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The Prayer Shift

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • August 13, 2016
    11:00 AM


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Well you're right into this because I know we stand between. Now and lunch. So I'll move right along. A scripture reading was taken from some seventy seven Psalm seventy seven in verse eleven just one verse will get deeper into it in the message with some seventy seven eleven the Scripture says I will remember the works of the Lord surely I'll remember the I wonder is of old a message the Sabbath is entitled. The prayer shift. The prayer shift Let us pray Father God we thank you. For this opportunity to share your word and to look into your truths Lord I ask that you make me just the nail upon the wall a rusty. Sorry nail Lord last fall that you hang a portrait of Jesus Christ upon that nail that Eric waltz not be seen or heard today Father instead let us hear a word from the throne of grace. As our prayer in Jesus is precious and holy name Amen. The children of Israel had a skate Egypt. God had worked in a powerful way ten great plagues had fallen. The tenth plague being the last of a first born child Pharaoh finally threw his hands up and and allowed the children of Israel to leave and and they left jubilant and and rejoicing as they were able to get out into the wilderness to worship their god. Each plague was a battle against a specific Egyptian god the tenth being a battle really to question ferals own claims of divinity. When Pharaoh really had a chance to sit back and look around and realize that his labors had left that his divinity had been challenge that his his some of his advisers got a chance to speak to him. Pharaoh decided that he was going to mount up six hundred chariots and some of his best so. Just and he was going to go after the slaves who had escaped. They began the march into the wilderness and and they began the hoofs of the horses began to pound and and and while this is going on. God had led the children of Israel over a mountain pass down into a secluded beach area that that left them in a position where in front of them was nothing but the Red Sea. Behind them was the mountain range and the narrow passes that they had to take to get to this beach front location they were literally sitting between a rock and the deep blue sea. They were still rejoicing and those stragglers in the back began to look behind them. God had set them up in a very special way so that there was a pillar of fire at night and and a cloud by day and and they were marching and following the way that God was leading them in and everything seemed perfectly good. Until someone looked behind them. Someone with good visual acuity could see far into the distance and and the Scripture says an exodus fourteen and verse ten the Bible says and when Pharaoh Drew not. The children of Israel lift up their eyes and behold the Egyptians marched after them and they were sore afraid and the children of Israel. Cried out unto the Lord. No matter how many miracles had just been done. No no matter how powerful God had been in moving the children of Israel out of bondage and into freedom they were still afraid when they saw Pharaoh. It is often difficult to shake your old master. They were afraid and they cry to the Lord but then they turn their attention to Moses. And they say to Moses in verse eleven because there. Or no graves in Egypt. Have you taken us away to die in the wilderness where four have you dealt with us. Thus to carry us forth out of Egypt. Moses. Why did you take us out of Egypt there. There were plenty of places to bury us in Egypt would have been better off had we stayed there. Verse twelve I say is this not the word that we did tell you in Egypt saying let us alone that we may serve the Egyptians. For it had been better for us to serve the Egyptians than that we should die. In the wilderness the children of Israel had a powerful slave mentality and they would rather be slaves than to be free in freedom came with any cost. They would rather stay in bondage. Than to go free. If there was going to be any trouble in acquiring their freedom and one of the things that began to grip Israel that began to to hold the entire nation it seemed was all of a sudden doubt began to spread through the congregation through to people they began to fear and and worry and fret and all of a sudden what was just a few hours earlier jubilant celebration. Now turned to discussed fear. And ultimately disgrace. Doubt is powerful. It is one of the devil's most potent weapons the ability to get you to question God. And to question his benevolence. In fact there are three aspects to doubt that I want to share with you. Three aspects to doubt. Three things that doubt does to a congregation or to a group of people. First of all I want to say that doubt itself can be contagious that when one member. One person in the pew begins to doubt God and begins to then share that doubt and to express that doubt that if you're not careful doubt like a virus will spread in those wood weeks spiritual immune systems. But doubt is also addicting. Doubt fills a void and you begin to clamor against God as the children of Israel do your doubt becomes a way to try and counteract your fear and so you begin to doubt God and and it