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Star Wars Crusade, Part 19: The Third Veil

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church


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from us since I was sorry to say I sorry fail him down while we will only work prayer is feeling sorry with our site I thought it was thank you so much for your word for your choose Lord B-29s that he would help us understand this is going to what it was for us to find again we thank you for speaking to us in Jesus they may alright denies messages inside of the third rail cannot say the foundation of this message we're going to the gain in the Levine and I in the garden Genesis one thirty one acts of God neither maintenance on all Genesis one thirty one says God saw everything that he had made an old it was very good God had created an entire planet is created yeah I'm also face a very creative and down we know that when we were creating the open union with God they had an open dialogue with God is not this is really interesting because if you'll remember in some of our previous session the listing in the signifier we saw the Bible says that God me a mean five so when we were created in God such as in the garden they had no it was no will no separation that is indicated with God face to face however saying that caused the separation between man and God went easy so that's three that she was commanded not to partake of something happen in their relationship with it between themselves and God and you will remember that after this incident easy taste of the food and gives it to her husband he is and then what happens in Genesis chapter three is that when they hear the voice of God walking where they do they start to run makefile and I like to say here that when the economy saying a video went between them and God not available in the Bible is simply a mark of separation something separating the site by the veil occurred and it's something that divides or separates I'm assuming here court Isaiah fifty nine persons whom the Bible says but your iniquities have done what separated between you and your God and you're saying have seen his face from you that he will not hear you now remember before I send they have open face-to-face communication with their maker there was nothing to be afraid of but once they strained what happened there was a separation that means into the relationship between Benin and now instead of running slow got into the presence of God the glory of God when they do they read awakening ran an opposite direction once known as the basic modern English the same verse translators of this labeling you say between you and your God and how your evil doings he is and what is veiled from you so that he will give you no answer so as we sit here and say they'll send brings up a hill between humanity and God Avenue Sandy down when and what to find out why that they'll went up notice here the purpose of them according to Exodus Exodus thirty four twenty nine and thirty says here and it came to pass when Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the two tables of testimony in Moses had when he came not from the mouth that Moses knew not that the skin of his face shone while he talked with insulin otherwise when Moses went up to Mount Sinai and got some with God and received the ten Commandments the Bible says that his face was lighted up it wasn't glowing with the glory of God and when he comes down in southern Israel see him walking down his face is all along how they felt about that well they were terrified much like who was terrified when they saw the face of God activities they were running from from God 's face he must like the children of Israel were terrified it says when a continent all the children of Israel stalled mosey is behold the skin of his face shone and they were one afraid to come not here not civilians and afraid no because this is the glory of God God 's desire is to have us be able to dwell in his prayer but because of sin instead of them saying this is beautiful most especially galling when they do as well and they were terrified and Somalis but I was day-old over a few days so that people would be obsolete about him when he spoke to them not want to notice Genesis three versus eight hundred ten because I'm on your dynasty here is the very same response that the children of Israel had warned Moses is the very same response that you have one-stop and he heard the voice of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day is why it was hitting themselves from the presence of the Lord God amongst the trees of the garden and in the car without an incentive to him where I and he said I heard thy voice in the garden and I was out for a minute because I was naked and you and I to myself so that what you have happening here is that once sin entered out section of the change mankind became of freedom God and they could not look at Don without being terrified just as soon as of Israel could not look at Moses without being afraid and because of that mullah says that a video over you space where the cognizant meal tonight and video of mercy the veil that separating between God and mankind when they stand with an call it without mercy why notice Exodus thirty three versus white God says here you cannot see my face for there shall no man what do you need an land that is read verse twenty one that no man can see God can see his face and the are our values in a consuming fire soulless man standing there is not changed in that hotdog our approach then all things what would happen out and leave immediately they would then be sure so God have mercy out of love for Adam and Eve let's this is a lot more that now they owe to his glory he online of glory Academy so that he will not be destroyed and God face-to-face debate is what we would we would die as no man could