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Star Wars Crusade, Part 20: Fit for the Kingdom

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church


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from him since I is what is sure is a little chat and Jean Henri Ferriss is a little chapter nine will begin the nurse and I is all right there is a minigame in Iraq in the somewhere and perhaps I thought I'd ask someone more than to see his latest necessary online that you come across clearly enough please bring patients will be playing these last three weeks raising Jesus amen nine and beginning with verse sixty nine the Bible says and he said unto another that is Jesus sat at one of the following but he said Lord suffer me first to go and bury my father Jesus on the Internet of the dead bury their dead but go thou and preach the kingdom of God here was a man whose as a follow up at first there is God Jesus human life and in but I have a different mission on you the mission of you see you are previous but also not nothing wrong with marrying the man anywhere in but here wants to illustrate something to us that his gospel takes precedence over the business of the day and gospel is so important that he calls not only is generated in this passes but he calls you and I to go into what cretins but us and I love you don't have to be a pastor to go and preach the gospel in their God called us to go and preach the gospel and then inverse sixty one of this also said Lord I will follow the button the first goal and get a better farewell which are at home in my house and Jesus said okay no man having put his hand to the plow and purposely before the gospel while and looking back is what is easy for the kingdom that's when we talk about this morning is for the kingdom what does it mean to these things for the kingdom what you need to be prepared with the need to be a part of the kingdom of God we would like to be seen for the kingdom when this Bible says being fit for the kingdom were not talking about music to go ahead were also talking about the things for the kingdom of heaven on earth the kingdom right now God bless you when I write now to be shaved for the kingdom is returned back to the book of Matthew Matthew chapter sixteen now insisting in order to fit into the kingdom we must do the work I must not have the gospel file and the Bible says don't look back and do nothing today and that was taking many people to look back so you know what you need to this later other things more important knees that need to be accomplished the Bible says it don't fall don't look back to your hats of gospel and you will be straight to the heart of pitching them are gone now and the kingdom of God it had what's it is sixteen sixteen in verse sixteen all right verse fifteen he stayed on the vendettas Jesus will save you that I am Simon Peter answered and said thou art the Christ the son of the living God and Jesus answered and said under him Blessed art thou Simon bar Jonah for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto the end my father which is in heaven and on the first eighteen eighty seven cents of the art Peter and upon this rock went wrong not the rock of Peter but on the rock of Peter is confessed on the rock that Jesus Christ is the son of God he says upon this rock I will build my church and so Christ starts for his kingdom is built upon the foundation or the fact that Jesus Christ is indeed the son of God is upon this rock I will build my church and the gate of hell shall not prevail against being a man God tells us crisis out of the gate of hell will not prevail against the kingdom of heaven because God what have people who are in for the kingdom the only reason these the in him is capable and Omar God at one single and not from an time you like and what people e-mail says nothing shall prevail against my church and on the first night and I will talk to the she is the one thing none of having whatsoever so I got herself a fountainhead and whatsoever thou saw loose on earth shall lose in heaven eleven visitors is very often misquoted and misunderstood misapplied and would want to take a look this morning at his spurs and understanding in the light of what it means to be in the kingdom Christ calls us to put our hand for the hospital class in Matthew sixteen we see that Christ had candidate in the team of the kingdom to who no computer to a sharp having you would like to have the keys to the kingdom while in our van keys of the kingdom what I will say that you must be in two receives the key thing is so Christ Harris coming up with the law school who are part of the kingdom must be doing the work and they must put their hands on gospel plow and what I find out that this morning the word of the kingdom made a song about a sure words and maybe a accomplished through one page with the two words are rather what is the one thing in which we do the work of the kingdom we see the work of the kingdom we have season of the kingdom and what are the keys to the seasons filling things in time they will loose so the work can do for you and I thought people who want to the kingdom 's possible while doing so on energy healing season in England the work of the kingdom and the work of the kingdom without it is time to lose shots want to find out what are the keys that God gives us he is the kingdom that I am a loose this one is chapter four chapter four is going to help us want the keys are young people who is often missing the Yankees pitching hitting and what are the keys to the kingdom and pain that I is is while the four first eighteen is what the Bible says he Jesus speaking beginning his ministry would just infringe the kingdom of Kent it is the spirit of the Lord is upon me because he has anointed me so Lord how is the gospel to the poor is made to shield the brokenhearted to preach unless that revision to who the factory for another mask again doesn't I will just go so far I think he's only seen them