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How to Evangelize Using Agriculture- Part 2

David Obermiller


David Obermiller

Farm manager at Fresno Adventist Academy.



  • August 13, 2016
    3:30 PM
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Father in heaven. I want to pray that should last this is we talk now about some of the details. How we can make the farm a ministry to our community. What we're doing in Fresno in specific and ask your blessings your Holy Spirit to be with us here and now I pray this in Jesus' name amen. Part two here I'm going to do serving our community as to how can we serve our community through the farm and I want to start with this quote here you're all familiar with this. Most of you. Anyway ministry of healing page one forty three Alawite writes Christ method what alone will give true success in reaching people. The Savior mingled with men as one who desired their good. He showed his sympathy for them. He ministered to their needs and won their confidence then he bade them follow me and I ask you. I don't want to be offensive to anybody but I would be honest whose method. And what plurality is use there that singular. Are there any other methods that will give true success will your method give true success will the methods of our seminaries and educational institutions bring through success. Well the methods of Willow Creek or Saddleback Church bring true success. Yes as long as those ministries are following that method then that ministry can be successful. I want to ask though. What's true success. Is success measured by numbers. I know you're saying no but I don't believe you. Because everybody in our world measure success by what by the numbers number of converts number of baptisms. Is success measured it all by the numbers. And it gets to be a tricky question. Well is it by a conversion ratio. You know what I mean by that you guys maybe knocked on doors this summer. OK. How many doors. Does it take you to sell a book one in every five one in every ten one and every. At your conversion ratio. How many presentations do you have to give to get a sale how many doors you have to knock on to get a sale how many Bible study contacts Do you have to have to get a convert. How many people in the business world. How many people click on your website before they sign up. That's your conversion rate. Do we measure success by the number. Well I didn't have a lot of conversions. But I got three out of four pretty good seventy five percent. If you're playing baseball and could get a hit three out of four times to be pretty good. If you go to Las Vegas and you win the lottery three out of four times you doing pretty good. Three out of four is pretty good is the conversion ratio how we measure success is that the type of convert that we have that that is the measure of success and other words. Was the baptismal candidate a Christian beforehand. Were they a pagan. Were they a heathen were the Catholic were they Muslim were they Jew were they backs. An admin is is that how we measure success as a measure by relationships. I don't want to be rhetorical tell me what you think how what is true success doing God's will almost implies not being worried about the results. Yeah I really appreciate the points of good perspective. What if success was won by the number of people who are willing to put their confidence in you. Even if they don't become advocates even if they're not baptized. What do you think about this this is a stretch. I know. OK you're right. Take a deep breath. It's typical to measure success by the number of baptisms But what if somebody has confidence in you but hasn't been baptized yet have you succeeded. What if you have sympathized with someone and ministered to someone but they haven't yet given their confidence to you Have you succeeded on the note of the type of converts. Is there any type of person that Jesus didn't have success when he got a few of them but not the same number I agree. How do you do with women do you do well with women how to do with men pretty good. How do you do with kids. How did you do with the Jews. I'm talking about Jewish people not. He did good with them how to do with Romans. How about the Samaritans. How about century and how about you go down the list is there any type of person that Jesus didn't have success with his method it worked. On everybody except for those who are too proud to accept this help. Women children men politicians religious leaders poor people working class people regardless of ethnicity it works really well on everybody. Or is this conversion ratio out of pretty high. I mean. I haven't seen anybody preach a sermon yet that was so powerful that the whole community was at the church door by the time sunset. For a good success didn't have the numbers that you do well with numbers. He took really well with numbers. When it throw one other one up here. What if you measured your success by the impact your ministry had on the people who didn't like you. I'm not I'm not belittling the previous ones by the way this is just an addition. What if you measured your ministry by your act upon people who are supposed to like you I told you my teaser this morning. I told you this little teaser this morning. And tell you some of the stories from the farm and what we're doing and I want to tell you something. Some of it. We're not even trying. We're not even trying to do or reach certain people we're just trying to do our stuff. So we started an organic farm on a school campus and to a lot of people in California a lot of people around the world this is pretty cool by itself. So we made friends with somebody in the local community who happened to find out that we had a farm on a school campus. He told he told somebody else in Sacramento about our farm and that company in