see his face and there's someone out anything that separation took place that that that was caused by saying that they own what we know that it was an event on mercy because dogma that he did not want destroy them so he printed and then at the word from himself from his glory now this is the very reason why God gave us the sanctuary the sanctuary prepares us to see the face of not having the legacy of faith in God all right this is the purpose of the sanctuary in fact notice Exodus twenty five restating the Bible says when God commanding Moses to build in the sanctuary just don't let them take me a sanctuary that I may do one do well among them the very purpose of the sanctuary was to prepare us so that we can once again dwell with God city hanging base the phase now I want you to notice that in the sanctuary there were a authority recognized and what the center the whole time that one fails in the sanctuary and I hope I have my are you on me yes I do love you that in the sanctuary there were actually three fail it was one at NG is called indeed this is the first available with the person have to want to get into the sanctuary then there was a second video which hovered over the openings and attend himself so his hearers availed to the tabernacle here is the video to the tent and interest like this room the content itself with another video the video that separated the holy from the most holy place of medical bedroom read the first veil was the veil separated from outer court access outside sanctuary the second veil separated from outer court and the holy place and the third veil separated from the holy place and know what everyone most holy place of the day with three males as we're seeing in the sanctuary in Exodus twenty six in verse thirty three it tells about the veil between the holy and the most holy place in Exodus twenty six in verse thirty six it tells about the video which is at the door of between the holy and court benefits forty verse twenty eight and twenty nine about bail out the door of the tabernacle about carnivals they are the first failed at you that you change to income to the sanctuary was available at the door to the tabernacle now the question is which one of these videos was the first failed to go when Adam and Eve say remember a video stands for separation from God and the purpose our sanctuary is bring us face-to-face with God so these green veils represented three ways in which humanity is separated from phone Don is right and I was once one of these veils go back here once one of these videos within the first video to go up in outer space is not the answer on the value the first sales in the low back there in the garden of Eden that there that are symbolically threw up to protect mankind from his present glory wasn't his day 's mail right here and see what he said once you notice Genesis three twenty one the Bible says to Adam also answer his wife did the Lord God made what holds of games and full then came what does that mean have you made your God made causes infinite causes skin from what so what has happened to that animal in order for Adam and Eve 's receiver clothing they had to be sacrificed and what they'll start schools floor or embodies the principle of sacrifice it is not out of veil that service on when you will come into the sanctuary that first video was the place were sacrificed and places broadly speaking when you have any standing and gone sacrifices animal to cover then there was symbolically refers video down that separated them from the actual presence of God from seeing God 's face that was the van I was throwing up somebody who's speaking that was the first to go I want to do is yell at the MSF Raven that from the visible presence of God in other words it was in this video showing up what many say that prevented them from the house CM got one C two things in life and is failing to remove any life are to be removed right now no one becomes many of us are not what is the e-mail that saw that separates us from seeing the unseen this is the veil that separates you from error is that they are not gone ultimately wants to remove but the sanctuary revealed that there were three videos not just one again you see here is the first veil that the veil in the outer court the veil that separates us from the literal and actual presence of God or rather in Genesis three twenty four God Bible says of him that he jolted out and placed at the east of the garden of Eden shattered homes that his angels and a flaming sword which turned every way to keep the way of the tree of life so when they said they were put over the garden they went through those gates to the gardens and you can't put Angels lyrics and are the days of Eden mankind can no longer enter into the garden is another psychosocial first bill that went up into the veil that revolve around sacrifice that is where Adam and Eve all their children for a time would come and offer up their sacrifices and printed on the story of Cain and able they all sat what our garden just outside the garden so this first game or door is and how to nail the hail that went up and separated man from God but in this model 's operational history in a sanctuary that is dreaming is between man and God number one we just saw was the van of mercy was separated man from the face of God the second video would mean that they are not separating humanity from breathing is the knowledge of the gospel communion with God and life I want to say that what was in the holy place as they all lost humanity from the there were three articles of furniture there was a sense and what can we learn the instance represented greater communion there was a candlestick and what we learn callously represented Olav God 's people and represents a number of things but they're all combined in the principle of life and also we found that the third article