that bind and loose in him we are also a way to praise O Christ is also as her and me to preach the gospel to preach there is still the captives not when you are you are being now Christ said I see the kingdom is the kingdom preaching through his preaching he delivered his velocity and the recovery of his life wanted to set limits he will bring on board to us that that are grew to appreciate susceptible year of the Lord not reporting from the book the desire to use page four thirteen it says here that she is the kingdom of heaven are the words of Ryan a man they see the kingdom is not some key you want Roxanne I cannot have the power that you can if I want to talk to you well know it's even the kingdom is the preaching of the gospel is the word of Christ and when you become a believer tries to instruct you and will see about it is time wholly awesome call that he went genuine I is is is asking okay the keys to lose to buy a book on the same all the words of the holy Scripture are his and our senior included these words have power to open at this shot at and conditions upon which all see are rejecting him I don't work on those who preached the word in the same outline on July I think that there is in the nation weighted with internal results do you mean about the internal ways that rest upon your shoulders when Christ said I need you the keys what should happen to our souls we don't use the C Lewis and are within a talk about that wasn't Angelos wasn't me tomorrow what is God calling us to do with the keys of his kingdom farce I want to talk to you about loosing the same power that God given us in the East China Bible Isaiah fifty two what is that God wants those evident that God has given us the power not at all so let's do the preaching of the gospel to those of you joining us if you need to open take a look at verses one and two I think as soon as one and two the Bible says here awake awake but all my strength was I speaking about the church on that beautiful garments O Jerusalem the holy city for more than there shall no more come into view the uncircumcised and the unclean shake myself from the dust arrived in downtown Jerusalem and I remember that we in those knife fell on the band are buying their own child the daughter of Zion and we then went to the season goes along all I know this is one of the wonderful testimony by a person who has just been loose habit of smoking I think in the law because we see that she came to doing that while doing their people on staff finally she's saying all of the is a slave to Satan anymore I can be bound to his desires in his little anymore and people have their judgment in seasons where the Sunnis and the people they are able to achieve the thing that Angel is named Lulu hosts call themselves without increasing my kingdom she is in the kingdom are so important to God they are people out there what's happening you want to me know about each one of you was on the different entities God says I living eulogy but before you lose somebody else you must first loans who yourself working with the Isaiah fifty eight Isaiah fifty eight and I want you to notice something else Christ wants us to knows that she is the eight verse six the Bible says here is not business that I have chosen cylinder while those that are unrecognized eleven when we share the gospel we are using the disease will not back up again when I have someone come to come to me preach the gospel of what that person wasn't doing what he was I also found the van on the convention on waking this was raining in my life that's why it was so important for Christ and Jim the genes of the kingdom actually assures become there are people out there on how to link in these contracts are not going to be thinking about and you will lately and despite I'm liking them because through the preaching of the word you lose that the change when can they be people for all I sounds one oh nine would you notice Psalms one oh two Renaissance one oh two and verse nineteen Psalm one oh two first nineteen about the sensor signal God for he looked down from the height of the sanctuary had been gained along the whole earth shall he see hear the groaning of the narrator 's will and remember me as close laws that are going to school went on to your member would recommend since Jesus when he said come follow me what you say that people buy the day in a business of Donovan and the warmth of my kingdom is not combined with then it is to what was the day some yes battery is nothing wrong with downhill on my kingdom is about the remnant of memory loss law linking to that question how many of us have been appointed that Ottawa saw when God gives us the kingdom loses loses his path from the and all that now we also have done is to remove my son Jesus Christ all you die you will live in a day we often lose the penalty of death not crisis through the message through the preaching I am sending you thought when she had been in use those who are headed to where you have to destruction no as in Revelation chapter one verse seventeen Revelation chapter one verse seventeen Jesus himself as something very powerful here Revelation one seventeen the Bible says in my sign this is job-related speaking what I saw him Jesus I thought I stated that he is right handed on to say underneath are not I am the first and the last time he detonated and with that and behold I am alive furthermore a van and readers with me and have been achieved while how and eleven these jeans are a part of the keys of the kingdom of Christ is contracting the disease of the kingdom that will allow people through the preaching of the gospel to enter into the kingdom of heaven also continue to see how adding that so that Ugandan member goals who are appointed to one count and then you see in Horton one eleven we have in using the cheese of the kingdom the preaching of the gospel God says I have since you not only to find but also to those notices me in the chapter thirteen Chapter thirteen