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Star Wars Crusade, Part 18: Listen

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church


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for us and since this is an right hair and see what was ahead this one so the next this morning as I will be sending in prayer heavenly father overnight views that we can talk to maybe be John was in this to your wonderful voice and seasoning and fielding of viruses and cancer there is Jeremiah twenty nine and will as he is Caroline you twenty nine verse eleven Jeremiah twenty nine versus the Bible says and Ryan on the thoughts that I think is in the Lord will love me he will give you an expected in verse twelve says van shall call upon me and you shall go and pray unto me not even this is the various .net mailing list this morning verse thirteen is yourself me I mean when you search with how much all your heart and all your long gone once this became with all our heart is in with all our heart because when reading him are we not apparently are tremendous risk of not carrying or climbing him at all and in enacting chapter searchingly find out how that really illustrates this point in thirteen thirty first three said they are speaking of Jesus and he stated that many of them in parables saying behold a sower went forth to sow map thirteen verse three a seller went forth to sell and when yet so some seeds fell by the wayside and the house came and involved in the summer them upon stony places when he had not much earth and forth with the sprung up because they had no deepness of our and when the sun was up they were scorched and because they had no root they withered away and some fell among thorns and the thorns sprung up and show their but others fell into the good ground and brought forth through some a hundredfold some sixty old some early fullness of Christ begin failed to give this parable to those around him and he covered the story of a sower sowing the seed and somehow on the ground on this fall are not so good ground and I cannot see the city next thing to hear that you getting and the disciples come him in the very next verse verse mine says whosoever hath ears to hear that in here and then burst that the disciples came and settled to him why do you see until then and what will I still have and how can you just do what you love me give you the answer is found in Jeremiah twenty nine hertz we just read you will see me do what I mean when you search for me with all your heart and not for the letter I want this understand God is to understand that only when we see God with all our hearts we humans actually saying that Jesus expected when he gave this parable is that the people as they are in the listens what happens verse eleven yes and some of them because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven but then it is not giving KY says for whosoever hath to him shall be given and she shall have more than abundance but whosoever hath not come to him shall be taken away he even got past the Air Force he got them in parables because as they say xenon and herein they hear not neither do they understand in other words the reason why they did not get that horrible is because they were really as they weren't really thinking verse fourteen it says in the animal is fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah saying that Harrington shot here at solid understanding and saying you shall see and shall not proceed for this people 's heart is waxed gross and your ears are dull of hearing and their eyes they have one close at eight hundred sixteen with their eyes and hear with their ears I understand with their heart and should be converted and I should heal them then he says in verse sixteen but blessed are your eyes for these your years for me she the difference between understanding the word of God between understanding what God has to say to us is simply in listening listening with how much all your heart and all your soul and all the limelight seeking the heart and all your soul and all speaking of are listening to know that we didn't assign metadata is very loud very annoying another is becoming harder and harder to do what was to just stop and listen for God speaking to us and split this part was really gone unnoticed Jesus goes on to explain the problem verse eighteen herein therefore the top of the solar when anyone is the word came down and does one understanding not counting the winking one hacked away that which was sown in his heart this is she which was cc by the wayside in other words this group of terrorists these people were seeing seen by the wayside they may have heard but were not really what listening so I just kind of went right over there the Bible says they weren't listening they understand that in today's society than many people who will listen for a minute minute and listened for a moment because their hearts are not really into seeking God everything that they have a shared but it doesn't want to make sense agent him and what they may never know why this is then they say what I want to hear anymore the Bible says that the one behind this is actually the devil comes and she is heated in their minds and says he is lose this little volume I don't even listen you would like people listen this morning I hope not you shall seek me and finally certainly with all your heart wrestling with you next a scholarly reason is the same is he that is what the word and I'm not sure he receives to yet have no root in himself but is yours for a wild full consideration of persecution arises because of the word is why she is okay over here to represent those who are listening to the word I first started but once persecution against the arise because of decisions that are made for decisions that need to be made because it taught they exactly know what I'm going to do one more lesson anymore I'm not that it couldn't do this anymore I'm not a follower anymore I can't listen to God 's voice because when I listen on this persecution before the got everything was fine now listen to God and all is going wrong about going wrong for them when you think is behind the persecution and if so is very purpose is to try to get us to stop listening for God for the wonderful message of salvation verse twenty two agreed he also that received seed among the thorns is he back here in the word share of this world and the deceitfulness of riches so all Word and he what I is also sure to learn as you enjoy what the word however as to what he so really really come in so we can work is where winds are very doing the things that we can't afford to say however were coming up short on offense however there's something about business upon lies that premium pricing is really really taking that time so this is the guy with the Bible says is out of fashion the shares of the world saw our desire is not a syllable for knowing when no longer what went on honestly we no longer handling men verse twenty three but he seamlessly into the ground is that hair is the word and does not understand it was also clear through printed for someone hundredfold some sixty some organism that people represent those who not only hear the word of God but