Sacramento was organizing an environmental justice bus tour through the Central Valley of California specifically highlighting. The impact that pesticides and agricultural chemicals have on young people because in California a lot of chemicals are used in proximity to schools. So they wanted to visit a school that was chemical free. So they packed eighty people on a bus from the Department of pesticide regulation from the E.P.A.. From different environmental groups than legislators in the whole thing. And they showed up at Fresno madness Academy and me in the principal told them are simple little story about what we're trying to do on the farm and that was it. They called us we didn't call them. They asked us to come. We didn't ask them they showed up. We told our story and it was a they left in a story now. It wasn't the end of the story. Several months later somebody calls me she says you won't remember me but my name is so and so and I was on this bus tour and we were just really impressed with what you're doing at your school and how you have an organic farm on your campus and I was telling my boss about what you were doing and his son goes to a school in Sacramento and they're doing and environmental summit. They called it at their school. And so I told my boss about you and we would like to know if you could speak at this school in Sacramento and talk to them about farming and education and I said sure what's cool is that just about high school and Carmichael I thought Excuse me. Look at turn the microphone off here for a second. I mean you can get to know who has the words are you know their history. You know my adrenalin went through the roof when she said to a group of high school boys now that probably really wasn't on the recording the album. I kind of didn't want it to be because how to admin a SEAL about that group of Secret people come on how do you feel about a warm and fuzzy one that guy is your neighbor. Sold to be saved. I said absolutely yes. I'll do it so it was like me talk about farming education. OK So I'm talking to the coordinator lady at the school and really good conversation with her. I could tell she was spiritual. I said hey. So you're obviously religious institution would you mind if I shared from the perspective of the Bible because I believe the Bible has a lot to say about how you treat the environment. Absolutely. Of Love and. So I crafted my presentation a typical admin as model mind body and soul and it said the presentation was untitled educating the whole man mind body soul. So I stood before three hundred Boys High School in Sacramento and I talk to them about the impact of farming on the mind and how it improves academics when you get your chair and you get to work with your hands and it's a physical exercise and you know if you stop confining kids to a desk all the time they might be excited about education and it might improve academic performance actually doesn't might actually it does a lot in science is proving that to be the case. And I talked about I talked about the body and how despite the fact we have the world's largest youth sports program which gets that in America we have the largest youth sports program in the history of planet Earth. But we have the biggest youth health epidemic our country's ever had that makes sense it makes no sense at all. So I talk to them about farming and how you get kids out and they get exercise and they get the moving and how it's actually healthy for you and then I talk to them about the soul. And I talk to them about how God Jesuit boys by the way I talk about how God is in the beginning of the world created for Adam and Eve the perfect occupation out of a heart profoundly in love with each one of them. Each one of them. I shared the gospel from an Adventist perspective you realize just plagiarized the book education is all I did. And I got to share it with within the precincts the building the walls of a Jesuit educational institution and I did nothing at all to invite it. We did not call them. We did not invite them. We didn't start the bus tour. We didn't invite them. I didn't invite the guy who told the guy about it which got the bus tour we started none of it all they heard is we got an organic farm on a school in Fresno and a guy shows up one dances take we chose to far and it turned into buster it was turned into a speaking appointment did nothing. The thing that's most profound about this is this quote right here a knowledge of how to cultivate the land will make rough place this much smoother and in the context I didn't put it on here in the context he's actually talking about persecution one thousand volume of manuscript releases you can look this up on your own this knowledge will be counted a great blessing. Even by our Who. So I spent the whole first hour and want to spend it on. Because Jesus is model of ministry is the only one that will bring true success. What you could model your ministry in such a way that. When your enemy though they don't like you or agree with you still respected you. That's pretty crazy. This story reminds me actually of the story of Joseph. Because Joseph was hated by his brothers thrown into prison in Egypt only to get out of prison to be accused by the guy he had served faithfully to wind up back in prison only to be forgotten by Pharaoh servants to sit in prison for a little bit longer but Joseph became a blessing to Egypt and Israel because he had knowledge of how to cultivate the land you say what are you talking about what Joseph was a farm boy his dad was a shepherd and they grew agricultural crops they were a farm family they were past oral family. In the most literal sense of the word pastoring. And if you think about one challenge you to go back to the story of Joseph and pharaohs dream because God gave Pharaoh a farm dream. Pharaoh