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Star Wars Crusade, Part 16: The Mark of the Beast

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church


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for him to talk to me as I will always is a online on a single is very I have an essence is something greater we will will in order for your word is finally has a genuine sense in life is to see the relevance is thought out plan is for you Susan I is and is as a all right and so his entire mark of a very serious something I is the theme of his that I have a lot in Christian community that use the more of these and many you want to lean on God or not at all so now what are you a source is as well someone told someone is him will will is so that one of the beast have to say or regain of one said I sound like Santa the great Israelis say to the children of the people who do we discover Michael was Jesus a you will stand out for the children of thy people and shopping a time of war so such as never was since there was a nation even if that same time at halftime of a son who delivers anyone at Sun written in the books of the Bible tells us that there will be a time of trouble such as have been in the nerve was created we wonder what is trouble for this is in reason for this time of trouble and will not twenty four versus twenty three twenty four Jesus is something very profound he says therefore an XSLT you know here is the crying boy will either be meanwhile not foreigners so I call strikes a false property and shall so great signs and wonders in so much that he will possible be shocked to see the very well massive plus five cents you save your answers when the and you saw the angel appeared in front of you with a wrist lock I access on how to follow will be very misleading way however if an angel appears you beautiful that is life sign on speaking beautiful song words are too low Jesus is an all in all my limited in what is all Jesus is warning us here in session you will see you do not own a house or go with a sort of acetyl and often kill you is calling it the excesses of holding in other words he will this guy holding his time shuttle is all about most people is shown in the wiki people on the right hand or left versus right people on the right opening weekend and murder as those as easy as we hate Jesus Jesus said to be looking out for those who overcome saying he tried so far as it were possible to the very letter that will tell us out of trouble while let's look at some of the things here and in that place in head will will will remind us of the time which I the time of trouble that comes in time is a weekly of head great controversy it is a war between car is all holiness remember that the warming effects of places that great time of trouble so please had one of these games two different concepts up will center on the line the most time I be like the most time with me so and will follow the law of the most angels need of all his crisis for this time of trouble in the soul draining that you know that one third of the holy Angels were wire were PCs so remember Jesus is coming up will be so incredible that he did it anyway if you're not careful you are received as the very same arguments that state and forth at will be the very same arguments he will bring forth in the time of shop basically when you have a lot of confidence holding is not strict adherence to the law versus holiness space is not as in the last time the time so the war will be over your concept of home is pretty tricky one because it would be much easier if we just say all that will live in Israel is come on everyone in the coming night I went to see Chris number one goal God is raising up jurors that are final judgment that takes place in the city to hold is to disqualify the jurors the shuttle is going to be a time in which the shores in particular are very effective like they had never intended before him remembered it I want to coordinate emergency session at one of the holy angels were to see below the need to be very very careful and close solitaire is why walk with me as we all have to be willing to walk with Jesus now here is an intimate atmosphere with a hot and cold will arrive as an jurors be shut in she made the right decision in NSA has gone okay in other words you sure risk that sells what size what is way way way back before your created to ensure that so our size the question is in a similar situation patient over time while stronghold is trusted to make the right decisions all are we really need to see just like the moon falling Angels in particular I have faith holding this is what the show is really all of his shares in taking the jurors also are supposedly set in his angels will allow it to anything when please God in a situation as I went through and had when he will discern between right and wrong is not how it's supposed to while Giles me to see what is going on a forty mile access and these all talking about holes in the tax paying of good report through faith received while not the product I promise and she had at the heart are also some better behavior for our hate with all of us shall not be while in office first thing in Asia the reward is done until God 's sake people are red in other words the Saints will not receive the promise or promises internal HR and on schedule all God 's people the number is the innumerable number are finished and that the people are the people that hold you what is called time of their people that are going to show is that all are clean would be willing and able and capable of living in the Army back in the NATO is only Angels in the in other words those people in the last days they are as everything is God first lead he's going and he does his part and talk time and got the next person coming out of the race is not over until the last days people in time and got a important part of the race becomes the one that will showcase not only is there an echo of the fastest runner on Lindsay is an important scene is in him will be placed in a situation where God says they own a lot of you can provide very fast room is him him I will will not see anyone walking on a Internet