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Living It: Public High School Outreach

Scott Ward



  • August 13, 2016
    2:30 PM


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Mind to us here right now let me tell you what has lost my voice about three weeks ago learned Gyda separately only Meadows summer camp just can't pastor for the week and I was out riding mountain bikes up in the mountains every day trying to get some exercise and you know that the hills around here are pretty dusty and I don't know if it's the time of year for pollen in the trees with there is are all kinds of stuff so I was coughing a lot and speaking a lot and camp meeting and so a lot of people been praying that this will come back and that you'll be able to hear me. So God is good now. I pray for the last three hours because we got a lot to talk about let me check to see if these doors are are unlocked if we can actually close out of people can get in and out. I don't think it's going to stay open. Come on in all right. I usually like to have a circle but worse too many of us for a circle praise God but we still I want to spend some time talking off first of all that you know who I am but you probably already heard that this morning. Didn't you. It's my name is Scott Ward and I'm youth pastor at the Lodi English Church in Lodi California just north of Stockton of them south of Sacramento and I've been there for thirteen years before that I spent six years in Fresno at the Feds Fresno central church. I was youth pastor there you got some central people here. Pastor Steve bore her is retired now so that is where I got my feet wet with Campus Ministry are you strong club president City College and I started out with the higher education and now God is assigned me to secondary What is my school so. Right. Primary's all measures so yeah second that our hang out with the A.C.F. people are the average Christian fellowship and they always you know they are higher education and the rest of us are somewhere or so but that is where we're God is called and where his blessing and so about eleven years ago or I want to move to Lodi. God open the doors for me to start a campus ministry it took a high school right across the street from my church. I was starting to get involved at McLean high school before I moved to Lodi the local youth pastor not you friends were just pastor network but at the church right across the street from McLean high school and the principal connected with those pastors and they needed help at the high school and they want to see what the pastor network could bring to the high school and so we started getting into conversations and since I was a youth pastor and I had a student from my church attending McLean we were getting ready to start a Bible study and we picked out a room the principal said OK as long as you're not out proselytizing just meet the kids that want to get to know you are and you'll be a part of your group and then that student transferred and then I transferred and God has continued to look out for McLean high school. So how many of you are affiliated with McLean that are here today. All right. Did any of you get one of the living and shirts a year or so ago from Pastor Rob I've been talking to him over the last few years he told me it's going on and so I mailed down some T. shirts and some things to help support the ministry. So cool. We have Angel one T. shirts now. So this is all new and all different and we will talk about that song. So I did not put this on the mode to not go to sleep so turn keep it awake so starting about eleven years ago the North American division asked me to start training on public high school ministry for the NE do you think history events. You may have heard of J.C. I just claim it for. I was in Dallas and that's why I first started doing my training there and then I was asked to officially be the coordinator for the North American division for public high school ministry and then the Pacific Union assigned me that role here. And so what I coordinator is is a volunteer who has a specialty. So they recognize a specialty that you have it your home ministry and then they ask you to teach and train across the division and so my church has been very patient with me I'm gone a lot of places like this and not want to go as with the G.C. used department all the world division youth leaders from around the world talking about the angel one project and so God has opened a lot of doors and he has apparently said it is time to reach out to our public school students more than seventy percent of admin is teenagers attend public schools. Those are the best numbers we have Those are the most acceptable numbers because out of an ascetic ation you know they're trying to to you know they don't want the picture to be painted to die here. How many of you are our public school students here currently him and praise God you know there's a lot I can say and I'm going to try to be careful but I work I have taught part a lot. I carry for many years I do other campus ministry things there. And so I I'm I'm present on academy campuses and public high school campuses and the trend of the most common attitude at an academy campus any kind of the students here tends to be laid to see it tends to be I've heard this all my life and you know what else is there a public school there either partying or they're on fire witnessing it's hot and cold versus lukewarm is what I found for the most part to be make a very generalization. So when I moved to Lodi there was a girl named Carrie and