him him first in the about assessor and behold there wasn't one of which had a spirit of infirmity eighteen years together and could in no wise than the first of an when Jesus saw her he called her to him and he asked that onto our event with me wrong word I knows from guy in front of you without the war of the gospel of the work that God is sure senselessly using the genius of the kingdom is to lose people from their infirmities I praise God for help message because even as his God given us the keys to those people from the metaphysical things for people suffering about how this element don't even understand this is not a suffering God is in the genes of the kingdom through the preaching of the word of God you'll even be able to deliver people from their physical extremities so that the thoughts that I want to use these cheese these teams are humans are to be use through those doors that are bound both spiritually and physically now before we can lose we have to buy before we can lose we have to win there's no two ways about it when I noticed them in chapter twelve Matthew chapter twelve and I want you to understand another how important this work is when Christ laid upon the season of the kingdom of heaven and she was giving us how that is beloved beyond our imagination to twelve Matthew twelve first twenty no as overseas as a name Jesus says how can one enter into a strong man house and while he goes back to the earth behind the strong man and man he will spoil his house with Connemara Jesus encumbered if you want to go and spoil the strongman is good as he includes the first time the strong I don't want to present house that had been doing is taking a stock is widely hard I got your note I'm not leaving and don't get on to that house you buy the phone about the house and he is beloved in Christ even as easy as please you know I'm going to stop any session eleven anything evil angels people in my twenties when he is likely to achieve what he was saying was not only will I give you how to lose by giving up our two I decided when the new single people by being the devil and his angels and not have to suffice it will find that person would find that person but the gospel is not about finding people it's about losing people will I be wanting Angels and also in our lives as so by the strong man needs us in around him symbolically speaking by him so that you lose is prisoners not another ominous quality is as long as I may have going on finally once one is what will you do splinter and I hadn't seen dog doesn't want to talk with them taking yourself combine you do not volunteer when the cheese and the keys are the preaching of the gospel anything you say is not desecration of a possible of an understanding of the gospel laymen is the gospel we find the same enemies now I accused far on one of my sayings that he cannot have the potential and monotony once at one time he and the lives of other people 's that he cannot have been influenced and show that he once had in their lives notice he was to English chapter two and verse fourteen English consumers fourteen at eight eighty eight 's will is more than what was most children are partakers of flesh and blood he also himself likewise took part of the same that is Jesus that through death he might destroy him that the all that that is who the devil and bring them with you that for all their lifetime subject to bondage notice the formula here by mid-level individuals who are bound by Jesus says I'm thinking energies and when you preach the gospel two things are happening when using the gospel so things are happening I will than it was an annoyance over that person anyone loosing that person from the devil God says when I call you to put your hand in the gospel but it's a very serious work I want to take this work so seriously about anything else you are because God loves souls at nomination window alternate binding and loosing work partisans of the house song this call me when God says I give to you that is individually you the kingdom was exchanged between Germany and the book of Revelation chapter fourteen Revelation chapter fourteen I want to notice for us to one of the keys of the kingdom that while I want to notice revelation fourteen verse six Bible says and I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven having the disease of the kingdom the data is okay for me to say that you I and him everlasting gospel to while in the minors what is in all things Halloween CDs is easy to preach to them on the earth to every nation and all people saying with a loud voice tarragon and now is not invincible Angel is coming out preaching the gospel angel flying around in the Army in the sky right now yet I got hit anybody and I know I have that me and said that this angel is increasing this message will be most familiar by now that in the integrating the warrior angels enabling these messenger on messengers so we can than a soul that Angel will represent symbolically speaking those who are going forth with this final gospel message preaching in every nation kindred and people in so and so symbolizes the also going forth with the sheen of the kingdom and their message that ever asked me gospel message is being preached is to be preached to every nation change it and found no one so significant about it I want to notice Matthew twenty four twenty four no warehouse activities in the wood like this little revelation twenty two Revelation chapter twenty three notices were Revelation twenty ten verse one you want to know so the Bible says and I saw an angel come down from heaven having the disease out of the as to how great is saying is that he got a hold on attraction that will serve as the devil and Satan and I'll be handing out thousands year as I cast him into the bottomless gay and son-in-law and set a seal upon him that he should deceive the nations no more till the law is fulfilled question do you think that God 's people need possibly a new mold in this Angels were