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You Must Prophesy Again

Nelson Ernst


Nelson Ernst

Literature evangelist with GLOW



  • August 13, 2016
    8:00 PM


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I was raised through the system and I'm going to talk a little bit about that tonight. I have something that I want to share with you by way of announcements and this is something I'm really really excited about really excited about in terms of glow. How many of you guys have ever passed out. Try to pass out literature or glow tracks when it's raining outside. Kind of difficult ha. Well guess what we're working with the press right now to make waterproof tracks. Amen. Some of you are thinking. Are you serious. Yes On serious. We're going to waterproof I mean think about the possibilities. Think about it if you live in a place where there's snow. Now you can put glow tracks out in the public and you don't have to worry about them getting soggy from that melting snow right next time you're snorkeling or scuba diving you can put some glow tracks right in your swim suit pass them out underwater if you bump into somebody I'm waiting for the day the day will come when I'm going to get a voicemail of somebody calling in to request Bible studies because they found a glow tract handed to them by somebody who was scuba diving underwater that that's what I'm aiming for. Anyway I'm excited about that. Hopefully we'll have those on the next few months and we're also working working on a whole line. Well should I say this I don't know it hasn't been voted yet but it's likely to be voted. And if it is voted then we will work on a whole line of children's glow tracks which you can pass out to little kids and men now don't put that on social media because we have competitors out there and they might want to make the same thing. So anyway. All right let's have a word of prayer. One more time and ask the Lord to be with us. Father in heaven. Thank you so much that we can be together to share. It's our last evening together before we split we part ways. And we pray Lord that you would speak to us just one more time and as a ripple effect of our time together tonight we pray that hundreds of thousands of people would hear the three angels method. OK. The title of tonight's message is you must prophesied again and I have to admit to you that. My presentation has changed from that title but I think the title still relevant. Because you guys have been prophesied in the summer door to door telling people about the prophecies of Daniel revelation. And the mission is not done. You must prophesy again. And that's what we're going to talk about a little bit tonight how we can continue to spread the three Angels' messages but to start with I'd like to show you three interesting men that I was doing some research on recently three really interesting men first person you might have heard of this guy his name is git I a Buxton this man was born in seventeen o five. And he was in Nam are good with numbers he was a mathematician actually a mathematical genius he at one time in his life he actually walked a thousand acres. He walked over it and then he calculated it square area to square inches just by walking over it and then he took the square inches of that thousand acre area and he broke it down to. Hairs breadth in his mind the breadth of a hair accounting forty eight hairs per side of the square inch and he broke that down in his head he also took a number and he doubled it one hundred thirty nine times in his mind. So let me ask you what's two times two. Was four times four what sixteen times sixteen. How many times did you just successfully double that number. Only two times right. This guy doubled it one hundred thirty nine times in his mind and he came up with a number that was that long. Thirty nine digits long and then later he multiplied that number by itself. This man was incredible. He was a mathematician very smart. Next person. Kim only young Korean brother he has an I.Q.. You of two hundred ten the average I.Q. is ninety to one hundred ten just you know for reference sake. By the time he was six months old he spoke Korean fluently. By the time he was three he was a guest a physics student at hanging University. By the time he was five. He was solving differential equations on the T.V. programs. And by the time he was sixteen he voluntarily left working for NASA. Sixteen he left working for NASA. All right. Next person. Kim Peek anybody ever seen this guy or heard of him or the movie called The Rain Man was based off of this brother this guy when he was born he was so debilitated that the doctor told his parents that they had to put him in some kind of Ward and just forget about him but his parents kept him. They raised him he today to his dying day he couldn't button his shirt. His dad has to help him to do such things like that help him to walk. He's he's just as severely debilitated But Kim Peek is a very special person he's called he's considered a mega savant his head was so big that it actually took several years for him to be able hold up his head on his own power. One time when his father when complete was very young. His father was reading a children's book to him and Kim Peek said Daddy read that to me already. And the father said oh I did and then came peek proceeded to re cite word for word. The book back to his father at which point his father was a little bit interested so he pulled out some other books he had read and found out that Kim could recites him every single word that he had ever read out of those children's books. Kim has the amazing ability to memorize absolutely everything that he reads In fact he's memory by the time of his death which was not too long ago he had memorized over twelve thousand books. He was a walking talking encyclopedia. Having memorized the encyclopedias and a G.P.S. having memorized world maps he could tell you where to go direction wise anywhere in the world. He could you could list any date any date. You know back to the B.C. times and he could tell you what day of the week that date was and his his passion was to go to the Salt Lake City library and to memorize zip codes so if you told him what state you're from or what or what town you're from He'd tell you immediately what that zip code was this brother could read two pages simultaneously his left eye would read the left page his right eye would read the right page and he'd go through not I'm not making this up. Look him up online. He would read through two pages in about three seconds and then he'd move on to the next one. So he could go through fat books in a matter of a very short time and have the almost complete thing memorized can peak. Pretty amazing men right man don't you wish you had those kind of I Q's and you could memorize everything you saw imagine that mag about canvas write. Hi my name's blank were students working on scholarship programs their job. We got some help there. Let's take a look. Bang you're done. Be so great. Well you know as cool as these guys are and as fantastic as their abilities are and as amazing as their brains are you know it's a lot more important for us to study not their mind but the mind of God isn't it. The Mind of God. In fact you know Jeremiah Chapter nine verse twenty three twenty four says Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom but let him who glories glory in this that he understands and knows me right. So my question this evening as we're getting into our time together is how can we know the mind of God You know we can go in with a pedia and we can study about these three men we can understand about their minds but how can we understand the mind of God in a deeper way because apparently that's the more important thing right. Understanding the mind of God. Well I'm going to bring in a verse here