is God 's full confidence in easy and a solace that is on her way and soul without it we believe we are the people we are living in this generation there is a way version is upon when I would spend the rest I is thirteen with an elaborate and follow along as in Revelation thirteen was out for a few more places three hundred and thirty hundred and thirteen is a relatively easy because all we as we reach in so far don't you save on the armor that is so in Joss and I see I thought he will see and I had horns upon his horns ten crowns and the name of my son hears everything is coming up I see in Baja he is where he nation who fight back has to say lastly here's a literal animal coming up on water you see in the coordination just like I said I is on the University of Arizona on whatever the reason and HR representative role so now John later is she and others in the right to privacy and will any longer you are in one person put together a woman of Revelation seventeen which I who had not been written off in her forte is in oxide is more to say how useful it out here actually money really is a seventies which I saw was like to win that race he has feet in the Bay Area and has a line though I engaging a hazy power the reason authority Jesus is these if you are saying is very good so the least how are these the only authority is really most power and whose CEO whose authority in America will say I will come again is that it is these you even state 's power he's given his CR install in our all other powers or authority as these are really under the power throne and authority of policy John C Reilly we identified these yesterday to go anywhere to get to her as he is the real Roman Catholics system people but the system is currently certain stimuli these solids hey world is easy and very old and what do you all worldwide these we get useful today about this piece was given to at the role went to all twelve hundred and eighty used as young as twelve hundred and sixty years except as needed based on agency received a letter on file and will you are the best power that prosecuted the things of the most high God is working with the space that you have while seems and I will particularly spot as the power is in the wind on a old stage is when was he when they see prison how are you okay even though they now have different face as they have to thought he will see in Angola in all the world wondered after the weekend only who was in the post you and you see how much the world is wondering after the visa is called cold beside the same as in okay worse me the whole day notice verse four is a worse than dragon which gave power unto the beast University say was like a piece with a seventy one this is a hopeless call me in the something is over evil know it here see what hell will struggle is the way of creating an atmosphere sounds like what it was like a so is Tony a while and were sitting in what everything was than that you see that anywhere is a worse as I say was like these musings and what that something else in the Bible where these words on all learned from RSS if you exist who is like unto thee O Lord among the God who is glad he was glorious in holiness and crazy is doing one is the love in the world say the least like I is the school was eliminated one in English and I'll is tolerance for all holidays who is wanting what was coming as all Christians want you here shall who was like and was able to make war with the resulting file continues to say that was not hitting on speaking great things and that's how you continue for insulin is a forty two love is the same twelve hundred and sixty days or twelve hundred and sixty years about how Madonna is our gunshot stayed in power what are the power was known as they wait three city twenty three to twenty four only twenty three twenty four exists in and in a matter of time there came than speaking a little more with the same power as decent revelation what is uncomfortable for me he is an understanding dark sentences and he will power sound mighty but I don't have is not the giant and shop destroying wonderfully in our seesaw prosper and practice self destroying him Orleans he conversely if I read in his policies also he saw cost trap and where to shop cost track a sound that is part of my war cell destroying a destroying that he is we know the Bible talks about the gospel of his one eleven is coming up again that is how it will be sold to say that while proclaiming she is destroying and leaving so as to his power define or refine the data set of twenty five dollars and he solves a business power he shall speak great words against the most where a face of the most as they could change times and orderlies shall be given into his hand until that point to score twelve hundred and sixty years or so the power of PCs and the first these would be the last thing on the persecutor things of God to change times and laws to unite the whole world is power over these jury of twelve hundred and sixty as far as human as well I thought his name and his laptop in the yesterday that you see time I have a essentially a contact our sanctuary that will go almost like a religious sanctuary to compartment within if I war criminal what happened instead is that if you have a sanctuary is the priest encouraged people to come as they sat in praise of God represented as that of the United States in a war with the same overcome and how was given him over all changes in time and meet again I understand that force is obeyed relations at eight dollars and are well on your Southwest worse in Congress who will follow her worst agency dollars nursing this rat in who I is not worth loving what say does you find this study is that he is different as to forward his call because it is so it would be more difficult disease to the RIAA will call anyone as you see I cannot be called is that I don't want us I was in whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world we saw him a racist anything that is your even needed into captivity shall you were saying in the way is this a fourth fall under sixty years or so where while and to me that he said he should so he must be killed with the salon shortfall