she was just graduating from our elementary school he had been to school and she was. Going to go to took a high school to take honors classes and she said I know I'm going to miss Bible class would you come and start a Bible study at my school and so I was invited to come on campus. Then you go through all the different processes volunteer screening go through the background check all those things. And so you know I've been on campus a turkey high school now for thirteen years so I don't even check inside in they know me. Sometimes what I or I do go by the Office of secretaries there prairie quest they say hey someone down here has got cancer and so it's not only a ministry to students but to staff and everybody else and whenever there's a tragedy on campus or if a student is killed some sometimes you know driving to parties and stuff. Kids get in accidents and we've had that happen. Were kids have died and so they have the pastors the chaplains come and be there to pray with students and so God is open amazing path for me and after I had a club it took a high school also started one at Lodi high school and I'm going to get distracted you know here and there probably but you know as I was doing that the kids at the academy heard me talk about that time and so every fall we take our senior class up to Yosemite for this scene you're somebody experience. And I do an activity with the kids where they develop a concept for a company and then they look at the people within their group what skills what talents they haven't they assign everybody to the jobs in the company so it's identifying your talents and skills and so I have them you know to talk all about their companies and what their roles are in their education. How much they're going to make and then the next phase is to now once you are successful in this year. Hypothetically. How are you going to give back to God with those same talents and so they start having all these ideas of how they could you know if they've got some hospital how they can start doing community outreach things like that and then the last phase I asked them. OK now you've identified the talents of your classmates and where you want to go in the future. Seniors this year. You are the leaders on your campus what are you going to do with your count's talents to be leaders on your campus this year and one year they kid said we want to start a Christian club like you do the public schools so that what was a Christian school you have a chapel every morning of bible class every day you have all kinds of spiritual activists about we don't have that my focus on my campus clubs so not only is the model important of meeting kids in the middle of their world not only is that model important but what you do in that models is critically important. So we have the model which means instead of just trying to entice kids to my campus to my church. I go and meet them in their world. Well what do you do in the middle of that I start out trying to do a Bible study and a lot of the kids are saying we don't want to study during the lunch we're studying all day long and so our focus has gone more to the devotional life and how to have a personal relationship with Jesus and how to live your faith on campus and so we have shifted into that direction and so the academy kids said we don't have that focus on devotional life. We don't know about that because in Bible class they teach facts right. They teach about the Bible you learn doctrines you learn teachings you learn a lot of things and I've taught Bible a couple different times now. The last year I was in Fresno there was no Bible teacher. And so I was out I volunteered because there's going to have subs for the whole years they don't have anyone I had a couple taskforce workers and so we taught Bible Fresno Academy for a year and kids Waffen time say you can't force me to have a devotional life. You can't test me on that. So I think being a Bible teacher an academy is the toughest job there is because you have to teach the Bible give grades evaluate people and have them like you. And so I After that you guys like I will never teach Bible class again. But then a few years later at Lodi Academy. We didn't have a Bible teacher and so I had been working on my doctorate I've done a lot of things. I'll tell you more about the book and stuff later it's how to have a devotional life and I had I had written it up. I did research on my campus clubs and kids were growing spiritually with the things I was teaching them. And so the kids were begging me like Yes come here Bible teacher and so once again I found myself in the classroom in an academy setting and teaching on devotional life and for the kids who wanted it. It was amazing but the kids who weren't interested. So you can't force me to have a devotional life. You can't test on that and that is the challenge when it's a setting where people half are required to be. And so it made it very very challenging and so it is is a tough thing. And so Kurt Bible curriculum is really set up for that it's set to transfer knowledge and chapels are a lot of times principals and the principals and here. Principals often need to get their lectures in and then there are things and and so the kids just felt like there is this void for personal spirituality and learning how to actually have a personal relationship. And so we started a campus club there. And so I also had some students at the other local Christian school I was called Jim Elliot Christian school actually start a club over there but with the kids that I knew