that helps us in Matthew Chapter twelve thirty four says for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. So if you want to know what's in somebodies heart. What do you have to do listen to their words because before the words came out of their mouth. Where do they start in the heart. So if you want to know what's on the inside you listen to what's coming out of the mouth right. I'll give an example of this that kind of helps illustrate this Beethoven anybody here heard a famous song The Moonlight Sonata. Yeah right you ever wondered what Beethoven was thinking when he was writing that song very sad song isn't it. Beethoven actually was was he had been engaged and his fiance had just left him for another man when he wrote that song. So next time you listen to that song Think about what Beethoven was going through in his heart and you'll understand more more more fully what was coming out in his fingers in that composition and similarly when we look at God's word. We understand what was in his mind because God spoke it. But check this out when God speaks he doesn't just put it into the book the Bible but when God speaks something else happens right because verse Psalms thirty three six by the word of the Lord the heavens were made and all the host of them by the what. The brothers mouth. So if we don't or won't understand the mind of God not only can we look at his word here in the Bible but we also must look at his word Where. When God spoke he created the and entire universe right. So when we study the universe what are we really studying. Really studying the mind in the heart of God aren't we. Right. In fact the entire universe is just a little snippet of what's in God's heart. That's what he was thinking at that very moment. It's amazing to think about that amazing to think about that. You know so I think about it. The universe is a big place we have a lot to learn about God's mind. This is a picture of the center of the Milky Way galaxy our galaxy. You know there's a lot of stars there right. If you zoom in a little bit farther. Kind of hard to see that because the lights are on right now but there's even more stars and this is doing and farther and then yet farther and we find more and more and more and more stars in fact the more and more scientists are studying the universe with the Hubble telescope the more and more they're seeing that there's just an astronomical amount of planets and stars out there huge amounts of huge amounts of planets and stars. I like to think about it this way to Christ object lessons only put it this way she says This world is but an atom in the vast dominions over which God presides this world is but a what an atom. You know how small an atom is it's amazingly small all in over the vast dominions that God resides. Now let's you know I've taken this. And I thought about this because you know in high school my favorite my favorite you know classes were on math. Let's let's just assume that Ellen White when she's talking about the vast dominions here that she's comparing our world being an atom in comparison with all the atoms in just our world. OK. She says that our world is but one atom in comparison with something right so let's say she's comparing it to the whole world that we live on the planet or all the atoms here. Anybody want to guess how many how many atoms are are in a planet earth. There's a lot. You know scientists don't have any any any real number but they can guesstimate. And if you look it up. This is what they're coming up with the estimate of the total amount of atoms in our world is. One point three three times ten to the fiftieth power or one hundred thirty three Quinta Cillian. What does that look like that's the number. That's the number forty eight zeros after one hundred thirty three. Now I know if you look at that you're like that really doesn't impress me because I can't even wrap my mind around that you know one atom in comparison with all these atoms were pretty small world. Right. But what does it really mean I. Can't even grasp that. Well let me share with you. Another illustration That'll maybe help you understand this. OK you ever wondered how many grains of sand there are in the world's beaches and deserts. There's actually people who have estimated that. OK. All of this the grains of sand in all the world's deserts and beaches and they estimated at seven point five quintillion seven point five quintillion and that's this is what the number looks like that's a much smaller number isn't it. Right. So now let's compare these OK let's compare these two numbers. The total amount of atoms in the world compared to the total amount of grains of sand in the world. You know is on the beach recently with her daughter and we're playing around and she loves playing in the sand of digging holes and she goes into the hole and you know she's very short and she just you know has so much fun but I was looking at this one. You know handful sand. There's no way I could count that and that's just one handful. You know. Let's compare these two numbers. Hundred thirty three Quinn disability and Adams to seven point five quintillion grains of sand and that comes down to. There's seventeen trillion. Atoms per grain of sand. So if you take probably lost most of you. So let me make this. Let me just make this rule really easy to understand OK. Ellen White said that our world is like one atom in comparison with all the rest of you know the world. OK so if you take it and you break it down. This is every for every grain of sand that you see on the beach every grain just a grain you can compare that look at that and say there's likely that there are seven eighteen trillion planets in the universe in comparison with this one grain of sand. Seventeen trillion planets in comparison with this one grain of sand and then look at the rest. The beach. Do we have a lot to learn about the universe and about the mind of God. Amen. You know by the way seventeen trillion. That's almost the US is national debt. Just an interesting number to know. We have a lot to learn about God and his mind. Amen. I'm excited about going to heaven. We're going to be floating around the clouds playing harps we're going to be out there learning for the rest of eternity. Look at this picture. Here's a person looking up into the nighttime sky can you imagine if you're able to just take off up into the sky and look at all the things that God created is going to be amazing to study the universe throughout all eternity all eternity going to share with you a quote here. This is from the white Illinois writing she says all is speaking of the future and when we're in the New Earth. She says all the treasures of the universe will be open to the study of God's redeemed unfettered by mortality they wing their tireless flight to worlds of far with an utter Robel delight the Children of Earth enter into the joy in the wisdom of what unfallen beings. They share the treasures of knowledge and understanding gained through ages upon ages in contemplation of God's handiwork who has been studying the universe for ages upon ages. The unfallen beings and when we're off of this rock and we're able to go visit with them. What's going to happen. They're going to share all of that knowledge with us and then you know that they're imagine how many worlds there are how many of them are inhabited how many of them are watching us right now isn't that kind of overwhelming to think about the world watches what we do as Christians and God's room that people. She goes on and the years of eternity as they roll will bring richer and still more glorious revelations of God and of Christ as knowledge is progressive so will love reverence and happiness increase in other words the more we learn about God the more. We learn about the universe. The more we're going to appreciate God the more