is sixty years and seeing with the word of God so-called religious school shooting people in the name of getting a craft now when everything is order to see that it will people like Martin Luther began the meeting and study the Bible and homemade to the common person against illegal work on the cells they were in fact initiating he is going to the papacy is going out to see who you are really long time but not received more and in fact according to the prophecy that easily proven twelve sixty years he and he missed a day will I see his or so he and he was led into captivity defense shield and sword himself or himself will see in the wound by the solar Latin word releases certain that the house was standing outside and I found another beast coming up out of your e- one a state can anyone suggest John helices are not at least coming up on your as an area the same time he saw her as needing a goal when he is on pain as he hears the question that account here are these all nonentities which is representing otherwise nationwide change is coming up I have two more life he led who is America's client selection needs to a Christian nation sometime around seventeen why do they do and how around is resembling a land but the Bible tells they would eventually she does a lot as well what is you know if anyone is the United cities of America America which had a baseball only on what religious freedom religious freedom is those people who never hear about is that because of the persecution is okay so now we've got promises on America Constitution this was back in seventeen eighty nine our first president George Washington seventeen eighty nine so this nation was coming in and before but it was just organizing himself he done how the world around as well he is not talking about that of America he is the Christ state of our hearts are you as you noted in no way if you have any half as well I decide who is all or all who the first season before he was the first is the fourth as he and I will you just said there was more based on what religious freedom is all users that the people who left your security I recognize the solution he got an error across America Columbia and doing what he is far less electric the reason why God is truly because when will you have reached a goal that you do not send a letter to your address absolutely necessity that is so great in the final days in time as it is another hollowness coming in who loves life but it sneaks like what John is in heaven not like an angel of light but spoke like seven hundred angels were to see the sky while the order you see here and is slowly but surely creating a I see your side as you know as I said that it were possible even the very easily and when you see but in the address is as long as he is on his word I had time so that you don't have to be busy and all of the first is what hobby are caused the murder is okay and any world why array to worship the first species that a wound was healed 's workforce and it needs to live so as fast as I'll ever worsen the Roman Catholic Church of say saying that this is America and all America and those who do not know thereby cells are not spreading the word of God will open the session and what is going to happen in the cause the world should only principles that are in question is saltwater whatever principle is that is built upon her and saw that principle is built upon rebellion and how to change the law our search is so powerful because we are already as well in the place of those long exchanges and parts of America is one time I think I know what we ought to know exactly while the four term in the dark is their stated goals learn as you are able leadership of holding for the first of these is really the worst for who they dry I see how I is an exercise in how all the first species what was the power of the first season last thing gone I promise in America and in the discussion not understanding what is going on until a certain point where you will be revealed in the first and last thing God while her sixties is possible while you are free by visiting notice on the Bible tells us that has come a time so on this world that is possible to see the very one so that's one of the harder persecution of the same as the feeling of persecution seventy five other so-called one Chris is not a war was in between say followers know the universe is interesting not far from his father 's America will also go along with the principle of change time I know I will also hold going to unify the world Iraq will tell us that was him wondering what was so that they are come down from heaven upon the end the Son of Man not as involved when I'm talking about a literal land seizure like little guy is involving Islamists involving the father is also symbolic to us as bad as all miracles as he was in the Norton AntiVirus was seated in the symbolism wasn't meeting off five hundred dollars K in the silent classic that it was about what we as a species this is how America will room miracle as he will say that you want to live that is the eye while the man of God and that I found out how silly and fun heaven and consumed in anesthesia now what was proving and deserves I prove that the one who called was a man of God so these miracles that I call it a policy not to okay which he is cheated on his wife is alienated in the Bible and people I like how sorry he is when people say Hailey arrival by the soul Protestantism is perils that is not an easy working people and their falling down and looks like an exercise of going out on a people astronomy genes involved in these of the things we're talking about is not what most of those people who are doing these things are all the way you see the all God 's will be doing on this miracle is wrong on one last season when there is a must-see God is in all people need to see miracles will see trial is fine also Rex said is not something I settled one with solving and I came in a cylindrical and the sacrifices and the glory of the Lord filled the house so I is proof so-called miracles are believing that these people are instead of God what is usually thousands of Americans living on I thought mappings there is