there they had breakout groups they allowed pastors on campus. So once I had a ministry presence on every campus in Lodi every high school campus in Lodi two public schools. I Cademy in Christian school I became I joined the local youth pastor network fellowship and I like started leading I said hey let's all get together for a citywide you through our light and bring all of our kids together from all. All the campuses to worship together and so we rented the Performing Arts Center in downtown Lodi the elite little it's kind of like an Ivy League little chapel looking place. And I would write in really Ramos the ghetto preacher. Yes or really he's he's really good and so anyway. You know there's this quote about the advent of sort of be the head and not the tail. If you heard that but yet and tell me if I'm stepping on toes or maybe not. But admin is the Evangelism the way I remember it. Growing up is we pay money for a preacher to come to our town. We pay money to mail out flyers with pictures of beasts to scare people to come and see what this preacher has to say. And so it's something that other people do for us if we give money and it's all about warning and saying this is Babylon apostate Protestantism to come out is that sound familiar. That's kind of the scenario that was there for many years I think it's changing and so when you think about that when the time of trouble does come. Do you think those people are going to be flocking to meet us and to say you were right or the philosophy that I've taken has become a part of that pastor network and to become the head and not the tail become a leader in Christianity step up. We have a better understanding of Jesus because of our distinctive doctrines. We understand the Bible like nobody else does. So rather than attack people with it. Let's lead people with it and so as I've gotten to know the other youth pastors and when I started getting on campus at the high schools they're like What are you doing that for. And so but over the years now they are following that lead they're on campus and they're taking over some of the clubs that I started because I'm travelling and busy so much. But now when I would sit down between clubs because we have to lunches every day at the public high schools we have about twenty five hundred kids and in the school. So there's first one second. Once you guys have that same model. There's only one lunch period. So anyways I'd be sitting in between lunches with these other pastors one of I got to be good friends with a Baptist guy and he said OK you know I have I understand about the Sabbath I mean that's obvious from the Bible. He says Why are you vegetarian and so because I am his friend he is open to learning truth. I told him said Joe You can keep the second better night I ever can. After work on Sabbath and you don't want to be a Sunday Pastor and so it is amazing the doors that God has opened and then we did the city. Why do you throughout. And so I had the Baptists praise band on Friday night I had the Academy on Sabbath morning and we had different drama groups and so I had the youth pastors of the other churches joining in together to come in here and as a preacher and all contributing together and speakers for me. The goal in public high school ministry working with high school students the battle at that level in my experience. Is not to understand doctrine at that place and especially in a public school setting the battle is do I want to be a Christian or not do I want to party or am I interested in Jesus and so my ministry is very very cost focused. It's focused on that's why it's why my teaching is on personal relationship with Jesus because a lot of the kids that come to the clubs. They've been beat up by a church they've been turned off by somebody and they've they've had a rough time. They're just not sure about what's going on out there and so that's why we talk about the devotional life we talk about the basic gospel. OK And it is also I think the missing piece in the administration because we're a Cademy system the structure like I mentioned it's hard to teach the Gospel that we do see. Do you understand the roots of our denomination and let me I promise not going to this small intro and then pray and then talk I'm just kind of weaving around I hope it's all making sense. So let's have our heads. Before we go any further. Dear. Jesus I thank you so much for the people that are here for your spirit that is leading them guiding them. Lord we open our hearts to you. We ask you to fill us this movement that you have started we pray that you will carry it forward even more powerfully Lord inspire us guide us direct this and please bless my words and thank you that my voice is hanging in there. We all love you and we worship you in Jesus name Amen. OK. Where was I at that boring you don't remember what I was saying the basic gospel. OK so the kids would come to the campus club sometimes they've been turned off is that you know that every time I go around the circle in my my club for check in time to see who is there. I'd ask them what their name is what their years in schools something unique about them. What church they're from and there's kids who are all churches around the entire community and but there are always a few kids who said I'm not able to go to church this is my church. Their only chance to connect to God was on campus at a public high school and so. When I started doing this because I grew up in the admin assistant. If you're you ever heard of the out of us bubble. OK a few years ago the Pacific