of furniture was the table of so read which represents what everyone done word of God so basically when necessary not only was he separated not only could no longer engage into the GR and forty faith in God but now he had decorated from life get separated from on standard communication with God and separated from each show a sure knowledge of the word of God this is what they call in mankind not really separate from the face of God by the first veil but it was also a second veil that separated them from the knowledge of the gospel from communion with the from the line of God 's truth we would like to remove in the loving God is in such a way where you would see that he has removed his vale even the fire video was unveiled that brought you into the way most holiday please just fail however two things gone long as he is chatter there goes my fire God 's law and his character when necessary not only was he separated from the face of God not only was he separated from the knowledge of the gospel communion with God and the light of God but not yet separated himself from the very foundation of the government which is not the law of God not only that but his character because the logon is simply God 's character so these when everything that was separated from when he said in the garden of Eden the purpose of the sanctuary blood and therefore is to prepare humanity for the removal of these three sales that make sense the part of the gospel is different because God is one means they are separating us forever it does not come a time when even removing these nails so that we can see him what face-to-face were not ready to see him face-to-face to us whether they be destroyed so that the sanctuary is to prepare us for the removal of these three videos now we're going to see that school of these details have already been removed the first veil was removed at Christ a twenty seven and one Jesus when he tried again with a lot more yielded up the goal behold me know when everyone fail Jim Poole was transform it into the top to the bottom and the American way of rocks and now what did that symbolize the veil of the temple being written in the Sioux were talking about the earthly temple that the Jews were offering sacrifices in and got represented as the veil was written in communion with God I guess we form that time to once again have communion with God for the life of the gospel to shine through once again and for the children of God 's word to the Clancy in our hearts it were not for Christ that none of that would be possible in an want to know is either the seventy weeks prophecy we went over the seventy weeks prophecy of the wall back and were not going to detail tonight we simply do see that according Daniel chapter nine verse twenty five the Bible said here's seventy weeks are determined upon by people upon my holy city to finish the transgression to make an end of things to make reconciliation for iniquity to bring in everlasting righteousness to seal up vision and prophecy and to do what I'm knowing the most holy in this prophecy of the seventy weeks which was given to Daniel this prophecy in a nutshell she pointed the very time of the transition from the earthly sanctuary to the one heavenly sanctuary for your member that we went over this time three to four hundred and fifty seven BC when the starting date was given in seven week policy if you add four hundred and ninety years thirty four eighty five success some time in the South just what is taught Jesus what I say I'm knowing the heavenly sanctuary that did happen we read Hebrews nine twelve not a lot of goals and how I all live decently and one angel in the way only forays having a external regards a forest so here's a question when Jesus died Wednesday on August three and I want you want in here because on this and I use my my my things assigned the care is out of bail it was the second video between the outer court and the full lace adheres the third veil that separates the holy from the most holy which Lebanese Greendale one two one the middle which one of these free methods remove the nano and in other words when Jesus died MSN into the heavenly holy please symbolized that the way into the holy was now made an open relief that for you for me through Christ that we do not enter the heavenly one everyone sanctuary by day so once she designed and removed that they are now done at Bloomingdale's between humanity and God we got the reason is price that one has been removed will want to remove the veil when Christ is the sanctuary of the veil that separates the outer court from the holy place is that only are you are right that's little that Civilis been removed but if you know how many there are so due to the house remember that I may have separates us from the actual presence of God has let go been removed yet know we have to know that hell is not removed when a guy because you and I see God face to face in a note if we don't know what happened to us we need to shorten we got now is worn and you will have success with one along one they'll has been removed and the video to the holy place revelation for lunch on this I looked and behold a door was open and had first voice which I heard was more of a trumpet talking with me we set either facility things which must be hereafter and when John envision he sees Jesus standing in the holy place very good that the film has been removed now have a glimpse into the holy place into the ministry of Jesus Christ that has been dwelling in the holy place hears of them displayed out to you this is the veil that was removed that Jesus is that okay want to notice the candlestick Corinthians four verse six tells us from God who commanded a lot God commanded the light to shine out of darkness and our hearts figure in the light of the knowledge of the glory of God and know what face of Jesus Christ they tried what