frost coming out in the ninja and will not be synonymous will the simpletons his assessment they are spirits of devils working and what miracles and schools one is the leader in the whole world is greatly a guide on how the whole world to gather together zero one are muzzled as she used to all the different religions on how smart that he got together the Bible focused on the demonic devil working one miracles five years from the sky were any little point in the sky and the miracles is a miracle cost will come together in a you know what we need to get together and he is out of the cost of holding five thousand at twenty four Moreno Gomorrah brimstone and what refiners on the north in cases like twenty three was just forth his rod warhead and the North and the five year maximum on the ground in the morning human Wonderland is not another this part is very important talking while I go you sure you want to understand that hearts that America is now enough using the Finder of God to hear people to do something Saturday my school is what you are saying about what's happening in our schools is God just are not as great as far as I will see the hurricane that is terrorism and crime is going on all the things I have learned is we who are our nation that God is holy holy holy is that I want on it would be told that this is the fire of God that is being made out to hunt SSC America because communicating for your schools and we've done is that the model plays a very significant we had a nation jewelry meaning to try out or stay in the last day will be how do we turn back to God it is through this process that all religions will be unified in and as always all sources are saying is put aside how was there to come together as a natural human being here would be living there you know that's just my set aside our differences which is really saying is that I was I set aside some as you don't want to set aside all I know we can all be together as we get it on your ruling is just one week usually as they think you know what she was easy you know as soon as you choose me but that's all coming at a worse time you need anything anything we can worsen talk to you about and is worth together but when it comes to the word is saying and you know it is another we must stand for what is known in an e-mail site is as dangerous as will Christians got all these different religions in fact no as you think about world hustles up releases a hormone house where all is coming together to find ways in which they not he is loving coming together of all is that you please inform me that he will by means of those miracles you how to say that on your face as he was in the least will sort in the activities on as you are right you do not only is she okay he is refusing to the KC is over there in Rome if they lose tomorrow and I'll try to America I googled it and notify no what will North America while he is in error please see he is currently why we all talk about separation charges the coronary arteries and eighty Martins is to come together and audiovisuals who will have all the same as I have talked to the issue is really fast he's right how do you see it as however as obscene as one truth of it is I sure this is what he says is a reasonable clutter on Halloween so there is reasonable on the a while will holding call records is very vivid talker anyhow in these opportunities that is both the Naga I think of to show your reality of his verse at the salon on what you see almost a moral and when you look at for indexing you see God is not only was fatal what is even more morality is the leading cause over and done she is the only and shall be filled in our so-called Christian majority so on I guarantee you are talking one which is happening he and he is one is the phone is shut in which all human beings all over and you can't resell you are tonight and I thought was a window with the area said that he was not where safe for old and individual liberties shall be killed my question what will be something holding United States and all other Christian leaders and no following all laws the so-called Christianity the only one that everyone will be eating dinner I was still all who were stated in these the only because do people who do things the way that they see saw that are as long as you when you want to a Christian nation and come to the point of the only solace is that I was want me all moreover your while Holly because all who were not as good as Jonathan and condominiums as you will me that he is doing gone sour the final war will continue to meet a professed Christian asked Chris 's fantasies Chris is an Christians who knows a lot about you what will they say what will any see our husband and I will say and he will remain for his adjustments are on your desktop is designed as the following on all cameras and lost high winds with our school we know they are related so that you and I learned him on a lot of things are only going to get worse nice things they should especially if we don't care already had to work with final crisis being one that is absolutely say that it were possible even the very Internet would be easy to solve this in order should have been going he thinks he gave as clear as nothing is certain or more and more jaws or what is his White House is moving then I became a nationwide she is now talking about ancient city posted in our legislative halls or not now he's research is I the also person personality she's talking about I is talking about the need to turn his attention and I will and will is a Christian leaders are pushing for this publication is posted in the essay is all on our country in our school is getting us out of business because of the behavior anyone is free and is here in Ottawa he will make people see what is needy people do you see he uses what soars God is the self-assessed health moving warmongering and I started out as this is where it is in life eleven because of what America is going to be wanting a source a counterfeit cut in where we are as good as we cited the law but other libraries because we share a force people to log on and you know we should allow God to stop the new hole in a a manner to handle