we're going to love God and the closer we will draw to him in our affections. She says and lessons here. The more men learn of God the greater will be their admiration of his character. You know Jesus spoke about this topic. And John seventeen three he said and this is eternal life that they may know you. The only true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent Jesus made the comparison himself he said it's going to take any turn all amount of time to know an eternal god you ever wondered why we why we have to live for all eternity because it's going to take that long just to get to know God. It will never end. You can never understand God completely and so we have to have an eternal amount of time in God's classroom to understand him. Conversely the more we get to know God the more we draw closer to him and we begin the path of salvation because when Jesus is lifted up. Guess what we're drawn towards him the more we learn about Christ the more we're changed to become like him by the holding we become changed. So I'd like to just bring this to down to a summary here before I move on to the next section of our talk here. The purpose of our existence. According to what we've just seen the purpose of our existence is to know God and to make him known. Now how do I derive that. What are we going to be doing through all eternity. We're going to be studying the universe right. And we're going to be learning about who the mind of God So if that's our purpose then what do you think our purpose is right now is the exact same thing. Our purpose in eternity is to know God and to learn and to grow in our knowledge of him and to begin to love him more and become more like him and more and more and more and more like him. It's no different now. Our purpose as Christians and also as humans in general is to grow in our knowledge of God but not only that we're going to be sharing that knowledge to in eternity. Think about it. What are the angels do. Do they just learn about God and keep it to themselves. Know their His Messenger. They go to other worlds and they communicate God's will to them and who God is and more revelations of him. We just read that quote from Mrs White where she talks about us visiting with unfallen beings Well what are those unfallen beings doing when we visit with them. They're telling us what they've learned. They're not just learning about God but they're sharing about God and likewise friends when we're off of this rock. When all is said and done. We're going to be doing the same thing we're not just going to be learning about God but we're going to be going to we're going to be telling other people about it as well. In fact we're going to have special testimony of course because we're the only planet in the entire universe it's ever since we're the only ones that have been redeemed and so in that sense we are going to continue to be witnesses for God through all eternity. So so check this out our purpose in eternity is to know God and to share with people about God and it's exactly the same here while we're on Earth one earth. Our purpose for our existence is to know God and to also make God known right. You know as young people. This isn't. Specially important for us to know what's the purpose of existence why are we here. You know when you're young you know you're making a lot of decisions heavy decisions in life isn't a kind of ironic that the biggest decisions in life are when you're the most have the least amount of wisdom. You know. Right. I mean you're not forty years old or something when you're deciding what career you're going to take or you know what direction are going to have a life or who you're going to get married to. But God is there is specially close to you in these times to help you and to guide you. So as young people you have the promise that God is going to be especially close to God and direct your steps and this has been my experience. I'd like to quickly share with you a portion another portion of my testimony. This is exactly my experience God has has worked in my life to help me to know him and then to make him known I shared with you guys last night when when Dr Walsh and Elise and myself are up front and we were sharing a you know testimonies about our own conversion process. So I show. With you a little bit about that you know the Jehovah's Witness who Bible Bob to me and I got really upset at him. So I went back and studied the desired ages and it converted me and then and I still I even tonight. I still recommend that book. Folks if you haven't read the book desire of ages man you need to pick that book up and read it or the great controversy or patriarch some prophets. You know or the Bible means pick it up read it. Amen. These are things we need to do. But God wasn't satisfied with just helping me to get to know him a person who is reborn is reborn with a missionary spirit and the first thing that happened after after I met Jesus after he revealed himself was to to me was I wanted to share that experience and I know many of you have have experience that many of you are here this summer because you felt a call from God to go and to witness and to make God known. Well in my particular experience as God was moving need to to spread the three angels messages when I was a junior in high school God God told me that he wanted me to go. Culp ordering he wanted me to go canvassing I was at Real Indo administers Cademy at the time. Junior at the boarding school and you know one of my friends. Andy. He was in my class from the He had just finished a comforting program in the valley you talk and he came back and he was so on fire and he was telling all of us about his experience and how he was changed and and I said to myself you know what that's what I need I need that kind of program so I went after my after my junior year in high school and boy oh boy did I not know what I was getting into. I don't know if any of you here can relate. I mean I was raised. You know pretty strict a portion about it isn't but man this is a whole another level of commitment I've never seen. I mean I walked into the kitchen in the morning and I was hungry. I mean to do two meals a day to begin with that was kind of you know. And then I walked in and they had something called fruit pizza. And I hope that they discontinued that in the Cole Porter in circles. Some of you were giving the ladies looks like you don't know what that is and your ignorance is bliss friends. I mean I walked in. So that kitchen hungry and I walked out hungry I was not going to eat that. It was an amalgamation in my mind fruit needs to be on the fruit platter and pizzas over here but they're not you know that's when she'll not mix. And you know I'm it was it was it was quite a culture shock to me. I remember the first door that I went to I remember I remember what it looked the street looks like I remember who the partner was that I was dropped off with his name was Timothy George his family are missionaries out in the Philippines and I remember the for even the first story there was a screen in front of that door. I remember it and I had a cookbook it was called more choices no was called Choices That was before more choices came out. Some of you don't even know more choices is. There were many choices back then. In terms of Maggie books our bags were pretty light but you know so so I remember knocking on that door and I was I was kind of intimidated in this old grandma comes out and I was doing to me dated and you know I was like oh my name's Nelson and you know. Would you like to take a look. For those of you who are not Cole Porter's here. I just committed a sin. That's called cussing at the door. You don't you don't say you know would you. You know ask you say I'll let you take a look. So I wasn't following my canvas. I wasn't Kim Peek I didn't have it perfectly