can become addicting so that you keep going back to doubt. Every time you have a challenge but for our purposes today that the third aspect of doubt is important that doubt is also amnestic which means that causes you to forget things. When you begin to doubt God One of the things that happens is you begin to only remember the troubles and you forget the victories. You seem to only remember the tribulation and you forget all of the deliverance. When you begin to doubt you forget all of God's blessings and you begin to only remember those things you view as curses. Doubt causes you to see the past differently and by causing you to see the past differently. It can often cause you to not be able to properly see the future. God has for you. Moses responses speedy it's quick Moses says to the people don't fear fear you not stand still and see the salvation of the Lord which we will show you today for the Egyptians whom you have seen today. You shall see them again no more for ever. This is it Moses says this is God's last stand. He's about to deal with this and then he says in verse fourteen something profound He says that the Lord shall fight for you. And you shall do would hold you up. Peace in trial. One of the most difficult things to do is to stop and let God fight for you because we also want to fight for ourselves we want to defend our own name and our own honor. And you've got to stand still and let him do it and you gotta learn to hold your peace. And as you study this transition so I'm going to jump to some seventy seven or a scripture reading comes from. You can turn if you have your bible some seventy seven because the children of Israel are in trouble. They're trapped between the Red Sea and they're trapped within a mountain. Enclosure. The chill of the Egyptians are riding high and hard behind them and it seems as if there is absolutely no way out of the mess that they are in. And some seventy seven one of the principals Somnus and musicians in Israel. A man named a Seth begins to tell of his trouble and I want to give you the the Psalms You see I've been through some troubles and I've learned that there is power in the book of Psalms. I have learned that the great medicine for persecution is in the book of the Psalms. And if you study the song. You learn that it not only prophesies of Christ's persecution. It gives you the kind of the roadmap of what to follow in times of difficulty trial and tribulation some seventy seven is profound and seven jumps in and he ties it back in to the story of the children of his who are trapped where they are trying to look at Psalms seventy seven in verse one it says I cried on to God with my voice even on to God with my voice and he gave me a staff is in trouble now Bible scholars have looked at this. No one knows what was going on with a self. No one knows how he got into this trouble or what his trouble was. And I'm glad the by. Doesn't specify because it allows some seventy seven to be the bomb when you have a trial. First who says in the day of my trouble I saw the Lord. He says My sore ran in the night and it ceased not the pain of the heartbreak the the pressure of the of the difficulty. It would not stop on me at night. He says in fact even when he tried to be comforted It says my soul. Refused to be comforted verse three says I remembered God and I was troubled. I complained and my spirit. Was overwhelmed. A Seth is in such trouble and maybe some of you have been in trouble like this. Maybe you've been in a kind of difficulty the kind of grief. Heartbreak maybe life has thrown so many bad things actually that you get to a place where where you remember God but but remembering him only causes you to feel even more troubled. He says My spirit was overwhelmed while I was a spirit overwhelmed and I want you to understand it when you doubt one of the things that often follows doubt is complaining. He begins to complain just as the children of Israel complain to Moses he begins to complain and how many of us our prayers are more a litany of complaints rather than a statement of praise. He begins to complain I want you to follow this some Because what happens in the Psalms is that a SAF comes down the road of doubt. Of discouragement of depression. He comes down that road very hard and very fast verse forces you hold my eyes waking. He says I'm so troubled I can't speak. He can't sleep. He can't even form the words to speak about what's going on. That I've considered the days of old the years of ancient times I call to remember it's my song in the night I commune with my own heart and my spirit made diligent search he says I can remember better times and I remember singing your praises but but I'm searching and I'm not finding that place again. Then he begins to sink even deeper and I have been in verses seven and eight and nine. I've been here where you ask God will you cast me off forever. Will you be favorable until you no more God is your mercy clean gone for ever. Does this promise failed evermore. You notice what happens. He starts off in trouble he moves to complaining and before it's all over and don't miss this because this is the natural progression often when trouble comes and we begin to doubt notice where he heads. He heads to a place where he said look. God has just cast me off. He's not favorable on to me anymore because his