your hand in the open and honest in your girders on the millions of that I is in place is not received the Microsoft doesn't want to be caused as you are seeing many killed when they do what they say when God was easy she is while that on four twenty twenty one years and is so wrong a while and see not so watch this loan this was a Sony sport a lot and I thought I'd is now at those who are Asian and he is known as collectivities so now all I believe that it is the software automatically have that assist with the God which is while necessary by what I call another that is so hot Protestantism is the way initiated by a law in other words it's going to appear to be included in the law it was a force as long as law basically what she lost ninety four twenty one and and so is not another word is also used to follow the law to strengthen our message if you find out what that you want regular commentator is so unique and I is what we call at eight one oh phone holding one hundred and twenty four five Euros was filed under the settlement trust they have done what you stress the law and what she worn and broken the covenant that is what I see some things as they are all part of remodeling change will come back and as he caught all both small and grew rigid for free as long as one marked in their right hand or therefore it is known that I will see you are automated in these order number on his knees so beloved in goal instead is all received his mark in addition I be able to do what I or you are will be seen at the side of the lesion is talking to enforce or friend sitting from the throne of when and when the wine is I notice is not a risk for the Larson is the reason is the Mexico City is a lot a mark on the fourth had not been there that I cried all the abominations that are in the action is set in Miami going as I I stared at the layout of the young boy who is he and the more you will you as before now for none was as long as God commanded him to set a mark upon all those worse I cry all you want is a you is an actual fulfillment in relationship said where is using the software and will corner the point of the early there's always a leader in waste is going on not as noisy too as he is the living God the one everyone is yellow living God Karmanos of the four angels what is the day her and see what she's only half CEO salaries are aware in therefore a solo home are any actually a honor for all the Knoxville was a standalone section from the stuff is really the words and are changeable and is a he is twenty one twenty three Thomas says I was suffering that is a man whose it was like well that will swarm the fly son so that I had no more reminiscent of your output of the nation and between the inside and I will tomorrow decide something God is I deemed that the five tickets when his people those who receive them please ever been part of those who is a complete in the last phase particles and see approximately one thousand I is the house from the structure on earth so guess what she is horrified but I have is yours are the busy tomorrow I won't keep us from being one is your nationalism while I was pleased in the right and one fourth as the Velvet Underground is in a lot of these wireless I is a shot in the heart 's outline for SI .com I had a son is twenty nine I was talking about his head is that would've been my longest war between the husband and resentment and what is more easier on the wonderful pistol and shot enforce the law of God as he loans from seven one one three to keep my words in their life and he is my mouth I buy them upon my fingers on the table I thought I is a list of -year-old outlaw among my disciples how do you feel you must have long written on the heart and comes with this kind of food is low I want to write them on your heart and how to fix them all as a whole is one point he is guilty of Thomas all in all remember she will need to change times and laws so that far side of what is the first least change in the sky before and not as little as one twenty three hundred and eighty eight is our are all authority that sure is a lot of history and outside observers as that shown in what is the source is one of the history of soccer there is another catch is as I already were thrown the change of the wild South America as a protest against the agent goes in the Bible in the Bible only what will I believe we want to Denise as he was C we want to start all over when it comes to forthcoming there are going to enforce such thing as I won't be the Maran is already a lot of who is the side that is gone she is so easy to fall also I hate that I could be a sign between me and that they are going to say I is twenty some of my size is only one side as you may know what I'm going to be June twenty twentieth what I can talk to you something that out here sitting in Christian love and want as long as I have in God we were still going on along the side I'm not saying that Sunday cheating why is one reason I is a time is coming when America will pay for us that she is including the woods one and proceeded at one time and time and shall in controversy of what is and is and is and what is in come on really think I is visiting his one of his throat it were very crazy making one error on Angels were well received as the disease why is over as one of the combat is one of the matters eighty okay one one one one guilty of all the controversy over changes made to his territory George Bush is what United States of America is the same thing in his name to territory remember the Sabbath and holy is no the door may have had your that he is related he creates are and what he may then set the bar to see all that he is the single of God therefore the less effect on me and how to stop as you will you are and how do you not know while this is a film out of the sun is omniscient God says so is you'll the normally man entered his activities are not as dumb as his increase in our world only negative is that place where Chris is actually not as if I coming out of the ICRC you'll estimate that he was not a theocracy God was moving directly all that he was okay when you say you go for so you were so known as extracellular to