memorized right. Man it was it was a culture shock to me you know so I milk and everything. I thought that for two years. Actually I only used apple sauce in my cereal. Some of my other friends who were more resolute they used water and orange juice but not me. OK so. So that's where God led me. And friends. I'm telling you that first summer was a turning point in my life a turning point. The Bible had always been dry. Why and on interesting to me only Ellen White's books were interesting to me. For about three years after my conversion but it was that summer underneath oak tree at the Carmichael as the church that the story of naman. Opened up and all of a sudden it's like looking at a three D. picture and I was like wow this applies to me and I shared my leaders and my leaders like to share that for worship. So I shared my first quarter in worship it was incredible. I saw my leaders and you know one of them. Jonathan shit with the program head. One day after after church service all of us were hungry. Especially the guys and we could smell the polic food. You know been a long week. You know and talking about. Your IT pounce on that food and. And so we went back to the back of the church where the guys were standing we started changing and we were leaving and I noticed that Jonathan wasn't leaving so I said to Jonathan what are you doing man. Come and he stayed and I said What are you doing man. Come and he stayed and then he told me. Well I'm fasting and not to mean like to you that might not be a big deal but to me to see that there was a young guy who I knew this guy was hungry. I knew he was home he was only a few years older than me. I knew he was hungry he was a leader he was a program head. He was doing more work than me and yes believe it or not the leaders do do more work than you. I knew he was hungry. He was fasting to me that was such a great testimony and a witness to a person who put spiritual things above carnal I was just I still remember that said it to today powerful witness to me. Well anyway. My first summer was done I went back to school did my senior year real into Academy completely threw myself into school and friends and everything you know left behind and I just kept on going and and I said all that was good that was a nice experience never going to do it again. All right. What's next. Signed up to go to you know I admin is universal. He had been through admin is school. In first grade through all the way when towards the end of my year as we're getting closer to graduation God started bugging me. And he started telling me in only the way that God knows how that I needed to go again and back in those days after you successfully completed one year. One summer of a mag of books and you were old enough you were invited to do big books which is hard cover sets during the summer. That's what I was invited to do. I'm telling you I fought it. I fought it I fought I don't have time to share that right now because we have a lot more to cover but I fought it so hard that my entire last part of that year graduation everything was just I felt like Jonah in the digestive enzymes of the whale. I was running away from God I told my friend even afterwards I told Scott as Taco Bell as we're celebrating after graduation I told Scott. I'm just going to have to make it up to God some other way. I went back home. God just convicted me so hard he told me. Nelson if you don't go to those doors this summer. Somebody's not going to make into the kingdom because of you. I broke down. I told my parents I said Mom Dad. I know you can understand this. I told you I was going to stay home and help you remodel the house but. I've got to go. And my leaders told me that I need to be down in Fresno by ten o'clock tomorrow morning for worship and my dad let me go. Five thirty the next morning I started driving had to stop two times because of the stress. I broke down because of the tears I could not only couldn't force myself to do it but I when I met I when I showed up at ten. Punctuality is very important. In fact my leader told me afterwards that they were intimidated by me because I showed up. Exactly. At ten. And they said it. We better be on time as leaders because if you show as a button. We have to be to high standard to anyway so. So the first two weeks of that program the only thing that made me happy was the thought that I had my own car and big book so I could drive away whenever I wanted. And oh it was so hard but events. SALIE Eventually I got I got the hang of it. I got the hang of it. Fact it came to the point where Bill Crick had to sit me down and he had to tell me. Nelson essentially in his tactful way you have a bad attitude you're bringing the program down. So then I turned around and became positive and ended up selling a lot of books in a row. I think one set per day for ten days. It was a blessing and I was enjoying it. Now and I thought OK you know I'm done now I can go and do what I want to do you know as soon as I get the summer out of the way I'm just going to go do what I want to do but God said no no no no no. I know that your friends have plane tickets to go to that university and you've already made plans and the four of you were going to go and. I know your parents want you to go and these kind of things but I want to go to so the school. And by the way this is not a recruiting talk I'm just on my testimony. And the school was it was an acronym. Five or five letter acronym now in the middle the desert of Arizona. And it's on the western side of the United States. If you can figure out what that is yet to tell us who sells West. God kept convicting me to go and I didn't want to go in fact that year. They didn't even have a recruiter Souls was they didn't even have a recruiter nobody talked to me about it except for hope once if she's in here and over and over going to my devotions God just keep speaking me speaking to. This is where I want to go is what I want you to do and eventually I just I was spending mornings entire mornings wrestling with God about this issue. I didn't want to leave my family I didn't want to leave my friends. I didn't want to leave my career that I was planning on going down and doing pre-med I didn't want to leave aside all I didn't want to I just didn't want to I didn't want to go to your school unaccredited in the middle the desert and knock on doors for two years. I didn't want to do it. My parents didn't want me to do it. I think the Lord was the only one who wanted me to do it at that point. But then but then I said God if this is you speaking to me this is really you. You've got to show me absolutely for sure absolutely. When you ask that question be ready next morning I open up the charts and profits go to the chapter randomly about Abraham being called to leave Earth. I'm reading through and this is what I find many are still tested as was Abraham they do not hear the voice of God speaking directly from the heavens. But he calls them by the teachings of His Word and the events of his providence. They may be required to abandon a career that promises wealth and to leave congenial and profitable associations and to separate from kindred to enter upon what appears only to be a path of self-denial hardship and sacrifice. Self-denial hardship and sacrifice. S O U L S. God has a work for them to do but a life of ease and the influence of friends and kindred would hinder the development of the very traits essential for its accomplishment. He calls them away from human influences and aid and leads them to feel the need of his help and to depend upon him alone that he may reveal Himself to them who is ready at the call of Providence to renounce cherished plans and familiar associations who will accept new duties and enter untried fields doing God's work with firm and willing heart for Christ sick counting his losses