Union was doing videos of different ministries and they came and videotaped me and we called it shattering the bubble something like that anyway if you go to the Pacific Union. Richard you both. He has also videos kind of my testimony of how God helped to start all this but you will grow up in a sadness bubble right. Because since everybody else is Babylon we can't associate correct. We have to stay to ourselves and remain pure and holy and I'm getting too sarcastic so many stand up and slap me. But I have so maybe I should. Oh that the slap. Thank you. Maybe I should back up and give you a little bit more background to this is I was born in Loma Linda the administers get no it's true they don't even deliver mail on Saturday. No they switch it to Sunday because that's appropriate work on Sunday and so I grew up in admin to education for the most part I went to elementary school there first and second grade that I moved to Minnesota culture shock ice and snow and so there was no church school yet what I was in third grade and so I went to public school there and then we started our own little church school and then I went to public high school for a couple years my parents had gotten divorced and I just stayed in town city going off to boarding school and then after two and a quarter years in public high school I went to academy. And so from Academy graduated there went to Union College. Union College I went there in the fall of eighty two and so I started out there I went to the advocates college for three years. And then my IRA He was there a re recovering converted drug dealer from Southern California where. Side. And so he was a Fiala G. Major he was my Ari we got to be friends. I was very shy very quiet and I just believe whatever he said because I grew up in the seventy's and it was all about the rules the do's and the don't never ever heard anything about relationship with Jesus who's just like OK here's this here's that. And so as my are a theology major friend started backsliding into the world like yeah it's OK to you know drink a little bit or play penny poker and so I ice found myself off from the world. And so after years of partying bartender bouncer all that stuff I got so burnt on the world. You know they say it's a fun life and it's so great. OK maybe maybe for a little while and then it starts to get you the guilt the shame because when you drink you give up control of your mind to a substance and I start doing things that I would not normally do and when I'd wake up the next morning sober up if I could remember what I'd done the night before it wasn't good. And so from my admin to stop bringing I knew one thing pretty much the great controversy good and evil and I knew I had tried the bad side and so from that. I went back to knew I had to pursue God thought I had and so I went and I pursued God and he led me into the literature ministry and I shared a little bit of that this morning with that's how I found God for real for the first time. And so my and my point is as I look back at that is how could that have happened. How is it that I could grow up in the advent of system. And not have my faith connect to my life and all. My faith did not inform my actions you know what I mean by that. And so I was like my beliefs are over here. My actions were over here when I was a bartender people. Asked me if I was religious I'd say well you know I believe in God and I used to go to church and so what church you go to I say why don't go to church right now I'm not living up to their standards but I believe the Seventh Day Adventist Church is correct and so they say what I had been a spoof where you don't drink don't smoke don't go to movies and that and we didn't go to movies and I just went through the list because that's all it meant to me and so Ari are evangelism is geared towards doctrines it is it was just how Adventism wasn't found a lot of Christianity I've heard other Christians of other faiths denominations talk about the legalism kind of of the seventy's as well. And so. So when I started to engage once once I found that relationship with Jesus learned to talk to people through the call Porter ministry. Once I got on campus that glass bubble shattered because you have to understand the concept of relationship with Jesus and then you have to have a place to exercise it. So when we are huddled in our institutions and never get out and never interact with anyone else. Our faith gets stagnant and it doesn't grow and so that is why we have such a struggle with lead to Syria. And that is why public high school ministry has such incredible opportunity to revolutionize the seven families church because if we can teach kids to have an outreach focus while they're young and in school and if we can visit kids on campus and give them tools and empower them to share their faith in their world. They will grow up to be adults who share their faith in their world which is the business place somewhere else. And so this is how we were created to be to have a healthy relationship with Jesus. We need we need to have you know the basics of relationship right. You talk you listen you do things together so we talk to God in prayer. We listen to. Word we listen to His Holy Spirit we listen to him through through music spiritual music him songs whatever but we have to exercise that. And if we are stuck in our Adventist bubble only spending time with admin is how we do that and so this is such a prime opportunity but we've had for many years and I'll move on from the history and get in some of the nuts and