to survive in the heavenly sanctuary within the holy place where everybody is thinking that is also reflective of the light of the knowledge of the glory of God and the faith of Jesus Christ not only that you send twenty five homeless were fourteen that Jesus is able to sustain them to the uttermost that come up to him the God I see related it's amazing what a succession for their crimes that is that the life of the glory of the gospel is not simultaneously through you that she is amazing what a recession this is what the altar of incense represented in the holy place and finally we are told in Romans ten seventeen so then they come by hearing and hearing by the one word of God and we know that bread represents the word of God in four formats on a live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God through Christ that we now have the bread of life in our hands and in our hearts through the we are now being interceded for bi- by the roots and leaves that we not have the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ so you're happy that this video has been removed they are right when was the second veil removed here is the answer the second male which is the veil between the holy and the most holy was removed and a team forty four and to see how to become the state this is the prophecy we spoke of in Daniel eight fourteen to twenty three hundred days sanctuary meanwhile as we saw the cleansing of the sanctuary simply represent the beginning of the shots when we had that we discussed that anonymous is on the sanctuary you can always get its eighty refresh your memory but as we look at this time prophecy four hundred and fifty seven BC the same beginning point of the seventy weeks human at twenty three hundred years because in Bible prophecy and game of the year and you come to the year eighteen forty four what happened at that time notice Daniel seven I'm what does I beheld till the thrones were cast down a single days he was in today's was an amazing interview God the father is and was garment was white as snow and hair of his head like the pure wool is almost like a fiery flame and his wheels as burning fire and so the fiery stream issued and came forth from before him thousands ministered onto human ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him the judgment was set and the books were opened in eighteen forty four Daniel pictures a scene where the education of these days as though he is entering into this room and he takes his seat and then were told that price I saw the night visions and behold one like the Son of Man came with a clot of heaven and sanctification of the time they brought him near before him Daniel seven thirteen what you have happening here is a movement from the Holly please choose the winner to the most holy place and in eighteen forty four the second day all was removed at the most holy place what is the most pointless everyone law Carter of God and this is what the judgment is based upon which we learned in previous studies is that making countless nations were angry at my practice at the time of this nation the one shyness and passenger who want to buy service with dropping my face and that they are not made when the time of judgment again according to what we just read and Daniel chapter seven and eighty eight one four remember that he says continuing revolution of nineteen eleven I see the temple of God was one whole day in a heaven and there was seen in his Temple are all loose estimate okay the new recap for a case in your loss when Jesus died he gets into what compartment the holy place that's where the seven breast cancer is that where the altar of incense is and that's where the table is celebrating his when Christ entered that manufacturing means always because now they themselves could I say follow Christ where he was a man that we not have a lot of the gospel brought to us we now have the life that we have one communion with God and that he had his more unadulterated that through Christ we can see that word and half-life and so that's the good news of Christ however there was another video that Christ must enter into and when he and nail that would begin the work of shocks me now live with entering into that field him out in the most holy place beginning of the war judgment just I felt like they'll have been removed now once established open and you do not look into the art of the Old Testament wakes up on the two bills remaining were removed the one that separate in the holy place from the twenty fifth note I think I'm not going I can buy in into the temple to see what they are obviously this is a fascinating forty four we talk about when all these different people got together to this policy twenty two days and then shall essentially be cleansed when the welcome that Mimi and I to study they realized that I had a temple and they saw what is I have an example and judgment having gone what is the standard of the judgment and guess what they found the start of the judgment to be the very all that was found where in the art of his testament which is the law the ten comes in very good cell the judgment begins and led me just how you often hear this judgment is to decide or to bring Neil who will be able to stand when that final one you know that separates us from the actual face of God is remove that makes sense in other words what God has done if you lose access to the sanctuary started like a changing room with him and for quite a while but in this changing room she shares us so when he finally removes the veil that he put out there in the garden of Eden that prevents you when I at the twenty removals that they are human I will be able to say we must see him face-to-face not what we run away from him and Ron so he can't even remember ha ha testimony and other sanctuary just the one against a possible disciplinary and just to help make