understanding and listen to with the patent brings forth through in their lives they are continually listening for God they don't allow anything or anyone to take awaiting their time and it is a hundred to see how God how much all their heart another as we listen for God God wants to speak to us in so many many different ways God is inviting us to this indeed I would have him heart broken in our house this would mean John sees as easy as you always as honestly as you do not want to speak to us through nature but we don't have time to what list you want to see what you are released this is one another if you want to spend less installing and when another one of the greatest ways in which God will speak to us is using word she had a message with you but you got to what was okay I'm ready to listen by doing this message is found sanctuary in that we've been talking about for the last couple of me but this is such a beautiful and wonderful message that God has for us so already spotted this twenty five and the lower he can turn you can really hear Exodus twenty five the Lord told Moses saying the children of Israel that the rating NR of Everyman activities willingly with his heart he shall take my offer this is the offerings resulting of them gold and silver and brass and blue and purple and scarlet and fine linen here and ran scans read that this is similar oil for the life sciences for anointing oil and forcing anything on stones and go to be put in the Eli and presently and then meeting his sanctuary Angel among them Exodus twenty five when doing your but what is relevant is that our young and I will than is healthy on him to an love of God is more reasonable instructions to build a very easy to offer them articles of all the different building blocks have the words come to essentially all was the first is the goal represents faith in the north of the Martha the first few want to send the child of faith being much more precious than a while good old heresy that would reach five hundred might be another praise and honor and glory Jesus Christ by loving the Bible tells us that they comes my wife and the very first message that God wants to really in the very particles that he is going to use to build a sanctuary in any sense left in the sensory message his life because they comes Marla 's hearing and hearing by the word of God is anything that is the foundation of government is the sanctuary is partly about where in the sanctuary that's where his Gospel with an beloved wife is is is a useful message of the gospel about what you just read Ringgold and go journals in the next of the gospel is in what are you coming to remember who you are and that will still not without silver represents the word of God solves all the words found in the OR are your words as well will shine at night as she wrote five seven five eleven what is the word of God he wants is what he's learned salvation surely changing on the word God mean to say that time is gone with online and listen for God speaking to us we were even you know the devil and all tingly I will say he doesn't want to take away our conference sitting on the word of God which is at your silver and the other one is managed by Doctor one hello I want to hear I want to read the word of God was mad or broad and eleven revival in the United States represents Lindsay but not half as a representative said that this was Isaiah forty four thousand that all on one and was named the outstanding stopper and that he doesn't honestly as an artist and you cannot row last night was beloved in the psalmist says Brad needs to be positively stuck the devil does not does not like I can be stubborn people that he just won't give up on seasons what I wanted to go topless your beloved Geneva said that the fact that society is geared towards encouraging him all along God I had to know what is in no man knows that blew me know whether I wasn't too late and your love number sixteen hundred and thirty five speak unto the children of Israel and then that they name the Franciscan the borders of their garments throughout their generations and all his friends on the borders a rumor that Allah know who shot the CU for a training session and I remember all will come in on the Lord and why do some game time using Google without sanctuary is working with strange lossless gospel message is not only to the steadfast as meanwhile will be the Bible says Jesus was a leading a even unto death and we should have to stick to the principle of low written off on our garment the beautiful and you're listening to hear from you now and you realize the Bible of electrical and English symbols fourteen and forty six fifteen in verse seventeen the virus as a longhand that is with all the crown of thorns and put it on his head and then you are against him mocking thinking of the one Jones was one of the colors that the priest is long to that however are represented he praised a loving God and the gospel message that I want to make you what she and he is that is chapter one turn here in Revelation chapter one was fun writing this right now is one the Bible tells us from Jesus who is the faithful witness and the first begotten of the dead friends of the kings of the earth on to him that and washed us from our sin in his online and has made us kings and priests are gone and his father the Bible tells the goal of the gospel is what Jesus Omega flight Jean and prudent and what the cover 's farming in the Bible represents Carmen is notified via one hundred and eighty five has come let us reason together saith the Lord your sins be as scarlet and he actually he who means you weren't discarding him I don't know I know towards England I live in harmony with what you're saying is that your sins he has started these out so don't you send me so whenever I need them and God is telling us loving that the harmony and see how his sacrifice he committed us what is what is in fine linen and that SEC represents Marxism unilaterally selected a child is granted talking about church was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen clean and white for the fine linen is the righteous is this all the same as the whole message is not who's righteousness is the vices of the things it's Christlike figures into what anything is right and him got home that is found in Exodus twenty five one eighty by telling us that he doesn't want to make us righteous through the righteousness of Christ loving a child I wanted to see you cannot nothing of love you I send me you righteous in the sacrifice of my son what article is here that was what was next beloved books here are the choices and by Saturday it says add us on many liberals here should be operating upon the tabernacle the balance here are representative of the government of the tabernacle and beautiful below because it is what I can go inside thing you can always call press install and then obviously that is essential in the presence of God inside the sanctuary but important to stand and look at that sanctuary from outside all you would see his measly goats here one ago there's nothing comes to uninformed lifetime I'm lazy to shop on the outside but we only side effect of medicine whatever the house like that