has a dream of some cows that are fat and plump got eaten by some skinny cals and he has a dream of some fat and plum crops there were eaten by a system then withered crops and it says the whole thing was kicked off by a wind from the east. It was all just very simple agriculture very simple geography weather patterns etc Once east of Egypt the deserts of Arabia. And east wind brought in dry air from Arabia which meant drought which dried out the crops which dried out the forage which the cattle were eating and Pharaoh was so ignorant and disconnected from food. He had no clue at any. Men. Chose this like this is pretty simple that child's eaten by skinny cows because they were hungry they were hungry because the crops got all dried out they were dried up because there was an east wind there was no rain. Yeah you got seven years of store all the food you can possibly imagine and froze like oh I want to push this point just a little bit. You realize that in Daniel when Daniel had his vision and dream he didn't understand any of it and so God had to give them another vision and dream to interpret it and when Daniel saw or when they can has or had his dream the guy with the molten metal components had a gold you know all that. Pharaoh and now they can as or had no clue what it meant but you know who also didn't know what it meant. DANIEL to know what it meant. So he and his three friends had to get down on their knees and beg and beg and beg for God to show them what the dream meant to they would lose their life. You realize the story of Joseph God gave Joseph No interpretation. No explanation. What God did is he gave Pharaoh a dream that would relate to and makes sense to Joseph given his particular agricultural background. Joseph heard the story heard the dream. He says that makes sense. Here's what you got seven years to get ready and Pharaoh said you're the guy you hired. I think that story is really interesting because I think they're like Joseph he could care less about Joseph didn't care about Joseph except that Joseph had the answers to Farrow's problems and Pharaoh had respect for Joseph because he had solutions. I think that's what she's getting at right here a knowledge of how the coals of a the land will make rough places much smoother this knowledge will be counted a great blessing. Even by our enemies. There's something. Subtle here. Why would they counted a blessing because they get their benefit. Or maybe we say they're dependent on it. Also when you just throw out a wild scenario here OK. There are last then one percent of the American population is in farming. It's a very very small number of farmers in the U.S. there are actually more people in the U.S. prison system than there are farmers. The average age of the American farmer is in the sixty's. This is going to get worse every year despite the fact that you really really like your phone your phone doesn't feed you. Despite the fact you have a deep and overwhelming admiration for Wal-Mart and Costco they actually don't grow it somewhere there is a guy like me and he's growing the food to this country we are utterly dependent upon those people. Just use your imagination. What if those people who are advocates What if they were Christian. What if people interested in local food were dependent upon an Adventist for their food. They have a different model but yes on our farm. We have the capacity to produce about five hundred boxes of produce family sized boxes of produce each week. If. The world fell apart which it seems rapidly headed towards doing. How would those five hundred people feel about me when a terrorist strikes the transportation grid and shuts down transportation across I forty or I five up from California. Do you think they'll care that I believe that when you die you go to sleep in the grave. Not really what if we could make our enemy at least respect us. If not like us or be dependent upon us. We're talking about foreign based community outreach and I want to put a shift in your expectations here when it comes to outreach and this is a white writing you're from Christ object lessons and she's doing this from the perspective of agriculture in the telling of the soil in disciplining and subduing the land last and maybe constantly learned. No one would think of settling upon a rock piece of land expecting it wants to yield a harvest pause. When you go to Wal-Mart and you instantly expect to get something when you order Amazon Prime you expect your package to be there when I can see that we are a patron of Amazon here. When you go to varieties that are eighteen T. you expect to walk out of the store with a new phone when right then. So when we do have vandalism. When do we expect results and precisely twenty four bible studies. If. Not immediately after the one on the seventh. Can't. A farming doesn't work that way is talking to somebody earlier today about farming. Like you need to pickle business farms take three to five years to establish somebody told me actually multiple farmers have told me. You need at least three years of cash to start a farm at least three years of cash to start a farm. One guy said You better after three years worth of money to live on because you won't be taking a paycheck for the first three years if you're starting a farm small scale striking out on your own starting from nothing. Three years. He said most people quit farming right before they figure it out because we're too impatient. We expect to learn it right away. We don't like failure we fail initially we give up permanently. I mean you feel like you have a black belt in but here try to grow something you killed it. I recently talked to a lady she says I could kill a fake plant. Listen to this she goes on with it. Earnestness diligence and perseverance labor are to be put forth in treating the soil