mind and approach to God is one that says God is favorable when good things happen to me. God is not favorable when bad things happen to me. That the image of God is a dangerous view of God It is not the view of God that job as in his trouble job says naked I came into this world and make it will I go out. Joe says the Lord gives in the law takes away blessid be the name of the Lord. What is happening to me and my circumstances are not an indicator of the condition or the goodness of the God of the universe does his promise fail every more he begins to question God's Word you get you see that the downward spiral and in verse nine has God is forgotten. This is one where gets the stick you. Has God forgotten to be gracious. Has he in anger. Shut up his tender mercies. So he hits the two corner principals grace and mercy. You see that. So he begins to question. Grace and Mercy what is grace and mercy grace is that you will receive things you don't deserve good things grace is that you will receive a heavenly home that you could not have work to earn that's Grace Grace is unmerited favor undeserved favor mercy on the other hand says the penalty that you were supposed to get you also will not receive. That's why Grace and Mercy go hand in hand Grace says you don't get what you couldn't have earned Mercy says you're not going to get what you deserved. Now you're in trouble. Spiritually when you get to a place where you start to ask God. Have you forgotten Grace law or have you forgotten mercy and then he kind of comes to a culmination in his questioning God in verse ten of some seventy seven where he says and I said this is my infirmity but I will remember the years of the right hand of the most high and I watch this. The employer five bible actually presents this in a way that makes it a little more clear. It says and I said this is my grief that the right hand of the most high has what has changed and is loving kindness is withheld. If you complain long enough. And you doubt long enough and you get to where you question God's word and you get to a point where you begin to question. God's goodness his grace and His mercy by the fall. The conclusion the enemy want you to come to is this one that somehow God has changed. That's where the devil wants to move you to now we had a question the Sabbath school is more about the pression weather and about about even suicidal tendencies let me tell you something I've been there I've been through trouble that would cause you to want to die in fact one of my favorite Bible verses became first Kings nineteen and verse four after just the bell had chased was chasing a lighter and he ran into the wilderness nineteen in verse four it finishes the verse finishes the day's journey into the wilderness and came and sat down under. Juniper tree and I lived at a great profit. What. Just call fire from heaven a lie. You just said is all that I that he might die and said it is anough now Lord take my life for I am not better than my father's This is a place that Christians can get to a place of utter discouragement difficulty and pain where you begin your prayers are just a series of complaints. You're only reciting to God your problems and your difficulties and and you get to a place where you begin to question God you begin to question his goodness you begin to question his steadfastness because your problems have alienated you those who you thought loved you. Those who you thought supported you those who you thought had your back. Now you can't find them. Those that you work for and you and you serve even they begin to disappear and you're left alone with God and you look around and you question God are you just God Are you fair. Once we begin to believe that God is not trustworthy. That he can go back on his word that he can change. We begin to drift into utter darkness a self in his trouble changes the very nature and direction of his prayer and the sermon really today is about this prayer shift that A.C.F. does in solemn seventy seven. It is about him using what God had done for Israel as a bulwark and a standard to hold him up in his time of trial this prayers of holes a key to dealing with doubt is a secret to successful prayer and power in time of trial. So what is the prayers of let's look at it the first thing that we want is this focus on who God is by focusing on what he has done. The prayers of says I'm not going to pray my problems. I'm going to pray my praise. Don't miss this. Don't Miss This is powerful. Don't miss this. You see God inhabits the praises of his people when trial comes. It is important that you lift God up the same way as the day good news came. It is important that you recognize that God does not change your circumstances might change your environment might change who supports you might change but God Himself does not change. He says it like this verse eleven is what a shift happens. He says I will remember the works of the Lord is our scripture reading shortly I will remember that I wonder is of old when a so have gets to the point when he is ready to give up on God He goes back and he begins to study what God has done for him and for his people. That's the anecdote for his doubt. And rather than them praying. To his problems. He begins to pray to the greatness of his god when to some our prayers ought to start with Thanksgiving