again he who will do this has the faith of Abraham and will share with him that far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory with which the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared. Well. I had to go. You know that was God speaking folks. That was him speaking in every single reason why I didn't want to go was addressed. So I went and you know what I don't get one bit of it. As I look in Russia. Specs are those two years and as I look even even farther beyond because I graduated from there in two thousand and six and what is it sixteen now so ten years ago most on almost eleven as I look in retrospect I can see perfectly now what God had in mind I can see it I can see and my parents can see it. My family my friends they can see it too. But I had to step out in faith. But God ritually warded So anyway after two years of souls West. I got invited to work for central California conference. And God wasn't done with me yet he wanted me to not just know him but he wanted me to make him known make him known make him known. So I was invited to work for center California conference and after about a year and a half of overseeing Bible workers some circumstances came together and eventually I was able to plead play one of the lead roles in starting this ministry called Glow. And and one thing just came after another after another. It just came together and it's still coming together. And we're literally God is opening a door so quickly. We're just trying to keep our nose above the water. We're trying to keep up the pace with the doors God is opening there are so many church members that want to get involved in distributing literature in many different languages many different parts of the world and and I would have even been in this position right now if if God would have been just directing me step by step by step by step by step and I would have been obedient to do that. All glory goes to him. Of course. So. So glow right now is is is is expanding to a lot of different parts of the world church this is a map of how the world church the administers divides up the world they divide into thirteen sections called divisions and one gigantic union and we're working at the division level now with about ten of the thirteen divisions and the other ones we're still working on we're still knocking on their door. We just had a vision president the other day sign a contract to use glow tracks and when he sent it to us. He apologized. Sending it late. God is doing amazing things I'll just share with you one story this division right here. Well my little light is not working too well but the one that's in between America and Brazil the redish section there that's called into American division their personal ministries director for that division. He had a big meeting it's called an advisory meeting where he invited all of the Union directors to come together and he gave us two hours to present glow and he told his people. This is the main thing that we're going to be doing for the next five years. We're going to be getting our people to pass out the tracks and I was glad we had those two hours because we had to be translated into Spanish and we needed those two hours. But after that presentation they were amps they were excited but God wasn't even done with the yet. As soon as I sat back down in the back of that meeting room. I got a call my cell phone from a number that I didn't recognize and I never answer numbers if I don't recognize who it is. I just let him leave a voicemail. But for some reason my finger moved over and I pressed the answer button and before I knew it was up to my ear and this man on the other line starts talking about how he found some of our tracks in this place in blah blah blah and all of a sudden I realized what. This is a fluke. There's a non admin It's called My phone right now because they got some glow tracks and it routed to my cell phone. Like when you pass out of tract in America the people who read it they call the phone number on the back it's a one eight number and then they punch in the state that they're from and then that routes them to the appropriate place. It never routes to my cell phone. I hadn't answered a call like that since glow began. I felt kind of rusty. And so this but I you know I just listen in. This guy's tell me he says Yeah so I ordered a garage opener from Amazon and when the package came I found these three glow tracks in this package. And he named the titles to me and I'm like OK great. And he wasn't upset and he says yeah you know I'm a you know I'm an I'm a chaplain at this. Non-denominational whatever church in he says I'd like to order a twelve Bible studies for these twelve men that I'm you know overseeing right now. I can help you with that you know so anyway we prayed for each other and had a good laugh because I told it was good. My cell phone and and then after I was done I went back into that room where we just give the presentation and I told all those union person ministers directors this this fresh out of the oven story and I'm telling you there were so excited. It was amazing. God is working in God is working. So. This is incredible. What's happening but I'm going to do the last section here by telling you what I'm most excited about. What I'm most excited about you ready for this. OK So glow is expanding. But glow is doing mission trips now some of you have heard about that some of you have been on them. Amen. And folks we need you. We need you. We need you. I'm going to tell you a little bit about this. I'm so excited. I found this quote The other day that totally inspired these mission ships look at this. I never said seen this before smelling like I was given instruction that as we approach the end there will be large gatherings in our cities and that preparations must be made to present the truth that these gatherings leaflets containing the light of present truth should be scattered among the people like the leaves of autumn to many who attend these gatherings these leaflets would be as the leaves of the Tree of Life which are for the healing of nations the time has come when as never before Seventh Day Adventists are to rise and shine. Because their light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon them folks the time has come. We now have to get organized. We can't let these large gatherings go by without us doing something about it. And then let's not leave the work to people who are on the fringes of the church we as the people who are regular people in the pews who are in line with the three engines messages we should be out there in an organized manner just like we are with mag of books distributing. Literature by the millions to these people and then I'm going to share with you some of the stories from these mission trips as a wrapping up here because an icon of America our very first mission trip was to Philadelphia. Now in September. This last year. Pope Francis came and visited the United States for the first time he came to Philadelphia and somebody had been bugging me to try and get glow to go do something at this large gathering they were supposed to be a one to two million Catholics that were coming together to this large gathering when the pope Francis was coming. And I was pushing them off. I just didn't want to do it. I didn't want to do it. That's not my vision. You know but one Friday night I was home by myself. My wife was gone somewhere I think off back home in Germany and I was behind by myself and it was quiet and and God started just. Pricking my mind. Like he does you know and it kept on I kept on getting bugged about going and doing something over in Philadelphia. But I didn't want to do it like normal right. So so so but it kept on coming and coming and coming and eventually I said to God I said OK OK if this is you speaking if this is