see you all the children of Israel saying that it is shocking for silencing you driving generations and who may not have wanted to say is therefore useful and that he wanted their father and shops are meanwhile however that forms everybody and everything that souls will cut off from among his people as they were not in the say it was some unrest home to the Lord who saluted genocide is a son that now when we talk about more with his work on the two words are and what so is it amazing how the Internet is the only command that has to do with a cannot and should not what I saw was a mockery say whatever you receive this far will not be able to while I was at the meeting information will so that it is at the sorrow to individual shot he decided to service our generations for a perpetual cup is a guy you need the initial visual learner for a seasoned lawyer in your sanity USA was refresh for .net twenty one eighteen is seen to be in uniform when he saw undermined as I arrive at the time so they are going for them and who will leave you all to personification of Christ we all think this zebra as a C segment is fourteen no model for Satan himself is on Angel of light enough to see you imagine what is to be like when this be beautiful than this are the oldest most even second County Jesus asked how he is not also his kingdom where are we know that when Jesus comes in the year costing things where I often meet again he is not set up a kingdom here on earth again because they are not letting them while they come to the conclusion that Christ is not to say what an honor I have seen me on that here you will know in our house my seminar in my heart obviously I is in everyone's interest in this table is just a and sells what did he just needs to talk to you say you will notice that she honestly what are you doing you so that you shall do is look at and you will and will go all services on and those are saying is that those is that they will include an assessment if you are on the song is you is you was to see the first week or so and we been hearing shall you know what any of my rental unit EMI and he said the problem is that I do not understand by so doing they want destruction upon the result is an argument in the last days your writing is on a slow because if you say you aren't a Monday citing the sport is going on we will ever heard of all the laws already on the books these are not stating that it is legal for you to do anymore so on Sunday there was an almost anything is he is not a nationalist so this is not the best time is coming when you will be released only on Letterman he is saying is the one who is therefore also individually and as volatile Christians will actually strive to ensure that their goals as they wish that you need to see while some this is I know what all Christians who ran as fast as to Saudi that are not enough of the unions of the state 's stone was already whose dominion is CNN 's article I don't run what are they one in English and one hot conservative base is usually going to a constitutional amendment requiring full sanitation is on Sunday and that seemed like I said I'll usually go before we are needing in the time gain a shame microphone is lovely to see what is used in another piece of everything ha ha half before our eyes will see the more doubtful that God 's kingdom is subject to change otherwise those who receive the more I think that's legally that God can change we know that society is not liable to appreciate what the disciples were able to change law and God saw that the change based upon suggestion so that it had taken over in your case is wanting you to change laws and shows how to change laws and more than one hundred change now that Susan R and Arthur I cannot allow any juror in my courtroom things that are not our wealth change of not only that some people are seen as they not actually cast their vote that self-preservation is will you know I know that you have gotten on the eye is an innovator and a solid showing that as long as this is more important to meet along the self-sacrificing and without it is revealed in your free time is inhumane clean up controversy and the final format is as evil as short as an able and they were in a situation just like I had and what they come out on top when you need the right position I will find out why China is funny is that will be revealed in the happening what about credible deception another wind sure those people of God need to find some in that way they are so they were not part of what is this thing will be able to just flat out asked as he saw the worst class I and I want everyone to you that don't know what he will be tolerated in what is known for his one market over the others they understood last time I is I saw was a sound one is humanizing and I saw the souls of the network is him which was used to live in not seeing his want of ordinary and only then when I use the one who wins is worth reading through the city shoulders made me cry you is is is is is is is is twenty nine on the same one-on-one and was his Henderson is marketing a slenderness and the same something of the wine of the wrath of God is for you that means you and that is that is one class in the second half loving Islam as well as seen here are the commands of God is Jesus not only saving in the string boy at the moment is what is called as he is going on because as long as they release Sunday is always the same one is that he is is is that for the good world he is the one that is not similar from the young is a paragraph like that I is a heaven fun knowing this free and will and strength to keep your there are already in the store thinking how this is not to learn a is the only one way or the other doesn't really matter what he is Nietzsche which is the one we use this profile are the legacies because they are not at the time and write themselves it is great I shall that is coming up on this moron not to be found this is able to brought out the following wording to your sanctuary into the most holy things are very wrong there are not changed so as soon as previously Jesus say yeah him and them are


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