it in the letter for you this is the seventy weeks prophecy four hundred and ninety years seventy weeks seventy four here you come to four hundred and ninety years at this time just in this last couple years in the sensory prophecy Jesus died and failed to the wild lease was removed at the end of the twenty three hundred eighty five C which is twenty three hundred years brings us to eighteen forty four and in that year the veil to the most holy was removed so we got the removal of true layoff here is a video that was removed when Jesus entered into the most holy Place in eighteen forty four another what this means is that there was one of their own he would stand between humanity and God you're traveling but I fail stands not between zero and and that they'll is available that separates us from seeing him what face to face you are ready to see God is not how you want to see him face-to-face but at the request you are ready to see him face-to-face as you say so not read it I want to be read while I'm getting ready in the hallway into the way that I love you I have set for us to be prepared to meet him he is now this is the changing room that I was taught about how you remember watching the movie menu when you are younger the movie Superman and I saw that your system and you can just change anywhere in where you have to go to change the phone so I help you on the status of the better the sanctuary is life the following rules and the place where God says I want to go there because once you once again that you are operating in the operating room so when I hung to meet you face-to-face human well-being why is he not run away it is a lesson so you know nothing of gardening adding he could have open communion with God there was nothing that was separating them but once faced end of day I went up for their own while in their home protection their own safety it was a dog on the is failed to protect them from being destroyed and that he tells Moses that the main sanctuary this is unit of thousand years later in sanctuary song that I can work on them in the lot changing room that I could exchange them so that when I found when I come again him well prepared to meet you finally remold that are available because here is the ultimate this event was moved removed the price that these in the mail that was removed when the judgment began and now there is only one down that it is down here there are a court that once that Allison Livermore you and I see God will say is this is the changing room century BC Greek Asian Muslim we all with only one face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord our God changed into the same image from glory to glory even by the spirit of the Lord so that is what God is saying where's Lori in this changing room there is a glory of God wanted to extend the weather was holy place this is where the throne of God but this is where his glory was gotten I want you I want to want step-by-step funding out of court and the holy as you get in closets any as the most one place where you can see my glory and honestly speaking I see my glory you will meanwhile change into the sand and is so that when I come in and you will meanwhile prepared to see me as to how is one asleep on this one for James one twenty three twenty five eyeglass analysis for anybody here on the word and not a doer he is like unto a man beholding his natural face at fourteen behold himself going his way and straightway he forget what manner of man he was but who so looking looking into what all remember the continuing therein she is not a forgetful hearer but a doer on the word of his work is so blessed and she was low on the Bible Summit this year is not the perfect law of liberty is not other than all found where in the sanctuary and the most holy place and weird so I'm looking at all which is like a glass to get disease we had to see ourselves I think I found my cell phone when you get in the morning what is the purpose of America and just showing you how horrendously I the national year and times beyond what you want to marry the American same narrow mirror on the wall and she knows he can't do that then there is your friend Linda not a man not than there are men I felt like things but is there a friend yes the memo says hey look if you want to get at is one of the better this is what you have to do now to really direct you to the one who can wash them clean you in an accelerated and I was there was never once in fact he wasn't breaking but I think and want to distort the picture that he will know what works on here that answer into the most holy place and look at the perfect law of liberty that is what God is wanting to show so what they are not given this law however comes in they know what happened to you when you destroy solid and then Christ is that moving is removing one jail and then help helping us to to assimilate about and then removing the next day out and helping us with Elizabeth is because he is lonely child to prepare us for the time when he removes that third and final final video which separates us from actual and visible presence of God is revealed to be removed and the one that separates us from the face of God want to notice Isaiah twenty five seven eight the Bible says here at DC United God will destroy in this mounting the face of covering cast over all people according to this verse eleven there is something called A1 coverage that is over who all people and notice liberals honestly and unveil that is spread over all nations did you know the Bible tells us that there was on sale we can see this video is unveiled that spread over all nations God says in his day what is that in time what time is that if you destroy the covering task is on the people and the medicine of all nations in your local in the very next verse it says he will swallow up death in victory and the Lord God will wipe