enter into his Korto with with praise and thanksgiving the outer court of the sanctuary you're supposed to enter into it praising and thanking God you don't start your prayers prayers with your complaints but with an acknowledgement of who God is your prayer life will change drastically when God's goodness his mercy and His consistency is the center of your prayer. No more to tell others. I want you to pray with the testimony in mind pray with the testimony in mind this is I share our prayers are to be prayed because we understand that when God delivers us and deals with what we're going through. He is going to leave us with a testimony. So we ought to pray. So it will to others in fact he says it like this he says I will not I will meditate also of the work he will focus on what God has done he says and then I'm going to talk of your doings. Why is it so important. Porton when you're in trouble. And in trial to tell God others about God's goodness and his grace Well the psychologist William Glaser says it like this you will remember ten percent of what you read twenty percent of what you hear. Thirty percent of what you see. Fifty percent of what you see and hear which is why I like floods and when I speak seventy percent of what is discussed with others. Eighty percent of what you experience personally but look at the last one you will remember ninety five percent of what you teach someone else you've got to look at the way you do things. This is going to them. I notice I see here and you're here to be equipped to go out and share and tell others but let me say was powerful. Sharing with others is one of the surest way to shore up yourself. It is by sharing that we often learn the most and if one humble if we approach every interaction with humility. You'll be amazed at how much we learn in each interaction as we share. I tell when I'm training for this in assistance a nurse practitioner a medical students or residents tell me same thing if you're humble when you walk into the patient's room. You'll be amazed at what the take what the patient will teach you the third thing I want you to question everything in your trials except God You can question everything in your trials. But God but you want to says here. Verse thirteen says it profoundly it says some seventy seven thirteen your days and seminars but but here it is in practical application the highway. Oh god is where is in the sanctuary who is so great a God as our God His way is in the sanctuary. Why is that so important because the sanctuary is an outline and it gives you an idea of the very plan of salvation and and the process of salvation. It speaks still who God is he says when I'm in trouble. One of the things I'm going to reflect upon is the sanctuary message but not when I'm trying to convince folks to become Adventist and when I'm in trouble. I'm going to go back and I'm going to study the sanctuary message because the sanctuary message will give me a refreshing understanding of God's grace. And his mercy two of the things the devil is trying hard to rip from me in my trial. He says you are the God that does wonders. You have the clear just strengths. Among the people the house with one arm redeemed by people the sons of Jacob and Joseph it's saying look look at the plan of salvation. Look at God's ability to save remember the power of that sanctuary message we we often say that administers the sanctuary message is unique to us. I want you to look at the sanctuary message a little different that when you study it that you understand it is our it is actually a powerful statement of God's goodness of his grace and the fact that he does not change the fourth thing from some seventy seven gives us we're making this prayer shift is that we need to remember that what you fear fear is God What you fear fear is gotten a lot like this. I like what a sap does because this dovetails back into the Moses and the children of Israel trap would fare on his armies coming to get them. This dovetails back because they SAF as he's remembering God's great works. He goes back to the Red Sea and he says in verse sixteen the water saw you. Oh God. The water saw you and look at what the Red Sea waters wore the Bible says they were afraid the deps also were what they were troubled did you get that the children of Israel are afraid now. Now it's because God doesn't even face of doesn't even reflect on the fact that by this point fairly on his armies are free. It's about time that the waters are about to move the pillar the cloud is lifted up from in front of the children of Israel that first G.P.S. system and and it lifts up in the travels over them and it sets down behind them and and we are told that in it sitting behind them. It confuses Pharaoh and his armies and it is what causes them to be stuck in place. We'll get more detail in the second. So the cloud moves back in traps them now. So a seven. Said look fair and his armies were afraid of you. But fell and his armies are human. They are we all understand that they are capable of fear. So what this case of does to make the point that what you fear fear is God He speaks to the inanimate water itself is afraid of God If God has control over the quote unquote emotions of the elements in this world. Why what are we so afraid of is the same thing when jesus want to boat and a storm came