you speaking is you noticing a pattern here. You know. If this is you speaking. What do you want me to do it soon as I said that it was almost like a flash drive was stuck in my ear the plans for the whole mission trips as they popped in Iran to my computer I wrote it down as fast as I could so I wouldn't forget it. And as I was writing I thought to myself but a million tracks a million tracks to Philadelphia that's going to cost a lot of money. LORD IS soon as I said that boom and idea came to mind. You know a guy who's a millionaire. You're not doing anything tomorrow you're preaching set up an appointment go visit him. I made one call five minutes later I had secured a meeting with his brother drove down there the next day and literally I had a paper with just chicken scratches for my plan and I gave it to him you know on this paper I had a list of you know people that I was thinking of inviting and there was this one guy who I knew distributed a lot of literature and had a big beard but I didn't know his name so I wrote the bearded guy. That's how unprofessional it was and so I gave this to this guy was a millionaire and I was just like you know this is what we want to do and you know pass out a million tracks Pope Francis is coming in. You know. And he says how much it cost. You know. Minimum twenty five thousand dollars. OK. Let me know if you need more. Now that's how I felt on the inside. But on the outside. I was like OK so let me give you a business card and you are right. So things were coming together things were come together. This was more and more evidence that this is what God wanted me to do right and you know I didn't want to go out and do this who was to go out and pass so the whole million tracks. You know with that amount of people who are of a difference. You know disagreement with you when you know and maybe they'll have people come after you later. You know my family and these kind of things. And as we got closer to the time we started advertising for recruiting people as you got closer and closer and closer to the time of the date when this was going to happen. I started feeling these foreboding feelings these feelings of impending doom. I'm not joking. You asked my wife man every evening for about a week. I felt this she sitting back there. I can see her. All right. And it was exactly what Mrs White said right here this is what Dr Walsh read today. In fact it was so perfect that I just put it up here again. She says often the Christian life is beset by dangers and duty seems hard to perform the imagination pictures impending ruin before in bondage or death behind. That's exactly how I felt. But you know what every time I pray about it go into the darkness away every time it was such a spiritual battle and at the very end at the very end of it all. God gave me a verse which I love so much that I wrote it down on a three by five card I took it in my pocket with me in the whole mission trip. She says in the Bible Genesis twenty fifteen God says Behold I am with you and will keep you well. Or you go and I will bring you back to this land for I will not leave you until I've done that which I've spoken to you. In other words Nelson you're going to go out there. We're going to do this I'm going to bring you back home safe and you're going to get everything done. I told you to do and meant and God is faithful he did exactly that. So we went out and folks this is just a picture of one section of the crowd of people in fact that was the size of some of the security lines people going through the security checkpoint one point five million the people of the Roman communion where there were passing out literature left and right amazing stories and I'll tell you our first have to have outreach we went out we're passing out literature and one person was about to commit suicide when they found one of our tracks on the car door they read it in impress them so much that they came up to one of our missionaries found who gave it on their car and they tried to give them a hundred dollar bill because they were so so powerfully impressed by that just a few days later one of our one of our missionaries Jericho he was going down the road passing out literature to people downtown Philadelphia and this guy stops him after takes two tracks and he says where's your partner Jericho says what partner and he says you know the big the big the big partner. You know the big guy you know describes him. And then the guy says and the guy says to Jericho also where the other three tracks and then he names the titles. This title this title and this title of the other three tracks. I'm supposed to get five and Jericho says What's this brother breaks down to Jericho that two months previous he'd had a dream and in the dream he saw Jericho and this tall guy coming and tall guy said to him when this brother when this young guy comes to you. He has what you need and you need to make sure you get all five tracks and in the titles. If you think I'm exaggerating. Well you can go to our Web site and you can find the video where jerk was during the testimony himself. OK. Amazing stuff happened folks. I mean the time is too short to tell you about all the stories but there were so many people out there that were so grateful to the receive the literature. It was amazing. We were literally sometimes having to stop entire crowds as they were exiting because we're just going to. Fast. Joey Manson or has. One of your leaders to stop everybody hair but hey and that stuff. Did you get to see what you wanted to see you know that kind of they're like yeah he's like OK And then he passed out tracts I think Joey was telling me he got out about seven thousand tracks in very short amount of time without that method I was on a corner passing out literature boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom. I didn't even have time to talk people were just so many people. I had two people debating me one on the side and one. You know on the other side. And they were just debating me while I was passing out literature and you know it was it was just incredible. Another guy came up and he was full on bearded were in a good sash the whole bit. He was dressed up identical to Jesus wandering around in the crowds and I saw him at my core I was where I was standing. He walked right by me and I looked to him and you know what he had in his hand a packet of glow a missionary had given him a glow and I guess he was kicking around to one guy came and stood next to me he was not part of our tame. He wasn't even in administers and he came he was talking with me because I was passing out tracks. He got one of the tracks earlier. He'd watched the the video that was on the back that are there website directed to and he was so impressed by it that when he found us he stood next to be immediately start passed he helped me start passing out trucks two guys. God wanted us to do this we stepped on faith. It was amazing. I got to keep moving on got to keep moving on next mission trip we went to or we didn't go to this was organized by Southern Cal conference they passed out six hundred thousand tracks in the course of one week and a man. All right. They knocked out the entire town of Whittier after that as a writer a good after that we did the San Francisco Superbowl mission trip we passed out another million tracks and there were amazing stories that came out of that I'm going to share only one OK. I don't even know what time it is there's no countdown clock so I'm going as fast as I can. So so one of our guys in fact he's here somewhere. Gabriel. Gabriel. There you are now don't correct me if I mis share your story a little bit. All right. But I remember most of the tail. So Gabriel was going down to a bad section of San Francisco with his team they're passing out tracks and he sees these women who are standing by