bolts. But our Because of our educational system second largest educational system in the world. There's been a very protectionist attitude towards that. And so I would talk to you as I started researching high school campus ministry started talking to used directors from a few decades ago the youth directors in my conference twenty thirty years ago the Education Department stopped them from doing anything for public high school students and I thought I was going to get a lot of pushback when I started public high school ministry because there are people think if you start a ministry of there that all the kids leave the academy and I have to make sure you know who's here and there I was working with the energy education department to develop a free accredited online Bible curriculum for public high school students but there are people in the education system. Who said no because they're afraid already will get free education that they don't understand that it's the loving teachers and the nurture that they provide on campus that is the heart and soul of that and said occasion. So we're still working on trying to find ways we can put together curriculum and ways to help our kids are on the public high school campuses. So all of this is to say it is critically important that all of our churches learn how to mentor reach out to nurture their public high school students. And I went to pull up my living it. Website which is the one that has all the public high school ministry tools and it is telling me that my website is down there. Now. Which is not helpful. So I texted my webmaster Let's see if he fixed it. So who knows what. Oh here we go. Praise God. This was dead. This was done. You saw that no signal before. OK so it is back up on here. Let's get it back up on there. All these technologies have to get along all at the same time. And that has been a struggle today. So seriously I was trying to pull up his website and it was then let's just unplug. So pray for technology it seems like the devil's a little bit after this today. OK There we go. That's for the third seminar. OK So as I was working on my doctorate at Andrews. I was there for classes and I got an e-mail from my conference President. And he said that it was our Union's turn to choose mission investment offering projects and so I've submitted a proposal for a public high school student resource center and I turned it in and went to the union they selected it to be funded by the North American division of the offering mission investment. So my this was a project a few years ago. And so once it was approved I found out how much money I was going to be getting I had to sit down and think well what is a public high school ministry Resource Center. I'm not going to build a library at one of our colleges so I saw a website and so it is living it. H.S. living it is because the theme is to live your faith and I put the H.S. on there because it saved me about ten thousand dollars on the domain name. So living it and then the H.S. was for high school. OK And so this is funded by North American division mission investment offering and it's also supported by the North American division youth department to actually own. The domain names I built it. I run it care for it and they have funded it and also the Pacific Union has put in a lot of money from the evangelism and valent So you are in a union that is incredibly supportive the public high school ministry and you need to if you don't know about the evangelism endowment fund at the Union. You need to go on their website. You need to write a proposal because they will give you money. I have set a precedent they have given me the most you can get without going through really big hoops is ten thousand. I've got that at least three four times I got it to start my first city Why do you throughout. I started out with the these just add pizza starter kits and books and resources they funded that they put funding into this website. So let me walk you through this answer right there. Seventy percent of students on public around seventy percent of admin the students attend public high schools and let me balance around the CME a little bit A.D.D. are kind of mouse. So let me bounce over here before I forget how many refer milliards the admin to slur ning community. A L C Ok a few years ago President Dan Jackson of North American division he established six building blocks for the North American division the areas that we need to build one of them is young adult retention one of them is for education and they want to have innovative new ways to educate and so the North American division education department started the admin a slur ning community and it is supposed to be the one stop shopping place for everything agonist and so they had me come to their studios in Marion Springs and the living it. Website is now turned into a continuing education class. So if you go here to administering community you see that you are up there and then you go to the home page just type in my name or living it or high school. And you can go through everything that we're going to talk about for the next three hours here most of it is in this class. So pastors can take it. Laypeople can take it. It's free so you just get online sign up for the class and or refresh you go step by step how to start a public high school ministry and do all these things so it's all put into class format there. They've got intros and stuff and a lot of video clips of me talking. And I sound a lot different on those so but this is the once they saw this website