and Jesus in the hind part of the boat sleeping and a storm comes in the Bible says the boat fills up with water the disciples are panicked and they run to the back of the boat and they shake Jesus and they say Wake up wake up. Don't you care. We're about to die. So you guys have so little faith stretches yawns feet wet from the water in the boat he goes to the middle of the boat stands up and he says Peace be still and the Bible says there was a great calm. Inferring that it was more come after the storm than it was before the storm. Missed that city. Went over your head. He takes you into the storm because when you go into the storm and you wake Jesus up in your storm. He makes your life more calm post storm. Then it was pretty storm. And the disciples say what kind of a man is this that even the wind and the waves obey him while he answers back in some seventy seven because the water and the wind fear of God What are you so afraid of. You serve a God who speaks and the elements must stand at attention. The hydrogen and ion atoms and molecules that film water must stand at attention when he speaks no wind has to stop earthquakes can be silenced at a one hundred from God. What are you so afraid of but he goes into more detail the water saw your god the water saw you. They were afraid. The depths also were troubled the clouds poured out water on Pharaoh now the sky sent out a sound your arrows also went abroad. There's lightning in the funder began to attack Pharaoh and his army the force of their thunder was in the heaven. The lightning lighted the world the earth trampled and it shook fair all in his armies not understanding who God is thought they could chase God's children and destroy them. I'm here to submit to you that when your chase God's children. God will defend his children. The fifth part of the prayers if this one faith grows when there are no footprints face grows when there are no footprints faith grows on their own for Prince verse nineteen says the highway is in the sea. Meaning that the path that God made was through the Red Sea was passed within the great waters. But look at the last part of the verse. And I feel it steps are not known. Now watch this and don't miss this. You got to get this they didn't know where God was leading them when they were following the cloud when they were leaving Egypt they were going they didn't know weird they were heading his footsteps were not known. God was leading them somewhere I'll come back to what otherwise as long as in a second. He was leading them somewhere let me tell you something your face. Grows when you have to actually step where you can't see where your foot is going. Your face grows when God allows turbulence to hit your life and the death of a loved one who you leaned on happens and you wonder how am I going to make it after the death of this loved one and you can't see which way to go. I challenge you that God has footsteps that you can't see all you have to do is ask him to place one foot in front of the other one foot at a time and you will follow him where he is leading you. But if God showed you the path just lit up in front of you exactly where to walk it would take no faith. It would take no faith of God always told you exactly how everything was going to work out so God allows us to sit in a place of uncertainty. So that he can show us where He wants us to go sixty one out of seven is this one God's purpose is bigger than your problem. God's purpose is bigger than your problems we go back to Exodus fourteen that Moses and break this thing down. He is and the Lord said I'm gonna bring it down the most the Lord said unto Moses. Why are you crying on to me speak to the children of Israel that they do would go forward. But lift up your rod and stretch out your hand over the sea and divide it and the children of Israel shall go on dry ground through the midst of the sea. So while you are clamoring crying and complaining God already has the exit route planned mapped out the Red Sea was always the bridge they were going to take to the promised land. Even when they couldn't see it because the waters were rough and they were moving and they couldn't see what was happening. It was already taken care. God actually is like Oh Moses tell outweigh all this talking is just slowing down the process lift up your rod hold it over the water and guess what the water will obey and it will split and you won't go across on muddy ground but. You're going to go across on what the miracle isn't just in the water separating. Their sandals never got damp. Like the three Hebrew boys in a fiery furnace didn't even smell like smoke. They went through on a dry highway because of verse seventeen and of Exodus fourteen he says and I behold I will harden the hearts of the Egyptians and they sell follow them and I look at look at the purpose of their of the problem that they're in here is the purpose and they shall follow them and I will get me honor upon Pharaoh and upon all his hosts. Upon his chariots and upon his horsemen and the Egyptians shall know that I am the Lord when I have got me on or upon Pharaoh upon his chariots and upon his horsemen why did this story play out the way it did so that the entire known world and beyond. Would know that the only god in the universe that deserves honor is the God of Israel. You see because Pharaoh