tents and he starts giving them literature or they must be homeless. You know camping or whatever and they're like oh this is great. Mr given to the people who are inside of the tents and you know that kind of thing and then he goes to these three really big guys I think there's three or at least one three three really big guys and he gives them literature and the one of the big guys like their sword. What are you doing and gave was like well you know we're Christians Bible tracks the whole bit and or posting these you know so on. You see the door. That's my office. They'll put on your trucks in my office. You know who that guy was he was a pimp. You know who the women were well they were workers. We met all kinds of people and they were so grateful. Folks there were so many thirsty people ready for that literature is amazing. One last story one of our people. Erica. She she's a school teacher for kindergarten right here. She had she had emptied all over literature and she only had one hundred pack left of Chinese tracks and she wasn't in Chinese territory and so she's like Lord what we're going to do as soon as you've heard that she sees this huge bus. And a bus in San Francisco is guess I mean you can guess who's in there and so the bus starts taking off and Erika runs in front of the bus and she stops and she and the driver stops and he's kind of like what this is you know gets in the door somehow and goes and there's anybody here speak Chinese and all these eyes pop up and she said OK I can't I don't have time to give you you know tell you about this but here you take this impasse amount they surpassed knowledge Chinese trucks. Amen. All right. As a result of that one of our missionaries himself funded thirty thousand tracks to go to Palo Alto they did that immediately afterwards for not just a few months afterwards. Kenny he's not here right now. Then one of our other missionaries did their own mission trip I think they distributed forty thousand tracks in Tennessee in an afternoon with a group of people you see them adding these on then there was one of our people. Another missionary from our group that live their own literature distribution missionary trip up to I think it was it was constant They passed out twenty two thousand tracks in the course of I think just one day to a bunch of hmong people at a gathering there some of them right here on this terrace as one who let it and then. OK Are you excited you meant this is amazing. I am just so pumped about this and we need you. We need you. OK last man. OK now I'm going to talk about future trips and this is exciting. Guys we're putting together a mission trip right now we're only going to be able to accept eight people. Eight people. And we're going to go and you guys know where Yellowknife is it's above Canada where the sun barely sets. And up there. There's little villages of one hundred two hundred people they call in First Nation their native Americans off in the boonies. We're going to go up there only with eight people and we're going to pass out literature to those people in those remote villages. It's going to be intense. Another one. We're doing is coming up is in Chicago. You can hear about that in a little bit. We're going to pass out a million tracks there. There's also one coming up to Salt Lake City. We're going to pass a million tracks right before the General Conference of the Latter-Day Saints Church. We're also going to go. We're working with the Arizona conference to pass out literature in a mission trip in the reservation Indian reservations out in the sticks there in Arizona. There's one coming up in upper Columbia Conference there's another one potentially coming up in in Tennessee. There's one oh this is the one I got to tell you about this is when I need you the most on the right. God means in the most. On in Romania. The General Conference has asked us in the Romanian Union the Romanian Union has asked us to bring out missionaries in fact today I got an e-mail from our person who's doing Glo coordination in Europe. She was at a rally just like this with young people and she's recruiting over there. And I'm talking to you did it today. So this is this is you know going on in two places at once and we're going to go to Romania pass out a million tracks and every one of these tracks is going to seconds as an as an advertisement to invite people to come throughout Romania to twelve hundred simultaneous evangelist meetings. The last day the last day of our mission trip is the first day of those meetings. It'll be hot fresh in their minds and then they're going to be sitting out basically of million invitations to invite people to be in the dead of the winter. You got to be strong. You got to wear a big jacket but you don't have to speak Romanian the trucks will do that for you. All right we're going to also reach a bunch of Gypsy communities out there while we're at it. We're also doing one to Ukraine almost at the same time and then one to Sweden. Sweden. Pope Francis is coming to Sweden this fall and that one's coming together right now. We're going to be going to Sweden to pass out one hundred forty four thousand tracks. And then. I'm not personally going on that one but Joel maturity is he's from Norway he speaks some of the language and it'll be a great experience. Then there's one coming up to Japan. We're working with Daniel for crew to put that one together. And there's more. So folks. Here's the point. Remember what's the main emphasis to know God and to make him known. I want to invite you right now those who have the cards in the back I'd like those to be passed out. We're going to pass out to you right now a card which has a website information on it that I'd like to direct you to glow mission trips dot org folks don't get me wrong this is not an advertisement for a ministry. This is a call for you to continue evangelism that you've been doing all. Some are along. God needs young adults. God needs young adults who are not already married and have children and have other responsibilities in life God needs young adults who are able to be physically capable of doing some of these mission trips in some of these dangerous areas like up in the the Native American villages. We need your help. God needs you. You can go to the website and see some of the mission trips that are posted on the home page. But if you click on the trip tab you'll see all of them read about them pray about them sign up and you know this is this is this is part of my testimony folks I know I know that God was the one who brought me to the place that I'm out today. And I know that it's God who has moved upon us to start to do these trips and to start to get young adults involved in passing out literal millions of tracks to people who would not receive literature otherwise did you know. That Ellen White says that we're not to even discard one piece of torn literature that comes from our press because she says we don't know the impact that that torn piece of literature can have on a true seeker after the truth and that's just one piece of torn literature imagine a million tracks going out into Romania into Chicago into Salt Lake into the reservations into some of these places let me tell you folks I was just a couple days ago talking to the division president for the trans European division that oversees England and Scandinavia and these other places and I told him I said I want to go and do a mission trip to Greenland you'll know where Greenland is. That's pretty far north and I said we also want to do a mission trip to this place. It's an island that's north of Norway which is open. I think it's in the it's if it's not in the Arctic Circle it's pretty close to it and he said just send me an e-mail two paragraphs and I'll push it through folks not anybody. Going to be able to go there. We have to have young people