preparatory to sowing the seed. Hold up my friends apply this to evangelism it can take years and years of working on somebody's heart before you should ever drop the seed of truth in their ears. Some times. Somebody has already done the work for you and you can come by and so your seeds on prep the ground our church is very good at getting converts from other Christian denominations. You know this we get Baptist Catholics to convert to a different brand of Christianity. But we do very very poorly with people that have zero church background at all because just like the ground. It can take years of effort and relationship building to get their heart to the point where they have confidence in you and you can speak those next two words which were follow me. That's why Christ method alone will bring true success because Jesus him self planted the garden of Eden. He was the first master gardener and he understands the soil of the earth and you understand the soil of the heart and he understands that even us in this room took years of his labor in by here stubborn told God Thank you. No thank you. Go take a hike for a few years. It took me a year from the first time I heard of Adventism. Till I got to the point where I was even willing to take bible studies and be baptized guys are slow. Earnestness diligence for perseverance labor to be put forth in treating the soil preparatory to sowing the seed I say that again. Years of effort for some peoples hearts before you ever speak the first word of truth. Some people are that way in our instant gratification society. I did this once I told a guy I worked with a coworker was making friends with him told a guy the pope was the anti-Christ. In the bible studies. Literally seen or talked to me again. Literally. I don't think so at the time it is OK. I didn't feel that I was a very smart and I was not well trained I should say at that point I had been a Christian for about a year too much ambition. So it is in the spiritual work of the human heart those who would be benefited by the tilling of the soil must go forth with the Word of God in their hearts see the relationship. This is about expectations. They will then find fallow ground of the heart broken by the softening subduing influence the Holy Spirit. Unless hard work is be stowed on the soil. It will not yield a harvest. So with the soil of the heart the spirit of God must work upon it to refine and discipline it before it can bring forth fruit to the glory of God This is a conversation about expectations. You cannot farm fast when you're starting from nothing. And when you're dealing with people. It's exactly the same some people take years of effort before it's time to speak the word. So I want to talk about a few different points here and we'll go through these kind of quickly I want to talk about a farm based community outreach to the poor or to the sick to the heathen the wealthy to schools in their youth and minister not administers and to other farmers and I will go through these here wanted to time. Isaiah fifty eight. I need someone to do some reading for me. We are going to re I can't remember through which verse all know it when I hear it. Because my volunteer here is if fifty eight will start in verse one when does your light break forth. Speedily. When is that part of the verse with filled. After verse seven when you start dealing your bread to the poor the hungry when you start loosening people's burdens when you look the oppressed go free. When you start breaking people's yokes think Matthew eleven twenty eight thirty. That's when your light goes forth. To be very honest with you. Vulnerable tell you about myself for many years my perception of evangelism. Was changing people's doctrinal beliefs. I remember saying some really pushy things some really hard things to people in the public. Who were taking Bible studies for me because my paradigm was to change their thinking not to win their hearts. Your light breaks forth. When you start dealing your bread to the hungry your light breaks forth. When you start breaking people's yokes Christ method alone. Will give true success. He may move with people as one who wanted to change their minds as one that desired their good. He shared with them their disappointment and their theological incorrectness. He gave them sympathy. He won their confidence by caring for them in their everyday life. Did you know. That agriculture was God's design a system of welfare food stamps an ancient Israel. The Ella White was traveling through England in health sketches here historical sketches here. And as she was going through England she saw something was going on in England and wrote the following words. More than this the Israelites were instructed to sow and reap their fields for six successive years but every seventh year they were commanded to let the land rest. Whatever group itself was to be gathered by the poor and what they left the beasts of the field where to eat this was to impress the people with the fact that it was God's land which they were only permitted I added the word only permitted to possess for a time you and I think it's ours forever not it's only ours for a time he was the rightful owner the original proprietor and that he would have special consideration made for the poor and the unfortunate this provision was made to last and suffering to bring some ray of hope to flash some gleam of sunshine into the lives of the suffering and distressed. If the laws given by God had continued to be carried out how different would be the present condition of the world morally spiritually and temporarily selfishness and self-importance would not be manifested as now but each would cherish a kind regard for the happiness and welfare of others and such widespread destitution and human wretchedness as is now seen in most parts of