away tears from off faces and rebuke of his people shot you take away from all all here for the Lord has spoken and so must this time that we are told as you know to be removed and that is spread over all nations and overall people which will be the time when Christ does not always see that God does what swallows up individually and wipes away all your sound and that's why he's the second coming on eleventh we've already seen one that was more than twice that another was removed when the judges began now being told on our video will be removed when Christ comes again we know that second Corinthians fifteen fifteen one fifty four Thomas behold I sell you a mystery we shall not all sleep and we shall all be changed in a moment and fulfillment are the way the house for that shop in shops on and you shall be raised incorruptible and we shall be changed me Shelby was Shays who are the ones that will be changed when Christ comes again the ones who spiritually entered the wine changing room and also in an ever-changing room on the one that will be changed physically when Christ comes again for the corruptible must put on incorruptible and this mortal must put on immortality someone is correct four hundred corruption and is more soft on immortality then shall be brought to task for saying that is written in what death is swallowed up in victory another person just read in Isaiah twenty five tells us that the covering cast for the bail will be removed in accordance of this testing will be when Jesus comes again and this is one that third and final video is to be removed not a lot of of the elite while all sure what this is outside my study prayer and will I will and must well and you must be getting to know where Pauline please send the law and character of God Uganda and we are actually studying the word of God United Kingdom shall bring you there Shirley Brady community altar of incense where she Wednesday July thought of the holy place where it is down to the most holy place where a boat while all the character of God I want to notice Ecclesiastes twelve twelve fourteen hundred ninety one seventy eight months of nineteen ninety one there is no way and much studied in the wearing of flesh is moving ahead this is where all the studying is a very hot with asthma had talk talk talk talk about life after well Dragon online right here and found some of my whole message in one verse it will be this restraint you hear the conclusion of the whole matter what the wise man said that she had a conclusion of the whole matter and all to do what everyone she can come out for this is the whole duty of man for God celebrating everywhere into what judgment with every secret thing whether it be good or whether it be evil that is where where his thoughts on the leader he strongly into the most holy place so that we can see the law the Santa Monica Avenue broke everything she at this power so that when he comes again will not have to send ourselves say I'm recognizing is the comic and then when he comes to going online something doesn't feel right with seeing him and I fear it is volatile and heart you want that he wants to see many as possible now on the flipside while studying fossil trader for life beliefs are what I call antichrist conclusions we discussed the antichrist was but one of the things the antichrist was the thing to remember he shall speak great words against the most high somewhere rock things in the most high seven twenty five and page one exchange times and laws another there is only to be included in the income to one week and going to the holy place symbolically speaking there are many people another thing I started a word of God and I prayed and I see life and I've come to the conclusion that God 's law doesn't exist that I have abolished his law that God has changed his law whose conclusion is that the conclusion of any beloved Sharon Bible studies show for it sure would like to lead us into the most holy place also like false 's prayer say will need to logon anymore and more saved by grace which we are saved by grace but we learned that drinks a lot nullified all got in power testing she cannot not in a silver loving God as China get us into the most holy Place where we won't see that law and in particular when Salah Hassan Madison saw the change we already know what the final written a couple times Exodus twenty eleven remember the Sabbath day to keep all this was sobbing while our outline is a you know what they do firstly there to say the secondary thing one seventies of the phase ninety seven million Jews in the South oval nonetheless do any of you have no wife not because you're not God only God can have a son because he is one victory the one that's life in the seventh day is the Sabbath of cool Denzel and I thought so we might be cheating the north-south review challenge anyone J Wescott Sabbath you'll never find a person about back there anything other than what seven days in the Madison hating on you to keep us on your energy but I love it as we are moving the outline they'll take the entrance of the most holy place Museum in God 's law happened while changed the some of the week is filled with saying something when changing this time next Friday sundown Saturday sundown is not the first thing we can't change it that is the new changes and restart us putting them in the New Testament had found nowhere where the Sabbath was changed for instance they lower Manhattan at the sea and all that in them is what keeps our foreign sixties more than what made heaven and earth dealing with some change is in the reason it wasn't even his wife changed and never change state would like to be changed but it can never be changed what's in those moves six one six Jesus says there while hardly need more nor I do not the things which I say ever this person is a powerful red-blooded at the same as if you