got on him before that he was a super power in a time he was the divine leader of the great empire that was Egypt. God says listen I led you this way on purpose. Why you're complaining. I've got to deal with the great controversy and I've got to begin the process of globally breaking down the the hole that paganism and and disbelief has on the world and because Pharaoh refused to accept with all the evidence. Given him that I am God He will be used to give me honor. Despite himself a spirit of prophecy says it like this God in His providence God in His Providence brought the Hebrews into the mountain fast in this before the see that he might manifest his power in their deliverance and signally humble the pride of their own pressers he might have saved them in any other way but he chose this method in order to test their faith and strengthen their trust in him on the one hand God allows us into trouble for two reasons one when we come out the other side of it he gets the honor he gets the glory. We have a testimony that we can share that says I was in the valley of death and I did I want to give up but the God of the universe showed up in my Red Sea experience and delivered me from Pharaoh. But he also allows us to get into that situation so that we will trust him so he will understand it may not always make sense to us the direction that we're going but but he's got a plan for your life and even when it leads you into into dire straits that's the the etymology of the Hebrew word for trouble kind of as it has the connotation of being squeezed in so when you're in those dire straits. God is beginning to develop you to be able to deal with greater trouble in the future. Every time we go through trial. Our spiritual muscles grow you know when you go to gym you lift weights you have micro tears in your muscles. When you live where you do resistance training the muscles get microscopic tears in the muscles in the way God were fearfully and wonderfully made so the way God repairs the muscles. He doesn't a lot of muscle to come back together like this. He leaves the. Space in the muscle and feels a new muscle from the bottom up and you get that. So every time you face resistance. Every time your muscles are tested your body signals to grow new muscle by the very damage the trial gave you. It's the same way with faith. You see every time we go through a trial and I've been through some dark deep trials but every time you go to trial and you push back in the name and power of Jesus Christ the faith muscle that spiritual muscle it grows and it grows because you're pushing back and God doesn't just give you doesn't take your faith that been hurt like it has been in some seventy seven one through ten he takes it and he leaves the space and you get a new day stronger faith so that you're ready for the next trial. The last thing about the prayers if there's this one number seven says the Lord is still our shepherd. He's still our seven while a shepherd because she have a few interesting characteristics. Why do we need a shepherd because sheep are dumb. They're clean but are not very bright pigs are unclean. But are a lot more intelligent actually. So sheep aren't very bright want to reason you need a shepherd because we are each spiritually Dem put it that way. The second thing is sheep have no natural defense system they have no big horns they have no sharp teeth. They have no claws. They can't come together for five sheep and beat up a wolf. Actually it flies in the face of evolution really think about it. They've never evolved. If you believe in evolution they never evolve the defense system. So how could they have survived. They survived because of the. Symbiotic relationship between Shepherd and sheep. Miss in this thing Don't miss this thing you see it's a good thing that be a sheep as long as you've got a shepherd and as long as you've got a shepherd as long as you've got a shepherd you're a safe sheep says My sheep hear my voice and they follow me the lowest of the seven in fact the last verse of some seventy seven says it like this you leave us die people like a flock by the hand of Moses and Aaron he still a shepherd. Pastor each spiritual leader is God's coach Shipard leading each congregation wrapping up a couple more tech quotes from paychecks and prophecy says the great lesson here taught is for all time. Often the Christian life is be set by dangers and duty seems hard to perform. The imagination pictures impending ruin before and bondage or death behind it. Yet the voice of God speaks clearly go forward we should obey this command. Even though our eyes cannot penetrate the darkness and we feel cold waves about our feet. She says the obstacles that hinder our progress will never disappear before a halting doubting spirit. Don't miss this. Those who defer obedience till every shadow of uncertainty disappears and there remains no risk of failure or defeat will never obey at all. Never. She says unbelief whispers. Let us wait till the of struction is all removed and we can see our way. Clearly But Faith courageously urges and advance hoping. All things but leaving all things. So I want to challenge you today to make the prayer shift change the way you look at God and look at the purpose he has for your life change the way you see things don't look at the obstacles and the challenges and