England and Ireland would not exist instead of the poorer classes being kept under the iron heel of oppression by the wealthy instead of having other men's brains to think and plan for them in temporal as well as spiritual things they would have some chance for independence of thought and action. We share with you my heart. You are seeing the unraveling of society. You are watching what will be the most horrific demonstration. Of the principles of selfishness the world has ever seen. Every day you turn on your radio or your internet or your T.V. or whatever you get your news from you can see and feel the wrath pity the quickness with which the world is unraveling and one of the big issues the last few years has been the whole idea of the super wealthy and the super marginalized in the Central Valley of California right here in this valley which is the agricultural production mecca of the world. In other words sorry this valley produces more food than any other place in the world but the city of Fresno is a food desert where some people have zero access to fresh food but they can find a liquor store or a jack in the box because all of the food the majority of the food is export to it's grown in mass quantities for the export market. But people in Fresno can't buy a stink and Peach because it's going to China. Now listen it's not the government's fault. It's actually the churches fault because the churches responsibility was to be the one that dealt bread to the hungry. The church's responsibility was the one to break the burden and the oppression off the person's back. But in this election right now. And we get into politics but in this election and right now there are many people that will vote Democratic. On the sheer basis that they think that the Democratic Party will provide for them. What the wealthy have withheld from them and rob from them. What she wrote right here instead of the poor classes being kept under the iron heel of oppression by the wealthy God's system of religion and particularly agriculture was designed to be food stamps or SNAP or supplemental the Nutrition Assistance Program others are trying to call it now. So go back to Jesus in His ministry. How did he get so much public favor by caring for people and food is the most basic and essential of human necessities. You will do better naked than hungry mean to be inappropriate. You'll do better without house than you will without food. She goes on with this line of thinking to share a couple of the other thoughts with you. The more I see this is about Avondale the more I see the school property the more I am amazed at the cheap price that which has been purchased when the board wants to go back on this purchase this is a white writing. I will pledge myself to secure the land. I will settle it with poor families. I want to missionary families come out from from America and do somebody read the next five words educating the people how to till the soil and make it productive. I have planned. What can be raised in different places I have said here can be alfalfa there can be strawberries here can be sweet corn in common. Corn and this ground will raise good potatoes well that will raise good food fruits of all kinds. So in imagination I have all the different places flourishing in condition. I now being very personal here and I want to point this out. Ellen White was very good a growing food. Read it again. I have planned. I have said she had her secretary do the planning. Did you know that James White actually wrote a book on how to grow small fruits and how to can and preserve food. You know that James white you can find on the Isle of Wight CDROM actually wrote a book on growing food and canning James why. The preacher guy. So what if we took that model right there. What are we as a farm took poor people and provided opportunity for them to raise their own food or some sort of thing like that. How many poor people do you know around you realize what you say is one hundred percent true in the Old Testament. There were no handouts. You could walk out of a farmer's field any time you want and I kind of bothers me a little bit just being honest with you and you get whatever you wanted Jesus in the disciples actually had that happen in Matthew Chapter twelve walking through the grain field on the Sabbath. I have to wrestle with that one a little bit but there were no handouts the poor person actually had to walk through the field and gather the stuff. No handouts. We do want to demonstrate what can be done with the land when it is properly worked when once this is done we shall be able to help the poor who live in Australia in a far better way than by giving them money as we've had to do in the past is a very interesting statement. Christian farmers can do real missionary work in helping poor to find homes on the land and teaching them how to till the soil make a productive. I want to ask them why it's use the word real. Because somebody is sitting in this room. I appreciate your interest in my presentations here today but somebody sitting in this room in the temptation is there. Yeah but this is not quite as important as giving a Bible study on the investigative judgment the twenty three hundred days in the clothes of our sister anybody be honest and say that kind of went through my mind is important. I'll be honest it went through my mind. She said real missionary work because just the act of growing food or teaching someone to grow food is missionary work. It's a change in our paradigm. Now here's a comment about the sick and everybody recognize that our health care system is what everybody realizes their health is the climbing as the country. Tell those who are sick that if the hosts of those who were distracted dyspeptic some consumptives that means they had digestive issues and yes. If they