but other than those you represent and go coming in the flesh you and I frustrated resisting the controversy great is the music of Don God was manifest in the what anyone in the flesh justified in the Spirit seen of angels preached of the Gentiles believed on in the world received up into glory what was the next thing that was missing the Ramstein I read what will wrap things I read represent exercises fourteen at the covering of veracity is not around you will be in one color and what do you think that a lot and love the sacrifice of Christ is coming about but there is no cynicism twenty one on that also and that his wife the Lord God made games and coloring them in other words when you say I didn't say anything at all shown animal just covered to provide clothing to cover them in these hours and all he got so the rest is not red represents the sacrifice of Jesus Christ you are hearing the gospel and God says I want to do what is insulting to me come to the word of God and he really we see what we don't want to hear but we're not listening why because God says you must search to search me and me and listen with all your heart and accuracy this was simply shields and it wasn't Ron just absolutely no only mystery is humility in the north of the Bible says here that this might mean you the means of act within the Baptist skin with another covering for the same directory comes with ten goals in Iraq that sustain notes for the Bible says here that is also in Christ Jesus who will be in the form of God but not robbery to be equal with God but made himself of no all is not on the form of a sorry name in the life of man it had been found that she will himself and became holding an event even the death of the cross is why we that scheme represents the Christ's humility can show all comments are a little while and he was a humble server that has been covering the is another aspect of beautiful glorious gospel of Jesus Christ not a single one was a stream that was very boring I see of it I was in your machine is the same wherever they are in the curse remember that in Genesis three seventeen and Adam and I found he said because you are the voice of your wife number three of which I commanded anything else as I think it is not even on the nightlife all around also I still shall bring forth today somehow got sanctuary that are required dispensing system would as part of the century surveys and within every morning would represent another Christ becoming a curse for us notice on nineteen one two five therefore Jesus and his guards and soldiers fighting a frown of boy and put it on his head and put on him a rule roll the money they are stressing the sanctuary and do not even realize God 's sanctuary because Christ is and will not build it back okay at redeemed us from the one everyone is on the law being made a curse for us for an Israeli is anyone that I find three hundred BC in the Museum of a complementary shot twenty five such morning there was an nesting long as I met all represents the Holy Spirit was the anointing law came first I do love how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and how the oil for the life is not born of the Holy Spirit a sign of how modest you would like that oil in your life yes I also has three sanctuaries it is my purpose in the gospel message to fill you with oil of the Spirit is life and in the Bible in Althouse likes Britain's reserve what will come to an coming to an end some unemployed soon one personally thought not of him that is able to do what she want her desire to see you from falling at the present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy second eighty four eighteen and the Lord 's sovereignty everything will work and will do what is our enemy on his heavenly kingdom to whom the glory for ever and ever will because you still not as far as I was to preserve and also I will preserve and that is part of the gospel message that is found in his sanctuary what was that leave anything but loving we know that he is according to the Bible represent eighty three represents writer and assessment of slavery said and another angel came to the altar having a golden sensor at him and says that he's in our heart and prayers go is upon the golden altar which was before the throne of themselves as that Jesus Christ dangerously he is on our behalf in the heavenly sanctuary this is the gospel message owns which was the next thing was that on its own process Owens stole simply represent precious faith notice first Peter two five you also asked me stolen privately what so are built up a spiritual house or holy priesthood offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God by Jesus Christ so God says you love presses those in a few nice design on your system the final this is another will automatically believe I was born on the fourth breastplate over the heart which simply means that God or the high priest symbolic of Jesus Christ hath us on his mind and on his wife heart at all times and the gospel message is all over he was in eighteen forty fifteen seeing that you have a great high priest in the heavens Jesus the son of God that is our profession for we have not a high priest which cannot be taught with you Harvey's fun with it all points tempted like as we are yet without sin and because at the jungle and through Nevada where you are right now God says I you are on my heart and in my mind even if you are the most religious world Sisyphus Islamabad now let us recap I him and him goal is Jerry Silva represents the word of God brass represents steadfastness will represent only a couple represents royalties resulting side represents permanency love find it represents what righteousness goes here the troubling of God in the flesh is not a high sacrifice for us one of his skin represents Christ's humiliation was born in Paris while why is the one voice wanting all is preservation sitting in Venice intercession all Christmas eve on the mind and inversely to the heart not once and this is what she did not hear when I first read this is the message of the sanctuary the beautiful Gospel message found in Exodus twenty five in the very order in which these items are pleased is unnecessary when I hear is what it is beloved we she the word of the Lord being said that nobody and I think you seem to cruise through the permanency of my blood and rice I will cover you by the sacrifice of my humility at hate your curse upon me and my wife's I will preserve you and intercede for you carry with you and presses upon my mind and I will him to this is him tomorrow and so they don't have as we don't see this is always satisfying was closer and closer and is filed when it was searched when you are gone twenty five and is filed as zero in the word of God she is in this day I saw many things on the all-time list in our time is mean you're wearing is not as was nice of forest is so not as an assault on our commenting weakness is not insulting with the deceitfulness of riches that he will not call with messages in the child but maybe here and this is end of your message of love for us bring forth fruit unto life in Jesus name we pray amen her manner a man


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