that I owe this is so good. We want to build a class around it. So there are basically four different sections to the website you can see them listed here on the tabs. The first section and let's see how fast my i Phone connection is here. So if we go into the videos. This is a testimonies I filmed of a bunch of different people at seminars like this and I share last year I filmed three or four testimonies a couple of them put up by like Andrew Marco you may know some of these guys and I was kid daven here. I met him at a convention I didn't Las Vegas and he is handicapped. I forget what the neighbor is but his is arms only go down to about his waist. So he has very short arms and you know as the doctor's staff said he wouldn't be able to dress himself but he's able to function pretty well. Well at high school he started getting picked on a lot and bullied and kids would actually choose him to beat up because he was an easy target. And so I don't know why bullies think they're big and bad if they beat up a handicap person. But anyway this guy's has a lot of family it's in the Marines and they actually taught him how to fight back pretty effectively but he talks about how he went from being bullied on his public high school campus to standing up kind of being a hero and all the other marginalized kids started be friending him and then he was like the leader of helping people to to stand up and to be honest and kind he didn't retaliate. But listen to his testimony there's all these testimonies of people who have lost their faith found their faith all kinds of things you can show these in your campus club. I want to someday write discussion guides to go with them. I have not yet but they're good discussion starters I even show them in church in Sabbath school but it's testimonies of people trying to live out their faith a lot of them how they started partying in high school and how they came back from that or how to get involved spiritually lot of different things are sort of video testimonies are sources for you to use in your ministry. When you have a lunchtime group a program a vespers and you need material. These are some good places a good place to go to have some some videos that illustrate that. So I think it was was Andrew for president Andrew Khana there either. You know him or Mark maybe as Marco the drug dealer in Fresno and crazy stories. You got a list of those. So there's those resources all the video testimonies and then if we go back to the resource center. The second section and here's a little bit bigger overview of them the Jesus living in you is on the devotional life. And so that is actually going to be reserved for my second hour here which is how Jesus is having a person relationship with Jesus is the fuel for your outreach and for your evangelism. So we'll talk about that the in the entire next session then the outreach ideas. I think this is going to be the most helpful will focus on that the ask at risk Help section that was put together by Loma Linda University's behavioral risky apartment and has overviews of different at risk behaviors cutting drinking all those different things you can recognize maybe there's some issues that kids you see are interact with have it just gives them tips. Maybe how to help them if someone's talking about suicide. What kind of things you can do. But let's go into the outreach ideas. This is the key there's two sections in here. So there's the lead. Or to student outreach ideas and the student to student but actually I know I'm going to get distracted again so before we go to those let's back up to the Jesus living in you just I want you to see the resources here at the bottom. OK authentic that's my book. We'll talk about later. If you are connected to Advent source or even just click on here. This is online this is a quick start guide for public high school ministry. So any church that is interested you start out by just choosing a school to pray for and it gives you the whole step by step. Baby steps. Just how to get involved. I was talking to somebody about adopting in elementary school and so we had to go as a church your pastor elder someone from the church can go to a public elementary school any school and they will give you a list of needy students to give gifts to a Christmas time Thanksgiving because if you're a humanitarian organization like that you can get the names of people to help out and so we adopt families at Christmas time and now we have kids bring gifts during their in their Sabbath school departments and Sabbath morning before Christmas. We go to the homes during Sabbath school and deliver Christmas gifts all that the kids with gets close eyes always hear things. So it tells you the basics of getting started and then these are some different study guides small group curriculums going through X. Matthew lots of different books of the Bible that you can also use a resource for your groups so resources are listed there how to get started. Step by step and what to do so. Back to the outreach ideas. And let's start out with leader to student and so once again back to the advocates of Bible. I've found that the youth pastors I talk to in youth leaders are growing up in the administration occasional system. They're terrified of public schools and you encourage them to go visit somebody for lunch in a public school and then they can't do it. And so because they think they're going to get mugged or rob or some because they think everything outside the bubble is bad. I mean just how they are sheltered and so what I'd. Well there was more