turned into what they would overcome disease dispense with drugs and doctors and recover health. It's going to be very difficult for the admin is magical establishment. And I don't mean to be rude by saying that or anything but very simple natural remedy change your vocation become a farmer. That's quite wild isn't it interesting that the most effective way to teach the heathen who know not God is through his one through his works. This is where I'm sorry hobbyhorse right here for just a minute this is where our church is very very lacking and not being critical. I'm not being negative or derogatory is honest evaluation. If I look back on my own experience and ministry. I was deficient here pointing the finger at anybody except for myself. Then do good with people who weren't already religious. We as the church. Generally speaking and we brought it. Christians as a whole don't care about sustainability don't care about the environment don't care about recycling don't care about local food don't care about organic don't care about eating seasonal don't care about eating fresh. We don't care about animal welfare and animal rights than Ethical Treatment of Animals animals we you know we look at those folks as tree huggers and wackos right. We don't we don't relate to those people because it's all going to burn. Anyway is the mentality of many Christians many Christians. I can tell you. Unfortunately that a lot of those people right there are interested in food are interested me environment are interested in local are interested in organic or interested in seasonal many of the best vegetarian run restaurants they're Buddhist or they're something else. So here's my point here. When we when we run farms the farm is the peak of God's natural world. The act of turning a seed into something that's edible is an absolute miracle absolute miracle. When invite. I want to really think about this when environmentalist give you their speech. They are demanding a Morales and an ethic that has put them in the corner of their having to be a god. Because if you really believe in evolution. If you really believe in survival of the fittest. Then it doesn't care what we doesn't matter what we do to planet Earth because whatever comes next. Will be better survival the fittest That's evolution that's that's Darwinian evolution but the moment you become an evolution an environmentalist the moment you start caring about natural and organic and caring for the creation. You are immediately pending yourself logically against the reality that there must be a god. And the only thing that's lacking is someone to make that point Christians Adventist in particular who understand the Sabbath as a memorial of creation the most should be the foremost in demanding that the environment be treated in a sustainable way. Because if you mar the face of creation you mar the evidence of the Creator. And so our disinterest in nature is silently and subtly saying to the world. There's not a creator. Because if you really believe that. Why would you trash the place. So I'm not saying this is the only way to reach the heathen. Let me tell you a couple stories a couple of here together before I forget one about the poor. We made friends for a local food networking meeting with a lady who is on food stamps. She has not. Christian not quite sure. Actually what By the way here real quick inverse couple people. Case The Stand up this case the Smith case he works with us on the farm here and the next to him is a certain special person. Stand up here they are special to him and I and as a member of our board as I mentioned We're nonprofit Chris here about Chris as the interesting story of the Chris has been volunteering on the farm for the last couple weeks helping us to remodel project and one more person. So my lovely wife and only person that's missing is Timothy Hyatt is not in here. So Cassandra she said to me. I don't like to volunteer on the farm. And we worked it out with her where she works in exchange for produce so within our right as a nonprofit organization. As a for profit business I mentioned earlier we can take muleteers. But early in our working with Harry Potter with my wife and they just fell into a conversation about our kids' names and her kids' names and my two kids over here. Omega and a Ryan and we picked their names on purpose. Omega mercy. We are to give the last message of mercy to the world Orion justice mercy and justice are partners and twins. And when Jesus comes these folks come through the open space in the constellation. We explain all of this to a nonbeliever. And then she asked if she could come back and volunteer again we're very good. We made a lot of friends of people in the community. Just local people who are interested in food that have no religious persuasion at all. The young man. Also has a little bit more come. So going to this local food meeting. I met his aunt and she started buying produce from the farm. She then told me about her nephew who is studying at Oregon State University studying agriculture. And he's been volunteering on the farm this summer. We told him that you volunteer for a few hours every day. We'll take a portion of the time at the end of every day and talk to you about agriculture what we're doing. Why we're doing it how it works. Whatever you want to know. We'll tell you. And they were talking this week out in the field and it turns out that he and his aunt are both studying about seventy administrate now and just through food. We didn't seek them out. We didn't hunt them down. We didn't talk to them about the Bible and he was working with you right. And he brought it up on his own. You know he knows around a Seventh Day Adventist campus but that's the extent of it. We've got some other people that we're working with that are clearly not religious at all and