the problems. Look at an unchanging unflinching unwavering God who is good no matter what your circumstances are his benevolence is not arbitrary it's not negotiable it's it's not arguable even in your darkest hour and my darkest hour. He is a just and good God. Which means that when he gives you dangerous territory to cover when he sends you out by yourself and it is as if the entire world would devour you. You just gotta trust him. You can't see the footprints. But you gotta follow the voice. And you've got to step where you don't see soil. Sometimes you've got to take a leap of faith. Sometimes because if you aren't willing to step out on faith. What the great things that God has for you you will never realize. So it is just a few weeks ago when I was in a patient he was hooked up to oxygen terminal lung disease from smoking and drugging now alcohol is there with his faithful wife who is by his side and and just supporting him in this dark hour that he was in. When into the room. And I began to talk to him and I said listen you know we we need to admit you to the hospital because you look like you have a really bad case of pneumonia right now and with your decreased respiratory capabilities. This pneumonia could actually take you out the man looked at me and he said that's OK. Doc I want to die. I'm OK. And I said what about your wife. What about what about the children what about everything else going on in your life he said I don't care. He's any any any kind of use the inappropriate word and he said I don't care if I'm ready to die. Look look at my condition. Listen this isn't a life ending situation we can we can treat you so let me just go home. I don't want anything. I looked over at his wife and dropped her head and I could see the pain she was that ask God how how do I she here right now what do I say to this man who is right out of what we do. He doesn't have a whole lot longer to live and I asked the question I asked many patients in such a situation I go out on a limb I know sometimes you know supposed to say some of these things but I have to say and I said Sir are you a believer is wife jumps in and says he's not only a believer He's a pastor I said you're past that much but you want to die and he any any kind of comes back down a little and he gets angry again and he says Listen. Look at me he said I once had a large church hundreds flock to hear me preach. I don't even at ministry with thousands who tuned in online look at my condition look at my situation. I'm broke. And this is what serving God got me what kind of looked at him sideways for a second any he drew back and said well I did slip away for a while and in those years away from God I used drugs alcohol picked back up my. Smoking habit in and one of the drugs he used was very damaging to the lungs and that's why he was in this critical situation. He said I know he said but I give up. He said I know I'll wind up if I die. The moment I'm saying brother but no be so sure if you question and like this we will wind up but I didn't say that out loud for the record and I said What is it that is troubling you so much. He said I've lost so much he wanted back the glory days in the pulpit with the hundreds of people listening. He wanted back that elevated position that he thought he lost was sure how could he in that broken state with oxygen in his nose. How could he stand before the people of God and tell them that God is good when his situation was so bad. So let me tell you. So I said one the things you can do to improve your health. Just the way you eat and live. That will actually add years to life. Even now some of your diseases can be reversed and I started to explain to him from scripture starting in Genesis and going through that then is of a plant based diet and and some other things and he stopped me he said i use of an advantage sheepishly I said yes yes or I am. He said My wife was waste three Seventh Day Adventists and and I was re seventh day Baptists. He says the U.S. in the Bachelor. I thought trying to change the subject for we let's go back to what will be dealing with here not only can God give you things to think of and take it but I want to submit something different. I want to submit it even if you can't stand in a pulpit and preach right. But you can still go online. With the oxygen in your nose the nasal cannula and the oxygen tank by the side of your chair and you can go online and tell people that no matter how bad life is for you. God is still good. And I said let me let me let me let me say something profound sir I said I will guarantee you that you have a greater impact in the sharing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ if in your trial. You are willing to share about God's goodness that if you hope to be fixed. First and then say how good God is in fact sir I would submit that sharing God's goodness will be a part of your healing process. So you don't need to die. You know if you did a live because you've got a story you've got a testimony that you need to tell folks who trusted you. For many years telling that story. Somebody who is growing in a way that you never even could imagine this media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio or if you would like to listen to more sermon Visit W W first or.


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