology. Was hardly the right thing to do given the circumstances here are three texts to keep in mind when dealing with anyone especially those whom you believe hence in Matthew Chapter seven in verses one into do not judge and criticize and condemn others unfairly with an attitude of self righteous superiority as all assuming the office of a judge. So that you will not be judged unfairly for just as you hypocritically judge others when you are sent full and unrepentant So will you be judged and in accordance with your standard of measure used to pass out judgment judgment will be measured to you. Romans chapter two verses one through three. Therefore you have no excuse for justification. Every one of you who hypocritically judges and condemns others for in passing judgment on another person you condemn yourself because you judge from a position of arrogance or self righteousness are her bitterly practicing the very same things which. Let's continue exploring here a few thoughts to ponder as we have learned. L.-A fans was not without sympathy for Joe It's just that his sympathy took second place to what he saw as his need to defend the character of God after all. Joe was suffering terribly and God is just there for job must have done something to deserve what happened to him. That's what dance justice is all about Ellis that is concluded therefore job was wrong in his complaining of course God is just but that doesn't automatically mean that we will see his justice made manifest in every situation that happens in this fallen world. The fact is we don't justice and judgment will come but not necessarily now Revelation chapter twenty and verse twelve and I saw the dead. The great and the small standing before the throne and books were opened then another book was opened. Which is the Book of Life and the dead were judged according to what they had done as written in the books that is everything done while on earth part of what it means to live by faith is to trust God that the justice. So lacking here will one day be revealed and made manifest what we see with ever science also appears in the attitude of some of the scribes and Pharisees to. Lord Jesus. Matthew twelve reports these men were so caught up in their desire to be faithful and religious that their anger at the Lord's Sabbath healings trumped what should have been their happiness that the sick had been healed and had had their suffering relieved. No matter how specific Rice words were in the following text the principle is one that we who love God and who are jealous for him must always remember. Matthew chapter twenty three in verse twenty three when Jesus warned them what one to use scribes and Pharisees hypocrites for you paid tired of mint and anise and human and have omitted the weightier matters of the law judgement mercy and things. These are the to have done and not to leave the others undone. Here are a few more thoughts to ponder and questions to consider how can we know the difference between the time someone needs compassion and sympathy and when a person needs a lecturing and maybe even rebuke. Why would it generally be better to err on the side of compassion and sympathy when dealing with those who are suffering even through their own sense and misdeeds. Suppose you had been a friend of Job's and had gone to see him as he sat on the pile of ashes. What would you have said to him and why if that had been you in his place. What would you want people to say to you. Embassador group this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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