who are powerful and who still have energy and life in them so visit the website. There's the tracks. And or the cards to direct you to them the like to close with a story here like to close with a story that I'll never forget. Recently. Recently I was on on a flight from from one European country to to Holland and when I was on this flight. I sat down next to a very well educated woman and she was from the Netherlands and she was with her husband and the husband was a medical doctor and she was a psychologist. Actually a teacher at a university I think she taught psychology. Very well educated and I sat down next to this woman and you know we chatted a little bit in and I thought to myself you know what this woman. I want to see if God can pin a little bit so on purpose. I opened up my Bible. And I just silently read my bible for a few minutes and then I closed my Bible and I put it away and sure enough I cast the lure and caught a fish this woman a few minutes later she turned to me and she said. What were you just reading and I share with her. All I was just you know reading something out of the Bible and we began a spiritual conversation come to find out that this woman was so an educated about the Bible that she thought that the whole Bible was just the Book of Proverbs because that's what I was reading and as we begin to talk to each other. She eventually asked me she said. So you know what church do you go to and I told her Well you know I go to a Seventh Day Adventist Christian church and I began to explain to her you know some of the things that we have in common with regular Christians and she stopped me and she said no no no I don't want to hear that she said I want to hear why you're a Seventh Day Adventist What's the difference. And so you know I was thinking a little bit about and I shared with her some of the. Differences your belief in State of the dead in the Sabbath and these things and in the course of that I was able to give her a tract called myths about hell and when she looked at that truck she said you know it's very interesting because my my associate at the at the university. He's actually writing a book right now about Hell and how it doesn't exist and I said oh really great. Well here's a second copy for you. So she took that one and she gladly was going to take it to him and then at the end of our conversation she said something that I'll never forget she said as this educated psychologist University professor turned to me and she said you know you're kind of lucky in a way because you at least have something to believe in most of us out here are still looking for that cards that you have in your hand out there should be a card that has the website but there are also should be another card if it's not passed out yet that I'd like them to bring out right now and this is a decision card and I'd like us to make a decision tonight a decision about. Committing to know God and to make him known and if you have that card in your hands. The first option we'll look at together is I commit to setting aside daily devotional time to know God this your focus this is so important. If you're not spending time with God on a daily basis. What's the point the purpose of your existence is to grow in a knowledge of God That's what we're going to be doing through all eternity. So let's start today with started now if you'd like to commit to that. Go ahead and check that off option number two here is I commit to leading others to a knowledge of God through literature distribution this year and in two thousand and seventeen folks there's a lot of different ways to help people know God but I'm challenging you to distribute literature. It's a simple way you can add anything else you're doing this year next year the General Conference is working. To help us to encourage the world church to distribute one billion tracks during the course of two thousand and seventeen and what that breaks down to is one hundred packs. Per Person Can you do that we should be the leaders in there showing the rest of the world how North America young adults can get it done. So if you'd like to commit to that I challenge you check that off and lastly third option here I commit to visiting below a visiting the glow mission trip website and praying about attending a mission show folks God needs you. We need you I know that you set this up. There's supernatural struggles every single time we have one of these mission trips one of the more recent trips that I went on I left my my wife and my baby with my parents I figured they'd be safe there. But no they weren't attacked our baby had had a temperature that spiked unbeknownst to my wife up to one hundred five. She went into a seizure stopped breathing turned blue they had to call she stopped. They had to call the ambulance and she had to go into the emergency room we're still paying the bills from there every time we go on a trip like this. Something happened satans not happy. This is this a mission trip to Philadelphia. My uncle committed suicide and this man is a judge. He's not crazy. He's a judge you committed suicide shown self in the head during the mission trip amongst other things it was attacking he does every time and you know what that tells me I'm not here glorify Satan. But what that tells me is that Satan doesn't like it and God wants it to happen. Somebody here today is being called to devote themselves to coming on just one mission trip. Somebody here is being called to commit to distributing literature all year long you can be a literature evangelist even when called program is finished and I hope all this you're committing to set aside time daily for devotionals with God. TEXT And Isaiah. Jesus says he's he's got his hands that you'll never forget us. You know when eternity comes and Jesus looks at the palms of his hands. He's not just going to remember those who are saying they're not the only ones inscribed there Jesus died for the whole world when he sees those scars in his hands is the only reminder of sin through all eternity. You know who else is going to think of going to think of all the people who died for who didn't make it so we have a choice today when Jesus looked at those polls his hands are going to be there with him so he can look at our faces or we're going to be a forever memory in his mind as he remembers us through all eternity and it's not just for us but also for the people we're outside of these walls all the people all over the world in Romania and beyond. Jesus only has a small window of time to reach these people with the Salvation and the three of those messages that we have to proclaim folks are you willing to devote your lives to that and then if you are please stand with me. Let's have a prayer Father in heaven night we thank you so much that we can work for you. Thank you Father for choosing us. I know each person is your Because you worked in their lives. Although we might not even recognize it but you were almost imperceptibly sometimes with your Holy Spirit speaking to our hearts to draw us to you and father. Tonight for many of us your calling us to making you known outside of the summer your lawn through literature and the written word Father I pray that you would the hearts of those who you are calling to take a stand to come to go to the front lines with us. If at all possible to help us reach multitudes of people who are on war and let them know of the messages. Thank you Father for hearing our Pro I thank you for every young person who is here. I thank you for what you've done in my line. Through literature evangelism I think you what you're doing through their lives. Bless us as we go from your director steps this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon or leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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