just the connection through food has opened doors of conversation that would have never existed through any other form of evangelism or ministry. The wealthy. I will say a brief word about this the price point of organic produce which is the whole discussion by itself is more easily in the range of those people who have disposable income. We on the farm and do a home delivery service for an extra fee will deliver the produce to your door. I can tell you that almost all of the people that go for the home delivery option or the people have a little extra cash and I can tell you this on last Tuesday. I spent an hour in somebody's home talking to them about the current state of our world Christian talked about the farm us being a nonprofit. All sorts of things we talked about. Clearly communicating to her that we are also Christian and have a similar value system to her and it was all because I had personally delivered produce to her door every week and again I'm stressing this because do you think that after Jesus' work the first miracle. There was very hard for him to get repeat clients. With when we do ministry our way. We have to fight. To make ministry happen but when we broaden our scope of ministry and outreach and service to the community from a heart that sincerely desires to do people good the natural result. Is for them to be interested. I want to say one more thing about this here American produce is the climbing in value and quality and flavor. And there are people who are really interested in high quality. Modern agriculture is emphasize the production quantity oriented philosophy and the quality is not there and lot of people recognize that and they're looking for the alternative the real stuff and just by offering that you're suggesting that something is more important to you than just the money that you can get from your customers and opens doors of opportunity to talk to them about other things. Why do you farm the way you do because ultimately I care about you and as a farmer. I'm growing food that people are going to eat and I have a responsibility to realize that's personal. My interaction my impact upon people as a farmer is very real very profound they are going to eat what I grow with my hands that's personal. And ultimately I care about. Schools briefly and then one of the thing. American education is currently ranked thirtieth in the world. Actually I think twenty ninth to be a literal. Then lend. It's a very briefly has done a number of things in their educational system that are profoundly. Biblical. And all I can do is encourage you to study. Then Lynne's educational system. They have ranked at the top or near the top for many years now in academic performance. Give you one example. So kids don't even start school until they're seven. Ellen White says they should start until they're what. Eight But she says they have more hands on learning and other things they're doing on accident. What L.-Y. in the Bible say we should do on purpose. And so with American education declining there is a huge conflict in the Fresno public school system right now about its performance. No How is the moment for Adventists to re-evaluate our educational philosophies our educational mentality and demonstrate that an agricultural based educational system is the system that will provide the best results and once you do that. In contrast to what the world is doing there will be lots and lots and lots of questions about the success that you're having as a church. And yeah. If you read about Finland they're really broke the box really interesting. Yeah. Well last word here on farmers. Very simple quote the farm if work intelligently is capable of furnishing fruit and other produce for the school the teachers both in their work in the school room and on the farm should constantly seek to reach a higher standard that they may be better able to teach the students how to care for the trees the. Various the vegetables and the grains that should be raised. This will be pleasing to God it will bring the approval and respect of those in the community who understand the principles of agriculture I want to highlight this again this is about our communities giving us their respect and their approval on the basis of one simple thing. A well run farm people will respect that type of activity even if it's not overtly evangelistic just a well run farm will get people's attention and make them want to ask questions. I want to take our break here. But I want to encourage you. I want to challenge you at the same time we're on our farm get no credit. We're an experienced. We lack knowledge. We've got lots of deficiencies. I am myself. All of us have deficiencies on our farm. We simply made a commitment that we're going to try to do what God's asked us to do. That's a good. And all of these things have happened. Just because we've done it. I want to repeat the interactions we've had with our community have in zero cases been because we invited ourselves. People have found out about us and come to us and God gets the glory for that and the credit for that because we didn't do it ourselves and the more we wrap this the better and more interesting that this is going to be for us so appreciate your interest let's pray and take a break. Father in heaven. We thank you for. Thank you for leading us. Thank you for convicting us thank you for for working the soil of our own hearts and bringing us to a point where will yield to your impressions. LAURA. I thank you for for what you've done in my own life and how you're leading me not of my own doing. Was the beer name Lord and for all of us praise you and you the name of this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more sermons leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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