call me nor I don't do the things I say you don't keep my law how can you call me nor the means I can would you say your enemies your the master of my life and I say here I understand they erase button once I have removed these nails and so on you might spirit of God and he was out of one of the most holy place to another by avoiding the most holy place you are avoiding the changing room setting yourself up for a major disappointment Jesus says in Matthew fifteen seven using an outside say this evil job not only with a lot not as but honoring with you but you are is far from anything do they worship me teaching for doctrines the commandments of May the Madison would think the change times and laws I want to know is a letter will come to a close here I want you to notice what happens when Jesus comes again they get into groups of people I want to save your credit card Revelation twenty eleven television I saw a great white throne and him phone coolest days the earth and heaven fled away and it was not found no place for them when I talk about the literal return of the earth as we talk about the people of your baton among those who said the landlord and getting to know what he what he can remedy six fifteen of seventeen again and became the leader of the greatness and the race that had the chief captains and the money him any free man handing themselves what I mean this in the beginning she themselves in the Rocky Mountains to the mountains and rocks for online and hide us from the face of him that is on the throne and from the wrath of God than when they see this they were not changed into the changing room and follow me on my pale lavender many people who were entered into the holy place democratization I study my Bible I pray you I decided that but they come to the faulty conclusion that God 's law does not need to be checked this is the very reason why anyone out of the garden because they saying and stand his transgression of the law and Isaiah five is from the face of economics and how crazy these people to be just that there is walking on the street and all of a sudden you see on the running direction and is going to run for your knife I just lose will will with what I said highest in the phase of in-depth and in and from the wrath of local bananas that make sense the rest of the land at an misunderstanding the character of God loving God who the Bible says he loves us so much that he manifests himself a spot in understanding his character when Jesus this is the people who set his law was so low in order and I do not when says will be selling as is gentle loving life comes to receive a something glory to say but that any thinking this Jesus is full of anger and he's up to nothing good to scarce immediate cease-fire five is just like Adam and Eve in the garden all of a sudden he came here for thinking God will destroy him he's a pirate at all the things yet eleven they will be destroyed by the enemy because they do not understand the character of God hide us from the wrath of the last eleven as a crime of an insane person is a crime a person who does not understand who Jesus is and what he came to the company would like to cry out hide us from the face of the rest of the land I'm not really my none of us want to try to do so you want to see me face to face you got a anchor into the changing and those within the same for the great business practice and who shall be able to what beloved I know who's a needless man who was on the list and so also when Jesus died and remove the first nail in the incident he said I really want to print I'm really one of study are really wants to a lot of whenever you sell no and then when Jesus will some opponents of the most to the Muslim unity forty four and the inhabitants and was open and I saw an interview on the test date and well you know what I kept them all before not say so it doesn't matter and when you know will I know they moved into the Muslim place experience but I will keep your law including command integer Long contains the loving they are able to and when I is removed to run away from God theme too many memories and twenty four thousand and seventy no more curse of God on the left sounding in any service officer and had redesignated as how he is saying his name shall be in there for him about it how do you want to see the face of the list closing verse Revelation twenty two fourteen tells us right here Jeff and Eileen that are to who he is or can not that they may have right to sue the Chilean wife name is retained through the J word for the day on on your case to the same benevolent naysaying they were against the garden think the last century of life and they'll went on conscious building a sanctuary and I'm initially what you need to be prepared for me when I remove that they are not always put on modeling and gardening in the light now there was one feel between you and us and God is once you those cheap the Commandments what I want to see her through the James gang is less friendly five North nine we are in a message will message Lord that you are saying to us I want to see you face-to-face her father help us to understand that in this there can be only one conclusion we must be the law of God as humility not as Matt has changed helpless father because it was for this very reason neglect hearing on that need replaced out of the garden her father one still remains between humanity and containing even now you're calling us into the changing room to be changed on the words changed freer speech aims through life to be changed by law help us Lord not to draw back but willing to give anything to be changed into your code to her that when you come again we may look and see those this is our God not hide us from the wrath of the Lamb and passengers as they gain their word her and her girl


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