than just pull up to the curb have the kids cop hop in your car going to talk about. So that the main concept with starting out with a public high school ministry is visitation just show up for lunch. OK so to do that all you have to do is get the parents to tell the school administration pastor youth leaders go stop by and have lunch with my student on Wednesday. Usually that doesn't. And so what I've done that. I'll show up like five boxes of pizza because I'll talk to the kids ahead of times I can come visit your school and and learn what it's about. And so kids. It is amazing what it does for a student to hear that there are someone spiritual their life wants to visit them at school to take an interest in their world in their life. I mean those light up and and always say hey I want to meet some of your friends too because it can be awkward just to meet one on one kid's friends or a security blanket write them a couple couple friends with you. So say I'd like to meet your friends or just bring some pizza. And so I have a student call and so if I'm taking maybe a new pastor you know camps first time we show up pizza. Maybe some living at T. shirts wristbands. And you walk on to campus it's like you're a rock star people like man what do you got to have some food. What's going on. What are you doing. And it is so much fun. If you are nervous. If you're an adult. That's nervous about going to visit kids in high school I don't know where you can really have much more fun than that if you have food. Teenagers are always hungry Amen. Even if you just finished a meal you're hungry. So you bring pizza and it's incredible. And so yes walk around and and see here's the thing you don't have to I will talk about this more the next time around but you don't have to prepare a devotional talk to go meet kids on campus. If you're connected to Jesus. If you have a personal relationship with him. It will be very natural to say well you know this morning I talk to God about this and in my devotional life. This is what God's been doing for me because a lot of the kids that are turned off by church and staying away are doing that because they've been turned off by some kind of fake legalism hypocrisy. But when they can see it is coming straight from your heart your sharing your personal relationship and just by the act of being there in their world makes a huge statement that you want to live your faith to and that they matter. And it is an example for them to follow to live their faith on their campus and so it is a testimony. It is a connection and something they will never forget. So if you are a very busy youth leader. Maybe you can go once a semester. Once a quarter. Not everybody is called to a weekly campus club that's a very big commitment. Some people can do it but at least visit. Encourage your pastor say past let's go visit the kids at school trying to once a quarter once a semester and just ask them what it's like to be a Christian and seven fabulous on a public school campus ask them how how it is for them because they've got teachers teaching about evolution about all kinds of things out there all the L.G.B. T. issues going on at the beginning the year during club rush all the clubs have a booth out and there in the past it's OK High School. There's been a Wiccan club. There's a gay straight alliance. There's all kinds of groups and clubs meeting out there for kids to find fellowship and a common cause if the Christians aren't there. If the admin to start there. Then they're going to join in something else we need to be in for our kids and start out by visiting the movie to save the life of any of you seen that it's a few years old now but is it was a movie in the theaters as one the first Christian movies. And it's about some kids. One of the boys his friend committed suicide and talks about this to mulcher his journey went through the end of starting a campus fellowship of their high school and so it's P.G. thirteen. OK so there's kids partying drinking going into the bedroom. It's a real view of public high school student life but in the end. Jesus wins so preview it but check it out and maybe it's a good discussion starter for Sabbath school. This is a walk through campus. I was a lot younger. And anyway for the terrified people who think it's scary to walk into a public high school campus I've been there so long they let me come on campus of the film crew and we just walk through campus meet the secretaries go out talking to kids there was a girl who used to go to the academy was a campus and I didn't know she was going to school there. And so I've seen her in a year or two and so in the middle of taping the she just comes running across campus to come and give me a hug. She was so excited to see someone from her church or she wanted to go to my church or she going to the Academy just to see a spiritual you know an average person there. So why are you here and then kids are really responding some hide but a lot of them that are hurting and searching and when I started it took a high school when I started meeting Excedrin it's kids kids whose families used to go to church. It's like they were everywhere. So if we can just show up to visit. It's amazing what God can do with that. If you don't have time to to start a Christian club find out what the existing Christian clubs doing most a lot of high schools have Christian clubs were not the first ones to do this so I partnered with other Christian clubs. There was a student from Sac central who went to Laguna Creek High School in Elk Grove and so he got