right here I think that without a shadow of a doubt God 's people are typically in bargaining the alternate environment of the government of the Bible talks about Revelation twenty four one thousand years you when I see when I can year today have a role to play in finding out the cannot of endogenous kingdom he was not saying I'm litigating power to bind the government from the lives of people some thinking and how to automatically behind the noble about one thousand years you say how is that possible chat with me to Matthew twenty four and also you have not seen twenty four twenty four and verse fourteen Matthew twenty four and I want to know is what verse fourteen says and now you understand why to build a novel misusage each notice what it says Matthew twenty four fourteen at one gospel came to shout he raised and where all where we are showing a witness unto all nations him in the shower while the day the latter is giving you an article he the key to the kingdom through these cheesy and what I want my person sending out all I have no more control over someone so I have no he will usually seemed on the creation that gospel attacks coming in the time is coming where once we preach the gospel in Boston all nations Ginger is thinking how people that preaching is what brings on the second coming which is that by Satan for one thousand years do you understand what you want to be quiet at work now you want to not say anything that person to that neighbor that Fred because as long as we remain silent not only in word but also in action the other weird things taking more time to run forty by selecting the kingdom I want to go now to start the work of losing and binding because the time is coming that when the gospel is preached in all the world that I will come again because let's is not part I will come again and we together soon our combined effort will by the devil and he is Angels Bourbons this is I will anyone who rolled her gymnast Li in the mind of the enemy many close with the site with Leviticus limitations chapter sixteen Sony another really houseless illustration here the biggest chapter sixteen identical to this shot through the looking one person I just wanted to the foundation humility is a must you are aware that he is talking about the public cloning the date on shots Minnesota speed and it was symbolic of the future judgment or rather the coming of Christ that will take place in the future after the judgment heaven has been sealed and seven and just to show you here right here in the coming synovitis sixteen twenty one at the end of the day 's activities after the high priest had made a cleansing of all listings of the sanctuary don't worry about on our analysis would you focus on one point that I think about the activities the high priest came out of the temple and he do it over the head about her restraints goals this goal was called basal code underlies none other than Satan himself it was a scapegoat the symbolism of the high priest laying his hand on the scapegoat was that he was now confessing all things that had taken place throughout the year he confessed them on the hand and goals because he was alternately being punished for all the saints of that year wife and mother who is not legally punished for all the things of United saving state and ultimately done was all those things are settling place among his many and he carries with most things I want to know what is sorry to think of the sixteen rest twenty one shall label his hands upon the head of the live goat and confess over him all the indignities of the children of Israel and all their transgressions in August and putting them upon the head of the goals I shall send him always I had a three hundred and eighty nine into the wilderness of another this is beautiful because you have two people cooperating here you have a high priest which is from the Jesus Christ but not the happiest is one that sends the go into the wilderness but the tradition has it that this man was Chan a.k.a. Yahweh role when he would put around the neck of the you wouldn't leave to go home into the wilderness when we read in Revelation twenty this angel just as having the cheese to a bottomless pit and a great while Shane is another question is cool possibly could this document had everything that was to engage in the meaning of the scapegoat into the wilderness where he would perish good evening mayonnaise man beloved nomad that puts is hands of the slough and looks back in and of the kingdom of heaven eleven how many want to be for the kingdom of heaven is you will find it pleasurable to use I want to identify with is already in his home on our it is in Jesus Christ preaching of the gospel I can sing while you know what you're not going to send him a sale okay you're not going I communicate you want is not without we don't do that to people we help people our mission is those people behind the devil is in the scenery Morrison to Romans ten twenty sixteen twenty oh nine is clear and the God of peace and the God of peace shall bruise Satan under Lucy in a under the battery that under are being shortened at Gartner is outlining better I was able to obligate me to you as you do it wasn't under the ongoing eleven in all holes and nuts as you are visiting the easy keys I bruise Satan under your feet you will need in a manner that stayed around so long as he is in obtaining utility you know a lot about it so maybe that is just twenty million in twenty ten at the same time that day in crimes so they are loose and lose all people were in use as a is the same as keys on the war face is coming to summarize by when will they find is an incredible game over sentence is our genus indicating us that Jesus not really shameful to use these keys then he realized the power is not the half that holds it in that she is and how it may be your in Jesus name we pray amen her a a will a will go on a on a will to prune a very


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