involved I got on campus with him in his youth pastor he ended becoming the president of the Christian club that already existed. So once again joining in and leading out letting our voice be heard of me in the Christian community and speaking truth is great. What he was able to do and another youth pastor started refereeing and basketball games getting you know kids would see him around town trying to get someone to. Eyelet and Pathfinder on are in public campus ministry. So this is the basics of how to do that volunteered at public elementary school and there's just different ideas and these are leader to students. This is how the adults can reach out to kids. And there's a whole section there and starting a campus club. You can click on if you need information on that let's go to student to student outreach ideas. And adopt a block. I did this with academy students and public high school students can do it too. We adopted two blocks just west of our school once a month we would go door to door just to say hi. We're from Lodi cattery want to give you you know Thanksgiving greeting we have some kind of Thanksgiving pumpkin bread or something. And so public high school Christian close to him with a Christian club and we're trying to make friends with our neighborhood. Because sometimes there's issues with when kids are walking home from school they vandalize things some say Hey can we help out. We want to be a service to the community. We are the McLean high school Christian club and we just want to know what we can do to get involved and help. And if you go around about once a month you start to get to know people we found community service projects we patch someone's roof because the academies in kind of a poor neighborhood and get involved. There's a lot of things you can do as a because once again prayer Bible study and outreach your club needs to have outreach if you want to thrive and grow and that's what I found as soon as I got to high school kids want to start a Christian club the first thing I want to do is outreach. And so the first outreach we did on campus was called Pizza and prayer evangelist. So just like when I'm going to meet kids for the first time that I know on campus. I take pizza once a month I'd take about twenty boxes of pizza at lunch time and our Christian club would wait till about ten minutes into lunch. And so that when the kids who had money for lunch or whatever they got food but their congregations are left as we walk out into the quad to buy to one student having two boxes a piece of the other the past. Paper and let me tell you wouldn't kids flock to you with five boxes when you got twenty all campuses like what do you do. It's like yes you can have a slice of pizza and we're taking prayer requests in return. How can we pray for you and the first time we did that we got more than a hundred prayer requests for someone with cancer and alcoholic parent friend who just found out they're pregnant. No one mocked us no one laughed at us. They appreciated. And so we started to go and do that. About once every month or two and then we take all those prayer requests to our prayer warriors at church and so the that gets your church involved give reports on what you're doing on public campus get the report from your church the first time I talked about pizza and prayer in front of my church after church I was met by people wanting to pay for my pizza for the whole year they want to write me a check. They're so excited that someone was doing something for the public school kids and I am. I've never been turned down for any money. I've asked for Ask and you shall receive. It's a mission field out there. See you at the polls you guys participate in that it is the fourth Wednesday of September. Everybody gathers around the pole flagpole in for the public high school a half hour before school starts and become leaders in that spearhead and what your pastor to come campus beautification week a spiritual emphasis. If you have club status you can have a club event student to student they can put up posters they can invite friends you can have a classroom. I've used the Performing Arts Theatre and we have had evangelism on campus. So we say we want to have an event because every other club can do it right. So we would have a theater. We would have a speaker every day a different youth pastor we would have a worship band we would have ice breaker games we get pizza. I don't I don't pizza it's like not vegan or anything. These people understand Regan food you taking care of cheese are going to be. Confused. I like it they wouldn't understand. So anyway I talk a lot about pizza because it's like the universal super cheap teen food right. I get Little Caesar's we used to be on a first name basis. I supported that for her and they all knew me and pretty soon I just pay after I picked up a second batch for seconds I just let me take off with without pizzas for first lunch they knew I was coming back. So anyway I get involved. You can have the speakers on campus kids can invite their friends so much easier to invite your friends to a meeting on campus at school than to get to church in the middle of the week to him live. Who knows where and so it's so accessible for kids. And so we need in the high school years to learn how to live our faith and if we have a loving caring adults who are willing to do that. These are resources these are tools share your testimony share your outreach idea this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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